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i^lP^WPIWBIP^gy^^WP^^IPH^^^ppi^WB Hx jlitpLjp. ^N j t i ii i i pijup i 

VA ; 


Cavaliers thrill crowd at 
Mount Traslimore concert 


Beach Jaycees 
capture awards 
at convention 


m^ ll^Nai eamlisn it Honl Tnthmore coactrt, from 
Ite kfl: Kailiy Jolnstoii, Etalat Brydoo, DtbUt Gfltton, 

Ftf W«lMr, CoUmmi (SMIlii^ tad ttt Moore, with Wamo 
Ganwjr in il|o bi^rand, OB Mtai. 

The Virginia Beach Jaycees, 105 
members strong, also received six 
first place project awards as well as 
two firat {dace awards and one second 
place award for chapter notebooks. 

The Virginia Beach chapter com- 
petes within its population division 
with Jaycees chapters in Norfollc, 
Portsmouth, Hampton, Richmond, 
Alexandria and Roanoke. The Jaycees, 
an organization for yofong men ages 
18 to 35 stresses individual develc^- 
ment thrmigh community acti(Ht, 
gathers each y^r for its state con- 
vention at which time awards are made 
to indlTiduals and chapters onthebasis 
of the past year's servi<» projects. 

Tlrginia Beach Jaycees retamed 
from their state convention in Roa- 

Award which nam^ the' local cfaib 
the (Mitstanding chapter iD the Virginia 
Beach pc^nilation division. 

In addition, President Sonny Catlett 
bn>^^ home the Sidney 0. Peck award, 
naming him the outstanding chapter 
presideot within the population divi- 

Virginia Beach Jaycees r«:eived a 
"best in state" award for their work 
in hosttag last year's state conven- 
tion in Virginia Brach. An award was 
also presented to Virginia Beach Jay- 
cees for their hosting <a the East 
Coast SuHing Championships which 
they have sponsored each August for 
the past fourteen years. 

In the category of chai^er activities, 
Virginia Beach fdaced first for its 
chapter building on Hinsdale Street, 
and for the chapter's support of the 
arts and conference center, the chap- 
ter also placed first. Membership ori- 
entation and activities and membership 
recruitment categories also brought 
two additional Ursl place awards to the 
Beach ch^er. ^ 

In additioo to Sonny CaUett's individ- 
ual award, RcAbie Michel of Virginia 
Beach was designated one of three 
outstanding state chairmen for his 
woric as chairman of Camp Virginia 
Jaycees, a camp for mentally handi- 
capped children in Bedford. Virginia, 
which is solely sqifwrted by the Vir- 
ginia JajKiea. 

Aobrey Cartwright was awarded a 
Ifrt iwiateiriMn in racoBttiaB!^ k^ 
W9 years oi service to Us chap- 
ter, and t& state and natiOHd Jay- 
cees. Cartwright is a past president 
of the VU^lnia Beach Ch^er. 

At a recent election. William E. 
Ricteson was elected to serve the Vir- 
ginia Beach chapter as President for 
the coming year. Serving with Riche- 
son will be the following officers: 
Terry Lewis, administrative vice pres- 
ident; Al Craig, eirtemal vice presi- 
dent; Tom HasUns, internal vice pres- 
ident; Joe White, secretary; Ed Tay- 
lor, treasurer; Robbie Michel, state 
director; AI Roosendahl, George 
Howes, Dave Faggert, Charles Nor- 
ton, Jack HaU, Clint Midkiff and Oave 
Vermilya, directors and Soony Cat- 
lett, ckairman of the board. 

SUM Band Barter 

^ing time m«ui8 qulng concerts 
for the U|^ scho<d iMMds. 

Ills year Pri|ic^ AnneRighS<^ool 
eam« sp with an original id«|. A con- 
cert and man^hiag perfcmBsnee at 
Meant Tnuriimore, Hie toni oA fbrtfte 
perforaiance wm CTcqptlonaMy goad. 
People ibed tlie sid«i illlie mamt 
to i»tcb and Itetni to one (tf tkeb^ 
bands in the stete <a Viii^a. 

Hie day begtt idth an wtstandiiy 
pertorttuu^ ^ B Band in condof: 
Tower of the Amoleas fey Mike Le^- 
rofw, Teirter&r br loin Imum Md 
Paul McCartney, and l^ys ^ Glory 
by JsimttkWM were tetrsd^ons. 

Theiiame tte powerfU A Baad and 
and tl^ fined tte air with im^e 
fitXB • Action Front Mardt ^ I.L, 
BlaiMnburg, That's C^rtotuiall? 
eiUol Gllman, Armeiiui Dm@» I^ 
AUHd Seed, Amer^ Trilogy by Jay 
Ctettaiqiy. American Overture t^ Jo- 
B^ 'W<m J^das. Words maast, 
tesoiie the b«u^ ^ tte sovft 
tbMe iKMiw BHsielaas m^e. 

A ^nettl trei^ was in store for all 

wtea tte wtf^u|ifc» Mdtai, uider ^ 

^ lea«Hr^kBtaPwtevn»«|day«d 

CM MtiM« Jbi Jau. After ttsM^ to 

this <»e could oncterstand why they are 
rated so highly. The versatility of 
this groiq) is mdMlieveable. 

Him tte big event of the day was 
bnwght out iiUo tte open. The 
Ptfbolous Marddng Cavaliers in all 
tteir splender came on tte scrae 
with tte award winning fi^ show 
tittt to<A Winchester Afi^ Btossom 
Festival by stonn this year. Yes, tte 
mighty Cavaliers from Princess Am>e 
PA on. their Field Cimpetitian Show 
tor all of Tidewater to see. It mts 
anotter perfonnaace by our Cavaliers 
Uiat wold do any groiqi proud, 

Ron Collins, bead director for P.A. 
and Sam ReymiMs, director d tte 
^or gwrd have really pA a stew 
bVeOwr this time. F«r lasf this 
was their first ttme netag this per- 
fCM'mance. It iiw tte JRnA 4^nir|^ In 
Tidewater, tte tavaliers hatf%i{ Ms 
INirformance tocher Just torUtivxm- 
peUtion in Win^ster tills j^.Ttese 
ot you ttet say their ^mw Ms |»st 
fall and tteoght ttey were jp*nt, wmM 
teve be«i tes^ y(Mi^If with tMs 
performance. Hwy were every Mt as 
good as tte r^XMts from Winctester in- 

Pictures on Page 2 

Classes for kids best fun 
bargain in Virginia Beach 

SUN News Editor 

Attention all moms! 

You're hereby advised to run, not 
mlk, to Pembroke Mall, today, June 
1^, thrMgh &turday, June ^ fK>m 
W a.m. to 9 p.m., where registration 
is tMst jdace tor the Virginia Beadi 
Dqpartn«rt of Vuks and RecreatiM 
Children's Summer classes. 

VuhwHedly tte biggest bargain in 
your suruoer entertainment bw^et, 
Q» classN are gmrenteed to beat tte 
"i^-MMi-wtet-<k>-l-do-now" blues 
that Mfiriy almys strike ab(Nrfa week 
alter s<4w(d lets out. This sunmer, 
classes i^ feature tap, ballet, jazi, 
drawing and sketdu^, wr^tliag, dog- 
^C. square dancing, gvltar, baton, 
karate ai^ temls. Classes wfll te of- 
fered at Nateote Me^ows U^mb- 
tary School, Win^^or C^esC^^Mi- 
tary Sc^rt, Point-0-View El^entary 
Sbteol. Alai^n Elementerr Schod. 

He"re comes summer 

the new Virginia Beach Recreation cen- 
ter in K^BiffiviUe and Bow Creek 
Gfiif Coarse. Not all programs are of- 
fered at each site. 

With the exception of golf, which 
«Qsto $5 per two-week session, all 
classes cost |2. Tte telk of tte cost 
tor tte lU'ogram is picked up by tte 
Oepartmeot of Puts and Recreation. 

Classes at the four elemMtary 
schools and the Recreation Center will 
te teld daily, five days a week for 
an hour and a half to fOwr two-we^ 
s^sions. Tte first s^slon will te 
Jme 20 throt^h Jnly 1; ^cnd session, 
July 5 th :b Jidy 15; third session, 
Jaly 18 ; gh July 29; and tte fourUi 
session, i«nist 1 thnMgh 12. Gol f at 
Bow Cref ^ win te (tfered in tkrm 
BK^ims T o 22 throi^h July 8; July 
13 thnwh / 29; and Ai^iost 3 
throogb u Wednesdays and Fri- 

days, tor one hour. 

Three special eight-week couraes for 
teens only, ages 13 through 18, will 
fMtore teton, watereolors and rug 

making, and will te teld at the Rec- 
reation Colter. An eight-week ONirse 
in camping for youngstere age 9 through 
13, will also te offered at the Recrra- 
tion Center. 

Aartter height of tte d^iart- 
ment's summer program will tea Soc- 
cer Camp for yom^ers 7 thrragh 13 
at Thalia Eleffiwtary School. Thecunp 
wUl (^erate on tte same four s^g^oo 
schedule as tte classes and ttefee 
is |2 for each two-we^sesston. Camp- 
ers will te r^uired to paretese a 

nrap t-^rt for |2 on tte first <jhiy 
of tte camp sesston. Soccer C^a^ will 
te held tnm 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., fire 
teys a we^, and will aim at im- 
proving cunpera' so»:er skills 
thnMgh a ecMcnirtrated eqnsure to 
skills, techntoeec and punesmaashlp. 

The Parks and Recreation Depart- 
ment's gymnastics program which has 
be«i developing and strengtteni^dnr* 
ii« the six years it has been offered 
to Beach youngsters will te featured 
in two four-week sessions at Kemps- 
ville Jimtor High School and Indepen- 
dence Junior ftigh School. Tte charge 
for each four-weA session is $2. 

Four two-week sessi(»s of siria? 
ming will te ottered at tte Reerea- 
ti(m Ceirter, featurii« SO-mimte 
classes, five days a week, fior |S 
per two-we^ session. 

Class registraticm is limited and 
classes are filled on a first ocMse, 
flr^ 's«*Te basis. Fortter informattM 
on Claras is available at PMtetike 
Mall or ttran^ tte ^its and Sec- 
reattoa Yoidh A^vitiM otSee, 

Memorial Day weekend marked the 
twflllilag of summer for Virginia Beach 
and in oar commaalty ttet means tte 
stert of tte tom parade «t sommer 
visitors to Ite BMOb. Tte resort city's 
motel and toorist iaitastry is antici- 
pating a record scttiog season for 
Vlrgtoia Baaeh vtth reflamUoos to 
oceaafroBt motels already qi 10 to SO 
pereert over lajt year. Aktm tte 
"mtp", wVuMum Un been aider - 

way tor several weeks and'wtea tte 
first visitora arrived on the scene, 
fiM teai^ront «as naily with ntay 
wMMMtoMts iMtirlnr trttk ptlat 
aadiMM. For many year-round Beach 
rMttnte, Memorial Day weekend 
mvu tte end of solitary walks te- 
Mt: a» «»aa vltli tttne and space 
to ywH ui mediate or reflect From 
now ttn^gh Later Day, tte s%b^ 
Mm tte oowriR^ wUl te filM to 

capacity with oil soaked bodlM brown- 
ing in tte sua'a rays. Tb(«u|knut Vir- 
flBla Beaehtte beginning oftte summer 
aeason tes to te preceeded «lth prep- 
aration. City Council has lately dis- 
cussed tte difflcttlt (|ae«bm tt towing, 
tte sweefing of streets Md. tkto year, 
tte use of "polite" signs to inform 
fiman to mt kwcb tf n^vUtlMs 
jm^sary to i^totMntarnMQ for 01 
wttlr M SM^. ftMWvJi ' 


B1 tlvuBS 









Painting the Beach 

... with Eric SH¥eas | 

It IS quite unusual for g 
Chmese restaurant to have 
moslc, but Bob Sawyer was 
a perfect dioice to inaug- 
urate it at tiie Hay Hay on 
Ind^)endence Boulevard, tor 
Bob has dfvrted much of bis 
life to promoting LIVE mus- 
ic. He was president of the 
Raleigh musicians' union, 
has been both secretary and 
vice-president of the local 
Local, and will swui repre- 
sent us at the amual inter- 
natiooal convention. 

bi the 1940's countless mu- 
sicians made a full-time liv- 
1^ in their chosen field, 
twt automation has placed 
musicians in the same quagr 
mire as the biacksnitb. The 
American Federation of Mu- 
sicians has more than 25,000 
members,' Iwt prt*ably ifD 
more than 2 or 3 % ply 

their trade strictly a* per- 
tormers; the rest t«eh mu- 
sic, t»«e piUKS, or work a 
"«jay gif" totally unrelated 
to musie. Hear B<* Saw- 
ft and you'U ki»w why he 
is om of the few "throw- 
hacks." Surrounded by key- 
tamrds, M> serves «v » 
varied mmu from his or- 
gan, electric piaM, tfi^c - 
Ironic rhythmner (aotomtic 
drum), twl an araiwtof key- 
bMrd called the elMtro- 
volce; of $8,000 milsicians 
in the NY local. BtM Is the 
only one listed (» tUs in- 
strument. The Wrst time 1 
heuei it, from a lolAy, I 
tho^t a sax man must be 
"sitti^ In;" drawii«aclos- 
erl teard a trump^; Mter- 
ing the room 1 discovered 
that B<« vts alfKM tt the 
keys. Many organs have 

"sto^" labelwl "strii^s," 
"^oe," etc., lMittheyb*ar 
little relation to the r^ 
thing, awl Bob kmws just 
^w to weave its sounds in- 
to a (^iltvork of pleasing 
textureSi never feelii^eoiB- 
inlled to di^lay its i^wer. 
H« tastetully runs tte pitM 
from the recent ''fetiy^^" 
io a Dixie iami nedley of 
•*Ttal's i Plenty" and "JaK 
Me Blues," to "MoreTton 
Tou fOnm" iqxtoted wtth a 
bossa wra i^pttn, to the 
lorgotteD awl iihov^ "Cry 
Me A River." He is the only 
man I kM>w mto can play 
the classic "Flyi% Home" 
DDte-<for-n3>te, which is ap- 
pn^trlate, for he did a ser- 
ies of pris<m shows with Li- 
onel Hampton. His hack - 
groniri also tw • ies Msown 
radio show, n / records 

under other imders, a stint 
witb J^M' 1^, and ftlMK 
tm (»{ Channel $ to the 
late ISW's with Morty Kev- 
ins, (^mposer of "Twll^ht 
Time," and wr city's love- 
ly JiMnnle fibell Ttomts, 
wte went m to work with 
Frank Sinatra, Jr.» sflA to 
marry famous t»tMner SUk 

Of all forms (tf humor, 
musicians seem to brar tte 
put-on; Bob used to wri? 
his equipment uA men in a 
CadUlao ^ne; st^vrtata 
red l^ht,Ustassiit,Bdead- 
r^er for the ^ooky John 
CaiYatfne, iMniU rise eerily 
in the bade, prowdd^ inter- 
estii^i rractlcns from pass- 
ers - by. 

Bdb is director of ttw 
3rd aimftl "Rnl^(W Jt» 
Festival" to be held 

at e:tW Js*.M. June iilft at 
tte mv Technical ThMter, 
fMturl^ BMch re^iteBts 
Z^y Harrell <trum|wt). 
Sonny Morgan (reeds), iwp 
B«Mtt (r^ds, guitor, 
vOm), George Wilson 
(bast), Verwm Pilam!(lnn- 
Jo), t^ glamorous, effef- 
vmeent Dottle Man, who ■ 
m^ cane from NY ^re 
ai» recorded, but sonAow 
ws tot '.'dis«Wf«ed". Drt- 
tle belts a standout vmsI, 
^^ marvelous vUies, mi 
vMally dq^eates her mal- 
W wj*es Wth her strato- 
siAerlc voice. She was fea- 
tured with ft)b's trio re- 
cently at the Holiday Inn 
Bridge Ttnnel. 

Whert there's Bdb Sawyer 
Uiutw'll be lm0»s and nvsic 
....LIVE music! 

CMfressBHU UU WUtslnrst cat tiw liMtoo ^eiallyoiien- 
taf rai Art'! SawpiriMaA Bttww «• awte Dhveover- 
leekliv tiif Little Cre^ Yacht Basis nc«Mj. The res- 
taurut fMtares a me price, all jrau can nt policy uid 
a goaraiet Mlectton (rf aaalB dlsb q^ectaltfes, salads, ve- 
HMMs. teeads uA desserts. Plctared m tte atrmie 
IM Is PhU Hart and on tte rtf^t, Ceqp-essmaa Whitest. 

Cavaliers thrill crowd 

Jeff Kriberg, lead tnmpet for P.A. disidays Oiat CaviOier 

Gary Wirt, Senior IhiUB Ibjor, a«i Pat KniMr, Jraior 
DnuB Major for Princess Atm'n W^Ua§ Caratters. 

Sunshine Special rolls June 5 

Tidewater Regional 
Transit (TRT) has announced 
plans to begin regular Sun- 
shine Special bus service 
in Virginia Beach June 5. 
The beach shuttle service, 
designed for tonrists and 
local beach-goers , was 
highly successful last y^r 
and will be expamied from 
one route to two for the 
1977 season, according to 
Robert Wentz, TRT Chair- 

In addition to outside surf- 
b(^rd racks, the Sunshine 

j^>ecial buses will lie equip- 
ped with bicycle racks this 
year. Dr. J. Henry McCtqr, 
Virginia Beadi TRT Com- 
missioMr, said tbe al»lity 
to handle bicycles should 
ta-oaden the service's ap- 

The Sunshine fecial ser- 
ving the Kem{avUle area 
will follow essentially the 
same route as last year, but 
wiU be eqmnded to cover 
Mt. Trashmore ami the new 
Kempsville Recreation Cen- 

A new route will serve 
Aragona, Pembroke, Wind- 
sor Woods and Princess 
Anne Plaza Shotting Cra- 
ter and Hilltop ^on>ing 

B<rth Sunshine S|iecials 
will operate as local runs 
to the beach as well as pro- 
vidii^ shuttle service alo^ 
the Oceanfroirt. Buses op- 
erate from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
itaHy and s>ne fares range 
from $.35 to $.55. A 50$ 
all day pass for trips aloag 
the Oe^mfront is also avail- 

able. Both tiMt Ken^viUe 
and Aragona routes will run 
evei7 75 minutes, with 35 
minute service alrag the 

Promcrtlon <a ttie service 
will also be nqpanded this 
summer, UcCof said, wlto 
an emphasis on rea<^ing the 
b^ch visitor as well as the 
youEcer local beadi crowds. 
It is hoped that increased 
use ot bos service vUl telp 
r«iuce auto traffic ak»g At- 
lantic and Pacific Avemies. 

The crmsward ptiz/ie bad 
ils lH-t(iiinin|{ with Iht- 
J2-cluc "w»rtl crttiis" invLmi- 
ed by Arthur Wynne and 
published in the New York 
World on November 21, 

Hie larfest puzzle ever 
published has 3,1^ clues 
wrtMS, 3.149 dues down, 
and toidt its creator. Robert 
M. Stilgenbaucr. II years to 
construct. It has never Iteen 

ART UpN>l8tering Co^ bic. 

7527 B Avenue d Norfolk 583-8487 

in Great Brklge 

l39CTIWenSt. 547-1221 

• RefWstwg 
•FREE Estimates 


20% Dtocoimt on all fabrtet 

teif^olstered furnitura for ai^ 

■tM to S 00 Mon. thru Fri. , Sat 100 to U;l 



mm lAtME 

B e i.»e«Tr $T«f t n^fn- . 

Learn the answers to the questions 
you have wondered about all your life! 

How near is the Md? 

The mark fd the l^st? 

Wkere are the niUiaos d«d? 

la ttere really a Itell? 

The occult. E.S.P., spiritem - fact or Ump 

Your BlMe provides cter ■^M'standaUe amvers to 
your many qnestii^. 

P|«Se and me with out c^t «- lAl^tioii your free 
Bible study cwrse. 


j NAME . . . 










P.O. i<all^ 
ChesapMle, Va. OSI5 

Hie CanUers perfomed tor Vtrglnla Bea^ r^dMts 
at Itottit TrashBMre ^^jtat Um style that brwfht ttieiB 

photos by BUD LOWE 

Six Beach grads 

the QoeM's Cop la Wtsehester recwtty. '^^ 



Six Virginia Beach womra 
were amoi^r tte 380 students 
receiving d^rees during 
gradtoatlDa cereniraies at 
Mary Wai^ii«ton coUege 

Tte VU^inia Brach grad- 
uatra included: Martha 
Civilian ^UMterson, davgh- 
ter of Mrs. Marttia Myers 
Aadenm of West Admiral 
Drive; Sandra Kay Kelly, 
daighter oi Uts. Betty Hew- 
some Kelly of Wlnddm Place; 
Kathlera B. Williams, dau- 

ghter of Mr. and Mrs. G.R. 
wniiains oi Level Green 
Boulevard; Elizabeth Jane 
A^hes, daughter of Major 
and Mrs. Carroll M. La- 
croix, formerly of Crest- 
view Landing; Adriei» 
Yvonne Principe, daughter 
Of Mr, ana Mrs. U.A. Pna- 
e^ of Lrag Creek Road; 
and Miriam Victorire D^- 
ker, (btyfater of Mr. and 
Mrs. J.J. Dicker of St. Mar- 
tin Drive. 

At The New 

Chez Odette 



930 KtlAR HILL RO. 

, . - SclMtlflc Face Treatmest for Ihry Sda 

pr / • OUy sua •Dalqrdratod SUa •PraUaa 
Blemish ad* •A^&dn.SNSiaf &to , 
and aui^ aere ^tMaill^ktoM|fft|tlMs. 

CinnpIlniMtary SUn Aulyshi and. uHa V9, Bj A|ip 
Only Phone 461-eS40 


Ike any 
I other 
rtght thousands 
of you will go to sle^ tight. With 
your frtnd dogded ... with the 
ceiling spinning. Thouscrtd$ of you 
do It f^t after r^C^. And tlw 
morenl^te you cto It .„ the more 
r^ts you have to do It. And you 
twtelt; Wittexsr cxall In conflde^ice 
fcr facts <m ttw pKogram lor 
«ie trecrtment of al«*crfisn. In a 
conrrfoildbte, caring atmosphere. 
Specialists ccn he^ you And the 
way to a spod night's sleep ... 
viHttiout your havlr^ to ^ to sleep 

A^^tdHed by iha JMni OonMMton 0(1 tw 


(kvf atfMT haeM aoMWHaa 


w^^^mm vim** ■ ^ i , i m i i p i i i i i p i^^^^^^^^B^iwipw^^i^iiB^p^^ip^ippp^iiiipppppp^ppppppppppiippipp^ppipp^^^ 


Virf taU Beick Sm, Jane 1^ 19?? - A-S 

To jrwlu<l» your grab's activitie* in SUNDIAL, 
mail to aiN, 138 Rosemont ^oad. Vs. Botch 234S2. 
Notification of ovents taking piaco after Wadnoaday, 
tho SUN'S publishing day, must b« recoived by 
5 p.m. tho previous Friday. 

Antique Show Nurse program Arts center 

The Ladies of theWomeB'sAuziUary 
of tte Norfolk - Portsmouth Bar 
AssociatioD will present as a door prize 
an 1810 frattdfather's clock at their 6th 
Aqpual Aflllques Show and Sale, June 
3,4,5, at !fortolk-Scope. The evMt will 
feature ov$r 80 quality antiques fn>in 
tev slates: Their offerings will range 
trim 18tfa century furniture to the col- 
lecting memorabilia and the finest of 
jewelry, silver, pewter, brass and much 

The drawing for the grandfather's 
clock win take place at 3 p.m. Sunday, 
June 5th. Funds for the event will go 
to the Women's Auxiliary Scholarship, 
Friends of the Court. For further infor- 
nuttion contact Mrs. T. J. Amelson, 
at 489-4153. 


An international convention is being 
hdid in Virginia Beach, June 3-6, host- 
ile some of the most world-famous 
Astrologers of our time. 

These remaiicable men and women 
are noted in other fields as being philo- 
aa^ers, medical doctors, psycho- 
logists, oMisultants and teachers. 
:the Virginia Astrological Associa- 
te and The Friends of Astrology 
Sttidy Group will be involved with hos- 

ility functions to greet their friends 

iving from India, Africa, London and 

iover the United States. 

lance workshop 

lajor Burchfield, Director joi t^ 

Tidewater area nurses will have an 
(qqportunity to learn the skills needed 
f«r disaster nursing in a special four 
session workshop planned by Tidewater 
Chapter, American Red Cross, Nursing 
aiui Health Programs office. Ms. G«ie- 
vieve Volpe, Director of the TWewater 
Nursing and Health Programs Office, 
who recently returned from two weeks . 
in the Anialachian flood areas serving 
as a Red Cross disaster nurse, will 
be the instructor. 

The woitsbop will begin Wednesday, 
June l,at the United Way Family Ser- 
vice Center, Vii^nia Beach, and will 
last from 7 to 9:30p.m. Three additional 
sessions are idanned for the same hours 
at the Center on June 8, 15 and 22. 
Those attending must be registered 
nurses, Ucensed practical nurses or 
senior nursing students. They should 
caU tbe^ Virgitila Beach Red Cross 
office, 499-2311, for further infcu-ma- 
tion aid to enroll. The class size will 
be limited. There will b^ no charge for 
the training. 

Plaza league 

Princess Anne Plaza Civic League 
will hold its June meeting on June 7tb, 
at 7r30 p.m., at Plaza Junior High 
School, in Kiva I. Councilman Pat 
StaiKiing will speak on the water and 
sewer referendum. 

During the month of June, the Vir- 
ginia Beach Arts Center will offer an 
exhibition and sale of original prints 
on loan from two distinguished Rich- 
mond galleries, the Eric Schindler and 
the Scott-McKennis. The prints will 
range from a rare Durer woodcut to 
contemporary etchings by Virginian 
David Freed, who is inteniationally 
famed for his innovative work. All 
of the prints are for sale and all are 
guaranteed to be genuine. 

On Wednesday, June 15, Anne Gray 
of the Schindler Gallery will be at 
the Arts Center from 10 to noon, 2 to 
5 p.m. and from 7 to 10 p.m. to speak 
about prints and to assess the worth 
of any prints the public may wish to 
bring in. That same evening at 8 p.m.. 
Arts Center director F.D. Cossitt will 
speak, along with Ms. Gray, about the 
understanding and collectii^ of prints. 
On Wednesday, June 8, Gail McKennis 
of the Scott- McKennis Gallery will be 
on hand to perform the same service 
during the same hour. Anne Gray is 
the leading authority in this apart of 
the country on old prints and Ms. 
McKennis is an eq)ert on prints of 
the 20th Century. Gallery hours are 
from 9 to 5, Tuesday through Friday, 
9 to 4, on Saturdays, and 1 to 5, on 
Sundays. The exhibition and program 
is open to the public. It will remain 
on view throught June 24th. 

*s Wtmm^ to be tm at the 
Lcademy of the Virginia Beach Ballet, 
620 Vilk^e Drive, HUltop. It will take 
place on Sunday, June 12th at 3 p.m. 

^This should be an excitii^ afternoon 
bmram, completely designed by young 
^ttdents of the Academy and visiting 
Jroung artists from other studios and 

j The iDwng ChoreograjAer's Wort- 
shop was created originally by Mrs. 
IViJa M. Cunningham several years ago. 
lla keeping with her trodition, we will 
; again present it to the public free 
|of charge. Everyone is urged to attend. 

Horse arena 

The Princess Anne Parte Horse Arena 
will open May 24 through September 
ZZiMK T^^^ prj[ifi;tice. The Ar«ia will 
be (^^^adaysijand .Thursdays fnxn 
«rfeift; Mtap.iK JP^ctlee «rss^iH» 
will be limited to th#%Howii« tyi^s 
of events: barrel racing, pole bending, 
pleasure riding and jumping. Only one 
type of event will be permitted in the 
ring at a time. 

The practice sessions are sponsored 
by the Virginia Beach Department of 
Parks and Recreation. Equipment for 
the events will be made available by 
the city, but the courses must be set 
up by the persons using them. The ring 
will be under the supervision of a rep- 
resentative from the Department of 
Parks and Recreation. 

For further information contact the 
Virginia Beach Department of Parks 
and Recreation at 497-2027 or 4433 
Recreation Drive. 

Pine wood 

Pavab Cub Scouts will hold a Chamr 
pionship runoff Pinewood Derby and 
Space Derby on Saturday, June 4, at 
Pem^ote Mall (neia' SMrs). Check-in 
time.i^ 9:3& a.m., ref^^n^iMt tlme^ 
is 9:W to 10:30 a.m. 

Each pack may enter two eight-year- 
olds, two nine-year-olds and two ten- 
year-olds in the Pinewood Derby cham- 

Each pack may also enter two eight- 
year-olds, two nine-year-olds, and two 
ten-year-olds in the Space Derby. 

Contestants must enter in the age 
level which applied during their own 
pack's derby events. 

For further information, call Willie 
Crenshaw, 486-3056. 



Yirginia Beach men move up at Talbot 

W. A. ScNimgen 

At the annual meeting <tf 
the Board of Directors ftur 
Talbot and Associate, Ltd. 
Pl^oers and Snry^K>rs in 
VtaffMa ^di, Memiiiis, 
T^iesMe ud Charlotte, 
f|ilortii Cuollto), several pro- 
nnotioiit were announced. 

. WUliam A. SchlimgM ms 
^onMcd to Em^w ViM 
yresUeat la diufe of tte 
firgiaia teach iMee. MHi- 
l^m has %eM mtfksfsi wtth 
itSM aad AaMclatn for 
irt flMt six faara and pre- 
vhMsly tie Arm as 

JN^nai Midler ttrthe^- 
tkm '4m» and PrtMtpal 
11 O^r* <rf the Vit^ite 

, WUliam W. Fleming, Jr., 

> was introcuced into the firm 

of Talbot and Associates as 

Vice President in charge of 

New Business Development. 

Prior to his employment with 
Talbot and Associates, Mr. 

Fleming served as Director 
of Community Services for 
the City of Virginia Beach. 
During his t«rare as Direc- 
tor, he developed the first 
Five Year Capttal Improve- 
ment Plan; initiated a com- 
l»^easfve m^>iM aod lamt 
iBVMtory pn^ram; initiated 
many major highway projects 
and competed the City's Mt. 

WalterJ. Uonaban, A.I.P., 
was elected to the position 
of As»>etate rfspoasible for 
Plaiuing. Re has been em- 
ptoyed vtth Talbot ami As- 
»>ciates for the past tour 
years ami has b^n inralved 
in the gaming <A major land 
devtlo^e^s tbroi^hMt the 
Untted ^tes. Hr. Mcmahan 
was prwtonsly «n]doyed by 
the City of Vin^inia Beach 

where he helped draft the 
unces for the City. 

James ^< HMer, P. E., 
was ^rtedto the pMitim of 
Aanclate tf Ea^MMm- 
Mr. Htttfn- kq served as 
R^feml Mwil^tf tMOr- 
lanio office uk! is prMwtly 

in charge of Construction 
Management for the firm. 
Prior to joining Talbot and 
Associates, he worked m the 
Engineering Department of 
the City of Virginia Beach 
as a Project Coordinator on 

several major projects. 

Richard L. Bowie, P. E., 
was elected to the position 
of Associate of Engineering 
in the firm. Over the past 
five years with the firm, he 
has served as Project Mana- 

Skating party MD camp 

The Lynnhaven Band Parents As- 
sociation and the Virginia Beach Nep- 
tune Festival in cooperation with the 
Haygood Skating Center will sponsor a 
skating party Wednesday, July 27, from 
8 until 10:30 p.m. at the Haygood Skat- 
ing Center, Admission will be the wear- 
ing of a N^une t.-Shirt. 

The shirts are on sale at the Skat- 
ing Center, 1036 Ferry Plantation Road 
(460-1138), the Neptune Fe^val Office, 
Chamber of Commerce BuUdlng, Pem- 
broke Mall (490-1094), and the Lynn- 
haven Band Parents Association mem- 
bers or by calling Mrs. Mary Moore 

Dam Neck wives 

The r^ular ninthly business meet- 
ing of NWCA Dam Neck #207, will 
be held on Thursday, June 2 at 9:30 
a.m. in the Special Services Building 
aboard the Dam Neck Naval Station. 
All Navy, Marine and Coast Guard 
wives are welcome. For additional in- 
formation call 424-2430. 

ARC programs 

New outpatient programs aimed at 
helping individuals who are experienc- 
ing problems with alcoholism are now 
being held at the Alcoholism Rehabili- 
tation Center of Tidewater. 

The Alcohol Crisis Intervention 
T^ms are designed to motivate the al- 
coholic to abstain from drinking or to 
enter treatment through planned con- 
frontation with the alcoholic, family, 
friends and/or employers. The fe^ is 
$36 for planning sessions and the act- 
ual treatment. aS 

Educational Programs are being held 
every Wednesday from 4 - 5:30 p.m. 
at the Tidewater Psychiatric Institute, 
Virginia Beach. The physical, social 
and psycholc^ical aspects of alcoholism 
will be discussed in depth. The fee is 
$12 peCt«^on. 

Group Therapy Sessions are held 
every Thursday from 9-10:30 a.m. at 
the Tidewater Psychiatric Institute in 
Virginia Beach. This group is geared 
to helping individuals gain insight into 
their problems with alcohol in hopes 
that they may find more effective means 
than alcohol to use in coping with these 
problems. The fee is $12 per session 
with most health insurance policies 
covering out patient education and ther- 
apy groups. I 

For additional referral information 
contact Alcoholism Rehabilitation Cen- 
ter of Tidewater, 1701 Will-O-Wisp 
Drive, Virginia Beach, 23454, 481-1216. 

ger for several large muni- 
cipal and government pro- 
jects, as well as Project 
Coordinator for a major re- 
habilitation of utilities pro- 
gram for the York town Nav- 
al Weapons. 

Every year the Muscular Dystrophy 
Associatibn cMducts a summer camp 
for cUldrm afflicted with this dread 
neuro- muscular disease. 

This y^r'sprogram at Camp Youi% 
in Chesapeanls In jeopardy t>ecause 
there are not enough camp counselors 
to care for the children. With camp 
scheduled to start on June 18th, you 
can see time is running out. 

If you are 15 years or older, please 
call 461-0333 and volunteer your ser- 

City speakers 

The City of Virginia Beach has es- 
tablished 'a speakers bureau for dis- 
seminating Information regarding the 
June 14, Water and Sewer Bond Ref- 
erendum. The following is a list of 
dates, name of organizations, speaker 
or speakers, times and places that 
programs will be presented: 

Wednesday, June 1, 12:30 p.m., Prin- 
cess Anne Rotary F.O.P. Club; Speaker: 
Mr. Charles W. Gardner, Chairman, 
Public Utilities Committee. 

Thursday, June 2, 6:30 p.m., Tide- 
water Utility Contractors Association, 
Admiralty Motel; Speaker: Mr. Edwin 
S. Clay, m, Assistant to the City Man- 
ager/Public Information L Human Re- 

Thursday, June 2, 6:30 p.m., Vir- 
ginia Beach Rotary Club, Hilton Imt; 
Speaker: Mr. Charles W. Gardner, 
Chairman, Public Utilities Committee. 

Monday, June 6, 7:30 p.m., Ameri- . 
can Association of Retired People, 
Christian Church Uniting; Speaker: Mr. 
A. J. Chewning, Member, Public Utili- 
ties Committee. 

Tuesday, June 7, 7:30 p.m., Prin- 
cess Anne Plaza Civic League, Plaza 
Junior High School; Speaker: Mr. Pat- 
rick L. Standing, Councilman. 

Tuesday, June 7, 8 p.m., Inlynview 
Civic League, Trantwood Elementary 
School; Speaker: ,Mr. C. Gerald Har- 
ris, Member, Public Utilities Com- 

Wednesday, June 8, 7:30 p.m., Witch 
Duck Point Civic League, Old Donation 
Church; Speaker: Dr. Clarence A.Hol- 
land, Mayor. 

Wednesday, June 8, 8 p.m., Council 
of Civic Organizations, Atlantic Perm- 
, anent Savings and Loan; Speaker: Mr. 
Ge<Hrge L^ Haabury. '^«y Uxm^.- 

Wednesday, Jime 8, 8 p.m., North Al- 
anton Civic League, Alanton Elemen- 
tary School-Cafeteria; Speaker: Mr. 
Donald W. Merrick, Member, Public 
Utilities Committee. 

Thursday, June 9, 12:30 p.m., Ki- 
wanls, Fifth National Banque; Speaker: 
Mr. A. J. Chewning, member. Public 
Utilities Committee. 
' Thursday, June 9, 8 p.m.. Shadow- 
lawn Civic League, Beachlawn Baptist 
Church; Speaker: Mr. Garland Isdell 
member, Public Utilities Committee. 

Monday, June 13, 7:30 p.m.. Cape 
Story by the Sea, Lynnhaven Colony 
United Church of Christ-Church Annex; 
Speaker: Mr. George L. Hanbury,II, 
City Manager. 

NImltz 'dustWM* 

The USS mmitz Eallsted Wives (Mb 
plans a '^shower (Xt Clusters" during 
tte week of June 8-11 designed to en- 
cwrage participatton from all enlisted 
wives whose husbands are stationed 
aboard the USS Nimitz, cvd-68. 

The "Clusters" are small hduse 
parties located near Military tousing 
and surrounding areas. Interested par- 
ties are urged to call for more in- 
formation at the following numbers: 
June 6th 10 a.m., Willou^y, Lois Ad- 
ams at 480-2749; June 7th U a.m., 
Newport News, EUen Satterfield or 
Sharcm Holmes at 874-5351; June 8th 
10 a.m., Camp Allen and Capebart, 
Cindy McBride at 489-0020; also June 
8th 11 a.m., Benmorrel, Fnin Waters 
at 423-1920; Jime 9th 10 a.m., near 
Gate 4, NOB, Jean Ebeling at S83- 
3950; June 11th, Little Creek Road and 
Hewl^ Farms, Fronza Gould at 480- 

If you are a Nimitz Wife be sure 
to attend the "Cluster" nearest you! 


The Virginia Beach Department of 
Parks & Recreation will be holding 
Spring class registration, June 1-4, 
from 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. in PembnAe 
Mall. Classes will be offered for adults 
teens, and children at the Virginia 
Beach Recreation Center and sites 
throughout the city in active and pass- 
ive activities. For further informatiOQ 
concerning Spring classes contact the 
Virginia Beach Department of Parks 
k Recreation at 4700 Recreation Drive, 
or 497-4884. 

Flea market 

Local ERA realtors in Tidewater 
are sponsoring a Flea Martlet, June 
18th at the Arrowhead Shopping Cen- 
ter in Virginia Beach between 10 a.m. 
and 4 p.m. All proceeds from the Flea 
Market will be donated to the Muscular 
Dystnqtby Associatton. , 

Participating local realtors— :RTR, 
Oglesby and Barcliff, Pardue, and East 
Coast Realty— are joining other ERA 
members nationwide in their suHwrt 
of Muscular Dystn^y. 

If you have Items you would like to 
don^ for the Flea Maricet, please 

Charter party 

Navy Wives Clubs of America Tide- 
water Area Council will be hosting a 
Charter Anniversary party in honor of 
NWCA's 41st year, June 3rd, at the 
CPO Club, Dam Neck, at 6:30 p.m. 
The theme for the evening will be ' ' Let's 
Go Hawaiian" with a Hawaiian cusine, 
cocktails, and attire. The cost per per- 
son win be $5. For further Information, 
contact Donna Henry at 424-2430. 

Gifts and AccMsories for the Homo 

OriwM t trm i i T M tnm "tkt nwl i hl»| Imtk' %>W aU ncilMMni to any 

iw At rin e( yoMf hiid|t l, you «^ fliri m kt^umt ^ ymrtl love to 
llw — « h«*« lor iwmM - at a ^ee yU won't NrtMl pa)rtR|. ChooM an 
eiWiWtt ptoeMtmkUm bowl, ^igtr tm or lan^ paMui wtce box, fm 
lartwn Nfwtae, foMhig^KMen or feanwi pNM ...or on* ol a irtdo tclKtion 
d iMm mkm gft Mm from fart ANO ¥tm Harncf' vwy ipocM 

■■ JM i3a«ta.aoMiiaM. 

Dally 10 am to 9:30 pm 

Are you looking for bargains? ? ? 
Every day is a bargain at 

Ample Samples 

Featuring famous maker samples 
cbseout and factory overruns 

Save 20% to 50% 

Swimsuit Special 



Reg. ^14^^ NOW 
Sizes 5-15 


St. Tropez ^ 

ne piece suits $ 7 99 

Sizes 10-18 m 

Sizes 10-18 
Reg. */8»« 

Limited Ouanties 

YNNHAVEN CENTER 2376 Va. BomMi Mvd. 

Acrost from Boadi For^d 

■Ol. . -.- ■ 

Qm^if's *m accident 

Virginia Beach bands impressive by p^ 

SUN Ntvs Editor 

I w«at to a iaM concert receirtly. 

t'n Mi t ttivsic eritic nor uy ^ree of masic ej^ert, 
M, Uw anqp, I ^pf sovads vhicb id«ise my Mr. I 
e^oy t ^od bud. 

Tte a^cal preseflfallon I «ts fortuute enoi^b to h/Mjr 
ttife o^r n^t, Mt only idws«d my musical sensiUl- 
i^i, Int utterly astoofM ne. I attended tbe Sprii% 
Ctecert of the Lynoteven Junior ffigh sc^wl bands and 
lomA it necessary to o^astantly remini myseU tbat tbis 
was junior hith school nwtc— these were jmiq^ster, 
It to 13 fMTS ct aga. Tte sound vts Incredible and a tri- 
b^e Mtf e^ to nod Director Jtn Kr^er and Us students 
at Lynntai^, but to the entire lastrumartal music pro- 
gram in Virginia B^ch. 

B«cli resUnts wto evM glance at the nev^aper can't 
1^ M realiie that oar city tes a generous share (tf 
amrd vimdag bands. At the top of the ladder are the re- 
noTOcd Uu^^ Cavaliers of Princess Anne High school 
led I9 Bud Director Ri» Collins, and the bands of Vir- 
gtate Beach's five other senior high sctods close behind. 
Not far (hnrn Oie h^ies^ are tte jio^r high school bands— 
iMmiag, gaining. Being groomed to st^ tato tt» line of 
march when they r^tch high school level. Still fiirtter <k}wn 
the ladder, hrt, again, nfUiy ascending, tte b^imingland 
stadwts from the city's dentotary schools. 

The whole process is incr^ible. In Virginia BraiA, 
it begins with jrai^sters wte tave mmideted the fifth 
grade. During the summer, those wto wish may be intro- 
dueed to instrumwtal miaic th»M^ the sunnitr hud 
jHtigran. Selectii^ an instrumeHhirhich catches their tewy, 
the students att«^ t«nd class from 8 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. 
Mch morning, five days a week. In the summer, even 
that takes determination tM dalication. The first couple 
of days are spent instructing the newcomers how to take 
ttoir instmmMt ftt>m the chse, tow to {Mt it together, 
bow to hold it and finally horn to properly create a sound. 
From there, vithin six weeks, the summer bands present 
their flr*t OM^rts. The cwicerts are attmded mostly 
by parents and brothers and si^ei^ who are, at that 
point, easily impressed, Iwt even they are wide-eyed 
through all their pride as their youngsters, wto may stiU 
have a hard Ume speUiny clarinet, tq) their feet iiwi belt 
oM the MtriM Hymn. Sating been through that st^e 
several tMu% mo, let me say— that's tto sweetest soupd 
Ms side of haven. 

From ^t poM the ycm^ers return to t^ir resq^- 
tive schools and work for two «teys a we^, in s(dio(d, 
and h(4)eftiUy every day at heme, develsi^ their musicid 
skills. It tal^ perseverance and it takMt practice, bat 
tor truly iMioited Virginia Beach jrapoigsters.lnstrttmeatal 
music tat ttis city is a sort of ^GardM tf Ed«i where 
qntlity i^tigram uid qualtty instructors arw't fist an 
occasioittl acci(teirt but a definite and delitorato ^aa. 

ThrMg^# the ^ire instnuRe^al music pnyrem, there 
are toAnM tor ^}m wUttng to be a little more ^^catM, 
a little terder wwUng. ArM tends, which nrem^w 
of ^UeMs fttm sn^ gro^s^ili ctf elemeriliir a^ofla, 
me^ 0^ a we^. I^t's tk tuRi^nn amy ^om^ 
nei^bortood gang or the television sM j^us aMittaial 
practice. The ar» tend program cUmaies at tte eiMi <d 
the sctool f^r with a musle AMttval in wblcAttebiMs 
aU perfnm, w^ i^NMMiH^ iaeEH^^lMMrithaNai^Mf , 
thm^ ^ scette of en^Mttoa are {tested. It'ii^mral- 
ly the first such program for tte music studmts, tat in 
Virginia B^^, it imt to the U^. 

Ilere is also tte <dty band jKrogram in iM^lte bMt 
deuNtary setaoifl moilclans are seleeted ud toMfht. 
tog^ter wmr a metimA to loure, practtee and Ul« m 
Sttday, pertorm in i»»cert. Ttese are yougsters. Yoa«- 
^m tHo ton or MMt ymn ago wcuU teveM^iM- 
ftOly «itk ut iBirtrnarait Icn- a jretr or morepiai^s^de 
after scale after scale. Some mte pertom wltt ttesiztt 
and senM grwle ^ band teve told ttMrir tJMrumnts 
only a matter of nuNMis. 

^ill aK^hsr program aimed at grooming and iteveb^- 
iat ootstonding mnsttians is ttt soio and enseml^ |»ro- 
gram. For ttls prognm, which takes plaea eac^ ai^tog, 
stud«its, from sixth grade q;>, select a jd^e ctf music, 
graded accordi^ to ttegree ot lUfflculty fitHO I to 4. lie 
fdece is leaned, not ia dass, tart 00 the ^odeita' own 
time. On a i^vm <by, M^ itadrat, along with hradreds 

of students from all the city's schools, pl»r» h«s piecf ' 
in wto Of small Msemble betore a l^e wto U a maittur 
an/or pBsl€»l iMtructor. Each st^nt is wtiBd by ttef 
Jn^e rat those wto Mm a gn^ of 1, i or !• -sartor, 
outMawttag «■ good, respectively- tr** i#aHW medals. 

Tte ftudents move «>, In the juaior Ugh ae^K^ bti^ 
is an elective course taught according to level ofiM^ 
vitteem^. Adwnced \mai metobers are geiwraU^ in t^ 
nanddng tend whi<A n^trw after schc^iMi^ce ih,, 
addition to classroom work. Mcwt <rf these "A" tendi 
perform better than any of tte Ugh schooJ te^lca^ 
renendier from my school days. They mar^ it fortbali; 
games, in parades and ^y perform to concert anda^. 
f^tivals. '6^ are good. In Vli«i)^ Bmc1i» ^ne fd the 
Jutor high aetod bands stedc w ftvonbly aiUtet an^ 
east CMst lutor high sctool bands. 

it's a Uttite wMder when these student* reach h^h 
»didol ttoy are smart stepping, stro« samding, i^erior 
rated maalcjana. Ttefve (Whe a long ws^raad tb^'ye 
kui tte test te^ possiUe ^m ^ **y- B7 tte time tiMit 
«iter Ugh school, ttey are, for the m(»ti«rt, dedicated, 
mosieaUy weU-groomed, and part of a team tf tough 
cofflpiMtor*. T<v notch band <flrectors iMd tten tte r^ 
<rf tte wy to the tt^. This is a rave review, It'a t n^ 
tor the «tflre instrumental music pr<«nM U Virgi^' 
BMcb fi-om tte beginning summer t»nd progtmm to the' 
awam wiimii«, tebutous senior high igchool bands. I'm, 
impressed! "* ' ; 

Legal dkt 

Is a legal type of «rt itet kMs are altowed to ^y 
hi wHk M HwritlMi tmnalM ttet Miun wUl otf y grwhle 
saMy as ste aowte tt oat a( Iteir kair, e^>tlM It oat of 
Iteir shoes and sweepp tt off tte floors by tte bastetftal. 

EnJojrIng tteir local neighborhood sami idle are, from die 
i«tt, GerlaBoe Flyna, TImmy Flym^ Daaiel Flyaa and Ibiaa 
Itopper, all of Virginia BMCh. (Ptoto by JOAN ASHLEY) 

He doesn't cry alone 

Mort of OS teve scm thft Indian 00 television paddle 
in fn» tte past, poll his Urdriiark canoe onto a store 
littered by trash, thrown bjr pec^Ie wto dM't care. (This 
is Ai^wtere, USA, fMtainag Vii^inla Beach. TTte tnrs 
te stads are for everywe wto has a Ared (a jatie for 

Ilis American doen't cry alone. 

Smi^kht we mm "Utter" is too fancy a w(»ilfor 
tamrage am, plasttc cortataers, discanted refrigeratore, 
okl cars and bed qsrtags; ttese are alaK»t "forever" 

The drunk driver. . . 

kiuto of outdoor degrad^on intil th^ are removed by 
volunteers or paid woiiters. 

It is now costing ttiis nation nearly a Idllfoo dollare a 
year to pick q) after tte trash ttirowers. 

Lei's cry a little with tte hnrt Indian, and roll qi our 
sleeves and do something about it. 

Prond Virginians don't throw trash 00 O^ir oddoore. 

Howtfiort yon? 
(Ad^ited from a column by Ira S. l^timer Jr. 

Get 'em off the roads! 

^I^r's Note: Tte dnmk 
or prinking driver is tte 
cuTM (rf our age. A recent 
Vi^lP Mrrey revealed a 
Mrtfl# mmber «rf drmdcs 
•a Mmler roads. Wten 
I pri^iited a we^^ IsICm- 
um, i«rfPWteiCa|». 

FrM #MMr i^ alMg 
t^M km artlelM trtm tte 
Topeka daUy newspaper. His 
«^ravled note on the page, 
:»tcal ttet these both ap- 
peared ofl flw^ 
V« think yoal 

Dear nm: Here's tte M- 
^ aM^ittaris yo« tar sen- 
^g tt on. I (MA't weqi> 
bat I got M mad I saw red. 

Dear EcWsr: I'm ttM vic- 
tiik of a droric drtwr lAo 
r^f a red U^ to Us air 
A it^ ^eed on Oct. O, 

I ms ^^re dMd ttu a- 
live after several hurgeoos, 
performed massive surgery 
to remove my ruptured 
s pkaa , and repair a kidney 
tl«|,A8^lieea severed. I al- 
so suffered a fractared skull, 
a bnkM ym iiMMer, ate 
bnAw tOm and a MOt^sed 

'h&f 0W me 3S ^ta ot 
M^ I m* to tte MMsivc 
nm ^ of a. Antta^'s' 

My tospital Mils came to 
f3,006. I was sti^ brfAe, 
and had to go tte tte V.A. 

I teve been ^tte ki<toey 
machiw for tW|NMirs and 
a* wMc to wM; My wtto 
ted to fake a ^ to S19- 
port tte family. W e teve 
three cUldren, 

I teve nrt h«irf «ie word 
from tte dnak wto hit am. 
He tes Mver said so mutt 
as "I'm »rry." M §0t m 
wttb a IW fine M« wwMil 
to a driver's kdnol. f^ 
W-<by s^«Ke ms sul- 

I iW te oi«te kutawf 
m^tUm tor tte rest of ^ 
ttte vAtu I can g^ atrate- 
plaat. I cut ^^«att «^ 
^ fM^mt. I oat mAi 
Mymwe, I am tery bitt^ 
toward drunk driveii. 
Ilaiiki tor hnri^ 1% 
a^^ ■■ WUItem §. <tf CN^. 

Sevw perKms teve bera 
teed toltowtog aiparanMs 
ia Mne^ CMErton cterg^ 
^ drivtog ti^ i^ndatM. 

v«s fined ^» ttd pai^ 
to pay m. 

LMt? F. was fined |2M 
ami paroM to paf fll. 

CterlM C. iwlHadiBil- 
ty ad fined llA and^troled 
to pay ^SO. 

Alite T. ittsl^i^- 
ty ttd teed W»aa*paroltd 

R^ert B. wasfottM|t 
ty and ftaei^ff aad SM- 
t^^ed to ii Ays to Jail. 
He ms panted to pay ^ 
and ^M parolad Inm tte 
itiX term. 

Loren C was fo _ 

tyaad teed $250 and r' 
p Itiy |7S. 

OUver M. ^mM gritty 
ptf MS teMStSO and 
paroled to pay ^. 

Let somebody ^e do iti 


"Let tte oU»r giqr do tt" Mems to te om of tte credM 
of modem Aaeritt. JbLCritlette, bemoan, fima and shoot 
atont tte way tttogs are, hot all toe often «e never hotter 
to get tovtAvad. It'a a tMide M l«u wmk ami more ftm 
fiA to groose idMmt sMi^ilag ttiaa tt to to ndl 19 Uie 
Airtoleeves and waito into tte woit. ^ 

Nowtere to tUs more evidmit than irtm tt comes to 
ehUd^rearing. Many wmld ntter te "Uat- distance par- 
eats", letting latere do tte wt«k of rairiag tteir kids. 

Hut's as tme to Virginto Beadi as tt to aaywtere else 
to tiie cooatry. Tte few do tte work of ttie nuuqr. 

My «ife svnHlsed me recently wte ttie stotuieitt ttat 
die is considertag teenaiag a Girl Scoot leader. Supdsed 
me, I mess, becanse Cartdya ud I teve no diUdm, and 
we're m plaaatog a fimUy rl|^ aow. Carrtyntes t»«tt 
ptaoo for years, even pot q^ wftt a year to tte class- 
room as a moalc tttcter - and she's g«uii»lygood 
Witt Uds. Bote Girt-" " * 

"WeU, somebody's got to do it," die mid, "and nuwt of 
tiieae parents doot scan to give a (eeosored) atont how 
ttieir children are brooght 19." 

Ttet remark se^ me scurrying to my files to dig oot 
a poem I distovered to Kusas. Hie aottin- to loi« Unce 
lost to a sertos of rqniotlags, bot I commeadtttottie 
cooscieaUoos, involved citicens of Virginto Beach: 

"I tove my dilldrmi, I'm ttiOttg yon 
And I know tten's a lot of woric to do 
to 4-H and Brownies and PTA — 
Bot frankly, I )ast can't getaway. 

At tte end of a day, I'm tired you know, 
Just want to p) oot and see a stow 
Or watch TV, or jflay some bridge, 
Just too darned tired to mess wttt ktos. 

And speaking of kids, yon taiow ttat crime 

b on tte iaerease all ttie tine? 

Thef 00^ to (to aometUag, majrtbe lA school 

Your opinion 

At the Virginia Beach SUN, we want 
to know what our reader's are 
concerned about. We welcome 
letters to the editor We request that 
all letters be signed. 

Let us hear from you! 


News ^te- 


KOnn^ F. CDUUtT 

, ^wrts Editor 

Cl^atotei Ito^per 

TO teach Uie Uds to reqiect a rale. 
Or perhaps ttie Church should do more good, 
^id teach Qiem to act the way ttey should; 
I e«i't toderatoad nkf tiiey act ttttt way — 
Smaettiag's wrong sometdiere, I v«dure to say. 

I sead my kids to 4-H and sudi, 
Bot tt really doesn't telp too much; 
niey don't apprectoto pxxi ttings at all; 
I used to te to 4-R when I was small. 

Tliey need more vtdunteera you say;? 
Must te id«rty aroond — must te «Hne way 
TO IMereat paratts to worthwUle work — 
llHt's stmi^hing no one has ttie rigU to shirk. 

Well, riBpe ttiey find someoM, I*m tellii« you; 
M^ kids need a leader to to(* up to. 
They need soneoM to direct ttieirplay: 
It's really a Asme I caat get aw^r. 

. ■*• T-Bvi i>ti'.: ^■••-' - "- 

t^*-^f-tX t^|« »■.«.,.? \fm 




Stop fooing around and cut it 
out— the subscription Wank 
below, that Is. 

Your subscriptfon to the SUN v^ 
give you the whole pJcture.You 
can enjoy reading aboitf the people 
down the streetf-esh and bright news J 

You'd be dobrs, ahead, too. 
Your $7.00 hvestment h the ^JN 
wl be returned with the adverfeng 
valies youl find your very first tesue. 




fras^Mv «« aafi tt witk vw^S^lS^ 
^ a*, m UmmmA Rd., VlrtWa siaSJ 







XfBndMightoeremony for 

Virtlntt BM^ Ml, Mot !, 1977 - A-% 

MISS u^yse ReMMiJtaU- 
ey and AnsUe h«y 11^^. 
SOD eichai^ed vows in a 
ciuidle light ctrMuny at tiie 
yirglnlt Beach Unitedlleth- 
«dist church, Saturday. 

; The bride is the <ki%hter 
Of Mr. ind Mrs. John James 
Bailey, Jr., ol Virginia 
Beadi. She is the grand • 
daughter of Reverend Welson 
t. Une of Norfolk, ani Rev- 
erend John J. Bailey, Sr., 
of Splingfleld. (Mio. The 
^room is the son of Mr. 
M Mrs. ArcWe B. Meg- 
glnion of Virginia Beach. 

^Tte iMlde wore a gown of 
mie tttin organza with a 


nigh neckUaeai^sheeryoke. 
TN empire Iwdice was ap- 
pllqoed in Venise Uce and 
the skirt was ^anc^ with 
vertical t»Ms of lace. The 
attached train and skirt 
which swept Into a Ml chap- 
el lei^ train were ei^ed 
in lace and aj^icyied. Her 
matching cha|M letftti veU 
of sUk illusion fell from a 
Uce headpiece which match- 
ed the gpwn. 

She carried a cascade of 
white steplanotis, miniature 
white carnation^ an! star- 
Imrst mums with lace lyco- 
podium, greens and ivy. 

The eight attendants were 

gowned in floor length dres- 
ses in coral shrimp. They 
(»rried lighted cauiles in- 
^de boutpi^ <tfs<Mia roses, 
^rburst mmns, mlnima- 
Vure earaations, Ivy and fern. 

Ttw ceremony wu per- 
tormed by Reverend Eugme 
(Hurrtck of Norfolk, and tte 
trides two grandtetters, 
Reverend Lane and Rever- 
mi Bailey. 

Following a reception in 
the church social hall, the 
ooqile left for their wedding 
tHp to Lancaster, Pennsyl- 

Mr. and Mrs. M^ginsM 
will reside in Harrisonburg, 
Virginia. , 

Credit courses available 
In summer school programi 

Mrs. Megglnson 

Registration for the Vir- 
ginia Beach Public Schools 
summer school program for 
students in grades 7-12 will 
be held at 7:30 a.m. on Mon- 
day, June 20, at First Colo- 
nial High School. Registra- 
tion will begin with an ori- 
entation program in the 

school auditorium after 
which students will go to 
specific classrooms to com- 
plete necessary forms. Late 

registration will be con • 
ducted at the school on Tues- 
day, June 21, and Wednes- 
day, June 22, 1977. No new 
registrations will be ac- 
cepted after this date. 

Summer school tuition will 
be $15 per unit of credit 
for repeat courses and |30 
i>er credit for new courses. 

Post graduate and non-resi- 
ident students will l>e re- 
quired to pay $50 per unit 
of credit for the courses 
they take. In addition, there 
will be $5 fees for social 
studies and art classes, a 
$3.50 fee for idiysical edu- 
cation, and a $3 fee for Eng- 

Beach man 
bank officer 

The board of directors of 
Central National Bank of 
Richmond recently named 
Lawrence M. Newark a 
branch officer. 

lish to cover the cost of 
sui^lementary materials. 

AH summer school clas- 
ses for secondary students 
will be conducted at First 
Colonial High School. The 
program will be open to all 
students in grades 7-12 who 
desire to repeat courses 
which they have already 
taken or who wish to take 
a new elective course. The 
first day of registration will 
also be the first day of class. 

All required and elective 
subjects having sufficient 
enrollment will be offered 
during summer school, 
«*lch will be conducted in 
two sessions. The first ses- 
sion will run from June 20 

to Aufust 1. Classes will be 
conducted from 7:30 a.m. 
to 12:30 p.m. weekdays. The 
second session will be held 
in two segments; the first, 
from June 20 to August 1, 
12:30 p.m. to 4:30p.m. week- 
days, and the second, from 
Ai^ust 1 to August 9. 7:30 
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. week - 

'The second session of 
summer school is for 
seniors only who need two 
credits to graduate in Aug- 
ust 1977. (There will be no 
graduation eiercises for 
summer school graduates.) 

Transportation to and 
from summer school will 

not be provkM by tke Vir- 
ginia Beach piriblle selmd 
system. However, dmi^ 
bu^ service will be avaU- 
able in certain ar^u for 
7:30 a.m. arrival and 12:30 
p.m. d^MTture at a cost (rf 
137.50, th« barter ser - 
vice will be provided by the 
Virginia Bus Service, Im., 
and interested studraU 
should coi^ct Mr. J. W. 
Phelps, pr»ident of the set- 
vice, at 42g-M53 or 428- 

For addiUooal information 
about the summer school 
program, c(»tact the sum- 
mer school principal at First 
Colonial High School at 481- 

"Train up a Child in th« 
way he should go: and wh«n 
holt old, he will not de- 
part from it." 
— Proverbs 22:6 


Virginia BeadUK^sik pr^an for ballet 

^ ThrttpremiMBtVlrgloUllncbartistf atworkonavant 
fttrde Mlet Daase Macabre. Left to rifbt Robert Weaver, 
tostume mUtress of tiie Hmrfolk Ballet, umI Sandra Thomp- 
|0B sute-ap designer. 

rSiadn llartii, Anna Maria Martlaei, lOchael BarrlsklU, 
waa TbmqMOB, Weady Brewer and prominent roles In the 
prtbUc BaUet ^rlng GiU to be given at Center Theatre 


Ivows said 

9B June,,Srd and 4th. Teresa Martiaes associate director 
of the Norfolk Ballet Compfny commissioned Sandra Thomp- 
son well known Virginia Beach artist to create the fantasy 
make-m* that will be used in Oanse Macabre. Another 
Virginia Beach resident, Robert Weaver, has designed 
and assisted In the eieeution of the costumes for the Nor- 
folk Ballet's production. 

Newark is the assistant ' 
manager of CNB's West 
Broad Street branch. The 
Virgmia Beach native join- 
ed the bank in February, 
1977) after an association 
witiir- Branch Bwking and 
fnist in ChSrlcrtfe, Nortt^' 
Carolina. # 

He is a graduate of Duke 
University with a B.A. de- 
gree in economics. Newark 
is also active in the Amer- 
ican Institute of Banking. 

INdding vows exchanged 

a garden siting marked 

marriage ceremmy of 

!S Charla Ann Ford and 

[eward Gay Worthy IH, at 

^, Tbttlia, Acres h(me of 

Fe bride's '^ents, Mr. imd 
r siWbbdrow Wilsim Ford. 
UN bride, given in mar- 
flage by her father, wore 
A ivory gown with a lace 
lOdttce and a mantilla. She 
iirrled a b(wquet of roses, 
AnUaias and babies breath. 
Wane Marehione of Vir- 
ittla BMch was the Maid 
f HoMr. Bridesmaids 
rere fterri Lynne Ford, 
Irs. PhiUp lOrabile, both 
If Vliflnia Beach; and Mrs. 
lonald Ivey (rf Lumbeitaa, 
forth CaroUM; Cterlne 
liMtersm CHTMaeon, Georgia; 
Mrs. Michael Ewers itf 
•M. The attemhnts 
rmre govns of shrimp ehif- 
,_J and large iricture hats, 
foey carried bouc^ts of 

roses. Elizabeth Ann Ford 
was t|ie flower girl. 

Howard Gay Worthy, Jr., 
the groom's father, served 
^ as best man. Ushers were: 
?toodrow Ford, HI, of Vir- 
ginia Beach; Michael Ewers, 
Rctbert Bumisky, Robert 
Overstreet, Edward Moore, 
Tom MIfchell and Clarke 
Worthy, all of Roanoke; and 
James Bridger,^ and Richard 
Lloyd of Salem. 

"The bride was graduated 
from Princess Anne High 
School and is a sophomore 
at HoUIns College in Roa- 
n(Ae. She will continue her 
atuttes ae^ year at ODU. 
The groom is a graduate of 
Noi^rosi High School in 
Roiraoke and Roanoke Col- 
lege. He is a Master's can- 
diitete at Virginal Techni- 
cal Instittde. 

FoUowinir n wedding trip 
to Hawaii, t^e couple will 
reside in Virginia Beach. 

Beach man named 
to STOP post 

peach couple to wed 

M»; Piiiy Geivtan Hi^- 

<rf ytitlaia Bttch and 

4riarqr NvOnan (^ 

toNHMle. ani^ce tte 

ea^ (rfthe|rdat«h{er, 

l^e wed(ttif will take idace 
August 13th. 

Executive Director Har- 
vey N. Johnson of the STOP 
Organization has announced 
the aiqiiolntment of V. Wayne 
Orton of Virginia Beach, to 
the position of Assocbite 
Director for Operations. 

A 1967 graduate of Nor- 
fblk State College majoring 
In Sociotogy, Orton received 
a Masters degree in Social 
Work (MSW) at Vli^inla 
Commonwealth University 
in 1971 and the Academy of 
Certified Social Worker 
(ACSW) in 1974. 

He tas served oa the facul- 
ties of Norfblk State College- 
Eveolng Division, Virginia 
Commonwealth University 
School of Social Work, Nor- 
fblk State College Sciwol of 
Social Work and the Eastern 
Virginia Medical School. 

Orton has served as Dir- 
ector of Social Work 
Services and Education for 
the Community Mental 
H^th C»iter and Psychia- 
tric Institute at Norfolk and 
(Mmes to the STOP Oi^ani- 
zatlim from the position of 

Associate of Family Psy- 
chiatric Association with of- 
fices in Virginia Beach. He 
has also served as consul- 
including Norfolk Redevel- 
oinnent b Housing Authority. 

A memt)er o the Omega 
PsI Phi Fraternity, he is 
also affiliated with the Nor- 
fblk Torch Club and the Vir- 
ginia Beach Chamber of 

At STOP Orton has direct 
responsibility for manage- 
ment of the Community De- 

velopment, Early Childhood, 
Senior Citizens, Emergency 
Services, Youth Develop- 
ment, Nutrition and Health 
Services Divisions, and the 
development of a viable Out- 
reach capability for the im- 
plementation of STOP'S 
Total Family Concept. As 
Associate Director for 
Operations, he joins the Exe- 
cutive Group which includes 
the Executive Director, the 
Associate Director for Man- 
power Services, the As- 
sociate Director for 
Management & Administra- 
tion, and the Executive As- 

to Mait Richard 
mm of Mr. knd 
Ba^nwd SMttird H^- 

JMlM AtftaM was gm- 
#ted ^tka ftttcess A^ 
^ Sitecd, iMHSed Loog- 
ilM <Mlei^ «A in-e^rtly 
% a u^u: at Old Duato- 


ik Urtterstty. Mr. HmbIm^ 

lib i^ ^Ml aad m 
Ipnm^ <tf WJ«hiurt. He ti 
^^oytc e^enbrte 

In Windsor Woods- - - 
Plaza — Green Run 

TfM CathoUc Pmm 

mil WW* 

Tpm. ^1^ f liO All MM, Sun. 

t^Mkmm 340-7122 


your wedding! 

That's r\^\ in addition to our fine 
pNitographic services at Studio One we 
wilt conceal a siimiiniature radio trans- 
mitter on the groonr) that will transmit 
every precious moment to a nearby tape 
recorder. All at no extra charge. You 
c«i DOW rememter that great occasiwi 
witti |4«>tos and tape. 

Call mm for a persofial showing of 
Mir samples and demonstration of the 



York town Commerce Center 

228 N. Lynnhaven Roai, S«ite 124 

Vir^nia Beach, Virpnla !S452 

Tit education formt the common mind: 
Just as the twig it bent the tree'i Inclined. 
— Alexander Pope 

Your children need to learn faith In God, as well as the basic skills of life. As the eloa- 
Ing of the school season draws near, remember that It Is also time to begin or resume 
their spiritual education; to fortify them for the time when you may na longer be on 
hand to guide and protect them. That a large segment of our young pecque have nevw 
learned goodness for its own sake is tragically evident in the almost (blly accounts 
of juvenile wrongdoing. Children are not bom with this knowledge; they must be tani^ 
it. EnroU your children in Sunday school, and set your own good examidc fbr them bf 
way you conduct your life, and by attending your Church. 

CharBe's Seafood Restaurant 

S139 Shore Dr. 491-9863 \ 
Mary E. Rehpelz & Employees \ 

Haynes Pumiture Compai^p 

5324 Ta. fieachBlvd. 

Bayside Motors 

4747 Shore Dr. 464-4563 
Charles C. Hale, Sr. L Staff 

Kempsvile Pharmacy 

Lindsey Bros' Inc. 

Plumbing-Heatlng-Fuel Oil Del. 
, 865 Newtown Rd. 497-4633 

Contractors Paving Co., Inc. 

3779BonneyRd. 347-1161 
ClInt(mTeets& Staff 

Kejlam& Eaton' Inc. BIdg. Supplies 

Princess Am Station 427-3200 . . 

Frank k David Kellam 

Andy's Plumliing & Heating 

1003 Canal Dr. 485-5000 
State-Registered-New & Old Work 

Kellam-Eaton Insurance Co. 

3111 Padfie Ave. 4M-lltl 

Furniture Showrooms 

828 E. Uttle Creek Rd. 
2981 S. MlUiary Hwy 
Sandy Bolin & Employees 

Chesapeake Savings & Loan 

Fnidc N. Wood aad Associates 

Engineerhg Meda Inc. 

M6B Liberty areet 
Charlie RackworUi 4 ^aff 

Price's Incorporated 

4580 Pembroke Mall 622-S706 
Braml Name AppUanees-TV-Stero 

631 Witch IHMk Rd. 07-8925 
C. C. KIrkpatrldc 

Willis Furniture at Hitop 

1712 Laskin Rd. 428-5951 
L. H. Bums A Staff 

AH Star Electric, Inc. 

1425 Air RaU Ave. 464-6231 
Commercial It Industrial 

Home Federal Savings 
& Loan Assoc. 

Smith Sales & Service 

460 BatUefleld Blvd. N. 547-2929 
Elwood Smith k Employees 

Mill-End Carpet Shop 

4740 Va. Beach Blvd. 497-4854 
Taylor B. Carr & Eai|doyees 

Townsend Fuel, Inc. 

James Van Djrtce and Emftoyees 

Preston's Pharmacy 

1401 Polndexter a. 5«-73S7 
James L. Marshall and Enqdoyeea 

Todd Electric Company 

Henry k Moses Tadd 4 Staff 

Hggins Realty, Inc. 

6820 Indian Mver Sd. 420-3110 
Cet^l M. HaiTlsoQ 4 Anodatet 

Brentwood Restaurant & Lounge """^ ^ Ja^^^tHJSS 

ISM G«>.^WMh. mgway Linda Holc!I?4 Sliir 

CbMveake, Va. ^ooe 487-0611 
ttm 4 Uada Rqder 4 Co. 

Overton's Market 

1419 Poimtexter St. 545-9496 

The OvertMs 4 Em p l oy ee s 

Plasser Amerrcan Corporatkxi 

Muttgemwt and Perscmnel 

J.D Mies & Sons. Inc. 

J.D Miles. Jr. aad Asaoclatet 

Southern States 
C^sapeake Coop, 


1784 S. MI^^ tvy. 4ie-llti 
L. Btimoot mittaai 4 


TNs feature is made possibto throjgh tm coopM'ation 
of our minsters. It is pakj fcr by these area firms who b^eye 
our churches are a ^al part ^ ow commwJity ffe. 


At Kingston Elementary 

Fiesta the choice for third grade 

SUN News Editor 

SiesU or fiesta! 

Yotti^sters in Mi^. Mary 
Lewis Griffin's third grade 
class at Klngstem Elemen- 
tary %:luol were gives their 
choice recently. Using the 
lm>wledge tbay had gained 

ahout Mexico in their stud- 
ies, there was no Question. 
They wanted a fiesta! 

The dassroom walls were 
iMii% with t>right Mexican 
desi^ cr»ted by the 
youngsters ms each stiidMt 
irore a pou^ made in cUss. 
Many spotted sombreros 
tavught ftt)m tome. The 

highl^ht of the program was 
taeos ntde in the classroom 
which the youi^stere helped 
with cheese, lettuce ami to- 

The youngsters (tenc«l a 
lively Mexican Hat dance 
and heartily agreed ttet a 
fiesta was much more Am 
than a siesta any old day. 

Sttvt tOA 4inoiistraltt "stesta". 


Taeos wen Ite higUJ^t of the ikird graite "fiesta". 
Addiof the coodiments td dieir ciiolce, from fiie Mi: 
ZteBl Meadows, Snisan Ford, and Saiame Salter. 

Kempsville students 
attend national 

il rjzf^"' 

DECA iD&nference 


Five students from 
Kempsville High School re- 
ceoftly attended a Natkmal 
Career Development Cm- 
fercsce qnosored by the 
Distribirtive EtkicatioB Clubs 

of America. The confer - 
enee attracted over six thou- 
sand Mstributive EducatlOB 
■tadciits from across the 
coortry. 1%is year, the 
■eetl^; was held in Ana- 
heim, CaUforaia. Three oi 
the Kempsville ^ndMts 
were involved in DECA Com- 
petitive voifts designed to 
test thdr abilities in tadu 
r^ted to their individual 

Les Baaidi^, employed 
by Sears, Roebuck, and Co. 
at Pembroke Mall, partici- 

pated in the General Mer- 
dttadtsiiw competttton. Les 
rec^ved a Performance A- 
ward for his efforts, which 
placed him in the tcq* 
twelve students in the na- 
tion in tlat event. Also, he 
was one of eight finalists 
in the single event which 
tested the students ability to 
sell. Shirley Carter, wlw 
works for Clover Patch at 
Military Circle, was in- 
volved in the Ajyarel and 
Accessorira comp^iticm. 

SUrley earned her way to 
natioral competition by being 
named the bq) Fashion Mer- 
dttMiising student in Vir- 
ginia at the State DECA Con- 
fereoM held this past Mardi. 
Jon Sovoeool, of Food Fair 
at College Park, «ms a par- 
ticipant in the Food Market- 
big competition. Jon ted 

placed second^ ia that evad 
at the State Cmrference. Da- 
vid Steymsoa, of Stevenstm 
Ford and Tractor Co., and 
Rita Ross, of Lowes of Nor- 
folk, attended the conference 
as delegates. 

Several area businesses, 
including Sears, Roebuck, 
and Co., homes, Stevenson 
Ford and Tractor Co., and 
Food Fair, helped the stu- 
deirts to attend the meting 
t^ raakii^ substantial om- 
tribidions. Without their as- 
sistance, several sutdents 
would have been unable to 

In addtUoB to the oonfer- 
ace activities, the ftoap 
e^oyed visits to Universal 
Studios, Disneyland, Hcdly- 
mod. Long Beach, and many 
other local attractlms. 

KttHam High Debaters 

Members of this y^r's successful Debate Team include, 
1^ to right: Bob Thietje, ^nsor Rose Poindexter, Tom 
Vaelavicek, Barbara H(^tman, Erich Woods, Captain Kelly 
WllUams, Terri ThnnBa, Fred Deets and Eric Coble, 
(neto bf Walter Jacques) 

For Kellam debaters it 
was a good year 

l^iecial to the SUN 

The year has been grwt 
for tte Kellam High Delate 

The eight member team of 
Eric Coble, Fred Deets, 
Barbara Hottnaa, Bob Thi- 
elje, Terri Thumma, Tom 
Vaelavicek, Kelly Williams, 
and Erich Woods proved just 
how tar good OMChing will 
go. Debate coach Rose P(Hn- 
doter bad raly cme varsity 
dibater returnii^, yet the 

Kellun team (tuickly proved 
itself a formfabble power 
in the Tidewater Debate Lea- 
gue. Durli^ the course of 
the year, team trophies were 
won by the teams of Terri 
Thumma and Tom Vaelavi- 
cek, Eric Coble and Bob 
Tbiet|e, and Kelly Williams 
and Tom Vaclasvicek. In - 
dividual speakers awards 
were won by Fred Deets, 
Barb Hofimaa, and Tom Vae- 

At the Betdi District tour- 
nament, KeUam once again 

made a fine showing with 
Kelly Williams and l^m 
Vaelavicek placing first in 
the switch-side division, and 
Barb Hoffman and Terri 
Thumma placiag sectrndwUh 
the neptive trams. 

The Williams- Vaclavicdc 
duo ihea captured the East- 
era Rqiional crown uid later 
went OB to jdace a<mg ttie 
top eight u the state. 

Miss Poln^ter is con- 
fidMt tor an even b^er 
showbig next year wtth five 
vai^sity debaters retuniog. 

Canihe friend or foe? 

DECA conference team 

Kmpmne stsdcats who rtca^y attavM a aattooal DECA 
rmhtma hi CaUlanrii^ M to right: T«fy O'Irtoa, 
iMtnrter; im Svneeei; flrirtojr CaMer; Slti Rom; Les 
Am«^ airt Veraoi ttg. (SBN phdto ky LUI WONG) 

Four tapped for honor society 

Vliflaia B^-t n- 

f^iMlv srihMed tor 

^hg s^AuMe 

iMie «d«rted ^ela^d: 

Freileridk Aurtia Feltowes^^ 
WiUtam mifhiri Ftoe^ 

When a strai^e <tog ap- 
IsxMdMs, how do you know 
trtwter lAe's a frlMd or 
lie? Tl> HbS out. im sMst 
IMetyret Ur «bbdytalk,''ac- 
oordi« to the June issue d 
Ran^r Rick's Mture Ma^- 
siac tn ^Mra. 

If, tor instuce, a dog 
eouM 9 wiOk ani^n-moidh 
'teitte*"her Mrs at rest and 
her tan wavta« hi^-shc is 
'teytag* to boi^ iw^t^i 
Tou eaa ^me closer. 
TH!^|v^ tois ^uatton, t^»- 
ib a ^itae says> tfUrw 
AmU wtfk siow^, toft tM- 
ly, uH vwUtm^iim 

4or lot iMi m^Mm» 

the filiU:*.,!!^ hsve th^i 


The dog ^t growls, with 
lips curled, eara forward, and 
ne^ lalry stondlag upr^tt, 
^MrfMsly proHitts oMiro tdi 
fntlem, tte R^ioaal Wild- 
life F«ton#w pobllau^ 
for jmn^giftefs (MMerves. 
"nat (k^ may be bluffii^, aa^, 
toe child is advlsad to walk 
tiowly, talfctog qtfetly aKl 
im^ an ^pr«i her. Whm 
h«| taU §a^4emt^mmB 
^jl^s mi Ae backs off, 
tt^itoaift to mtt l^r. 

tlM if the ^ Is not 

"fMd very stiU and watch 
her 0^<^^aHmt<iSfm^* 
qre," Ran^ ki^^vit••.^ 

"Don't shotrt, store at ter 
or wave your arms abi^. 
JiM ke^ your agna Ml mm 
knee ready to (tMHMl your- 

The A)g may ^ bored and 
wUk awafr HP^ ttivtaVir 
R^ article. If worae ^nbm 
to in}rit,toy«Mr,ladttedog 
^eks. to^yta^er rto^ 
try to tax^ He* wm oul d 
Mr ^ Im^g ter to the 

With a JmMtl^ (rf "body 
talk" aad %mm tadi, Raft- 
er Rick Ma«I^H,teMNto 
na be a^Mt Md dUftw 
"iW make more frtw^ltei 

^MlM;* to ^ AMm 


tappea for /. . 
honor society 

ne Ptoia Jwtor H^ 
School Tnf^a Ch^er of 
the NatlOBil Juntof fksmr 
Society held its second in> 
ductloi ceremony to the 
schml AuditorlnmonMaygO, 
1977, at 7:30 p.m. Members 
of tM toci^y were select- 
ed by toe school Jbculty on 
thi; iMsU M sCMarsUp. 
cttixenshq^ l^ership, ser- 
vice, aad character. 

M.J.H.S members who 
p^lgirmed the inductibn 
ceremony were : Elemi 
Brooks, presi^it; VicU 
Scheer, vice-president; C|i- 
toy Be^r, secntary; I^idd 
Cdml^, trMsurer; KimSpl- 
nella, sergeant - at -arms; 
Virginia Baker, member. 

A rec^litioB for toe mem- 
bers and their guests was 
held to tte sctool commons 
foltowing toe ceramony. 

The tollowiiq: students 
wero imtacted Into toe Tro- 
jan Chapter: Kioto grade- 
Jackie BttUer, Michelle 
Ctapa, Stnan Creuhaw, 
Barbara FUh, Becky Gi^- 
sley, Esther Hamberry, Kel- 
ly Hanley, Sandra H«isley, 

&ms, Laura Van 
Lee Aime Wilson; 

jienry Jackson, Jenny Jes^ 
ter, Denise Ktog, Todd iMti 
Un, Kathy Lokie, Sharon Mel 
Gourty, Sherri Meeks, DI* 
ana Milinaazo, Melvin Rose, ^ 
Duane Rosenberg, AmySM-^ 
ton. liorrie Simpson, Pa - 
trida Smlto, I^ula ^ruiU« 
Teresa Stephens, Steve t 
Home, I 
Eigbto a 
grade— Nancy Aiexai^r, | 
Jon BMCtem, D^D^b But- I 
ler, Ma;rr Causey, l6rithDe- | 
Loaf, l^^ood Earlewine, | 
J<Ab Gerttiras, Kay Gray, | 
Paulette Hayes. Susm Kto- | 
ser, G«oi!ge lWe> Sheryl » 
Lemmerman, Kar<m0'Lea- 1 
ry, Lori Schaarschmidt, | 
Nelto Sermmto, Cy^hto 
smlto, Lisa Tucker, Chris 

WUsoB; SevNrth grade 

DavM Adams, Lisa Brooks^ 
Eric Brovm, Maria Castel^ 
lano, Veronica Culbierson* 
Dawn Craig, JauniUHiQinfl, 
IiyHd LoMe, JantoetiOwr- 
ery, James Nyswaaer,; 
Maj^r^ Padiila, Rorey!^ 
Pritctard, Pamela Shesler,^! 
LoueUa Tolentino, Helen ^ 

Woods. X 


awards given 

An iirards banquet for 
members at toe Lymihaven 
Ju^r High school band was 
held in tbe school cafeteria 
recently and stadento were 
recogitfzed tor special 
achlevemoito during toe 

Ninto grader Lbn Walker, 
Lynnhavot's (tanim major. 
was voted Outfttanding Band 
Member by his fellow band 
owmbers. Walker, who idays 
boto flute add trombone, was 
selected for regional abend, 
all-city orchestra and per- 
formed to toe solo and en- 
semUe program, as well 
as playii^ to toe Lynnhaven 
h|d, orchestra ^^^ 

Y' ■'"^-■' "^t^ 

Studeoto receiving certi- 
ficates and medals tor par- 
Idpatiott to the regiimal 
bud tocloded: Lon Walker, 
Lisa Campbell, Kara) Sul- 
livan, Betsy Ctoite, IHivld 
ChapumA, Eric Marshall, 
Fred Mets, Prevto Garrett, 
John Bonds, Carl Trost, 
Scott Wilson, Jeff Bump, 
Scott Royal, JuUe Donovan, 
aad Kristf Smlto. 

Students receiving medbtls 
for achievement to toe solo 
and msemble ^t^gramto- 
duded : Betsy Claik,Kar^ 
Sullivan, Lon Walker, Scott 


Wilswi, Carl Trostv Scott*/ 
Royal, Robto Cower, Ell«-^ 
ree Stqibens, Krlsti Smith, ^ 
Julie Dmioran, Marlene/ 
Comjpftoa, David Hetoe, Paul i 
Hutehins, Laura Moore, Ri»^ 
FalkMT, DtyiA Chapimt^.Y 
Ltoda Qlto, Robert Leipold>' 
Alan Thiem, Robert Carr, 
Joel Hodge, BartMra Meye4 
Jane Stetobeig, Cheryl Rui^ 
kle, Billy Aucoto, Frank |l 
Weber, Jon knaus, Joe Sou- t 
then, Eric Marahall, Sherry 1 
FaUmer, Chris Riendeau, § 
Cindy Brittffli, Cinfy Brew 
ington, and Jdm Bonds. 

Students receiving pins as 
outstanding band members, 
» - Cindy 

, — . Carr, Dove 

HeidlA«s^rt«ritots, Joe 
Soutoertt, l£^^ei6r; grade 
8 — Joha |toqds,^^vidCha- 
punofl, Joha Q^fg, Jane 
Steiaberg, Ellaree Steidiens, 
Jeaaae Sullivan; grade T — - 
Jeff Bump, David Hetoe, Erie 
Marshall. J 

Students roceivii^storsi^ 
lieu of a second outstanding,^ 
band member award in 
eluded: grade 9 
Qxver, l^ierry F 
Krii^ Smito, Karen 
van, Carl Trost, Lon Walker^ 
Seott inison; grades - Us^^ 
Campbell, BeUy Clarke, Ron^ 
Falkner, and Paul Hutehins;: ^ 


nit^ ADAMS ^o 

TV and Radio ^ 
Stlee and Service 

308 UMdon Bridge Shopping Cmt«r^ | 
Sales 340—0551 Service'i 




"Bmm felt Ux th# bMt buy' 

228 UiidonBrM%t 
Shopping ,Cfnttr 



Striii^d terry hooded 
cover-t^) wpi zip 
front, pockets, and 
rope to b^ 90% 
arnei 10% nyfon. 
Red arid wf^e. 
Sizes Sm. - XL. 




------ - '*-' 


rgJai* Batch Sm, Jm» l^ Wl - A-7 

of thp Waa^ 

Fabric Barn 


WM. F, "WIHIe" 




Ufo^ Health • Auto« Boat 

2260 Va. B«ach Blvd. 340-8060 

Graduation day 

without flowars Is 

HkB a day vrttiwut 


Phono 340-4422 

300 London Bridgo Cantor 
¥lrglnlaBoach, Va. 23454 


High on fashion 
low on prices 





IMl LMdn Bridf* Rd. 

ForiiMriy Landry's Egg Farm 
Dlstrlbutcy of Joy Dog Food 

BMttS: Mob. Ifcni Sat. I to I Sob. 10 to 6 


Kiti^'tC^Flakts IS 01. 
frmLbm 15 OS. 




Ruth DeLong displays a perky print 

Frosh country aggs A faad 

Ched^ our backroom for special 


2124-C Virginia Beacli Blvd. 


340-9591 340-3981 
Fresli OciHmi#lsh - Dressed FREE 


Compiete Line of Seafood 
RetaS -^holesate 

SaTAilv Ttar. n to I 
Fri. u^ Stt 10 to 7 
Member Better ftisliiess Evrcau 

"^ Jj^^ wi^liin beUeve 
whatth^'re doing with man 
made fibers" says Ruth and 
Ed De Long owners of the 
Lond(m Kldge Fabric Bam. 

"We recently attended a 
showing in New York of all 
the new foil fabrics and they 
are really beautiful, "Wool 
and polyester combinations, 
cotton blfflds with polyester, 
stretch gabardines and even 
a fabric which has 3% mink 
hair In it." 

^ince ac^f]^' 18^ shop 
the De Loi^s have stocked 
it with many kinds of polyes- 
ter double taiits. they've loca- 
ted sources which manufiic- 
tnre fabrics for such well 
known clothing makers as 
Jonathan Logan, Catalina 
Leslie Fay, Personal, Alex 
C(rfeman and Koret of Cali- 
fornia ami have been- buyii^ 
the same fobrics used by 
these manufacturers. 


London Bridge 
Hardware, inc. 

244 London Bridg* Shoppkig CmiIw 


HTH PpoTChemicate 
Qranuiar - Tablets 

Socidt • StabHiEer 

Mrs. De Long said they 
ordered quite a few (rf the 
new fabrics for foil to re- 
place the spring and sum- 
mer fabrics which are diS- 
^Vearlng fost from the shel- 
ves. Sbe saijs the polyester 
linen look and seersucker are 
partlcidar favorites this 

Ruth is no stranger to sew- 
ing ant fobrie. She has been 
sewing tor her fomUy of five 
fbr many years and has (tone 
well enough that her fomily 
was chos«i as best dressed 
in Virginia Bach's Easter 
parades for two successive 

"I've always wanted to own 
a fobrie 8h(q>" she says, 
"wten Uiis one became avail- 
able, . we jumped at the 

"We wairt our customers 
to be the best dressed at 
the beach" said Ruth.. ."and 
there's no reason they can't. 
We've got the fabrics and 
even names of dressmakers 
for those that don't sew." 

WIk»i asked how the petro- 
leum shortage will affect pri- 
ces of the man made fabrics, 
De L<H« indicated that thus 
far fliey had been able to 
retain the low prices but that 
miUs are announcing new cost 
increases almost dally and it 
will surely affect retail pri- 
ces in the nrar future. 

The Ftiiric Bam sees a lot 
of the beach tourists too. 
Tl^ oitoi find their way to 
LMMtoo Bri<%e shewing c^- 
ter iBd ire amazed at the 
dUtomce in prices from 
those In the northern cit^. 

All You Can Eat. . 

Stsamed slvlmp ^S^s 

^totsmisalad pmp*non\ 
Bar DHnks • 75$ 

The flack Room 

"We have some Canadian How do they kiK)w what to 
customers who have been ^y? 
coning to the shopforyears" 
Mrs. De Long said. 

Ruth anl Ed have been 
residents of the beach for 
sixteen years having come 
here when Ed was on active 
duty in the Navy. They met 
in Heidelberg, Germany, 
where Ruth was an admir- 
al's secretary and Ed was in 
the same office. That was 
over 23 years ago and al- 
though they've lived all over 
the world, they both agree 
that Virginia B^ch is theii; 
spcrt and they plan on re- 
tiring here. Ed is currently 
employed by a computer soft- 
ware company but helps with 
the shop evenings and week- 

The De Longs said that at 
the New York Fall fashion 
shows the new look in wo- 
men's clothing seemed to be 
the "soft look" with lots of 
layers of soft fabrics polyes- 
ters and wools, velveteen and 
soft plaids. In general, wo- 
men will look more feminine 
than ever in these new com- 
fortable outfits. Men's vel- 
veteen suits were also much 
in evidence in New York, 
the De Longs said. "We've 
laid in a good supply of vel- 
veteen before the price hikes" 
saidM rstpe Loi^^^ well 

Our ^ipstomers at the lower 



Higt) fashion fabrics at low prices 


Marilyn J. Wobor, Editor 

TomSlngco, AdvtH/^r. 

Va. Beach's best^dressed 
start with us! 

Our line of m% pdyesin- dtMUA^t 

fo dw sfort fmr aHy smaH wardroto- 

Ugfcest quaUty New York fobrics at low, 

^tov prices-Owrc's always sonM^ on 



Ya. Beach S40-S070 

"We Just buy one bolt of 
everything we think will be 
foshioittble. We don't like to 
Imy too much of any <me 
fobrie since we don't want our 
customers to meet one an- 
other in the same fabrics. 
Virginfo Beach ladies are 
very fashion conscious" Mrs. 
De Long told us "and we 
want to ke^ our shop the 
most foshionable at the 

The Fabric Bam has one 
other employee, Jackie 
Doughtie, who has been with 
the shop since it opend. 

"Jackie has a regular fol- 
lowing of customers" said 
Mrs. De Long, "she's a real 
crackerjack at this fabrJ 
tHisiness and knows just how 
to fit the ladies with the pro- 
per fabrics. It's very diffi- 
cult to find this kind of gal 
today and we feel very lucky 
to have her." 

From the looks of the fab- 
rics in the shop and the spec- 
ial attention given to cus- 
tomers, it looks as if the L(Ni- 
don Bridge Fabric Bam lives 
up to its mottQrrtat "irtrginla 
Beach's best dressed ladies 
start with us." 





2256 Va. Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beacli, Va. 23454 

PHONE S40-0740 

Res. 481-4719 


No matter what make, model or year machine you 
have, we can usually make it work as well as some- 
Uiing you'd buy new. So for npilrs or preventive 
maintenance of your sewing machine or vacuum cleaner, 
come by and introduce us to your old friend. 

• Faotorf t^ed^teehniclaiis - -^ '^ ^ 

•Experts repairs and. maintenance of^aH 
makes and models sewing machines 
and vacuum cleaners. 


356 London Bridge Sboppiw Center 
Phone 4M-2111 Open 9-S Daily 

JConmpun ^f 

216 London Bridge 
Sliopping Center 
10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mon. tliru Sat 

The ooe st<9 shop for all 
your creative stitchery needs. 
We feature needle point, crewel, 
latd hooking, MocMi^, pillow 
making, qtecial desiglng, framing 
had BiBch more!! 

i^ Red Star Sale 20% off 



208 London Bridge Stiopping Center 


•Under new managment 

•Specializing in fine luncheons 
& dlnriers- 

For pizza to go call 340-9526 
Hours: 1 1 a.m. to 1 a^. 





116 London Bridga Sttopping Center 
VhrglNa BmkMi, Vlri^ 


We wM gi^ you a free eatlmate of 
iMrt^ vtfue on yoor preaont home. 


jjrr i ! ■--■-- """'^ "•— ' 

Specialzing in unique and finely crafted 
handwrr-ught Jewelrv Creations. We also 
carry chains, goW items, scrimshaw, Indlafi 
Jewelry and much more. Now featur»ig 
beautiful pencil > ' . »gs by Clark Ashton, 

Come in and \ock mtmiA 




, - I , . » J I f i ■- r 1 ■ ■ — * I ^ I r 

for TIRE I 








'Buy vin&i confidence The Tire King Way* 

B. F. Q(K>DRK^ 40,060 MK.E 

■MiyMlpHiti^ liPI sp to 





Mnon'i MMO M>l 




Hmitor Pr^cMon 

























llWMMM j^^l 

*t a 



■■nium...4hr 175 
•miU«/«..4iH lOw 
Nmi« «/« . . 4ih 185 
■niM «/« . . 4 to 1 90 

mUU W/W . . 4 hr 1 90 

nmrii «/« . . 4 iw 195 

Omtl VU Il/w4 Ik 200 
jniilS »/« . . 4 hr 220 



^ RADiAlS 












HwNpw MM •" W- Mf IW wV^ 

Miwfaf 5 Him 4iir^210 



ISSxlt^ B/V 



'MM' ins 



Alipfliiit, tetellatloB 


t4SiiiaZX..... 4fcr*ISS^"14X...... 4«M^^ 

HSsfUll..... 4f»^HIi 211jil4y . 4hr*^S 

%^%%mL . . . ,. |fcr ♦13^ If f«tt« 

IWiilM...... 4lw*22* -"^^-'iR 

viHyoL.,,,., 4(w'22^ 

IISkIM...... 4hr*23B 


2 PIm k Jtj.r. mmmvrmtkxma^ 
B«IM FBBiayi^ 


muA .4 foi %iu 

ME7txl4 4 for |lW 
ff 1x14. r %\m 



1 tor till 

!<• mum 












Srun /porl/ 


r ||(tacl> District clianipiob Kenips¥ilte High plac«4 six 
tmters 00 the 1977 SUN Alf-City Baseball Team, 
pitcher /fi an Milse Sage is the SUN 

*W the Year, 

a southpaw, who hadn't pitched high school ball 
this year, ran up an 8-0 record during the regular 
t>n, and held opponents to a stingy 0.6 earned runs 
t>er. game. He also pitched a no-hitter eirly ia the season 
Ua^t I<mM«ii River. 

' IwMt «ol pitching, be resumed his usual chores as a 
hrAt baseman. At the piste, U^, a senior, bit .419 with 
four home runs and 22 runs batted in. 
! 'i^so selected on the t«ffl (voted on by the six Beach 

tlct coaches) were catcher Mark Creekmore^Kemps- 
tirst buteman Mike Liq^ of Cox, secoi^ basemeo 
Ttta of Kempsvllle aiMi Dave Meadows of First Colo* 
iAiijk (tie), siportstops Del Moody of KempsviUe and Paul 
Tyner of Bayside (tie), third basemaii Tom Reap of Kemps- 
viUe and OMtflelders Alloe Wtwd tfl Kempsvllle, Tommy 
riarrell of Kellam and Jimmy DUfardo of Princess Anne. The 
. pitchers are Sage and Jimmy Howerin of Princess Anne. 
Th£ designated hitter is David Cunnli^ham (A Prbicess 
A^. ;■ 

^;{«d Sage, as a novice to the high school pitching ranks, 
^1^ to have $uch a good year on the mound? 

"No way/'.kc said, siwrtly alter pitching five shutout 
Innings inKettpsvlUe's Eastern Region championship victory 
over ChA^and. "I didn't even know at the beginning 
of tte secsofe if Td be filtchi]«." 

Barlow di^s he knew all along that Sage would be a 
wini^r. "I knew I iras going to pitch him," he said, "I'd 
alr^y made upmy mind. I didn't know he'd be this good, 
bat. he's ;S|u^ a |^ athlete I knew he could handle it." 

Ftest Umm ^^^ Lui^ of Cox has not committed 
an- entir la ti^ seasons for the Falcons. The senior also 
bitted. J07. . 

'^tiuj Tata of Kempsvllle, and I^ve Meadows of First 
i^itfal tied at second base. T|ta batted .420 for the 
ClgM^, as fell as driving in 13 runs. Meadows hit .333 
pWi ^Um home runs ami 17 rbi's. Both are seniors. 

'fUrd baseman Tom Reap of KempsviUe batted .421 
this^ seasw, and contributed 20 rbi's to the Chief cause 
4jH^te b^ disabled for a coiq>le games with a broken 

\ • <^telder Alton Wopd of Kempsvllle batted .327 with 

' ^^rinlng'him in the ftrden is Tommy HarreU of Kellam, 
4il^t>atted .315 Witt 12 rbi's. 

-mittt#tid^ Utier David Cunningham of Princess Anne, 
a: ^&oi, ins 22 for 44 at the plate, giving him a rdsust 
ifW urenge. 

, .^ -^„.. „ posHlon. Hoody hitfera 

.IM^^«itorBfe,Jilld ttd^fiiM's. Tyner batted .380 with it 
rtii's that Mctetsd lovr home raos. 

Mike Sage-Sun 
Player of the Year 

/leTlOA B 

Section B Page 1 




(SUN ^oto by Bido iiiarman) 

Mike Sage shows winning form against Churchland 

Tony Tata 

Paul Tyner 

Alton Wood 

fe^w words about those not on the team 


* AU - dity. tatns are Bice 
'ixr look ai %sA discuss, bat 
a«re are almys athletes 
|M off whose staUsUcs 
VMld indicate perfc»*mance 
Worthy (A recognition. 

One pn^lem is the fact 
that the ^oatdKswtK) vote for 
the iteytf s (absteinhig firom 
MMliig lor thidr «wn boys), 
only see the players they 
are v<Aing for about two 
times. A .500 hitter could 
go hiUMs in those two en- 
counters and lose a crucial 

sfM. Players with sub-par 
seasons got votes on the 
strength oi a good game at 
the right tfine. 

Another problem is that 
some ofthebest athletes play 
more than one posltiM, and 
while his overaUplaymaybe 
stqwrior, there are better 

performers at any of the 
given positions. However, 
his value to the team is over- 

Take for instance, Matt 
Sinnen of Kellam. The 
Kn^M's number one pitcher, 
he compiled a 6-5 record for 
the season. When not pitch- 

ing, he played catcher. He 
iMtted .360, striking only 
twtee. He even played out- 
field enough to get an All- 
City vote there, (tee coach 
gave him a vote as a DH 
because he felt he mrrent- 
ed a vote somewhere. 
Timmy Sayers (A First 

Colonial^ an outfielder, bat- 
ted .416, had 22 rbi's, scored 
19 runs, stole 15 bases and 
committed no errors and was 
left off the team. 

Donnie Jones of Bayside 
also suffered from tiw dual- 
position lack of recognlUon. 
A natural catcher, he was 

pressed into pltchii« for 
the Marlins because they had 
no one else. Nevertheless, 
he enjoyed a fine season and 
was invaluable to Bayside. 
Paul Townsend of Prin- 
cess Anne, was an All-City 
selection last year, and al- 
ttough he batted over .400 

he went hiUess in four dis- 
trict games, and coaches are 
not likely to vote for a play- 
er who doesn't get at least 
one safety in a game. 

Of course, even this 
article is leaving out some 
deserving individuals, tnit 
what can you do? 


empsvllle wins Eastern Region 


SUN ^ptitU tmor 

'^ the tine r^ional conpetion in a^ hi^ school sport 
roHi at^oid, it Is finerftfly «lipected tliU ^^ level of 
^ttpAiMe is ewn MMgh to insure t^ht chests, and the 
^ttenttat beMtits te ^%Itmtnaries (A wb st^ (riay- 
Sba. ' 

But KempsvUle High's Beach District chaapioB tese- 
ImII team so liomliuted its two Castcn Ri%imi (vi^M»ts 
ait 'week, thatooe has to wonder if pertaps the CUeta are 
>n a class by themselves. 

KempsviUe, whose 9-ldistrlctareconi|r(^Uedtbenlnto 
he first round of the regiOBal, score! !iii%u In tt#t«ro 
-imps- 16 in their first- round eociM^^ with Au^m 
hampion Granby, and 16 in the Eastern Region 
qampionship game against Soutbeastev n«U-let wiufr 

The cumulative score for the oppcMltte Ms fourtt^ 
■^ fhroe re^ectively), but had aiytUc MMr than a 
een on the line, several ^*^^^ runs would 
roDipiy not have scored. 

f» the last Friday's game against ChurcUa^. tl» Chiefs 

scoi^ four runs in each of the first four innings, breaking 
the trend in the fifth when coach Ray Barlow cleared his 
bench, benevi^^^ allowing his si^titutes an of^rtunity 
to play in a reg|iiMi;chgmpionship victory. 

LMdli% the ighas^^Mship sisaul^iras outfielder Tommy 
^^leelmaa, wto b^kn his performance l^ driving home 
Tmf Tata is ^ first inning, and the* went on to collect 
three more rti's. 

Piteter Mike Sage won his tenth game without a defeat, 
burling five iulngs of scoreless NiU. 

**We are wry adequate everywhere," said Barlow after 
the eontert, poMlbly understatii^ the talent on the team 
which has timjA^ a 20-2 reconl thus far in tte seasM. 

The ni^ may be closer on tlw state level, but Bar-' 
low (tottn't rwe tJ» jvent lack of close contests. "There 
is M way we:il get complacent, " he e^lained, "those 
Udto try to gp* ~ ^it every time ttey come v^ ttkmatter 

But he qpl^p fl^M^ out ^t ttey won the state clam- 
piottship two yttrs ago by a 16«5 margin. 

StewW they g^ pist J. R. fucker of tlw C«rtral R^i<», 
(last night at Met Pajrk), htetery wUl haveaiteMte 
repeat itself on Friday, the day of the state championship. 

Ray Bartow examines 

the champtonshp trophy 



1 lir ■ 

: »^«i>4i #>k iiP^ sr jmt « fr. 


. »'i-IUi 

laiesi Kii« lUi««Ui» 

ftomorrow {Tkiifsdv. •'km 

il boylng makes its detwl 

4 Beach's own BoHy Acey, 

)-2 record as an aHMteur. 

lua ui ai professioaal natdli agalast 

4t of Winstoa-Salem. N. C. , at Ut pouds. 

■s of twxiac will take pUce at 
. CiH£ CaMtr (Dome), and is the first 
■ alniott mbnthty boots. 

. has not fought protessioMiIly 
1 toaftt as an amateur in t«o fears, 

'-"jmt kaockoet owr JaflMs Tnmer 

't worried afaoat the layoff. "I think Vm lii 
lie said "I used to train myself, bit I have 
All -Navy champion and world 
iiwirt.%vr} iraimng me now, and he's Qie tiest. 

»'s wortlBg me real hard. I'm qmrri^j sii thxee- 
e itumdi a day (Thursday's flicht is 

iJSes * d!»y ' 

iook^ forward to i 

■ ■- dilMrwaft thai amateu. ^. ... .. 

vnateur boiinc, the aggressor usually wine 
in pro ooxug, you need effective blows and have to p«C( 
yovrself more." 

His style is ac. ■.'ht.fiT.rfiwi lAxer. • I'm no> 

a boxer," h« said forthrigtttl igger. Idont 

have much style, but what I uu iiavc is inside. I have to 
stey inside to score effoctively." 

Stephenson is 33-0 as a pro, witb 31 kKMi^^. 

St of the c. 

f Acey 

uoaua bpeuiuait (Kidunond) v«. BlUy Howard 

^lem); Junior lightweight • Hilbert Stephenson 

iWiMtOB-Salem) vs.. Rondell Stevenson (Greensboro) 175 

" " f'h'irlie Smith (Norfolk) vs. Oscar Pieman (Ports- 

160 ItM. - Keith Broom (Horfolk) vs. Irving 




A. Thursday 2 JUNE 77 




It t NOtlN aMUtMrMiV. N. 

ACMift mmmam$M cmu 4* 




Pick up a copy 
of the SUN 

Gt^ m^ co^MS of tt« Vir^ua 
MKiF SUN «t ttw mmntn m 
6f newsstM^ tocaited fhroyghotft 

OcMR Front 



num mMMiCf-iUhatfe Aw. 

maNMiBni mttmt tm. 

WHHIM nm-MUikFMm. 

Court HouM /U^a 



rABM rBEfll-ltavnffle 

Worfofc*Va> Boach una 

LAKEtnnaf 1 




Patriots, CavaHeFs 
finish golf season 


T'was a rainy day late in 
May, (Tnoitey 2S fo be ex- 
act), whw tbe fiMt romd 
tf theSMe AAA G^ Tour- 
mmmi Mu be^ told at 
the Brandermod C^t^ry 
Cl^ 1» Slc^uMQd, and the 
son i&i w^ i^ne m Vir- 
ginia B^^'s r^resMita- 

Bea^ District schools 
Prin^ss Aue and First Co- 
Icnial were entered in the 
«>npetitioa as teams, i^ 
virtoe of tteir oae-two fk- 
ish in the receot ^«tern 
Regfon toaraaaent. 

Geoife JtecIX^M ot 
Pi4ttcess Aue shcrt a 76 

Witt two other goUers. 

Tl^ tMm sbtndings into 
the final day saw First Co- 
loBbd Just U strokes off 
tte lead, and Pileceis Aime 
in last Witt a score ot 366. 

In the fii^ round 1^ PA, 
Alan King («), and Mac- 
Oonaid (76), were otl^ by 
Devin Salaam's 109 aid Fred 
Fryman's 96. 

Fint (^torial, on tte 
other hand, «as wdl within 
jtrikiog <ttstanM (tftlvil^d- 
>rs, G«»ge Wash^gta, aui 
DanviUe. HOx ^s (10), 
Tommy lia^en (13), I^nl 
llosley (86), alkf BUlf GOte 
(91), were the Patriirt f<wr- 
^Hne tor ttHS tonnMqr. 

One cd Ums main reascms 
for the ^ seor^ on the 

ttrst ^y ms the owrSe tt- 
Mlf. '"n». eoimft fiMrHi 
^rMttdy t^b," said King 
aften^ad9, "the g^ns es- 
fifi^jaf.^nafwt^MQ hard 
the iirrtjdgyattiMeMldD't 
get *af&^ to MM at aU." 

Tte final ctejr was 
differed. PrtM^s 
ODich Leo Aattmi^t^ketii 
, FrjWwn and JS^ukm with 
Traeey Bowl^ arid BiUy 
"S«U" Willinl, giving the 
Cavalien % Unex^ itevirtd 
of s«iiprs and a stnmg look 
for next year. 

As ffl(»t Ql the golfN^ 
were joying fl» back hUw, 
tte rains aune. tfe»deln|^ 
affected tte leadi^ players 
wlio stated later, mum (Sk 
ttM^tXMU <Md WHitoal 
Li^ler of 

At the e£i'^ Mhedided 
{^y , First Ctriosdal was tied 
for thM pi^e wm North- 
side Bigb SeiKinl. The two 
s^otds ^1^ g nMea 
dott MqreS, vitt Rortti - 
si(N winning « tte first 

Piti^a A^ ai«o ^ne 
back Arua tteic Uurt Mu» 
stidM^ of tte day bcfora, witt 
a ttore <tf W;^ an to - 
{Veweffl^ of 19 stratot, to 
finish siM. 

l^DonaU, |ut a soph- 
nwre, finished In a tic for 

IQng led allBea<fli|^- 
«H| on the se«»d ^ with 
a 99 de^dte tvier ttr^ 
V^Bag and ooc^ toMr pot- 

Soccer day camp being offered 
by Beacti Paries and Recreation 

c»^ od hn iittMM tieh^ 
of tM> a^nte mm OM 


proring gpa^ te AiMriau 
keterwvwte, MttaUds 
Imih Mmd aoee» the iny 
tfe^ toiim Mmt ttasdtell 

Bid tadtag ma^eedd 
not he eMtfwd, od Hs. 
tvned tott» 
PiuHte- and Itoerwi^ 0»- 
pnrta^. Once accepted, the 
h^ <rf "pnw " was needed, 
no P A S eoordiaator Jndy 
B^do<dc truned to the soe- 




a JmAn- 

nitfelder and all-stete 

9, aad ^ek SutatA, 

m^ Mbuk ami a tt- 

year paftf^^ait te MMte 

enrnpe li WUloiqKMrt, Pa. 

Fahey and Saaford wUl join 

Ml. Shapkeard bi fonr soc- 

«er camp iwalo—beiinMlng 

Jane n at Thalia. Each ses- 

ston irill last two wedUi 
and will give 10 kitb in ewsh 
ttM (Mm» to learn mn 
teatffMs, poittM ilayaiMi 
awar^m <tf wM MKcer is 
ttM win be lattvttnVied 
wd gemd to Md dUhTs 
Mriltty. Hie agegro^tobe 
teught will be from 7 ot 13, 
Mh born ud girls. 

"Soeonr is a sport all can 
play, and we wiU have each 

(idfai ta tte (h^ eaopfiay- 
li«." inid Uidiwr. ^V*!! 
evw have aosM gnniM. that 
on tte iufiet leap Mt be 

or men mmstr rtils in- 

lie cai^ vtu be b^ 
at ThaUa WwUMa ry, to - 
cated baUad WllUs Wayside 
off VirglaU Be«eh Bonle - 
nrd. The aeeoad sessioa 
sUrts Jnly 6, the third Jnlj 
II and the fonrtfe A<«. L 
Pre-registration will be held 
Weda«iday - Friday, Jan* 
I'l. itf ^itorin mm tm 

Mam. to9p.m.Mk4i^ 
Tlwre is no Im hwrttidf 
tvnm, M^ puttetpflit 
vfil %e n^^^ to pmiam 
«d«gw«i mA m^mmm 
aaecw *y ttmp T-Airt 


•I go 4U^^^ ir 



II p mimw^^^^^^n^^^^^^mmmm 

So Doreen can 

Vliftalft Bm^ Sitt, 3mt I, im • B-3 


fly aLAiK 


ce means move from Beach 

1 lli^«MVi ,'-) 


SUN ^rts Editor 

>iM Dor««o Clark ;i an Olympic gold mtdal, 

■ IS her goal, her larents, Mr. ami Mrs, J<An A. Clart 
-f Virginia Beach, m&M deserve at least the silver mi 

Doreen, 13, who is loOUgj ahead to tto 1944 Olynipics, 
aod her parens, are i«^^ up their tags anSraovii^ 
to Atlanta the day after VirflBia Beach Junior High, where 
Doreen is a seventt grwler, lets out for the summer. 

The reason is simple. 

The pfssion of Doreen' s life is figure skatii^, and there 
are no local facmtiwtor her to train on. ■** 

Oh, she travels hither tod yon in s^r<A of a ^tch of 
ice suitable for *er to praettee her cht^en fport <»» but 
to become a world-class skaler requires twrs of dally 
practice not fojiiWe teVtogiiii Beacb. 

When she arriws to Mlaiitt, where she wUl aftwdthe 
Fassi, Hesot, Titian Sdwol of Ice atating, tl» dreary 
saga of traveUi« to distant rinks to pracUg| will come 








to an end. Weedewis have been spent in Richmond, where 
skating is a riwaity, and last s«mmer, Doreen trained in 
Fafpax for eight weeks, lo^ng from 10 to 14 hours on the 
ice each day. 

A new sa^ awaits her however, as the grueling pace 
s^ ia Faii^ tiill b«i maii^Btted this summer in Atlanta. 
No siai and swimming for Doreeo. 

Wbra school begins in the fall, she will skate for at lefast 
an' iMEMT before classes in the morning, and as soon as 
the afternoon bell rii«s, it's off to the rink again for three 
t(^ fisur more hours oi skating. Then home to supper, home- 
w(»t and early to bed. 

Some nay say moving to a different state Just so a dau^- 
ter ( die is an only child) can practice skating is some- 
what drastic, iMit the Clarks hardly hesitated. 

Mrs, Ctart eqtlained, "We've always felt that if this 
is wtet she r^lly wants, th«i we should givie her the op- 
portuidty to do it. If it means going to Atlanta, then we go 

There is no price the Claits won't pay. 

J(rim Clark, with one year left in the Navy, will not be 
able to be with his family for some time. "There aren't 
ai^ bases in Atlaitta,*' he said, "so I'll finish my service 
duty in Alaiama." 

The Clarks discuss their upcoming move 

And leaving Virginia Beach won't be easy. "We'll regret 
leaving the Beach," said Mrs. Clark, "but it just doesn't 
have what Doreen needs. "But AtUirta is a beautiful city 
aod we're looking forward to it." 

To Insure that Doreen knows what she is getting into, 
that she fiiUy comprehends the discipline nec^sary to 
become an Olympic medalist, her mother took her to the 
National F^re SaXke^ Championships in Connecticut last 
February. "(» we like to watch them skate," said Mrs. 
Clark, "birt I wanted to let her see how demanding a sport 
it is, and to see if she really wants to dedicate herself 
to it." 

It was in Connecticut that the Clarks met Carlo Fassi, the 
skating instnietor who tat^t Olympic gold medalists Doro- 
thy Hammill, Peggy Flemming and John Curry. 

It didn't take long to arrange six private lessrais in At- 
lanta at the school Doreen will be studying at, w^ris 
owned in part by Fassi. "Lessons were at 6 a.m.," said 
Mrs. Clark, "and you don't keep Mr. Fassi waiting." 

Fassi, who is generally based in Denver, remained 
non-committal about Doreen's future. "He told us thatabil- 

ity is not enough," said Mrs. Clark, "there has 
burning desire, sacrifice and hard work." 

World class skaters usually begin serious training 
an early age. "Doreen is a littie behind at 13," said her 

"Peggy Fleming started at 13," Doreen quickly pointed 

P^gy Fleming is Doreen's idol and source of inspira- 
tion. When Doreen was four, she watched Ms. Fleming win 
the Olympic gold medal in figure skating, and has been 
captivated by her ever since. "I don't think anyone will 
ever tap her," said the young fan, "not even Dorothy 

When she was five, Doreen saw Ms. Fleming perform 
in the Ice Follies in Washington, D.C., and had to be re- 
strained from dashing outon the ice screaming. 

But it wasn't until she was six that she actually tried 
on ice skates. 

Carto Fassi with Doreen in Atlanta 

"It was in Rhode Island during our vacation," recalled 
Clark, "that Doreen first tried to skate. We gave 
her some private lessons, and she really took a beatug. 
She had black and blue marks on her you wouldn't be- 

"But she stuck it out. Her teacher said that what she 
lacks in ability, she'll make up for in determination." 

A member of the Tidewater Figure Skating Club as 
well as Uie United States Figure Skating Association, Doreen 
has seen the last of inadequate facilities. As a TFSC mem- 
ber, she was forced to travel whenever she was com- 
pelled to practice, but not now, thanks to her parents' de- 
votion and generousity, she can devote herself wholly to her 
Olympic dream. 

Lam siudent& 

|)9iif»^«fi 1 


Lynnhaven Jr. 
Sports Banquet 



. 1, 



Vent, vedi, almost vici. 

The Latin grammar Isas- 
surdly off. but Cox High 
School came, saw and al- 
most conquered in the third 
amtml Virginia Invitational 
(Hympics heM at Manor High 
in Portsmouth last we^. 

The Olympics are staged 
for Latin students in Tide- 
water, and are fashioned af- 
ter the ancient games in 
Greece, circa 776 B.C. 

Somehow the discus of 
4ays gone by has been alter- 
ed into the plastic Frisbee, 
ami surely the athletes of 
the <Ustant past did not i»r- 
ticjipate in the pogo stick 
race, but the chariots were 
nevertheless present, and 
wten the "Pontifex Max - 
imus," (the high priest of 
the Roman state, portrayed 
by Teri Owoes of Baysid9 
High) read the l>enedtotion 
aii0 r^c^ificied a "holy 
l^keo'!^ Jui^ter, king of 
the RoD&ngods and goddess- 
es had been invoked to watch 
over the games and they ted 
indeed begun. 

Participating intbeOlym- 
piesi««re Bayside High, 
Btyme Jiudor High, Cok 
High, Indepew^ce Juntor 
High, Plaza Juntor Hi^, 
ma» R^, Norview High, 
am Waten Jidiior High. 

Cox, Witt! a first in the 
tug-of-war competition 
came in second to the host 
school Manor. BaysMe was 

The Emperor of the Games 
was Professor Stuart Wheel- 

er from the University of 

Winning the award for best 
Chariot, was Bayside. The 
Bayside chariot also won the 
chariot race. Watch out Ben- 


Lynnhaven Junior High 
will hold its Spring. Sports 
Banquet on June 2 at 4:30 


p.m. in the school cafeteria. 
All parents are welcome to 

Home Improvement 

Carpeou y, rooftiy, sidii«, room additions, storm win- 
dows and doors, friastering, electric, concrete work, 
plun.'v. puttering, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, 
br; ;• - block work, aluminum siding, firqdaces, 
caipc'. ^ and paintii«. Serving all Tidewater. 

For Free Estimate Call 

Horm Improvement Co. 
^ of Virginia 

Witt laurel wreaOis aidonOng their heads, 
Eddie Filipowski, Teri Owens and Linda 
Hughes of Bayside pose for a picture. 
Eddie and Teri helpwl Mid the chariot 

Judged best in deeorattoo and design, and 
Lioda drove the chariot to a win in the 
chariot race. 

Katty Comirt of Cox (far left) ^an't really r^temble 
aa ancient GreA Olympian, but Ae did pogo-stiek her way 
dow the track. 



I^tecial This Week On 

Storm Windows and Doors 


Amiags of all types 



Call Anytime 547-3930 or 3533 

CoU ntse Men For Persooal Service 

BILL JOLLEY 588-0232 

DON CRANK 547-5580 

HOWARD KMG^AND 484-6033 


Plumbing Repairs 1 

HtM* TWMii , IWai^iii IttI Paleoos earn* la stMsd 
in ttiis event, aM secMd in the ever-all eoapMtloo. 






cal 421-3427 

C.O.D. Service Charp 111.50. Time starts A m& ia 
your driveiny. 


PKifnlixng & Heating Co 



^ 4 







Critff, a senior BromVir- 

\■■'^io'^^-nllvnf Aj^.'i'ii and tlw 
1 Tro* 
piiy as [n« mosi uutstawl- 
inf basetMll player. 



Try a 

Hov mm aw yM fM toMpHMiiiJte trai? 

Rat nry. M tf JM M» lAnotaf* tf Ow Vl^lala 
Mnek All Fn^t <MKr fw MB. 

All jm Um to do Is taw SMntOit^ foa wuit togiv* 
•wf . LUm a liiRy. (h- a UttM. Ofr t town. Or uy- 

V«'n na ]FM Frsi^M ^ t» frM ud «!} yi* te» to 
te is oU M 1^ ^ ^vc jnw ilMB aMy tad toU ■* 
to «k9 rH^tg tttt Fra^w* ^ 

G«t MfteMaf frM amr. €U1 ]Wff Prm^m ad to O* 


rjAbtos 1^ Blalr^ ftai»iia^ 

"Vl'rt ranlMr Om>- steat tb« Btyside Hl|b softteU 
tMM liter proTlni It to » 4-1 EiAton Rtfloi win ot«i 
Sn^Mtten DUtriet efeanploa Gntt BrMte. Bayclda cm- 
(Aidad th* first smsmi of BmAH softlMtll hifk sebool soft- 
Mi vitt a spoUtss 14-« rMord. Plctertd tr«, trmi row, 
t to S-BtOi FrMMii» DoM* Katte, Tiiik Kdly, AllyMB 

AadtrsM, ^ Jones, mum Goats, Boots Wlitlay, Bin! 
ftffftfl. Back r«v-DI«i* HKrt, Sfiaya tlihm, Norau 
^51^, Bmaditto^ If^ilty, TaHsa ^nisMis. Chtryl 
■iKTrisoa, Coa^ Morag NMter, Uair KUi^wtr aad 

m BhAtR fmmAv 

■ - . -Mi stite 

clumpioDsUi tie Eastoa 

Rtfian ckuDponsatp was t)» endofj 
Una for Btyildt Hlik, but a 4-2 
over Great Bridge tram fiw 
eastoni Dtstrlct culfflinated a 
season tbat saw three firi's 
from Bayskle win &' 3 


Tbe softbe .3 the 

strai^it tor kwjrsiae,,, wuioh 
the first season of softball at Yi. 
B«a«h higtf attools MMiafMitW. C« 
edtylforallfocher, BayfMei . 
ed an aonfssive style <a play 
k«pt. qppoanrts off bafauei 
throoRh the 'ekanptoBsliip iaina. 

The girl's track team, coacbedi 
Pat Griffin, and the Rfrl's t«ims to 
coached by EUeo Parker alio wte I 
titles. The track team also clkiiL 
stoto chasqstoBship, when Harrlatt 
won tte dlMvs title. 

Qoik to abo a toember of the soji- 
baUteam. )> 

ta Ihe sofltwU chunpiowah^ fiaj|, 
Coach Moi^ar had every giti tltotA 
oe ha«i, try to ateal. That strateb 
ma act Mw to Bayaide. ^ 

"Ve dvaya nn," seidooao^NocHl' 
after Oe game. "The least aumliir 
of bases m'ye stolen In a came Is 
18." ^' 

hut year they vUI, as «iU aU tj|B 
Beach schools, have aa MMntmity^ 
nn sQ tbe way to the stotes, aa coaiv. 
petittoi oa that level to«|ipl«Hil^. 
Fa«t-pltdi aoflhall i* otts to n^ 
areas, thus the lack of a tmnhutj^ 
pionship. ' > 

to speait 

City champs 

The Bifida W^ (iri's tenaU toam won thedty chanqiiaa- 
^^ vM aa a 9-1 refalar aeason reemd. They are, front 
row L to B-Grace Clark, Aaa Bneche, LU Kerakaau 
rderte Pharis, llUtoey Vtoea, Jean Madera. Back row- 

Coach Etleo Parker, Amy AraoU, ftaeey J<*astoM, Maa 
Gens, Pegfy Schaefer, Bett Ldn, Lanrie Aaderaoe, Lisa 

'DoUar BlU," BlU BMHileyttat isA 
Hattoaal Baaketball Assod^ton {dayeri 
ior the Ner Yoit Kn|cks, will be tbe 
featured speaker at BoUday laa Soofie 
oa Jane 8 tor theiHk Aa^Sta^Hdfi 
BuiBessaietfs Baaqnet 4nesoied iw 
Old Domiaton Ualverstty. ,^ 

Tbe purpose of the bao^Mt is tp, 
Uentify thoee local tos^aesaes 1%^; 
terested in worktof wlth^Xl lAode^ 
Mektof inctt<^ eqierien<« |b vm 
MsiaeisfieU. .q 

The Alpha XapplPsi Prc^esskHut^ 
Ba^mu Fratersi^ «m «se the pro»^ 
eeeds of Uie bamn^jto ftarta scfe^u-^ 
Aip fiffid tor bosimHi ^ttieats witlts 
«ibi«onUaary MidMiic abiUOM> a 

&»t%, a Pr«^etotf-bi^ Bhodfi^ 
Sckolar, set Ow Ivy League seorii«g 
record with 2,^ pcriaU in ttree Satf> 
SOBS b^re atteattv tw years o() 
gva^hiato school at Qdont iMverslt^ 
to EBtlaad. Afterward to 1967, 1^ 
became a iMDbH- Id thelQifaa. 4 

Donatlaut for toe im Hm^ uio 

US. For tottter iatnhiiat^itaUl 4893d 
M96. tJ 





Mr Mil 


to bvu^ imnkwe^, hr mmi$ fmm. Mr. 
Atoftfc or a ndi^mt »( ^ M^Umi^ Umct 
Awani prtm^w^ by ^ N^et A^cMwn o/ Wr- 
gmHi m t976. 

m^m a^iptfi t itt ,Jmm MmUt Am tmfbM^wf. 



Tta rmt mmm u^ Meet m^ 
to Ms, te tetf ^ tf ^i ^ed 
fcaA. n^ a«, hm nm, t. tol.-^^ 
^ 1^. 1^ nstan, rtta ttm^. 

»% WIlUe DUaeed (tri-captaii. 
, ^ay OMenNod. Kevto Odo«,' Ti 
JtT Mam rtH-captoto), Jay Moaro« 







Virginia Bkach Sua, ^m 1, 1977 - B-S 

Jr. hign records fall in city meet 

^Jiyjirginia Beii«h Junior Higli School CU/ u a«k iiwei 
^■^^J*st TWr$day, Wth tl» tayslde Junior boys Mr- 
WlSWpng PriB4««$ Anot, 43*41, luM the Virginia Beach 
Junior girls coasttag to an easy victory. 

KenAU Tata of KempviUe Jr. »et a city record in the 
flrt'siio, with a time of 2:20.6. 

Three records were set in the boys competition, with 
C«1»^<^P of Princess Anne Jr. clocking a 50.5 In 
tl* ffttjlpit tottb JishUr rtf a 20.6 in the l» tow 
hurtles and Timmy Holloman of Bayslde Jr. recordii^ a 
8.0 In the TO-yart high hurdles. 

The tiv„boys flnisbers were. HIGH JUMP-R<*ert Spran- 

g«ra, 6-0, Lynnhaveo Jr.; Trahadlas (Bayside Jr.); Free- 

gdun (Keni»vIUe Jr.). 70- YARD HIGH HURDLIS-Tlinmy 

jj|onom«n, 9.0. ^yside Jr.; Bullard (PA Jr.); EUiott(VB 

ji.;; 100-1 tiiiiny Holloman, lO.O, Bayside Jr.; Riddici[ (Lynn- 
haven Jr.); Cooper (PA Jr.). SHOT PUT-^te Samonte, 
5t-l, BaysWe Jr.; Coi^en^ (Piatt Jr.); Nlmmo (Bafside 
Jr.), MILE^Howard Wright, 4:4I.», Plaia Jr.i ita?!^ (li- 
de|erte«ce Jr.); MtrshaU (Lyaohaven Jr.). 445-ReIaY- 
Bayside Jr., ttavld Bobst, Keno Knox, Ira Um^, Timmy 
HoUoman, 45.3; Lyhnhaven Jr.; PA Jr. DlSCUS-Calvin Ward, 
14a-l, PA Jr.; Nash (VB Jr.); Jones (Indepemlence 3f.). 
44e-Cal»ln Cwspef, 50;|, PA Jr.; Ilatth*ws {PUu St.); 
jMles (teyslde Jr.). LONG JUMP-Cbris Kennedy. l|-l 174, 
VB Jr.; Lam^(PA Jr.); Thorn (Vfrft). Wo-K«iSiminoBs, 
2:07.6. Piatt Jr.; Kinas (Independence Jr.); J^uisM (Pktt 
Jr.). 180- YARD LOW HURDLES-Henry Lamb, 20.5, PA Jr.; 
Kennedy (VB Jr.); Felton (Lynnhaven Jr.). 2»-Calvin 

€o^>er, 22.9, PA Jr.; Riddick (Lynnhaven); JcMies (Bay- 
side Jr.). MILE BELAY-PlaBa Jr., Rrtbert C(We, ^even 
Fields, Joey Moncritf, Rodney Hattfe^ws, 3:31; Kemps - 
viUe Jr.; PA Jr. POLE VAULT-Brian Hsyes, U-O, Kemps- 
ville Jr.; Jarvis (Kempsville Jr. - 3S; Bqrd (Bayside 
Jr.). TEAM SC^niO -Bayside Jr. -43; PA jr. -42; Plasa 
Jr. -36; LymMvwJr: -35; Kempsville Jr. -29; VB Jr. -25; 
Indepemtence Jr. -14. 

Tte t(q? girls fioi^rs were: LONG JUMP-DelMe Leaks, 
15-8 1/2, VB Jr.; Blow (Kempsville Jr.); Zannetti (Lynn- 
haven Jr.). 80- YARD HURDLES-Debbie Leaks, 11.0, VB. Jr.; 
Joshua (VB Jr.); Stkton (VB Jr,). 100-Linda Joshua. 11.3, 
VB Jr.; Mitchell (Lynnhaven Jr.); Leaks (VB Jr.). DISCUS- 
Aiigela Tanner, 95-5 1/2. Plaza Jr.; Bowman (PA Jr.); Wil- 
sda (Bayside). MILE-Christine Bro(ftman. 5:29.7, Bayside 

Jr.; Kordalski (Lynnhaven Jr.); Pierce (Ihd^Wdence Jr.). 
440 RELAY-VB Jr., Sharcm Saton, Ywimi^Owens, De^&le 
Leaks, Linda Joshua, 50.9; Lynnhavm Jr.; Bayside Jr. 
SHOT PUt-Lori Malbon, 32-9, PA Jr.; Slm<»e (Plaza 
Jr.); t;nim (VB Jr.). 440-Kim EIUs, 60,3, Bayside Jr.; 
Midad««h (Lynnhaven Jr.); Allen (VB ^.). HIGH JUMP- 
Ai«ela Tanner, 4-11, Plaza Jr.; Strickland (Bayside Jr.); 
Joshua (VB Jr.). 880-Kendall Tata, 2:20.6, Kempsville 
Jr.; Stricklaad (Btyside Jr.); Zanetti (Lynnh»v«i Jr.). 
220- Veronica Mitchell, 26.5 , Lynnhaven Jr.; Ellis (Bay - 
sUe Jr.); Owras (VB Jr.). 880-YARD MEDLEY RELAY- 
Kempsville Jr., Athena Rutlec^e, Allison Flowers. Joyce 
Medlin, Kendall Tata; Bayside Jr.; Lynnhaven Jr. TEAM 
SCORING-VB Jr. -52; Bayside Jr. -37; Lynnhaven Jr. - 
36; Plaza Jr. -26; Kempsvilte Jr. -22; Independeace Jr. -9. 

Debbie Leaks wins the low hurdles 


^Physical Fttn 
meet held 

^Ite Vlrgioia Beach City Public Schools held their 19th 
aunuil City Wide Physical Fitness Meet on Thursday, May 
n, 197? at F. W. Cox High School Stadium. 1904 boys 
tod girls in Grades 4-7 from 41 elementary schools com- 
^eii iB I4'''ievents; 7 for each sex. The winners were: 

fth Grute-Lorraloe Holloway-Alantcm (6.7); 5th grade^, 
Mtoada I/. ChUders-Aragcma (6.3); 6tb Grade- Joyce Walton-' 
Ponbrcte (6.1); 7th Grade-Cyntiiia Cason-Williams (6'.3). 

4th Gride-Barbara Laufer - Bayside (9.1); 5tb Grade- 
Rae Abb Dye- Arrowhead (9.1); 6th Grade-Paula Elllson- 
ialibii (9.2); 7th Grade - Kim Mitchell-Creeds (9.1). 

4Qi Grade-Michele Gilmour-Kempsville Meaitows (1:59.4); 
SUi Grtwl6-Jeroleen Matthews-Windsor Oaks (1:48.6); 6th 
Grade-Cindy Fall-Kingston (1:48.3); 7th Grade-Denise T. 
d'CooneB-Keinps Luding (1:45.0). 
4th Grade - Cynthia Miller-Newtown (6'9"); 5th Grade- 
Annette Roglrs-College Pkrk (7'ir) new record; 6th 
Ofetde^VatierU Brown-Alantcm (7'3 1/2"); 7th Grade-Bar- 
bara A.< Kotiine - Pembroke Meadows (7'7 1/4"). 

4th Grade - Elise Perkins - Windsor Oaks (201/2"); 
Ih Grade - Andrea Johnson-Malibu (19"); 6th Grade- 
Snie Allen - Linktorn (23"); 7th Grade - Debbie Tniy- 

I GpMf^Skam U. Herring- Aragaon (198); 5th Grade- 
acf ^rofje-^hmghgood (194); 6th Grade-Kelly Shipp- 
emps UiidiBg (212); 7^ Grade - Lori A. Polaski-Thalia 
314). ''>"-:i^: .' . . 

^ Gride-Steidianie Hothfolf - Thorougi«ood (1:16.5) new 

5th grtde-Cindy Gibson-Shelton Park (1:18.8) new 

6th Grade- Jennifer Vester-Kingston (1.54.9) new 

jrd; 7th Gr0e-Deedee Bailey-College Park (1:40.0) 

Bw record. T 

^ YARD pi^ ( BOYS) 

Hi Grade-f thclM Forbes-Ktag's Grant (6.8); SttGrade- 

M. ISmlth-Cooke (6.3); 6th Grade-Mark Hicks-Old 

f^ (6.1); 7th Grade-Anth<my Olds-Trantwood (6.0). 


Gnde-Xeith Aadnvm-Kempsville (9.2); Sth Grade- 

$tm Jal»o - Windsor Chycs(l,9);6thGrade-DondraNicbols- 

iiUiaq»*<I.6); 7th Grade-R<d> S^soms-Baysitti (8.5). 
h Gr«fe-Jetf AlUgMd-KU^ston (1.51.3); 5th Grade - 
§ac^ ^Ctt'Lyi^avni (1:44.8); 6th Grade-AntlKmyOlds- 
»i% rtt^ (1:82.6);' Tor Grate - John JottSim-Williams 
1S.5). ■ 

IhtM^-GlmB Frazier-Fairfield-tie (7*1"); Tny McCoy- 
%11q^->te{7'l"); mGfiute-U»(MnNaJones-Alaotoa(7'5''); 
Ah Gfwie - Michael Jo»es-Wim»ms^*4 l/t); 7tb Grade- 
itark^^atoi^^ermitage-tit (8' 10"); Frank Andersm-.Col- 

ik Gn^-Urry Cartado-Green Run (22 1/4"); Sth Grade- , 
inA Frtiier- Fairfield (23"); 6th Grade- Joey GeUrdi- 
Ibute (Wy, 'm Gradt-Cra^ Goodman^WilUams (24 1/2"). 


4ai Grw^Mtk J|^(rr^*Lynl^vM (183); 5th grate- 

^ay RMUvy-Thonw^iood (203); 6th Grade-R<^rt 

A%er-WiUiaAs ^18); ^Gnd^-tonOttfovich-Thorm^- 

Mod (Ui). 


m (kaSt-ftm teniivtr.MaUbtt (tt^ Sft Grade-Edward 

fci^.|^^^Titft Ib^tws (37); m Qnde-Ben Camey- 

photos by 

Lui Wong 

" '<-i 

% s:.^r\i, - 'ofwrnm » .j*"^***' ■ if 

Chris Kennedy leaps to victory in long jump 

Timmy Holloman wins 440 relay for Bayside Jr. 

Timmy Holoman Is out In front m f^ hwdles 




cheon or 


B H^ ^ A A A lA A A A H M ^ ^ ^ lA A 4^ ^ ^ iBb* 


En^y the extra touches ot arttetry 
indWng. Join us lor a beautlfiJ lunch 
or (Sfwm wh^e choice cu^ne 
m offered arKi served . . 
quetly. expertly, tovir^. Forttie 
exacting patron of flie art of aping 

Cal fc^ reservations! 

Smorgasbord House; 

Delighfuliy different 
way to dine 



SmorgaslH^rd House 

LitOe O^t Tackt Basin 

m Shore BriveMarma, 

f^rfok, Virgkm 

Phone 583-3311 


mbm thqr OMW. Tk^ are 
shmm to tt^ UMe W tte 
jwalMia aBd flraB; ttn <>■ 
tt'ff ottre^ ^> to Item. ▲ 
eodteil tniWess is avail- 
■Ute iDf ; tk«e «to iriA to 
order trom the ter. A bos 
waiter introdaeesldinself it 
tke taUe ud Is on can. Dl- 
mis najr »t a? tk^ visk 
rtarti^ 1^ ^ nu^ ar- 
ray (A salMis, Mtetons 

iMa JBata eoew fdec^ns. 

ft'c ideal frar a faxty oo 
tke aar "oat" tor te «ves> 
ta«. For th^e dtersttere 
Is 10 fr«stratfi« vatt for 
nttrcMes vor che<^. It's 
also fnU Ira-tko^iAotrisk 
to dike leistteljr and eajoy 


Fofmerlf Gmon Bm km 



AH the Hshyou canmt *3^* ^ 

Sman^r Sp0eM -6 to 9 pjn. 

Aft you can eat steamed shrkrp *5w 

3733 Bommy Romt • 3m>'S447 

Overtookhg the Little Creek Yacht Basin 
patrons dine m a nautical atmosphere 

Sealbod fk Beef ResCocnuiie 





can JJB> 





Loeri^ omed A apoYted by 

SBMifasbord Bouse Is a 
bniid "Ww^^UiNMlftABiit, 
af9tM"rta'^tut aad Ms 
dief Joe Ucola are ftrtran 
novices in restanraitf kos- 

SBorgaMwrd House qiea- 
ed iMSt weitoad wttk r£b- 
boB otftiai kooors pettorm- 
ed br &»p%ssaiao Bill 
md^m^. Tke r^bmraid 
Tffevater, aceonfiiKtobTt 
aad ^a Oirala, aad ao 
wimn , ^Gon^ to^ 
tvo, OB me liad n» aelec- 
.1km ol eyries ud sabds as 
ttera will at auufa^HC 
Bouse. JaaoBt tke (teligUs 
offend OB aa "ill yoi can 
eat" t«^ are stoaias^ 
rooad, kniicy, cMd^, M>- 
jrter ae^ttof, ei^b aad 
tinted (tf^es. ^ck day's 
sd«4U f^tarer at lost 
li^ k(rt 4eeutties fron 
tte chets n:^ repertoire, 
oae (M* tm> i«rlrt^ irfpo- 
toest v^eiikil^, a sdec - 
tioB of sid^, specialbrads 
aad homeraaite d^sorts. 


Ym^tm yoa're msmm 
yM WB^ be abte to al- 
terd tte tab. Qidto tte eoB- 
trary nd ftomM^ mr - 



fas OBt i^ei. mtS,«ttk 

dflfriB ap to ^e 12 ^ed 


Bmt «M jmittfft do tt? 

'M a leod eM la ike 

«rato a kttiAM aad tt eaa 
ba dsBe," sq« ^ 

prevtow ofwtoMe as a 

u, wam g a toc fln years, 
aad ^ tt* OecHia Offieers 
Clidi lor isu- years. Prtir 
to his Navy c^ertace.Out 
ms tte maaager tf the E- 
Oxabdl^ Ibmt (kdf aad 
Co^rf CM> ia PortsmoiA 
for six yean. 

Aw is the OMI lAo n^ 
the ttM^ea, M»nr^r to 
brt, Joe IModa one to 
SKvpOiM Howe frMtt 
Syracase, Ne« York, vbere 
be «as chef at Lafiyctte 
CooBtry dub. Joe ^rev np 
la tke restaaraat basiaess, 
I, witb kis latker op- 
a restaaraat for 
may ^an ia AiAara, Rear 
Tfulc Be ^riied redurtat 
Wdii^Mit at Qmdl 0d- 
«H^ay and ean«lhis(tef s 
bat A ^ a. 

'TBI Italiae," Joe says: 
I^Mtty, "aad mnxpsm^ 
kaows, we*i% I^"^ good 

Uks^ Is moi«A ab(^ 
Us e^ary ereattoas. \A 
tte if^ is ke kas reotfved 
ttaxf awuds dai^ ^ 
ooep^ eaxeer aadlUMM^ 
i^HBl kcidtelini, "Be'sa' 

§0^1^ 600k." 

tBMpuAord Ho«i» tas 
Mvvtf my tftterpA te- 
taves MM viU adto^ed- 
^ boost ^pcpabrfty. 

Loaded ob tte seenri 
flan-, tte ^Msaat ^i^ 
pftoc is BM^teal iuA^a^ 
Btedovs (Mmloafc tfMiLttto 
Ci^lE T^rt kasto. lleTaee 
is iBt Iqr tte mdiner. WMi 
ji^ OBe ^^, patoiM pay 

tke view. 

The ^Km^i^n) Boom 
is qwi frOBi S ]>.«. to 10 
p.a. troflfc.TMsday tkroa^ 
SAn^y aad fron 1 p.sEi. 
to f, M Saaday. We 
nggest yoB gtve tt a try. 
S's a ta^r Itae reirtiarurt 
aad FMl Otft Is a au^- 

Aa added aote, fora<ttf- 
iereaf bttl of lu«, tirndl's 
Doekdde Paaeake Boase. 
dOvMairs fron tte imor- 
laAwd 8oBse.: Tknre yoa 
«m fted a MifdiDB «f cow- 
try baooB aad tn^, paa- 
ca9s, aalBib udj^aetel 
di^as. ne boars 
stairs are S a.iB. artil aita. 
ni||it, sevea^da^ a week. 

By Marilyn J. Wetyer 
SUN News Editoc^ 



Mtt -Hflt w cartj OBt awvicB 

5to7P.I|. Id S a.Bi. Maaday ttri Frttay 
1 P.BI. to t a.B. Satard^ Ml fl^i^ 

C.B. Collla bnak I to 4 fiite^^ 

5^n?J£As soPAPnftjks cffiJjkcBtt '* 



nuoxsKXEH m^ 



Dwr Joe two/a serves sotflo of the ctoy 

ttow ttiM yoH^ tftod «M iloNy 
ttto ft JolrtfM, and vIMtf JN 
the MIrMd Statfom M tovn- 
^ # Tflsfe Ate moct DoUclom 

Prim# Rib a Slliato 

in Tid«watM. f^ ^0dS^ ^ 


mm- 1 p.«. 


CJofa's ""■& 

"RtmtmHr lt» ne Sauce 

• ^ir»np Mariaaara or itwapi %le 

* Catemara cte^^^iftad or mute 

• Leister Tate BnM^^^s re««»i« 

• Veal fta^ff.Mi 

nd FqpefA 

Bi«or V«l 

?wrf «f«Bii^ mm 


-^ ^* B«*«k. v». niiWIRj.. 
&Mj_g^<ffjfrom 77?eOmer f?oom' 

4 Switching Extravaganza 

2 l^i^ete Chicken DinnM 

•^J»e price of om 





Virginia Beacti &luu> June 1, 1977 - B-7 

J^M ar#wtna r#«« 

aanapipetHoom open 
for public at last 

Sandpiper Room 

h eli^... yet affordable... and for the first time In 
i^ it'« open lost for yoi! 

in' Uie UxiiflddS Sandpiper Room at tbe Oceans. 

FiNUy c#ett to the pnibllc after yeir^ as a private club, it's 

: MVMt "hit" in Virginia Be&di's diaing-entertalnment 

awl^iper Room has metvnorpbosed throngli the 
Flr^ tt iwnred as the Cape's Club, a lounge and 
^ roClBi: ^«i in 197S it became the Oceans CliA, sUli. 
ate. iMfliJ^ tte past moidfa, however, its doors have*^ 
optaed ttf^ i«Mra) pMilic. 

tois i^r^ a one of the choicest dining spots tai Tide- 
water, M litt Saadidper Room will more than liVet$to 
its five 1mwta^i>> according to Jack>tc|IaBmra, president 
of Easterh Investmoit Enterprises, whl6h has taken over 
owneivH^ and management of the roo|i. 

la ftiet, management by HcKamara's grotqt practicfUy. 
guarriitees a first-rate dintag experience. Eastern Ihvest- 
qwnt's holdings Include the Virgiida Beech landmait. Pine 
TN* Iim: Portsmouth's highly-regarded liaison MicheUe; 

aai the group's new beach restaurant^e 3tttk. - . 

nlS^ hinr OB hls^KI^^Vmidable. ^3S 
in Ihe restaurant busiiM^ss (his father owns a prominent 
Irish fMtanrant and watering bole). McNamara earned his 
bnclMilor's degree at Cornell's hotel school (regarded as 
' the best. In, the nation^ then went on to accumulate 20 
yinrs eiperiNice in Navy food service imk diredii^ 
^^ ani Naval tospltal kitchens. When he retired from 
tiMi ita^ tai 1^5, he was director of food services for 
PffirttiMMifh Hani H(»i4tia. 

Before he had even mustered (Hit of the swiAce, though, 
lIcMinnra had alr^dy purchased the Pine Tree Inn on 
Virgtak Bevdi Boulevard, and in 1975 he and his associ- 
t » lAM Miat Itts come to be known as Tidewater's 
n mH'^^mA resUmrairt, Ibison MicheUe. Le Steak fol- 
k M ii^ril of this year, the Sandp^wr Room this month. 

Afl4%ys the enterpilfiing restauraateur, his group 
i t aiJUlian rn^ura^ — "A real Italiui restaurant, 
a t Just another pixza house," McNamara emphasises — 

AsloHttj', Eastern Investment has two restaurants <» the 
d aiHfli 'td(|rds, the second a German restaurant featur- 
fi [ M^^tt£ Genua cdsiiie. 

4Tfei^MM>er Room wUl conqdemeirt McNamara'» groiQ) 
' AitJi^y "American," it dtters the ultimate in iflning 

^UiULi lu«a: ootsUodlng foods, served weU, in beautiful 

l11e.$ifl^4>erRomn it«If, tocated in the Oceans Con- 
)mtoi# BuUdl^r at ttth and Atlantic, (rffers a breath- 
Jddf »iew of the ocean. Its gnicrtid glass walls oBer 
petogmf that few oflier t>etcb buildings can match. 
fhe ^^r design is iragal. l.tta^,0i%en ferns and tr«e- 
I hM tl^eal foliage complemwt ttie Jttvf, wine and white 
Inr Scheme. Chairs ait Mch of the teUes are deeply 

cu^ohed, the silver and dinnerware gleaming. 

"W^ nMliy feel that it's one of the t(vptaices in all of 
TWewter," says McNamara. "At night, wlthlhecandles lit, 
it really takes on an el^m:e." 

The whole idea behind the Sandpiper Room, McNamara 
eiplains, is to give patrons a complete dinii% experience. 

"There are peq;>le in Tidewater," McNamara believes, 
"who nre kx^lng for a total dining experience, versus the 
15-min^ sw^ s^." 

"We've patterened ourselves along the Eunq^an style 
iriiere people can relax betWMn courses, maybehave a 
Uttle wine. This tny, the dicing eqwrience becomes the 
vn^^, rattier ttan a prelude' to somettiii^ else. Too 
«^en it's that way with a meal -- we 'get a bite to eat' 
and then go to a show." 

Acknowledgli^: that fost food outlets do serve a panose 
in our hj^rkinetic society, McNamara admits tlat it's 
gcdng to take a bit loi^Eer to dine at one of his restaurants;" 

"I don't think we're the kind of restaurant you want to 
get in and get out of in 4S minutes. A five-course French 
dinner, for esimple, may teke 19 to two houra." 

That "dining eiqierlence" theory his proved workable -- 
and mudi in demand — in Tidewater. Maison Michelle 
is dkobig a brisk Imsiness, and even ttioi%h it's located in 
Portsmouth, 75 per cent of its patrons are from Virginia 

Ev«B ttioui^ the setting is formal, a couple can dine at 
the Sandpiper Room for under |20. On tbe other hand, it 
wouldn't be unusual for a party to spend several hundred 
doUars. Most menu items are priced about the same as 
the better Beach and Norfolk restaurants. 

Specialty of the house is Escalopes de veau a la creme 
(escallops veal) and Tournedoes aldo Rossini. Naturally, 
the restaurant offers a complete variety of steaks and 
seafoods aloi« with more exotic dishes. 

The dining room adjoins a confortable lounge, and there 
is live entertainment nightly {vxc^ Mondays). The bar 
features a weekday han>y hour with 69-cent drinks from 
4:30-6:80 p.m. 

In addition to serving Individual customers, McNamara 
points out that he has private party facilities and is haH>y 
to work with groups for weddings, luncheons or special 

The Sand^idper Room is now open Tuesday through Sun- 
day for dinner from 6-11 p.m., and for lunch on week- 
days from 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. (After Memorial Day, the 
Sandidper Room will be (qwn seven days a week; check 
for time changes.) 

Opened almost at the same time as the Sandpiper is 
Le Steak at 26th and Atlantic. McNamara calls it his "streets 
Of Paris cafe." He's decorated it with awnings, wrought 
iron, cqnier kettles and baskets — all in tbe flavor at a 
Frmch eatery; Atmosphere is the key at Le Steak — Mc- 
Nimara irants to make ft a fun place to be — and the prices 
are outstanding: |6.95 for a dioice steak meal, complete 
with treshly-prqiared FroMdi sauces. 

Jack Mc Namara 

^ttd Ptmfkol ^wtrtlkwiffit 

Are you brmging Iwmw tess nwat ttian 
you pay for? Or vndersitwi eggs? Or buying 
used merchandise sold as new? 

Not w^hite Arrfre Evans is your 
Ccwmfflwwalth's Attorney. 

,in^K arc Just thrTO eKanplcs of 
practices his office h^ found— and stop|»d 
since he established the first prosecutor's 
onsitfrwrProtectiorv "^ 



Maybe ^u thpt^hl a 
Commonwealth's Attorrwy's pb was just 
proseeutin^riminals. But Andre Evans 
makes $ure.^KKt ^t the most for your money. 

The m«t for your tax dollar, too . With an 
effective, efficient staff that has the lo\^st prose - 
cute^popiJation *to of ^rgirwa's lar^sf cities. 

Make sure you ^ the nrKJst Common- 
wealth's Attorney for 
your vote June 14. 

Virginia Beach 
Public Notices 



The Virginia Beach PUnnii^ Commission will iwlda Pub- 
lic Hearing on Wednesday, June 15. IDII, al 13:00 Noon 
in tbe Council Cbaml»ra of the Administratfon Building, 
Princess Anne Courttouse, Virginia BMCft Virginia. 
The followi% api^cations will appear on the agenda: 
April 12, 19T7: 

1. Petition of MAM Investors for a Chattte Of Zonbig 
District Classification from 0-1 Office mptrlct to A-4 
Apartment District on certain property h>eited on the 
North side of Virginia Beach Boulevard beglming at a 
point 800 feet West of Hutton Lane, running a distance of 
200 feet,al(mg the North side of Virginia B^ch Boulevard, 
running a distance of 484.1 feet along the Western pro- 
perty line, running a distance of 212.5 feet along tite North- 
ern property line and running a distance « 415.8 feet 
along the Eastera property line. Said parcel contains 
2 25 acres. (Eureka Park- London Bridge At*as). LYNN- 

2. Petition of E. A. Smith for a Change of Zoning District 
Classification from H-1 Hotel District to B-l Residential 
District on certain property located at Stth Street and 
Oceanfront,' running a distance of 157.76 feet along the 
South side of 58th Street, running a distance of 95 feet 
aloi% the Eastern property line, running a (ttstaace of 150 
feet along the Southern pn^rty line and running a dis- 
tance of 70 feet along the Western property line. Said 
parcel is known as Lots 1 and 2, Block 7, Plat of Uber- 
MAY 10, 1977: 

3. AK>licatlon of the City of Virginia Beach for the dis- 
continuance, closure and abandonment of portions of Eas- 
tera Siore RcSui. ^ ^„„.^ 
Parcel 1: Beginning at the Northeast interaection of Wild- 
wood Drive and Eastera Shore Road, ninhing a distance 
of 1899.61 feet in a Northerly direction ruiffiiiiga distance 
of 33.71 feet along the South side of Old Donation Part- 
way, running a distance of 1899 feet in a Soutterly direc- 
tion and running a distance of 30.11 feet albng the North 
side of Wildwood Drive. 

Parcel 2: Beginning at the Southeast intersection of Wild- 
wood Drive and Eastern Shore Road, ruiming a distance 
of 958.07 feet more or less in a Soutterly direction, 
ruining a distance of 33.84 feet along the Southera 
bomdary, running a distance of 989 feet more or less in a 
Northerly direction and running a distance of 30.15 
feet along the South side of Wildwood Drive. 
Said parcels contain 2.07 acres. Plats with more detailed 
information are available in the Department of Planning. 

4. Petition of Trent- Berkshire Development Corporation 
for a Change of Zoning IMstrict Classificati(m from R-1 
Residential District to R-3 Residential District on certain 
property located at the Southeast intersection of Inlynn- 
view Road and ^igel Drive, running a distance of 1242.38 
feet along the East side of Spigel Drive, running a dis- 
tance of 234.48 feet in a Southeasterly direction, running 
a distance of 212.53 feet in a Northeasterly direction, 
runnli« a distance of 1264.53 feet along the Eastern pro- 
perty line and running a distance of 415.04 feet along the 
South side of Inlynnview Road. Said parcel contains 14.36 
acres. (Robinhood Forest-Southern Points Areas). LYNN- 

5 Petlti(m of Trant-Bertshire Development Corporation 
. tora Chah^'^ tonihi^mstrietClas^(«lion^^fr(m}R^l 
ResldiinfiU Ittstrftff toR-3 Residential Distriot onecrtain 
property located at the Northeast intersection of Inlynn- 
view Road and South Spigel Drive, running a distance of 
389.32 feet along the North side of Inlynnview Road, 
running a distance of 1721.95 feet in a Northerly direction, 
running a distance of 550.62 feet in a Westerly direction, 
running around a curve in a Northwesterly direction, 
a distance of 1444.33 feet, running a distance of 122.40 
feet in a Northerly direction, running a distance of 
57.30 feet in a Northwesterly direction, running a dis- 
tance of 400 feet in a Northeasterly direction, running 
a distance of 94.63 feet In a Northerly direction, running 
a distance of 623 feet in a Westerly direction, running a 
distance of 318 feet in a Southwesterly direction, run- 
ning a distance of 290 feet in a Southeasterly direction, 
runnii% a distance of 157 feet in a Southwesterly direc- 
tion, running a distance of 186 feet in a Southerly direc- 
tion, running a distance of 351 feet in a Southeasterly 
direction, running a distance of 359 feetina Southwesterly 
directton, running a distance of 693 feetina Southeasterly 
direction, running a distance of 130 feet in a Westerly 
direction, running a distance of 340 feet in a Southerly 
direction, running a distance of 405 feetina Southwesterly 
direction, running a distance of 1237. 30 feet in an Easterly 
direction, running a distance of 200 feetina Southeasterly 
direction, running a distance of 155 feet in an Easterly 
direction and running a distance of 305.87 feet in a 
Soidherly direction. Said parcel contains 67.22 acres. 
(Robinhood Forest Area). LYNNHAVEN BOROUGH. 
6. Petition of Trant-Berkshire Development Corporation 
for a Change of Zoning District Classification from R-1 
Residential District to R-3 Residential District on certain 
property located at the Northwest intersection of Inlynn- 
view Road and Five Points Road, running a distance of 
1200 feet more or less along the North side of Inlynn- 
view Road, running a distance of 1572.29 feet in a North- 
westerly direction, running a distance of 208 feet in a 
Northeasterly direction, running a distance of 81.07 feet 
in an Easterly direction, running a distance of 660.12 
feet in a &)utheasterly direction, running a distance of 
1048.04 feet in an Easterly direction, running a distance 
of 526.37 feet in a Southerly directlwi, running around a 
curve in a Westerly direction a distance of 499.40 feet, 
running a distance of 331.17 feet in a Soutterly direction, 
nmning a distance of 420 feet in an Easterly direction 
and running a distance of 601.01 feet in a Southeriy direc- 
tion Said parcel contains 43.213 acres. (Trantwood 
Shores-Trant Berkshire Areas). LYNNHAVEN BOROUGH. 
7 Resolution of the Council of the City of Virginia Beach 
to amend and reordain Article 1, Section 102 of the Com- 
prehensive Zoning Ordinance by establlshii^ Article 15, 
Arts & Conference District. This district is proposed 
to be located within boundaries aK>roximately as follows: 
beginning at the intersectton of Pacific Avenue and 21st 
Street, running West along 21st Street to Cypress Avenue, 
running North along Cypress Avenue a distance of 550 
feet more or less, running Westerly prallel to 22nd 
Street a distance of 550 feet more or less to Parks 
AvMiue, running South along Parks Avenue to Its inter- 
section with the Southera boundary of the Norfolk- Vlr- 
glnU Beach Toll Road, running West aloi« the Norfolk- 
Virginia Beach Toll Road rtght-of-way line to its inter- 
section with Birdneck Road, running Soutt along Birdneck 
R(»d to its intersection with Virginia Beach Boulevard, 
nmnii« East along Virginia Beach Boulevard more or 
less to Jefferson Avenue and from that point ruling 
^t aloitt the line i»rallel to Virginia B«ich B<Hilevard 
and 200 feet more or less South of Virginia Beach BoiUe- 
wrd to Pacific Avenue, and ninnli^ North along Pacific 
AvMue to its intersection with 21st Wreet. More de- 
Udled informatl(» is available In the Oi^iartment of Plan- 


I. Prtillon of Eric C. and Patricia F. SmW fw a Cta^e 
tf Zo^M District Classification from R-5 Residerttoi 
Wstrtct to 0-1 (Wee District m certain properly loca- 
ted at tte Southeast corror of Ne^rtown R<Ad and Larry 
Avme. naming a distance of m lw*ja<«g ^^ 
shte of Larry A^», rwmUt a di^KC <* lw.Z4 
Ml alo^ ti« Eastera ^v/fint/ Mm, ru^a« a Astewe 
a $0.01 feet alc^ the awtlwra ptH?erty Mw and rwaing 
a ttrtaMe of 134.59 feet al<^ tte fiast aide <rf Neirtown 
timi Said i^rcel ctmtains .24 acre. (Fair M^dows Area) 

9. fetttion of Robtft 0. and lathiya Wt^aaoer for a 
Change of Zo^ ^Mrtct C^um^minm M. Of- 
flceDistrlct toR^I Residential Tom^m Watrlet on 
<»rtain prap«tr loMted at the Ncnrtinrf^ iaterMctfa» irf 
Holhr RMd jm B^y Creseeirt, rvna^ a MrtaiKe d 
402JI feet atoCi the West side of IfoUy JM. nmnlnf 
a distance di tOiM feet along the N<Nrtlmn» pn^nij 
Une and runiOng a distance of 511 feet more of Ufa akng 
the East tide U Holly Crescent. Said parcel eontate 
1.42 acres more Of tots. (Linkhorn Park Arw). VIR- 

10. Prtttion of Jaaen C. Nocito for a Change of Zoa- 
big rastriet Claartfleatlon from R-8 RasidMrtial District 
teie-l (Xttce District on certain property located at 
tte Northeast coraer of Bonney Road and Srath Corwood 
Avenue, runnii^^ a distance of 120.78 feet alOi« tte Nortt 
side of Bonney Road, runnii^ a diatanee of 109.0S fert 
al(»g the Easterh pri^rty Une, nnuing a distance of 
120 feet along the Northera property line and running a 
distance of 122.80 tni along the Eaat side <rf Soutt Cor- , 
iraod Avenue. Said pared certains .3 a^re mwre or less. 
(Thalia VlUage Area), KEMPSVILLE BOROUGH. 

11. Petition of D<»ald R. Wlnslow and Dorothy M. Win- 
slow for a Chaqie of Zoning District Classification 
from R-3 Residential District to B-2 Coihmunlty-Busi- 
ness District on certain pn^erty located on the Soutt 
side of London Bridge Road b^inning at a p(rint2950 
feet more or less West of Oceana Boulevard, running 
a distance of 381.11 feet along tte South side of London 
Bridge Road, nmning a distance of 310 fe^ aloi« the 
Western pn^rty line, running a distauje of 380 feet 
idcng tte Southern property line and rundng a distance 
of 350 feet along the Eastera property line. Said parcel 
contains 2.5 acres more or lees. PRINCESS ANNE 

12. Petition of Donald R. Winslow and Dorotty M. Win- 
slow for a Change of Zoning District Classification fnmi 
AG-1 Agricultttral District to B-2 Community-Business 
District on certain property located 310 feet Soutt of 
London Bridge Rend l>eglnning at a poixA 2950 feet more 
or less West of Oceana Bmlevard, running a distance 
of 381 feet along tte Eastera property line, running a 
distance of 231.49 feet along the Northera prqierty line, 
running a distance of 330 feet along the Westera pn^rty 
line and running a distance of 50 feet along tte Southera 
property lUie. Said parcel contains 1.1 acres. PRINCESS 

13. Petition of Robert G. and Nellie B. Butler for a 
Change of Zniing District Classification from R-4 Re- 
sidential District to AG- 1 Agricultural District on cer- 
tain property located 500 feet more or less West Ot 
Salem Road beginning at a point 1730 feet more or l^s i 
South of Elbow Rdad, runnii^ a distance of 1700 feet 
mere or less in a Souttwesterly direction, running a dis- 
tance of 1500 feet more or less in a Northeasterly direc- 
tion and running a distance of 840 feet more or less in a 
Northwesterly direction. Said parcel is triangular ia 
shape and contains 10.5 acres. KEMPSVILLE BOROUGH 

14. Petition of James C. Nocito for a Change of Zoaiag 
District Classification from AG-1 Agricultural District 
to B-l Business-Residential District on certain pro-> 
perty located on the West side of Princess Anne Row! 
beginning at a point 340.20 feet Nortt ot GltiieRoad 
(formerly Courthouse Drive), running a distance of 
386.67 feet along tbe West side of Princess Anne Road, 
running a distance of 629.43 feet aloi« tte Northera 
property line, running a distance of 393.AD feet along the 
vi^stera proper^Iidv«had ruaaint^i tttsianGe of 672.40 
feet along tte Southera property linei Said pareel con- 
tains 5.567 acres. PRINCESS ANNE BOItOUGH. 

15. Petition of Dr. Fred H. RosenUnffl, Clarence B. 
and Gertrude S. Russell, Lee W. Smltt and Vivian 
PerscHi for a Change of Zoning Di^ict ClassificaUM 
fit}m R-8 Residential District to 0-1 Office District on 
certain pri^rty located at the Souttwest intersecti(m of 
Indian River Road and Ferry Point Road, running a dis*- 
tance of 144.23 feet along tte Soutt side d! Indian River 
Road, running a distance of 378.13 feet along tte Westera 
property line, running a distance of 144.23 feet alcwg tte 
Southera property line and running a distance of 373 
feet along tte Eastera prc^rty line of which 158 feet is 
tte West side of Ferry Point Road. Said parcel ctwtalns 
0.89 acre. (New Light Area). KEMPSVILLE BOROUGH. 

16. Petition of National Beach Corporation for a Change 
of Zoning District Classification from R-S Residential 
District to B-2 Community-Business District on certain 
property located at tte Northwest intersection of Holly 
Road and Pinewood Road, running a distance of 270 
feet along tte Nortt side of Pinewood Road, running a 
distance of 800 feet aloi« the Westera pn4>erty line, 
running a distance of 210.10 feet along tte Northera 
property line and rannlng a distance of 209.91 feet 
along tte West side of Holly Road, Said parcel contains 
1.239 acres. (Llnkhora Park Area). VIRGINIA BEACH 

17. Petitira of National Beach Coiporation for a Change 
of Zoning District Classification from R-1 Residtttial 
Distrlctto B-2 Community-Business District on certain 
property located on tte North side of Pinewood Road 
beginning at a point 270 feet West of Holly Road, running 
1 distance of 238.14 feet along the North side of Pinewood 
Kc^, running a distance of 562.49 feet along the Westera 
property line, ndinlng a distance^ of 55 fe^ along tte 
Northera proper^ line and running a distance td SOO 
feet along the Eastera property line. Saidparcel cootalas 
1.886 acres. (Llnkhora Park Area). VIRGINIA BEACH 

18. Petition of Cavalier Investment Company tor a Change 
of Zoning District Classification from R-8 Residential 
DIrtrict to A-1 Apartment District on certain {Htjperty 
located on the W^t side of Ewell Road beginning at a 
point 1653 feet North of Baxter Road, rimning a distance 
of 1670 feet more or less al(mg tte Souttera pn^erty 
lUie, running a distance of 955.34 feet alimg tte Westera 
l»t^rty line, ruiming a distance of 1350 feet more or 
leis alow tte Norttera prqperty line and rann^a dis- 
tuce of 852 feet along the Eastera pnqwrty lin# m wUch 
310 feet is tte West side of EweU Road. Said paroel con- 
tains 16.6 acres more or less. (KempsvilleQardens Area) 

19. Petition of J^m W. Summs and Cornell A. Voider 
for a Chaise of Zoning District Classificatkm tnm R-1 
Residential District to R-3 Residential District oa (»r- 
ttin property located at tte Southeast conwr of Gre«i 
Hill Ro^ and Duke of Noriolk Quay, ruaUig a distance 
of 167.95 feet along tte &Hitt side oS Didce (tf Norfolk 
Chiay, naming a distance of 160 feet more or leu aloog 
tte Eastera property line, running a distance of 160 
feet more or less along tte Southera property lirc and 
running a distance of 160 feet more or less along tte 
East side of Green Hill Road. &Ud parcel «mtalns .6 
acre more or l«s. (Green Htti Farm Area). LYNN- 

20. Petttlon of WUliam E. Wood fiH* a Chai«e of Zoi^ 
District tllMUcttka from R-8 R^MMtial Ustrict to 
A-1 ApartmeM Ustrict <» certatt j^mrff located 
U50 feet more or less Soutt of m<S(JM ViUiqr Drive be- 
glmdM at a point 820 feet more or leM Wait tf Ceotn-- 
vllle Turqtte, rannli* a distawx 4 lOiS feet alMg tte 
Northera ^xperty line (Virg^la lOectric and 9omx 
Company R3itt-ol- Way), r«imii« a dlateu» (rf 110 feat 
al«« Urn westera property Mm, mHiac a tfaMIca of 
Wi feet aicNt ttw SwMera property 11m 
Ptrkwty Pre^MM^. and runittg a ^Mtaee 
al^ m Saatera prt^taty liM. MM 
14.5 acres. kCMPSmLE BOROI^. 
It. Petttloa (^ tmittm E. Wood M' a 
Mstrict ClasdlteJItkm from R-8 
B-l Comm«#-^tfittess Mstrirt M-MfHita pnfMty 
k)cated m ^ West sm of CeiAertflM fan^n be- 
^u^ at a p^A tlSO teet more m: ^ttift oTlM^ 
Hi^imve. ruBUni a «itance ^fllteiC^Ml telta^ 
M» tdXMMm* twnplke.^ttp^^^ tf tn 
Ant akiai ^ Mtten |t^>^^^fNMVa 
(A l« Net aS^Vhe WMten ^o^V 





.^ k 

^T^- '^Mi0u:~ 

jfthtrn property htir 
Power CompRDy Right-of-W, 

«'AL US 

Itioo o( ,«uiiii /ibpiiiwiiti, ui, lui d ^.uriunioiuu 
Use Permit for recrwtionaJ faciliUes of an outdoor nature 
(skateboard park) on certain property located oo the 
Nortb side of Witciiduck Road begioning at a point 490.45 
feet West of Ferry Plantation Road. rumUi^ a distance 
of 203.77 feet along the Nortli side of Witcbduck Road, 
running a distance of 492.99 feet alon« the Western 
property line, running a distance of 2gS feet aloi% the 
Ifortteni prf^erty line ai^ ninnii^ a distance of 408.09 
feet ato^^ the Eastern pi^erty line. Said parcel contains 
f.4W »cr«l. BATMWteROWJH. 
13. ApfUoittoii of fMefei^ R. &Mt and JttoJ. Carvalto, 
Jr.. Mr t CoMKttoMl Um Mrailt t« c^nte a Mo Ped- 
Btcycl* ftMtel m etttain j^tqierty loottfld <» the Cast 
side d AtkiMc Avww, 100 feet Soutt of 18tt»^reet M 
ptifvtty M Dolphin Atvater Hotel {Mrtdog M. StM Mr^ 
eel is 13.15 fee< 1^ 12.58 feet. VIRGOHA BEACH TOR - 


24, Al^ieatiM (tf Fred L. and Gayle B. WaU for a Con- 
dIMiiu Use I^raiit tor recreational ^ilities of an o«t- 
door ntore (stattisotrd park) on ewrtain pro^er^ loca- 
ted on the Soott sMte tf SMth Lyn^aimi Roirt b^i^ng 
at a p^t m te^ mart or less Vest of M^e Bollov 
Boutewrd, r^Biag a distance of 390.45 feet alMg the 
Se^ ^^of Soirth L^Aaven Road, runnii^ aNdUstuce 
tf ^.23 feet akeg the Western property line and nm- 
m^ a distance of 745.69 feet along the Eastern pr^wrty 
Itae. Said pan^l is triangular in stais and contains 3,5 
acres. (Magic Hollow Area). PRINCESS AIINE BOROUGH. 

25. A|i^fcati<» of Prest^erian L^giMf^tf Norfolk Pm\^- 
tery. toe., for a Coodittonai Use Pwmtt for a cbon^ on 
eerUtn jH'Qperty locaM at the Swflm^ intersectto (tf 
Pi«vfdMce Road nid Whiteharst Latf^ng Road, rwning 
a flfitiMe ol 4U.CS feet atong the East side of White- 
hon^ Landtag Road, nuuing a distance of 295.20 feet 
along the North side of Old Providence Road, running 
a (ttstasce of 304.33 feet al(»)g the Eastern i»-c«erty line 
ud nnaiag a Mstence of 392.20 feet alfl«g Ok South sUI» 
of Provideace Rowl. Said parcel ec»itaias 3.009 acres. 

U. Apidication of Enw Ci»rporatioa for a C(mditi(nal 
Use Permit for an svlNDObtle service station on eer- 
tate partnerty located at the Southwest caner of Pro- 
vidence Road ud Kenpsville Riwi, nmning a distant^ of 
139 feet along the South side of Providence Road, rao- 
ning a distance of 180 ieet aloi% the Westera pnyerty 
line, nuBtiis a distance of 180.14 feet al<»g the Sotitheni 
property line, rwuuag a distance <a 113 feet i^teog the 
West sUe of KempsviUe Road and rumdng aroud t curve 
a <Hstasce <tf 102 feet rooare or less. Said parcel contains. 
.73 aope nrare ^ less. KEMSFVIbLB K»(»IGH. 

27. Ap^lcation of Baldwin and Gr^g, Ud., fOr a Condi- 
tional Use Pemlt fbr persoml storage fecillties on cm^-^ 
tain ftopertf located on the Norfli side ci Virginia Beach 
B(^ei%rd begiratag at a point 612.70 feet East of New- 
town Rutd, running a distance of 574 feet along the Eastern 
property Uik, running a distance of 325 feet along the 
Northern pn^erty line, running a distance of 247 feet 
in a S(^herly dtrectun, running a distuce of 270 feet 
in an Eagerly direction, running a distance of 270 feet 
in a Soatherly direction and ninning a distance of 50 
feet along the Nortli side of Virginia Beadi Boulevard. 
SaM parcel cerates 2.3 acres. (Davis Comer-Milbani 
Manor Areas). BAYSIEffi TROUGH. 

28. Applicatioa ta Montague Stelnhart for a Conditional 
Use Permit for a dqdez on certein property located on 
the West side of Arctic Crescent beg^i% at a ptHirt 
174.27 ket South (tf 15th Street, runnli« a diititanceof 
75.11 feet tioag the West side of Arctic Crescent, nuning 
a disUAce oi 91.9 feet tdong the Soi^em prqper^ line, 
running a distance of 98 feet along the Western pnqierty 
Une (L^e Holly), and running a distance of 90.8 feet 
akMg tte Northern pnqierty Une. Said parcel contains 
8157.6 square feet UMMre or less. VntGINU BEACH BOR- 


U. ^MvUeatioa of Edward Willoix for the vacation of 60 
Mttsettwek yim»<mmaa^ pxt^erty located on the North 
''mimTvm>ttm, JlCit? feet WesmrSandp^ierRoad. 
Said parcel ir known as Lots 154, 155 and 156 of the plat 
teslgnated "SandbrMge Shores, SCTION !B. North. JP>iinc- 
e» Anoe Betoa^. Virginia Beach. Virginia". More de- 
bUled fnforaatfoB is ai^UaUe in the Department of 

36. ftmiM^taa of the Cornell <rf the City of Vir^nia Beach 
to aaend and reortteis the SiAdivisira Ordinance ofthe City 
of Virgiaia Beech by uiding Section 8.4 relating to fees 
for vacatioD of (dats. Man tfetailed information is avail- 
aide hi tbe OqMrtmeflt of Planning, 
Plats with BMffe ddaUed information oo tte ^bove ap- 
plicatiODs are available in the Departraeid oi Plaming. 
AU hiferested persoas are invited to attend. 
Robert J. S&M 

VBS -yi - 6/8 - 2T 

mw^&w^^mmim^^mtt^&' ■■'■*»''- 



Ihe repilar meeting of the CoukM trf the City of Vininia 

Beach wil^ be teld in Oe C^jukU Ottmbers of the Ad- 

mi^^ration Building, City Hall, Princess AniM Statioo, 

yifgittte Be«di. Virginia, on Mood^, Jane IS. 1977, 

tf im P.M.. at which time the Mtarnit^ ^pfdicatfoos 

will be heard: 



1. AppUeation of Club Brittany, Inc., for a Cmditioaal 
Use Permit for recreattm^ facilities (rf an outdoor nature 
(•trimming pool, elabtouse. teni^ court) <m cerUin 
prtqwrty located at the Soidhem extremity <a Five ?oM 
Rflsd, rwning a distance (rf 325.04 feet alMg the Northern 
IHrt^erty Une, running a distance of 386.70 feet along 
tte Eastern int^rty Une, runni^ a di^aace (rf 694.87 
feet sure or less aloi^ the Southern ^operty line, 
Wi^ a distance of 332.98 feet in a Nertheiiy direc- 
tion, naming a distance of 145 feet in a Northeasterly 
<Ureetion and ninning aroisid a curve a distance of 
250.08 feet alta^ Five Point Road. Said parcel cmtains 
4.131 acres. (Sortteni Points Area). LYNNHAVEN BOR- 

2. A»Ucation of A. i^aaley Muady k Compai^ for a 
CMdtfioBal Use Permit for a bvlk storage ]»rd (tempor- 
ary) on certain property located 390 feet more or less 
W^ (rf Sotfh Birdneck Road begluing at a point 1400 
feet more or less Som of Beautiful Street, iw^ a 
dtttance of 150 feet along the Southern property line, 
ruaiag a distaiK:e of 150 feet along the Western property 
Itoe, running a distance of 150 feet alcMig the Northern 
^tjperty line and runnl^ a distance of 150 f«^ along 
the Eastera pn^rty ]im. &id parcel contains 22.500 

3. A^ci^JM of Richard Croul for a ConditlMial Use 

Permtt tor reerratMmal faciUty of an outdoor nature 

(mtersUde) cm certain property located im the West 

side of CkAeral Booth Boulevard begiui^ at a poiirt 

1100 feet nwre or l^s North of South BintoKk Rmd 

n^ng a di^aace of 1170 feet more or less alcmtte 

SoMen ^cpnty Une, ruming a distance of 611 feet 

more or less along ttie Western pnqierty Une, ruuUig 

a dt^aiKe tf 1M.03 feet along the Northern pmwrty 

ttM, nmdag a M^Me of 879 fe^ omn or less in a 

Sat^UmvMtf tfr^Aw, and ruudag a cHstaKe <tf 50 

f«M limt tte Ea# sftte (tf G^ni Bocrth Boulevant. 

Stti par^ is irr^^ in stepe and contains 9.31 



u^iAVEN mmmHrn. 

4. Petitfm of AmIM-IIwHI £ntef|Ms^, lK..toraClMKe 
of Zoatint District Classification from R-8 Pfff^niHal 
Distrid to B-S COmmvnity-BasiiMM Oistrirt wafitela 
Pf«vertf located at the Northwest comer of CiM ttmry 
Drive ribrmerlv Hollv Avenue) and SMshell tlim,TmSag 
> eet akog the West side a UwriM 

Hoi„, . — ^ . ,^..,.iuice of 150 Ieet along tN Hortten 
property line, nrimiiig a dManee of m.» feM alei« 
the Western property Une and naaiag a ttstei^ M 
SO 17 along the North side of Cape Hcory Drive (ta-- 
^ venue). Sak' wtains 33,730 i^ire 

la Bifd 


i.^^.-^ m,mm^»m,fmnt^^m, 

tet more or Iws, LYNNHAVEN BOROUGH. 

5. Petltim o| B; Bruce Taylor and I^l^y B. HoU for 
a.Clange ci Zoaii^ District ClasslftaUoa from A-i 
AiNuctaWii Mtriet to B-1 BuslnMS-ResMeotial mstnct 
OB certeto fTi^ierty loMted at tk ITortii^t corner of 
IlMemotf Itoad and Hottand RcMd. nmim t d^tance of 
•2.M fe^ tlmg the East si<fe of Rosembnt Rqad, ma- 
nfi^ Mtmmi a curve a distance of 78.55 feet, ruoaisf ^ 
a Soidterly directiM a distance of 11.90 feet, runing 
a distance (rf 141.^ feet al(^ the Nortb side of Aollan^ 
I^» roinii^ a distance of 147.88 feet along the Eastern 
l»t>pertr Um and mning a distaiM:e of 197.85 feet along 
ttie Norttera profierty fine. Said parcel contains 0.58 
acre. (Pe<N« Garttos Arra). PRINCESS ANNE BOROUGH. 


6. P^ttton of R(^bert L. and Margaret C. Stephenson for 
a Change (tf Zonl^ District ClassificaUon from R-5 
ResUe^^ OMrkA to B-2 Community-Business District 
OB <»rtaiB pN^ertv located on the East side of Princess 
Anne Road begiaouC ii a point 330 feet moreorle^ss 
Ss^ MBHtmvBHm, rupaiag a distance of 15S.6 
fed abng tte East side of Princess Anne Rdad, running 
a di^Me cd $16;0 fe^ al(ttg the Southern proper^ 
Um, t^rndts a lU^MCe of 369.2 feet along Uie Eastern 
m^^wrty Uaeand ruani^ a distance of 472.7 feet alontf 
the Northera ^tiperty line. Said parcel contains 2.86 


7. Petithm of The Estate of W. W. Oliver, Sr., for a 
Chan^ of, Zeatng District dassifiaitioa from R-S Re-<^ 
sideatial District to B*2 Community-Business Dlsti'm 
on cmrtaUi intmerty located (m.the North side <dB|y-^ 
good Road begmaing at a point 317 feet uoreor le^ 
East of Ferry PkntaUon Road, nuining a dista^e t)f 
392.24 feet along the North side of Haywood Road, run- 

Sa distaoee Of 217.86 fe^ along the Eastei^pro- 
y line, mnlBg a distance of 423 feet along the Northern 
property Una and naming a distance of 219.5 feet aicmg 
tte We^en prqtezty Une. S^d parcel contains 2.1 
acres nun^tfless. BAYSIDE BOROUGH, 

8. PrtiUn at BF OU, Inc., and B. Bruce Taylor for a 
dtto^ et Zoning IHstrict CUssiflcaUon from B-2 Con- 
maolty-BHsaiess District to B-3 Ceotral-Busln^ss l^s- 
trict on ctftain property located at the Nbrth^st Oua- 
drant of Virginia Beach-^Noriolk. Expressway and Ifew- 
town Road, rauilag a distance of 277.64 feet al(»|^e 

East side of Newtown Read, rmminga distance of 520 34 
feet along the Northern pr(9>erty Une, running a diKitance 
(rf 1M.83 feet ak>i« the Eastern irt^rty line, iM ron- 
ning a distance of 540.42 feet along the Southern propMty 
Une. &id parcel contains 2.9 acres. BAYsmEBi^UGH 
9. PeUtion of Mta L. ind Elsie M. Judge for a Chan^ 
of !&mfng District Classttication from B-2 Communitv- 
Boslness District to A-1 Apartment IMstrict oo ^rtato 
propMty located at the North^st corner of Pleasure 
House Road and Pow^lte Point Ro«l, runnkw a-distance 
of 256.24 feet along the East side of Pleasure House 
Road, naming a <Ustaoce of 170 feet along the Northern 
^operty Une, nmning a distance of 256.24 Ieet along 
ue Eastera property Une and runnii^ a di^anee oUlO 
feet along tiie Norft side oi iHweUs Point Itoad. S^ 
parcel ccmtains 1 acre. BAYSI[»«>ROW}Ru< > i ?$' d j 
CO Mffrn Ml. nSR .PERIflT>S edl no Ji»P« steiSlW 

P'.^^Sfiif***** '^ ^*"*»» H, PaUette,ni and Rachel 
S. PaU^e for a Cimdttlonal Use Pennlt foradimlflx 
» certain imverty located on the North side of L«e 
Drive begim^ at a punt 175 fe^ We^ of Meditwran- 
eaa Avene, naadng a distance of 75 feet aloi« the North 
ode^ 44ke Drtee, ramOng a distawe of 110 feet aloqg 
oie Western pcoperty Itae, rumiii* a dttstawse of 75 
feet along the Northern pnyerty Une and rouiwa dto- 
taace of 110 feet along Oie Easton ^operiy line. &tkl 
parcel contains 0.189 acre. VIRGINU BEACH BCffiOUGH. 
11. AppUeation of David B. Oglesby for a Ctrnditiooal 
Use Permit to operate a temporary paitii« UAca cer- 
tain property located on the East side of AtlanUc Avenue 
beginniag at a poW 100 feet North of ^ ^reet, ruhilng 
a distance <rf 150 feet along the South»v proper^ Use 
ruining a (tfstamse of 100 feet along the Eastera pnverty 
Une, roDBtag a tttsUwce of 150 feet aloi« the North«rn 
pxiperty Uae and running a distance of 100 feet aleog 
Vm Ea^ ride of Atlantic Avenue. Said par(%l confein 
15,000 a«mre feet. VIRGINIA BEACH BOROUGH. 

12. Mc^ion of the Planning ComnUssiwi of tte atyo* 
VUrinia Beach to ameod tiie Master Street aad Highww 
Kto^rsRidiBg the right-of-way widthstorLaskinRw? 
Facifie Arame aad ^orelMve. More (Mailed Uiformat 
non is availal^ in the Department of Plannii«. 
RlehaitlJ. Webbon 
City Clerk 

VBS-5/25, 6/1 - 2t 


Notice is hereon givra to iiderested persons that on Mon- 
(taiy, Jose 13,: 1977, at 2:00 p,m. the City Council <rf1to- 
1^ B»ch, Virpbiia assenOiIed in the City CowKil 
Chambers, AteiawratiMi Baildii«, municipal Certer, 
Virgil Bwk^ ViifiBia wUl rehear certain ai^Uca- 
tions f4 the Bayshore Devefaqwieat Corpoiation as hera» 
^sted tor ^ re»»i^ o| certain Uuids in tl« snthem 
part 01 this 41%, The sdiject antUcaUons tmia% bem 
reoia«ied by the Circuit Court for reteariw Iqr the City 

1. Petttion of teyshore Devel(»meid Corporation for a 
Cha^e oi ZMiag District Cks^fication from AG-1 
Africultural Ostrict to R-5 Resl<taUaI District cm 
certain prqw^ty located 210 feet more or less East of 
Oceana Botf eturd beginni^ at a point 1430 feet more or 
less Iforth di Lndoa BrU^ Ro^, rtimiii« a distance 
erf 1^7.47 Udt mate or less in a Nwtterly directfon, 
noaiiv a dMaiK^e ol 39d feet more or less in a Sooth- 
Msterly directiOB. mnnii% a distance «€ SJM feet more 
or le^ in a Smtterly directi<» aad r^ng a distance 
of 1020 feet more or less in a Northwesterly directlwi. 
&kl parcel cortalns 31.3 acres more or less. PRINCES 

ANNE smovm. 

2. Petition (d ftiyshore Develt^ment Conwratlon for a 
Chaise of ZMiag IMstrii^ ClasiMcaUim from R-3 Re- 
sU«ttal OisMct to R-S Rm^mMiA U^rtet m eertata 
pr(9«rfy locafed m the East sM' of Oceuta Bwlenrd 
begJi^ng at a poW 11^ hti more or less ItorOi of 
UmdM BrU^ Ro^ nmb^ a distance at 940.48 Mt 
alMg the l^irt 0Ue d ^wna BMdeinrd, mui^ a 
d^M^ id mM fert ai^ the Norttem j^n^erty line, 
rnMag a n^UK» <H SM im more or less in a SMth- 
w^Mrly ^re^on. ruMtag a distake of IQ20 fe<rt more 
M bM ta a lo^Msterly directku aad rm^ a <&staace 
at HmM umtBOte (»■ £»s la alM-^v^terifttr^ttw. 
SMpmm&m^fm:t.$urm more or lei«» WDfCE^ 

3. MMtot ^ teyAore Denk^me^ Corporatkm for a 
OmttUlkttainttimC^^MiM tram AG-lAgrt^ 
gjtoal I^brM to1l>6 tttfMdfel Distrtct cm cert^ 
imyerty Ueated fl0 feel more or Iws East <tf Octtu 
Wutewfd h^$m^ at a prtM lOTO l«t more or less 
iMh tf Calm- bne, i^^ a tfMaMe of M4.SS feet 
ia ft iDBth«MM#«rH^B,lMMai aM^Ke of tl4.M 
fMTto aio^MMMiyflr;MM;inM«r^*iim^ m^it'm^mU^ ttN^'^nlH a 
ttAnee tt IIM.17 MH la li MrttWfett^^^tM. 

direction, running a distance of 411.44 feet m a southerly 
direction , running around a curve in a Westerly direc- 
tion a distance of 1192.90 feet, running a distance of 
lS4a feet more, or; less in a ,Sputhwesterly direction, 
rinning a disteacis e( MIO IMt Krare qv less in a North- 
westerly diracttott, irumnlM a„ wstance off 2000 feet more 
or less ih a Hortherly direction, niwiin| a distance ol 
5dft.94 feet ihore or less in & 8outh«iasterly dlreetlon 
anA nwhing adlstaace of 510.46 feet in a Northeasterly 
direcUon. ShW 9ar«iel is .irregtilkr In shape and contains 
141^ acres more wt,^\M^ (amended from 226.1 acres). 

Richard Wehboa City Clerk 

VBS-<5/25, «/l - 2f 

! ■ . 




Th« Vtreilhia V^pittA at lOBiof Appwlswitti^mdoct 

a ?m»>amt^ o£ HMdoefltfif^ll^tptni irt>9iS0 

PM. ktbexireiift cMrt ttoat£m^m$iim:nt^ 

glnia Beaeh; Tliifala; -The loUowiiii^lililicattoM wiU 

appaaf ^ tbe,«pida. 


1. (£ief«rf«a 'Mhjp <4, 

a irariaiMe><af'4.)l'vfe«»>t6 a^«jftiiMtsidBfM« «#»«>< 

tWl). CshlfittiHerrtttdMMBto 

^ Insteid'ittI ^fO 1M ' AS- reciaicMaCheiNi'iinv^^iltae* 
dethdied'|lH«e) oa IMHl, Utttok'^^ Smi $, Aiirov- 

' tead. EMlfloqnpM^oad. Kefl«iMtti4^^ 
REQVLARACQiDA; ■'- ^ tW. t<ni-> L '..,: .-:. . 

1. Hawir^ C.'Boodt requests a Mriuffietrftlaetto a 
1 loot r^')mufd4^muist#»dlrt;iaftotasr«qiilred 
OB iot!^ ^liaiithtWveF Tcreiee^ M» saterdr^ 
Untf.XeiiBi^&ftim. -^^^^W: 'iv'^ v.. 

2. WUttii|B. ;tl^'^ ArHiaiȣinfiie^i >Afest,re^ 
quests r^irtafice^<40 feet to a 10 |oat'&«rt yiidrMt-< 
bade instead of % feiBt as reqilred^ba Lot'lti;'^e^|OB 2, 

* •. 'i ..■ , ,'- ■' t .*' ,•:■■'■•■-'< '' ■ -'-: ~\ " ■ - 

Tract C, Saiidbridge Beach. ^ndflddIerRoaa,PHBe«»s 
AnneBoront^. ' » ' /.; . * 

3. Charles E. Dalby, Jr. reqimsts a ViaiMaiii^ of 10.| 
feet to a 19.2 foot front yard sefl)a<tf Hnrteiil (tf 3(1 
Ieet as required aad of 19.33 feet to aQ.67to(A skfe 
yard adjacent to a street NiRh «ftreetv ins^id^ of "20 

■ mirn'misSi^myik 9 and Part ^Lot 10,MapOf 
ae Homes, 4lM-:9eii»front. VUrtaia BAcb Bortwgh. 

4. Bailigr % ]<KfKH-,^}oBstnRttQ«Coi]ni«tio« iMMits 
; a ♦ariancei.wl « teet to a 4Vtoo(8iH>»^i6r*tn«- 
staIldlng dgn. laileBd ,oti 7 feet a«i Inquired oftliQ^ 16. 

«yB«citer224S«. Grattmeek Roa9/t>inhmB9fOtth. 

5. fkfmaaA A. immm requests Ifeet 
in f^nce hei|^ to a 6 fOot fence instead cTl 41^ 
Ugfatfenee utttallowed in a reqnlred setback «» a 
^redt (Lilt street) on Lot 10, Block 6, PrtBens'Awe 
Plasa, 413 DaH^Ua Laae. Lymhavea Boro(«|i. .n« ^ 
e, Ottddn CSdtttii and Resifks roqirafrA larteaee of 
93.5 d^«t?^«Wifr *«? Sign area^ t» 1914 «nai»|0et 
ftslead M ISi |qiihrtf^«»et of si|^ Irea h^Sm^^ai 

«»• 4 Pircel, Hmt(^,M First ^oWl Rfl«tf. Lynliawo 

■Bdt»i0: ■■>■<. ■^-' - ^;» (;• , 'y;..-:,^ 

7. -WtlMm^ tv Seotti ]reqa«^^ ^fari^ee ol 2»s iaet 

to a; 7.5 mt jm yvtH s^idt-ilblead oltOlBelu 

m(Mt^H9dT^"ftipt^ VUt^rtfia/M) mvJm U; 


;lSd»ft«i«erit^Kofttli # Pa#^««. 
imii»reatti|to«tti^de B^M^k. 
9, Eari T; ten^Mt ffqaesHT a^n^tooe^S fc«t tfft 

yard.' ****"■* '~*"**^-'" — — *— ' »«_^» 'ii-'-i-.. J. _jt u ^^^ 


lOfcdt Si4i 
iv^iditf ip^ 
: "0, ciftie 

#'>rfqiMata a variawe pf UQ Ieet toa 
AiMint to a street (CMrart ttreel) 
*- *^-ired of Lot 1, Bbiek i,smm 

If . Vll^Fik ltfr«^ reqaesU a va^ftutoe of 104^ 
ta>- 10^01^ lUay^at^iseid to t^Mreeittifaad^tf 
»»^eeC ^hfq«K!M i#Xot 7, Block 5, fiectioo @. 690 
8eipt^»dl«te,*<S5e|^' Shore Avwa.- LnMAavot Mr- 

i^«^ a variance (rf 10 feet to a Ml 
sewudc in^M Of ^ ieet ik m^ixfi 
qf 3, :t:besopeiaB Cohmy, 2701 CaMMrtt 
2fMl^ retpiMtii a varii^ iar 1» fe^ 
s^ck ia^Mdof »l«rtas 



12: C, B.* 
toot ftoht 
of Lot 96. 
Run. L 

li. c ' 

to'a l^j^ 

'ROJUl. PulgO] 

^"0' dMe yidtf^senM^^lBst^ j^ilMpas Wqrteid 
(Vest property mofha LoU 17, 18 ibdit^tftt. 
Shore Retity Corporatton. 206 76th »reet. I^raktii 
Borou^. ,^ . ^' 

15. James W. DoMoUn reqM<^l wiMM^^.iUlehet 
(»,« to toot IroBt^^M seOaek Instead of 56 ft^ as 
required of Lot »,i.;Tra«*^.8ecti6n ^;^ ■ jhidbridge 

16. Alexander 9^ Jiallartri^f jFfeMe$^ ^irfffif of 
20 feet to a SO fOot 'front 'yiird'^^^UUftaU^ 50 
feet as required of Lot if^-^Tnc* Cs*c4<* ^i 6»nd. 
bridge, Sandflddler Road. MSM^'mli 9mitK 

"• ■y-4ri«*i«. «KiaesttT%l8*«;MWlNft,to a 
28 foot ihxt yard setback InsteadoFsO M a^ l^N|«t)red 
00 a Parcel, 1.436 acres; SnpdlvmoB jot W<»etty at 
MajrUa L. Jofaasoo, HtUe Keck ?oU>t |loed. tjWiiViTen 

18. WfiUam C, Kemp requests, a varfaaee of i feet, to a 
3 foot side yanf setlA)ck iasUid ol 5 CM as rega^r^i 

64S BurberteB Dri««CtyiB^uM.SorfllCh. 

19. Noel ^i^timAa i^v^tUAeTk ^ ^^ fo a 3 

Parcel, Daria Coniet*, 5465.Vintala Beach Boulevard. 

Bayside Borqiigb. 



W. L. Tcmmi 


VBS-5y25, 6/i - 2t 

NOTIC^ 0^> ^QBiljC HEAR|h 

The regular meeting of the Council of Uie City of Vir- 
ginia Beaah wUi be JMhl in the Council Chambers of Uie 
AdmlBlstraiiaB Building, City HaU, Frliwets Asm SU- 
Uon, VirgiBU Beach. Virglaia, o« Meaday, J«m 20, 1977, 
at 1:00 l^U.i at whlcb Ume the lUlovbc apiillcaUoBS 
will be heard: . ,^ 

1. Pftiti^il9IHp».WIi%eaaBndChnilj 
head tot-,^..etai«eef:ZoiiiiNf p|s|r)ttCUs^. 
AG*1 AciApaltonl- District td '^'•2 Conrnwiit 
District 00 cestahi'^iirwerty." ' * '" ~ 
Oceau^Qbuleiiard- bevtoning^ 
less South of. Harpers, Road," 
feet alopg..4he Vest hide of 
a disUncr <o(<lS»tO feet 
line, runoiwa .difftiace of 100 
property line and running a '**^* A lM fi c 
the- N(»1heNi propeMy. line 8aJ(tyirc( .«„,.„ 

square f " or less PRINCfiSS ANME BOROUGH. 





2,.,A|)pn«||aa'.fl<l(:itt»r Corporauon 101 * wonuuiuiji^ 
Use Pfl#iii« «)r.;«retUaiMa fhdUty of an outdo^ 
nature (skatetear« park) ob certala property locatj| 
200 feet East of HolUtnd Road begla^ng at a point Mft 
feet more or less Soatb of North LaadatatBRoad, roftii 
nine a distance of SOO feet more or less along the We%o 
ten property Itoe, mnaioc ■ dtstaace of JS60 Iset 8M>re 0« 
less aloiv the Southern property Une, nmniag a distaaM 
of 500 (aet more or less along the Easter* propedgt 
Use aad nuoiaf a distance of MO feet more or less alow 
the Horthen property Uae. Said parcel coothins 3 acr«h 
mtt»jr lest. PRINCESS ARNE BOROUGH. nl 

tTMUeatiOB of Fred L. and Gayle B. WaU for a Coa«m 
tldmQ Use Permit tor recreational tacUiUes (rf an obId 
door nature (akateboard park) 00 certain property loeat«« 
on the South aide ol Sooth Lymihaven Road begiaalng atic 
point 270 feet more or less West of Magic Hollow Boule- 
vard, rwiBing a distance of 390.45 feet along Ute Soigfe 
side of South LyniAavn Road, nmning a4|si»aceof 789.23 
feet along the Western property Use and nmning a dis- 
tance of 745.69 feet aloi« the Eastern property lim 
Said pareel Is triangular In shape and contains 301 
acres, (kigie RoUow Area). PRINCESS ANNEBOROUGI) 
PUiroO EbROUGH: >d 

4. PetltiiOO Ol Allan Brock for a Change of ZonUg Distrid 
Claasmcatioii li«m AG-1 AgricnUvral District to R«l 
Residential District on certain property located on tin 
Norft side of Malbon Road beginning at a point 991.W 
feet Eut ol PrincoM Anne Road, rnnoloi a distance jqf 
TOO Aet'nloi« the North side of Malbon Rokd, nuninKili 
distance of 484.16 feet along the Eastern prot»rty Ui%4 
mnobg a (tfstaaee of 700 feet aloBg theMortben vnmtilf 
Une. kttd runnii^ a distance ol 489.38 toot alOi« thd Weif 
tern property Une. Said parcel contelns 7.851 acreA. 

5. il^pipU^^ ei Craattve Dlnpiays, bc^^sr a Coodl^ 
ttonal Use l>errait tor two 12 Ibot by SO tootbUBwarii 
OB certain proper^ batted at ttw MttrOeast coraer itf 
DVamoBd ^^ian Itoid and Buien Roid, rma^ a <ttil- 
tance of 12M7 feet aloag the East side ofManiolid 
brings Road, mm^ a ostenee (rf SM Ieet tiongfliB 
Mbrtten* pn^M^ une, raudng a di^ance of id.l^ 
feiet akMi| the Eastera property line and rmnUigadln- 
tanee of S07.S9 feet ateog the North side of Aden RO^. 
SaldSpircel cootains 1.14 acres. BAYSXDE BOROU(^. 

6. AndiMtion ol Joa^ L. Just, Jr., for a CondiUonftl 
Use rarmtt ftnr a iiomeoeeupiMoB(iuBily nMdiyiott)Qn 
Mrtala ^rbperty loiorted en tte Sooth side of ,Veod|y. 
C0B«t"bt^atf3aV at uvom 100 feet Eastof;J)yl«uDrife, 
nuudflg a distanced UM leM along tte SAdh dde«l 
Woody Court, running a distance of lUM feet atong 4he 
Easlera propnty Um, running a dirtaace itf 82 feet tIoi« 
Uie SouBMi proMHTty line and matting a dtsbode of 135 
feet atonig Vk western j^raperty line. Said« pared J^ 
known as 5621 WodAr Court and ccmtains 10;45 sqnai^ 
feet JBrandon Area). KEMPjSVILLE BOROUGH. ; c 

7. AppUeation of Jerry Ttt*ttt and Robert WetAardi^r 
a Coadltiflilil Use Permit lor a hair ^Ite andeuM* 
aatonea ocvtaln property located at ^aMflMBstemnw 
of Laskia Road and Freemac IMve, run^af a distedee 
of 100 feet more m leesitieaf the Soa» MdeolLadai 


property Une, rani^ a distance of lOO lad mutm 
Soothera m^rtf tt» «tf«i<BnBtag'*a^dMttM ol tOO 
laet more ,!»■ lew atoh^the East dde of F) 
ShU parcel contains 19.688 square feet. more or 
:|-|WN|AVKKpOROaGH. ' x^"-' 


8. PetlHoft of Gordon B. Potter, Dean S.VtiOmt, 
Lucille B. Potter and itim &y PottMr An- 
Zoning Dijrtridi Classtfieatton Iren R-S 
trict to B«) Co^Mi^'-Airineas DMriet on oe 
perty located on the RHfh side ol Laskia Road 
at a point 528.4^ Ieet West of Wnwood Drive, 
distaaee of in feet^dOM the 5ertfc Mde of ~ 
running a iHstaMe ol 1^.92 m aloi| tlie Vdstm 
|<a^ Hoc, Fuittlng a distance at WM Mt 
Soua idte^^of^LMffel Lane, ud rnnlng 1 
lOM.SI feet alOBg tfee Eaitem pn^erty we 
ocwHtts 4.45 acres. (Bltttep Area). I 

8. ^etWim of Gordim B. Potter, Dean S. Fottw^ji^ 
iMMille fi. Po^r and John Ray Potter tor a.Chai«e4l 
loBlag Oistriet Classification from R-S ItMldMUai I^ 
trid to 0-1 (NSlce Mstrict oft eertalh. i^Qpei^ loeatel 
on the North side of Ladin Road b«0fli3j« al a |i^ 
iS0.feet m>re or less West ai Vttwobd ttiw, ^^—'^ 
A dtstnee of 271.60 feet alow Uie Nortti sideitfl 
9oBd, rmnUv'a tfstaace of imM laef aloimtiie We 
jhPMei^ Itoe, running a distance of 204.42 fesAjiloaFl 
^Batm side a Laurd Lane and remrlng a 
1119.29 Met aloif Ike Eastern property Una. Said L- .„ 
OOMalns 5.839 acres, (ffll^ Area). LYNNHAVteN BQ9i 
0W3H. •" ' tfl 

Ip. PetWoB of Gordon B. Potter, Dmb S. Potter, Jt) 
t.iidlle ^. Potterind ^m Ray Potter for a Change^ 
ZoBlni Dtstrirt Cl«sBiflcatlon from R-5 RenldeBlial Uti 
triet to R-3 ^ttertial District ob Mrtala prapeinr 
tonted at the NorUnrot corner oS LasUn Itoad aad Win- 
wood tlrive, running a distance of 2S4.6S feet along 4f 
Nor^ side of Laakln Road, running a distaoee of 1119.91 
feet along the Western property line, runnlac a diktance 
of 290.36 feet along ttie South side of Laqrel Laoe and 
running a distance of 1153.S Met along the test side Of 
WUiWOod Drive. Said parcel contains 6.535 acres. (HiU- 



11. Ml^ea>tion ol OUver B. Odom for a Conditional UfV 
Permit fbr recruittoBal facUiUes of an outdoor /latini 

ffiltehoard park with a. pro atop and snack bar) 00 «tir 
property on the Morth side of Hidly Road bogianiit 
at a pohit 471 flaet ttor« or less Northeast of the Uiteg. 
lection with 16th Street, rnnniiig a distance of 317 l«i 
ndis or less in a Northeasterly dlreettoo, nmnlncM 
diataneeof 7l,fiMt BKire or leas in a Southeasterly direfla 
Uon, , running a diMuet ol 230 Ieet more or less in a 
NortheriydtrBCtioB, ruming a distance ol 419 fiet morti 
or kss In a Soutkwesterly dtrectian, and. rmttng a difr 
tioee of 241 feet non or less in a Southerly dinettON» 
Said Mrcel eofttaUu 2.3 acres more or less. VIRGINiA 


12. Pftitton of Robert B. and Katftryn HiU Vonner fnr 
a Oianfi of ZonUig District ClaMUteatton mm OhI 
OfHee Dlatrict to R.9 Residential Towntonse District en 
eertaia praperte located at tte Noi^hvest lBterseetioB4l 
BoUy Rpad antfloUy Cnsoent, nmatMadlstaaeeor 40t J^ 
feet along ttM West tide of Holl^ Road, runidag a distaadr 
of 304.92 lift along the Nortkan property line aad ron^ 
mng a distanee at 911 feet «ore «r bs iloi« the Eni^ 
aide of Holly Crescent. Said pireel eontaUis 1.42 acren 
p««r«.)n'>A«'.(LJW0|tt«^Pnrk Area). 


l>.MHhi tf Mlekiil ft. Bants and John J. Carvalho. 
Jr., Wf aXondttifloal Use Permit to operate a Jlo Fed- 
Bicycle Bi»itii na certain property loented on the Ead 
Udeof vvinue, 100 feet South of IkUiStre^ 

profltrtr « t^H^iin Atwater Hotel parhlim lot. 
U ^a Ibat^ lt.SS feet. VIRGIjflABSACR 

rm - 6/1/77, 6/9 - tt 





Virfiirift B«tefe tai, Jwt 1. 1977 - B-9 

Bi im i#% ^ I 


^ U8B0 AW WWHim 

<MSN«t^v«i^ elos^ ftw Men Mil tofMi^W 
glfflfr ^- ^!^»^ <^ »e Cto or VinWt BtMk aatf 
•mtn ^ ttelr ^mtdittii hmn «rc oat cO^U* 

s 1. JtAniM^ AwtftODeer 

<tee/i - IT 

ubiic Notices 


OKOat or ilVMJCAtlOII iJS?ur^'^ 

BfitrHWlit "" 

MtNtaiSFi . 

•' ^* „ * 

". >• . 

mamnomt v 

Hmet^Wtmrnt^t^nm tktt tiie Oty Cottctt of tNi 
tlt^tal^iMI Sitdii rvi^Ui jriU w Moidiv, i«M Ml 
tt 1t»if«i<iltrCoia^^iMii«te at 1:06 p:«^ toVMO^ 
CflVHdt aMmtert. Cir .MB^atnttai BOMttv, MiiUel- 
|ttt^tt«ri YtifiaU^fi^ Vtrgltfi. m^nOdtrlk^ 
idnriit 4i|Niici^oii for t eontitioMl we |wr9tt lora »gtw 

«te> tbc WorsiiUtti (rt ttt pridit. tN MVUcttU» awl tt* 
lPl«oiMiMiM'tett«i Wtkt PliMfatCwftWrti WO^ft^d ife 
IMUeaHoi <K im»'&ma IntemittoMl, lii. t^i^ 
rfMottt 4to» rvratt ton t ncrcttloullkefii^ (^aa Vit^ 
«»or HftMwMillr attdt) OB eortatiinpitffy lo^tM ^ , 
Mm Wfst M» of AtlaiiUe Anwo iMfiiiiaiii.^ i foUt in 
ll^ Soiidi of fkM StiMt, ruUiic a dUta^ Of jMl 
iiwt more (M* t^ akM| tto Easten pMjpfrty UmM 
ikleii 219 feet Is tbe West tMe of Attuil^A«ifi^ 
Iraoiat a distuiee oi tf6 feet ouwe a:iMe«lfl«|ttie 
^Vnten property Uae aod rna^ a ttsfUMie (A W 
4Ni aloat «e Rtnrtben property line. 8al« llin«kt tt 
trttMCalar !» sl«pe an* cortaiBS lWjHei%J|j» 
4i9«l Area). VntGnOA BEACH Alfp LYMUfiAforl^- 
QitoGtBS. ■ ■ ,. :*,, 

silinM Connlasleo RedMoneadi^bo: 
mmSSk «as passed oiiaaimooflf )>r tbe PIUaM Cofl- 
H[^pHi% a recorted vote (tf 10 to mwove afs rer 

J^tbe infbndattoD <rf the apiOlcnl^ priof lo tke If • 
iwiiee of a boUdti*^ permit, IlirfQilowliif will bet^ 
qalred bf ^ atbalBlstratlye staff: , r^ 

i|. TUs «se penntt to llmtted to a S leal- period. 
^. 9buidaid immroTOmeirts as reqsfred br tlie lite Plui 
^OMtau^. This Is to luelodc atf ri^-ol-#t]r mifnm- 
«e«lB ^«ai«. fottir. sld^ralks. and any neeeMtfnpMft^ 
)mm *iigo^) OB the streete aiiyiMMBt fo (lu m». 
'^B.Ctj^w^rfMflever. ., , . . r, 

M the site jd^ mwt he revised to todicate an i^em^r 
flAe intMna! traffic drcnlitfloB system prior lo ffaHl alte 
flim qiproval. ■■■•■■-.»> 

«. A tOtM of 109 aee^tat^ puttog Jvaees vrUl ^ re* 

4fiA ireswvatloo of area wlU br r«|dredfnr tfie prao^ 
idltttoM Rndee Inlet drid^e as^ shorn o« the deslg* 
itt^ o^filt in the CHy fii^Neriai Wvlstai; 
^li^ertlQa of this ue tHEtted W 9:00 P^^^ 
^n# appUeatloa vas s^isequeDtly denied Iqr Caty OoMh 

[ J. VrilllOO, City ClMdCr;f::*i m VhOiU- m-^i Wi iO 

mf'^i ^': Vii i ir I I J 1 : I I... nil; iu:.:i ii i : ^/yr :.-.;;? 
3 B| W » ! P»UCAIIUH yffl* S. .* %*'*I S S 

Aad M^attdatit hatipg''' 

rflni4 ''iMnnh ''VttiMfav sMI 

eoMdr Of iHitntiMi tti 
ilifiBdiBl Iflffiiiiil iftliff 

hM«af».ifld.4tf«MM9kt jdH 

MdlMM^JMlHlMtii- JP 


ii i' iiiiti 

A edpy 
FnlnM - 

8yi StMtt A. KHMhaa, Ot^ 


dt ' •- • ' v:*it 

cttftt or wBucAfiM m_^f>i^KPL g*y J< 

k 4M Owk's OOlee dflfet Vtiliitl Mckt a the Mh 





tin MY 

SS^S^t^Ri^t;. PS|^the<M;sf 

to Dan- 


tte CiMf s Ofltoe of 
themr^att Co»t oTtheCfty 
el ftagltfif Beaeh, VA. on 

^fie 0^^'^ Oils suit is 

roHUi-ift^awnlgpiM from 

sdMTdil^&wti optti the 


datMlaii^ 4M tkt m ilimtt^ flttdia) J^ 

/I4 attdavif havihf 
d#Mdaat is A lon^resideBt 
gP the State of' Tlrttela. 
flb lltt haown post (^4» 
0drecs Mbr lldmnnref 

iriMt Is orde^ ttat he 

m appter here ^Un tan 

tt) ^lys alter dni giddica- 

"* ili^tf,'aMl dinvhatmay 

■SHMury toMoteet his 


-. taf74^te: Johp Yr 


Mti a: Xeeneban. 

iPUUmn B.icolona, Jr. 

mtMtf BtedH VA ^MSl 

-n- ■ ji,;v ■•.- 


^: .-:..' . :'. 

-I- .. 


la tte Cleft's Office of thl 

CIrddt Conrt ottteClty<of 

firMMa BAm^ VAv. ee »< 


VBttei^ Ethertdfe, 


ittfivrt '^ '--- ~ 

tertf Jemi iH^its Ethe* ' 

««||Mi «Mert M tUi mt 
If itt dMatt A dtMrce a 

In the Clerk's OOlM^lit 


T&^mit Bi^ VA.. H|to 


Unt Thomas Garris, 



Genevieve Am Sldmnl 



The ohieet of tUeaifil 
is to oMaIn a divide* a vm^ 
eolo matilmonU iran'^ 
said dMndaob anm die 
iroanteef dasM^on 

And an affidavit havMf 
been made aid fUad^tttt^ 

of the 8t^dnnnMt,1l» 

lai^ jmom port , dfltee ndd- 


ch^, 3qo Wedl Wi 

Avenae, Geaiiiifl 

97»S ft 'is 

she do i«pMr N^ «WIM 

ten mmf§a»mp0- 

may he aeeesiailr tvtnt^A 

her hterest tortWilrii. 

A oopy-Teste: Jolm t. Fei- 


By: FatU A. Keeoehan. De- 

poty Claarfc 

Gtenn9.licClahat . T 
4tf South iMMMtftdad 
Viriiala |ip^ iTA: iSdiS 

YBS4/W, iffi,^i, M 

— ■■■»> ■■!■■ - I iPjiP— i^— 


la the a«(kfaOBtoetifte 

drew Coot ctrnm^vt 

yinm Beaeh* YA^en the 

SUpten Bohert Pl^, 

PlalBtur; , 
alibirt'' '''-'' 

1%e obiiet of this siril Is 
lo dJian tdtooreeaftn- 

n ■ 




\ .Si 

ORDHt. & 

JDT Hit <fl^*ie^- 

Intie Vlifliia 

A iMaMMHr el 


Tit eiiia dl MfMit 

aiPiaNm |P«mi -^P^fl^^ 

A^l glUl li l. D.C. 


m^. •/! 


Apd, an afiidavtt ha««f 
daHodait is awm-r^i^ 

M» «mtt i^fS^J^' 



am wy bineces«ryte 

A«W-Twt»= "^■^• 


^tti A. iwwBrtMm, De- 

of adtftery ni|/«'dM|ir- 

delMhtf It a Bon>>JMil 

rwi bM^^M^^^ 

tm wMmmjUfMff 

satf iopvM 
A«abr-Tbsto: Mm% 


A «i«y*3iii: W* V. ra». _ 

!!!?*1-Jji-*.— ^ fw: '^%Pi«l'«»#to Willi 

VlrfMa'Baa«l,<t)L>lMMl ^nSTS^nT^J^ai 
VBS'l/iS«S/M. •/!.«/*« S&^S^S£t 



Fridarlct iMttiji 






b the Orcnlt Coert 
of the City of Vlr^iiaBefedi 
OB the Ml day of May, I«?7 
In re: Adcpttoa ot Michael 
DoM Trail, and diaag e of 
name to Michael Dipi Nelll 
by: Stephen WrlfhtMeU, and 
6m (Pristine am Agnstio 

nvia, his «ife. ^ 

, Ctr-744 
Tte cli|«:t (tf the above 
styled 9w Is to Mcnre the 
•dention of Mtdiael Deao 
1^, iaUtA, by Stepten 
Wrl|ht Belli and Ann Chris- 
tine San Acaatifl NeiU, the 
aatatl mother <tf the said 

eUld; iUm Chrl^imSmiAc- 
«^ Biffll, havlBf consented 
to, said uk^tioa and also to 
effect toe diaoge ot surname 
of the aaldlafantfrom Mich- 
ati Bean TraU to Michael 
Dean NelU; and 

tt vpeurihg by affidavit 
Iliad acoirdlng to law that 
the luA taiovn address of 
the pataM father/Carroll 
rrands Trail, Jr., was iZd 
mie^reet, SaBlHe|o,Cali- 
tomla, it Is therefore OR- 
DERED that the said Carroll 
Francto Trail, Jr., do ap- 
pear beftoe this Court wtth- 
10 tendaysafterduepublica- 
Oon'of this Order and do 
trhat is mtcessary to protect 
hit tiderest to.tlMs proceed- . 
tag; and 

^RED that this order be 
piMlihed once a mefk tor 
tovr snccessive wedcSlntbe 
Tbrgiida Beach Am, anews- 
pi^ havlBK general ciroi- 
fitloo in the City of ViTKlnia 
Beach, VirKlnia. 
A Cap! Teste - John V. 
redd^s. Clerk 

a' Patti A. Keeaehan, D.C. 
eaander P. Smith 
Attorney for petitioners 
Sniito, Power and Owens 
1412 Marittme Tower 
Mortolk, Virginia 23510 

VBS-6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22-4t 


In the aeit's ofilee of the 
Circtttt Court of the aty of 
VltginU Beach, on the 24 
day of May, 1977. 
In re: Adoftion of Orlando 

By: Woodrow Wilsrai Smith 
Dorotlgr Mae Smitti and Er- 
nestine Smith Hairstcm 
T«: WUUe Shorter 
Lttrt known address: 
4945 Ersktoe Street 
Yirginte Beach, Va. 


This day came Woodrow 
Wilson SmUh, Dorothy Mae 
Smito and Ernestine Smith 
Hairston, Petitionee, and 
rq>resented that the object 
ot thto proceeding is to ef- 
fect toe adoption of the above 
named tofui, Orlando Jay 
Smllh, by tjToodrow Wilson 
Smito add Dorothy Mae 
Smith, hnsband and wife, and 
liltoavtt having been nuule 
mid Jiled thaTwiUie Shor- 
t«dr, a natural phrent of said 
Alid, is a non-resident of 
tie SUte of Virginia, toe 
last known post c^ce add- 
ress being: 49« Erskine 
Street, Virginia Beach, Vir- 

It is Oerefore Ordered 
that the said WiUie Shorter 
appear btfore thto Court 
withto ten (10) days after 
poblicatlon ta UdsOrderand 
tofficate hto/her attUvde 
tomrd the proposed adop- 
tion, w otherwise do what is 
necessary to protect his to- 
tWMt to thto mMer. 
A copy teste: John V. 
Feetress, Cterfc 
Chirles S. Montogna 

m AtlanUc Nattmial Bank 
Rortolk, Va. 23510 
VBS-4/1, 6/8,6/15.6/2241 

H toe Clerk's Offlee of toe 
Cbreitt Court of the City of 
Vliflnta Beach, on the 19th 
diy of May, 1977. 
I^tNMCLevister, Jr., 

SMMra Phdpn Levirter, 

the el4e<A of thto sidt U 
to dhtoto a dlvglPM a vin- 
ento matolmoidtftoii the said 
drtMdait von toe grondsef 
one yaai' to touB. 
And akaflida^knvli«beeB 
and ftted ttet toe de- 
to a non-r^dmd «f 
a pg offieeMMnMhe- 

mm ^rtagMMrytoid B to 

herMMn teiff m i^ nf- 
ttt- e^ |BbUeMM . tmem, 
and dai wlat BM|' Jbe i^^s- 
Mriy^^t^rt her Mu-Mt 

A M|nr-Teste: John V. 
rmdress, Clerk 

S'l J. Cnrtto Fruit, Dqwty 
Ckiew A Cooper 
laiO Halted Virginia Bank 
NortoOc, Virginia 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15-4t 

Vizftoto: to toe Clerk's 
Otttee of toe JnvenOe and 
Domestic Rdations Court of 
the City of Virgtoto Beach, 
on toe 17to day of May, m-r 
CommoBweatth of Virgtoto 
to re: SMtt David Un^bert 
aka BUly rineher 

The^obleet of thto proceed- 
ing to to s^Mirato the above 
named infant, tMMi of Linda 
h. Linriwrf A Benry Caba- 
loa permanMtly from its par- 
ent, parento, or guardian and 
to commit stid tofSnt to toe 
care and rastody of the Vir- 
gtoto Beach Dqpartraent of 
Social Servtees wito theri^ 
of said i^eney to consent to 
the infant's edoption. 

And anaflidavlthavingbeen 
made and filed that Linda L. 
LlMlwrg A Hairy Cabaloa 
are a proper pany to thto 
proceeding; but due diligence 
has ben used to ascertain 
to what cooB^ or corpora- 
tiott he to, without effect, it 
to ORDERED that Linda L. 
Unebert A Hairy Cabaloa 
do appear here withto lOdays 
after dtae publication hereof, 
and (to what may be neces- 
sary to protect their interest 
to tois suit. 

A copy Teste: Elizabeth E. 


Katoy S. Brotoers, Deputy 


Sheito Bidi, Dqit. of 

Social Services Va. Beach 


of the Stoto of Virgiida. the 

last kagHrn pMt offl«> add- 

nm brtng: 527 Eaid Pait 

Avem»r Siwnah, Gecogia 

31401 it to ordered that be 

do j|ip«ir here with tea 

(10) (toys after due piMia- 

Hoin hereof, and do wl»t may 

be necessanr to protect hto 

iatO'est in this suit. 

A eqnr-T^e: Jota V. 

repress, Clerk 

By: J. Curtto Fruit, De- 

p«y. Clerk 

Moss A Moss 

1505 First Virginto Bank 


Norfolk, Virgiato 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 4t 


to the Cleit's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City 

of Viigioto Beach, on the 

ITto day of May, 1977. 

Martha C. Davis, 



Samuel Ray Davis, 


The (M^ect of this suit is 
to obtoto a divorce a vto- 
culo matrimonii from the 
saU defendant upm the 
grounds of having Uved sep- 
arate and ^>art for more 
than one year, to-wit: since 
January 30, 1974. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that the 
d^endant to a non-residoit 
of the Stole of Virginia, the 
last known post office add- 
ress being: P.O. Box 151, 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma it 
to ordered that he do appear 
within ten (10) days after 
due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary 
protect his interest in this 

A copy-Teste: John V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, De- 
puty Cleit 

WHUam H. Colona, Jr. 
1397 Laskin Road 
Virginto Beach, Virginia 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/1? 4t VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 4t 

liiitfi I i I »ii.V 

\. .. - ... K . . 

VIRGINU: to the Clerk's 
Office of the circuit court 
of the city of Virginto Beach 
00 the ITto day of May, 1977 
to re: Adoption of ^qdien 
John Setaer, 

By: Robert 0. Bowman and 
Mary E. Bowman 

To: Mr. Howard E. Setter 

MOSCOW, Pennsylvanto 

to Chancery 

This day came Robert 0. 
Bowman and Mary E. 
Bowman, Petitioners, and 
rqxresoited that toe object 
of tms proceeding to to ef- 
fect Uk adoption of the adMve 
nam<Ml (s), Stqihen John 
Setter, not a mimH*; by Ro- 
bert 0. Bowman and Mary 
E. Bowman, huaband and 
wife, and affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
Howard E. Setaer, a nat- 
ural parent of said child, 
to a non-resident of the 
Stoto of Virginto, the last 
tattwn post (rffice address 
being: Route 1, Moscow, 
Pennsylvanto 18444 It to 
thertfore Ordered that the 
aaid Howard E. Setaer af- 
pear btf ore this Court wito- 
in ten (10) days after pub- 
lication of this Order and 
indicate his attitude toward 
the proposed ademption, or 
otherwise do what to nec- 
essary to protect hto in- 
tw«d in thto matter. 

A copy^.tMte: John V. 

Fentress; Cleit 

By: J. dartto Fnit. Die. 

Mlltom H. Colona, Jr. 


Vir^a Beadh. Virginto 


VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8. 6/15 4t 

ftan ff ' i"'!' 

jlil'IH '* , 1 'J IfM Vv- 


to toe Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City of 

Virginia Beach, on the 17th 

day Of May, 1977. 

Sheirie Carol Kincy 




James Alfred Robinson, 


The object of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a vin- 
culo matrimonii from the 
said defevlant upon the 
^tmnds of one yearsepara- 

And an affidavit havii« 
beoi made and filed that 
toe d^endant is a non-re- 
sident of the State of Vir- 
ginto, the last known post 
Office address being: 704 
MacArthnr Avenue. Porto- 
geville, Missouri it is or- 
dered that he doaK>earhere 
withto t«i flO) days after 
due publication hereof, aod 
do what may be necessary 
ti protect his interest in 
this suit. 

A o^-teste: John V. Fen- 
tress, Cleik 

• J. Curtis Fruit, De- 
puty, Clerk 

Tidewater Legal Aid Society 
147 Granby Street 
Norfoto, Virginia 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 4t 

to to* Clerk's {Mice ot the 
areatt Owrt of toe C^ 
of Tto^itonneh, on the 
17th day of 1^.1977. 



fito^b^eef of thto tott to 
to mat i dl^itree a vtn- 
enia^aMrtiinai fttu toe 
atH d^tadant wm the 
of t iMramtta- 
«B affHavtt imviag 

to toe Clerk's Office of the 
Circidt Court of the City 
of Viii^a Beach, VA., on 
toe 6th day of May, 1977. 
David R. GledhUl, 

Carolim GledhUl, 

The object (rf thto suit is 
to obtoto a divorce a men- 
sa et thor to be toter mer- 
ged hito a dtvu-ce a vioculo 
autrlmoaii from the said 
defendant, <qKW the grounds 
of DesertioB. 

And an afttdavit having 
I made and filed that the 
deliBdaat to a non-resMad 
of the SMe <rf Vlrgiida, the 
ittrt known port office add- 
ress betog: 1653 McKay 
»rert, WMnpa. Dlincds, 
60085 tt to ordered toat ahe 
do upe^ here iMito ton 
(10) daytafterdnepMtoa- 
ttoB howt, BBd do what amy 
be aacmmrytojmlodher 
A copy-Teste: Jotoi V. 

^ Fattl A. ffrntahan. De- 



808 SMOttve BMg.-Amaf 


m-5^11, 5/18,5/^,6/1 

bi toe Cterk's Offlee of the 
Cimitt Court of the City of 
Virginto Beach. Va on the 
6to day of May, 1977. 
Charles L. McCatoy and 

Charles L. McGatoy and 

Vierto C. McGathy. 



Robert Caron, 


The object of thto aiilt 
to to obtain a declandi»7 
jadgement pnrsnaid to Sec- 
faon a)-90 of the Code of 

And an affidavit having 
beoi made and fited tint 
the defendant to a non-re- 
sident of the Stateof Vir- 
ginto, toe last known post 
office &ddre«s being: No. 
243, N. Juarez Avenue, Cai- 
dul Juarex, Mexico it to 
ordered that he do appear 
here withto ten (10) days 
after due publication here- 
of, and do what may be ne- 
CMsary to protect* his in- 
terest in this suit. . 
A oqiy-Teste: John V. 

By: PatU A. KeoMhan, De- 
puty, Cleit. 
Alex H. Adkins 
306 Exec^ve Bldg.-Janaf 
Norfoto, VA 23502 

VBS-5/1 1,5/18,5/15,6/1 


to toe Cleric's Office of the 

Circuit Court ct the City 

of Virginto Beach, VA., on 

the 4th day of May, 1977. 

Nancy Anne Travto, 



James Jos^ Travis, 


The object of thto suit 
is to obtato a divorce a 
mensa et thoro from the 
said defendant, qwn the 
grounds of Desertion as of 
January 8, 1977. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and tiled that 
the defendant to a non-re- 
sidoit of toe State of Vir- 
ginia, the last knomi^peet 
office address being: Box 
5U, #320. Port Orange 
Branch, Daytona Beach, 
Florida, 32019 it is order- 
ed that he do ^ipear here 
withto ten (10) days after 
due piddication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary 
to protect hto interest iir 
thto suit. 

A copy-Teste: J(dm V. Fen- 

By: Patti A. Keendian, De- 
puty, Clerk 
John D. Hooker, Jr. 
2625 Prtocess Anne Road 
P.O. Box 6363 
Virginia Beach, VA 

5/11, 5/18, 5/25, 6/1 4t 


In the Clerk's Ofllce ot 
tee Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginto Beach, on 
the 3rd day of May, 1977. 
In re: Adcqition of an to- 
fant fifteen (15) years of 
age, born Nieva Lorenzo 
Eugenio, to be renamed 
Nieva Lorenzo Luces 
By: Artero Bores Luces 
aikl Lualhati Lorenzo 
To: Teo(k>ro Nicdao 
Sto. Rosario 
Malolos, Butocan 
Philippines 31 

This day came Arturo 
Bores Luces and Lnalhati 
Lorens) Luces, Petttion- 
ers, and rqiresented ttoit 
the (AJect of thto proceed- 
ing is to effect the adop- 
fion of the above namedte- 
tont Nieva LomzoEugenio 
to l>e renamed Nieva u>r- 
oizo Luces, by Arturo 
Bores Luces and Loalhati 
Loreuo Lines, haaband 
and wife, and affidairtt hav- 
ing been made and fUed 
that Teodoro Nicdao En- 
goiio, a natural parod of 
said child, is a non-re- 
skted of toe^te of Vir- 
ginto, toe tost kBowB port 
(Mc9 aditoess brtng: Sto. 
Rosario. Ihkdos, Ma - 
OA, PhiltoPtoM 31. 

R to tteretore CMered 
that the aahl Teodoro Nto- 
dM Eugei^ appear belMre 
thto Covrt wltotokm (m 
days afiw prtdtoatte n of 
thte OrdM- and toMcate hto 
attttude bnrard toe pre - 
posed adt^oB, » otter- 
wise do vtet is aeeeMttir 
to prrteet Ms i^r^ to 
A cm ^^ Mm V. 

]N: P^A>reiiihaBD.C. 


^/ll, 5/l84/»,l/1 


■■■—-- - - ^ -^ . 






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l^rglnte bUBowforthe 
laife podded peaaat tritfA 
ia wtiA raw. nttad, aatted 
^^ and to caaOtea aad 
eoirfKtioaB. Toe lalnva- 
tloa.oa tow to mnm* 
aoadertai viriailteUiaiw 
^kmg wttii a pdecboB (tf 
redpaa to Wte li rala Pea- 

Fatoato, P;0. Bn 1183. 
RidUKad. Va; 2S»9. 

FREE WO(X> - Fran old 
ihod, good for llrelrood, 
caU 427-2211 or ^-0100 

Maktit. CaU MS-I448 af- 
ter ^1:30 p.m. 

4IEED TO USE an oid-o(- 
to«a tolephOM dtrectory? 
We have a ton (tf thekn at 
the iStesiveato PiAUc Li- 
brary Headquarters. 
■ -■ I - " - If ■ ' 

FEDERAL TAX itfmuk-- 
tioB aad anistaace. CaU 
hatweea fia-ait aad 4:45 
PM. Tribqitoae 461-3770. 

aailiy li lt:lQ p-ai. at 
m LttrwyJOl. p. cay 

F|iEE>Bal^^. Moat are 
Jnalor alM, le#«iaU)aH. 
Good for audcing^liy. Call 

ra£E-Bows of clottes- 
wiot dothec, am^mi- 
nitely rise 4rs, AU sixes 

CaB 410-3144 



CaU vn-tim 

aa WAT to aMke a trae 
teag diataaca telMtooe 
ea£ dtal lOO-SSS-lia to 
fted oat if tto party you're 
eaUlag has atall-iree(SOO) 

' ' * 

vrriES-Sory and movies, 
craft days aad piqppet stows 
CaU Children Co-ordtoa- 
tor, Peggy Forehand at 

FREE Iteary eud eatft- 
tea yea to aU Oe books 
yoa eaaraad. Coawtoaay 
of oar tow locattoas: 300 
Cedar Road, €liic Ceater- 
Tajdor Raad 4 ftttsBMMtt 
lipvd. - Waatcra . Bfaarh- 
Foiadexter A Daeatnr, 
Soalfc RarMc - ladiaB 
Mm* Road A ^arrav 
Band. R«« toeatfoa ta Jtt- 
aary at Gaena WiAiagtoa 
It MUitary Hwy. 

you're in tte market for a 
Bsed car, there's a firm 
law to protert ywat^atA 
adometer fixiag, ndliflg 
bade the mUeage eomrter. 
Write for toe free folder, 
"Coaawaer ProtectioR Un- 
der New Airtitarapertiy 
Odometer Law," from the 
KMicMal H^iray Tnffic 
UMj AteiMstratiM, 400 
Sevmth St. S.W., Watfdag- 
tottD.C. 2m». 

Rm A nui m wittirim 
fer your 19 tf* Baiting? 
brary oflni ^9$ pf aginuM 
Ml e^ttntfidUsa, M^Mat 

pec^ie dotog flMa dan? 
S%e onm ite dtol Wm 
ttMre are iMMi MvM. 
Fm- miM^MMi^^lrw 
itf Mars*. viM tenUtt 
Natlmal Teitam MBct, 
MO Fifth 'mmmr Mt 
Xmk, N.Y. I«m. 

COUGH - Free to flrst 
peiaon ttat hauls it away. 

FREE COURSE - On per- 
dual etfki^cy and 
elara^fer traits for peo^ 
idciAer 21. No oiriigatlbn. 
CaU 411-5231 or register 
at 200 64th St.. Va. Beach. 

FREE ROOiCLET with info 
OB Aeal plaaaiig, tooA 
cei^ aad rtopirfag htots. 
R's aU in tta a pagaa 
of "Yoor IfOMf't Worth 
ia Fooda." Write ttaCon- 
s«a«r htormatioa Ceidar, 
tat 88TE, Pneblo. Goto 

FREE nCTURb itOOK lot 
pre-schoolen that «x- 
plaiaa good eating htidts 
and MMtion, "The Thing 
The Professor Forrot. 
Free co|des are avaitebie 
firom: Consumer Ii^rma- 
tion, Dept. Q., Pnebto, 
Colorado 81009. 

"Provoker" aupoine. 
Vataxbte infwmlftion aboirt 
poinaa biprocesaad foods. 
HERBAL remadias: Write 
Prevotor PreM/ St. Ca- 
UicrinM, as, Oirtario L2R 

the poUic, on ^mday at 
3 p.m., aponsored Igr tto 
Sd^tidpp Miaatod of Va. 
Reach, nis lecture coa- 
een» "The Potoitial A- 
UUties of Man aad How 
Be Cu Realise Them," 
and tt« emotkmal tone 
acate. CaU 428-5231 for 

beta everyone should 
knoa dxnt eye care from 
Ote Virginia Sodefy tor 
Uw PrfvapttcpbM Bltod-^ 
mm.: Piirywtr Irae «^ I 
of "Your Eye for a Ufel t 
time of 8i^" write.Pre- 
veirt Rlimtoess, Box 2090, 
Richmoad, Va. 23216. 

FHEE-%»ecial 2 year old 
story hour at Chesapeake 
Head^iarters Library in 
Qnaf Bridge. Every Tues- 
day at Ham. 

BE 'raEREwbeatto bears 
atite ai^ Free eolor Im- 
eMN taUa you aboot va- 
caMalag ia tte Great 
Oaakiai, la S^im or 
•qftUae. Write i^vuie 
Chamber of Cammer^, 
lOU, Aah^lUe, N. C. 

FREE torxa munre for 
gardaas. CaU 421-2546. 

FREE-For aMepiif^vto 
vaal to BacBa MBwrei iile. 
Leara how to li^mveyour 
lifo, hamOa pRAlema and 
a^av* war potaaUal ne- 
eesa in life. AvailaUa aoir 
to VlrgiBte Beaeh. Seven 
tours paAedMlof aae^de 
data . oa eonaaiiieatioa, 
parpoaes aad goals aad hov 
to achieve them. Take ad- 
vantage of tWa opportunify 
to teirti how to dmage na- 
aaatod toadttioas in your 
CBvirtmieid. Free. WiUi 
MdiUntioa. feialNduee 
setaiiaiogy, tto phOoaophf 
yoa caa appto to ttfo. Re- 
gister si SM-aad Strtot 
i>r"CaU IUa«B».. 

FREE-Cooaerdal bdt 
radtt. Five 464- 

Jwft maUing UsU. Write 
to the Direct HaU Maitat- 
m Association, 6 East 
43Pd Street, New Yortc, 
R.Y. 10017 and ask for tteir 
"MUM removal tonn." 
Tiey'n get the j<A doae, 
to clurgQ, 

DOHT PAY for it. G^ it 
&«e at tte ReadqpMrters 
Chs«9^ Pa^^ U- 
miy: orWaUpirtaHifBby 
local ar&ia, tt^woad 
■topics. Ml Boi^Ttare to 
denrate wwr lime. We 
also haw 10^ of Jtm in- 
fnvatioa to deeonte ytmr 

ATTEVTKMn!!! laduMrtel 
Md eoM^i^iM ftnH, 
Um toidtei of iU HU^ 

iH> 4* PBWM of 

RifWE PUmfG a siMie 
d^M^v^ for yte topy, 
Mr a mtf IfjHRt 
crMeal tMato' 
of JteMH^t 

taBH PMkr^lMB U ' 

>mmm, QMm tm » a. 

JI.W>. WliMntiih. 0.C. 


ige& 3 to 6, on Wednes- 
days at 7 p.m. and Satur- 
days at 11 a.m. Chesapeake 
Headquarters Library m 

FREE LIST of hoiM ap- 
Idlaw^ wtth tov lila-%cle 
mAs (parctasc price plus 
aaarnr eos^. For yoar 
eonr to 'G^ Lite-Cycle 
CttloBg irf Appliances," 
wrM CQiawBer > Rows, 
on^ of Coosunter Af- 
Mrii, WaJNUagtoo, DC, 

FREE FIte programs for 
kl«» at ^cm% Neefc, Win- 
dKH' Wooda aad Virginia 
Baa^ biuch Ubraries ev- 
ery Saturday BMntag. 
ConUct 340-2987 for in- 
formatioo on fllm titles, 
times and dates. 

which U0m A% 
p.m. each night, on 418- 
1971 tor reservatioaa. 

qp wiUi the Joneaaa.^aa 
Uie Joneses by starttag 
your own bank; Details 
FUEE! Write: TM Btfk- 
er, Box 6869, ^ Soa* 

on auhwobUe taeoRie fax 
deda^laiai «at toeflMMjB- 
formattdAai stetejuo^ 
and warn tpxMi^ tittta tte 
Ameriola AatoooMtt Jkk- 
aociatioB, 8111 QitrtAacr 
Rd.,FaUs Church, ti. 

Up-to-tha-hour. Haiantaa 
Roatearaa forecaM. iHal 

FREE 'raAVEL^c^adar 
Us^ evwteadMditedtor 
the inld-AUuttto ar«i thia 
winter and spring. Copiea 
are avaUable by writing 
ChM^teake Bay Bridge - 
TuBBitt. Dcfit. HB, Cape 
Chariea, Va. 23310. 

t-SpecId HiMew 

FLEA MARKET - to Moy- 
ott, H.C. at tta vUlaga. 
Cnae bay a bargainor rent 
a naee ud seU your }flrik. 
Cao Wayne Sales Co. 919- 

AUTO JUNK-We bay Jank 
«*)^ trucks, ba^BcCaU 

AUTO CRUIfflra-A-l ^Ik . 
car removiag. All ^r* 
totpad amy free. Fotaar- 
viM. n5-4011. 

itEACR ns 9W0VUL 
LOOtmiG tor pool Advarttsfr 
aato twWtoes vitt toitf ate. 
Cyi 5«r-«71 todiy. 

<^eck our prices and 
napnr offset qaaUty. We 
steo print aewiptpinii for 
e^tegaa, highaetools|«l- 
MuT bates, ehnrdMa, 
prodacl. QaaUty 
tef priee, foit aarvka. 
£^»iileta typaaMtiM fae- 
naiaa. For eattarti call 
Kta Cari«y(54T-4S71)or 
R«rris Bly (617-5020). 


REWARD: AU white femate 
m, ahort-hairad, red cel-.> 
ter withtM. Dlaappearad May 
ItA, Lord DuaaoMre DrlTe, 
filrlield. KerapsviUe 499- 
257 J. 

Tsults, %\,t mw- 

kins. 1305 v,? 

MerrUl Islawi, .fi- 
32952. 1-305-452-035& 

6-Aa(iatooMtoa for Sale 

OLOSMOBILE • 1976 Cut- 
lass Salan, luxury eanlp - 
ped, new radlals, UflDited 
warranty, mint conditioa, 
excellent mileage. 428-0367 

Miat means a friend aear- 
by. Help drive crooks 
craxy! For free mamtor- 
shlp inforouLtlaa write: 
Sinokay Beair 1, CB Posse 
Seadquarters, 1100 NE 

Know in advance your amo- 
tioaal - physical - mental 
Ugh periods - low periods 
aad yoor accident prone 
teU you hew |o get'com- 
putemad - personalised 
Btoxtythffl forecasts. A- 
muMagl| accurate. Wrtte 
tat ywtr FREE BRO- 
dtORE^ to : Robert R. 
Ri|^ey> Inc. P.O. Box 138, 
GetsviUe, NY 14068. 

FREE GAMES - to ehedc 
Old. Ptt, Probe, Monopoly, 
S can, rodfamen, Charlte 
Braaa, ' RaQety Ann, 
Chaw, Ridiber poxxles^ aad 
mtKf mon at Chmmwsie 
■eadi|aart«rs Library, 
Great Bridge Children's 

a? Or maybe a 
what's happening in 
Aiaerica by caUing this 
tdU free inimber(i0(}631- 
12S6. It's the tout's aev 
found friend. 

NEED A commni^lBilndad 
^aidler for yOur civto 
group? Call 420-9S^ be- 
tawen 9 a.m. aad 12 aoea. 
Monday throu^ Friday. 

FREE-Vtetts to tte Vir- 
« ^ Beach 

PLYMOUTH =- 19», Re- 
bvllt eagtna, rawired, new 
eluteh ataaaibly, r^nUt 

{Mentor. SafO for drivlif , 
3,500, 483-1003 

DODCE-Maxi Van, 1W1, 
tiirtte top, fully innttrtod, 
roof top camper alr-con- 
dlttoacr, 3/8 automatic 
transmission, power ste- 
ering and brakes. I^Mti. 

PLYMOUTH - 1966 Valiant 
225, r^ wiUi blade vioyt 
top, backet sMts, a^- 
maue u the floor. Good 
nuning condition. G<»dfas 
mUoage. %m: 543-238/ 

1986 FORD - Statioa Wa- 
gon. Automatic traas^ax- 
ion. Good Urea andj^. 
Needs some engine WNMt. 
1200. 484-8H0, aftenMwns 
and eveiriiiga. 

BDICK LTO, 1975, light 
blue aWb wfeiiw landau top, 
air-conditloBod. all pn«r, 
tUtaha^ craise cootrol, 
caaseSo deck, Uke aev. o- 
rfginalowter. $5,87$ C^ 
543-9374 after 5 p.m. 

OLDSM(»a,E - 1969Vixta- 
Cmiser, t^tioa wagota, j»- 
wer teaftas aad steering, aa- 
toflutlc, air ooadiiionedr and 
otter «dra8< Good ooatttioa 
ttroaghnt. 1645. 420-842(). 

1W5 -DASHER - 18,000 
oUw, Uke h^, aidooatic 
aaory air. 2 door coupe, 
red with whtte interior, 
fw'tflce «t 13,800. CaU 

1979 OU»«>BU,E - 4 , 
door. Delte It^ radto, air 
powtt'tteeriag andhnifcaa. 
R«i8S«0dy work|600.CaU 

mJXMOULE - 1972 Cus- 
tom ctalsiBr vagoB^lai^ory 
air; AM-FM radio. Clean. 
$2800 42ft-2400, 425-81t9. 

mimoism m^vm, good 

eoi^^i^ air conditioned, 
autoncUe, power Ae«^' 
aad bnftaar AM-FM,|lMe 
w bast oIlHr. 424-571?, 

ELD(»ADl!lt-l«72, Mini-Bio- 
•bile hoaie» exe^ent condi- 
ttOB, P800. 157-0342. 

ARABIAN - FUtt irtieel, 
1978, steals 8, 488-5370. 

n»D^m6, Ranger, air 
wmdttto a ed .jpowet ^eer- 
4ag, CB utaaa, sted ra- 
iUala, %/Vm. 484-6034. 

OPJIil M3iU>-1973 25 ft., 
motor tolM, less thm 
£4,000 aUlM, exceUa^ eon- 
ittten, mast toU ifflsiadiiAfr- 
ly. SWrifiea ^ee 11,800. 

WMfDA - 197S, QWm, 
9,000 mUM, aadi&a bin 
aad flalriag. $800. 420- 

1975 KAWASAKI - lOtCC. 
Uke naw, HOO - 4M-A71. 

fiQllDlA-1975, CB 500,8,000 
ndlaa, 1880. 857-IIM. 

chrs t^AFT - aos,^' 

Cr^sw, Ma Ckti* Ciift 
MgtoM, SlI bp, Onaafle- 
maadiMMator, I hv, fly 
bi^, B^ aidraa. M^ 
im toa|i|pa0ate.-CaaW- 

T»>lA]f • 1969, J^> C^ 
loCridsar, ste^s4, ftaUy 
oq^mil, aHMlteat eoadl- 

mmn-EB^UMt Mdng 

boat, opM bow, ltd I-O, 
CB, alaetric wench, aev 
swivel saata. maay, many 
Mtiaa, aU exceUeat ooa- 
ditioo, $4350. 418-8158. 


to Manage and dire^ low and 
moderate hodsing Qkaoealad 
l iawl opmoat program a 
vRiaa. jfaaeaUva nane 
meat aqtailaaea required. 
SalaiT doaaiaaaiirate vttt 
oxpaiiaaca. and apabllity. 
Sead MaiMraaame to: Par- 
soaaat CoSiuttM Va. Moan- 
ing OavHofNaat Aatharitr 
111 S. 6tt CRicbnoad, Va 
23219 fqoal Opportunity Em - 

mr Those Who Would!. 

^■H^ toi ,. jf our career sale^ 

jrau cao mra up to $15,000-325,000 or taoin yuui' fer> 

first yMr! Art yoo wUUng to work hard and follow 

instru^Ms. bmdible, have a car, and willing to do some 

UflUted traveUqs? No previous sales experience neces- 

ttry, althwifli hel^. 

RemembM', "tgaoA sales people are trained, not boni^" 

CaU CoUect. . . 604/282-0700 
TiMsday thru Friday 
9a.a. to 5 p.m. 
E^al (H>portunity Employer 

PIANO LE^NS-top no zh 
instraetion for eveiVeo* }y 
concert pianist, 543-'}95S. 

CO^ETICS* - a Marshall 
FMd fogyiy wimd CK>m~ 
paay is enandlM in Ya. 
FteM CraatftOS ftc. Part- 
tiiae ctMsttltaflts needed. 
^ilUe to Mn %\m- 
SITS. CommissbA sales. 
SMd'hamerMdre^s, and 
M4|hMe auaber to: Box 
1»7, C/O Chesapeake 
Post, Ctesapeake, Va., 
23320. "SmaU investment 

BEL» WANTED - Insnr- 
ipc«.««^ no debit, need 
mIm paifde lo(Aing for a 
tiit^flaH career with one 
a^^ laffer U^uranee 
e^panles in America. 

SALES- 4 mounted ped- 
^ needed. Average |6.S0 
hour. Pari Ume.No can- 
vasatag. Best producer wiU 
beo)me sales manager. 
Can 486-1620. 

14-Posittons Wuted 

GRASS CUT - Walks and 
driveways edged. 465-88M. 

CARE for two and (n^- 
bly ttree elderly laAes 
in my home. Call 54^- 

18-BaaiiWM C^pwtaaity 

you desire, by experieacfd 
teacher, plaalst musli! grid 
Evenings, 48e«-8762. ^ 

TIOH SPEaAL - Begii 
ners onIy-7 lessons 
bo(*s Just $25 - Ml 
rtfleMs-iAcme «4-8M4 

BATON TwIrU^, marcl 
lag awl Mrttttlag. $m 
classes and jwivate M 
sona. f or forttcHri^mu 
UoR, call «6-49M afta 
7:30. I 

BUTOR is healing many 
persons eini mOii^ wdrk- 
iag t«o to- four hours a 
^M^ We<au kdlp you. For 
appcditfmeitt, caU 420-0977 

8180.00 WEEKLY address- 
ug enVeli^pes at home- 
atari .teunedtetely, com- 
plete assi^ance, guarant- 
eed earateg. Froa details: 
VitUt, Box 5004, Chesa- 
peaU, Va. 23324 

thousand. Emtb ipmecliately. 
Send i^aaqied, addressed en- 
velope. (E.L. Sanders, P.O. 
Box sum, Cleveland, Ohio 

Needs dem<Histrators. Part 
or foU time. No collecting, 
aotlaCkttg, todeUvery. 497- 
Si89, uk tor Linda Thoren. 

A n ^i^tlon s are ww liniig . 
teM| IMr oar ra^ntton 

twpift 10 a.n. Mii.1 p.m. 
MidBy ttraa^ «httrsdi9v 
Mldajr tth Trav-L-Park. 
lOIS Gaoana Booth Blvd., ' 

$10,000 PER YEAR 

PART imEi! 

FULL rait MtanlALli 

PARJ^iSAiD^ FVlfiffnCE 

MntTmnuym^ET, TMKA 

Ro seUina or ooerieiice MN»ssary. you wUI rMioi 
b«ri^Bld tU^aya wttt tte cow^s iMMM adtt \ 
iittdfttUy ^hreiiteed t<98 to UJi^ tttfte oMkvaagr 
ttMUthad wseoattts ttat «m to toned «var to m 
YottrraordeniW te eonqaitor procesaad bv om of fl 
oUiat aad laagaat braad name toy whdeaaiMV ia tt 
MJi, i^ptdieaats. toast be TeqponsOde, Mde to naka4 
idsioas, and be capai>le itf iwHiw ; nUidmtwB OaA fi > 
TMtneat (rf ^250 - 100% merchaadlseteqr tadr. - * 

CaU Mr. BeU: ToU Free any time. l-800-621-772t 
Ext. A121. 8«Dday calls accepted. "1 

BIG MONEY mailtog our 
sales tetters. GeuiAiegua- 
laatoc free supplies. Rash 
seU addressed ^mpedM- 
veltye to PERRY, 3108 
Douglas Rd., Ctesapeake, 
Va. 29322. 

HA^ A HIGfflaY pr^tahte 
and haaaUful Jena ^lop <d 
youroiMi. FMtaring tte lat- 
est in jMBa. deairas aad 
sportywear. $13,500.00 in- 
dades beginning toVentory, 
fixtures and training. Yon 
miy teve yoor store obm 
in ah Utile axis daya.Oill 
any Ume for Mr. Wilkerson ' 
(SOI) 847-1241 or 847-4050. 

I9-Lo^ iMfrBettM ClaasM 

12-Bb^ Cato. 

your h^er X hhMii^ 
Chesapeake Bay retriOwr 
pqipies. $50. 547-26S}. J 

■ . ,:-:;■;-.■ 

» ■ 


6 vks. 

m May 14, 



' •'/> 

8C8NAUZER - Oiaat(lme 


Terrtor) obi 



I 1/2 yrs. 



' -^' ■ 


k, tap 


DEM0ii9rRATC»S FriMd- 
ly RoBte Tc" Ruties tes 
Openings for managers and 
dcaters to j^wr area. Toy 
Parir Ptea tii^eiteneetelp- 
ftd. Car and tekphone tee- 
eoMry, call omaet toCand 
Dar 918-489^^ or write 
rnaadi^, uopBa «anuis, m 
RaUroad Ave., AHiany, N.Y. 

iea - TiteMtff area. Man- 
agers and Holiday girls. 
fo^onal klU aintilaUe. 
Party l^n or door todoor. 
Cki hdp^^U^ Hendren, 
04-9740, Dnna Tate, 340- 

B(»fSilOi^ERS - Ears 
110.09^ #a^y addressii« 
aad tkmH wvriopes. De- 
taUs, rwA »^ and seU 
•ddreasad ^Mqied envel- 
«•: Baatco, 2SQS NW 7Mi 
Twraee, D«t. A671, Hol- 
lyrood, Fla. 33^. 

TRKAN. FnU time work. 
OM 4M-<»47 - 8:30 to 5<v ■ _ ^. 

SEGS^TMV - preferiMy 
vMfe assoelittion eqm- 
iaaaiH Shmrttead desired. 
«ut te ^HtoMant tf^taA. 
Kaoatodl* of envertton 
tetfi^e. «2- 

COLLIE - SaUe and wUte 
male, 4 months, Champon 
sired, AKC re^st^, , 
shots, exc^at tem^m- 
ment. $150. 481-102t. |i 

Conridw a Pta«MrioiMl 
Orivtaa a "BIG MG". VMi m a 
PriiMa Tiainins Sdnol ofte- 
waePA HTtBwerRJU time 
TiaMqB ^wfpaiB. If you an 
wsiMnil. fkfft t^ Y«ui Job, 
aiiHid Mir WMMnd Tmbihg 
pngnm or amnd oia 3VVa* 
fVLL Dm WiiidaM TnkAig. 


POODLE PUPS - (2), /aCC 
registered, 2 yrs old fa- 
male, miniature. 422-4590. 

LHASA AI90 ^ Poppii^'IO 
tries., home, mixed witt 
diUdren, chatoidon partoAs 
and paper trtined. 625-3527 

POODLES- rare HMdc 
standard, 9 irodEaoid,AKC 

Regiahared, tiMto/mrfeir 
ed/eUifed. $100 each. CaU 

IF Y<» mov ucm 

MAKE things worie, advei 
"Services" ia ttaWaid 
Call 547-4571. 

FULL OR PART tlme-uins- 
m1 osportui^ for man or 
WMMl, MeM^d in ertra 
laooiH. Toartaageappotat- 
rptoM 424^5906. 


fkr^iA mMat, tete Mft^ 
11 -VMaaStait^lt 
« hr. tenMtt wtth mt. 
kpm Galf StatioB, 5740 
llHa taiaptoa Blvd. (aaar 
Diaatoad Sprii«5 Rd.) Va. 

tiaw. Eara$SSO.0apMf 
xtufling Mvalopaa. 
Z5< pias staaipad seH-aAt 
draaiHl wvatoBe to: ^. 
SALES, ».0. Box l»H , 
MerrilivUle. Indiana^. 

WANTED " part Um. 
$3.00 hoar to teieikail 
baataaM Hrnu. ExeelleM 
for haoM nakars wtthpM- 
school age cUMrM, Wrtte 
Ateddte Color, Srd A BroM 
Street, Florence, Hew^er- 
sey 0SSI8 





Yoo»e McM t»ck of an tfie item yourtemlly li 
teMH ^. . ^ yM'vt ^dietail Mnii 10titf# . . . IM« 
wtew ito you gat To your ttlMhonA tlwrr r^ 
. . . just jiva M • caN Md «M«iKe^yoaaioftf and 
Ptaoe fjimM^ ad wMeb4rf«MfaN ttesaMoMilor' 

^ <ai^ vilo ca» tea ^Kmn^m^imlM. 
Sa^te^^^^lJ^o-htovo., 00.^ 

By«rly Pybllcatlons 

Vlr0nla ^mih Suit 







123 BatUtflild Bl¥d., Nm-Ui 
(Hlfbwir 1», GrMt Bridce) 
■ Vt. 

COBficto AntHDoUv* S«rvle« Ccatcr Ptrt«, E^»- 
' WrMftIm Track Md Automobilt wUl te 

BUck 4 DKk«r Valv« Rilteer, Zero Blast-P^n M^ 
ClctMr, AMUOO Brake Drum Turner with Track Dnai 
Adtpter^ Join Bean Frontewt AUfoinc UmMm, En^ie 
Hot Cl«Biiii« Tank, Maniuette 40-175 Engine JMijmr, 
BUcUiavk 1000 Lb. TruumtssiOD Jack. Blaektewk lOW 
Lb. EnkiiM SUtnd, Blaekkawk 2 1/2 Ton Air Lift floer 
Jack. 2 Blackiiawk RolUnc Jacks, Helns-Wemer 4 Ton 
Porteipower, 230 AMP Electric Welder, Air Cm- 
ditloner Vacuum Pump A Gauges, Coats 10-10 Air 
Automttk Tire Cbaneer, Acetylene Torcb, Gauges 4 
Cart, Paint Sprayer, Rear End Grease Punp, 40 New 
4 Recapped Auto Tires in Assorted Sixes, 2 Battery 
Chargers, 55 Gal. Barrel of Oil 4 Pump. 4 Work 
Benches, Several Portable Cabinets, Set of Towte 
Dollies, Oil, Air 4 TnuwniaaiOB Filters, Fan' Belts, 
Heater 4 Radiator Hosm, Assorted Hose Clamps, 
Several Cases of Uotor OU, Hew 4 Used Imet Trites. 
2 r C02 Fire Extlagulsiiers, Several Used Auto gng. 
ines 4 TraBsmisslon, Roar End 4 Chassis Grc«se, 
Windshield Wiper CaUaet and Stock, 3 taniUon C^- 
Inets 4 Stock, Recondltioaed Cylinder Reads, 1973 
Trtuttph G.T. 6, Mark 3 Auto, 1953 Che«nfle| S(di0Ql 
Bus, 1964 Chevrolet 1 Ton Wrecking Truck with 197S 
Hones 440 Winch 4 Boom, Step Van for ^rage. 

«iFPlCE FURMITURE £oiisi«tiag of R.C. Allen Cash 
•glsfer, lariEe Office Safe,' Steel Office De^, Color 
T.V. Set, 2 Soft Drink Machines, Cigarette Machine, 
StoiU Refrigerator, Cenmander Sign BoaM 4 Let- 

This automotive dMp is ««U Miiived and all eou&MBeat 
HM good to Itte new taimSmi REAOTTOBE 
ImS. tm ta a sale you mat want to miss! Opm 
IM- in^eetton mondng of sale. EqdpnMt must be 
removed (by of sale. 

itears Cotdspot 

u. It., Ijrr-IZZS 
lApif aecK Dlayer> recorder 
375. 4W-SU9 atter 5 p.m. 

yvnc mou wite - 

ffm^, ehllp and (irt^ma. 
GMM veii^. cm liMO. 
Vtaag 1700. Can M4-8143 
bA for Lornlne. 

FURiQTuiii - n,v»m- 

m mm bednwM j^tc, Itte 



Sale wUl^ h^ Rate or Shtae 

- For AMUohU binwttlOB Coataet • 


fMk PNplet, Bonded iteettoneer , . . „ .«.,.^„^ .„ 
l3ttHen«otRimRoad !^ !£"5*SSll'' 

BMdti, Virtfiaia SSSSt ^^^ SBUnt« OWHER 


'^^th^pherd, AXC registered, 
"Ifladc, white and tan. 625- 





I -ma 

rSOOL fJMM -, mOl^ ball 

I itM; slste U^ ocel- 

vmm». Will ddiver. 

MMM. Ser- 

in«sirles only. 153- 

I after IS p.n. 


Chundws. 25 school diairs 
with aide am and 15 kin- 
dergarten diairs. Good pri- 
ces. May be seen at 3110 
Sterliiv Pt. Drive. 484 - 

The cUmMM section <tf 

tirn M n Vi\t (I 

maaaim - htt* - ume 

•Miwi^iim to 
^«pa lor Mb) Can 4t3-i313 
^^ 414-iStt eveotafs. 


tt'a 8»eaay.,.advertiMtte 
tHi^ you no toogwr need te 
the dassiiM eolum d 
your hMMtowa wwqaiper. 
la ia«cttn% no tiaui at ^ 
peoirie ta ftm ii Mtf aa rb eod ' 
wiU know what you have to 
sell. Y^'n on Oe rotd to 
ntra cash...$om^ody will 
read your ad a^ try! 


Fundture, sUver, dia- 
monds, gUss^chiM,yuaps_ 
tools, any hous^i^ it- 
ems. Also Memrted in 
Iwylng entire Mtates. Day 
or night 4<,1-U34. 

ftB«itare, glass, tools. An- 
ti«ies oi aU Unds. Fast 
A 19 Md cash paid on 
q»t - caB day or 
night 547-7509. 


NORviEw RiuiE axm - 

Norftdk's BMt eonqdnte, 
buy. neU trade, ta^tU- 
'ver eotna, tt Bombem 
ShQ|ii^[ Center, Maikdk. 


Sqi^es. See you at Bill 

Hdl, 1516 Thr 

Hull, im Thoroughgood 

Shopjping CMter at R(A- 

Uns Comer, Va. Beach, 



Ring- ladies diamond «ol- 
itah«. Platinum siMlng. 
Center stone 3.15. Sde 
atones, .20 ea(±. Ap- 
aed in 1975 fbr 
111,550.00. Prtce-17,200. 
1 W-17« or«3-711S. 

ni »■<»-» "**•« •»*--4 tfe»**,^J 

as no 

odMr alvnrtiaing can do. 
TkU to baomae the cw- 




.or- ■ 

y0t, 12.000 BTV, 220 indt, 
^«ed 2 years. Price $100. 

■• ?», ' ' -■ . r ..^ ^ — 


'.I, Row to he^ Mtfve mw- 

'j§ worries! Let claaaifted 

nds in yo«r hometown news- 

tnn to ttn e^MMfled pagns 
and aanithonttie advertise- 
ment lor wftet he or she 


*j »: 






Open daily. S«>4 Hl^ St. 
PortsmoiMi. All typw of 
i^touM, art glass, diina, 
fnmitiffe. tettiunericard 
and KMer Chuge. Call 

TOP SOIL - dark, rich, 
loose, loamv sand and fill. 
CaU 567-9077. 

TREE- We'Ufaed.trimand 
q^y. 420*5979. 



sells Ast with Classified 
Ads. Call 547-4571. 

nMi Mdu- tnm Canada. 
Attaehed b^efeM. 6 ft. i 
5 ft. |49. sn-ms. 

EUM^iUf Koam^paMm- 
b«Mp to- s4e. 3«)-«16. 

<WES I«fS BatUefi^ BM^ 
aoodi GolBg ad of bMinesi 
sale. Prices nuudwd don to 
de«l«>'s eont. Mosth ot Joe 
8tA. 9-5-fta. lS-5. 


CASTLE - 1975 12 i 52', 

■ 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, un- 

fitmished, ^SOandasaume 

loan of IU4.64 per nwnrth. 
422-4901, 426-4150. 

45-Apartments fbr Beat 


Apartments. 1 and 2 bed- 
rooms, built in kitchen, 
disposal, pool Call 547- 

CB^tAPEAKI - Metev 2 
and 3 bedroema, ^niAfte 
IdtctaM, walltowaUear- 
p^ing, air MMtttloning. 

CMVWSiM tOA^Wif, tes- 

u, sU^ard and Naval 
Hoq^tal. «7-ffi^. 


tMiterfiront, S bedraom, 
itm^ 6, no p^, Ulr 
JuM, 1150 July wd Au- 
gu« per weA. 467-S4S7. 


Owner transferred; must sa- 
crifice. Immaculate 5 bed - 
room Colonial Z story, 3 
baths, fenced yard, many m- 
tras. $46,500. 466-4060. 

Urge 4 bedroom, 2 l/2bath, 
large dra, wet bar, many ei- 
tras.owMr, 481-7201. 

bedrooms, 2 batto, livii« 
torn with flreplace, din- 
imr room, and den, fuUy 
^eted. 426.I7M. 466 - 

UBERTY RIDGE - 2 bed- 
room, 1 1/2 batt town • 
home, caip^, central air, 
mi^Uiiuices, storage, $2500 
Imn tad aisme. Coitact 
owner 466-7061. 


coeventiM afM, {AC-l) 3 
bi^rooa, reildMkl with 
p>od wmmerelal pcMea - 
tial. Now r^tad, &le by 
owMr. Asking $17,000, 

W>Uti tor Sale 

miC& GRANT - »f owiwr 
4 bedroM ranch, 900 «i. 
ft. den wttb ftn^ee, 
$36,500 i^umplton - 
M3-0617, 444-6661. 

Viittoia Bench? Ke^ np 
vtth the hometown mws 
vtth a subscr^iUon to the 
Virgiala Beach SUN. De- 
livered to your mail box 
for an entire year (52 
weeks) for only $7.00. Call 

It-Fnr Me Cfcanpatiw 





imO AtR 




.Air Com^easors 







Builders ' 
Home Improvemeitfs 
Garage Builders 
Room Additions 
Aluminum Siding 
Rodk- Carports 
Kitchoi Remodeling 


Hu^ E. Black, Sr. 
1600 Park Avenne 
Chesapeake, Va. 


*All«isonef gBfagnn an* 

attached garagea. 

^Convert gang* to a den 

nrftmlly room 

' Cenmie Tile, Bricfc, 4 


We vedaHae In 


«.L. (BILLY) srauiLL 

Billy Skuruill was salesman 
ta the year tor GC&Real^ 
Inc., which has now been 
changed to ^pmiU fteaitf 
Co., owned and operated by 
Mlnnte ^HTuill of Chesa - 
peake. Her (ORee U loca- 
ted m Ta. Beach. 
For prcAssloaal service in 
any real estate needs caU 
Billy at 462-2274. 




ChMtptakt f or 
11 yMTt 

Our highly tnined associ- 
ates are mdg and abl« 
to find you tte hooM of 
your dream at the bnrt 
priCM and tonus avail - 
aUe, in tod^s marlMt. 
llMy can also he^ ^1 
foar house oadekly and can 
save ym enra money too. 
Coiteet om dour 14 agents 
for the very bent aerviee 
available. We cover Ches- 

Rtaltor kic. 

351 Johnstowa Rd. 




WDIAN RIVER - 3 bed- 
room bricfc ranch, den with 
Breplaee, carpaud, ga- 
rage, storage bam, fenced 
Srd, central air. 420- 

GREAT BRgXiE.Ra11 Man- 
or." 2 st(H7 4 beOraom. 2 
1/2 bath. 2000 plus sq. ft. 
<4 li^ area. By omier. 
$H.000 ito agerts ]Anse. 
547-»66. ^^ 

How to he4> iolve monqp 
worries! IM classified mta 
in you hosMlowa news- 
paper sdl toiags you no 
kmger need and can do with- 


7 finished oflle* sttes I/I 
acre e«c4. Water, aeww, 
Munt Mefsbe 4 Lestor 


. for 

SALES (»nCE. . 
333 JProvl«iKe H 



For lain - Real Bi 


6& fill Sal«' Hfal Kstoif 



SN-S489 t97-?m 


Gemral cleaning, steam 
extraction carpet clean- 
ing, floor waxing and 
stripiring, window deanipg, 
carpet and qdnlstery 
shampooing. Bonded and 

D(»iESTICARE at 465- 
1971 or home eaU 467- 

!!^ '!!'i u-.t'. '■1;'''' ■ 

'^ BecauMMir 
readers turn 
tout in 
search of 
n'a powerful 

' Jli'l 





Finance Co. 



AtJ. K If)? : 7 





Sates Volume Under to 

Tkerrs a graal k^lwtian 

of hOBMS to TldtWltM', if 

you're to the market for a 
bonse.Or, ifyon'rethiift- 
ing of selling, we have a 
steady stream of buyers 
arriving through the Gall- 
ery of Homes. 

Call Michele for any real 
estate service needed. 

We're membera of both 

MultUtte Listing Services 



!: >X 1 


G r ssnb ri er Sqaare 

1316 BatfiefieM Blvd. 


SherUrs notices of land and properties (many with build- 

Ss) to be sold by PUBLIC AUCTKMI for UNPAID TAX 
plus MSt. CLEAR DEEDS, some as low as $50.00 
foil price. Vacation property City 4 Town loto, houses, 
firms, many to choose from. Good tovestment oppor- 
tunities. We LIST FULL DETAILS of proiierty loeation, 
total ammmt owing for mmaid taxa and where to buy... 
NEW SPRING mf EDITiraf now availalde copies Um- 
ited...8end $6.00 for your copy to, Canadian Publicationa. 
P.O.B01 712. BeUeville, Ontario, Canada. 

LOT for aale at Massa- 
nntten to Virginia's Shen- 
andoah VaUey. Enjoy a 
beautiAilly-green summer 
and a ^ectoeular tall. Best 
of dl, get ready for wto- 
ter and the best skiii« 
between Vail and Vermont. 
Special price. Call Nor- 
ris Bly^ 627-5(00. 

W-Wamt iervtee 

LOT,, uiearug. Grading,; 
Demolition, Acreage] 
clearing. Small or large 
jobs. By the hour, or job. 
FREE estimate - call 547- 


Row locatnd to Grant 
Mdge. Keya dapUcatnd. 


You're sure to get a Ute 
if you drop a Itaie in the. 
daasifled columns of your 
community newspaper. Your 
classified ad is part of the 
newqiaper that everybody 
wanto to read as weU as 
the news of toe community. 


Kitchens, remodelii^ and 
home rqiairs, General Bttiki- 
ing and Repairs, 399-2219. 

ALL typea remodeling, 
plumbing, electrical, ma- 
sooary, no job too small, 
'"all 567-1301 anytime, day 
or nicht. 

interior, exterior, acoustic 
blown ceilings. FREE es- 
Jlmates. 586-8319. 

CarpMtry, roofing, siiUng, 
room additions, storm wto- 
dows and doon, plaster- 
ing, eleetric, concrete 
work, plumbing, guttering, 
remodeling kitchens and 
bathrooms, brick and block 
work, aluminum siding, 
fireidacM, carpeting and 
paiittinfr. Serving aU Tide- 
water. 622-1370 



}, Gtonon air8we^.$150 
-tttO idter 6 p.m. 

&a AffliUKE SUM 
•I Advffttoe ta toe 
iSectfott. Call5«- 
4m for an ad- writer now. 

C^AH - KtoBbaU Swto^r 
M^ Doifele^ bsnrd, foct 
pn4itei itvQnn nnrtten, I 
ys^M. 11600. 4l7-«696al- 



You can trust a 




m CXMMnONfit-21,000 
ttrO, iAifcnr Mtt, pnUltfO. 

HeriA^ltt im. m-ms 

u^^CH GUDSR andcttir, 

M4 Notti^ham Rd. - Grera Lakes 
Hew britk randi, 3 bnfronaa, 2 baths. famUy ntm, 
flHiMl dtnlng room. tfUlty rocm wtth p»muMt 
i^alTMy to Mflnidied room over ^nge, Uskwadier, 
Metric mgc. Two ar garage. 

TAYLOR BfKK. 484-4542 

TheRaattars hrtnw are penfosttonalt to ranlartato 
uty i i aBiilia to a ^tot ends at ettto m m amha i s 

af l^aadstotobnardsandaf tteilnttaHl Assnetaitaa 
•Cfeal Sntoto Beards. 

HOW to Write a/Person-to-Penon 
Classified Ad tkat SeUs! 


Tnll your readers exactly what you're 
lelling right away. Don't bother with 
fancy featorof yet. They don't want 
to know it's "Wilton K28" untfl after 
they, know it'i a set of golf dub*. 


~An ad that's too short becomes expensive if It 
doesn't sell your item. "Golf Qubs. 0004X100" 
leaves the reader with too many questtons. What 
kind? What model? Condition? State 
the price or say "Moke an offar " 

i^met fow MratimMitf ^» out of th»^ l—tntg »— B—hw^ 

Every week adfertlMn 
get resttlte from classifled 
ads placed In yourhavetCNm 
community newspaper. Re- 
member when you Mvt 
nomethlng to buy or seU, 
tkre BtspUcedsomathiagM- 
have property to rent, M 
a classified ad In this news- 
"puper prove its ablUty u a 
^)eedy, efficient salesndn. 

Taybr Brothers 
Realty Co, 


J10« TVItl NICK RO40 





Don't omit ^vfous flows or ex- 
aggerate tha quality. "I4avnr 
Med" mif^ gof tote ^ coils 

iron moy got mow oHws, Your 
roodnn VMM to buy ftom somo. 
en* iliot Iboy con treat. 


Just a phone number b Moogh if you 
will be heme oil Iho thne tho od b 
running. If not, yow colter may get 
dboouraged and deddo not to coll 
bock. By odding "After « PJM." your 
cudomor knows nxocMy wfcon ho 
em reach you. 

Avoid long-winded ImigtMws when 
riiort phroen will do. "Si^inr de- 
luxn, otlro^hw blue and wMto 
^^onlfc bog" con be shortened to 
"bhw md white AHontk bog." 
Thof woy you con convey a lol of 
infermotion while taking odvontoge 
of o«r low Person-to-Persen rotes. 

Awdl<writt«D daadfied nd wiU adl j^ abrat any ^m w aerriee ^a're adln^ 
Hie fxua^ ibo^e saggesto ■ few way* to make year ad dieetive. Bat even 
die best ad woB*t ik» the job nnleM yoa pat it la dM r^^ ^Me. h iNir Clasn- 
i^s. Ib the ClMAb4 year ad will rMuA yea ImU ^wpceta tt the barest ^iee. It 
wiU be t«nd by ready boyen ia yMur area, dto wMn mm. tti^ to Gomt onx wai 
complete the lile. So when you're pladig aa ad fw aayiUMf, mafe ft eooat By writ- 
tag it die right wmj and pttdi^ b ta d^ ri^ pli^ la our flaaitttfiig 


547-457 1 

Your CliiiWid M mm Ihi 

eywriy rUgMlMlUMlW 





SAtE THRU JUNE 3, 1977 


We Welcome 
Food Stamp 



HAM Sil 


Rib Steak Rib Roast 
IB. $1.69 




Chuck Roast '^ ib.69c 
Lobe Roast bone-in lb. 89c 

Ground Beef f^ lb 79c 



4:eled & oeveined 

M Liver 



• IVC 


Pan Croakers lb. 49c 
FUet of Trout lb. 99c 
Fresh Scallops lb.$2.29 


Dog Food 

^•f^^d Pwhm 









EACIi ^i ' 



Hog Jowls 
Camellia Bacon 
Gwaltney Bologna 




Lunch Meats 





2BR6ASTWmONS .-49c 



12 0Z.PKG. 

LB, 59c 


8 TO A LB. PKG. 


Cabbage lb.ISc 


Qrape Jelly 2lb 



3 OZ. PKGS, 496 




^o^e^ howM 




Pot Pies 

OOOLEN „^, ^^ 
TURKEY 41£Z$1. 

MOTton Pie 
Crusts Vi 39c 





32 01 Ml 




32 OZ 









6V2 0iair 


Mini ¥si: 

^ \ ,- >4 T 





Lima B^ans 

3 CANS $1.00 


Garden Pei^ 

4 m iim 


Peanipt Buttfr "* 



103 2 PLY 

Towels SHEET ROLL EA. 39c 

LirHiK tv'ii.^. 







V2 6AU0N 



Yogurts 3 



Tomato Sauce 

5 CANS $1 .00 



4 ^SLdO 

irnpe Jelly '^^^^^ 


^^^ese Stick 


Sliced Beets 


3 15,^1 $1.00 








8 0Z. 



Tea t^mfKyi 

I lUo 


I* OZ. 


Mac. & Cheese 

7 '/4 OZ. 



Wine 24 0ZBTL. $1.99 








Drink Mixes 

24 OZ 99^ 








8 CANS $1.00 





5;^ 89c 

1 LB. BOX 


7Q^ or diet 



64 OZ BTL 7% Poind Cakes to 









' — — -^ — - '■" - vk^ 



- r -Tt -■- 







Serving the world's largest resort city 


51st Year, No 23 

Wednesday June 8, 1*77 

Virginia Beach 






Two Sections 

1 Scents 

Water slidii'okayed 

Mayor urges amiw^nefit 
park be sought for city 

7/7/5; A Beach 
friend in need 

SUN PiibUe Afhln Writer 

iUfot Cltt%ne« A. H(dluMl 
ttitts VitgUia B«idi needs 
•a amuseneiU perk to be t 
. "lunily tipe flflcMrijit " mec- 

It doesn't tiave to' Ma 
tllNBe-tn>e park, be said, 
j|rt as aAttseiBieitf patf for 
tte tonrista in tbe eveaf^t 
SetsUe Anwemett ift^ at 
i^st Stre^ and AtlaatteAve^ 
fNl ^titoval t»ffi«Bt«f »- 
UiplKb. Tlw flHc «i the 
boinhMlk, be lOd, lt«iilaiid 
tbtt 1«I eitMiii^ *» used 
fi» ^ot^ Qr jmM dfvel- 

^iM^)^ a pak « the 
M s«rer«fe |>lavt and in? 
ciin«tor «lte oa Laskia 

Road, tlie site, now used as 
a (^mp, obtains 35 acres and 
is dity-cnbed. 

Holland wants tbe Econom- 
ic bevelc^ment Department 
to "work hard" toirard get- 
ting a parte at the beach. 
The La^ia Road property, 
be said, win not si^iwrt a 
high-rise, but may be suit- 
able for an amusement park. 

Eaiiier, Council voted to 
bring another amosemeat to 
the Beach on the site of a 
IbMl-Uyed araaseraeni park,^ 
The Loop. 

1^ a rote of 6-5, Coun- 
cil ai^nwed a conditional 

eHy on the weibt side of 
AUintlc Avmai watt of 
ihUi Street^ The slide. 

which will refHvsent an in- 
vestment vi ^,000, is ex- 
pected to be open Aog. 1. 

On Hay 16 Council denied 
the petition by a voted of 6-5 
and on May 23 Coamsilfnan 
J. Henry McCcqr, who had vo- 
ted with the majority, asked 
fcM* reconsideration of tte pe- 
tition. His vote in favor of the 
permit Mcmctey swung the vote 
the other way. 

Voting against the permit 
were Councilmen Judm A. 
Baum, ncbeti B. Cromwell 
Jr. and R.L.RiKS, Vice May- 
or Patrtck L. Striding and 
Cot^ilwoman Meyera:<^- 

CooditioBS of the perout 
are ttiat the operation \i^ 
clcse at 9 p.tQ., ttat ISOiar- 
king spaces be provided and 
that tte permit would te for 
a five-y^r pertod. 

Uo$t of Oie parking will te 
off-sfte, asd full-site im- 
provements will te imposed 
on only ttie parking area oa 
the site. „ 

RiK$ fearwi that the lif- 
ting of lull- site improve- 
ments on olf-site parking will 
encourage people to have off- 
site paiting. 

Cte Nov. n Council re- 
fused to reissue a tempor- 
ary Hse permit ior tte Lo(9 

avaibbility of parking for tte 
part aiKt (he iMise. 

Once igaifi Monday neartiy 
property owners objected. 
David "Skip" Hendrix, man- 
ager of tte Scboomr Motel, 
said that ibe off-site paridag 
is inadequate. Rotert H^-r 
man, owner <a tteLighthouse 
Re^!t»iirai«, said that if tte 
pei%lt were granted, te 
would te unaUe to expand ip- 
to m<rtel operations on atktt- 
tional land he bul purchaised 
after Council had denied ttte 
Loop permit. 

tort deoife K Perrefi, JoBi 
R. GrllflB, McCoy, J. Curtis 
Payne and Floyd E. Water- 
field Jr. 

Ofl d^ l>Ufi 

ises in file 


Mbtel owners in the vitinity 
^had ctmtlSUmii of tM^no- 

ho|revtr, ■#! ra- 

facility (4>en 24 
hours a (ky like another sUde 
opitaiei bf tte campany in 
Myrtle Beach. 

SUN News Editor 

TRIS, Tidewater Rapela- 
fbrmation Services, has for 
two and a half years, pro- 
vided a two-headed strike 
fnxe against tte terron of 
sexial assault. 

Throng its 24-hour tele- 
phoM assistance for sexual 
as^nilt vit^ms, families and 
frknds, its 24-hour compan- 
tOB program, its rrferraland 
iaformatioo assistance and 
its understanding and caring, 
TRIS has helped assault vic- 
tims on tte road to recovery 
from tte psyctelogical fears 
aad horrors th|t devastate 
and i^otiQnally tear tte vio- 
tiiii, Ite victira'i ftwtty aad 

.? ^^MlK^ its edueatttiaai 
progrun for all ages—fipon 
six and seven years old chtld- 
rea to wn^ citiiena — 
tiotM^ ^edalised worfc - 

ahops fOr agenciM and insti- 
tutions wte may also vbl - 
counter sexual assault vic- 
tims and through trainiiig 
courses for prospective TRIS 
volunteers, tteyteve lighted 
a candle of prevention of 
this most teinotts of all cri- 

Kow, this Tidewater agency 
made up of 1 10 volunteers and 
just five paid worters, faces 
an ecooomic crisis which may 
cause ttet eaadle to flicker 
and perteps go out is suae 
areas. Tte iomediate finan- 
cial need is fbr $6,000 te- 
f(xre tteir fiscal year ends 
Jidy 1. What dictates that 

TRIS receives fkuding from 
ttelftate Oepartmrat of Men- 

provides service to victims 
1^ tte request of tte police 
department, hospitals, vic- 
tins, ttemselves, and / or 
tte famitt#6 aad frioids of 
victims. I^re is no eterge 
fen- these service. 

TRIS also woits exten- 
sively with tte p^lic schools 
in Virginia Beach. Last year, 
TRIS assisted in a (^krt pro- 
ject in widch 10th grade girls 
at Kempsville Junior High 
Schoajk aad 9th grade girls 
at ViiiMa Beach Junior High 
School fartiflipated in a TRIS 
prograai 4|p4bM to make 
ttem ^are Of tte4ai«er of 
Mxna) assault and toletthem 
kaow wtet ttey can do tolM- 
sea tte Uklihood of beccna- 
ing a viGtim, and m^ todo 

4al ll^i tt*r lte4Bada^it^ tt thei are j^aitiaBteii Jqtw 
ree«l#i arToiait^iggftods asnilaot. 

only. tmS m«t mAtdi state 
funds al least 50-50, prefer- 
ably 60-40, in Order to re- 
ceive that state aid. Assis- 
tance locaK^ c(»nes from tte 
City of Norfolk through tte 
Nort!i^JDqpartment of Human 
Resoia«M and Norfolk Men- 
tal Realtt/ Mental Retar- 
datioa Sendees Board, (com- 
bined assisttnce from these 
tw Norfolk agencies total- 
led close to 115.000 for this 
fisol year), tte E|stem Vir- 
ginia Medical Authority who 
pay tte TvA fbr TRK offices 
on Bute Street in Norfolk, 
Od^ttnw^i private donations 
The private donations come 
usually froi% dubs wte re- 
qurat a TRffi praseatation 
fin* tteir metifiers though 
TRIS does not request pay- 
f^«B^, it does accept dona- 
In Virginia Beach, TRIS 

Tte program attempts to 
hammer home tte idea ttet 
sexual assault is a violait 
crime j)erpetrated in anger 
Witt tte intention of iidlict- 
ing hurt on tte victim. Sex- 
ual assault is an invasion 
and a life threatenbig exper- 
ience. It can touch everyone 
no matter wtet age, sex, 
race or ecoonnic status. 

Tte Virginia Beach pi^c 
schools eqianded tte ^o - 
gram this year for presenta- 
tion to all nintt grade girls, 
proximately 6,000 yoang 
womoi were part itf tte pro- 
gram whidi involved three 
<hiys of iiKtraction i^ tteir 
teacters, one day of instruc- 
tlcm by police ^icers and 
one day of instructioB by a 
TRIS counselor. Next jwar 
Idans are to eqnnd tte pro- 

(Continted oa page A-2} 


It's not really a "holy cow," 
but judging rrom theorice 
It felcHod at the 1977 4-H 
Junior Steer Show and Sale, 
it might well have been! 
The recent show and auction, 
co-sponsored by the Ches- 
apeake and Virginia Beach 
ChamtMrs of Conmterce, in- 
volved 26 exhibitors fronrt 
ti)» two cities. Well over 
200 friends ami Ixjyerstum- 
^ up for the evening sale 
at ttw Princess Aime Stifles 
in Virginia Beae^. Top price 
for ttie evening was brou{^ 
by the Grand C^iampion of 
the stow, a Herefora steer 
OMfned by Charlie Thomas of 
Virginia Beach. Sidney Als- 
ton (at left) director of meat 
operations forBe-Lo Stores, 
paid ChM'He $.50 apound -- 
oAttw hoof - for «ie 1,090 
pound animal, (SUN Photo) 

Auctioneer sees 
results with 
SUN classifieds 

Wtet do professiuials 
think about Virginia Beach 
SUN ads? 

"We've consistently ted 
excellmt results," is tte 
way Mrs. Paul Ceray of 
Petersburg puts it. Mra. 
Ceray is a vital part of 
ter husband Paul's auction 
busii»sses, which now has 
become a family operatloa 
involving tteir cUldren, 

"We tendle estates, 
farms, e<pi^^, furnitare, 
cars and yM aarae it," Mra. 
Canqr says, 'tad we have 
foMd ttet aevqpap^ Mtver- 
tisiag r^JAy pays off." 

^ ex^ttas, "We had a 
ale rec«My wtere we used 
a M^g^id ndto ^tlon, 
«e of tte most powerfal ia 
Virginia, and local aews - 

papers. Nobocfy we talked to 
at tte sale ted teard tte 
radio uls; but ttey all had 
seen it in tte papers. Ttet 
convinced us." 

"We've found oar local 
Mwspaper advertii^ tote 
well worth tte money," Mra. 
Ceray said. "Whenever we 
adiwrtise in tte Virginia 
Beadi SUN we always get 

Whetter you're in tiasi- 
BMs like tte Ceray &mily 
or just mot to tey or seU 
a te«KtiKdd item, Vlrgiaia 
Beach SUN caa get good 
r^nlts tor ymi too. 

Jost call 547-4571 aad M 
a Ipowledgeable sal^ - 
pw^ ^o« jm how ^lec- 
tfepe aad inKqwudve Vlv^a 
Ibch SUN advwiteta* 


■M * 4 






^^fc— * - — 


tfMSUMtal voi&u--attricUvt. 
moved to Virrini* Beteh u 
fsU tcc«|)ted a posiUoo witli the Tide- 
ewporatioa. Her job reqiiirvd her 
Hfvport News to WiUiamaban 
But, ate Ukad Viriiala Beach lad 
OM of the dty'j laife apartneiit 
eontortable and secure in her home- 
neat vUeh ihced a wooded area. 
J^kept her out of the city, she nude only 
mjnti stajlag hone and was not the 

! fir rtiihs . 

in March, «ht decided to tackle 

- - «ats OB la her' UvlJiirooiB. all the 

niwa, imt with the balcony doar ajar so her eats 

:4 idbovtop the aecoad floor halconyt she rettred 

.<drooa Ml ehuttd #fo hei^ iHMiowtt to nad la 

'UMMit l:lOp.m.,shereceivedaphoMca]l from a trlewl. 

- y talked alxwt as hour. She went back to her bed aarfl feer 

book, but sooa dosed off. She awaktoed about 9:30, removed 

her contact leoses iM went back to bed, leavliv aU the lights 

OB and the doo^ stiD a far. 

was awaeaed tqr a hand placed roafhly over her face 
...» « man's voice waroiai her, "If job see me I'll kill 
70«. ik 4ttiet and do«*t movt." 

m Iftnder fialibad feernbe and tIM ft over her head, 
eouturtly warning her nat to move and not to try to see 

ad die. 

I iuii*<; « gun," be liiivuiciiru ituu »IUCA wiMi aw; WIS 

coBvlaced was a gw in her ribs. Over and over again be 
waned, "If you move or try to see me, I'll kilt you.'^ 

She was then forcibly nfmi. 

Her assailant, coMUi^g to wan M* n^ to move or try 
to see him, then b^^ JodUHg tK mo^r. Be talked von- 
9taatly, asking for rnvm^ ui.wantag ta>. ae wu terri- 
fied that, having b^ i^^, alw vodM mw be killed or 
bnitAUy be«ten by her asMllaM. 

"WUI you tell me when you leave?' she asked. 

"No, jost don't move for about ten minutes," was the 

She waited. One of her cats jumped onto the bed; she 
decided the introder must be gone so she reached for the 
pbone, leaving the robe tied about her bead should her as- 
sailant still be in the afrtmant. Tit wirw had been eat on 
her bedroom phone. Ske grote and «id»Kerway to the door 
in the livingroom which led to the haleony. It was wide 
open. Apparently her assailant had gained access to the 
second floor balcony and entered the apartipnat throogh 
the door she had left ajar fbr her cats. Sli« closed and 
locked the door and then finally removed the robe from 
her head. 

She checked the phone in her den. The wires had not been 
cut. Having read severtl newqiaper articles abnrt TRlS, 
TidewatM- Rape Information Services, she looked up their 
ranbM- Ml tttM. 

"ThM I was i|is^...I was a^nl^ty purified... and I 

The TOMn Mo attvered the TRiS 24-hOBr tel^hoM, 
asked tt sile had been tajiffed. 8te had not been. Md she 
want lo nU the poUee? 

.eot to wluch rai. 

"'nis volunteer expla 
■■■■•.- -ja tbat question. It had to be her decisiou. 

"'^^d he take anytblngr the volunteer asked 
.' to check. All the money in her wa 
A^.. ^»iied to set in; she would call th«;.« 
THIS volunteer asked if she wanted a counselor t 
her. Yes, she did. The volunteer told her to call hack iiiier 
she had called the poUce. 

A detective arrived at her apartment within five minutes 
of her call to police headquarters. A THIS volunteer 
who coinddentally lived in the same apartment complex 
arrived shortly after. 

A Virginia Beach detect ysponded io hei call 

that night and who is; still - .< receives nothing but 

praise from the victim. None ot toe poUeemen involved 
in the investigation asked any questions which she would 
consider "out of Unf^ 

The detective accompanied her to the hospital where 
she was eiamined fior possible evidence. This procedure is 
entirely voluntary on the part of any sexual assault victim, 
and, in Virginia Beach, the expense is covered by the city. 

No, progress has been made in her case. She never saw 
anything and although she thought she would never forget 
the voice, voices have a way of bdlng from memory. 
Poll««-JMmd only a half fiagerpriM la ther ^lartmMt. 
Uales« there is a «mM«5U», tte ai^ilut probaldy ww't 
be apprehended. 

"It really bu|p me ttat Iw knows wlw I am brt I dimH 
ia»w who he is... that Iw's walking armud oat then," 

■W nt'l' lO Iiti».!<'. nei ^it'uia J!»»r n: »>nniier 

r dcw^n't know about theassault. Her mother 
nt to talk about it. It was irn- 
..... with TRB. 

he able to talk to woe^... Mme- 

.^ )ibii M and wants to UrtM. It wwM be m 

pnrtant young girl who n^ feel whe cc^Mb't 


,.,.. ,. «5cu,r *..c accidental dMth of a ctowi MMd— 

itik after she was assaulted, ud the l(ws tf ter J<A 

forced her to go OB. 

"You can dwell onthings or you can go me. I dec^d 
not to dwe he relates. 

Her TSiM^invKju or adjustment vws, pei^^, luter 
or easier than others. In this regard, aemi^lv to TRK, 
each person is different... their r&Mim at* dMftMrt, 
the emotional scars are different. Bitfj ever^Mi^^s 
through the horror of sexual assault needs heU> tma sm- 
portive family, friends, clergymen or TRES. 

THIS will enter a case only when oiJled. Aid,^^v«ui 
be called 24 hours a day by a vie^m, a victtA's flunily 
or a victim's frlMds. TR^ is almys tere. 

Idllor's ifote: filTiwi^r^woman's star is a fheteal 
M^nnt (rf her ordeal irtHi saxMl asaarit and tow ms 
Mped her. UnderstandaMy no idiatBtatea ean be mi^ 
wUtk wedd eaase hw tetter emottennl stfMi«. Per- 
tona^, tor re«nrory and a d J n s tme n t ^wbtsn^ tnr m 

2* ^* ***" ■•» «* •"«»» •tat hmpiMd 10 her. 
Ma^ vteiinu never r^over MIy eaoM# to tab ttont 
ttelr ordeal ^enly Witt a strwger. 

TRIS: A friend in need 

(CoManed flroB page A-1) 

gram stiU ftether to indnde 
ttt suAe vratraai lor all 
Biatt grade boys, as veU. 

"We have mmy calls bvm 
teemn boys wio have been 
■MiTOd,'r«ays Bevtr^ 
PMft. dtKctorandoneofthe 
ftmnders of T^. "Xbey'ie 
M^^ftened: ttqr wondu' if 
ttnv AoM tell anyope what 
has ha np e nod to thmn .. Tlie 
vhcAe mat is the same, re- 
oat empiatieally. 

is a ape^d voriMep for all 

He an 


Yes, that hrtags ns back 
to monqr. "Good «n«s cost 
many,- Btvcriy tarifc ad- 
mte ndKtatfly. jyad. that 
tanmediate need $» M»m 
contttms to rear its i^ 

What will happen if TRIS 
OMMtftiie the Amds? 

Servtoes villha^tobecid. 

'We wont go oirt of bnsi- 
ness," Bt/fwlrnmm. "ser- 
Tioe to ^tOm trill have to 
emne first. We'U have no 
optioi hot to od bad 00 oar 
•dneatiattl prograas." 

oal uMdts win decrease. 
Bart of tte coomeling done 
aims ^ posidMe perpetra- 
tors, taisiiv tteir level of 
^f astoiM, toacUog ttem 
bow to eoirtractlTCly deal 
Witt ttgwr. Socoal aniaalt is 
«e of ttese 8trai«e:pheoo- 
mena bi which »seardters 
have Ipaad recenQythatthMe 
who pifpetrate assailts are, 
to 7H ot cases, vlctiffls ci 
post senal assaults them- 
s^vM. It is a two hMded 
mon^r whidi will require 
strong edncatiodal programs 
to elimiaate or at Irast re- 

^mtty^Pauk, (Sector of TRIS. where 
Imtermg, mderstanding and education 
are watchwords. 

not to help tteaih^othnn 
TRIS has been abte to help, 

SiMe its AeglBatav two aM 
« litf ywrt ago, cdKBtin- 
il prognunn haw shared a 
d«l 4»t vitt SCTviOM to 
Ttottm. It is stro^y felt 
ttat Umoi* edncatiai, scot- 


^tis has soogiilMlp from 
ttt,aty o< Virginia Bau^ 
Brt, iniidtectf «U tts ptH 
grams wMdn toe sdUMls and 
for i^vMe groi«a nd 
(Hvmitttioai, tbe mpmise 

Beach arrivals 

_Mfmiln.Wt.flm Mf. m Mr. KiIbMu, llr. ud Mn. Junt Mf. utf Hn.Kld»nl Mf ud Br. PHiih. .. 

Suminer band camps gi 
fall musical champions 


SUN Bands Rep«^ 

What h8i9«a to tte 1^ 
aehort mar^g bMds ttnr- 
iag ^ iwnmv? 

ybamag bandfttoday are 
a imtt^iited tMr H«% 
ia «h^ eoMpit gd« 
on. tH^ aire coni^tMiyde- 
"tum -mw \am and pA- 
tag ttem m tte field to 
N««r ^wcti^ors andjw^as 
i» li^^ i^peUttdn witti 
riitl li^4i<litty«0ivl«udi 
^ afv 49eae iMMiig on 
mi tm^mis. MMat to oM 
HMiiitN «• thnn^ (^ the 
)ld and sUrting all over 
tgaJR. Some wits have as 
ianv as tkrc« rootines on 
i times. The slt- 
uaiiun and who they are go- 
ing to be compettog against 
gOv«ms what routtaeorwhat 
•^riatlon of a rootlne ttey 
ill use for that per- 

nMni the summer, a 

iSrcblflg band is the place 

^~ m this part of the 

7 we are fortuato to 

save one of the best. Eas- 

tptfi C.mtis^ la." foatures 


tag ^Kiwol hMdittree- 
tors ialliiditeefVirginia- 
Netl Iltwartt from E.C. 


nl Ranald CoUlns 
Maeess Anne High 
in nr^nlA Beach. 
M^ etu hereinntew^r 
know tta repntatfonSonCol- 
Mm and his ilareM« Cava- 
nm tttm F. A. itwcem^f 
•d onr ihw jwul M 1^ 
Haw»th's f«ecMi|tteilw- 
tet part^JMK M^ is 
lon. tke ttsferaetors for tte 
ITtt Laieers I^nm and 
Ji|^ Qnrpn wiU he presotf 
at Ea^en Cai^^ Me mm- 
m«r. lie tend pmrd 
in^«iar/^«t1» ^pitt, 
who hutoMted ttepmi|dttit 
WW ftoO.CX CNttRbpmaqh 
ioai^ «u- W^ and 1M8. 
win be ttstaKHW U the 
caiiV ^ ytut. He is em- 
sidMwd to be tte n^ a- 

(dting and fnovative gurd 
ttalractor to ttw United 
States. Ilis year's march- 
ing hand directs will be 
Ftuk Mensdion, Uree- 
tor of Bamto at Valdc^ 
High School. VaUosta. 
Gemgia. As yon on see 
there is a «orld (tf taint 
at ttese bod amps each 
Mumer. nd many awards 
ham heair won this past year 
bf stodMts triw ^p^ last 
nnnmer i^ totad ean^. 

Hera is u eomide <a 
tome oi the amrds tiut 
wtan won by nits present 
itt Eastern Camps last year: 
Nqitoae FeMvai -- flr^ 
l^m eotor gnard, aeewd 
Nace <^)rgmud.flrrt|Aace 
pn^rasslon, jseomd p^ 
percusidon, first |^ tit- 
iM. TidemtMT Bud F^l- 
i«l~fii^ ptaM» Kilvl^artt, 
firirt ^«:e ^biM m<^. EaM 
Caroltta Utf verstty Uadk- 

ing Contest ~ flr^ pia^ 
celoi^ #ard (class B), sec- 
ond lAuee c(dor guard (class 
A), scMnd ^ai»ma^r^tos. 
seeoBd jdaee inm mi^cin. 
Unlvttslty olRi^soadBand 
Day— fli^ place (tawn maj- 
ors, fli^ jdim cfAoT guard, 
•^»d place ct^nr ^rd, 
Mcoad plftM drim majors. 

Cary tend Day— fim pla<» 
4tam majMv, Hrst ptaee 
eohir giain, fl^ ptettpn- 
c«Mton. fikm Ccdlege Baad 
Day— flnt jriace dram maj- 
oiti, first ^ee cotor guard, 
first pbwe ipnrcMurion. lit. 
Venea, liareUagBaadCoo- 
^— first ^l«Ee aAw 
gnanl, se«md j^ncx mto* 
gaiRl, firitt place pwran- 
kMt, wraod idaeepems- 

siOB. Ili^ place drum ma- 

Just gi^ to ouap will 
not make a band a wliming 
ntt but It wUl 0ve ttm 
the basis to work &om and 
a startim |ria(% for ttem 
^ pit t<«dher a wtai^ 
roidtte of th^ own. 

Aa^r^mNAer <tf a mar- 
ching band interested in go- 
ing to <»mp this SHUier 
dK^d talk to Uswherbud 
<ttrector or color gmrd dir- 
•cto* ab(wt nmp and ask 
Ida ci(rte» <tf amp totMend. 
The Ea^BV Caavs Inc. is 
only one of many eam|» 
uA mmmer. Ttoy are all 
l^»d and veiif ednatloBal 
and an MWr re«»nMited 


Save Water... 

Qmw^ to incrMse wctor p«ne- 
traAfM. inlMnc* ttw growMi of your 
lawn and pH-ifon Mid ospecial ly help- 
M to f^rmtrs m^ c<NnmereJal 





fnm tte dty wu, accord- 
ing to Bevu-ly ftulk. "Sorry. 
we ^I't htip you at ttis 

Likewise, the military 
coaqpla Ma not ofier^l to 
anist TR£S witt financing. 
Programs for rari<»is mili- 
tary and Navy civilian ser- 
flee workers have been held 
at Dam Neck aad NAS Ocnna 
in Virginta Beach. More have 

the Dick Lamb Show, Con- 
ine Pazter, pianM-voolist 
and rafio persouaity Ken 
Bids who is also a well- 
imora i^tar-voadist. 

f«r the bdoem at IS. Theeost 
is considered a tax ctetec- 
tiUe i^ultdfle oo^ributioa. 
ncfcets can be secured Iqr 

calling TRffi at Mi-dSOO, 
Moaday ttrongh Friday, from 
9 a.m. to 5 pim. Groups aad' 
wgariaatioas vl^ag toas- 
sist tmS Witt tidnt lalea 
may also call tkat aunber. 
ContrUMon eanbemade 
tqr todivMals <Nr oq;udai' 
ttoos to rm, P.O. BoK MOO 
Norlblk, Vbginia. 21505. 


TRIS does have a benefit 
slaaawlfor Saaday, Juneiott 

vttta ftond mHuMIL WMt] 
"Atewoa mum", thepro- it 
im iriU laatarettemusical < 
talaatt ol Steti Bremen, a U 
gattu- vocaUat w4» co-h(wto 

University of 

Formerly Known as H^rS^Ung S^d inc. 
Under New llan«em«it - Peoy fimlm 

290 1 Baltic A ve 428-8833 

t Open Tues thru Sat 9:00 to 4:30 
Prof0Mon9l Sw¥k:^ AvmHwbh 

Wedthru4Frj 5 to 10 p.m. 

V b; 






(MyncMcins $ 4 00 
for only * 

Unf«t 2 per cu$tomer 



Limit 2 dozen per citetomer 



Lrnit 2 dozen per customer 


W W W V' ¥ 9 W W- 

m ^ IP V • • 1 1 -#-• » 




• m pi* vw Pf » 9 wpiwpp p. p ppimipip^^pi^ip^piipwv^ppiiip^p 

Vinciaift fiMdi ten. Ihm 1. mt • A-s 

Thougms on religion. . . 


As nqr wile and 1 head# eastward Iron Wyomii^A tew 
smwners ago, we urticed sometUiv vamml at the frii««s 
of /»« Interstate. There, in tl# vast openness of South 
MkcHi, were tiny chapels — eMrcbes in miniature, big 
«o^ lor five or six people and complete with Bible, altar 
wid plastle "staiBed-glass" wJjjdows. . 

In trigued by these roadside mini- churches, i st^^ 
to inspect one. When 1 st^^ied outside again, I was almost 
ovtrwhelmed by the bwyty of the limitless DaJcota skies, 
by the serenity of the raiiriryside That wts my chapel. 

Straqte, I thought, that pec^le have to retreat into a 
stuffy, ten-by-teft man-made box to worship, when the 
ni(Je«ity of nature -- God's handiwork -- surpasses the 
most magnificent cathedrals! 

It's sad to realize that many pec^le ttdnk of a church 
as only a building and prayer as something that's done 
omler a stained-glass window. 

^>«iking of prayer and things rel^ious. Polisher-friend 
Jack Misselius came across a dusy little item a while 
back, tacked to a bulletin board at a police station. It's 
entitled "A Clean Sermon", and I presume it's meant to 
be delivered wh^ a pinister waiits to "soft-soap" his 
congregation. Here it is: 

DUZ you DREFT with the TIDE? VEL now is tte time 
to CHEER up. If you want real JOY, the TREND is to 
BREEZE to church on Sunday. And as BOLl) as you can be! 

"Too many fblks WOODBURY tteir heads in a pillow 
or work to make their cilrs SPARKLE, forgetting that the 
lord's day is for LESTOIL. When the Lord is put first, 
% DOVE will never go SOS. Maybe we oi^ht to DIAL you 
to remind you of the IVORY palaces yonder. 

'Worship is your LIFEBUOY. So WISK yourself 


01 b«l next Stnday, dress SPIC & SPAM, and DASH lU^ 
a (X)MEt to ^indajr school and church, as it's every- 
one's BIZ. 

"As you sing praises to God and hear his word, you'll 
feel like MR. CLEAH All over. Amen" 

Holiness has just been pouring out of our Tidewater 
newspaper efflces the, past few weeks. Ow (tf our friends 
was paid a vfait recently by her minister father-in-law, 
and he left behind a iaiUecUM of items that have aaBually 
aiqwared in church bulletlhs (not his, we b^). It's made 
the rounds here, and we'd like to share it with you: 

"This afterMon there will be a meeting In the north 
and south ewlte of the church and the chUdren will be 
iMiptized at both ends." 

"Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m., there will be an ice cream 
social; all ladies giving mUk will please come early.'* 

"Wednesday at 7 p.m., there will be a meeting of the 
"Little Mother Club". All ladies wishing to become Little 
Mothers will please meet the Pastor in his study at 7 p.m." 

"On Sunday a special collection will be taken iq> to de- 
fray expenses of a new carpet. Please come forward and 
get a piece of paper if you wish to <to something on the 

"The service will be closed with "Little Drops of Water" 
and If some lady will quietly start, the rest of the con- 
gregation will join in." 

"Today the offerings for the Tamaho Indian Reservati(» 
will be gathered. (The women had received offering boxes 
in the shape of little boy's trousers.) All the women who 
have filled their pants will leave them in the box in the 

Who ever said church bulletins are dull? Pass the plate. 
Rev! , 

Letters to the editor 

tirownles say thanks 

Track coverage 

* * 

Editor, Virginia Beach SUN: 

^Whep you have tweirty Brownies (Troop 570 of Virginia 
micb) and they all want to go to Busch Gardens and very 
few mothers can drive, we have a problem! Well our pro- 
blem was solved by Mr. Ken Hall of Tidewater AMC Jeep, 
Virginia Beach Boulevard, and Mr. Braice of Castle Cars, 
Norjh MUiUry Highway, Norfolk^ , ,- , ^ , 

ip: Volkswagon lAsftop-.(a!«^ioeNKlturday the 21st 
(tf Ifatf . We had a safe trip and a beautiful day. We all are 
verf thaidcfliil tor the Uwlness of these men and their 
companies. Thanks Again, 

Brownie Troop S70 

Editor, Virginia Beach Sun 

My congratualtions to the Virginia Beach SUN for it's 
excellent coverage of the State track mert beUin Williams- 
burg, Virginia, &turday, May 21st. I realise that your staff 
is much smaller, and on a more limited budget than The 
Virginia Pilot, The Ledger Star or The Beaciui however 
your singular coverage of tUa excellent afternoon of track 
^y4<Mtfai!«i, tiialllw laIgM papers choose not to cov^ 
^was-wbrll^ ofiNiattwfedatMlO"'* n""' <;'■"' "-jju-j-- '■■t'' •'''' ■ 

igain; 1 ttanic the Virginia B^cb SUN for tt's exceUent 
coverage <a tiiese minor evei^, that are so important to 
80 many people In Vlifinia Beach. 
, I penMnally qvlaod the individual efforts of every trade, 
and field competitor, as Uiey are giving their all. If6el 
it is important the news media recognize and support all 
these competitlors, as well as t)ie winners. 

Father of a Female Athlete 

Virginia Beach spirit 

Editor, Virginia Beach SUN: 

As a recent visitor to the Winchester AwHe Blossom 
Festival I would like to commend both Kempsville and 
Princess Anne High Schools for their ai^lause and en- 
couragement for each other as they- gave their perform- 
ances OB the field. It was really a heartfelt sensation to 
see these local schocris oicourage home bands to victory. 

As a patron of Princess Anne High School for years 
'72-'76, this year stood out for the schools' enthusiasm 
for each other uid hope in the years to come this re- 
sponse will be shown more freely by all the local schools 
for each other. 

Out oHigratulatlons to the Kempsville Chiefs Bas0>all 

Mrs. Walter Core 

Virginia politics 

Have you ever seen a batfle 
between a lion and a bear? 


Vii^ia Republicans, for a few days at least, enjoy 
the greatest of all tactical advant^es - a chance to take 
the initiative. With puty differences patched up 
following the convention in Roaooke they have put then- 
first team in the field. 

Immediately after the smekt cleared Saturday 
afternoon, the three winners l>egan a statewide blitz to 
carry "a special message" to the people of Virginia. 
The messi^e, said Republican gubernatorial candidate 
John Dalton, is that "this is the ticket which best 
represents their philosophy and their goals." 


Polhcal observers say the real purpose of the tour is 
to encourage conservatives to stay out of the June 14 
Democratic primary with the hope that a smaller, more 
liberal voter turnout might select Henry Howell as the 
Democratic candidate for governor. Henry will be 
easier to beat than Andy Miller, they reason. 


This first positive spurt by the Republicans can be 
compared to winning an early scrimmage in a great 
battle. An initial victory is exhilarating, but what is 
going to happen in November? The Democrats might 
ruin everything. 

And the Democratic primary campaign is 
crescendoing, as the newspapers say. Henry and Andy 
are firing at each other with a steady flow of 
contempuous invective with the tempo expected to 
increase in these final 4ays. 

,^ ! ^i* • WHAT BLOODSHEDl ' 

&asmus asked a question many years ago that fits 
the situation today: Have you ever seen a battle 
between a lion and a bear? What distortion, what 
roaring, what howling, what fierceness, what 
bloodshed! The spectator of a fray, though he stands in 
a place of safety, cannot help shuddering at a sight so 

'Alls «y+>«t'*Ti solvit asftiii ■ ,.>-««.ivnq i»»»irt '•''<<> 

* ■ .'\ ■ ' . . 


U will be over Tuesday and we can stop shuddering. 
Whew! The problem for the Democrats will be to keep 
both sides warm and happy as the winner turns his 
Mtention to the Republicans. 

Meanwhile. Dalton and the Republicans are hoping 
the winner will be Henry. They could lo(A ftn-ward to a 
rerun of the 1973 campaign, they say. Howell's 
unrelenting attacks on conservative Virginia's 
dierished institutions (Vepco and C & P Telephone, for 
example ) have caused him to be regarded as a wild 


Certainly Henry is not the only one in Virginia to hold 
these views, but his strident stiye has made him 
conspicous beyond all others, and he is blamed for ndiat 
some of die big city newspapers call "inceiidiary 
demogoguery." But then a newspaper's concejrt of 
reality can sometimes be at variance with the facts. 

Earlier in his career in Norfolk, Henry was regarded 
by the political experts of these same newspapers as a 
joke, lie joke has outlasted many of the experts. 

What is startling about Howell is his bluft 
vitup^ation, spcken in plain language that the comnflbn 
man can understand. He does not deal in hints and 
duplicity. Whatever he has in his mind shows in Us 
face and comes out in his speech. 


Henry says Andy has two tongues, one to speak the 
truth with, the other for saying what he thinks fits the 
occasion. Andy does evade hot, emotional issues like 
the Vepco situation by simply taking a middle road. He 
works hard to avoid labels like "conservative" or 

Miller has distinguished himself as a practical man 
capable of organization and leadership. He is the 
consummate politician, the campaigner par excellence, 
with the skill of the first and the subtlety of the second. 

With nrare money, more endorsements, more 
organizatim. more everything, Miller seems to have 
the advantage, unless Henry (or the Republicans) can 
work some underdog magic. But they say the Howell 
magic is gone. That magic, it maybe comes once. Twice 
if you're lucky, if the chemistry is right. We don't have 
long to wait to find out. If you are a Virginia Democrat, 
you'll probably want to vote Tuesday. 

Young musicians perform at Cox 

Nine Virginia Beach El- 
emtary School area bands 
performed in a music festi- 
val recently at Cox High 

The students participating 
were from more than thirty- 
six city elementary schools. 
The festival climaxed ayear 
of participation in area bands 
which are comprised of col- 
lective groups of musicians 
from schools served by in- 
dividual elementary band 

The bands were formally 
evaluated and all were rat- 
ed very high. Three of the 
city's area bands received 
siqpertor ratings from the 
judges. They incliMled the 

BetUe F. Williams Inter- 
mediate School band, direc- 
ted by Ms. Weeta Bell; the 
Kemps Landing Intermediate 
School band, directed by 
Steve Ambrose; and the area 
band directed by Thomas 
Harrell with students from 
Kingston, Kings Grant, 
Mallbu and Thalia Elemen- 
tary Schools. 

The remaining six area 
bands received excellent 
ratings. ^ 

James Adcels, Supervisor 
of Music for the Virginia 
Beach Public Schools, had 
the highest of praise fbr all 
the young musicians parti- 

cipating in the festival. 

Judges for the festival to- 
cluded: Leo Imperial of the 
Nortolk City Schools Dqnrt- 
m«Dt of Music: Jim Page 
Band Director at Indian Ri- 
ver High School in Chesa - 
peake; and, Hrary Whitener, 
Band Director atDe^Cre^ 
High School in Chesapeake. 

OM, Vlr^ite BNCh SUN, iuU mt a &m nwf | 
wiM IM- be nnt yaar (» Umm). My ^»^iu- i 
I? Is «KtoMd. j 



CffT— — - 


. — — ZIP-..— .^ 

Vta^tfa Batek SUN 
M^ BMdi, fa. SMM 


Out of cake flour? Use 7/8 
cup all purpose r^ular flour 
and 2 tablespoons cornstarch 
to equal 1 ciq> cake flour. 






CirolattM Ifamger 


a^MfMN tottM it 

Ma. MrtH Va. 1^ 
ie^tti €kis p^ii»p^ 



Moistm a paper towel with 
vinegar and slip inside (m 
top of a jar of grated chee^ 
to prevent moliUi^. 



Need to remove skins from 
peanuts? Freeze peanuts 
several hours or oveniight; 
remove a few at a time; 
slip skins off with fingers. 


yx>ur wedding! 

That's ri^ in ackJition to our fine 
irfiotogr^ic services at Shidio One we 
wii4 conceal a silbminiature radio trans- 
HDitter on the groom ttMt will transmit 
evary precious moment to a nearby tape 
recorder. All at no extra charge. Yo« 
cwi mm rememter that great occasion 
witti photos and tape. 

Caii now for 'a personal shovving of 
(Mjr san^les and demcNFistraiion of tfie 



Yofktowfi Cowmeree C^ter 

2M N. Ly»ahavea Road. Suite 124 

Virginia Beat*, Vlrg^U B452 

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Ample Samples 

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2-iif##lr swim 













mill to SUN, 138 ^o«*m«tit HMd, V.. BMeh »4C2 
J^lf Icition of tvontft talcing |>looo iAm- WMioMiy, 
«!• SUN'S publishing tJay, mmi bo rocotvod 1^ 
8 p.m. tho pr'tvibui Fridiy. 

4ACCM meef 481^4 to iiMef Baby$ining ^^E campolgn 

ise xucA wiu be ouerluc a two 
week program for Ttdewattr boys and 
girls a^t ith round trip tra 

portatlon fiv.iuvd to and ttom tb*i i. 
Program Includes ten swimming les- 
sons for all skUl levels and ten ac- 
Uvity periods, Monday through Fri- 
day. For registration, and additional in- 
formation, conUct the YMCA at 622- 
6328. Classes are open to members 
Md noB-menbers. 

The TMewaterChapterofttoeAflwrl- 
cao Assoclatim d CrM<al Care Nw- 
ses wlU meet Thorslay, Jum 9th at 
7 Pitt., ti the M>rtolk General Hospi- 
tal oMeria. 

Mrs. Heta DofHeBd, R.M., wiOtts- 
^s Hemttr^ttmie MoMorli«. Alinte- 
water Register^ Nvrs^ are Invited to 

Scout course 

. The Tidewater CouacU. Boy Scouts 
of America; will contact a Tracy Le«ter 
OevetopoHOt Coutm, Mwe na tMre^ 
2Sth, for Boy S«rats bedding patnd or 
tnep leadership pwMoBS. iUy Mc- 
Grady, an «ffli«Kedlea<teruKl veter- 
an trainer, vOIJbe dlrw^H- fnr ^.six- 
day course to be heU at Camp Liou, 
Piiaico S^Mrt Reservatkm. 

The week, ac«iniiag to licGrwIy, te- 
cludes the dev^ipneirt of SaMdlogand 
«a%tag dulls, as weU as leaderdilp 
ddlls In a l«ura-by-dolng »Tln»fflMt 
through activities, «»tests, and praes. 
Wkdk ^)rt ^^»ssfally on^^liv the 
course wlU receive a special certificate 
and embroMered patch. 

NImiiz pool party 

The aoBthMr m^m « «• TMte- 
water Chapter, Amerii^ busliess to- 
ttM's As«)ciation wiU te heM at 6 
pmt June 13 at the awaton ttn. Uni- 
tary Cirde, Terrace Boon 1 

aigia^ltttag the evlMflif irtU bt the 
^mmmmmk of the W«mat (4 the 
Year for the Xidewi^ ClM^r. 
Favors eoirtrlbirting to tte, selMtlon 
iaclwte etepter j^tHUitoi^ civic, 
buslaras and persoMl a^WvtneBt. 

In «OBaenoratioB of the ^ha^r's 
seventh aDaivenary, prdiinua ^Ur- 
nan Mary mui wlU IffMrittilidesiad 
comm»tary on clid> actHrttfiis. 

^iMTidtwaterChapter.AmerleanRed tte Prtems Anae- Virginia Beach 
CtiM, fl^jotikiat for volwtetrs wUl- ^^^)_^rtct^Boy and OBb Sowt fj f^ hOHOrOtl 

iat to train as babysittli^ course in 

M he past, the Red Crasii has of- 
foreil a babyiittUic cours* to area teen- 
agers and the course has become ex- 
tremely popular. As a result, there are 
hot iMmgii iBstrtictors fo meet the re- 
tjuHth fttta contmanity groujtt for ttiat 

tnsthtctor traiali« is available to any 
adult who enjoys tetehiBg and workiiv 
With teens. 

tor ntort lafbrmatlon contact the Red 
Cross at 62S-6791. 

>. IlBits 


The Tidewater Chapl«l,AllfeH«tt|M 
CroM, is to need (rf »iiMtlMA> IMwMs 
•in good c(ndltl<». It would be grently 
appreciated If any focdierimluilMf «lio 
to not iviMently Hsifli.iMNSf«n iBt- 
tam we^ donate Us^lieni, is It 

are to tte^^ verts tf their 
/ tofadal^ Membership Cam- 

HaukfN»*rtla, Ifttt PAVABIHstrict 
FanUy mt Chairman, s^ested tint 
titette fc*^ iiar^s ^l fri«^ 
M neonltog oy«^to(fted to tttfs SME 
^w Ml Interested In siqipor^ 
^oMng, make etecks payable to tte 
Wmter CoibkU, Boy Sowto (tf 
Atoeiica, lIlOMoatlceUoAVenue.Mor- 
#tt. VlrgiaU 23417. Pl4»se intttate 
^U(ft sood: unit thduld reedve credit. 
Ute^ spites show that the Kenj^T 
viU« Zone beaded hj Walter Schmidt 
has exceeded ito goal and ndw fchs 
t&e Bayside Zone In most unit parti- 
mi^'M -ULi. -•- m M **I«tl<» and dollars tamed to. Scout 

SmfOtlf WOrkSnOD '>^<»P>^.417,3$4,43S,60andCnb 
wp.^ wrwrnoffvf/ Packs 415, $64. 407 to that orter are 

l^ghest to dollao tmned to thus tor. 

0«fe fmrn- Votter, Jr., Issod- 
ate Ui^iMMw, RfetMrt Oghway 
TnOl^ aui^Wyhaiitotitliin, Wash- 
is^m.m,i vtU M ttelNyintospea- 
(>r tit prm^M., ^ttt fltt at the Vir- 

wo^ provide nnlforiBato#aettitofttii- ^a^ Jl^h^^eivlllaa tti^way Safe 

teeii. tf you have nttfisnfti to ikNWte w* 
know ol someone wte his« etU toe, tM 
Cross ti 62S-67I1 oT tei^ tt i^ toe 
Oflln ofVotaiteen, 414W.Bute^tiet, 

_ JnaeMhlMUMh^atthe 
CMb, Fort ^orjr, Vlrginto 

The USS Nimito Enlisted Wives clid> 
will qiensOT a pool party on Sidor- 
<by. Jwe llto, from IM to 10:30 p.m. 
at Little Crert Amptotooits base. The 
party is qpen to all HImito torailies. 
CaU Jan Ebliag at 563-3K0 or Velda 
Ke» at 499-1009 for further informa- 
tion and remrvattons. 

Library programs 

Tie 1977 ^«^-weeksuramrmdii« 
clid> for youag^ people will be h^ on 
the toeme "Un»TOr the Mystery of 
Books" and to for yorag peofde a^s 
six to fifteen, will be omdncted June 
20to through Ai«ustI3to. 

To register tor the program a child 
must go to a branch^ library or to toe 

Beginni]« Jmie 11th, the film pro- 
grams fnaesiei at Great Neck and 
Windsor Woods branches wUl be can- 
celled for the summer months. The 
Virginia Beach Branch will continue 
their weekly film program. 

A "Backpacking for All Seasons" 
^tigram will be presetted at tbeGreat 
Meek Branch Library, 1251 Bayne Drive. 
Hilltop area, on Tmaky, June 21st, at 
IM p.m. 

Mr. Herbert C^«wan trom ftty 

(imping will pres^ a pn^^m <a 

sUdes and equipaiMt on budqi^&ii^. 

There is no dkur^ and no wgistra. 

' tion for thto iotigram. 

Bultd a cow 

start eollectii« your dati? prodtteto 
contatoers now, if you're aymtfhgro^ 
ami wish to participate to a "(^ow 
BuildiiV dnrtert!" 

The Tidewater Dairy QtoneU, to H* 
cognttion of June - Dairy Month, will 
i^wnsor a three day eftiwn^iaaza at 
Pettbr«t« MaU on Jane 46, 17 |ttd 
II. <to Tknndaj, J«ie ll. tnwi 4 
to-tl ».m., YoiM gttnvi '^" 

\ build AtMum «t^ 

IHtNtoct cm^toers and wto cash 
prises for their efforts. The rules art 
simple... a gnnQiwUl bej^v«napfn- 
determtoed 10 foot by 10 foqt. tf^ 
m the nail. They majr we ay de- 
^ tliy WW to otoitracr a dow 
inm any type or ttnmber ta dairy 
prodnet contoiners not c««ettai iix 
toit high. Jadlgtag will toli iSu^ on 
Friday morning, and cows wttl be on 
disiday through Saturitoyeventog. 

Groups mui^ pre*rigttter wfth 
Charmatoe MiUer at the PemUtke 
MaU Proraetton Office. For d^tto, 
call 497-9431. 

Summer cohtsltrt 

6, Bftifov, (|»l^to, 40to 
ffiMih IM«£rt^. Vb^^to leadi willde- 
,,#**(N*l.lqr ili Hiiiway SalMy 
BWntoi otf1^lf|lUa to eoo^ntion wito 
<wr atote aid fijeral agencies, toe 
vitflMMV, 0m mUitanr tostailations 
^^wHlnt ignnctoi coicemed 
-«th h^||iMr««lk^ at oM»rtimity to 
auenns rniMU ffMmM tM tovesti> 
^ n« todtaipes. Regtotration be- 
|lnf M 9 a.m. 

Nlmltz social 

TttB ms Nlfflits GBltoled Wives club 
will bold ito mo^My meeting at Fri- 
day, 3me 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
at ^ aap-N^ore Wives club at 
Norfolk Naval Statton. 

Mary Gearltog of the Delaware Val- 
ley Convalescent H(mie will be a guest 
qwaker and a fuiioa show will be 
prworted. Babysittii« wUl be pro- 

For fbrther information call Faye 
Morgan at 464-5128 or Vera Boss at 

Art show 


The Viti^nto Mi^ Fiunlly fMCA 
Mil m» a special four *eeic %UBA 
ciast Vei^nntoi Jham H. fba class 
Will meet t^ididay iomI Thnraday «v«i- 
togn from 7 pvm; to 11 p.m. and to 
(^ to toe ^Mpmnntty. llost tgnto- 
ment wfll ttrp^v^. C«U toe THCA 
tt 489-isn «^ regtotration to- 



Retired wlwes 

The R^ired Officer's Wives Society 
of Tidewater will bold an informal 
Member^ip Cofiee on Thursday, Jiue 
Mb, at 10:30 am. at the Ltt& Crerit 
Officers Club. 1^ guest gfeaktr will . 
be from the Washington, D.C. <rffice 
of Coi^ress^mG. Willtom Whttetomit. 
For reservations, call Mrs. WOliam 
Simmwis at 34A-6377 by Jne 7tt. 

llie Virgtoto Beach Citittfi^lmf 
idMtor the directicm of IWter M^» 
will pnmat toe first of two j^edal 
s^mertime concerto at toe Vttftoto 
Bttch CivU: Carter, 19to A Nciftc 
Ave. at 2:30 p.m. (» Smiday, Jue llto. 
As qwcial gaest arti^,.tii^ will pre- 
set Thomas Otten who will perform 
toe Grteg Concerto in A Minor for 
piano and ojrchestra. 

lie popi^ c^MmI ^yie se(U- 
i^ wtth wine and cbeese availiAle 
wtU MDtittue. Casual dress, wito tlck- 
eto availalte at toe bt« offct to ad- 
naax or at #(». |4.0« adutt, $2.00 
rtuftotf and smtor cHtoMS. 

Clasp tm^ini^§ 

tie VUftato Beach Heitth DMart- 
ni««Ctofilh«^ wito the othirtttiiMter 
ireakMtt^d^nrtm^ hmu#ngad 
to coHtaGt fwoaiwetoltrtfiltigitMtons 
iH" tie managet% and iHpM^n of 
pubM: swimmtog pooto to the Tide- 
Main- ai^. Each mss^ wiU be held 
to toe evMtog from 6 - M) P.M 

Arttots Ifoilto and 
of Itorfoto, nm' 
«pwtry" ptrtnres of Inlaid wood v«i 
«er to a show at M^ual Federal dy- 
ings and Lout's HiUt<v North office 
to Virgtoto Beach througtoratthemoirth 
of Jime,1977. 

Tlieir pif^ttres of nature, landso^s, 
Seascqms, and martne snbjecto hive 
been exhibtted toroa|h^ the east 
coast stotes stoce 1970, and have wtm 
nmnerous awards. 

Hears of toe MuUto's sbow at Mu- 
tual Federal's HiUtt^ Norto <^ce, 
Laskto R(Md are from 10 a.m. wiil 
5 p.m., Mraday toro^ Thunsdayand 
10 a.m. u^il 5 p.m., Mcwdi^tonNigfa 
Thursday and 10 a.m. uitfU6p.m. <» 
Friday. The MuUto's art to(ttn>toyed 
for sale. 


Norfolk's i^endttwal mUttafir 
NATO commanl wiU hMor the United 
Xi^dom at a national day eeraaidny 
Fii^y, J«me 10, 

ilie 10 a.m. flag i«istog ^remony 
to tbe command's flag {flaaacel^ntes 
Qaeen SHinbeto U's official birthday. 
He M>reaK»y also marics the stiver 
utiversai? of her reigv. 

Admiral baac C. Kldd, Jr.,Si9reme 
AUied Commander AUantie, wUl ^- 
flctote at thto special ceremray. Vice 
A<tailral Sb- James JWflus, Di^y 
^vreme AlUed Commuider Atlantic, 
Supreme AUled Commamtor Atlaidic, 
wlU receive toe oilors. 

Due to toe special significance of 
toe 25to amiverMry of Quera EUz- 
abeto U's reip. toere wiU be a com- 
merative tree plaoting ceremny by 
toe chUdren of United Kingdom tom- 
iUes foUowing toe flag raisliq: cere- 

ffec production 

The Virgtoia Beach Parks and Re- 
craition Performing ArtoUnftamKnn- 
ces toe opening of toeir new toeatre 
at toe newly opened recreation cen- 

"JcHUUhaa Livingston SeaguU" by 
Richard Bach is toe first production 
whldi wUl be (tone by toe "Iteaders 
Tleatre Company". 

Opening aigM for thto malii-raedto 
fifteen membered cast intKiw:tion wito 
dance to llmrsday, Jtme tlr^ wito an 
8:30 p.m. curtato. Tie production to 
scheduled to run torough ^mday, Jme 
26 wito a tofflUy matinee set for 3 

iiie vuguua itenat AuvuKiry tom- 
nijtt«4>, In con^snetloii wftk tht9ottto- 

iMt ftmait- 

»>.» xuv ....■.., T... .^d tto Third 

Biennial End Stage Renal Dis- 
ease (ESRD) Seminar June 10-11 at 
toe aieraton Beach Inn at Vlrginto 
Beach. ' 

The Seminar is for physicians Wito an 
interest to the care of patients wito end 
stoge renal disaise, traMpliat 
surgeons, dialysis nurses, technldahs, 
social workers, dietittons, chief exe- 
cutive officers and admtoistrative per- 

Firday afternoon's pro(ram wlU 
be devoted to two scientific presento- 
tions. The physician's session will deal 
wito toe preservation of cadaver kid- 
neys. The other session is deslgnM for 
allied healto personnel who work wito 
ESBD and transplant |tttiente. 

Those who have not pre-registored, 
may do so at toe Sheraton Beach Ian 
beginning at noon June 10. . 


Tie formation of a new citorcb qjoo- 
sorM siotfies gr(Mq> «is iononn^id by 
Ms. Slto Button, £x«BsUve Chafrman. 
Aeeording to HanntM toe hewU&rde- 
nomiaattoBal group wiU hencetolih be 
eaUed Itttarfktth Slngtos (^fldnfater, 
and wUl provide sodalaetiYi^ m sto- 
gies over toe age of 24 ynn. IniSbUy, 
social fundions will be held at pirtid- 
patiag durches on an every-otoer- 

A Btogo night wUI be held at 7:80 
p.m. on Friday, Jaae 10, at Virgiato 
Beach Christton Charch, Great Neck 
A RotehnU Drive. There wiU bo a 50( 
charge to cover toe cost ci IncidoMato. 

tickets for to| pmductUm are free. 
"Jtmathan Ltv4git(» SaiguU" may be 
extended tonnitb Sbtordiy, July 2ttd 
it the advandd reservatimis mertt 
the conttouance of this laroductton. 


The Vlrginto Beach FamUy TMCA 
wUl offer an intensive two vmk Red 
Cn>ss Adranced Lifesaving t^urse be- 
gimitog June 13. Clans meeto tarn 
9 p.m. - U p.m., Monday thrQi«h 
Friday. CaU the YMCA at 499.23U 
for torther informatlmi. 

Operation success 

'Hi^ntlfm Access," a progn^ de- 
signed to help chUdreii improve their 
pereqifaMl and mot<» MrtlMes, it set 
for (M Dominloo Udferf^'s ttkrito 
and PKysieal Edacati^M B«i]dii«» Jjme 
27 ttoongh Aug. 4. 

SjMnaorad by ODU's DlvisMm of 

UoAjii^Mles^teiaptow program 

ctiAe alotol i«ttutia#a^ ^Doito's syn- 
drome, cerebral patoy, ndmiism. The 
9 to 11 a.m. program wiU tonet Mon- 
days ttroagfe Ttarsdays wM chUdren 
am^tmm Iftnday and WedMsday 
or Tisftey itod Itenday. The 
pn«rtti's irtMlent-tea(^«r tatto wlU be 
fMT to <we. 

Ms^m^mBei teachers are and4t toe 
sopiKiUat irf Dr. PanlHetoe, chalhnan 
M CSMr'n D^prtmentofHenlth, Physical 
ma^Oim and Recreation, who myt toe 
IdEtvnp jrtress to on socctss-orlented 

TM^ for tte program begins June 
to (MoMay). For further iiiormatioD 
caU 419^6291. 


^^Wnt I4to and I6to at the Newport 
Itowa^att Department, M ayde 
Morrif Bm^ward, lle«portNo««,Vir- 
gwhyui ihO aecoid swston rt Nor- 
folk IBbnM ftpartiMiit , m CoUey 
AveiM, Noiilk. Virgtoto on Jane 2lst 

At last there's 

a hopeful side 
to cancer 

Filter fHng 

lie Commander of FigM«r VtagOne 
Md aU F^^rter Commmt^ CMtoers 
at HAS O^au win host the Thtrt 
Aniwal "F%Mer Cwmtry Fli^" at 
Chani Mernatkml Ht^el in Nortolk 
00 Fri^y ev«ing, June Uto. 

Tie flwme for toto traMfo^ pro- 
tesfamal and »Kial ev^ to "Fiiwe 
r^^Mtrs". neiMgram ii^arina 
s«n»-day Filter ^mposiam to i^tow 
,aad m&m to* I^rt idMS to air- 
to - air «rtore, a variety at tatfvt- 
^bS ^>rts ev^, and to cltMUM 
01^^ foraol m^-^ue* itf tot 

Aw(^ will be prmmtm to honor 
the oitstandlngptlot, naval fltgMoite«' 
and aataitMBaoce officer for 1977. 

Guest speaker win be Vice iUtairal 

Bernard B. Forte6, U8N (rettaM), 

■ ipper of the Tidewater squadrM of 

' Association of Naval Avfl^ta. 

" will inclnde artivw and i^trM 

4 the Ftdter nttmuaMyjad 

A meetii« of CLASP, be., tmU 
held at 7:30 p.m. , Thursday^^^^ 
9, at toe Emmnnel Laili^ diri^ 
m Lynn Shore IMve ^ ViitUtollo^ 
Blvd. CLASP (Cttisetts Lovtog AU 
SpeeM tee^) was formerly known 
as toe Viittoto Bea^ Chi#«- Of the 
IC-BI a Cat W^J^ CMm.. 

The primary paqpiMk of Itts mett- 
tag WtU be to etoct tho Aril sMe 
of ottleers for CLAIP. to aAlMoh, 
t0K* rec i Mnfl B ^ Mttvtttol 1^ be 
lAuned, ^ m«Bhw« vfll U^imi 
q>, and tte Iqr-tows wiU be v^d m. 

CliU9's prjtmary parfnsttotoor'^ 
gw^ auaatolM reemttoiil idt*!* 
ti i nrth ) E ;haadtea|»ad poraaoi. Majr'i 
adlt^ waa a Ihrnfiy-^ $^a^ 
tftoded tf appratoutttfy II ^ 
memben. Plana are aov being amde 
lor a tour and p4cni(i toaeh at M- 
shore State Park for our Jne ereni. 
All parents and famUies of handi- 
capped persons to toe Virgtota Beach 
area are vk^ to attend tM« mmN^. 
Otter pafioAg tttenatM « lil^h. 
bandtc^fpcd people and wanting to v 
mtaer thttr f'"-- -- - - 


II* tralBtog {Kt^pwn hai be«i 
devtoM 1^ to* health <i^^artffleilts ot 
the Tlitewi^ tir» for the patfose of 
proMAii hutc kaowlodg* for tlM sate 
ud' <KNNMttbl opnuiiMi of notern 
public swtoiming pools. Experts from 
the sWiaAing pool todMtrr U weU 
as to* rsfiilatory agencies wUl discuss 
hoalt^ufegnards, pool sanitation and 
ntoiotiMMme, w^er (piality, fltttttion, 
^toriMliA, pool ^iCty, flrM att aad 
arttfleiil re^AratioB. 

At the end of each session, an ex- 

amtaatini wiU be given, foUowad by 
til* awaroing ot a certificnte of aatto- 
faetory completion to aU those atind- 
ing Ota Of flla three Ml sasslo^ and 

0«ce recoived, thto certificate will 
serve to qttlity toe todividaal for te 
(deration of a public swimmtog jpsd 
iriier* local ofitiAUieos so i^0n. 

Chureh ftlPii 

Tfat CbureboftoeAscentiontohaving 
tto «•«»•« AaaaalFesttnl«ito«<!lwrch 
gtotnds, Satarday, JaoonttfroaSt.m. 
01 n.m., aad Sunday, Jun«mb, 



" 8 p.m. 


The Testival 
rides, riill«a 
and white 




n* year ma 1985, and 
tor tho parairtaof iah»Ftoa- 
mm, tt was a Ideak year., 
thair IS-yoar-oU aoo au 
^ctofcoi wtth Mate ^lUd • 
hooiltoiiMMIa. aad a«s giv- 
en Jart wealB to Uve. 

Thto jmr to 1977. and fi»' 
Mik*. hto wreatoy ami hto 
wife, ^m, tt to a fooi yMr 
beeaaae Mite to aimoakU. 
He Ml* a aonial, aetfio 
Hto, tree of liaeaM. as he 
hu Iw ao maqr yeare. 
tharica to tte pnigrMs of 
eaa^f raaoardi. 

hol of toe hopaW side of 
caac«r ud tou« to mum 

pniress tKmm$ mstt- 

hoMMaea^ to^alli* tea- 
gWa BmOLj^mtmi^ 
Md oM^ii^, Htf . "Mite 
^ trartad ^ ^ypo- 

flWh^ M ite^f* WMt 

by «|H eeartdewaaaw - 
ttaal lytliaiiMaliwrM. 
fttday, ml^WWmtm wito 
Mate lyi^talteiM iaa - 
^nto to a^ to 8 msMM. 
WhUa lattomto, caao*r of 
tte blood aad btood-fora- 
tog ttsaaaa, to aMsteonoMa 
aad th« tiat kaowa of ehild- 
hoed caaeore, it to not the 
only for* of eaaeartostrtti 
tteyoMg. Aeeoftfnglote 
ACS, cancer is respoaalhto 
tor more deaths to tte 8-4 
age gnnv thaa any otter dls- 

A caae«r of tte ktoney, 
called Wilm's tamor, cancer 
of tte boae. brato a^ oye. 
an araw liiM>ms of oullg- 
BO^ diwase ttat strike tte 
young, ffince 1950, dentos 
frtMn tiiUtfiood cancer lave 
boM dtelingtog largdy te- 
enaao of caaemr (friigs, new 
mys of admi^stering tten, 
and aggrossive wa^piitfeom- 
Mnlag thorn wltootttrliMins 
of therapy i^ittig w^pry 
nod radtotloa. <MUk» wito 
cancer should wly te tmt- 
ed wh«o ttds hind of treat- 

Fm- mmmi^e. nnd^MtoB 
traalMat nei asroiliil^ 
eomhlaa« Mh «ip tetrad 
atfvanead Wttai's tamm- are 
*xtea«tg ymmg Uvw to tte 

alMlMM to itemM to phy. 
steal 1^ b^oi-wstl^]^ 
' a itett to a jl^iMaa 
SMathl^ ^ms di^ 



'OUNTRy Vaks, 

IMl Loadaa Bridge R4. 

FQflNf^ l.«fMi-y*s Eg9 Farm 
DM^ibiitor of iloy Do^ Fo0tf 

■OOM 1^. ttea tat. • to 8 Sna. lOtor 



lo^Mate 16 OS. .99 

PUlsbary Self Btotig Four 5 lb .69 

PiUsary FrMtii« Si^rame .74 

GaUaaPataiilh | 

Frash coiNitry •ggt A fMd 
Chftck our barroom for spaclal 

PRONE 487-8984 

te ■Mrttengiritf 
are OK a i^Mui, and 
at* to teitet. tt to im- 
portant for ttmn \o reaUa* 
that cMkftood cancer to to 
'We want a world ft^ of 
cancer for onraolvesaadour 
ehlldrem," Rao said, ttet 
to Ulliwt-ttaaahtaff every- 
Ml by { 



-Hn i yjl-ifif jyi^-§r 

*--« ♦ |.» i I, I, -l,JI in,i.|if nill I I I fl|,.|..9ipqpipp^i,.%.f,,fi«J^P^^p|^ppppp^^ipp|ppi 


Vlif 1^1 Bm^ Bm, imi t, l^'. 

pusiiicl^ of ^^'^ Week 

Homespun Hut 




WM. F. "WMto" 




Life • Health • Auto* Boat 

2260 Va. Beach Blvd. 340-8060 

in stitches 


Qrmluatfon day 

without flowws 1$ 

UkB a day withoiif 



300 London Bridge Cantor 
VirgMaBaaoh, Va.234S4 


Fk) Horay prepares to hang an 
attractive needlepoint plant holder 




; t 

.enif^ ADAMS ^c^ 

TV ajKl Radio ^ 
SalM and Service 

308 London Mdga Shopping Cantar 
340^Q55 •] Service 


Borne span Rut at liOiM^ Bridge ^Kq^iag Center fea- 
tures all tlie neeesaary materials and siq)|)Ues needed to 
create handmade items. Wbetber your craft is needle- 
point, crevel, cors stitch or la^ boc^dng. Homespun 
Rut carries all the necessaries. 

Flo, the owner of Homespun Hut, worked for a number 
of years with her hushand John in his trasioess and finally 
decided it was time for a shop of her own. Beii% a house- 
wile with lots of teurs of needleworic to her credit and 
some formal education from ODU's School of Management 
and Continuing Studies, she decided to open Homespun Hut. 

With all of Its bright yams and lovely canvasses, the 
sh(q) could not be a nicer spot to spend an afternoon. 

"It makes me hain>y even on a rainy day to be here with 
all these bright ami brautlful things," Flo relates with a 

The Homespun Hut offers persMial service to customers 
in selecting canv^asses and even provides personalized 
desiplng by local artists. Any picture, patch, decal or 
emblem can be applied to a canvas for needlepointing or 
crewel. The Hut also makes pillows and does blocking 
and firamtng for its customers. 

Flo Horay is assisted in the simp by If arrianne Ellis, 
a native of Sweden and a very accomplished knitter and 
needlewoman. Flo's daughters. Janet Horay and Joame 
Throdnnorton, are often in the shc^. Both do needleworic 
and, >re steady customers at the Homespun Hut. Flo's 
husband Jcba enjoys visiting the shop and e^en son, John 
Jr., who prefers tUngs that are handmade for his bachelor 
place, is k^ weU sun)lied by his mother and sisters. 

If you haven't visited the Homespun Hut, you're in for 
a treat. There are over 300 stitches in needlepoint and 
crewel and at the Homespun Hut you can see the decorative 
items that can be created from some of these stitches. 


<Wt COSfOlltB? TO THE iOT OP OillS AUUTT 4llD 

If you've always admired needlework but dim't know how 
to do ttie type ot stltchery you oijoy, Flo Horay conducts 

ilJ ■•r-f ;i":.-|Mr , •.on-.i.- Sj,>!; 

Flo tells her customers, "There's no nicer way to say 
'1 love you' than with something hand m$^" ,^ , ,., . 


¥^f^■^ S'Ti. 

"Saa ua laat for tha l)tt buy* , | 


2324-C Virginia Baach Blvd. 


340-9551 340-3981 



F raati Ocaan F lah • Draaaad FREE 

Complete Line of Seafood 
Retail -^Wholesale 

1^. thru Thar. 11 toC 
Frl. ud Sat. 10 to 7 

HfBibK' Belter Buttiess Bnma 

London Bridge 
Hardware, Inc. 


244 London Bridga Shopping Cantir 


HTH Pool jChemteais 
Granular - TiA>lets 
&>cklt^ StabHber 

A; variety of stitches create a needlepoint pillow 


Marilyn J. Wobor, Editor 
TomSlngco, AdvtMgr. 


Va. Beach's best^^dtassed 
start i#/ff» us/ 

Uw iar Ml fMyf^ler dovUalilt 
Is fte MM^iWiMtisBttt «»r(hr^-- 
kigMst ««% miAkWaks at tow, 
lev ptkm-4^MV§ atomya anaettdaf on 


IM LOlttRNI Mt cm 






iMrt REAl/tY 

116 London Ndga Shopping Cantar 
VIrginM ^a(^, VlrtfiM 


Wa wM i^va yoy a fraa aattmata of 
im^at valua on ydw pr^am homa. 


216 London Bridga 

Shopping Centar 


10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mon. thru Sat. 

nm tm stop Aop for all 
your creative stttefeery needs. 
We feature needle point, erewel, 
lateh hoi^iag. Uockii«^ pUlow 
maidng, special deslgisf . ftraraing 
and mttA more!! 


Quiet Mi€e 

Wed thru Sat. 9-1 

8 oz. Hunk of Stoak 
Baked Potato S Salad 


The flack Room 

itftaunnl f Cocktail loungt 
23S6B Va. Beach BM. 

(KlNfli Shop^nf Center at Undon Bridtc) 
MON.* SAT. CanH0-ll2f 


No antttr wiiat nuke, model or year madilne jroa 
hare, we can nsoalljr make it work as well as snae- 
ibing yon'd boy new. So for repairs or prevratlve 
Biaifltenanee of your sewing madiine or ▼aenom cleaner, 
«aine by and iatrodnce as to your old friMd. 

' ^jEaclory trained technicians 

►Experts repairs and maintenance of,al 
makes and models sewing machines 
and vacuum cleaners. 


SSC London Bridge Shopping Center 
Pbone4M-2in Opea9-60aUy 


•aLC« • FlfMMONa 



2256 Va. Baach Blvd. 
Virginia Baach, Va. 23454 

PHONE S40-0740 RES. 4SI-«I79 



208 London Bridge Shopi>lng Cantar 


•Under new managment 

•Specializing in fine luncheons 
& dinners: 

•For pizza to go call 340-952( 
Houra: 1 1 a.m. to 1 a.m. 



^tm'^'^'^^'^f " ^'^^'^^^^^'^^^ 



Specialzing in unique and finely crafted 
handwr-ught Je • '< Creations. We ateo 
carry chains, gold items, scrhnshaw. tndan 
Jeweb-y and much more. Now feattjrrig 
beau+'fui pencii igs py Clark Ashtoa 

Coma in and lOOk arouncH 


run CMtoVv>^ 

ftri^p Cmtm 


i ^»^-J**'i*l-^ N *«<P i# '^^i^« ^ *^i^^*^ii^>«P*^^i^iN^>t < 

^i^» ^^ ^ ^»^jfc^»^< ^ < » m ^ ^^^mi^ 

:..,, J, 

■ r ■•■! -^ ^ -^-»^.*rt.i.B^»-.^. ^..-^^.».»j».^ 


Solid oroarams out Virainla Bmnch In a sine 

I '^«a^ W* ^"^ jB^t. --i^-- W 



e many things 
of Virginia 
it note - 
that plac^ 
Beach lb a cate- 
i o( the 
fountry i8..u wxivti States 
$avinigs B&d program. 
■ Until 1970, school child- 
ren throughout the United 
tat«s were al^le to parti- 
ipate in a savinj^sbQWtDro- 
ram at the discretion of in- 
Ividual schools.' At tta^ 
m%, the pn^ran was dis- 
i^inued by the Treasury 

0ae Vtiflnia Beach wo- 
iai, Mrs. Mary Barraco, 
e^sedM accept the death 
f the school savings bond 
raf ram. lane of God and 
)v« of ctHirtry are top 
ritrity itaaas with the Vir- 
tp|i B^eh resident who, 
MJigh an American citieen 
ai a prisoner in a Nazi 
tnsentratioD camp during 
oi-Id War II. 

''When patriotism dies," 
Hot 01* Mrs. Barraco, "the 
^ not too far from 
affile and this is the 
son why I feel so strongly 
teaclung our ^Idrenlove 
God aMt cooi^i^. This 
my one way ct (^ntribo- 
to that which has been 
food to me--my God and 

Si^iie-tendedly Mrs. 
BarratQ w^ through the 
TrMsury Department Ud 
was able to start a savings 
bMd pvfram for Star of the 
Set tehooA. Since that time, 
tour jittUc schools have also 
joined Mn. Barraco's team. 

This year at Star of the 
Si» school, 136 children par- 
^el^ted in the ^program. 
I^ise childr^ through a 
we^Iy saKiii»|NH|P<in iwre 
aMfr to purely Ji.SW in 
U.8. Sayings Bnds. Seethe 
#rogran iStU^ «t ^t^ (tf 
the Sea, studeM^s ttereltiye 
pn^waM IM.CTO in bo^. 

StwteMs 1ft all fiiw schools 
that participate lo the {hd- 
gram, take part In the sav- 
ings tend prograna mduatar- , 
ily. Students brii% in moMy 
MCb we^, or as often as they 
c«B. Their moaies are 
dfpaslj^ in special hank ac- 
coonts and are recorded in> 
their own personal ha^ 
bocks. Whra enoogh money 
has accHmuUted, a bond is 
purciased in the stud«it's ' 
narae and. is issoed to the 
i^odert. Each sclKNd has a 
special arrai4(enieDt with a 
local bank for th^ deposit 
of moMy and poTdiise <tf 

Janice Acela, an eighth 
grade student at Ster of the 
Sea School, has been in the 
bond program ^nce kinder- 
garten. She has dqxtsited five 
cents a we^ thronghoot her 
school years at Star (rf the 

Sm vbA reewtty jRKtlved 
her first savings hMd. 

Aeet)rdiig to Mra. Mrr- 
aco, "If it hadn't been for 
the savings bond ^^gtarn, 
Jaalc* would not taivt her 
bqn(|. To me, all is Impor- 
tant .vhen It coin« te help- 
ing oorcUUtreaandOBroooB- 

In March, 1974, iMidir«:t 
assista«:e from Mra. terr- 
aco, Hfkidsw Woods Eleaen- 
tary StSaxxik became the .se- 
cond school in Virginia Beach 
aad the te^ pubUe school 
in the coMry to lidttate a 
MTlngs hood program. Slaee 
the program began, Savings 
Bond Chairaian Mrs. Pauline 
Jones r^iKurts that stod«4s 
have purchased $2I.S00 b U. 
S Savings Beads. 

In October, 1975, lUagstae 
El^eatary SgtexA beouse 
the third Khod oeMra. Bar- 
raco's teem. At Ktagitea, 
ChaiaMS Mrs. Caroljn Cox 
rapiNrts Oat jRiMgsten have 
purchased |ei,SOO la beads. 

Oakra ElmaaUry SdncA, 
started its savings bead pro- 
gram and Chairmaii Mra. 
S^ra Cowell remits thetsta- 
deots have purchased $11 ,000 
in bonds since thei^vgrun 

In OcUter, 1976, Green 
Run Elemratary School 
became tte fUth school to 
initiate a savings boad pro- 
gram. Slaee Oetober,ttesta- 
d^s at Green Rn havemir- 

chased 96.SM in U. S. Sav- 

Eaeh sctaJd to Jcto tte 
profnm has reertiwd h%h 
praise frmi tte TrMSur}' 
daptrtmeirt ami lmsbe« pre- 
sented wtthTreasunrD^rt^ 
mm, flMs to fly iteg vttii 
ttMrUiiMd States!^. 

Each of the five school 
savings bond program can 
be credited to tlte pertooal 
eootrUmtioD of tinf and !»- 
splratloa from Mra. Bamoo 
aad to the effbrte of Inter- 
eeted aad eaHmsiastlc pat- 
eats, tetcbera tad princi- 
pals at eedi of the schools. 

Mra. Bemep's goal is for 
eedi w&txA la ttie city to 
adopt a lavUgs boad pro- 

"AU it takes Is ooe par- 
eat to be iat^^ed and I 
wUI do the rn^," she says 
sloeerely. "I vfll iveseot On 
Ingram to the PTA aad wltt 
coofientton from the PrlMi- 
pel, the iHTOgram is usually 
adQipted ooctthepareatssknr 
tbelr interest. This pro - 
gram teaches thrifty respon- 
slWUty and patriotism. All 
my worii is doae volnntarily 
aad (yeratlag c^tal for any 
aecastities come oat of my 

The program Is completely 

indepeodenc --i 

Departmeet, but they strongly 
support the efforts of Mrs." 
Barraco and haveaamed IM* 
"Mrs. United SUtes Sav - 
ii«s Boad" and "Modern Day 

la a Irtter to Mrs. to-- 
raco reeeMly, WtUterd C. 
Ridley, fsuimt. Wtstora Re- 
gional Director of tiie Depart- 
ment of the Treasury, U.S. 
Savings Boad Division, (for- 
merly Eastern Regloeal Dir- 
ector) said, "I have never 
met sueh a fine patriot as 
you. I have always hecn coB- 
vineed that It was because you 
Ui^ la a ftrm of oppresstoi^ 
and Iminr what it is lite to 
lave ao freedom, m^wyov 
the fervM pateidt you are. 

1 cMtaMy have to re- 
copise ud pay trtt^ to 
your elMrta aad the fine «r- 
fiHti (rf tte mtay rolnflteera 
i^ar«tti^ptj^ you topro- 
mdtaf h fsit lo'egraffl.i. t 
thidc Ihitt to tte kNf ran, 
you vlll y» dcdag fliMe peo- 
ple a greater service than 
perlM^ m$ tt us ratUM at 
this tiwi, I am n^rrtag to 
the fact Oat the children are 
not (mly develqd^ a heal^ / 
thier sose of patrjMism dur- 
ing flrfs pMeess, tad alsoes- 
tabUshUg solid 4hitft haMts 
that «l|l sHire them w^ 
throughdnt tteir adutt lif^." 

Flag program by 
DAR slated 

The BicMrtenaltl of the 
United SUtes Flag vUl be 
12. 2:30 P.M.. QB the Uvi 
of tlie MacArtlnr llAflMrlai 
imder ttw ^oiiBorab^ o( 
Great Bridge OiqiterOlB- 
ghters of the AmMrteaaRevr 

fie ehaptM^s AnroalFUl 
Day Observaaee tUa fe^ 
flOouaeflMNRatos the aitopNeat 
of the Stan tad ttr^ 
the Coatfaeittl Cm %n^ 10^ 
luM 14,1777. 

Alf J. Mspp #r., jloW 
leptsrar, Matoriw. Inilftrt 
ami OM SeirtiiBi ^i^n 
stty inr^BMor, will b* tU' 

fiottlas. 0%i -" ' 
|mt«MBapot«tMii: ^ 

Flat tin-^mm^.m^- 
lain llii liiiiiihiiwitfrii' 
Flag. Coa gg|f liP#iiiiH.- 


students from Star of tte Sea School admira oaofthe 
MrtifieatMi given to eaeh ehUd to the aehaol uAo has par- 
ticipated tUs year to the U.S. Savlags Bead Program. 
The program was started to nn aitmt eltte Sea iehool 
by Mrs. Mary Barraco. FnHB the left: Patrick FMto, 
AjBy Aatoe, Aadrew Tidly nd Mrs. Bamce. (Photo by 

T>eUa«id8totf> j>MH^ 


' reaolatioe' ileat|liiiiniiit -W^ 
U saMMllttfvlliklcNil^m 

fto piblto t* «nv^ 
IkMI am 1* «ta9 

to Hy theii Fligi< 
U. ■ J-' ■ 

Painting tiie Beacii 


with Eric Stevens 

y Morgan. What a 
for a bandlead^! Cam- 
ion efSowvDmdiamand 
UorgsM. hvA hts wife 
it right on the betton 
a singer. Her name is 
M<»-^...same as the 
itrase vbo draped her 
across the piano and 
md "More Than Ym 
" This Helffl can't 
well lie on the Stein- 
because she PLAYS 
It, plus tiK organ, an! 
so|ietimes to tawkna. Stm 
sligs to a manMr reminis-* 
oi Heloi O'Caeaell, t»t 
identally Sonny's vtrtce 
cafis to mind O'Connell's 
paHi^r, Bert) Eberly, who*" 
wipi SiMtra's favorite; 
natter to imiteting though. 
Th^ do keep iq> with the 
latest times, including 
"ieots" and 'Hs^'s 
T^me", and do them well, 
but tteir* forte is the big 
hafd era. Their or^tn-clar- 
init bl«^ is an accurate Ai- 

plicttion of the fabulous 
SDU1B) of the Glenn Miller 
Band. Sonny's clartoet can 
certainly i^ease you wito 
some Bemf <^Dodman and 
Artie Aaw as well. Re uses 
Us teoor sax to the same 
mamier; not imitating, but 
apin-oiimating the souads of 
Stan Goto im "Desaftoado" 
mi Freddy Martto on "To- 
^ht We Love." Reminis- 
cort of the 1^'s he walks 
thnnifh the crowd itoing 
Booto Randolphs "Yakety 
Sax," Whatever he does his 
ntire k»1 is to it; his 
various GOloriW fiances 
seem MfirelyaMawrerather 
than put oe showmanship. 
On Latto nnmbera, Sonny 
alternates flute and tim- 
hales, u authentte stand-q) 
drum; timbales are common 
to New York and Miami, 
where Hiqiamcs abomal, but 
I know (^ oitfy oae otter 
player to tMs tret. Thaidui 
to "The Hustle", Latto 

sounds ara beeemtog very 


tarity to tte ^mea 

Sonny badu Bdea's mIos 
irith some l»7uA-work oa tte 
cocktail drums, tlsoram- 
imsceat oftoeloimge-gro^is 
of tte 1950's, and te oc- 
casionally uses Us altoflile, 
and bass clarinet. 

Sonay to perhi^ toe aMist 
soupt after free-lance stoe- 
man to town. Mmqr music- 
iau would nerlflce tteir 
paycheck tor tte pleasura oi 
playing wito Sc^, ten- te 
can iastaaUy "tan oa" tte 
haad midhavteveryoae^y- 
ii« at 120% capacity. Toall 
Bad Um fdaytog at a Sat- 
urday afteraooa wedding re- 
ception, a Soaday hmrae tu- 
ettoa, OT a Moaday Jtts coo- 
cert rack as tte 3rd aanaal 
Raidxnr Jazs FMtlval at 
ODV Techmctl IteatM' oa 
June 13 at a. I heard Mm 

^Wtri^ tte tCMMgMV to 

Cox U^ School's gymttow 

years teck playing flntowitli 
Russell AMse's Wg hand. 

A handsome couple 
sflMTtty attired, tte Mor^ms 
realde to Kea^p■viUe. U yoa 
hi^pmi to teve Leo Walter's 
"Tie WoBderfnl Era of tte 
Qrm^ Dnee Beads" ^'11 
sea t detr iteto of Soaiqr 
lai Mea oa pege ISO, wito 

insdy, boeltMe Koit 
tedoBtt has retatoed tte 
strlMag aaiMeal teetH* by 
Fnok Johnstoa at tte "Four 

Setsoos," tormmiy "Hie 
GaagpUnk," to tte White 
HeroB Motel, recMtfy ra- 
aaaed toe Royal Rite. Tte 
Mot^u ara slated for a 
keg run. "^te view to out- 
staidtog, ^wcitlly at sua- 
set. ' 

Sooiqr Morgan Just pltto 
LOOKS lite a bandleader. 
Bat who IS tte leader? BoOi 
Soaay tad Helmi tre Leos, 
tad Leos ara leaden.. .aad 
ligMen. So let's let them 
11^ over THAT. 

liB VIMr ttat MNH 

In WindMr Woods- - - 
Plaza - - - Graan fUin 

TIM Cathote ^vltli 
of MM hI^ IHMrtt 

7 pMU 8«t; 9:30 ill mil toi. 

r^t^em 340-7122 


Learn the answers to the questions 
fouhave wondered about all your fife! 

How mm It tiM •mi? 
TNi mark of tha baast? 
Whara ara tha mmom daadt 
la thara roaffy a Hall? 

Tfia oecirft, BSP., tpirmMl - 
fact or faney? 

Year IMe jMvlito clear an^ratoadaMe aan^s to 
jwur muj 4|Mettoas. 

nease seed toe wito oil ^^t or oMig^liw yotf tree 
MU» sta^ oaurae. 


CITY ..^■^. ..... STATE....... ZIP......... 

3MD 1t}| ntS VUTTEM; 

I cewto« ^ nmcttftm cwttiE « machine ms-msi 


Star Of toe Sea Prlaelptl, Sister Rose Ctrmel (right) ad- 
mires tte eerUfleate preseatod to tte school for ito par- 
tlelpatton to toe boad program. Also, shown, Mrs. Mary 
Barraco (left) and Sister Maria Josiaa. (Photo by LUI WONG) 

Go wiMert h« liAlt Mm wtee 
• RaHrfi Wahto OvMiton 

"Tte eartli it ttw LenTa 
end tte fuNneas tfiereof .' 

GOD IS wherever YOU MAY GO .- 

Eren thmigh your tiltt and your Church teve their regular pltc^ to your i^i walk 
of life, do you ramemter to include toem to your vacatlwi idahs? WuAe^ hIdMwy 
you travel, God to ttere to provide youand your loved oa« wito His unfalliilg g<4<tonce 
aad protection, if you jdll only reach out and avail youraelf <rf it. He to everywhere, 
to toe beauty of all tl^iouatains, lakes and valleys of thto world wUch He created, 
and so tre Hto Ctarehes. You can easily find toem aiqrwfaerethrouriiort tte land. 

Charlie's Seafood Restaurant 

S139SteraDr. 491-9163 ' 
Mary E. Rd^s & Employees 

Haynes Furniture Company 

SS24 Vt. Betdi Blvd. 

Price's Incorporated 

458^ Pembroke MaU 622-3706 
Brand Name An^laaees-tV-Stero 

, Rosewood MemorJat Park 




Bayside Motors 

4747SteraDr. 464-4563 
Charles C. Hale, Sr. A Staff 

KempsyiRe Pharnmcy 

i^m Princess Amie Rd. 497-3516 
RcAert W. Clybura-Lynn Leavitt 

LIndsey Bros' Inc. 

PluaOdag-Reatiiv-Fuel Oil Del. 
MSIIewtownRd. 497-4633 

Contractors Paving Co., Inc. 

37^ Bonney Rd. 347-1161 
CUateo Teeto A Staff 

Kelanri& Eaton' Inc. BIdg. Supplies 

PitaeeM Am Stotton 427-3200 
Fnnft^ David KeUam 

Andy's Plumbing & Heating 

IQOI Ctaal Dc 465-iOOO^ 
Stote-R^totered-New h Old Work 

KeHam-Eaton Insurance Co. 

3111 Pacific Ave. 421-IUl 

Furniture Showrooms 

828E. LitUeCraekRd. ^ 
2981 S. MiUtory Hwy 
Sandy Bolto A EmjAoyeee 

Chesapeake Savings & Loan 

Frank N. Wood and Assoetotoe 

Engineering Meda Inc. 

606 R LJybM^ Stre^ 
Chtrile Backworth 4 Staff 

Brentwood Restaurant & Lounge 

lIliGeo. Wadi. Hidmrty 
C%esueate,Va. Fiaae«7-0iir 
T«B • JUadaRtpier kO>. 

Ovolon's Market 

14}iPolad«derft. •45-PM6 
"^ OvertMM A Bm^oyMs 

Ptassar Amertean Corpo-aton 

MaMgWBMl aid Pcramd 

Wilis Furniture at Hilltop 

1712LaiktoRd. 428-5951 
L. H. Buras t Staff 

Al Star Electric, Inc. 

1425 Air RaU Ave. 464-6231 
Commercial & ladutrial 

Home Federal Savings 
&Loan Assoc. 

1635 Laskto Rd. 426-0327 ' 
Church Accounts Welcome 

Smith Sales & Service 

460 Battlefield Blvd. N.^ 547-2929 
Elwood Smito A Emptoyees 

Mi-End Carpet Shop 

4740 Va. Beadi Blvd. 497-^54 
Taylor B. Carr A Employees 

Townsend Fuel, Inc. 

JamM VuDi^ and Emptoyees } 

Preston'is Pharmacy 

1401 ^dndmder.a. 545-7337 
James L. MarsMUl and Eraployeel 

Todd Electric Company 

Beary A 1^^ ToddA Stolf 

H^^s Realty, Inc. 

661^ fiKllta River Rd. -aO-SlS) 
Cecil M. StfrisM A Associates 

Linda's Hair Bojtique 

ftM ProvUew^ 424-1975 
Ltoda n>toome A Staff 

JO. Mtos & Sons, Inc. 

J.D: Mttes, Jr. and Attndttes 

Southern States 
Ct^sapaake Co^cH^, 



Btfnoit Williams A fwmmt 

TJtt feattre Is made pwstjte tlYCW^ the cooperatkxi 
of^^ rwilta'8. H is paid for by these a-ea frms wf»Beteve 
ow crfir^s are a vtaf part of cxr commuf»ty We. 


lllllllll^ipp^Pflllfil pp^f^F^i^i I ■ f P P^P^PI^^PIPPI^ 

-P p m 

Vilgtaii^^ MB, Stm $,Mm-A- 

I ^ ' A^^AU --. 

Bayside Cox First Colonial 
Kdllani Kempsville & 
Princess Anne High Sclioois 

The future belongs to 

those who have prepared for it 

■A . r ■ 

Graduation is only the beginning. We know that you are 
looking forward to a sucessful future in science, business, 
medicine, commerce and industry and that additional 
formal education and training will be required to help 
you achieve your goals. Remember, "in today, already 
walks tomorrow" so make sure that you plan now for 


I ,.^-.T ^^T?,..^w .' .,,1.... >j- - • ' . -.os^^ttr'. '/U ^^~/vfW'ji,«|it.«<* ..^«^H*,^ .,# 


" T '-* 




This page sponsored In the Interest of graduating seniors of Virginia Beach High Schools by the following firms and businessmen: 

Ace Home & 
Garden Center 

St68 Princess Anne Rd. 
Va. Beach Phone 499-7616 

Tidewater Beauty Academy 

7643 Granby St. 
Norfolk Phone 498-1002 

Congratulations Future Leaders 
of our comnnunity 

Tim Finchem 

& Campaign Staff Phone 422-4333 

Rosewood Memoriai Parte 

631 Witchduck Rd. 

C.C. Kiiicpatrick Phone 497-9825 

WiziLd of Alls 

4601 -A Haygood Rd. 

Va. Beach Phone 460-0710 

The Round Table 

2834 Va. Beach Blvd. 
BobTheodald Phone 340-9401 

Compliments of 

Andre £vans 

& Campaign Staff 
Campaign Headquarters Phone 422-5300 

Pascal's Isle of Capri 

313 Laskin Rd. 

Vf. Beach Phone 428-3831 

Donnelly Advertising 
Corp. of Va. 

7 Koger Executive Center. Suite 213 
W.J. Allsbrook Phone 461-1135 

Hobby N' Craft 

Pembrdce Mall 
Phone 497-9093 

ABC Exterminating Co. Inc. 

P.O. Box 62321 

Va. Beach Phone 853-1143 

Charles W.Nissen III 

Virginia Beach 
Paint & Decorating 

2929 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Phone 340-1233 

Asphalt Roads & 
Materials Co. Inc. 

4985 Holland Rd. 

Va. Beach Phone 497-3591 

Giovanni's Pizza and 
Pasta Palace 

2006 Atlantic Ave. 

Va. Beach Phone 425-1575 

The Lord & Lady 
Finest Hair Fashipns 

For Men & Women 

315 K^npsville Plaza SK>pping Center 

Phone 490-0149 

Williams HardwHe & 
Lumber Cwp. 

3006 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

at Little Neck Rd. Phone 340-5232 

Hlroki9 Realty Inc. 

6^) JfldiMi River Road 

tt76 Va. Beach Blvd. 

^1 S. WitdKluck Rd. 

ITM H^lpw^fM^ Phorw 4^-3120 

Princess Anne 
Bysiness College 

^24 N. Lymhaven Rd. 
Va. Beadi Ph(me 340-(^2 

Jack Peoples- 
Boncted Auettonittr 

3IB Head t^ River Rd. - Chesapeake 
^1-2360 421-^27 


'■ - -■ ^.^-— — " ^ : 





June 8, ivn 

Virginia Beacii's 1977 


Cox Hi 

1977 Smaor CImm Off tear* 
PrMidwit - Eiltn SdMurich 
ViM-PrMidMl • Wkrk iarry 
^Ml Vic»-Prm4Ml - Pam Hydt 
Swritary - Dm WMars 
TiMtmrmr - Bill WoodhouM 


Paul S. BeurdDn - Vala«elorian 
Rfltort B. LatnMr - Valadklorian 
William R. Propel. Jr. - Vala4iclDrin 
Fraak T. Wookn. Hi - Vaiadictorian 
.WmAt Amt Pond - SMulalB^ian 
OamisJ. Afa* 
Calhy L. AMarman 
LaaliaK. Annatta 

Loia M. Bakar 
Mauraan Bwratt 
Jain M. Barry 
Amanda J. Bataman 
Robart T. BaHalio 
Rnrk W. Baacn 
Liaa A. BoydMiek 
Tltomaa J. Canaan 
April D. Carpaolar 
Kart J. Carr. Jt. 
Suaan 6. OimNar 
Haial M. Cenlan-^fil 
Eugana T. C o wnui a , Jr. 
William R. CeaMlo, Jr. 
Julia K. Cruaar 

Sharon L. Donan 
Rabacca L. Ouggar 
Ridiard R. Edwarda 
Priacilla A. Elian 
Sarah B. Evarton 
Harry A. Fanlraaa, Jr. 
Batti A. Farrall 
Joaaph K. Fordiam, III 
Nancy L. Foralar v 

Pamala J. Frodrickaon 
Joyca A. Friar 
Emmy A. Gardnar 
JMMbC. Goaa 
Richard L. Gray 
Jwi L. Guihria 
Mary J. Itamar 
Michaal G. Itorting 
Jnal S. Hnhaway 

Rabacca J 
David A. Harring 
Harry J. Hicka 
Diana L. Hoff 
Tammy R. Holland 
Kami A. Huiak 
Pamala Hyda 
Elyaa H. Jaraahew 
Sua A. Jarvit 
Shan y L, Jonaa 
JanaE. Lacay 
ChrMian A. Langa III 
Jarola J. Laraon II 
Claira R. LoBlanc ^ 
Marie J. Laflar 
Ann M. Lou^iaad 
Cm^L. Lowdbr 
Barratt F. Lowa 
Barbara A. Lucfca 
Elian R. Lw^ 
RidMTd D. Lub 
Mfichaal E. Lyooa 
Patricia S. Malbon 
Julia G. Marca l 
A^wmIb K. Martvi 

PaMil. M^MBia 
Thareaa E. McNamara 

Jvmt A. MuIInw 

TilOlflM J. liMdnflffn 

Difera J. Paricar 
Sharon M. Parand 
Sharon m> Pariiina, 
MitfL. Pfluagar 
Huang Thu Phim 
IPalneia ft. Pwiaroy 
JiUnif O, Priiton 
lim^^4. Quirta 
ElHiBMn nL nMwnali 

Ctwirio phar L. Whallay 
JanBttar A* wRiita • 
Michaal J. WhHa 
JkiliaA. Whitaon 
Jkidtf E. Wiggina 
Victoria J. Willi«naon 
William B. WoodMNiaa 
Patricia A. Young 
Liaa M. Yurkarwich 

MaiTua L. Allan 
TadW .AihB 
RaargMW E. Andaraon 

Kawin L. Brim'm 
Brian L. tanarman 
KimbaH^ B. Ba rtcar 
John R.. Bamaa 
Chrialophar L. Baakay 
Kannolh L. Baala 
I^VmB. Baara 
Midiaal P. Ball 
Mich^la P. Ball 
ChricUan L. Banton 
*»***^w oaiwia 
Thamaa M. Bialy 
Valaria D. BaoBw 
Palar W. Bortiick 
rnOr <t. Bownnnan 
Nvinian 6. Bawanan 
KavNi B. Brattan 
RooaM. Brinaon 
Torilynn R. Brolhara 
ENon B. Brown HI 
Gary Brawn 
Laalia A. Bruaaila 

iM. I^uniek ^ 
I L: Bryant 
BonniaK. Burgoaa 
Donna L.Bunia 
William F. Burten 
Eric L. Butia 
WiUiwn H. Byrd 
KannalhR. Carbau^.Jr. 
Williim C. Caaay 
Tarry L. Caatlaman 
Steitoy R. Cidhay 

DalOTM A. Chrialia 
Donna E. Clartca 
HilanrG. Cltu^l 

a«rtoa R. Campion. >• 
Thomaa J. Condurao 
ttvidK. Coowa 
Kanni4h CaniMk 
Kannafli E. Conwaall 
Joanna K.CoK 
T h a raaa I.. Craacy 
PanMto D. Crook 
Patricia M. CrutomgM' 
Brian L. Gulp 

tevia, Jr. 

Ralph B 
JonM. I 

Vicky L.DidM 
Lawrwca & Omcm III 
Sifiii A* E^wi 

Cmiial W. rarraw 
EyamB C< rtft 
AfcwtT.Fhhar, Jr. 


Kmbarlia G. Garbar 
Rit« E. Garoai 
MarfcL. GoMg 
Jamaa H. Gibba. Jr. 
Jamaa E. Giarioff 
ftpdhf L. Goffigan 
MilGhall A. Goldbari 
J a n aa n D. Gordon 
Barfanra A. Grant 
Ronaltf E. (kvgory 
ChaHaa H. Griffin 
Karan L. Gfifffi 
Sandra L. Griawold 
Maiiin C. Grtiw 
AHrad L. Guinto 
Bryan K. Gury 
Edward J. Habit 
JaraldL. Ham 
Gaerga C. Harria III 
William D. Harvay 
Robart J. HarwoDd 
VaroMca A> Haynaa 
Chariaa R. Hannigan 
John A. Harrmann, Jr. 
Richard L. Hicka, Jr. 

a. - 

David WaynaHogga 
Jamaa C. Hollay, .kr. 
Karawth C. Helfeman 
Malany A. Hobnaa 
Patrick CHoran 
Kaith D. Horaa 
Chariaa V. Hoatatlar 
Suaan M. Hotalon 
Dorothy T. Huma 
Rogar D. Hutchinaon 
Cyidhia L. Ingram 
Richard C. higvaidMn 
Allan L. ivaa 
Bryan D. Ivaa 
Robin L. Jackaon 
Kaitti B. Jonaaan 
Branda L. Johnaon 
Jamaa V. Jonaa 
Kannalh M. Jonaa 
Shafyl L. Jonaa 
Eilaan M. Joyca 
Frank P. KMIy. Jr. 
Karan E. Kally 
Kalhryn A. Kally 
Mary S. Kally 
Rodnay E. Kilmon 
Chariaa M. Kincaid 
JarryG. Knulaon 
Michaal J. Kodya 
Chariaaa 6. Korzanaky 
Laura L. Korzanaky 
Conrad J. Kriagar 
William T. Lancaatar^ 
Michaal J. Langon, Jr. 
Jamaa A. Laaaitar. Jr. 
Kadwrina I. Laaaitay 
Robart K. Laumar 
Ronald C. Lawyar 
Rufua B. Laylon 
Marian E. Lammon 
Michaal W. Leonard 
Donald D. Lawia 
William A. Lohmann, Jr. 
Laalia A. Leram 
CMerah A. Lovaland 
Adriana Ludona 
Michaal J« Ltnia 
Kannalh V.MacOonald 
Wattar J. Makma, Jr. 
AnSiany W. Moncini 
L inda G . Myw|»y 
Andrai Jk Manm 
MaurieaB. Marcua 
Kavin A. Martca 

CyMhiaO. Martin 

Tt wiin i O. MriNtaiM 

^M^ U %g. ^t -- *- 

«^R^w m* iiic^raiivivi 
vMm W# McCrQfy , 



JomM M. McDonald 
LiM P. Monla^ 
Ra^n 9. ManM, iw. 
KaiVi E. Mayafn^rw 

MM^ion C* iwiiCnA 

niBi Ar IhMM 



KridlM 0. 


Jamaa W. Olivay 
Ou^atina L. Olaon 
Polar G.Oiaon 
Taronca M. CNail 
Sharon L.Orr 
DavidM. Oawald 
Dwtghl C. Owinga 
Pamala J. Paramora 
RHa S. Pariai 
Chriatina L. Parkar 
Johns. Parlcar, Jr. 
Carl A. Paaka 
Barbara D. Paarca 
Mahr S. Pabwor«i 
Elaina M. Patara 
Theodora L. Petaraon. Ji 
Brian E. Pierce 
Rodney B. Pope 
Michael J. Potter 
Samuri 0. Prealon III 
Lark L. Prevette 
Donald L. Proffitt 
RoyL. Puiiin 
David M. Purpura 
JoMph R. Reaaon, III 
John L. Reed 
Oipriaa P. Re^wlda 
Raymond R. Rodriguez 
Willie N, Rogera III 
. JiMMa S. Roaeman 
m^. Roy 
Thomaa P. Ruff 
Colleen M. Ryan 
Michaal L. Sanchez 
Jeaae C. Sendlin 
Lloyd K. Sawyer 
Shirtey R. Sawyer 
Karta L. Scappini 
Bonnie 6. Seara 
Janet L.Shaw 
Belinda Jo Shepherd 
Joanann Shick 
Grace E. Showalter 
MidMol D. Simonic 
Jo Ann Skinner 
Jill M. Slaylon 
Oaryl W. SMeland 
Bryan M> SiniVi 
Pamela 6. Smith 
Darlaen A. Smith 
Timolhy S. Smith 
Steven M. Snyder 
Eugene E. Soiwiowaki 
David N. Sonkin 
Louie R. Soacia. Jr. 
Cleudie A. Sjpencer 
John F. Spinelli 
Robert O'Neill Sipivey, Jr. 
Sonya Lynee Sjpivey 
SuaanR. Stead 
Brat W. Steel 
Robert P. Stemhom. Jr. 
David N.St«ihaneon 
Michael E. Stockton 
Jamaa Strait 
Richard R. Sublett 
Patncfc J. Syliivan 
Midnel A. SUmmera 
Marie S. Summa 
Paula G. Swain 
Karen D. 
Jamaa N, 

Kimberly L'. Temburino 
Kaihieen M. Tarmaa 
JMwW. Tatom 
David P. Taylor 
Adria L. Timm 
Sharon J. Tomoaevich 
William H. Townee 
Thiraa T. Trent 
Maaen R. Tnak II 
Poiricia A. Trayar 
Kim K. TrhnMa 
Oimiae M. TroMor 
Tracy D. Van Ktoade 

ihmim C. 
lanmy L. 


Pnmh r. Whaatley, Jr. 
*" " O. Wmm- 

^ Wilder 
Kim M. HWdai iiwili 

R. IMiM'aon 

Otoria C. Wiloan 
Pi^wia K. WMd 
Eimb^n A> Wtaedniff 

MM 1^ Wooiard 
Albert J. #r^ 
Iterbara H. WriM 
eiowHa A. Wrif^ 
Elizabetti V. Zarba 
Story T. Zimnwrly 

Kemps vllle 

Itobert W. Barry. IH 
SwronE. Gear 

BruM A. Abbott 
Thereaa L. Adcock 
BaHiara Alexamfor 
ICaMeen L. Aiiiidon 
Laut^ J. Andaraon 
William M. J^tdaraon 
Cinda L. Arnold 
Deborah L. AImH 
Le^le L. IMiujm 
Kifflbirlei A. Barrigar 
D^Mrah M. Berwick 
Lloyd B. Beealey, Jr. 
John B. baton 
Judith M. Seek 
Richard £. Belengia 
Audrey L. Bander 
^Virginia Bieek 
Clerice M. Bieht^ 
Marion W. Bloomf laid 
MryJo Boyle 
Cynthie C. Bree 
StoMon A.Brady 
William D. BrMcley 
Cynthia L. Bro«m 
Michael F. Biyte 
Charon A. BkHiiett 
Sharon A. Burnett 
Antoinette CaeetaiMkia 
Nancy K. CarWight 
Jamea D. Chilcoat 
Alia<faHn Choiidhury 
Merit R. Chriatian 
William L. Clegg, Jr. 
Suzenne M. Clem 
Arthur T. Collins 
. Ther^ M. Comertord 
Kattdeen M. Connelly 
ElizebethB. Cook 
Rem M. Coughlin 
Sendre L. Cox 
Aim L. Crane 
Charlee L. Crenk 
Larry J. Creef 
Robert E. Crispin, Jr. 
Cindy M. Crafferd 
R(Aert W. CrMS 
Karen A. Crowley 
Francine E. Cullen 
Kathryn A. Oavia 
MaryAnne O^ibert 
Bruce VAtMicett. Jri - a 
KimM. Eartey' ' m 
Jenrwtte M. Edwerda 
Mery Anne Edwerda 
Ortwrah A. Erwin 
Elioha J. Evena, III 
LeeAnne Foster 
Lori A. Foster 
Lori J. Fox 
Daria P. Francaviglia 
Janet M. Futghum 
Cynthia F. Gent 
Beverky S. Gerlend 
WendyA. Oantz 
Temra J. Hall 
Donald E. Halatead 
Edwerd S. Herdin 
Cobenie Harold 
Robin L. Hnhaway 
Leo R. Hay 
Suzenne W. Haymea 
Jimmy Heeddan 
Marie S. HelHnger 
Ellen K. Helm 
Katharine A. Henderson 
Allison C. Hemdon 
Kelley A. Hinkle 
Veronice E, HoIIm 
Merk E. Holmw 
Merk A. HoHhaus 
Michael P. Homaher 
Jacqueline C. Hidson 
Keren J. Jackaon 
Vicki L. Jacoba 
Terri B. Joiner 
Robert B. Kahler 
Elizabeih E. Katz 
Diane L. Kelley 
Tereaa K. Kent 
Keren N. Kilpatricfc 
Jeffrey G. Klein 
Pemela S. KonepHc 
William T. Kroudi 
Suaan E. Kisma 
David A. Lamford 
StMrfianie A. LM^aan 
Katherine Lerard 
Keria L. Lindamood 
Randall L. LoRin 
Robyn J. Marquia 
Camille E. Marahali 
Tinwttiy L. Martin 
Harry W. Mason 
Michael D. McOanlel 
Dmfid L. McFarland 
Terry L. McKee 
Mai^rat M. McLeui^lin 
Lealie E. Meyer 
Bradley W. Miller 
Lei|^ A. Miller 
Sendra K. Miller 
W^ne K. Moody 
RichMndC.Mere, ^. 
Vir^^iaA. Moore 
Tereee A. Nixon 
Karen E. 01MI 
'•%T. (^feoroiidh 
Midwile A. Peria 
CaiHfin A. Pe^grew 
Sheila M, Ptd»Fd 
Time«iy E. Pitte 
CImHm S. Prmee 
Terry A. Pritehard 
IMraM. PrivM 
WiHiam E. J^gb 
wonaw K# nO^MMon' 
Lealie A. RMteon 
Tawwfiy A> 
SMenL. R 
Jawt E. SdM^!^ 
Wandv 1 SdHMi^er 
Morria A. Schw artt . ^. 

I1BA L.. ilVUkU 

L«e A. Shops 

David G. Shipe 

Anthony J. Sievers 

Donald C. Simon 

Kerry E. Simons 

Csthleen M. Singleton 

Todd W. Smith 

Linda 6. Spivey 

Joanna Spruill 

Vivian L. Spruill 

Lisa C. Stall 

Edward G. SteptmuMn, Jr 

Linda N. StophanKm 

Richard 0. wittlemyer 

Lealie J. Stratlon 

AirtMny J, Tata 

JohnW. Ti^ior 

Robert J. Torriai 

Belinde L. Trent 

Petricia A. Tull 

Jeffrey S. Vandersip 

Dm-ia A. Wtaddell 

John N. Walker 

Suaan D. Walker 

Michael P. Walah 

Milliceni L. Ward 
Joffrey B. Warren 
Merk A. Warren 
Emily M. Washdiysion 
GregroyA. Wftto 
Reymond E. Weinig, Jr. 
Wendi E. Weller 
Pamela J. Wells 
Diane R. Wetherington 
David A. White 
George H. Wilnxrfh 
Neil K. Winchester 
Ka«ileen G. Wong 
Laure L. Woodberry 
Jowme E. Yurso 
Holly O.Zaun 

i)c««. Jr. 

Diane E. Adems 
Jane W. Aiden 
Brad C. Allegood 
Angete E. Allen 
Jomea R. Allen III 
Linde L. Altman 
Charlee V. Amory, Jr. 
Allen D. Anderson 
Brien W. Anderson 
Dougles J. Anderapn 
Jemes E. Anderson 
Jemes R. Anderasn 
Williem M. Andervon 
Nite J. Andrews 
Micheel D. Andrzcjcwski 
Christopher E Angelo 
- Timolhy B. Armafrong 
Tharsee Y. Arthoter 
Carlton B. Ashby 
Oorethe C. Aahby 
Curtis L. Aahley, Jr. 
Meliaea A. Atherton 
Linda F. Auadi 

Elizabeth Aviles ' '•'*^ 
Lorry T. Aydlette 
Cherles B. Azer 
JoAnn Beiley 
Marie C. Bailw 
James J. Balchunia 
Kinrribraly J. Beldwin 
Barbara J. Barnes 
Cerroll J. Bemes 
Mary E. Bamea 
Michael A. Berr 
JohnE. Borrow" 
Cherles A. Baanight 
Lealie J. Baani^ III 
Anne M. Baynor 
Robert N. Beemon 
Petricie D^ Beard 
Lori L. Beatty 
Lisa A. Bechtelheimer 
Robin L. Bode 
Robin C. Bedlng^ield 
Cethy G. Benners 
Charles V. Benton 
Dtlbt»9 A. Berry 
Debra A. Beatpitch 
Nicote M. L. Bigot 
Nancy G. Biankandiip 
Robert S. Blessing 
Mary J. Bolin 
Paul B. Iteuldsn 
John K. Bowling 
Mery K^ Bowling 
Dennis W. Boyd 
Douglaa W. Bradshew 
John L. Bradshaw 
Roger K. Braddiaw 
Steven R. Braxton 
Tereaa L. Bray 
Jane M. Brazier 
Jock R. Brewer, Jr. 
John D. Brink 
Sheron R. Brinaon 
Catherine L. Briacoe 
Sherry K. Brill 
Richerd A. BritliiH|hem 
Samtev K. Brooke 
James P. Brown 
Patty L. Brown 
RobMi K. Brown 
JamM R. Bruner, Jr. 
Stephen W. Bnmer 
Shewn C. Bryant 
Lori Budianan 
Lynne J. ftichanan 
Deborah A. Buhl 
Hei« M. Bullard 
Kimberly M. Cahill 
Janet L. Celdwell 
Scott T. Calteway 
Neney J. Campbell 
AeronS. Carey 
Andrew P. C^-ey 
Johns. Carignan 
RonaldM. Cw-ipwn, >. 
Cher^ A. Cerpentor 
Ealhar J. Carrinrten 
Lynda K.Carter 
Silrley J. Carter 
Stephen W. Cwey * 
•Mmmn. C^fl 
Margaretg. Oiadwetl 
Peter Oiiueane 
Oebra E. Clarie 
DieneA. Clark 
EhiMMD. Cliiw,^ 
John C. Cl^um 
teenD. a»Nsy 
Oiann Colwyavm CoIm 
TrewM. <^^r 

-aftti A 
wostor G 
rraey L, 
Dennis K 
(Albert I. 
Kaihy A 
M/tV f.- 

i. Cox 
. Crabtrut 
. Creamer 
, Creef, Jr 

Cherles J. Cumbie 
Cynthie L. Cunningham 
Kim E. Cunningham 
Robert A. Cunnin(^iam 
Steven M. Deddebbo 
Honald W. Daniels 
Leurie Davis 
Midwel A, Davis 
S&i^ R. Divis 
Alvin E. Dmk^ Jr. 
Ste>«nA. Oean 
Mery A. C^ens 
Mary T. DeMsrtino 
C)m0«ia 0. Oimmick 
Cynthia F. Dtxen 
Join E. Odwer, Jr. 
Karia B. Downing 
Cheryl A, Oozier 
VirtMnio N. Iktzier 
JudyA, Wwno 
Beyerty j.Ouno 
Tim L. EiAverds 
ArlenG. Eiiteon. Jr. 
Brien 0. Ellis 
Catherine A, Engesser 
Brent A. Estee 
f^an C. Everton 
David L. Fagan 
Kim b. Faireloth 
Ted M. Farmr 
Charlee D. Felte 
Cynttria D. Ferabee 
Devid P. Filipowski 
Mairle A. Fix 
ThomwA. Foley 
Darryi E. Foi1>ea 
Sheitey D. Forbes 
Cynttiia A. Ford 
Debra L. Foster 
CynMiia M. Fouhtoine 
Chartes H. FrankKn III 
Martha C. Freemen 
Warr^ L Friedlein 
Mergiret T. Frieez 
Slepilanie R. Fuiford 
Jo-Ann L. Fundarturk 
Bnx^ C. Gable 
WilKam T. Gable. Jr. 
Shorty L. Geitep 
Steven R. Garcia 
Karen D. Gardner 
Devid F*. &dcins 
Christoi^r T. Gibbs 
.kihn A. Gibson. Jr. 
DerleneO. Gildirist 
Option D. Gills 
Joanna R. Girman 
Pamela RGoode 
BonitoG. Goodman 
Barbwy fi^ Gaydrioh, ■>■ 

Ride EfGSSS^*!-^ 

Peyton F. Qrevely, Jr. 

Steven P. Grey 

Albert L. Griffin 

Doreen M. Griffin 

Kerl R. Grimm 

Jtffrey C. Guaaa 

Williem M. Guthrie 

Delme K. Hadley 

Dene K. Helsey 

Roger W. Haisteed 

David B. Harppaon 

Mary E. Hardy 

Sheila A. Harrington 

Kevin B. Herrie 

Suaan K. Harria 

Tim M. Harris 

Debra A. Hartlove 

Robert A. Haaa 

Rhomte J. Hawkins 

JohnM. Haynee 
Suaan C.Heine 

Leelie W. Henry 
Jeffery S. Herring 
JemeaT. Hewett 
Frwioes M. Hillegaas 
Gragory J. Hinds 
Albert H. Hinman. Jr. 
Randall M. Hodge 
Videie L. Hodges 
Raymond S. Holland 
Bariiara L. Hokirn 
Krihryn L. HotchNein 
Merie S. Howerin 
Nite M. Huff 
Dele A. Hughea 
Sandra J. Hughea 
Denice A. Huguenel 
Geral(fine A. Hurdle 
Robert M. Hutehineon 
Williwn G. H^ III 
Richerd C. Hymen 
^*phen G. Jadeaon 
Kimberly A. Jenkins 
Philip E. Jadcina. Jr. 
Robin E. Jaiwinga 
Sherri L, Jobe 
Deborah A. Jones 
JosMhC. Jones 
Martin S. Jones 
Sherry R. Jorden 

Roland T. Keeling. Jr. 
Michael S. Kelly 
Rodney W. Kelly 
Brace R, Kendridc 
'Nrry D. Kennedy 
Kathleen L. King 
WmwH. Knidil 
Julie KoM 
Rob^n A. ^ooHll 
Robert E.-Knemsr 
Stevens. Kfeiaal 
^Mria N. Ki^awdei 
Thaodw* D. Kiqae^i. Jr. 
CyiMiia A. Lshouohue 
Roger E.^ III 
OaSmnhK. Lvw 
CryM-Lee Lapp 

tJjM.IM Jit ^ I ■iMUmiilwIfc* III 

I iiwai w Pi. biVwWNBe tii 
MMufcL. Lew 
RobwIM. Ln. 
^^e L. Leilame 

B^tey A. Levin 
^1 A. Lwit 
te« A. Lams 
Sheryt A. Lewis 
Cieaton B. Lineben-y 
-- " ■ — ar 

Uouglas A. Litten 
Gary W. Livermen 
David 8. Lockwood 
William C Lewerv 

jryan A. LudC 


George I 

Oiene Mi 

Betty A. 

Hal W. 

Ronald 0. Meriani 

Michelle Marquadi 

Katherine E. Mart 

Michelle M. Mart' 

iusan J. Martin 

Tina R. Matson 

Krisii L. McAbee 

Michael F. McAlee 

Edward K. MeAndrews 
Cynthie L. M<^lannan 
. Videi J. MeCoftnick 
I^arw t, McCoy 
Tamele D. McCullodi 
K in^ierly R. Me^kil lough 
%^wn F. HMMmell 
Breraia M. MeO«Mn 
Mwy E. MdCMn^ 
Shante M. Maate 
Teresa L. Ktadlin 
Qiry L. Melmi ^) 

LauraA. MerHt T; 

Carol E.Mii^^ i 

RolandL. Midgettelll ^ 
Cartes Miller 
Jonattian H. Miller 
Judy A. Miller vi 

Larry G. Milter, Jr. 
Tina L. Miller 
Gary F. Minntch 
Debonrt) J. Minnie r^ 

Midteel P. Miauna 
Dawn V, Mitchell 
Gitfrii {. Mitoaul 
Wendy S.MIzzell 
KenneV) L. Mei^iomery ' 
William J. Me^ T 

David S. Moreien 
Dene M. Morris 
Holly M. Morris 
Donetd Morriseey 
Leura L. Morton 
Carolyn A. Moas 
Kathy A. Mosaey 
Kent A. Mote 
Karan B. Moton 
Cheryl L. MuUicen 
Gene L. Mulline. Jr. 
Frederick R. Mundt . /. 
Christopher C. Murphy v 
Matlhew E. Murray 
Mark S. Myera 
Scott C. Myera 

MaryM. Mynea 
Jayi. Nadiman ' 
Edward B. Nadoau 
Michael J. Nsary 
Robert L. MM^rah. Jr. ■* 
Dwayne £. N«lvton 
OwightE. Newton 4» 

EHzabelHS.NMrton a 
DavidK. Nidiola 
William R. NiMh, Jr. 

Micheel 0. Norae 
Cledith E. Oektey III 
Seen O'Hara 
Cinda L. Ohimen 
Gregg S.(Meon 
Lewrence R. daon 
Emmanuel M. OMeingco 
Videi E. OH ^ 

Elizebetti P. Owens 
Williem E. Owens, Jr. 
Williem E. Pece 
Cerlton L. Perfcer, Jr. 
Cherieee E. Perieer 
Rebecca L. Perieer 
Gery A. Partiman 
David E. Parrett 
Bridget E. Peraons 
Tern L. Penone 
Christophers. Peeseris 
Melcolm D. Patterson 
Paula L. Peerce 
Carol J. Perry 

Shirley M. Perry 

Midiael L. Perry 

Rendy T. Perry 

Devid S. Pezzelle 

John 0. Pliillips IV 

Dinah L. Pierce 

Jamea C. Pierce III 

MUrk I. Pilend 

None A, Pinnenlil 

Cheryl A. Pitlman 

Robert M. Piibnan 

Brende K. Piver 

Suaan M. Plante 

Tereee M. PImyek 

Keren M. Pokelweldt 

Omeat Pode 

,MargaretA. Poor 

Ann M. Porritt 

TeneM. Proctor 


CaMeiynS. ReiiMey 


JamaaS. Randol|4t 

Leigh Rapkin 

Cathy A. Ratcliffe 

Oara^ L. Rawles 

ThoniM S. Reap 

JoMph A. Reid 

Ricky D. Ridi 

Roee A. Rldierde 

itenioe F. Ridce 

OM-ie Riemann 

Mai^ A.^Rotere 

Hedley E. RaMne III 

Willtem E. ftabm 

Jenniter L . RobmMn 

GvMMidoim & Robold 

l^omaaB. Ractoweil 

RadieLA. A^^rs 

MidMel Ai Beesi 
Midteel W.^ 
Thomaa A. &i«terlin 
&ManO. Sawyer 
Ro^ F^^aiwa, A-. 
CantI C. Seetoee 
Ju^ M, Soott 

Sherie M. Aefter 


Contmed next 


Vlif iaia bwcn ««b, dint i, mi - h-$ 


Rictuiro J. sntrmao 
Mark S. Shimandit 
EugM* T. St«b«U. Jr- 
Mark K. Sinranis 
MidMtl P. Simmons 
Sharon G. Simmont 
Chtryl A. Siruiabaugh 
Craig X Smiih 
David R. Smith 
Eiiaabalh A. Smitti 
Jay R. Smith 
MyraL. Smith 

Phillip A. Smith 

R^iMrt J. Smittt 

&Midra E. Smitti 

StMrm L. 8n^r 

Ttrwa Mifwtt Sokol 

P^w J. Sopiy 

jMWtnin E. S(M«cfii9i 

TnoniM w, S|>aalmaii, A* 

M^ R. SpaiKt, Jr. 

Mary A. S^iivay 

Lori L. Staphana 

Mafic R. MWhD 

OainT. Havana 

Byran W. Stawart 

Madina M. Stiff 

Marie K. Sfoaltja 

AmwE. Slokaa 

Jantaa E. Stokaa 

JJaniaa R. Stona 

Micfwal T. Stont 

Holly A. Stout 

John A. Stovar, Jr. 

Kriatia J. SIranga 

Roaa E. Stranga 

Omhi D. Slraai 

Stormaina I.. &itfon 

OonaM A. SMaay, Jr. 

«ivn If. 3wwffiVj 

diarlaa L. SMMopa 
Jdaaph Taaaana, Jr. 
Dafaorah L^ Tanf te 
D. Lynn ThomM 
jHdWi S. T homaa 
SKaJM) B. Thompaon 
Ibiaalia A. Thorw 
M^ B. ThrenalMirg 
N>l>y S. TidMali 
lialania P. Todaaco 
Barfaara A. toth 
NaraldS. Tull 
Owrlaa P. Tunatill 
0Mm L. Tyaon 
Itaicy A. Ulanich 
Donna L. Undarhill 
&igana M. Varala 
Jaaaa R. Vaatai, Jr. 
Brian L. Vick 
Richard W. Viara 
Vidci L. VoNunan 
JamaaR. Wada 
Warran D. Waick 
GMfn C. Walkar 
«Simaa I. Walkar 
KalMaank.. Walkar 
Darryl D. Wall 
Halan P. Wall 
JalM L. Walling 
L. Water* 
16. W a ( la Bu Wr*Jr^ • 
ra'A^KIttafai!: — i'^'^ 

' >-iBiiifc A Mi, I I ' 
nWrR A. IMKO. 

TarpavM., Wimar 
Ronald L. Whaalar II 
KawNflh F. WMdbaa 
Annafi. WMte 
Branda G. Whita 
JaynaT. Whita 
Slavan E. WhHa 
William R. Whita 
Pamala T. Whithrn 
Richard C.Wttw 
Janal L.. Wii^aon 
Duana A. WilcsK 
Gall L. Wilkinaon 
Danial J. Willcox 
CardI L. Wiltiama 
Ronald i., Williama 
Siaphan 6. Wiimot 
Mauri«r E. Wilaon, Jr. 
Lauri J. Wing 
Donna Wondwtiam ' 
Caltarina A. Wood 
Siaphan K. Wood 
CaHton H. WoolanI 
Chriat^har D. Worat 
^mk a. W^att 
CIrialaphar J. Wynna 
MicNaal L. Yaagar 
l^ld E. Youn^ 
MMiana K. Zaiack 
David W. Zickafooaa 

Colonial High 

Mark Wayna AbraiM 
Tracy Anna Ania 
Jana A^arman 
DavM Britain Adama 
Eiiaa Anna Agnaw 
paulatta Albrttten 
tyrona Alhrttten 
Daf la Jo AttMiry 
^nitrma (S»^m Alaxandar 
Vniliam Ewi AHotandar 
C^iNrina A. Mian 
Gaof^ ^av«Mon Anwlar 
AndrMlkOU AndarsM 
Vlff iAta Ito-w Andaraon 
&iaan Ann Amwtrong 
jyiia Raya AHrip 
&ry Laa Aahhury 
J^HM Munia^^ Mifl 
RMard D a ^nway Bamaa 
Karol Tra^ MdMNfl 
Wiiriam l.a»«aHard 
Polar WiHianft Bnlwraki 
Kavm C«HM<BMiiard 
BriMO Laifh Mtws 
r an^la Al^^na Vh^ms 
Kwwi LjMM^slR'Mirt 
RnaAi^atMa OHi'i ai.u 

RoM Baaal^ 
O art fray Kavin I 
Cynthia Rm Banm 
Richard BamMr 
Sandra Dat^rry 
Thomaa L. Barry 
Sara Elizabath Bavaridgt 
Cary Vtvnn Biaiac 
Joy Tharaaa Bilhtfa 
Tarranea LaaBivwp 
Katharin* Ann Madtburi 
•J ^ Bla«fcwatd«r 

uooii iJawn Ulot-. 
Jody Ann Blum 
Yvonna D, Blum 
Oaloraa Allan Boi 
Tharesa Karan 8 
Kimbarlv Anrt % 
Dawn M f baugh 

Jaffray £,»..,. vi uuMden 
Susan Scott Brachar 
Etizatiath Anna Brady 
David Edward Bridge 
Tyrone Bridgars 
Cymathta Ann Brigman 
Mienrado J. Brink 
Mary Katharine Brinkley 
Shirley Am Brinaon 
OantM Yvome Bristow 
John Ruas^l Bn^s 
Barbara Jem Brown 
David Lee Brown 
J. MiAaal Bninar 
Clarafmi Eugene Bryan 
Lee AMiBryaM 
Virginia MouHat BiK:hanan 
Cynthia Kay Bumatte 
Dahor^i Ann kri 
JMmi^ Louiaa Bybm 
Timetiy D. Cage 
Pamela Fay Critoon 
Thomaa Albert Cirice 
Paula Anne Caldwell 
Emaat Qragory Cam^ll 
Theoitora P. Can^ll 
Sharon Kw Caraway 
William AltwH Cardwall 
Marian CaMarina Carlisle 
Winitwi Walker Carlyle 
Richard L. Camay, III 
I^na Sua Carroll 
Tim Carroll 
Dw^id Ruaaell Carter 
Ira Wmfrad Carter. Jr. 
Themat Nail Cartwright 
ShauM Gerard Caaaidy 
Christopher Edward Uaton 
Dwid Bruce Cavitt 
Leslie R. Cehrs 
Sarah Willow CatarM 
Janwa Barry Charlton 
Rhonda Jean CHanay 
Robin ElizaiMlh Cheney 
Anna Maria Oiristia 
Laura Elizabath Cola 
Suzanne Fariau Compitello. 
Andrew Judo Conton, Jr. 
Gina Sua Connor 
David Ceimonary, Jr. 
Ra)ffnond Albert Coona 
Christina Copaland 
Patrioa Ellon Comalissan 
Maniuatta Lapretl Comick 
Robin Toraaa Comick 
Jamaa Phillip Coitello 
Qat^ O. Cotton 
Chris^)her Som Coulsting 
William Richard dwncill 
Ellen Maury Osupland 
Bertram Basil Cowall 
Dougia* Earl Cratch 
Sharon Kay Cratdi 
Grace Crete 

Jos«nh Turney Crosswhite 
Chad Saimus Crowley 
Shirley Chirstaan Crumble 
Lawrence Joaaph Oimmings 
Michael Stmm Cuatar 
Francis Edward Daly, III 
Dana Raid Dardan 
Sharon Annatte Dau^htry 
CathermeL^Mi E^nnai-u <■ 
George DaviiWP ? ^f^'" 
Mont gom ery L. Davis Jr. 
Lynn Anna Dwiaon 
KMrk Alan Otoyiaon 
Raynolda ^terry Dawson 
Thomaa Edanrd OaLong 
Matthew Joaaph Daritodiea 
William John Diamond 
Tarri Lynne Didcans 
William Rodgor Dickey 
Sabrina Auralia Digga 
Diana Johnaon Dize 
Jonatiwn W. Dobba 
Richard Micheal Doggett 
Lynn Catharine Doltenmeyer 
Kathryn Lynne Dormire 
Tamah Arlane Oottfft 
Richard >M)ib Doummar 
Sheila Marie Dover 
Robert GuOirie Downing ' 
Jao^lina Dozier 
Robert Ridiard Drake 
Leslea D'ann Orannan 
Gaorga Emery Drihko 
Jaaaa Ray Dudley 
Donm Maria Dunult 
Caron Jaan Duff 
Patrick B. Dunthom 
Loran Christephar Duval 
Mary ElizriMth Dwyar 
Carol Elizabatti E<^a 
William Francia Edwarda 
Randall Jamaa Eidner 
Jaffaraon Emanualson 
Jeffrey J. Englehwi 
Kevin Joseph Ermen 
Christopher Jwnea Ettel 
Gragory A. Ettel 
Gr^ory Thomaa Evans 
Thomas Rottart Fasciocco 
Larry E. Faara 
Louiaa Aanatta Falton 
Kimberly Atwood Fen^ess 
Levdnd Foreiiea 
Natelia Holland Farrall 
John F. Finmran 
Laalie Rtedison Fisher, III 
Amirew Paul FHz- Randolph 
Riaa Laa Planner 
Keitti A. Ford 
Leig^ Powell FortM 
Mary Jennifer Forbes 
Marm Ame Footer 
Daniao Itorio Franz 
.Mnaa /Mwny Frvaman 
Jane Carol Frizzell 
To<kl Anttiony Firniss 
Jerry Day Gardner, II 
H. WMmall GarrM, Jr. 
San^ Steven Gasper 
DalKri^ A. Gatlin 
Tr^ Heaoie ^onpe. III 
tMrk E. GManar 
Wiili«n Carney Gibba, Jr. 
Joy Lynn Gillu 
Leslie Carr Oaaooek 
Bniea Midieal GlMas 
Dalorea Lynne Godfrey 
J^ Iteria Godfrey 
(kriantf Laa Godfrey, Jr. 
Kimberly Araia Go$K)ii 
Lance Gom^»< s. 
CynMa iMn Geulart 
LiMwr CartlH) Gravati III 

Mrbn L. O-anry 
Paul tlwmaa Gn^pory 
Mwar LjMN^a QrWtn 
9wvi Vi^M-ia ^wmteAd 
ttnw JunOffmy 
^rtara AtMo ItedMfli 
•lirlay UlMMh Itetfay 
WllllMi ^ri^^ar Nairsten 


ton Harrison 


Mooert trnesT Monman, Jr. 
Robin Renne Harwell 
Michael Edward Haskins 
Debra Lynn Hatchet I 
Charles D. Hawkins, III 
Kennetti Simth Haydan, Jr. 
Yvatta Michtia Haydan 
Gertrude HayiMis 

IWhiry Elfrath Hays 
Shiunm 4ton MMniaraon 
Robert Paul Harowc 
Katlm-ine Ann HasM 
Juaria Geneva Hili 
Robin Rma Hilt 
Timottiy P«il Hite^aw 
Jarrall Antt^ny Honafd 
..tamas Ronald Holland, Jr. 
Lan^ay Tayloo Holland 
Kay Clarke Hollandsworth 
Daiphina Etnenia IteilovMy 
William Mlc^l Itoover 
Robert Arlhur HMsaknecht 
Twnra Lavinia tkjdgina 
Robert Charlaa Hwteon 
Wtayne DouglM Hutteon 
«tery Eliziriwth Huerte 
Craig Leigh Hu^a 
Ronald Hughaa 
Gerald fcrnard fkill 
Sarirfi Archer Hulvey 
Broderick Humes 
Decirlo Humaa 
^tgalaD. I'k^ierson 
David Wayne Hutdiina 
William J. Hydar 
Sidney Eliza Hyman, Jr. 
David Patrick Jackaon 
Donna May Jacquea 
Calvin Janwa 
Donna M. Jennings 
Elizabeth Holland Janninga 
An^vw Downing JatI 
Branda G»i\ Jdinaon 
Carol Lynn Johnaon 
Jamaa Irwin Johnaon 
Larry Leroy Johnaon 
Malachi Jolmwn, Jr. 
Pamela Gail Johnson 
Andraaa Jones 
David Wray Jonaa 
Elisabath Lane Jonas 
Emilia Bor(|es Jones 
Ktercus Coride Jonea 
Michael Anthony Jonas 
Alvin Laa Jordan 
Bonnie Odell Joyner 
Cynthia D. Joyner 
Stacey Earle Joyner 
Kalan Leon Kahler 
Chriatine Wiley Kamrad 
Jotm Michael Kapetanakis 
Mark Allan Kam 
Craig Alan Kaut>er 
Karia Lyim Keating 
Kathy Jaan Kellam 
Martha Dianne Kennedy 
Michael David Kerley 
Carleton J. King, III 
Christopher Sinnon King 
Walter Loon Kinsey, II 
David Philip |C|r^ , 

JaWeryLeelgjfll ,_ ; 
Elizabeth Anne Knaus 
Suart Burt Kollmorgan 
Marianne Francaa Kruager 
Cheryl Ann Lacks 
James Flood Lamora, Jr. 
Mary T. Landack 
Robert Joaaph Lang 
Juli Paige Laurance 
Tarri K. Lavenstein 
Vincent Leaks 
Lisa Carol Leaaard 
Sarah Patricia Lett 
Carma Lee Lewallen 
Cecilia Anntionatte Lewis 
Jennifer Ellsworth Lindblad 
Diane Robin Lindaay 
Jeffrey Sanda Lodoa 
Nancy Palmar Lonman 
Frederic Nalaon Luhring 
Debra Cheryl Lukei 
Alan Watson Mriianas 
Jamaa Edi^rd Marabia, III 
Jo Anne Marcrum 
Alexander Campbell Marshall 
Douglas Harrell Marshall 
LMlie West Marshall 
Carol* Jeanne Martin 
Cindy Lea Ktertin 
Danny R. Kfeaon 
William Thomas Maaon, Jr. 
Lisa Lee Mana 
Edward Eugene Maynard 
Jeffrey Alan McAHteney 
Wade Joaaph McElligott 
Sandy Leigh McFall 
Jon Malley McGrudar 
Laurie Elizabatti McGuire 
Ralph Craig McManin 
Kwan McNmk^ 
Wilhemina Rnoricta McPherson 
GrifTiti John McRa*, HI 
Kavin MichMl M:R*ynol(to 
William David Meadows 
Daniel Madina 
Diana Gmrla Maaka 
Stephen Richard Maenan 
Debord« Rm* Mallbarg 
Rabacca Aiw MalloH 
Mamew William Merriman 
Jean Anne Mate 
MMfiya Marie Rteyc 
P«4er John Me^rs 
Charles Jerome Miller 
Robin Lynn MHIer 
Sherry Dwiiaa Millar 
John E. Milla 
Vanaasa Iferie Mires 
David Jotei Mitchell 
Kai«i Mitchell 
Barnard Scott Mwroa 
B^^ Mwia MMrfgomery 
&izanne Lee Momly 
Arvin Moore 

David Winston Moore, Jr. 
TrKi C^herina Moore 
Woo<frvw McKMUwy Moore 
Iris Oonnette Mor^ 
Patricia Mft Moriw 
y MKorit Craig Mei^an 
Annatte fMArma Morris 
Icavin BfMks Morria 
Mimi Kirtland Pater Motm 
Starrford Wada Morsa, Jr. 
Cyntttia Lynn Mess 
Patricia M^an 
Ifanda lltoria Mrflan 
iMam Mi^alte Mundy 
Karen L^m^ Myars 
Elizabath Cary Dteh 
Patricia ftim MiVMTa 
Danny Ray Mwnw 
Tho^ uwMflar Nimitz 
JiAia Maria NiMn 
iaerfa Dyer Nsrrin^n 
Kw^n ken Ntrviite 
Ran^a F^ra Noaay 

M«rK Lane Oakely 

Kerry Antonta Oaksmith 

Lynne vonRain OtMe 

flegina Ann O'Brien 

Kathleen Ann O'Connall 

Jennifer Mary Lynn O'Oorman 

Eric Lloyd Olds 

Gat i Bertha Olds 

Quinton Olds 

Theresa Olds 

Vick Laa Oldb 

Cheryl Marie Ovarion 

Martha Berkley Owen 

Helena Doraan Owens 

Louis Claude Owans 

Pamela Ann Paganelli 

Johanna Marie Pagano 

Suzanne McGregor Palmer 

Wanda Dalorea Palmar 

^es Henley Par^iawicz 

Cynthia Maria Parker 

J(«in Scott PwkMT^ 

John Thomaa Parker 

Liaa LaVania Parker 

Madalyn Tina Paater 

Grace Elizabettt Patterson 

William Pattaraon, Jr. 

R(^rt Andrew Paul 

Susan Tyler Pender 

Jennifer Elain* Penderj^irft 

Mary Jane Elizdbatti Pennar 

Andrew Dwight Penny 

Robert Sc»tt Parkins 

Allison Elizitwtti Parry 

ftorman ^hnrd Parry,^ Jr. 

Robin Evetta Petratte 

Eldora Maria Phillips 

Lynette Philpot 

Steve LaMff-ance Pinner 

jydith Marl«w Pirko 

William Pontes 

Cathy Lou Potter 

Harold Ryan Powell 

Je^arson Bryant Powel I 

Melaine Gaya Pownall 

Twil Louanne Pownall 

Cindy R. Price 

Patricia Ellen Price 

Pamela Gail Pyle 

Serenda Lee Quigley 

Edward Joaaph Rack 

Datwrah Michelle Ramsey 

Mitisaa June Reeks 

Tyco L. Regan 

Pamela Joy Reiber 

Charles Edward Reichhoff 

Cur-tis David Reynolds I 

Dale Patrick Rhinea I 

^mas Chapin Rice 

Sharon Kay Richlie 

Wilbur Lee Riddick 

Emory Jamaa Rilay, II 

Linda L. Rilay 

William Lawson Rippel 

Berkley Lamont Rish, Jr. : 

Marcie D'Anne Robarge 

Bonnie Sue Roberteon 

Cynthia Ann Robeson 

Lisa Riggs Robinson 

Patrick Wayne Robinson 

Susan Ranee Rockwell 

John Char If s Rogers 

Catherine Margaret Rookus 

Larry Scott Rosenberg 

Thomas Benadict Rothrauff 

Carol Ann Roughley 

Juliette ilouse 

Sinay Sacdalan 

Scott David Sal land I 

Jaan Anne Salemone 

Kar-en'iklica^Sandiaz .. f^ 

Mary Lisa Sata^fs ^ 

Antigooi AnitaSaWides 

Annatte Marie Sawyer 

Steven Dwayna Sawyer 

Timoth Lee Sayera 

Mark Steven Schadlich 

Tina Susan Schloaaman 

James D. Scott 

Tammy Anne Scott 
•John Hahkins Sealer .i.' 

Michael Edward Settlea 

Cindy Sue Seymour 

Deborah Frances Shaffer 

Linda Ann Shaw 

David Bryan Sholar 

Linda Diana Short 

Regina Kathryn Shukis 

John Michael Simmons 

Robert Steven Simon 

Julia Ann Simpson 

Jeffrey D. Sipier 

Tore Eugene Skeppstrom 

Deborah Jaan Slaughenhaupt 

James Robert Small 

Barnard J. Smittt •>!' 

Branda Louiaa Smith 
Carlten Mandall Smith 
Harry Robert Snith, Jr. 
Darlene Michelte Smith 
Kevin Bryant Smiih 
Mary Ann Smith 
Nathaniel Leon Smith 
Robert Revo Smith, II 
SusM Margaret Smith 
Janis LuMvi Sneddon 
Cheryl Ann Snowden 
Koran Maria Snyder 
Colory Darlene Spellman 
Shelia Shilira St»ellman 
David Bryan Sj^adlin 
Lyhfte Kwf Spring 
Jennifer Lynn Stanley 
James F. Steiiriierg 
Jennifer Jaan ^ona '» - 
Kenneth Lee »orbeck 
.temaa W. Stranga 
Midiaal Lee %'awhand 
Mar^jarite Gail Tarver 
Joaaiph Dodson Taylor. II 
Judith Jaan Taylor 
Lee Ellen Taylor 
Ruaaall Dawson Taylor, Jr. 
TerMa Ann Taylor 
Father Tabele 
Carl Gregg Tannefoss 
Jili Cwnpball Tarry 
Annatte Marie Terveer 
Cornell Cluater Thorr^son 
Mark Paul Thon^aon 
John Calvin Thome, III 
Janie M. Tinney 
Karen Ran^ Townaend 
Danial P. Triacritti 
JO^h Hwiry Treat 
Robin ^Wma Tt»-ner 
Lea Wwr Turner, Jr. 
Georiia Sa«wrt Twitkiy, III 
^ Lowell IMbrwood 
Kattieritw Keen Underwood 
Shelly Lyi^n Vadan 
Vickie Lai Vaiqhan 
.^umas Balfaur Via 
Mamw^Ann Vollrattt 
■Jack Mawwt Waddti^rton, ^, 
Lawan^ BulWr Wtelaa, IH 
GraydMi taricasWaftor. ^. 
ShM'on /vm Waitenan 
Ashley Eliz^Mtfi War«^ 
Laurie Elizrii^ WiflttfM 
KMwiM Oailt WMw 
Ray mafid'Ain'jv Wi^to i Jr. 
Joaaph Wmten wibster 
R«fe«r1 Alftwi I^Mning, Jr. 

Christian Haorick Mtemar 

'Champagne Complex' amusing 


Social tn ♦he SUN 

Hoist a (lass to the play 
"ChtrnpigDe Complex" by 
Leslie Stevens better fcaown 
for Us play "Bullfight " 
wWch ^«elyed Brwtdway 

While Dothing much bap- 
P^s la his latest play at 
Ute CavaUer Dtnoer Play- 
house (tkro^ June) it gives 
a plea^ttt glov, a^ thrw^ 
some strange chemical re- 
action of director and cast, 
the fixy is much better than 
it hu any right to be. 

The director, Bill Painter, 
is intelligent and because of 
him the comedy never clunks 
along the track but glides 
smoothly and easily with its 
low-keyed humor to make it 

First Colonial High 
School cont. 

Scott H. Weseleakey 
Thomas Allen Weat 
Gayle Maria Webnore 
Richard Winford White 
Junite Elizabath Williams 
Neat Bevan Williama, Jr. 
Thomas F. Williams 
Virginia Elizabeth Williams 
Julie Marie Withers 
Margaret Lucille Woodsmall 
James Jeffery Woroneski 
Lawson Worrell, IV 
Elenore Elizabeth Wright 
Paul Edward Wright 
Stephanie J. Wri^t 
William Nick Wright 
DwightKirk Yeager 
Anthony J. Young 
Warner Franklin Young, III 
Mark StuaH Zerkle 
Ronald Zollicoffer 

Senior list not 

available at this 


Bayside High 
Kellam High 
Princess Anne High 

aecei^able. Predictable 
thoivb it may be, tte awi- 
ience watis it that way aM 
as the heroine se-saws be- 
tween her lovers, the dia- 
logue aN a^lM become 
plausibte ant ever amusii^. 

Painter, an actor and di- 
rector brings a style totte 
stage that few mm, especi- 
ally directors, acquire. His 
own charisma of warmth and 
wlstfttlness is infused into 
the cast so they cone it- 
cross as believable and sin- 
cere human beings. The play 
is a simple civilized comedy 
cleverly written and direct- 
ed. There are no show-biz 

The plot is not ertraor- 

dinary. Tbe^yl^^wbm 
a stvtty, ri^ y^if man 
eoniM seAiv Ms fiance 
in her apprtn^. Stm%e 
girl tfut i^ is, she at a 
reception after a glass or 
two (A eHmpasm tm 
removed her cloUbes dis- 
Vl*fta$ her MUni-Uke poUca 
(Mlttgerle. Conceiwdafld 
r^lizing that she tea a 
pniblem her intends! calls 
an imcle who hai^os to 
be a psychiatric and wto 
at that npmnent is whooirtng 
it up at k bar. There is 
ovuch talk from the girl who 
l^'otests and even after 
agreeing on analysis, e- 
vades, argues and will not 
cooperate. The audience has 

irf tfi^ flrsrt a«« bM teactlM 
cMitaim to nrthntl all. 

HMgu)^ oMo the ^r 
frune ^ tte walk-up IM 
i^w a ai^ oirt on the town 
George Meatz, as the |wy- 
chi^rist, is a visual im- 
j«0 of ^ukl Nit and amk- 
^ete boredm with flie 
fUtfity girl. The hero, Aebna 
P^I nunar. ^y«| by Scott 
Browa, Js nuire thaa creAUa 
He shftdes hte peitormaaoe 
witi) a gr^ ^I of tecb- 
nifflie ao that the aodience 
mvers and reconsiders his 
poteirtiat throughout the play. 
BotJk aeCBT$ are super-pro- 
laMaal in this play. 



P. A. Princesses 

Princess Anne ffigh School selected ite Misses Sahirday, 
May 14. They are. from left to right, Karen Mendoza, 
Miss Princess Anne; Teanne Self, 1st runner-up; Sandy 
Woolridge, 2nd runner-qi; Mary Jones, ird runner-up and 
BettyLynCompton, 4th ruaner-iq^. ^ 

Shad's Not Just Another Pretty Face,.. 



t§i^ • ^ PM'i^C' 

"/ don't just talk about Law and 
Order. I have worked for it!" 

• Commonwealth Attorney- 12 years 

• State^Crime Commission- 10 years 

• Experienced Trial Lawyer on ALL 
levels in State AND Federal Courts 
including the United States 
Supreme Court. 

"Fuel adjustment is the biggest 
gimmick ever put over on us!" 

As your Attorney General, Shad will 
give you effective representation 
before the State Corporation Com- 
mission and the Courts. 


Through legislation, tjefore he was elected to the General Assembly, Shad Solomon 

• Established Virginia's FIRST State Crime Lab 

• Established Virginia's FIRST mandatory training of police 

• Established Virginia's FIRST required Drug Abuse Pro- 
gram for elementary and secondary schools 

As a forceful Member of the House of Delegates, Shad Solomon 

• Cracked down on shoplifters, child molesters and drug 

• Updated prison systems with major revisions 

• Funded the Anti-Trust Division to stop prige-f ixing 

• Eliminated unfair inheritance taxes 

UOTE SHAD soLomon 








Witch Duck Inn: 

Enjoy the extra touches of arttstry 
h <INng Join us foe a beautiful li^ich 
or cMnner where choice cuisine 
is off ew'ed and served. . . 
qutetiy, expert lovifigly; #or the 
exacting Q»ttof\ of tt» art of cftwg. 

Cal for reservations! 


VirsMa*s First 

Smorgasbord House 

Little CftekYtKht Basin 
Sm Shore Drive " 
in Shore Drive MBoina, 

Nortok, VirgMa 

}pen 5 P. M. to JO P. M. 


'^ Neighbdrhdod 

Fommrty Ow t « BU km 

Ff litoy Sfi^eM '9to9 pan. 

AH the fish you can eat ^3^^ 

Saturday Sp0cM -6 to 9 pjn. 

All you can eat steamed shrimp *5»5 

3733 Bonimy Road • 340-8447 

Seofo od ft Beef Restaufiant 


^cciaUxtaf !■ trash SMistd, botli irttUMd 
aad triid, priiM nil of iMtf, t^fSt f^ 
stMks, vrmA fb^r wtf dtlMcNU Cock- 
tails. SpMlsI tmOf IrteM aid ekUim's 
iTtiliAl* yttr ' 





T9XM 4 to • PM 

raraoa ssBTED I ni- nmmGHT 


Loeall^ owBod k operated Iqr 
J.R. "JiM'? Gcorte 


t aiBilw&imttoOMiBfroat 

^ Now that you'¥« tiM tht JMy 

I ^ # dfiltr that, ami vMtMl aN 
I tha l^rMd StMona hi tmm- 

|<^^a ^aa <i Tasfa f^ m^f DalMmm 

I Prftm Rib A St#ak8 

Pleasing custonmrs 
is a specialty 

Haie jw be«4<Mart«ining tbat restawnirts doe'tgi?<t^}ii< 
coxrail to «tt? tiiw fiOMMr of Witek Dudi bn Ja Penribroke 
llMdnrs anii0i% CM^r rai Uii^teiKteBce Boidevaiti, 
kas rtoUf got a tod for jrw! 

Gtas vUl jMT^wre and se^e a 72-oance (tbat's four and 
a Half poTOts) steak to anyone wbo wa^s to tackle it. 
He'll also f^ve fou two kours to devour the 72 ouiwes 
of dMtee beef whidi, be tents is "the biggest steak in town" 
and tf yoa can do it, tte steak is on tte bouse, tt yott find 
It's loo muck for ]foa to budle, tbe bill be ^8.75. 

Tlie "viteb" of Witcb Ikick lim Is, as maiiy will kMW, 
<knm Sl^wood tte reU^ tried by water long ago. 
8ke was made tuaom W Louisa Viable Kyle's b0(*, 
"iKm^ (tf Pw^" and Gus hopes to make ker even teore 
UkmiS. A native of New Jersey, it was a wkile before 
Gu leaned the real story of "Witck Duck" and he im- 
aediately felt that more stemld be said imd 6mm about 
ttU iotx1toifl( W of local history. Witches have become 
Jlki tademark in his deUgktfiil lamfly restaurant and 
yoaag and old alike are utterly del^kted wken ttey walk 
in to be gneted by "Udy Witch Duck" ad^htfttUy 
■^ eiwMre created scpedally for Gus and the Witeh 
Duck bui by a friend. Another witdi glides trough the 
air on a totMmstick while the walls are bedecked with 
pfetures and plac(|Des all porting ugly green faces. 

Lady Witcb Duck iiad an accident recently. Gus re- 
lates that all his customers are in love with the old 
witch and often want to put their arm around her or dance 
with ker. She suffered a broken nose at the hands of an 
vabensA fttT<m recently. Cobcmh was great but one of 
Gu8*s regular customers, Korma Gardner, who is a first 
gn^ teMki^ at Woodstock Sdtool, came to ^ aid of 
Gns's wtt^ Using ^a^er of paris wrap--Qie t]^ used 
kf <loctors to set birdcen bones- ^and custom mixed green 
piM to mtteh the rest at Lai^ Witch Duck's oon^ezion. 
Nova wts able to perform a "w:»e iob" m the witch 
and she's wnras-gopd as n(qir. 

Mam'M fl^w of Lady Wit«li pw^ is just what Gus 
WM MAi^miOat '^A reM fUitly itsteuraat." 

"These peasie are my friends. They come in here to 
try us out and I try to speak to evei7one to be sure tteir 
meal is to ttieir lydng and their service has been good, 
nwy cma» keA mid ite in't toiff before ttiey're frioids 
(d mine. I Uke ti^t," he siys smilli«. 

Gtts has beoi in tke restaurant Irasiness for 25 years 
and really knows kow to please kis customers. 

'*! senw ody <^(dce me^ and I butcker ay own," ke 
poMs wt. V 

lories range ttUta ^.60 for liver md oakm to |6.95 
lor t^ak an) tiiriw. "^re's tote of i«riety in betweM 
IneMdiig s«i«ood, cU<^cii and shtek fcabob. m^A Dodc tnn 
ala© serves "WitcUmrfers and sandwitckw." You see 
Gua is r^y into this tlSng with witches. 

'11 just f9t a gmt idea from one of the children who 
coiies in here i^tb his tamily." Gus says witt a twiidUe 

file child su^esed Gus call his frenek fried pobrtoes 

'H'm ^bont to hkve new menus printed and rmgoiu 
tofloit." ^ 

Witch Kettle soup tqia Gus's menu. Tliat's soup df the 
dar. served from a lai^ black <»uldrai. Gus m^kes aU 
kif^wn MQ» torn sentfdi and particularly ffljoys serv- 
ing somcOibig wihHqr Ul^i^pea S019 from tke p(^. 

^ couM »ve about tke ra«iu at Witch Duck Imi for- 
ev^, but we can^t negkiet to mwtion ttessertl Ag^, it's 
all Inmepade by Gits aoa some <d his speclalttiies inclote 
bal^va, key lime pte, napoleons and a variety (tf other 
pies and cakM. The bekl^ is a real must. Gus is Gre^ 
and makes his baUam firom a family recipe. It's moist 
and melts in your mouth. You'll pnrinble agree that it's 
the Iwst you've ever had. 

Witch Iteck Inn is x^en seven days a week from 7:30 
a.m. when Gus %rves breaklkst ("I cook breakfast and 
I'm an excellent breakfast man," Gus says proudly.) un- 
til |0 p.m. when Gus cldsra iq> the place. He's a man who 
loves his work and he's there all day, every day/. 

There's something more, Witch Duck Inn also has the 
"Other Room", a comli»1^1e, separate i:oi»i wU^ will 
soim have ite own mtram^ and f^tores a bar and tebtes. 
The bar te run by Gus's swi, PhllUp. The "<Xhw Room" 
cut be reserved for special parties and it steysopen 
u^ 2, am., serving drinks and food to a steuiy streem 
of eaateiBors. 

b the kitdMea, Gus te assisted in cocdOi^ by Steve Smith, 
ayoung chef eagariyi leeziUng the rei^avraot business &tua 
the old ma^er, (ku, and Gus's son, Michael. They're 
doing someteii« very r^ te there. 
' In fact, aU of wbaX Gob Homner te d(^ seems to us 
to be very rigirt. He sums it iq> wOl. 

"I'm trying to give my customers something th^'ve 
foijotten te r«Bteurant diitti«. I just want to ^ease teem." 

Story and photo by 

Marilyn J. Weber 

SUN News Editor 

Gus Homner watches as Norma Gardner firMshes the "nose job" on Lady Witch Duck 


t»e visGiinA iSACRALm 

M0-M7t for carry out service 

oiscouHT ncaTs evert ioght 

« p.m. to 2 a.a. Haoday thru Pri«gr 
I p.m. to 2 a.ffl. Sataff^y ud Soaday 

C.B. Cott— break 2 to 4 Siterdays 











Cteektaite - Wine A Beer 


f^ ItaHaa AMerkea 

''Rtm&^er It's T%^ Sauce 


•^r»np Mariattra or Sam^ »yle 
Casino or Ortfiiate 

* Catamara w^ s^m) Red «• whue 

• Lobeter Tate BroHad or rra Dtevolo 

* ^M^eA Mitsak or F|^«M 
Chfcktn Trtnaitel w Cacctete* 

• Veal S«to^. Ibrwto. Frowese or VmI 


. Amummawm 

n years nm^ cte' 
Rte. M-IM* Va. Beach Blvd. m 

ClosM MOBoays 

^4itf tiKin Itvi^lMai^ 1 Ik*!!* 

Servtef Maer tiwy evtfag tnm i-.m 
Live MtertetaaMlitai. -Art. ^rtteldf-.W 


Va. Beach, fi. ^419 4W.fOTl 

l|TK>yfl^C^gcta|jfom jTre Other Room' 


A Switching Extravaganza 

2 C^ptota mMLm DtniMra 

Good May 27 thru June 1 1 





Sf^rying tfie world's largest resort city 

/€CTIOn B 

Section B, Page 1 Wednesday June 8, 1977 

^365,000 in Araoians 

Equestrian extravaganza by Cashvan 

Hm stalUoB UiltUnr sviogs along to the tune of $105,000, 
bid bf Tslmage BOwden, owner of Kimberly Oil Company. 

Story and photos by MAN ASHLEY 

Lftltikar was the Region IS ChaoBiilOQ Stallion, sbown by 
triiner Jerry Modlin; "• 

Looking for a new home, Nizzina's foal scans the audience 
for a successful bidder. The handler Is Eric Wolf. 

Free national expert clin- 
ics, lunch, drinks, and glimp- 
ses of beautiful horses 
brought several thousand 
Virginia Beachers to Princ- 
ess Anae Stables May 14th 
and 15th for the Cashvan 
Arabian Sale. 
J^KW-Paleldt ot 
Wasiflngton, and Jim taas- 
aas of Harrodsburg Kentudcy , 
taught the audience some of 

their successful training 
methods for showing an Ara- 
bian in halter and per-' 
formance classes. Jerry 
Sparagowski taught them how 
to phcAograph an Arabian to 
best advantage. And Tom 
Boison of Southern Califor- 

tinuing open bar, they had a 
chance to bid as the proud 
horses strutted ahd posed 
on theglittering red shav- 
ings stage under a bank of 
spotlights that gleamed from 
their well rubbed coats and 
black oiled hoofis. 
, A Tidawatar,. 

iVntt '^- - «i ^%nn't ho tho lact with thie '■» ' ^ ■ o. ~,.^^ «> • 

After a free lunch of cold 
cuts and salad and a con- 


Katfiy Buhrer polishes Tanlin's hoofi so they'll gleam 
imder the spotli^ts. 

^%on't be the last with this 
iUnount of interest and a 
$365,000 proceed. 


Mary Coolibaugh holds L'Nicopa for farrier John Moore. 

teskrMt, held by Jim White, «i|oys a bath with Minnie 
SdUBite on the ottier ma of the scrab brush. 

K< * ,r^' 

Buyers carttally took over the product before the sale 

A toor yMr old stUlUH, Ntssabo is « suecMidM dnwr 
viai daa|ri(»shi|» ia pwtamaace and laMir daMM. 

.jccuiar #e«kefid for Ray 

triow won a color television set at Big- 

<; had won his fourth higii sdiool 
J ia six years. 
^..„.., ' btt««eB tlie two incidents, is that winoiiig 
'nqqired only biind lucic, wtaereas copfiiiig the 
« reqvired skill, somethinK B&rlow aad his Kemps- 
ilcts have shown an abundancv of nil season, 
^nty for the St«t> (,rnup AAA 
^Hmaxed « season renarluble 
i team, the Chitts iwtted an 
uas &Q fewer than six players well 

i.asfaip game, played in Rocky llouat, the 
(MkCi .Wfred two nuts in each of the first tour iaulngs, 
ium^ ™- !b *».„ .,,H Scoring runs was the Chiefs fort* 
. ,. « the four tournament kubcs. 

Mta^m l«ninK,- with two Eagles on base and no mOs. 
SH^^HtltoodT ftelUMt a ground ball, tagged ont the 
be.' my Tata on second wbotbrew to Mike 

S^'j wi iiii-v, 4UU * iriple play was thnrs. 

"it wa* the first trijple jdiy iWe ev«- seen in high sdKwl 
WT I^Birtow Uter, "The kids were ready for it wtwi 

Hicaer joe iieaioa had to be taped before tte game fbr 
a bttle sprain, wUeh fctd eaoaed him to miss two earlier 
Stnrts. Bri after a sfeaky first inning, in which the Eagles 
«w«*ed thetr loae nm, be settled down, and the Chiefs 
were tteTer really ekallei«ed. 

Hoqdf , Tata and catcher Mark Creekmere «U coUedetf 

- i!Si*** *" "* «*^> •**** ^^^ Woo*. Tom Reap, Tommy 
:4l||«uui aat Bob Smith each had one. 

fie ease with «bkh the Chiefs wattsed thni^ the 

Kasten Region toaraanest and State toanaaeiit, is an 

■ttioH of stretcth at the i^te. 

3ap, the Chief third baseman, betted .SSI fcr the sea- 

andj^w ia 30 nms. Sage, « first haawMm/^tteher. 

^*d S» m& tl rtjfs. Outfielder Wood (M. Tata 

*^KJ^ ooflielder Speeiman (.410), all had siqwrkUn 

.\ IHSQihj, Tata stole H bases this season, Barlow sivittt 

,; btej^greea light. ^ 

U~, ^ "* ^***> ••» *«■ •*•»« ^Om *• ivit, 'it-ua '75 

r ,- fflitfshed the year at 2t-», alter eomiAetiw a S^l Beach' 

State Champions! 


^dUM piKM t^ Mair nmrmaa) 


eonqdetiaK i 

The m^ia ^919 MA iMebtU itempfoBS fbr IVh, 
the Kaa^MfDr d^. Metiired h^e are, front row, E 
to L-Coeck Pimehy Marshall, Bob Smith, Oatid Owen, 

Jody Cox, Tony Tata, Cralf LoeUear, Qaaqr Bladt, Curt 
Harrtsoa, Second ro«-Oel Moody, Gino Wood, Mite Me- 
Dasiels, Tommy ^teelman, Kevin Roraubem, ^ve Hayes. 

^dE rov-lM BwloB, Itevid Adasui, Mike Dona^ GMi«h 
Ray Barlow, Mike Sage, Tmi Reap, Mark dmiimm. 

was revealed aflw the championship contest, that Bar- 
^fwr^V fiirher tineteaml to shave the coach's head, shooM 
> Chiefs come back from Rocky Hoont without the sUte 

Wni^iij, Dai-iuw's hair is safe. 

^mti^*KArAm40 • tACJCPAOCING 
• CAA^«5 • CIOTWMJ • won 


Home Improvemen 

"oea aMitlflu, stHtt wia- 
slMhrle, concrete work, 

^.4!f,*uuy, r( 
Idows «ni doott, 

fpMtfi rertag; nawtelt^ WteMH am 

]l»-K lock Mrk, BhMtaui ddi^. firepUees, 

psiofiag. Serving aU Tidewater. 

For Fm iMMM OiR 

I Itoim ImprwmnmA (>^ 
J ofViiWa 


. . tnm fm fmrnsBxim 
uwm ...wmmm 

AtMONAi one A PraCMG 

Pitcher Jo# Beaton went the distance in^ the championship ; 



dilf AflfOftw 947^030 or 3533 

These Hen Per Persoaal Service 

tilLL JOUEY 538-0232 
DON CRANK 547-5589 
^OWAM) KINQSLAND 484-6633 



The on^ two game 

imai^nmvr missed, the Chiefs lost 

^»mbiiig Repairs 


I ^ 



wrti k mta li 

Twfl Reap scores during frst round of state ^rrwy 








, -, .»• 

1 - D'i 


put on a 'show' at the Dome 

SUN Spoils Editor 

Instead of faetog umler a big top, it was imder tbe 9tt 
carton i««rlor of the Virginia Beach Dome, but it was a 
show newrtheless. 

Pro boxing was making Its debut at the Beach with a 
nine-bout card, and no one, including Sports Promotions 
Services Inc. owners Dallas Tobill and Ed Owens, knew 
what to ejqpect. 

Although not all of the boxing was of the highest level, 
the entertainment value of the evening was. 

It started quickly. Two nights before the fights, in fact. 
It seems that Willy Crockett, the 147 pound opponent for 




Virginia Beach's Bobby Acey, was jailed in Winston-Salem 
K. C. for inciting a riot. 

As the 910 patrons to witness the boxing patiently waited 
for the initial fight of the evening, as the boxers slowly 
made their way to the ring, the theme song from the movie 
"Rocky" came blaring forth from the makeshift sound- 
system. Just the right amount of schtick. 

Interest in all nine fights was insured after the first 
round of the first bout, when through the ropes crawled 
the girl responsible for carrying a sign announcin g the 
upcoming round. A girl so outstanding she scored count- 
less TKO's every time she entered the ring. 

Female manager Pat Coleman tends to her boxer 

Remember, boxing is a show. 

Beach residei^ and Norfolk policeman Bobby Acey put 
on a show as well, albeit a brief one. With his scheduled 
onwnent behind bars -•in some Carolina slammer, Acey 

demolished his new foe, Austin Davis, knocking him out 
with just 36 seconds gone ui the first round. 

K was the prodebut for Acey, who gcrt Davis in the comer, 
and pumroeled him until the rapid KO. 

Tke next fight had its toots in showmanship as well. 
Or perhaps showomansh... never mind. Anyway, the sensa- 
tion of the six-round heavyweight fight between Matt Robin- 
son and Al Byrd was Robinson's manager, Pat Coleman. 
Coleman, you may be surprised to hear, is a woman, and 
as such, became the first woman boxinK manager ever 
in Virginia (she hails from Hyattville, Maryland). 

And believe me, she wants there to be no question about 
her gender. Resplendent in bright yellow boots with match- 
ing beret and hot pants Ms. Coleman drew a lot of attention 
to her fif^ter's comer. Her husband. Rocky (honest), is 
the trainer, and showed the good taste to refrain from wear- 
ing hot pants, yet submitted to the beret. 

Robinson decisioned Byrd. 

The most dramatic fight of the evening came when 
Rondell aejA of Greensboro, NC, took everything Hilbert 
SteiAenson, the fourth-ranked junior lightweight in the 
country, could dish out. 

Stejdienson , whose center of gravity appears to be at 
his knees was clearly in control of the fight, but Steph 
wouldn't quit. Time and time again he staggered up from 
the canvas, each time elicitmg the approval of the fans. 
Amazingly, Steph went the distance, even trying to take the 
offensive m the latter stages of the bout. For his effort, 
Steph was awarded the most rousing ovation of the evening. 

The final bout and main event was the best fight of the 
night. Middleweight Keith Broom, the former All-Navy 
champion and 1977 Golden Gloves national champion, to<* 
on Irving Hines, the 1976 AAU champion, with Broom winning 
a unanimous decision. 

The six-rounder was action-packed, and fittingly conclud- 
ed the evening. 

The next pro boxing show will be on July 21. 


CharBe Smith of Norfolk trips over Oscar Freeman during win 

mateur boxirig returns 

soon to Vlrgnla Beach 

Lui Wong 

I^ie to many requests from 
the area amateur jx^m 'us 
irtM enjoyed the bouts pre- 
setted by tbeTidewater Ama- 
teur B(ali« AisMiatitm and 
the Vliilnia Beach Heptuaft 
Festival on March 25th, and 

the many disappointed per- 
sons wto were turned away, 
Mike Wulf, President of 
TABA has agreed to present 
a IS bout boxing pn^nm at 
the Virginia B^ch Civic Cei- 
ter on Thursday, June U 

The varied ecutents (tf 
yew temirtOTrn Mvipaper 
fi««, it a r^tershlp tet in- 


No irther medlutfi is bomi 

m with tte everyday Ufe of 

your CMBUBity more tten 

four tom^vn atv^tper. 

at 8 p.m. 

Atoateur boxers from the 
Monisanla Youth and Com- 
muntty Service Center in New 
York wte ctunp^ed aga^t 
the ChiokgoTMmattbeGdd- 
en Gloves Coropetltlw wUl 
be la VitYinia Beach to com- 
pete ai^nst the Vitfinia 
Amatear Tism. 

The New York Golden Glo- 
ves Team will be ac- 
companied by the head coach 
of their team. 

Tickets are on sale now 
at the Virginia Beach Nep- 
tune Festival Office and at the 
Virftaia Bmcb Civic Center. 
R^rwd ringside seats are 
|4>00 and ge^ral admissicn 
is I3.M. For more informa- 
iUm mU 490-1094 or 490- 

DRIVE WITH CARE with care, An'tbe 
vteder, you m^ run 
I want «I readei^ 


2? "> Virginia Beach Boulevard 

1 5% Off JUM BMt S«ltor8 



AT A JAVWBI TO WiTW Am ^,^^ „»«>«, | 

flif Awwc or A^tMjmt mum. _l 

m. JAMES MEMCi£, owrwr of thm Jofiwi Murkk 
Agtncy, U07 Virginia Bkk^ Wvd., hm opittOtd 
hit butirwss in Tfd«waf*r for ov«r 33 y^an, Mr. 
Atar/Ua ii a rta/^tt of ^ Maritomvs S«rMct 
Award prtMnHd by tfm Mkt Anoctcrfion of Vk- 
gmia in 1976. 

Workmg in Hm my*tNgarftv« fkU wM> vmt 30 op- 
•roton on dvty all lim Nma, and vwtg Hm mott 
m9<imn •^ifMriMt, Jamn Mtrkk fcoi w^ wptri- 
•nc* in Hm fiM of m m togommtt. 

Jonws Mfkh't w^critnc* in Ac Mds of invmtigo- 
Hon and stcurify woU i^^h turn tor Hm ofHet of 
PmrHf. H a Hum for mw, ih »p*wA w f ami •ffioahl 
managvumtf o^ Hm m^ imiiof^nt ^k«. 

Tra«wry: tUSSEU K>WMK} SMKON. A. 


At Symmtr Traek MMt 


Summer need not be a bummet, 
get out there antibe a runner! 



Ofay all you armchair atU<Hes! 

All rig ht all ym guys aad gals «lio k^p jtrocr^sti- 
aatm about <*x«>. 

Cmon yuu p«.'u|ilu wku litinli ruunioi; is fur m^es. 

ARd all uf you wte tfciok juin|ua| is for the stock market. 

The Summer Track Iteet gives you an qportwuty to 
participit^ ill track and field events agatost nenor womeo 
ydur uwii 4gi< 111 a furniat tbul eaipliasiiM>s |N-rso«ai arhicve- 
nieat as well as coffl|ietilive partici|i8tioa. 

Tlw Mert, spoRsored by tte Tt<tewater Aiders in co- 
operation with tile Dqartaents of Paits aid Stcretttoa 
in Chesapeake, Virginia BmiA, PertsBU^ and Norfblk, 
is actually eight meets, the first of which is m Tuesday 
Jvm 21, and will be folUwed by seven successive Tues- 
day meets Starting time is 6:30 p.m. 

IH>i^s are awantel to the tt^ five (ioisters in »ch 
event, m a 6, 4. 3. 2, 1 basis, tatt points are accrued thro^h- 
out the summer with tn^es beiiig given to those witb the 
most points. The id«i is that fxm dm't have to be a first - 
pace finisher as long as yov are owststant. 
Sort of a tortoise and hare kind of thing. 
The tear cities involved rotate the cite ctf the meet ^ch 
jw;>r and this year's is at Indian River High School's 

ligimd aspiiau track in Chesapeake. A |1 wtry fee covers 

the, age groups for cmnpetiUon are as foltows: Men- 
12 and under; J3-I7; 18-25; l&-32;33-39j«-49; 50 and above. 

Women- 12 and under; 3-29; 30 ani ateve. 

Tidewater Strider member Urry Cooke said oftbeevent. 
It's a good opportmiity for any<me to keepinshaiw. Im- 
proving personal performances is r^y more important 
than winning. A lot of pet^e Just m»k down to see what 
they cairdo week inand we^oot." ", 

Last year Cixike won the IM^j^rd dash tn^ in the 
26-32 class, ami boldly challM^es aU comers, "rn de- 
feadibt my title." the 32-ywr old C«*e eiclaimrt, 'Come 

The events are, in order: Mite (^ers). shot put, 
discus, high jump, long jump, pole vault, 120 bi^h buniles 
(open). 100-yard dash, mile run, 44o-)i»rd 4^, 8M>-yard 
run (open for women), 220-yard dash, two- mile nm. „ 

Even if ybu Uob't win any trofriiies, the ^^iportunity to 
compete in 'an - rganited track and field meet, and to keep 
in shipe darii ,:, !*ie summer make the Summer Track Meet ^ 
a worthwhile ei; i avor. 





Sf(A, roanaeute, trmtf, 
fto'jBder, chippies. Urns aod 
"jn^ abort anythi^ ymi'd 
want," are being <»^ht on 
the VtrgiBia Beach FisUi« 
ner at ISth Str^. 

Open 24 hours a day, the 
I^er offers a fun way to 
est fish. I 

For those wittoot eqaip- 
ncgt, a rod and reri can be 
fMlcd tor ^.50 ($3 for a 
^buer), aid there is a $2 
^hBissi«M charge to the juer 
50 $ for ^ledators. 



The snail flshii^ Ix^ts 
tn the Jointing behind his 
desk at work really give no 
iMiicatlon of Parks Steven- 
Km's passion. 

More accurate is the 
lAbtf^raiA M the wall to 
his 1^ tiat diqdaysa sailor 
drawing every possible 
breath of wind into his sail 
during a race. 

^evensoD, the Advertis - 
ing Manager for Sears in 
Tidewater, has found joy in 
the Tapirs of competitive 
sailing. But almost as much 
as he enj<^s racing his 20- 
foot Shark, he rufes the lack 
of publicity the top-mitch 
sailors of tte ar^ receive, 
such as Rudy Ibgenkoetter, 
a member of the BMrd Bay 
Sailii^ Association, who is 
a veteran of natiooal com- 
I petition. Two we^s ago, the 
^ BBSA held a Regatta in Broad 
Bay, with Hagenkoetter ty- 
tying for first place in the 
Mobjack competition. Little 
piddicity. "Oh it rained one 
afternoon, ' ' said Stevenson, 
also a BBSA member, of 
the two-day event, "but still 
nM very moch gets written 

"Us" is the sailors who 
religiously compete in area 
r^attas. And lest one doubt 
Stevenson's credentials on 
the water, be took first with 
bis Shark ilojhe aforemei^-, 
tioned r^atta. He estimates 
h^ trophy count to be in 
the twenties. 

Stevenson and daughter Kim race their Shark 

If Stevenson is typical of 
the regatta competitior, then 
there are many local sail- 
ors who are serious about 
their fun. "I do very little 
pleasure sailing, "Stevenson 
noted. Pleasure sailing may 
be defined as that sailing 
done without the benefit of 
a finish line. 

"For one thing, I try to 
keep my boat tuned for 

He k^s his boat tutieid for 
the 11 major regattas in the 
area that each of the various 

sailing clubs hosts during 
the summer. 

Stevenson has made sail- 
ing a family affair. His most 
familiar crew members are 
his son Steve and his dai^h- 
ter Kim. 

To loll around the Bay 
with his siblings however, 
is not his cup of tea. "I 
like the competiton," he ex- 
plained, obviously speaking 
for all those who think that 
to iaii wilBout racing is 
like having a cookout with 
no food. ' 

"It's very i*yslcal/f ,i^ 
continued, "y^'re irorfcjiBi 
outside the %wholli tU^, 
toaietimi^ Itr^seven ^in i 
■ d9y. ABd it'$iHceto twf' i 

Scbedoaed Ion JNUy ini 
Broad Bay, is tteSi^ttrdS, | 
Johnston .l|«iMl "Re^- 1 
ta which wiU aHnniaieJ)^ i 
IqoeQ cemp^ttiOB, Milt the I 
fanlkf^ aid tte ho^a will | 
have to be genertMi from i 

wtthiB. U«le«8^1i^Mi^iN)t- i 
ting the immf ^tfeifec i 
they deserve. 


» AliiEiiaii J*tt'Xi,;£ 

Plaza Bullets 
are Midget 
City Champs 

"ne Plaia BiUets d^eat- 
ed the Great-lfeck Surfers 
) to m final game (rf the 
: Vlifiaia Baefc Midget Bas- 
^ lw«Ml l^jmfie or division 
wioaen, to beome the 1976- 
» 1977 City Champs. 










^the Sl-41 shootout, the 
ta^ts ttqflayed thebalaa- 
ced ^y tndcal of their 
^nes throi«hoat the year. 
Pressure defense, (fa»ii- 
MttoB udMT the boards, bftU 
uMtrol, aid a roD and dwot 
offrase marked their play in 
tlHs game as it las ttaiM^i- 
oot their und^te^ed sesMn. 

Evtwte to ae fiaal game 
of the fikkftm. Sm Btflets 
defeats toe Woodstock 
Packers la Ot nm roMd 
41-a and ttae KenpsvUle 
GeWlers M-17 is toe semi- 

To reach the ^yoKs, toe 
taltoto m» tU «!«■ pans 
of s<^eMcd ^jr. bi the 

CMTM of tte SWKri, IB- 

clnteg toe tlweepteyoff 
^nes, the Bm^ soired 
$19 poiMs while iUMFii«aUy 

i^ IM to^ loss, toe ta-ters 
itttfii^ ^MttautMdde- 

A Vbgf «M« tnfli^ hf a 
mx* of 37-23 at the ^ 
of MM tMfd mMn. the 
9am* batUed to toe fiMi 

The Plan M^s tow 
retuwd to Pria»»s Aow 
Plata to bottOe VlattOe- 
moos and tte nui €•«- 
iters to vto ifte Ptoa 
Champiouhip and c«nidete 
a siqier 14-0 season. 

The City Ott^toa Ptaxa BuUeto, front row from L to R- 
K«Hy GrfDes, Judc OrtowsU. RobUe Ihtiwws, Joey 
Fwo. Brtoa Tate, Owid Peteraoa, JUhi histoid. Boek 
row, CoMh Baa BraeksM, Jamie MUJs, Gary S^m, Ardde 
Hill, Briaa baddas, Bca GriaiM, Hflto Lisdoce. Coach 
JliB FMaro. Ifol Stared, Cooito BcMb^r Mattcws. 



Drtve «4to CM*. ^ t be 
« ^e^tr,^fl^H 

«F WM J Iringing home less nr«at than 
)^mk pay fof? Or undersized eggs? Or buying 
ti^d merchandttie sold as new? 

Not while Andre Evans is your 
Cominon««alth*s Attorney. 

TTi^ art just three examines of 
practices hts o%e has foumi— aiklstopj^d 
— sittec he estayHsMd the first ptoMcutor's 
Consumer Prot^tion 
pK^ram in Tidewrater. 

Maybe !^ tfeug^'a 
Commonwealth's Attorney's pb was just 
prosccutir^ criminals. But A^re Evans 
makes sure ^kxi get the nwst for ^xirmomy. 

The most tor your lax dollar, too . With an 
effective, efficient staff that has tf*e kmwst prose - 
cutor/pofwlatwn ratk> of Vir^na's br^st cities. 

Make sure ^^grtHw most Common- 
wealth's Attcwney for 
IKXjf vote June 14. 


KM I De 


Ya. bm^,^ m^m 

Williams ' 


viftiftia r 


Miss Virginia BeacM 

GMi sw¥lCB award 

MtM Um Sertece, II- 
3^r - oM italor it K«m^- 
Tiilt H|«b Scbool, wu 
eroMMd Mlflk Vtrflitti 


el (atairnKMrCo«%^t«fp^ 
rMMt Vtf^iiU Bwek ti tbe 
mu Vitfiali Ptgaiirt in 

Tbs tttraetlvt fcnai vo- 
man it Mt « stota^r to 
bMirty pttwrts iMt H|«> 
"Thir ftu-'s Miss YHfttita 
Bwtb Pa«wrt is tii# test 
one I'v* te^ ii. Ifm \w4 
Just sajrlfli tint tecMM I 
«QB," liM iddi wttb a taogli 
«qdaiiilii| tte vtriatk aad 
frleodliMSS til tte eontes- 
tants hid for one uwOcr. 

"EveiT girl la ttttpagMBt 
vas really , raaUy Und. 
We all (ttd tliints for ooe 
another, tt vas reaUynlce," 
Carol aajri. 

What was ter reactioo 


«h«B she louMd she'd won? 
DM she cry? "Yes," she 
Mys Miiiiitl^y, "sod I 
still hate sqnwne's b«nd- 
k«eU«r« It t flad out who tt 
bAoa|8 to, t'U fin it back. 
I reaUy looted to be in the 
to^ ttfe, Wt I never really 

How aboat her family? 
Th^ w«e netted, too. 

"My father toc^ five toUs 
of ft^i 10 idetores, sonic 
off tliem art a Utile Ausy. 
fie mis so excited. I could 
see hin in the front row. 
Wbenjny nane wascallcdu 
a tIMiUit, he was rMlly 
g«ttlt« exetted." 

First mnner iq> in the 
Mss VlriibU Beach pateSnt 
was Miss Repbaide Carr, 
damper al Mr. and Mrs. 
T. C. McBride, and second 
runner up honors went to 
Miss Donna Collin, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. A. Paul 

Scouts take jamboree training 

Tidewater Council's 72 
ScwAs who are going to the 
\vn Nattoaal Scout Jambor- 
ee, August 3-9, at Moraine 
SUte Park, Pa., will spend 
three days in pre-JamN)rte 
training at Pipstco Scout Re- 
servation, June 24-26, 1977. 

Mr. Robert L. HoUey, 
Council Jamboree Comtttee 
Chairman saUi tliat the 
training session is set i4> to 
f&miliarize the boys and 

their eight adult leaders with 
Jamboree life "so they can 
move right in ai^ get the 
mo^ oat <tf this oace-in- 
a-lif^ime eiperi«M»." 

HoUey safd that the train- 
ing session also giv^ the 
Iraders a chance to learn 
the boys' i^ilttles so that 
they can be properly as- 
signed for stfe swimming 
and boating and for troop 
leadership. He added ttiat the 

boys themselves will spend 
several hours praeticiiigfbr 
comiWtttive events for pa- 
trols aad individuals at the 

"Another important as- 
pect of the Jamtoree is the 
Youth Forum." HoUey said. 
"Each Jamboree produces a 
youth-written statemwit of 
punwse ~ and the process 
begins at thesetralningses- 
sions , when all patrols spend 

at least an hour discussing 
a common theme and elect- 
ing a member to represent 
them at troop forums held 
at the Jamboree." Thii 
year's theme is "The BUI 
of Itigfats— Its Freedoms, its 

At the conclusion of the 
training camp, patrol and 
troop equipment will be 
packed and labeled for ship- 
ment to Moraine. 

TCCi to measure quakes 

The Geology department 
at Tidewater Commonlty 
9lli«e, yirdttJa Beach 

•tme oixvo such 
Instruments in Vir^nia, the 
other being located at Vir- 
ginia Polytechnic Insti- 

tute and l^te University to 

Both Tidewater Commun- 
itf co^pC^ Vi^lfnit 
'te^ tilpb^iylte to minsj 
major and i&inor ea: 
qm^es tbrottglout the t^S»' 
of Viiginia. It is not un- 
usual to record minor quakes 

especiaUy thoseoccurringto 
the c«itral part of Virginia. 
With Uie UistaUation of Uie 
seisouigraph, .the Beach 
is DRW associated 
r in DMver, Qitorado. 
When any sigidficant distur- 
Iwice is recorded, data is 

bnmedlately sent to the na- 
ttoial center so they wiU be 
able to i^point more pre- 
Tllltr the crater of the 

eUk#r pitonnati<»ii concern'^ 
ing geological structure on 
both a local and world-wide 









US-camefromfbreignsources. i..^^ 













mw lira >i« »w t« WW 

mt MQ »w« «»™ wm mi 


Nuclear and(X)al-firedgenaBtionaretakii^theplacepfpil. 


:^ I ••. • 


M». Marian H. Harris was reeeatty presented ike Navy 
Soperior CivUiaa Service Award by Mr. Robert Fodrey, 
Direetor of Civilian Personnel, daring special ceremonies 
Md at the Fleet Combat Direction Systems SNipport Aeti- 

Virgil Beach ^m, Jans I, Wn - B-t 

esef/on /Mfcf 

Eta Iota Chaiter of BiU 
S^ma Phi reeeatlyhektfckK:- 
tton ol n^ers for the mh 
eornii^ year, those itottfd 
ware: {M^Miiteat, Cindy Caa- 
M»; first vice pti^Mmli, 
Ljnida Johnson; second vlec 
IMresUeirt, Martha Po<rt; re- 
cording aecretary. 1^ Ml- 
UHswortb; corre^iondiiit 
secretary, Linda Jotanon; 
and treasnrar, Elaine Edi- 

^ Iota was selef^ed as 
Chapter of Uie Year tf the 
annual Fiwnders Day Pro- 
gram held AprU 2ttti, at thf 
Admiralty Motel. 

I Studant 

Nancy St. John, daughfter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
St. John of 4321 LynnvUle 
Crescent, Virginia Bench, 
has been recognised at the 
annual Honors Convocation at 
Roanoke CoUege, Salem. Vir- 
ginia, for membership in Pi 
Delta Phi, a national honor 
society for students with a 
superior record to French. 

Roanoke is a smaU, Uberal 
arts institution of about 1200 
men and women. 

Virginia Beacii 
Public Notices 

The Virginia Beach Planning Commission will hold a Pub- 
lic Hearing on Wednesday, June 15, 1977, at 12:00 Noon 
to toe CouncU Chambers of the Administration BuUding, 
Princess Anne Courthouse, Virginia Beach Virginia. 
The following abdications wUl ai^ear on the agenda: 
AprU 12, 1977: 

1. Petition of M&M Investors for a Change of Zoning 
District Classification from 0-1 Office District to A-4 
Apartment District on certato property located oa the 
North side of Virginia Beach Boulevard beginning at a 
potot 800 feet West of Button Lane, running a distance of 
200 feet along toe North side of Virginia Beach Boulevard, 
runiUng a distance of 484.1 feet along the Western pro- 
perty Une, running adistanceof 212.Sfeetalong toe North- 
em property line and running a disUnce of 415.8 feet 
along toe Eastern pn^erty line. Said parcel contains 
2.25 acres. (Eureka Park-London Bric^^reas). LYNN- 


■0 -■'•■a^<«t-*TS|i*w» 

2. Petition of E. A. Smito for a Change of Zoning District 
ClassUlcation from H-1 Hotel District to R-8 Residential 
District (m certato property located at 58th Street and 
Oceanfront, running a distance of 157.76 feet along toe 
Souto side of 58to Street, running a distance of 95 feet 
atov the Eastern prq;)erty line, running a distance of 150 
feet along toe Southern property line and running a dis- 
tance of 70 feet along toe Western property Itoe. Said 
parcel is known as Loto 1 and 2, Block 7, Plat of Uber- 

MAY 10, 1977: 

3. AH>lication of the City of Virginia Beach for toe dis- 
continuance, closure and abandonment of portions of Eas- 
tern Siore Road. 

Parcel 1: Beginning at toe Northeast totersection of Wild- 
wood Drive and Eastern Shore Road, running a distance' 
of 1899.61 feet to a Northerly direction running a distance 
of 33.71 feet along the Souto side of Old Donation Park- 
way, runntog a distance of 1899 feet in a Soutoerly direc- 
tion and running a distance of 30.11 feet along toe North 
side of WUdwood Drive. 

Parcel 2: Beginning at toe Soutoeast totersection of Wild- 
wood Drive and Eastern Shore Road, running a distance 
of 958.07 feet more or less to a Soutoerly direction, 
running a distance of 33.84 feet along toe Southern 
boundary, running a distance of 989 feet more or less to a 

Northerly direction ana runmng a distance of 30.15 
feet along toe Souto side of WUdwood Drtve. 
Said parcels contoto 2.07 acres. Plats wito more detoiled 
information are availaUe in toe Department of Planning. 

4 Petition of Trant-Berkshire Develc^mnrt Corporation 
fbr a Chaive of Zoning District Classificati(w from R-1 
Residential Distiict to R-3 ResidMtial District on certain 
property located at the Soutoeast intersection (rf Inlynn- 
view RMd and Spigel Drive, numing a distonce of 1242.38 
feet along toe East side of ^rigel Drive, running a dis- 
tance of 234.48 feet in a Southeasterly direction, running 
a dtotance of 212.53 feet in a Jlortiieasterly direction, 
rumii« a distance of 1264.53 feet alcmg toe Eastern pro- 
perty Itoe and running a distaiK^ of 415.04 feet along toe 
^to side of blymiview Road. &id parcel contidns 14.36 
acres. (Robiidiood Forest-Sootbem Pototo Areas). LYNN- 

5 Petitlcm of Trant-Bericshire Develi^ment Corporaticm 
tor a Change of Zoning District Classification from R-1 
Residntial mirtrict to R-3 Residential District on certato 
ratmerty touted at toe Northrast intersection of tolynn- 
view RMd aad SinXh ^dgel Drive, runntog a distance of 
n9.3i feet along the N<Hih side of Inlymiriew Road, 
nnmUs a dii^aMe oi 1721.95 feet inaNorttttrly direction, 
running a distance of 550.62 feet to a Westerly directicm. 
runaiu around a curve to a Northw«iteriy direction, 
a distonce (tf 1444.33 feet, naming a distonce of 122.40 
feet to a Nortterly firtction, nwdag a dtotonce of 
^.30 feet to a Nortoimta-ly <Urec«ion, ruimiag a dis- 
tance of 4M feet to a Nortoeasterlv «r«tt<m, nmning 
a ttstoaee <d M.83 feet to a Nw^rly tfrectkm. namii* 
a (Hstonce irf 823 fact to a W^^y direction. rumit« a 
distaMe <tf 311 feet to a SoithwM«erly ittrec^iM, nu- 
ite a dlitow» ol iW fe^ to a Sotftteastorly (ttrecttoo, 
rm^m a Matoace (rf 15? feet to a ^Mtiramterly (Urec- 
tk», roniv a distance of 186 fe^ to a SouttMriy direc- 
tkm nma^ a As^M^e ol 351 feet to a Soutl^terly 
tfre^M, nmning a di^nce of 359 feet to a Sowtowesterly 
tttreetion, runnier a distance of 693 feet to a Soitftaasterly 
dlrecttoo, rumi^c a distiw:e of 130 fe^ to a Westerly 
<|^idte. nm^ a distance of 3M fe^ to a SeiMerly 
dtr^^tton, nuitog a dtotance of -HS fe^toa flwOhw e s terly 
fireettm, Twsim » distaace td 1237.M^toaa EuAerly 
^Kn^kA, rm^ a tt^utee ot &» fe^toa SMMnu^rly 
ittrectkm, r^idi« a distance of 155 feet to u Easterly 

direction and running a distance of 305.87 feet to a 
.Soutoerly direction. Said parcel contains 67.22 acres. 
^(A>inhood Forest Area). LYNNHAVEN BOROUGH. 

6. Petition of Trant-Berkshire Develc^ment Corporation 
for a Change of Zraing District Classification from R-1 
Residential District to R-3 Residential District (m certato 
property located at the Northwest intersection of Inlynn- 
view Road and Five Points Road, running a distance of 
1200 feet more or less along the North side of Inlynn- 
view Road, running a distonce of 1572.29 feet in a North- 
westerly direction, running a distance of 208 feet to a 
Northeasterly direction, running a distance of 81.07 feet 
to an Easterly direction, running a distance of 660.12 
feet to a Southeasterly direction, running a distaitoe of 
1048.04 feet to an Easterly direction, running a distance 
of 526.37 feet to a Southerly direction, running around a 
curve to a Westerly direction a distance of 499.40 feet, 
running a distance of 331.17 feet to a Southerly direction, 
running a distance of 420 feet 1r au Easterly dlrecUcm 
and running a distonce of 601.01 feet in a Southerly direc- 
tion. Said parcel cratotos 43.213 acres. (Trantwood 
Shores-Trant Berkshire Areas). LYNNHAV£NfiO»)U(a. 

7. Resolution of toe CouncU of toe City of Virginto Beach 
to amend and reordato Article 1, Section 102 of the Com- 
prehensive Zoning Ordinance by estobUshing Article 15, 
Arts & Conference District. This district is proposed 
to be located withto boundaries a{q;>roxiniately as foUows: 
beginning at the totersection of Pacific Avenue and 21st 
Street, running West aloi^ 21st Street to Cypress Avenue, 
running North along Cypress Avenue a distance of 5S0 
feet more or less, running Westerly paraUel to 22nd 
Street a distance of 550 feet more or less to Paries 
Avenue, running Souto along Parks Avenue to ito inter- 
section wito toe Soutoem boundary of the Norfolk- Vir- 
ginto Beach Toll Road, running West along the Norfolk- 
Virgtoto Beach ToU Road right-of-way line to ito inter- 
section with Birdneck Road, running Souto along Bintaeck 
Road to its totersection with Virginto Beach Boulevard, 
runntog East along Virginto Beach Boulevard more or 
less to Jefferson Avenue and from that point running 
East along the line parallel to Viiginto Beach Boulevard 
and 200 feet more or less Souto of Virgiida Beach Boule- 
vard to Pacific Avenue, and running North along Pacific 
Avenue to its. totersectton with 21st Street. More de- 
toUed information is avaitoble in toe Dqiartment of Plan- 


8. Petitton of Eric C. and Patricto F. Smito for a Change 
of Zoning District Classification from R-S Residoittol 
Dtotrict to 0-1 Office District on certato pn^rty loca- 
ted at toe Soutoeast comer of Newtown Road and Larry 
Avenue, numing a dtotance of 80 feet al(»g the Souto 
side of Larry Avenue, running a distance of 133.24 
feet along toe Eastern property line, running a distance 
of 90.01 feet along toe Southem property line and running 
a distance of 134.59 feet along the East side df Newtown 
Road. Said parcel ccmtotos .24 acre. (Fair Meadows Area) 

9. Petition of Robert B. and Kathryn HiU Venner for a 
Change of Zoning District CtossUication from 0-1 Of- 
fice District to R-9 Residenttol Townhouse Distirict on 
certato pn^rty located at the Nortowest intersection of 
Holly Road and Holly Crescent, nmning a distance of 
402.23 feet along toe West side of Holly Road, running 
a distance of 304.82 feet aloi« toe Northern pn^rty 
line and running a distonce ol 511 feet more or less atoog 
the East side of Holly Crescent. Said parcel contains 
1.42 acres more or less. (Linkhora Park Area). VIR- 

10. Petiti(Hi of James C. Nocito for a Change of Zoa- 
iB% Distrtct CtossUication from R-8 Resldei^ial Nstrict 
to 0-1 Office District on certato property looited at 
the Northeast comer of Bonney Road and Souto (^rwood 
Avenue, numing a distance of 120.78 feet along toe N«1h 
side of BcmMy Road, numing a distance of 109.05 feet 
along the Eastern pn^rty Itoe, running a distimee of 
ltd feet along the Nortbem property liM aad romriag a 
distaace of 122.80 feet along toe East side (d Sonih Cot- 
wood Aveme. Said parcel cootoins .3 acre more or 1ms. 

11. PeUU(» of Donald R. Winslow and Dorottf M. Wta- 
slow tor a Chai«e of Zoning District Clas^teattaa 
from R-3 Residential District to B-2 Coramm^-Bi^- 
ness District on certato property loated on toe Soott 
side of Loadon Bridge R(ttd begintog at a potot MSO 
feet more or less West of Oc^na Boulevard, lumtog 
a (Ustance of 381.11 feet along toe Souto sioe itf Loadot 
Bridge Road, rvm^ a distonce (rf 3M fert ataag toe 
WMtera property Um, runni% a (Hstaaee of 810 feet 
alo^ toe S(Mlhem property Itoe and maiag a dMuee 
of 350 feet along the Eastern property Itoe. &ld ptnwl 
eenlains 2.5 acres oMre or 1ms. PRINCESS AME 

12. Petttlon <rf DonaM R. Wtetow and Don^y M. Wto- 
stow tor a Change oi Zaalag WAtUi ClaaiMattBa tnm 
AG-1 Agriailtaral U^riet to B-2 QMMnm^^tattoMs 
Dirtrtct (» certato propei^ kM^ted 310 fe«t Smito of 
I^idoa Bridge Ro«i bagim^ at apiriaft tsmim 
or toss West ^ OceaM ftidevaM, i i wi li n a " 
of Ml feet alo^ Om EaAi»a vmmetf Urn, 
di^nce of 231.41 feitalaig toe r " 
nmnaK a ttstawe ol tM IM ^imi Ito ' 
Itoe and n^dM a tfsteRe of W feet Uea| ItoJ 
ptverty Use. &U pur^ <mi^a 1.1 a«rw. 




Jun, Swm t, 1977 

Robert Q. aui Mellie B. Butler tor a 
itnct Classification Irom R-4 4R»- 
AG'l Agri4Htt«ral District wi Cer- 
tain property located 5CK) feet more or less West of 
Salem Road bef inning at a ^iot 1730 feet more or less 
South of Elbow Road, ninm^ a dtstanoe of HM fe<K 
more or less in a South* estertjf direction, runnii^ a dis- 
tance of 1500 feet more or less in a Nortfcttsterly direc- 
tion and running a distance of 840 Met more or toss in a 
Northwesterly direction. Said parcel is tria^ular in 
shape and contains 10.5 acres. KEMPSVILLE TOROUGH 

14. Petition of James C. Nocito tor a Change of Zoni^ 
District Classification from AG-1 Agricultural District 
to B-l Business- Residential District on certain pro- 
perty located on the West side of Princess Anne Road 
b^iu^ at i point 340.20 feet North of Glete Road 
(torncrly Ctwrthouse Drive), running a distance of 
316.61 feet along the West side of Princess Abm Road, 
rumlM ^ distance of 629.43 feet along the Ner^ra 
l»operty line, runnii^ a distance of 393.S0 feet atovthe 
W^ttm property line aiul rwaii^ a distance of 672.40 
fert aloi« the Southern property line. Said parcel «m- 
tattts 5.567 acres. PRINCESS ANNE WROUGH. 

15. Petition of Dr. Fred H. Rosenbluqi, Clarence B. 
and Gertrude S. Russell, Lee W. Smith and Vivian 
Person tor a Change of Zonii% District Classification 
from R.8 Besldratial District to 0-1 Office District m 
certain property located at the Southwest intersection of 
Indian River Road ani Ferry Point Road, running a dis- 
tance of 144.23 feet alo|« the South side of lodian River 
Road, running a distance of 378.13 feet along the Western 
(Ht^rty line, runnii^ a distance of 144.23 feet alrag the 
Southern property line and running a distance (rf 373 
feet along the Eastern property line of which 158 feet is 
fte West side of Ferry Point R<ad. Said parcel contains 
0.89 acre. (New Light Area), KEMPSVILLE BOROUGH. 

16. Petition of National Beach Corporation for a Change 
of Zoning District Classification from R-3 Resi<tei^ial 
District to B-2 Community-Business District on certain 
pr(q)erty located at the Northwest intersectton of Holly 
Road and Pinewood Road, rumaing a distance ot 270 
feet atong the Btortfa side of Pinewood Road, run^ng a 
distance of 200 feet along the Western property liae, 
nuidi^; a distance of 210.10 feet along the Northern 
l»roperty line and running a distance of 209.91 feet 
aloi^ the West side of Holly Road, Said parcel contains 
t:n9 i&m. (LinUiom Park Area). VIRGINIA BEACH 

17. Petition of National B^ch Corporation for & Change 
of Za«^ District Clj»sifiaiti(»i ftrom R>1 R^ideotial 
Districtitp B-2 Commttity-Business Mstiict on certain 
property located on tte North side of Pinewood Road 
b^^^ing at a point 270 feet West of Holly Road, running 
a distance of 238.14 feet along the North side of Pinewood 
Rtftd, running a distance of 562.49 feet along the We^eni 
pn^rty line, running a distance of 55 feet along ttie 
Northern property Itaie and mining a cHstuice of $00 
feet along the Eastern prqi>erty line. Said parcel ccmtaias 
1.886 acres. (LiidEfaom Park Area). VIRGINIA BEACH 


' 18. Petition of Cavalior Investment Company for a Change 
of Zoning District Classification from R-8 Residential 
mstriet to A-1 Apartment District on certain pnq>erty 
located on the < West side of Ewell RcKid b^iiming a( a 
p(^t 1653 feet North of Baxter Road, runaiog i (Stance 
of 1670 feet more or less tioi« the Southern prqwrty 
line, runnii^ a distance of 955.34 feet along tiw Western 
' pnverty line,' runnii^ a distance of 1350 feet noreor 
less alifflg the Northern property line and naming a dis- 
tance of 852 fe«t alwig the Eastern property line of which 
310 feet is the West side of Ewell Road. &i(i parcel coa- 
tains 16.6 acres more or less. (KempsvilleGanlais Area) 

19. Petition of Jahn W. Summs and Cornelius A. Voider 
for a Change of Zoning District Classification from R-1 
Resideiriial District to R-3 Residoitlal District on cer- 
tain property located at the Southeast comer of Green 
Hfil Road and Duke of N(»foUc Quay, naning a distance 
of 187.95 feet along the SiHith side of Ddce ofNorfolk 
Qmy, running a distance of 160 feet m<H>e or less along 
the Eastern property line, naming a distanix (rf 160 
feet more or less along the Southern property line and 

„4« ««u^ a distance ot 160 feet more or 1^8 ateBg the 
E«A «ia» of Green Hill JMirtMlitl^iWrtiiltalM A 

"■ »acre more or less ^rera HUMPtrii Afm^ LYIOI- 

20. Petition ol William E. Wood for a Change td Zoning 
District Classification from R-8 Resideirtial District to 
A-1 Apartment District <» certara property located 
1150 feet more or less South of Hidden Valley Drive be- 
ginnii^ at a point 820 feet more or less West ot Center- 
ville Turnpike, running a distance of 108S feet atoog the 
Northern property line (Virginia Electric and Power 
Company Right -of- Way), runniqg a distance of 690 feet 
along the western property line, runntag a distance of 
906 feet along the Southern property line (Lyni^ven 
Parkway Proposed), and running a distance of 640 feet 
along the Eastern property line. Said parcel contains 

21. Petition of William E. Wood for a Change of Zoning 
District Classification from R-8 Reside^lal District to 
B-2 Community -Business District on certain property 
located on the West side <^ Ceirterville Tnnfdke be- 
ginnii^ at a point 1150 feet more <»■ lesrSoutt of Hidden 
Valley Drive, running a distance of 640 feet along Uie West 
skfe of Centerville Turnpike, running a distance oi 775 
feet along the Southern property Um, miming a distance 
oi 640 feet alo% the Western prop^^ Uae and ruming 

a distance <rf 775 feet along the N(nlhera prc^erty line 
(Virginia Electric am! Power Compaiqr Right-of-Way). 
Said parcel contains 10 acres. KEMPSVILLE BC»10UGH. 

22. Aj^ication of John Aspinwall, HI, for a Conditional 
Use Permit for recreational facilities (rf an outdoor nature 
(skateboard park) on certain prc^erty located oo the 
North side of Witchduck Road beginning at a poiM 490.45 
feet West of Ferry Plantation Road, running a distance 
of 203.77 feet along the North side ot Witehdudc Road, 
miMng a distance of 492.99 feet along the Western 
prtqierty line, mnning a distance of 285 feet aloi% the 
Northern prq)erty line and running a distance of 408.09 
feet aloi« the Eastern property line. Said parcel contains 
2.476 acres. BAYSIDf BOROUGH. 

23. Ai^cation of Michael R. Bantz and Jote J. CarraUio, 
Jr., for a Conditional Use Permit to (^lerate a Mo Ped- 
Bicycle Rental on certain pn^rty located on the East 
^e of Atlantic Avenue, lOO feet Soitb of 18th Street on 
property of Dolphin Atwater Hotel parking lot. Said par- 
cel is 13.65 feet by 12.58 feet. VIRGINIA BEACH BCffi- 

24. Applicatiott <4 Fred L. and Gayle B. Wall for a Con- 
ditional Use Permit (or recreational facilities (rf an out- 
door nature (skatetemrd park) on certain property loca- 
ted on tte 1^1^ side of South Lynnhaven R(»d beginaing 
at a point 270 feet more or less West of Magic Holtow 
Boidevard, runniag a distance of 390.45 feet atoog the 
So<rth side of Sotrth Lymilaven Road, runni^ a distance 

' of 769.23 feet along the Western property line and run- 
img a dista^e of 745.69 fe^ al(N% the Eactera praperij 
line. Said pan^l is triai^ular in shape and ox^lns S.S 
acr^. (Magic Holtow Arat). PRINCES ANNE BOm}UGH. 
&. iMiplkation ot Pred^yteriaa Leagwof NorfdkPres^- 
tery, Inc., for a Ccndltional Use Permit for a eharcb on 
certain property lo<^ted at the Southeast intersecticm i^ 
Providence RoiKi and Whitehurst Landii^ Rmd, running 
a iHstance erf 412.65 feet aloi^ the East si(te of Wbite- 
M-st Lading Road, runniag a di^anee st S^M feet 
along the North side of Okl ProvidoiM Rowl, racing 
ft ^Mxma of 204.33 f^ alflog the Eas^v |Mr<9erty Itae 
and nm^ a di/rtaa^ ot i9$.26 tmi ahMg the South side 
^ ProvidMKe Itoad. S^U parcel roataias 3.009 acres. 

KEMMvuxE Bomswrn. 

». ^plktttim of Ezsm Cm^t^Moo lot a CoaditkNal 
Itee Pemit for m aate^Mto stHrvlce ^tion ea cer- 
U^ pnfmtty iMated at tt» SeiM*«t e«wr ^ Pro- 
vidMBM lo^ aad Kenimvilfe Ro^, ttmriat » dtiUace of 
^ tat tfMV ttf Um M» ^ Pn^dMM Mat, m- 
riyH i Hi^taBt «l IM iMt yoof the Wettetuftqperty 
mt. n^of a ^»nwm trnMbtH aloqg tke Snlfeen 
pM^ty Mm, emtei ft tfstam» ^ 113 iwt alMf tte 
H^itfie ^ JieMpsvlIteRotd aad nngtag tnmi ft mtn 
a dirtiwa fli Ifli fe^ amv«r test. MAfumt astilMu. 
71 ^ Mre «- 1^. KBi^PVIL^SOKJUGI. 
21. Apgttprttia tf AMria «AGr«, IM., iM>a Coadi. 
ttMMi mm M«MI lEri«MMl4MHMfftladWi« oa em-- 
Mb ^*^^4a^M«B ttrffMtt M»M VUff^ B«ieh 
■^laht^ a 9^ Ml .W feet Cart e< Mtm- 

Virginia Beach Piiblic Notices 

town Rowi, tm^m a disUKetf 574 feet aloag the Eastern 
pr«^rty line, r^ing a dli^Ace of 32S feet akN% the 
Northern prc^rty line, nmni^ a distim:e of 247 feet 
in a SMMwrly direction, ruuii^ a distance of 270 feet 
in an Easterly ^ttrectioa^ r^ili« a distance of 270 feet 
in a Sb^ar^ dirtctioi and roniag a ^stawe of 50 
feet aloBC ^ North site (rf Vtr^nia A»eii Boulevard. 
Said pareal coatftins 2.3 acres. (Davis Coraer-MUtmm 
Maaor Areaa). BAl^DE SLOUGH. 

28. iMHdieattm of MoM«ne ^el^art for a C(»dlttonal 
Use Permit for a ^a^^ on certain iniiperty located on 
the West side of Arctic Crescent Heginaing at a point 
174.27 feet South of 15th Stre^, runfing a distaiuMOf 
75.11 fe^ along the West side of Arctic Crracent, naming 
a distftw^ «rf 99.9 feet along the Southern property Uae, 
running a distance oi 96 feet along the Western property 
line (Lake Holly), and running a distance of 90.8 feet 
akng the Northern prq^rty Usb. &id parcel coateins 
8157.6 square feet more or less. VISGINU BEACH TR- 


29. AnAiCfttion of Edward Willoox for the racaUoo of 60 
foot setback lines (m certain property located (Uithe North 
sMe of Tuaa Lane, 142.27 feet W^ of Sandpiper Road. 
Said parcel is taowa as Lots 154, 155 airi 156 (tf the plat 
designated "SandhrMge anres, SCTION !B, North, Princ- 
ess Abm Borough. Vlrgiaia Bwdi. Virginia". More de- 
tailed infimaaatioii is available in the Departmrat of 

30. ResOlatfa» MOie Council of the City of Virginia Beach 
to amend andreordaiB^Subdlvi8i(mOrdinance<rfthe City 
of Vii^iiyft Beach 1^ adding Station 8.4 relati^ to fees 
for vaoittm (tf plats. More detailed information is avail- 
aide in the Department of Plauiing. 

fiats wtth iBore (fetailed iidorotttton oo the above ap- 
plications are available in the Department of Planning. 
All interested persons are iavited to attend. 
Sohert J. Scott 
Director of Plaaaing 

VBS - 6/1 - 6/8 - 2T 



The CommissiOB ot Game and Inland Fisheries at a meet- 
ing held in RlctaioBd. Virginia, cm April 15, 1977, adiyted 
the foUowing amended or new regulations pursmnt to Sec- 
tions 29-125, 29-126 and 29-127 Of Uie Code of Virginia, 
to become elRectivt My 1, 1877. 

RS-1. Er^ as otherwise providMl by local legislation 
and with the specific ncepticms provided in the regulations 
appearing in thif chapter, it ahaU be ^wful to hunt bear 
from the fourth Monday la November thrtwi^ January 1, 
both dates inclusive. 

R3-2.1. It shall be imlawful to hoat bear at any time in the 
counties of Accomack, Attielia, App(ma.ttat, Brunswick, 

Budianan, BaeklBgham, Camj^ll, Caroline, Carroll, 
Charles City, Charlotte, Chesterfield, CUfke, Culpeper, 
Coi^ia'laBd, Didcnsoa, Dlnwiddfe, Essa, Fairfax, Fu- 
quier, Fltqrd, Fluvaana, Fraaklin, Frederick, Gkwcester, 
Goochland, Greeasvflle, HallfBx, Huover, Heorico, Henry, 
James City, King aad Qmea, King Geoive. K^ William, 

aaiberii^, Niteo«ny, Orange^ Piilriek, Pittsylvtaift, Pow- 
hatan, Prince Edmrd, Prince George, Prince WUUam, 
Richmond, Roanoke, Scott, Soolhai^on, Spotsylvania, Staf- 

by M^al l^isWtoB^ tt shaU be tewlul to takenecoM 
by hutthg or t^n^ from Non^ier 1 thTOvgh January 
31, both dates inclusive. 

R18-6. It shall be Uwfnl to take raccoon by buntii^ or 
tn^ng OB the George Wa.'ihioftofl Natl(^] Forest $M on 
the Gafhright, Goshen, G. Richard Thmnpion, Highlaml, 
Little North MouMaih aiul Rapidan Wildlife Management 
hvHs from November 1 throi«h December 31, both ^tes 

R16-7. EMufH as otlwrwlse specifically provided in the 
r^ulatioas aniMriiig in this irtMe, ^re steU be ao bag 
lintt for b«ti^( raccoon in cowtles Mst of the Biw Ridge 

RH-8. TN b^ liott for huntii^ raccoon in Uwccninties 
(rf Bedford and Ri^^i^ianQock duOl be two a day. 
R16-9. E»^ as |^vid«) by lo«al l^islaticm, thk tag 
Umtt for tamtlBg accoon shall bt two per huntlog party, 
tak« brtweeB mm of Me itoy and kk» tto follovli« #y, 
la all &mAU» #«irt oi the UueRUfe MiMnteiBS. The |m- 
soa b^t Umtt shall be tw^-Ave^^»:cows is ttej«gre- 
fafe, teken I? btmting and tmnpi^ comtdaed. 
R18-10. Except ii oti»rwlile provUed by local l^rteUtion 
awl wtth the qwdflc exceptioos provided in the r^^tions 
apiMa]^ in Mb article, the w»s6t bag limit for trapping 
raccoon in all counties west of the Blue Ri^e Mw^alns 
ShaU be twenty-five in the aggregate, taken 1^ tnpping 
aad hwtiitt combined. 

R16-11. The bog Unit for tnpping nccom ^all be ttree 
par liranse year in the coupes oS Bet^rd, Bland, Bote- 
tourt, RDKhuian, Cantdl, Cntg.Dldcenson, Floyd. Franklin. 
•Giles, Gr^sM, Hewry, Lee, Mwitgranery, Patrick, Plttey- 
IvftBift, Pulaski, Roanoke, Russell, Smyth, Taxewell, 
Washikton, WUe and Wythe. 
CHPTHl 18. Turicey. 

R18-2.1. It shall be lawful to hunt horded turkeys only 
from April IS through May 13, 1978, both <tetes inclusive, 
from (»e-half hmif h^ore sonrise to 11 o'clock a.m. B^ird- 
ed turkeys ^all be hunted by calling. It shall be lulawfol 
to use dogs or organise drives, for th^tpose of hunting. 
CHAPTER 24. Trout Fishing. 

R24-3. (c) Them shall be a omtimious open seascm for 
taking trout in any streun which tte Commi^sitm has 
authorized to be operated as a trout fishing preserve with- 
oot creel or h^ur restrictions. Such authorisatim will be 
glvea 1^ the Comipissi(» only whea such stream is stocked 
witti trout at tte owner's expense in an anwial quantity 
ai^roved by the Coaunissicm subsequent to the owner's 
application for tentaUve approval. Such preserves shall 
be deemed to be within ue purview of Section 29-78 of 
the Code of Virginia and shall wrt be exempt from license 

Ralph L. Weaver, Chairman 

VBS - 6/8 - It 

ford, SNirry, &issex, Warren, Westmomland, Wise and 
Yoik; aad in the cities of Han^toa, Newport News and Vir- 
ginia Beach; and oa the Hidden Valley Wildlife Manage- 
rawt Area. 
CHAPTER 5. Bobttt. 

R5-01. It ^aU be lawful to hunt bobcat by day aad night 
from the first Monday in Nov«nber through December 31, 
both dates iadosive. 

R5-02.1. The bag limit for inmting btlbcat shall be two per 
huathig party, taken between noon of one day and noon the 
following day. The season bag limit shall be six bobcat 
in Uie aggregate, taken by hmrting aad trai^ii^ oimbiBed. 
R5-2. It shftU be ualavfttl to buy, sell, barter, exchange, 
tqiflic or tra<fe in, bargain for, solicit for, purchase, or 
transport out of the Sate, any bobcat pelts witil the pelts 
have been sealed by an agent of the Commission. 
CHAPTER 8. Fox. 

R8-2. Eicepit as otherwise provided by local l^slation 
UMt wtth ne iq^ific exceptions provided in Hie regu- 
latioBs appearing in this diaiAer, it shall be lawful to hmt 
fo^ with gws from Novamber 15 through January 31, 
both drtes iaclusive. 

R8-3. prescribing season foir hunting foxes with guns in 
certain counties Mst of Oie Blue Ridge Mountains, is bere- 
tqr rescinded. 

R8-4, prescribiog enitinous qieo s^mu for himting foxes 
with guns in certain counties east of the Blue Rli%e Moun- 
tains, is hereto rMdvtod. 

R8-5, prescribing nneral seascm for hunting foxes with 
guns west of the Blw ftUge Mountains, is hereby mscind- 

RS-6, prescribing coittiBuous t^en season for busting fox- 
es with guas in certain counties west of the Blue Ridge 
Moimtatas, is ber^ resdnifed. 
R8-7 (b), (vescribiag find clc»ed season for shooting 
foxes ia Stafford Conty, is ber^ rescinded. 
R8-8. Except as otherwise qwdflcally provide! by local 
legisli^lcm and by R8-9, it shall be lawful to trap foxes 
tnm Mowmber 15 throu^ ^auary 31, berth dates iaclusive. 
CHAPTER 9. Grouse. *■ 

R9-1. It AaU be lawful to but gnwse from the second 
Moo^y in November thriMgh January 31, \ioXk dates in- 

R9-3. Tte bag limit tor inuitlng grouse shall be two a day 
aad tM a Uo»se year. 
CHAPTER li. Raccooa. 

Present Ctepto- 16. coaci^^ of R16-1 thr<M«h R16-13, 
ia bMr«by resdnted aad the following new Cha|Aer 16, 
omsisting of R16-1 through R16-11, is to take its place. 

Article 1. 

R18-1. Exi^it as oteenriM pacifically provi^d ia tte 
regulotfoaf appaortag ki tfete ehiwtor, tt shaU be lawful 
to chase nraeaa wm do^ ^ttart ^vtwrtaf «r teUag, 
ia all eomrtlM eart of the Uw RMge IbMirtalas from 
S^iteaAcr 1 ttooagh Mar^ SI, both tetes Martin. 
Rtt^2. Exc#t is oOierwis* ipaidiksaUy pnvmi In the 
regslattMS iMMortag in this 4^«^lMr, it ateU be lawfid 
to (Aan necma with ttogSi wtfiMrt a^H^g or tekteg, 
to an eoMt^ WMt of tte M» SMgt MffHtite tnm 
OeMter tS ^ough Janary U, both «^, taKlaalve. 
RM-3. it ataU be UmM to ctaw rMseoo* vttt dogs, wlth- 
otit ^qjitartag M- taidag, to ttt oowMm << Atti^^Mqr, 
il^nte, BiMi, £^te. Fr«««^^ SVAnd, Pi^, Itek- 
WUft, Rad^i^M^ iHliwuBittiBl UtkmmmttomOdim9T 
IS tbrw^ F^nv; tt, bote ttite IMhNv*. 
Rl«-4. r MUl te JMM* to ^u* rMMW vite 4ou, wtth- 
oirt eqrtetar or MM « tea Gm^ laMtegtattllatfonl 
FonA ad oa tea faJfJJHiW. finiliii, ft. MdHV< Ttoin- 
soB, Mfhiaad. bM» Mtrte MMlMn aM M^dta WUtflfe 
MiMf ii wuit AnhtetttNa NOTtmbM' 1 teron^ Deeentoer 
31, bete mut MMtm. 


Ilwriiig aad tnff^. 


The CommisskHl of Game aad blaadPidteries at a meet- 
li« held to Richmoad, Vitiate, oo April IS, 1977, 
adopted the following amnded or new r^ulatiwis pur- 
suant to S»ctioBs 2t-l^ tt-ltt and 29-127 of the Code 
of Vii^nte, to become efiedive July 1, 1977. 

R6-6.1. The bog iimft for deer duOl be one a day, two 
a license year, one <a which may be a <foe, on the last 
three, Im^iiig days only, to tha oointles irf Albemarle, 
Appomattox (exccfit on BueUagtam-AppomalU^ State 
Forsit), BacUni^m (except oh BudEte^m-Ai^cvnattia 
Stete Forest and Horsnsnc take WUdUfelfoaafeeflient 
Area). Chartes Ctty.Ctel^e. CiilM»teMjC|«Bb^4aad 

(accept oo G. mchard Thoa^soB and yft Ma ftnww a^lqM- 
life Maaacemeat Areas aad Quaattoo liariae R«i«nra- 
tfonX FUnnuutt (except oa Hardmre Riv«r Witdlife 
Iteittgeneat Area), Goti<^land, Halifax, HanoT«r,Havico, 
Janes City, Loadoua, LouLn, Ifothews. Netetm (east of 
Roofte 151, acqit lamra River WUdlite ManagMBent 
Area), New Kent, (hronge. Prince Edward (excqAoa Prince 
Edward State Forest aad Briery Creek WikUife Maaage- 
meal Arfls). Prtaee George, Priiwa WUUara (acept on 
Quantioo Martee ReserviAtoa aad Hig^ Diamoad Labm- 
tory), RafBahattock, Sp^lnnnla, dtaffoM(eic^oathe 
Quaatioo Marine Rasemnoa); in the citi« of Chesa- 
peake, Sntldk aad Virginia Beach; and on Fort A. P. 
Hill (nodnqiact otms). 

R8-7.2. The bag Umtt for deei^ ^loll be <Hie a #y aad 
two a Uceose year, one ot wlidt may be a doe tlw last 
taoAing day day only to tee OMBtias of Amherirt (east 
of U.S. Route 29), Caniiiatt («tat of Soi^herB RaUroad), 
Greeae<«EeMt IteNdsn WildlUelbnBgemeBt Area),1ladi- 
son (exe^luHi^ WIMOife Mttagemeirt Ar«a), Mt^- 
IvanU (eait offiMtbrn BiUmA except Wiiie Oak Mow- 
tato iHk^e MuafemeM Area) and on Ameltt inuife 
Mamiarttst Area, teii^i^Km AflmaMtoi St&n rerwt, 
Cumberlaad SUte Forest, HaMware River Wildlife 
MaaageiBWt Area, Horsepra Lake Wildlife MaiagemeBt 
Area, James River WikUUe Manapmert Ai^, poe^oa- 
tos SUte Forest aad Park, Powhatan WtldlUe Manage- 
ment Area, Prince Edmrd State Forest and Briery 
CnA WUdlife Maaagemoit Am. 
l»-7.4. Hm bag Umtt for deer stoU be one a <tay, two 
a license year, ooe of wUch may be a <k)e, oa the last 
six hunting days only to the counUM ol Actwauck (ex- 
cept on CUaeoteagne Mattoaal WikUife Refuge aad Par- 
raaiore Island), Brwswlck, Chesterfldd (exc^ oa Po- 
cahontas Stete Forest aad I^it and Presqaile Federal 

Refuge) IMnwiddie< Luaeidwrg, M^kli^wrg, Northamp- 
ton, Nottomy aad York («t0^ c« Camp Peary, Chat- 
ham Aaaoc aad Naval Weapcms dattoa); to the cities ot 
Hamptoe (fxegglt oa Laaitey Air Fiffce Base) aad New- 
port News (sKept oi Fort EwMs); and on Fort Pidcett. 
CHAPTEP 14. QoaU. 

R14.1. R ShaU be Uwful to hunt qnaU toaU counties 
east of the Blue Ridge Mowtains from the se^wd 
Monday to Nov«Bber through Miniary IS, bote dat^ 

CHAPTER 19. Waterfowl and Waterfowl BUtds. 
R19-4.1. No UceesidiaUbe l^nd for statfonaif Mter- 
fowl unite on HMoto Credt and the Chidkahamiay 
RivMT ta Charte^j^ Couty adiaceot to tee CUcka- 
homlay WUdUfrl#(«ement Area. 
R19-4JK. No mim dttU be issued for staUoiiaiT w^r- 
fowl Minds oa m Qum Farm Marsh WUdUte Haaage- 
meot Area and te watem of tee CUefcahomliv River to 
New Kelt Couate adlMeat to thto area. 

oomassKW ol Gftk e and inland f^eri^ 
Ralph L. Waav«, Qwlrmn 



Tte n«nl*r me^tog i^ t^ CimbkU of tei Ctty (rf Vir- 

gkya Bmm wUl tolM to iieenuneUOMtoteerStftee 

kkBUU^tmrnmitk, m ttitt, MMSM Aaaa M- 

Uea, ffir^te Beaeh, Viri^da. «i Hoaday. Ama SO, 1977, 

at 1:00 P^, at whi(^ ttee tee foltowii^ op^icatioas 

wm be heard: 


noic^s AmiE mmxm: 

1. PatMM of l^iw- W. Whitehead aad CarUja J. WWe- 
kaat fM> a OMge i^ ZMtag DMrict Cto^mMte fiMHa 
AS-1 i^e^tfd Otetttef to 9-% GamaN^-a^toss 
malrM or e«lria pn|^»ty toa^rt oa ttwWMlaitetf 
O^na AMt«ttrl hagi^ig U%^sM IWI ttA mon w 
iMt iiuMi A SmHH ItoMl, mi^ a flMf^i of M.IO 
foal ata^ tee W^ Mt M (Meoaa Watmut, ramm 
a Mstew « iM.I0 fort otoM tee InMim pwff^ 
mm, tttrnm a tfMaaee (4 m fart Mil teelT^mrn 
w«p«^ &M ttd ruBiriag a MirtaiM tf ln.M Mt 00^ 

•ptfa IM MMw M- toss. nmW Al 


2. Application of Winner Con Conditional 
Use Permit tor a recreational facility oi an outdoor 
nature (skateboard park) on certato property tocatw 
200 feet East of Holland Road begtoniag at apoint>«0 
feet more or less South of North Landstown Road, run- 
ning a distonce of 500 feet more or less along the Wes- 
tern property line, romilng a distance of 260 feet more or 
less along the Southero property line, ronning a disUnce 
of 500 feet more or less along the Eastern property 
line and running a distance of 260 feet more or less along 
the Northern piroperty line. Said parcel contains 3 acres 

3. AppUeation of Fred L. and Gayle B. Wall for a Condi- 
ttonal Use Permit for recreational fociUUes 4>f an out- 
door nature (skateboard park) on certain property located 
on the South side of South Lynnhaven Road beginning at.a 
point 270 feet more or less West of Magic Holtow/Boule- 
vard, running a disUnce of 390.45 feet along the South 
aide of Soute Lynnhaven Road, running adistonceof 769.23 
feet along tee Western property lin^ and. running a dis- 
tance of 745.69 feet aloi« tee Eastern property line. 
Said parcel is trtongular in shape and, contains 3.5 
acres. (Magic Hollow Area). PRINC^ ANNE BOROUGH. 

4. PetiUoo of Allan Brock for a Change of Zoning Distnet 
ClassUtoaUon fi-om AG-1 Agricultoral District to B^Z 
Reside&ttol District on certain property located on the 
Norte aide of Malbon Road beginning at a point 991,40 
feet East of Princess Anne Road, nmning a distance of 
700 feet aloi« tee Norte side of Malboa Road, running a 
distance of 484.16 feet along the Eastern property Itoe, 
runniag a distance of 700 feet along the Norteern property . 
line, and running a distance of 489.38 feet along the Wes- 
tern proiNettf Uw. StM purcfil <x»tatos 7.851 acres. 

Si AnpUt^oo of CreaUve Disi^ys, In« , for a X^oa^- 
ttontJ Usie Permit for two 12 foot 1^ SOIpotl^JSioaEds 
on certato property located at ti» Korthfost o^veraf 
Diam<md Sprites Rood and H»len Rmd) irwning ft:#s- 
tance at 125.67 f»et along the East s^<(rf0iampfld 
Springs Road, running a dtotance of 336 feet aloi« the 
Norteern proqperty Itoe, rumiiag a distance of 14995 
f^ almig the Eastern profierty Itoe and running a dto- 
tance <rf 307.59 fe^ ^ong tee North side of Hadm Road. 
Said parcel contains 1.14 acres. BAYSIDE K)ROUGH. 

6. Allocation of Jos^ L. Just, Jr., for aCondiUonal 
Use Permtt for a borne occiQtation (family msdtotioa) oa 
certato property located on the South skie of Woody 
Cmirt b^i^i« at a point 100 feet East of Dylan Drive, 
rundng a distance of 88.49 feet al(H« tee Soute side of 
Woody Court, running a dtstawie of 121.02 feet along tee 
Eastora property Itoe, runni^ a distance of 12 fSiet ^tioog 
tee Scmthero pnyerty line aad nmning a distance of 125 
fMt along the Western pn^erty Une. Itaid parcel is 
known as 5621 Woody Court and coutaias 10,485 square 
feet. (Brandon Area). KEMPSVU^LE BiffidHGH. 
LYNNlIAViar B(»10UGH: 

7. ApidicaUon of Jerry TiUtitt and Rd>er) Weisbardlar 
a Conditional Use Permit tor a hair S^Ulg aad^H^Sg 
saloa Gtt certato prcyerty located at the souteeast ce^iQlr 
of Laskto ^tad aad Freemac DHvi>, nmning a (Ustaace 
of 100 feeft more or l^s iloag tee Soote ^de of Lai^ 
Road^jTuantog a ffiataKe Utm toti along this Eastern 

feet more <n> leas «M| th«;^s|)SJ«|»efiKirMmae. 
Said parcel contoias 19,688 square feet more or |e«s 


8. Petttloa (tf Gmdcm B. Potter, Dean S. PMter, Ir., 
LiuUle B. Po^r and Jdm Ray Pot^r.fwa^V^icn.of 
ZoB|^{ Diatriet OaisUtcatifm from R^5 ffesldotfial Dto- 
trict to B-2 Community-BuBtoess District op certoto^ro- 
pwrty tocatbd on tte Norte side of Laskto Road Degimiing 
at a poM i&M feat West <tfWtowood Drive, runniag a 
^stance of 193 foet along the North side dT Laskto Road, ^ 
ran^ a distance of 1010.93 feet alQn| the Westarn pro- 
Ptftjr line, naaing a distance erf 187.32 feet along;,tee 
mm site oi I^iurd Uae, tai runnii« a distance, of 
imM f«et dong tte Eastern property Itoe. Said psr^l 
oMtetoS 4.4S acres. (Hilltop Area). LYNIWAVEN 

9. Petttloa (tf G<M^d(m B. Potter, Dean S. Potter, Jr., 
Lucille B. Pottof and J(dm Ray Potter for a Cha^e of 
ZdBii« Dtotrid ClaaiWcaticn frma R-S Restoenttol I»s- 
triet to 0^1 Office IMstrtct on jsertsto property located 
on the North side of Laskto Road be^lmung at a point 
ISO f»t DKK% or less W^ (d Wtoweod |^e. rum^tog 
a dtotance of 271.60 feet along the Norte Side of Laskto 
Road, ruuing a ittstance of 1056.58 fe^along,tbe Westem 
mipirtj )im, rwidi« a tUstance of 204.42 feet alcmg the 
So^ sMe ot Laurel Une and ruuiiqg a dtotance of 
1119.29 feet along ttte Easteroin^qKrty Itoe. Said parcel 
coidaias 5.839 aerte. (HO^ Area). LYNNHAVEN BOR- 

10. Petitl(» of Gonion B. Potter, Dean S. Potter, Jr., 
Luettle B. Potter aad Jota Ray INitter for aCbuigedf 
Zoning District Classificatton from R-5 Residential Dto- 
trtet to R-3 ReatdMtial tHstrict on certato propeity 
located at the Nortewest corner of Laskto Road aod fMn- 
wood Drive, rumdng a di^ance of 254.63 feet along the 
Norte Side of Laskto Read, runnii« a <ttstonce of 1119.29 
fe^ along tee Western pnq>erty Itoe, running a disteMse 
of 2S0.S6 feet almg the &Mte side of Laurel Loeand 
naudog a distamw of 11S3.S feet al<»g tte West side of 
Winwood Drive. S^d parcel dMttains 6.S3S^^res. (tm- 


11. AppUoitioa of OUver B- Odom for a Condititmal Use 
Permit for recr^ttoul tocitittes itf an outdoor natore 

ffiitc9>oard park witea pro s^ and snack bar) ra dfr- 
^qwrty oa tee Norte side <a folly foadl>egiHfing 
at a P9M 478 i^t more v less NorM»M'of the toter- 
seeteoB wItt ^tt Slr«^ ruuiag a dfstemse ot 317 fe^ 
mwe or Ms to a ]R>rMiirterly ttUKtttm; r«mlngr a 
dMaiK^ of 78 fe^ri more or leis to a So^ieCittrly dlrec- 
ten, rmadag a distant (d &0 Mt mMe 6r less to a 
NorUterlyttr^cttoB, mning a iHaSance (rf 416 fo^ uMre 
or less toft Soatew^erty dtrectioa, aad rMoiag a4to- 
ta^et (4 2tt lert more or less to a Southerly direefloi. 
SaU par^ cootains 2.3 acres more or l^s'. VIRGOQa 


12. Prt^m Of Robert B. aad Kathm fliU VMi#«>r 
ft ChuM ot ^jOA JHaMei ClassQ«tton trm «-l 
(^ee ralrtct to R-9 RMldertial Towi^Mae IMstrii^'M 
cvteta MvMto located ^ tte Nortew«it IMereadiM i4 « 
■iDy itoM ud nrily C&seaA, ruotog attstaace ol 4^.23 - 
M am tot Wairt site M mmtfoai, ruaatog a dtoftace 
ot ^M t^ atouf Vtm Vorlkan prt^rty Uoe aad ra- 
tf^ a <ttM^ of Sit feet won or Um alcag lie East 
Mte ot Hdly CrMCiM. SaM pan^l «»taitt 1.42 acres 
m«« w tois. (LMteora tat ArM>. 


13. AwlieattoB of lliiA^ R. Boms and John J.^^nvoteo, 
Jr., m ft ^mMobbI Vse P^ait to operate a Wslm- 
^^e MtmM « eerteto fRi^^ty to(^ oa ^ ]test 
Ma ot AUtflto Avaaae, 100 "foal Muteof IW ftrt^ on 

Mdmnl J. Webl«a, City Clerk 

» p #« 

PiF^^i^'^i»*P#'*-^4^pip-^i^ ^ ^ ;^^^m» \f ^ w pm-f ff^ppiip^^^^^^^^t^^^^npipp^^p^ipfp^^^R^^^pi 

Vii^rit ^teb 8a, Jum !> MTT - B-7 

.h« Clerk's Of- 
fics Q( tbe Clreait OMurt rt 
Ite City of Virginia Bttdi, 
OB tte lat (ky tA Jum» Itll 
In r»: AdopUon of Daniel H(^- 
riwa Bndlsy, ife two. to b« 
linown l« Daniel Bradley 

iy: Rodney Joseph Ducote 
im Btitara Elaine Dui^te 
Tot DtfUIUebael Blair 
no MMrtMB Drive 
KnonriUe, Temwssee 

k Chancery 

f Mi day au9i» Rodney 
iMMfk D«KO^ and Barbara 
fiali^ ft^te, PettttOMfs, 
a^d rtprdMitod tet te ob- 
|e# (^ Ms KQ^«ttiC is to 
ilKkA m wStas^&m (^the 
iM^ «ii«liMal<s), Daniel 
Wmym^^i^,^ Rod- 
iKr^JMk DMBete and Bar- 
IM fiaUi OMtote^ Ku^nd 
aiH «if», ««tf ^Mavit liav- 
iai Nm made and tUed tliat 
EtWtd IMmmS BMr, a na- 
tanl lai^ of latt eirild 

S^t- 1* a tt»-r«ident of 
^Sl^itf Vtti^. the 
bdnii; .299 Mwrten Drive, 

KnosvlUe, ,Tean. Itlsthere- 
ist* Ordered ttat Oie said 
IMvld Michael Blair appear 
More tl^ Conrt within ten 
^C^ days after* pUMicatioo 
of this (n4« ud indicate 
m/^ atttM« toward the 
p#(9iMd ad^ptfatt, or other- 
«ll» do wittt Is necessary to 
ptme^ Ms IntttMt in ttiis 

A 0^ t«te: JotmV.Fen- 

ttMS, Cleit 

By: Tr. . Curtia Fruit, D.C. 

Bnee B. IfUIs p.q. 

«M5 Vifiinin Beach Blvd. 

Itelnia Beach. Viiflnia 

\^>-6/<,«/15, S/22,«/29-4t 

ikm Clerk's Office of the 
Oi^t Coort of the City 
a Vfniatfc Baaeh, on the 

Stdar^^im. 19r?. 
vM Howard Weast, 

G«nldiM BUkla Weast, 

'■i inn ^eet of this suit is 
t^ ttitein a 4Uvorce a vln- 
diteirtm ivoa tke groHite 
(tf iMfear's separatum. 

ini anaffidavitlttvtaKbeM 
■a^etnd filed that tte de- 
ieadut A a non-residnt of 
teltateof Vin^nia, the last 
tanm port ofilMaiiilresslw- 
Im: 4DI0 HesMMT Street #1, 
«mAllpt she i»mimism 
^W^ ten (Uto days after doe 
fritfta^iw wreof, and do 
«M fliiv b« neeesMry to 
fiotaet ^ lUereM is ti^ 
•iH.- ; 

A a)|y-1(e(rte: Jota V. 

ar^ I. Qntts f rait, DepHbr 

WUiaai L. TaUafem), Jr. 
%| &iard of Trade BniU- 


▼K-»/l, «/li. e/2S. «/» « 

Ik m Cork's Ofltee «l tte 
Orc^ Ce«f of the Ctty af 
m0itt BeMi. m mt Srd 

""' (ki^er OilWH*, Jr., 

And an affidavit having be«r 
made and filed that the defen 
dant is a non-resident of the 
State of Vlrcinia, the last 
known post office address 
beint unknown to Complain- 
ant, said Complainant having 
used due diligence to ascer- 
tain in what City or corpora- 
tion the (tef endant is located 
withoM mceess. it is oider- 
ed ttat be A} a^ear l«re 
within ten (10) days after 
ism pqliliratton hereof, and (to 
wkat may be Mcessary to 
protect his itter^t in this 

A cqpy-Teste: John V. Fen- 
tress, Cleric - 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, Deputy, 

Ciari(, Holheimer 4 Stant 
2U Pembrtfte Three Build- 
ing . 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

VaS-«/S, 6/15, 6/22,6/29-4t 

Virginia Beach Public Notices 

In the Clerk's Ot(ic« <A the 
Clrcalt Court of the City of 
Viigiida B«Mh, on the Ist 

«yofJ«M. 1977. 
Kni^ <^rri Ftedier Stroidh 
PlaiotUf. < 


^3'»"'<HIW2'< tB»'w«# 

(itfCBdaat #oai Om groonds 
of Qw year's separation. 

kaA an aftUhmt baring been 
made and fUed that the de- 
fendant U( a iian-resldent of 
lii»Btit» of Vliflida, the last 
HiovB poet office address Iw- 
ttr 111 East Aisile Street, 
M-B. Klivrille, texis it is 
otdired that he do appear 
tore within ten (lOV days 
after due plication hereof, 
nad do ift|t may be nec«- 
wai %» iMteet Us hiter^ 

A oopyTeete: John V. 
Fentress, Clot 
By: J. Cnrtis Fruit, Depi# 

IHlUain L. Taliaferro, Jr. 
1M Board of Trade Build- 
Norfolk, Virginia 

Cm-i/t, 6/15, 6/22,6/29-4t 


VirginU; In the Circuit Court 

of the Clfy of Vi^^ Beach 

on the 26th day itfMay, 4977 

L.L. Underwood, Jr., 




Arthor D. Peter«}n 


Siria C. Peters^ 

In Chancery 

The object of this suit is 
to drtain Cwirt approval (rf 
Qie a^QSttlOD of certain 
funds held by ttie complaln- 
ant for theaccoont and b«M- 
fit of Arthur D. Peterson 
and ^vla C. Peterson; and 

An affidavit baring been 
made and filed that the where- 
abouts of Arthur D. Petersmi 
are UBknown and that Siria 
C. Peterson resides outside 
the Comnumwealth of Vir- 

It is herelqr Ordered that 
they qipear herein within tra 
(1&) days of the publicati(» 
of this Order, which order is 
to be publidied in the Vir- 
ginia Beach Sun, a newspaper 
baring general circulatu» in 
the City of Virginia Beach 
once a week for two suc- 
cessive we^s. 
A copy Teste: J(An V. Fen- 
tiesSi Clerk 
By J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 

John B. Diumore, p.q. 
Byrd, Dbismore, Evans and 
Bryant, Ltd. 

In Chamsery 

THIS DAY came Kenneth 
Mathew Gdasaewski aind Su- 
san DarlMfeO^saewdci, and 
represrated tint the (Aject 
of this proceedii^ is to ef- 
fect the adcfrtlM of the above 
nuned infant, Christina Sue 
ZuUmski, by Kenneth Mathew 
GoUisKwski and Susan Dar- 
lene GolasMwski, husband 
and wife, and afOdarit hav- 
ing been matte and ttled that 
Midget Beuett ZulkosU, the 
natural father of said child, 
is a non-resident of tlw State 
of Virginia, his last known 
post dffice address beiiv 2944 
University AvMue, Morgan- 
town, West Virginia 26505. 

It is therefore ORDERED 
tiat the ^d Michael Ben- 
nett Zulkoski ai^ar before 
this Court within ten (10) 
days after publication of this 
Order and indicate his at- 
titnde toward the proposed 
addition, or otherwise do 
what is necessary to pro- 
tect his interest in this mat- 

A o^-Teste: John V. 
Fentress, Cleric 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
Theodore A. Boyce, p.q. 
IK N. Plaza Trail 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


last known post oWceadd- 
ress being: 19.44-115 
Drive, Jamaica, New York it 
is ordered that she do appear 
here within ten (10) days 
after due publication hereof, 
and do what may be neces- 
sary to protect her interest 
in this suit. 

A copy-teste: John V. Fen- 

By: Patti A. Keenehan, De- 
puty, Clerk 
Edward T. Caton, III 
P.Q. Box ti 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23458 

.VBS-5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8 4t 

VBS-6/8, 6/15-2t 

VirginU: b the Clerk's Of- 
fice of the Cimit Court of 
the City of VirginU Beach, 
on the 27th day of May, 1977 
In re: Adwtion (A Denis 
Hn^s Clary a white male 
bom ^ptember 29, 1969 in 
GraenviUe, N(»4h Carolina 
By: Midiael Wayne Drye k 
Elinb^ Compton, Drye 

TO: Eari DougUs CUry 
56S2-A West Market Street 
Greensboro, North Carolina 

In Chancery 

TUs day came Midiadi 
Wayne Drye and Elizabeth 
Compton Drye, Petitiooers, 
and rqn^sented that the dD- 
ject of this proceeding is to 
tf ect the adoption of the 
diove named infant, Denis 
Bughes Clary, by Michael 
Wayne Drye and Elizabeth 
CimiptoB Drye, husband and 
wife, and aflmrithariu been 
nmde and fOed thatEaflDcm- 
^S Clary, a natural parent 
fA saM cIdU, is a nc»-re- 
Cklettt of ttie 8Ute of VirginU 
tte la^ known post office 
address bi^: 5632-A. West 
Ibrk^ Sre^, Greensboro, 
NorOi CaroUia. 

It Is therdbreOrderedthat 
the Mid Earl Dowlas Clary 
appear btfore this Court 
vithin ten (10) days after 
puUintioo of ttls Order and 
indicate hU/attitade toward 
the intipoied addition, or 
Mherwihe do what U neces- 
swy to protect his interest 
hi Ms matter. 

A i^apf teste: J(to V. Fen- 
treis, Clesk 

By: i. Cnrtto Fniit, DC. 
A. Andrew En, Jr. p.q. 
1369 Lari^ Raid 
Vlrgiida Beadi, VirginU 

VBS-6/8, 6/15, 6/22,6/29-41 

mm m'^ tf nto ^ iato 
""'A A«H^ a mam ^ 



to the ClHtt's Omct of tte 
CAvWi (MM (tf tM City of 
^ifMa Bench, on the 31 
d^ 0^1^,11^. 
IN RE: Adaptton of Chris- 
tina Sm ZittosU, 
^: %maMk Mathew Gcdas- 
wnm Mi tesan Iteri^ 

t" Td; MM^BimiittZulktakl 

Oidivn^ AVMut 
liHVHrtown, W^ VirginU 

In the Clerk's Office of the 
Cirodt COBrt of the City of 
VirginU Bench, VA., on the 
nth day of May, 1977. 
Stephen Robert Pair, 



Mary Ann Pair, 


The object of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a vin- 
culo matrimonii or a mensa 
et tboro to be later enlarged 
and merg«l into a final de- 
cree of divorce from the said 
defemlant, upon the grounds 
of adultery and/or deser- 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that the 
defendant is a non-resident 
of the SUte of VirginU, the 
last known p(»t office add- • 

>, MaryfiQ^'tt 
Is brderedthatshedoaiqiear 
here within ten (lO) days 
after due poldlcationnereof, 
and do what may be neces- 
sary to protect her Uterest 
in this suit. 

A copy-Teste: John V.Fen- 

By: Patti A. Keenehan, De- 
puty, Clerk 
Louis W. Kerschner 
524 Idqwndence Blvd. 
VirginU Beach, VA. 

VBS-5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8 

In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
VirginU Beach, VA. on the 
IWi day of May, 1977. 
GeorgU Askew Rice, 
Joseidi Rice, 

The object of this suit Is 
to obtaU a divorce a rin- 
cuto matrimonii from the 
said defendant, upon the 
grounds of over one years 

And an afiidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant's Ust known 
post office address is 1740 
Potters Road, Virginia 
Beach, VirginU and that due 
diligence lus been used by 
and on behalf of the pUintlfi 
to ascertain In what ccnmty 
or corporation the defendant 
Is, without eHect. it is or- 
dered that he doai^arhere 
within ten (10)days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his Interest In tUs 

A copy-Teste: John V. 

By: Patti A. Keenehan, De- 
puty, Clerk 
Henry L. Sadler, in 
210 Atlantic Naticmal Bank 

415 St. Paul's Blvd. 
Norfolk, VA. 23510 

VBS-5/18, 5/25, 6/1. 6/8 


In the Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City 

Of ViitinU Beach, Va., (« 

tlw l(Xh day of May, 1977. 




14ttn Ifae ^ton Gllber^ 


The (^Ject of tUs suit 
is to (Main a de^rw of 
annalm«[d fTMi t^ saidde- 
tendant, spm the grt>unds of 
a l^nmous marriage in that 
^ D^i^iM was married 
to aMther at the ti^ tte 
parties were marri^. 

And an a^Urit hi^i 
bOM m»ie and filed ttat the 
(M«te^ Is a nm-resideat 
Of the Atte tf VtrgittU, the 

VIRGINIA: In the Clerk's 
Office of the Circuit Court 
of the City of VirginU Beach 
on the 9th day of May; 1977 
In re: Adoption of Barbianne 

By: Kenneth Merle Ulrich 
and Susan Kay Ulrich, Peti- 

To: Frederick Anthony 

168 Revere Drive 
Pittsburgh, PennsylvanU 

This day came Kenneth 
Merle Ulrich and Susan Kay 
Ulrich, Petitioners, and re- 
presented that the object of 
this proceeding is to effect 
the adoption of the above 
named infant, BarbUnne 
Boering, l^ Kenneth Merle 
Ulrich and Susan Kay Ul- 
rich, husband and wife, and 
affidavit having been made 
and filed that Frederick An- 
thony Boevli%, a natural 
parent of said child(ren^, is 
a non-resident of the State 
of VirginU, the Ust known 
post office address being; 
168 Revere Drive, Pitts - 
burgh, Pennsylvania It is 
therefore Ordered that the 
said Fredericdc Anthony Ul- 
rich appear before this 
Court within ten (10) days 
after publication of this Or- 
der and indicate his attitude 
toward the proposed adop- 
tlcn, or otherwise do what Is 

Fentress, Clerk 
By: Patti A. Keenehan D.C. 
John B. Gaidles, Esq. 
700 Newtown Road 
Norfolk, Va. 23502 

VBS-5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8 

lb the Clerk's Office « tite 
Circuit CcMrt of the City sA 
Vir^Ala B^A, VA. m tte 
25th day tf May. 197? 
Bonnie Taylor, 
BMJamin Taylor. 

The (ri}ject of this suit Is 
to obtain a divorce a vin- 
culo matrimonii from the 
said defei^ant, upm the 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that l^e 
defendant is a non-resident 
of the State of VirginU, the 
Ust known post office add- 
ress being: Bayriew Car 
Shop, Baltimore, MaryUnd. 
It is ordered that be do ap- 
pear here within ten (10 
days after due pbblication 
hereof, and do what may be. 
necessary to protect his In- 
terest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: John V. 

By: Patti A. Keenehata, De- 
iwty Clerk 
William F. Bumslde 
P.O. Box 1062 
Virginia Beach, VA 

VBS-6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22 

VIRGINIA: In the Cir- 
cuit Court of the City of 
VirginU Beach: on the 9th 
day of May, 1977. 
In the matter of the adop- 
tion of an infant to be named 
Danyelle Varez Eason 

In Chancery No. 

THIS DAY came the peU- 
tioners and represented unto 
the Court that the object of 
this proceeding is to effec- 
tuate the adoption of 
Danyelle Varez Franklin, by 
Hope Alfred Eason, Jr., and 
Elizabeth Cleo Franklin Ea- 
son, and to change the name 
of the said Infant to Dan- 
yelle Varez Eason. 

Petitioners pray that a 
Final Order l>e entered In 
the above styled adoptton 
allowing the adoption and 
change of name, without the 
consent of Melrin Dawson, 
Jr., whose consent it 
an>oars is unolAainable or 
maybe is being withheld con- 
trary to the interest of the 

An affidavit baring been 
made and filed that due dili- 
gence has been used by and 
on behalf of the petitioners 
herein to ascertain in what 
city or coifflty the natural 
father, Melrin Dawson, Jr., 
is, without effect, and that 
his Ust known post office 
address being 5S1 Waters 
Road, Chesapeake, VirginU, 
he is hereby required toap- 
p^r within ten HO) days af- 
ter due publication hereof, 
and do what may be neces- 
sary to protect ids inter^t, 
that thU be published once a 
wert for four (4) succes- 

sive weeks in the Virgida 
Beach Sun, a newspaper of 
general circuUtion U this 

Teste: John V. Fratress, 


By: PatU A. Keenehan, D.C. 

VK-5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8 



In the Circuit Court 
of the City of Virginia Beach 
on the 24th day of May, 1977 
In re: Adoption of Michael 
Dean Trail, and change of 
name to Michael Dean NelU 
by: Stephen Wright Nelll, and 
Ann Christine San Agustin 
NelU, his wife. 

Chancery No. 

, The object of the above 
styled suit is to secure the 
adoption of Michael Dean 
Trail, infant, by Stephen 
Wright Neill airi AnnChris- 
tUe San Agustin Neill, the 
natural mother of the said 
child, Ann Christine San Ag- 
ustin Neill, baring consented 
to said adoption and also to 
effect the change of surname 
of the said infant from Mich- 
ael Dean Trail to Michael 
Dean Neill; and 

It appearing by affidavit 
filed according to law that 
the last known address of 
the natural father, Carroll 
Francis Ti^l. Jr., was 320 
Nile Street, San Diego, Cali- 
fornia, it is therefore OR- 
DERED that the said Carroll 

...Fjancis, Trail,, Jr.. |l9.*p- 

■, InlendaysaLnerdueputMicar 
/ tlon of this Order and do 
what is necessary to protect 
his Interest In this proceed- 
ing; and 

DERED that this order be 
published once a week for 
four successive weeks In the 
Virginia Beach Sun, a news- 
paper having general circu- 
lation in the City of Vlif Inla 
Beach, Virginia. 
A Copy Teste - John V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By Patti A. Keenehan, D.C. 
Alexander P. Smith 
Attorney for petitioners 
Smith, Power and Owens 
1412 Maritime Tower 
Norfolk, VirginU 23510 

VBS-6/1, 6/8, 6/15,6/22-41 


In the Clerk's office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on the 24 
day of May, 1977. 
In re: Adoption of Orlando 
Jay Smith 

By: Woodrow Wilson Smith 
Dorothy Mae Smith and Er- 
nestine Smith Hairston 
To: Willie Shorter 
Ias\. known address: 
4945 Erskine Street 
Virginia Beach, Va. 

In Chancery 

This day came Woodrow 
Wilson Smith, Dorothy Mae 
Smith and Ernestine Smith 
Hairston, Petitioners, and 
represented that the object 
of this proceeding is to ef- 
fect the adoption of the above 
named infant, Orlando Jay 
Smith, by Woodrow Wilson 
Smith and Dorothy Mae 
Smith, husband and wife, and 
affidavit having been made 
and filed that WUlie Shor- 
ter, a natural iMtrent of said 
child, Is a non-resident of 
the SUte of VirginU, the 
last l^>wn post (^fice a(M- 
ress being: 4945 Erskine 
Street, ViitinU B^ch, Vir- 

It is therefore Ordered 
that the said Willie ^)rter 
an>ear before this Court 
wtthin ten (10) days after 
l^llcatfaw of this OnUr and 
indicate his/l»r attttate 
toward the prised a*^- 
tion, or otherwise do what is 
necessary to jHtKect hU in- 
terest in thU matter. 
A «)py teste: J<*a V. 
Fentress, Cl«1c 
Charies S. lAMtagna 

tm AtUuitie NaMOMl'HDft 


NorfoQc. Va. 23510 

VBS-6/1. 6/8, 6/15. 6/22 « 


In Uw Clerk's C^ce of the 

Circuit Court of ttu» City of 

VirginU Beach, on the 19th 

day of May, 1977. 

EnMft C. Levister, Jr., 



^ndra Phelps Levister, 


The (&ject of this suit is 
to obtain a divoree a vin- 
culo miUrimonii from the said 
(tefendant upon the grounds of 
one year no £ault. 

And an affidavit baring been 
made and filed that the de- 
fendant Is a non-resident of 
the SUte of VirginU, the Ust 
known post officeuMress be- 
ll^: 13305 Tamworth Lane, 
^ver Spring, Maryland it is 
ordered that she do appear 
here withU ten (10) days af- 
ter due publication hereof, 
and do what may be neces- 
sary to protect her interest 
in this suit. 

A copy-Teste: John V. 

Fentress, Clerk 

By: J. Curtis Fruit, Deputy 


Co(^r k Cooper 

1200 United VirginU Bank 


Norfolk, Virginia 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15-4t 

VirgUU: In the Clerk's 
Office of the Juvenile and 
Domestic ReUtions Court of 
the City of Virginia Beach, 
on the 17th day of May, 1977 
Commonwealth of Virginia 
In re: Scott David Linebert 
aka Billy Flnchtr 

The object of this proceed- 
ing Is to separate the above 
named infant, chilu of Linda 
L. Linel>erg & Henry Caba- 
loa permanentlyfrom its par- 
ent, parents, or guardian and 
to commit said inUnt to the 
care and custody of the Vir- 
ginia Beach Department of 
Social Services with the right 
of said agency to consent to 
the ^ant'^ adoption- , , 

made and filed that Linda L. 
Llneberg k Henry Calxiloa 
are a proper party to this 
proceediing; but due diligence 
has beefi used to ascetiain 
m what icpunty or corpora- 
tion he is,' without effect. It 
U ORDERED that Linda L. 
Linebert k Henry Cabaloa 
do an>ear here within lOdays 
after due publication hereof, 
aiKl do what may be neces- 
sary to protect their Interest 
m this suit. 

A copy Teste: Elizabeth E. 


Kathy S. Brothers, Deputy 


aieiU Bish, Dept. of 

Social Services Va. Beach 


VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8. 6/15 4t 

VIRGINU: In the Clerk's 
Office of the circuit court 
<A the city of VirginU Beach 
on the 17th day of May, 1977 
In re: Adoption of Stephen 
John Setzer, 

By: Robert 0. Bowman and 
&(ary E. Bowman 

To: Mr. Howard E. Setzer 
Route 1 

Moscow, Pennsylvania 

In Chancery 

This day came Robert 0. 
Bowman and Mary E. 
Bowman. Petitioiwrs, and 
r^resented that the (^ject 
of thU proceeding is to ef- 
fect the adoption of the above 
named (s), Stephen John 
Setzer, not a minor, 1^ Ro- 
bert 0. Bowman and Mary 
E. Bowman, husband and 
wife, and alfldarit having 
been made and filed that 
Howard E. Setzer, a nat- 
ural parent of said child, 
is a non-resident of the 
SUte of VirginU, the Ust 
known post office address 
being: Route 1. Moscow, 
Pennsylvania 18444 It is 
therefore Ordered that the 
said Howard E. Setzer ap- 
p^r before this Court with- 
U ten (10) days after pub- 
lication of this Onter and 
indicate his attitude toward 
the proposed adoi^lMi, or 
oUierwise do wtet is mc- 
essary to pnrtect his in- 
teri»t in thU matter. 

A (»py teste: John V. 

Fentress, Cleric 

9r J. Curtis Fruit. D.C. 

MUtun H. Colona, Jr. 

I»f La^dnR^ ,.^ 

^nlnia B»ch. VirginU 


VBS-5/25, 6/1, I/I, 6/15 4t 


In the Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City irf 

VirginU Brach, VA, on the 

11th (Uy of May, 1977. 

Siaron Louise Allen Fay, 



Robert Keith Fay', 


The object of this suit is 
to obUln a divorce a vinculo 
matrimonii from the said 
defendant, upon the grounds 
of one year separation. 

And an affidarit having 
been made and filed that the 
defendant's last known post 
office address is 3705 B. 
East Strafford Road, Vir- 
ginia Beach, VirginU, and 
that due dll^ence has been 
used by and on behalf of the 
pUintiff to ascertain in what 
county or corporation the 
defendant is, without effect, 
it is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within ten (10) 
days after due publication 
hereof, and do what may be 
. necessary to protect his in- 
terest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: John V. 

By: Patti A. Kennehan, De- 
puty, Clerk 

Tidewater Legal Aid Society 
147 Granby Street 
Norfolk, VA 23510 

VBS-5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8 
4t _ 

In. the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City 
of Virginia Beadi, on the 
17th day of May, 1977. 
Martha C. Daris, a « %■- 
Plaintiff, * 

against y 

Samuel Ray Davis, 

The object of this suit is 
to obtain a <iivor-ce a vin- 
culo matrimonii from the 
said defendant upon the 
grounds of having lived sep- 
arate and apart for more 
than one year, to-wlt: since 
January 30, 1974. 

And an affidarit having 
been made and filed that the 
defendant is anon-resident 
of the State.o(iyirgUiia,.the 
last known post office add- 
ress being: P.O. Box 151, 
CHdahoma City, Oklahoma it 
is ordered that he do appear 
within ten (10) days after 
due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary 
protect his Interest In this 

A coj^-Teste: John V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By: J. CurtU Fruit, De- 
puty Clerk 

WlUUm H. Colona, Jr. 
1397 Laskln Road 
VirginU Beach, Virginia 

VBS-5/25. 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 4t 


In the Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City of 

Virginia Beach, m the 17th 

day of May, 1977. 

Sherrie Carol Kincy 




James Alfred Robinson, 


The object of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a vin- 
culo matrimonii from the 
said defendant upon the 
grounds of one year separa- 

And an affidarit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is a non-re- 
sident of the State of Vir- 
ginia, the Ust known post 
office address being: 704 
MacArthur Avenue, Porta- 
geville, Missouri it is or- 
dered that be doan>earhere 
within ten (10) days after 
due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest in 
this suit. 

A copy-teste: John V. Fen- 
tress, Cleric 

By: J. Curtis Fruit, De- 
puty, Clerk 

Tidewater Legal Aid Society 
147 Granby Street 
Norfolk, VirginU 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8. 6/15 « 


U tlw Clerk's Om<se of the 

Cirtalt Court erf the City 

of Virginia Beach, (m the 

17th lUy of May, 1977. 

Evelyn J. Wil«»,. 



Alton E. Wilson. 


lite <rt>Ject of this suit is 
to (AUin a divorce a vin- 
culo matrimdmi from te 
MM (MMdall . WA te 
grc^ris (tf 1 year ojrtin- 
w»s ^parrticn. 

And an aflldavtt tering 
bera made and f U^ that the 
^Midant is a noD- resident 

of the SUte (rf VinlnU. the 
1^ knom post otom add- 
ress bdnf: Wl East ftrfc 
Avenue, amnh, G«c«gU 
31401 tt U ordered Mat he 
do apprar here with ten 
(10) days after due publica- 
tion hereof, and dowlmtmay 
be necessary to protect his 
interest in Mi suit. 
A copy-Teste: John V. 
Fe^ress, Clerk 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, De- 
puty, Cleric 
Moss k Moss 

1505 First VirginU Bank 
Norfolk, Virginia 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 4t 

In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
VirginU Beach, VA.. on the 
nth day of May, 1977. 
Stei^ien Robert Pair, 

In the Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City fA 
VirginU Beach, VC, on the 
9th day of May, 1977. 
Larry Thomas Garris, 
Plaintiff, ;,, 

against , 

Genevieve Ann Richard 

The object of this suit 
Is to obUU a divorce a vU- 
culo matrimonii from the 
said defenduit, upra the 
grounds of desertion. 

And an affidarit having 
been made and filed that the 
defendant is a non-resident 
of the SUte of VirginU, the 
Ust known post office add- 
ress being: c/o George Mit- 
chell, 300 West Woodland 
Avenue, Gearhart, Oregon 
97138 it is ordered that 
she do appear here within 
ten HO) days after due pub- 
lication hereof, and do what 
may be necessary to protect 
her Uterest U thU suit. 
A copy-Teste: John V. Fen<- 

By: Patti A. Keenehan, De- 
puty Clerk 
Glenn B. McCUnan 
425 South Witchdnck Road 
VirginU Beach, VA. 23462 

VBS-5/18, 5/25,' 6/1, 6/8 


In the Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City of 

VirginU Beach, VA., on tte 

12th day of May. 1977. 

Willie Lee Ettieridge, 



Doris Jean PoUts Ette- 



The Object of this suit 
is to obtain a divorce a 
mensa et tboro from tte said 
defendant, upon the grounds 
of desertion. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that tte 
defendant is a non-residoit 
of the SUte of VirginU, the 
Ust known post office add- 
ress telng: 1st AG Dlrislon 
Fort Riley, Camp Forstyle, 
Kansas 66420 it U ordered 
that she do aiveartere with- 
in ten (10) days after due 
INibllcation hereof, and do 
what may te necessary to 
protect her Interest In this 

A copy-Teste: John V. 

By: Patti A. Keenehan, De- 
puty Clerk 
Stanford R. Peerless 
1233 Paricside PUce 
VirginU Beach, Va. 23454 

VBS-5/18, 5/25, 6/1. 6/8 tt 

In tte Clerk's Office fA 
tte Circuit Court of tte City 
of VirginU Beach, VA. on 
the 12th day of May, 1977. 
Gail W. »einmets, 

Pi^er A. ^einmets. 

Tte object (rf thU ndt U 
to oMaU an annnlBMit frtm 
tte said defemUaft, apon tte 
grounds <A ttetttemarrlagc 
wa4 never constMmaled. 

itod an affMirit hnring 
teen ma(te and filed tb^ tte 
defendant U a non-rHtteot 
of tte SUte fA Vir^ria, 
tte last known post nfiten 
address being: S cbwiww n i 
ti, Wassewnr (2-R} Bol- 
Und. it U m^mnA ttit hi 
do ^>ear hen irtMtatM 
(10) days a^ die priUtai- 
tkw tereol, WB& dniialm^r 
te necessary toprotecthU 
Intereri U ttiis sntt. 
A csi9-t«rte: ktm ?. 


By: PiM A. KeeMhtt, 

Vlr^da Buck, VA WM\ 


— ^ -^ift. - ^ ^^^^^^^^. \mmmmmm^mmmm^Ammm^'k^{ 






tt yM tan a dag«r eM «r uytt^ fw 
«H* te fMa twny, »• vtU mjoKtWM- 
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awetioi, liis u a pMfe Mffrie* fnvMtd 
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Too- FREE BEE ad iW mdi ^tte 
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^ tn8pj|.4SI-7t74. 

Od af- 


i'Gk'n*m Matt ■ _ 
|.«wM<M|ftto ga M aS- 


# .-»- i i miiT 1 11 ■ 


* FREE - Tto eaU. OMto 
« ^ ottn- to a mm fAm 

WHITE CAT. ntie (aee- 

tee^ 1 Mr ei^ 1 yattw 

^t wd 1 liaeq«^ (kwd 

10^ ai MB? 


MB*. CaB 181 8 iBi ny- 

BTTBiB-TWO, Free to a 
feed hMM. Ca eO-6444. 

IVMois Ml aaiaa.' 

FREE-Baby Jara. Mo^are 
)antor siae, tew smaU Jars. 
Good for ukiag ]eUy. CaU 

FREE-BoxM Of doOes- 
work elottes, apprad- 
midely aixe 40's, AU aixes 
o( ttUdreas cloths aad 
dresses. CaU «0-3S44. 

(ME WAT to nnke a free 
km distoaee telephoae 
catt: (Hal M0-S55-I212 to 

flaJoet if the party yoB're 
eaUlag bas atifll-free(800) 


• > . < 

VmES-Sory and movies, 
craft days aad pqip^ sbows 
CaU ChiUren Co-ordiaa- 
tor, Peggy Forttand at 
S47-65«. ^ 

FUE Iflwary card eattt- 
laa yoB to aU toe botts 
yon can read. Come to any 
of oar iov kMatiOBs: 800 
Cedar Road, Civic Ceater- 
Tqrtor Read A POftaaeato 
Bid. - Weatora bMcb- 
A Oeei^B>, 
mm Unt k 
Bead. New tocattoa'to Jaa- 
aary tf Geon* WlidA«tOB 
ti MUltary Hwy. 

yoe're to the martot fn- a 
and car, ttere's a firm 
law to preset yea i^iast 
edameta' BAg, ndUng 
batt the mfle^(e eonnter. 
l^e Rur tie tree folder, 
"Commm PratortloD Un- 
der Hew Antitaapertag 
OdeaMt«r Law," tnm the 
mioMt HJi*way TrafOc 
Maty AdMdaistrattm, ISO 
Senato m. S.W., Wasbtag- 
fttt 0.C. msm. 

the rhiMpttIa PttUeU- 
biwy ettinfrwfnsnatf 
OB mtfrntf afttrs, maAm, 



lOO-GALIXHI above ground 
fatl dl tank. 4n-03S0. 

FREE COURSE - Oa per- 
sonal effid^cy aad 
character traits for peo- 
ide over 21. No oUigation. 
CaU 428-S23I or register 
at:2Q0 64tl>St.. Va.Beach. 

FREE WXXUET with laf o 
on meal ^aantog, food 
eosto and ttopfdag Unto. 
R's aU to toe » pages 
of "Toor Money's Worth 
to Foods." Wri^ the Con- 
nmier laimnatioa Cetder. 
Dept. I37E, Pneblo, C(do. 

pre-schoolers toat ex- 
plains good eattog habits 
aad nutritkm, "The Thing 
The Professor Forgot. 
Free ojfdes are avaUable 
from: Consumer toforma- 
tlon, D^. Q.; Pueblo, 
Colorado 81009. 

"Provoker" magasine. 
ValuaUe informatiaa about 
poisons toprocessedfOods. 
HERBAL remedies. Write 
Provtter Press, St. Ca- 
toeriaes, 315, OntorioLZR 

FREE: 3 kittens, male, 
widte, irey and Wack. 8 
tts., to good bwne. di8- 
0476 alter 3:00 weekdays. 

' VOLKSWAG(»(-1967, body 
without chassis, free to 
good bome, Clnirchland, 
call after 5 p.m., 484- 

facto everyone sbcnild 
know aboot tfj9 care froioi 
the Virglnto Society for 
toe PreveottOB of Mind^ 
aeaa. For jnor^Ne eoiy 
Of "You- ll^iN- a Life- 
time <a SUfiA" writerPre- 
vwt Mindaeas, Box 20^, 
Rielmond. Va. 23216. 

FREE-i^ial 2 year old 
story hour at Chesapeake 
Headquarters Library in 
Great Bridge. Every Tues- 
day at II a.m. 

BE nffiRE wlKitttbe bears 
wake tp! Free ctdor bro- 
chure teUs yon about va- 
catkming to toe Great 
&BOkies, to ^rtag or 
anytime. Wrtte AttvUle 
Chamber of Commerce, 
lOU, AtteviUe. N. C. 

FREE torse manure for 
gardos. CaU 421-2546. 

FREE-For able peqplewbo 
waiA to become more able. 
Lean how to improve your 
life, handle protdems and 
achieve your pc^eidial soc- 
cess to Ufe. AnUaUe now 
to Virglttto Beach. Sevoi 
boors packed fnU ofaseable 
data M commanieatlon, 
poposes aad goals aad bow 
to acUeve toon. Ttte ad- 
naitits of toto oppiMlanity 
to learn bow to eten^ un- 
wanted conditions to your 
enviroBra«t. Free, wito 
no <Migattoo, to irtrodnce 
Mieatotogy, toe phUosophy 
yo« eaa apjay to Ufe. Re- 
gister rt «»-22nd Street 
jmihMI l28»«BHr. >, -■ 

KITTQa - Bine eyes, ftm- 
qr, snow white, real cnr- 
vaeaoBS caties! M9-9993. 

Junk fflaUli^ Usts. Wrtte 
to the Direct Mall Market- 
ing AssoeMlca, 6 ^tl 
43rd Stre^, New York, 
N.Y. lOOnandaskfortbeir 
"name removal form." 
IHey'U get the job done, 
nocbariti_ ^ 

D(MI'T PAY twit. Get tt 
free at tb* Haad^parters 
Chesapeake MUto Li- 
brary: wteinalpatntlagslqr 
local arttirts, HoUywood 
movies, aad soBptwe to 
demrate year hraie. We 
also have kail of free to- 
fommtloB to demrate ^er 

* CaU 547- 

7.^aMrf p.m. 


«IMMr. Tea 

ATTEMTKMim bdudrial 
ttd oiB^twdten Aims, 
free balding itf aU sei^ 
plywood Md Mattw to be 
attd te toe fs^eae of 
bi««i« M«ewM. «4- 


BgraSE PnvO a aaMim 

tor a RB^ f^iort 
tMm crMsl asBMk 
Mtti tf the tfmrt 
iMlns Md Midttl. Ffe* 
frna Nl^ CHisM Re - 

Mvtt Qnm, *tm p m. 

9m., Wa^M^oa. DC. 


children to help work- 
ing parents, tor children 
ages 3 tu 6, on Wednes- 
(toys at 7 p.m. aad Satur- 
chiys ft lla.m. Cte«Kp^e 
Rn^Vnrters Llbiiry In 
Grrat Brt^e. 

FREE LIST ol tame IP- 
-I^ian^ wito low life-cycle 
^rts (purcbaM j«^ ^» 
eaernr «>st)- '^f 7^ * 
es^ to 'GSA Ltfe-Cyde 
€fl«^B| of An^tlpctt/' 
tnm QmsuMnrc^ Newa. 

(»|M at COfMMHW At- 

Ci«». Washtog^ D.C 

FREI Film prognms for 
Uds rt Great Itott, Wto- 
daw Woods aad Virgiltta 
Beatt branch U^ries ev- 
ery Satarday moridng. 
Oadaet UO-mi tor to- 
fonsation oa fUm titles, 
timea aad dates. 

that means a triad aear- 
by. Help dttn crooks 
craxy! Fw free member- 
sb4> toformatioa write: 
I^Mikey Bear I, CB Posse 
Headquarter^, mo NE 
125toa.. Miami.Fla.33Ml 

ROBERT RIfliEY nys: 
Ibow to advance yow emo- 
tional - physlcial - mental 
high periods- low perioito 
and your accidrot prone 
teU you how to get eom- 
piderised - personaUzed 
Biorbythm forecasto. A- 
masingly accurate. Write 
for your FREE BIK)- 
CHURES to : Robert R. 
Ripley, toe. P.O. Box in, 
GetsvUle, NY 14068. 

FREE GAMES - to cbett 
out. Pit, Probe, Mou^oly, 
Scan, Badxamen, Charlie 
Brown, Raggety Ami, 
Chess. Rubbwpttszles and 
ma^ more nuiesapette 
Headqnrters Library, 
Great Brii^e ChUdrea'a 

FALO roast? Or an Eskimo 
coBvenUon? Or marl)* a 
meeting of the lowaBlatt- 
btrd FederaUon?Findo^ 
what's bappRdng to 
America by caUiag Uds 
toU free numbwm0)631- 
1256. It's toe ifmrisfs new 
found friend. 
— ■ 

NEED A community mtaded 
spotter for your civic 
group? Call m-9yn be- 
tween 9-a.m. and 12 noon. 
Monday tbrongbFrhtoy. 

FREE-Vtotts to toe Vlr- 
|nto B«M% i^anetoriam 
every ^taeany ahd amday 
during May.'. ThePr©- 
gnm to 'As toe Eaiito 
T^* wbidi begin at 7 
p.m. eatt m^. CaU 486- 
1971 fOr reaervatlons. 

up wito the Joneses. Pass 
the Joneses by starUi* 
your own batt. Detoils 
FREE! Write: The Batt- 
er, Box 6869, San Jose 

nm A FREE Booklet 

on automebUe income tox 
deducUMS thatincliidttto- 
formaUon « stoto gaMUne 
and sales taxes, write toe 
Amerion AutomohUe As- 
8ociaU(m, 8111 (ktttOase 
Rd., FaUs Church, Va. 

The Tidewater Cbapter! 
American Red Croes^ iaus 
■ rariety of films, pam- 
Phleto and sUde prutt- 
wtott OB everytoing from 
dteastw and first aid, to 
toe giving of Uood. These 
items ara free aad anU- 
aUe to the pddie fw use 
at club meeting. For to- 
Inwatien oa hcnr to oMato 
Ws matwtol. contoct toe 
Red Cross at 625-6791. 



FLEA MARKET - to Moy- 
ock. N.C. Jfctoa vfitoge. 
Come fa«y a barpinor raW 
a spMO and aeU yow JiA. 
CaU Wayne Sales Co. M9- 

auto JUNK-We buy Jmk 
autoa, trudu,, bnses.CaU 

AUTO CRt^IER-A-1 jntt , 
lar removiag. AUeara' 
towed away free. Faidaw- 
viM. K5-«)ll. 

pM a*, ctf m-im. 


^giMnl *vw 35«Mfi«e 
vbwMdi, artvHitorttume 

b^ Opttnto CMb. Sat. 
aad an. tae U and 12, 
Ma.m. to4p.m. Hivpod 

aoppte C^idw , tod9«- 

BmrAnoR F(» HDi 

Vm 4* RIat C^i^raeUfla 
C^anpaqr toew. wUl re - 
c^v* saiM bM tar h* 
eaat ftd ww k iawrived to 

iioB fSflmffiSAm 
Mm* 1^ «^ el Citato 
Wmm eBrMnMHatS#,n. 
d^gM an«^ 

oe aeuMfed 
Nwfett, m. 



wood HemoriH . 
Memorial) 4 spaces, 
vaults, $1,ZS0. R. E. Rn^ 
Uas, 1305 Fiddler Ave., 
IterUi IsUnd, Florida 
32952, 1-305-452-0359. 

CEMET^ WT -Chesa- 
peake Mmaortal Gantais, 
2 grave lot. Price ^45. 
CaU 421-7^. 


PLYMOUTH - 1936. Re- 
Mlt Mgtoe, rewired, new 
dutch assembly, rebuilt 

5iw>rator. &fe Jor drivlag,^ 
3,S00, «3-lQ03. 

DODGE-Mud Vaa, 1971, 
tortle top, faUy toaiHated, 
roof tap campw alr-M»- 
dittonn-, i/% aab^tic 
transmission,' poww ste- 
ering and brttes. ^,006. 

PLYMOUTH - 1966 Valiant 
225, nd wito blatt vinyl 
top, bw±*t seats, auto- 
matic ffl toe flow, Good 
rumdng condttion.Goodgas 
mUo^, 1375. 543-2366, 

TOYOTA: 1971 Land Cr^- 
W, 4-wberi driw, 67,000 
w, 4-iAeel drive, 67,500 
miles, 16 mpg. |1750. 
8 - 4;»> 446-3767, after 
5:00 547-3495. 




BUICK LTD, 1975. Ught 
Uue wito wUte landau top, 
afr-coadltioaed, aU poww, 
tilt wheel, cruise control, 
cass^*dett, Uke new, o- 
r^iaal owner. ^,875. CaU 
543-9374 after 5 p.m. 

CHRY^ER-^ordoba, 1976 
U,Q0O mUes, gtdd. load- 
ed, aegotiaUe. WU con- 
sider smaU etT. 397-4604 
aad 484-5129. 

1975 - DASHER - 16,000 
mUw, Uke new, autwuUc 
factory air. 2 door coupe, 
red wito White interior, 
jcr^e at |3,800. CaU 

1970 OLDSMOBILE - 4 
door. Ddto 88, radio, afr 
power steering andbrakes. 
Needs body wori[|600. CaU 

OLDSMOBILE - 1973 Cus- 
tom cnitow wagon, factory 
afr, AM-FM radto. CUaB. 
$2600. 42«-2«IO. 425-8179. 

PLYMOUTH - 1973, good 
coadition, air coeditioned, 
eatomatte,. poww steering 
aad brains, MI-FM, %l2O0 
or best dtn. 424-5757. 

FORD^ 1978 EconoUne, V- 
8 standard tttftlKOO. 485- 

VEGA: 1974GT-Hattt: ,air 
condition, 4-speed, AM- 
FM cassette deck, engine 
jBst oveihaiaed, compete 
new paint Job, good Ui«s. 
II750 or best offer. Most 
aelL 428-4M6. 

UNCOLN - 1952 Oosmo- 
ptditan, 4 dow i^dan, new 
tirea, molw aad rumiing 
gear to good e«idtton. 
Needs body aad uttdstery 
wwfc. Besteffw,489-3806, 
betwen 6 aad 9 p.m. 

PONTIAC: 1974 Grand Prix 
white wtth red vinyl to- 
twiw, 42,000 mi., 11 fac- 
ta»7 opUoas. 13600 . 489- 
4848, 422-a25. 

VOLKSWAGEN: 1972 Wbite 
Sopw Beette, rdwUt mo- 
tw. $1495. 424-2298. 

CAPRI 1974: V-6,4-Speed, 
Perfect. A steal fW 81950. 

001^ DeVUle, red vdtrd 
tatwiw. Immaculate , 
loaded. Ooe owner S7500. 

PCarrUC: 1969 Cwtom U 
Haas 850 V-8, power 
atewtog, afr eowBtioa. 
attemMic. exeeUe^ eon- 
<Wtoa. IMS. I - 2 p.m. 
«n-4695 3-Up.ffl.444- 

aSMCE 1970: Good coo- 
ffitoa. Foww worte, load- 
ad wito povw. ^Oi. 484- 

PCM^CHE: il4, 1972, Mae, 
eteaa, S-^wed, AM-FM 
Mweo. ettw wtras. Mwt 

^^^nn« w^^^M^r ^^v * n^Pvwk ^^^^^ 


CAULLAO-ltn EMmdo. 
anraof. Seriow tondriM 
0^ 98500. «9-60^. 

I^KTURY - 19N attuoa- 
im», n^fal ttras. M JW 
m^: M7-S300 attMT 5 


TOirotA: W74 LAW 
^i %>B^AII-#M 

jF WW l^eh. 14000. 

-liTO, MW-iBo- 
kMMMttti exedlent eoBdi- 
ti«t fHm. I57-OS4Z. 

ARABIAN - Fifth 
1176, ^ei^ 8, 48« 


sales people loay 

rewarding careei - 

of the larger tosurance 


1975 KAWASAKI - imCC. 
Uke new, |«»- 486-7871. 

nWE^-197f , CB 500, 8,<XM 
nltes, $850. I5?'6886. 


wnnrra-ExceUnt fisUw 
boat, (vea bow. 120 I-O, 
CB, electric wench, new 
swiTOl seato, many^ many 
extras, aU exeeUeitf g«i- 
ditloo, $4350. 486-8158! 

CHRIS CRAFT - 1965. 36' 
Cruiser, twto Oris Craft 
engtoes, mtp, Man de- 
mand pmmm, 5 kw, fly 
Mdge, maayttftras. Must 
see toan>rectote. Call 488- 

LtmRS- 28' fitting boat, 

twin engines, regtrtwied 
wito Coast Guard. 499- 

14FT. Outboard motor boat, 
X> HP Mercury engine, 
traUw, watw akto * life 
JatteU. Maay ^ras. Re- 
mote steetli^ aad en^ne 
codrol $4SS. 683-1737 af- 
ter 5H» Wk. Days, Wett- 

BUTOR is h«pti« atony 
pwsoBs ear* aoaey wWfc- 
iog two to fow boon a 
day. We can heto voa. For 
appoiatmert, caU 420-0977 

$180.00 WEEKLY addreas- 
ing envelopes at hoa«- 
start iminadlatdy, con - 
plete assistaace, gaaraot- 
eed earning. Frae details: 
Paricer, Bw 5004, Chesa- 
pette. Va. 28384. 

toous»id, Eara immedtotely. 
Smd sUuiwed, addressed en- 
vel(9e- (E.L. Sanders, P.O. 
Box 05262, Cleveland. (Mo 

Neeito dwBonstraton. Part 
or ftiU tttM. No coUeeUi«, 
no paeldag, ao deUvery. 497- 
2589, att for Linda nmrea. 

to manage aod direct low and 
moderate bousing finance and 
development program acti- 
vities. Executive manage - 
ment experience required. 
Salary commensurate with 
expertoaee and capability. 
Send detailed reaume to: Per- 
xoooel Committee Va. Hous- 
ing Development AuUiority 
111 S. 6to St.. Richmond, Va. 
232ia Equal Opportonity Em- 

.11, nw 


mm. AT HOME in spare 
Ume. Earn $250.00 per 1000 
shilBW envelopes. Send 
8S< plus stamped, aelf- 
addressed envelope to: 
R. P. Sale* P. 0. Box 
907 Tarpon lyings, Fla. 

Eiperleaced, have small 
child of own. Meals, play- 
ground Regency apts. 428- 

aSHETK^' - alfihrsittU 
ndd fami^ owmd &m- 
paw to «9«DdiiK to Ya. 
FleM Cnmm lac. Part- 
time MBstftatti aeeited.. 
Possible to earn $100- 
$175. Coramissim salesi 
Sttd name, address, and 
t d o tton e BBrtl>erte: Box 
1327, C/0 . Chcsapeate 
Pwt, diMl^ette, Va., 
23320. "SiwU toveMmmt 

Aaae Aim. Eqiwiewert. 
my bine, ta^ed yard, 
mttls.3«-»lS. „_ 

BOUSaOlEP^ - Uve to, 
GfMt Brt^ area. R^w- 
«^s rwpir^ CaU 482- 
W9? before 9 a.ffl. orafter 



todivMaO, ital* or Fenal*. needed MB w part-4aie 
to iMribnto worid frnow K«lttBli« nd oihw phoio 
inwtods. ttiron^ cnnpeay ettOUttia^iMtftoBS. MilM 
tois yow yaw for iadqpcadnM 94W.00 tov^aeat. 
Gttanateed "" 

18 mooto merdtamfise p^rttas* ^;rae- 

Catt Mr, Martto CttSl Free) 1-800-848. 1800 or CoOed 
AIU-288-17S1 llaaday to Priitoy. 9 a.ta. to 8 p.n. 
SlU.9a.m.fel|»«. E.8.T. 

FwtntMi auiLOiw} • siNce IMS 

1«2 li. 3NI Si, CohMRbMt. OMo 43219 

110,800 PER TEAR 


$40,000 PBtYiAR 


fiSSm GABB, Fiaia PRICE 

No sdltof w wDerimice nee»sary, yon wiU rertott 
beaaUfld «qMays wtth the country's fastest seUtog 
BaUonOr adverUded tt^s to U^ tralHe comfany es- 
tiUltted aceoBBte toat vdU be twaid ovw to yoo. 
Tow rewdan nriU be omnpoter procesaed by oae <d toe 
oldert nd.krgast brand naaie toyjAotesaien to the 
U.S. TUs o»w to being made available «»tirei^ by 
S*^ •fiSfWii* Services, aad to not dtreeOy or in- 
*t^mm must be rei^^eaMite,^^ttte to nnke d*dtt»s, 

'?LSS*''^SS* ** ""**•« miirtmnm catt toveafiient 
of $5^ - 100% merdmndise buy batt. 

CaU Mr, 

BeU: ToU 

Free any Ume. 



fMM ^ iad"2'p.m. 
Moaday throogh TImrsday. 
HoUday Im Tnv-L-Parfc, 
1075 General Booto BM., 
Va. Beatt. ya. 

DEM(»ISTFAT(»S Friend- 
ly Home Toy Parties has 
opedngs foi maulers and 
daalen to yow araa. Toy 
Party naa eapwieacehd^ 
tBl. Cw aad telqihQBeaec- 
essary, caU eoUed toCaral 
Day il8-4tt-8895 or wrtt* 
rneaaiy Bcmie Paraes, w 
RaUroad Ave., Atoaw, N.Y. 

ics - Tidewatw area. Maa- 
, agen and Hi^iday girto. 
Liberal commissions, pro- 
fessiooil kte avaiWile. 
Party plu or door todow. 
Car belpfnl'Ditt Boidr^i, 
424-9740, Drama Tate, UO- 

.^.00 wettly addressiiv 
and ftutfing eavttipea. De- 
taUs, rntt 25$ aad seU 
wldressed i^miwd onel- 
gie: Bestco,3209NW7Sto 
Terrace, Dept. A671, Bol- 
lywood, Fto. 33024. 

1RICAN. FoU time work. 
CtU 486-0347 - 8:30 to 5 


SECRETARY - preferably 
wito assodatom eqiw- 
ince. Shorttand desired, 
mast be mnMUeat typiat. 
Itoowled^ df coavwitoa 
^aadag ^idraUe. 482- 




Recruiter wUl be to Norfolk: Sheratm Inn, MUitary 
Cirde, Jane 16. 17 ooly.? 

Vdwtew Program 
2 yeara, Peace Cwps 
1 yew Visto 

Begto thto SUnmer 

Current Peace Cwp. nssignmeato rang* frommiraing, 
dvU epiineering. Mato/Sctenee- LaUn America. 

Visto openings eaU for commuity. sodal background, 
wito persQB laving college iegne to any major and w 
oonmudty opwleace. Programs to tin Sonto Eastera 
Stdas to to* United States. 



w stop by from 10-4:30 p.m. only oo 
June 16 ud 17. 

nal (vpwtoi^, for nma w 
wMnan, iirterested to titra 
ineone. To arrange ap|xMid-i 
ment phone 414-5906. ' 


Sarvto* S^Oim, late iMft. 
U p.n. - ta.«. Stort $2J9 
u w. boadid^ irttt ear; 
Af^ <Wi StoUoa, S740 
NMto MwflQa^vd. {mu 
OtoMBd 8^«igs Bd.) VtL. 

^», tapl^JOpwlOOO 



YoiCve ttlcen ftott erf M the mm your faMly te 
* '* * " ■ "" . ve«^Ki •BAefed tliw f— ^ ^ 


WANTED — part tla*. 
$3.00 bMT to M1#4M 
baAMs fimt. guaUttt 
Mr hwM iMtts vttp^i 

SresI, n«MMe. M« J*r. 

^Itt^ «^«» «• ^J!<wv Itoma wmi fl* 

i^wly PuWIcatlom 



V f w wwww^^^^f'm-w*^^ 

" ^< 




EUROPEAN Health Sp* Mem- 

TWO FOLDING room ui- 
vidert wtlmit and gre«n 
plexltUss, $25 eacb. As- 
sorted articles. BtW TV. 
$2S. 4«4-7e02. 


m — i ■ 

Norfolk's most complete, 
buy, sell trade, buyiiic sil- 
ver coins, 42 fiouuieni 
Shoppinc Ceflti^f Norfolk, 



nim TnMifl Sdwal altm- 
W efW r Urn ar Wig Hbw 
TMMMi Mmgnm. R yM «• 
fgg^ O ^ym J am Mb, 
^^™9Mf WMpa^ TuMii^ 
ffvpiM Of MMiii Mr 3 WMi 
««J. Thw Rwidai* TwiBiiB. 


^ drtly. Stt4 tt^h St. 
^Wtei&^b. All t]^es of 
»«U?Be8, cut glass, cUna, 
wraltare. DaakaneHcard 
•m Master CUrge. CaU 


Zt-Prtwte lisbn^M 

«PIAM0 LEI^OHS-tav notch 

^, ^stinetion for tsverfcm Iqr 

ooneert pianist, 54S-79S8. 



|ATOH Twlrlii«, mardi- 

toc ant atnrtttac. Snali 
. dtmis aad nri^e les- 

soiM. For taitim^iafoma- 
^k», caU m-mt alter 


>.IHIUM LES8(»IS-iiy apfnint- 
•mcnt, iavMtmmt in drum set 
not Decesni7 ^or several 
moBtba, oUi 583-lMl- 
24 iMw reeonUaf . 

M-Pbp. Cats. Md CNtor Ms 

piM: AKC recistered. «7- 

FREEZEI ' Sears Coid^ 
dM»t, 23 m ft., 1 yr. |22S 
fim deek^yer- reorder 
17$. 416-5121 after 5 p.m. 

MATTH^ bra sprtags, 
aad^uie|75. 4I$-M27. 

Cottcb. cittir and ottoman. 
Creep f^vet. C(»t $1200, 
ask for Lorraine. 

R's toMiqr...adverttoUie 
tUngs jm no longer need in 
the elaMUM ootooiu of 
jroar tetietoirn newspaper. 
In ^vdieaUjr no time at all, 
pe^ tai jrour M%U)ortood 
wiU know wlitt you \Am¥^ 
sell. You're cm tte road to 
otra cMh...soraeiiady viU 
read you* ad and >«?! ^ 



SCHHAUZei - GiaiiAOane 
Hack Teinier} obedience 
trained, 1 1/2 yrs. 423 - 

COLLIE • Saide and «Ute 
inale, 4 months, Chami^on 

^ sired, AKC reglster«id, 
riwts, excellent tempera- 

' m«i^ HBO 431-1027. 

;rD«pBitX])01t BEtUEVtK 
^WPRES - Btedl, AKCjs- 

fMerad. oaUUnding Utter 
.irma chanptoa stoci, 340- 


FumUnre, sUf er, dia- 
■"'^^t.Klass, china, lamps 
tools, any household it- 
ems. Also interested ia 
baying entire estates. Day 
or tfght 461-3334. 

furniture, glass, tods.An- 
Uipies (rf all kind*. Jast 
pidi qp and cash paid on 
tile q»t - call day or 
night 547-^09. 

Supplies. See y<» at Bili 
Hull, 1S16 Tiir 
Hull, 1516 Tboroughgood, 
Shoppinf Center at Rob- 
bins Corner, Va. Beach, 

3I.Jewflfy t Wa tOft 

Ring- ladies fiantnid sol- 
ftUre. PUt^iHit Mtti^(. 
Center stone 3.85, Side 
stones, .20 ^cb. Ap- 
pralswl in 1975 for 
$11,550,00. Price-37,200. 
CaU 439-1748 or 423-7113. 

33-G«od TM^tf to Eat 

CRABS - Live, hy bttshel 
or doses, onx»ite Hards 
Seafood Restaurant. Earl 
.Ji^. 340-5171. 

38-Laiw aad Cardea 

TOP SOIL - dark, rich, 
loose, loamy sand and fill. 
CaU 587-9077. 

TREE- We'Ufeed, trim and 
spray. CO-5979 . 

LOCMONG fer>«! Advertise 
auto servli^s vitJk want ads. 
CaU 547-4571 today. 


sells fast wiUi Classified 
Ads. Call 547-4571. 

The classified section of 
yonr hometowB asw^tqwrls 
esseirtiallf the bvlletis board 
and market fdaeeof the com- 
munity. R locates the in- 
terested eostomer as no 
other advertising on do. 
This is because the cus- 
tomers in yourne%hborfaood 
tarn to the classified pages 
sal^seardi oat the advertise- 
ment im irtat he «■ she 
vasts to buy. 

**fc z-fv^ ' .«V 

rare black 
standard, 8 we«ksiM.Al»: 
Re^rtered, ahots/^m- 
«d/dtaMd. lUM etch. CsU 

rem FATHER'S DAY • Give 
yo«r hoto a hnoting dog. 
Chesapeake B» retriever 
poppies. ^0. 547-MIO. 

: weeks, mile, huff, dism- 
: vPton sired. AKC Reglsto- 
f ei, shots sad vormed. 441- 
i 48t4, sftM- 5 p.m., 499- 

DtdMhnd-flude, free to 
good hnne. 4IS-636S, 

23-Pet Servtees 

; Shepherd, AKC regU^ML 
Idaek, white and tab. IK- 
-. 5412. 


Saf., /une f 8, 1977 

ShnrimDili: lilllf,lMll-2to$Pii-orliyA|i|MMMl 

•■ R*^ « idU R«Me 4t WmI S adw - FwB •■ Ik kit 

Mi « WNi Mta bwe. Hm Mtt fcrt rari lrnb» aa 

~ ' wmH «i Citea , < iflwi tnm fHkJOe haM nmf «■ IJab 
' > yean *go. Good lacatiai far 

Oinn* n»ent right to r«|M!l Auri kU 



U X W , itiq, t'xceJient 

(sMitlon, just assume bal- 


OLFSNARE RD. - 3 b^- 
.oom, den. wall to »aU 
carpet, central air, tri- 
level. No ateots, Ifty own- 

W^rsr^fc^. jMMJ n^trm» 


CASTLE - 1975 12 i 52', 
2 bedrooms, 1 bath, un- 
tat^Aed, $350 and assume 
IMS of $U4.84 per month. 
#2-4901, 421-4150. 

«-0Bt-«.Tewi tor RmM 

Waterfrwrt, 2 bedroom, 
sle^s 8, no pets, $125 
June, ^0 My and Au- 
gust per week. 487-5457. 


er. 425 

» ate 


Because our 
readers turn 
to us in 
search of 
is a powerful 

If you're 
lookina for a 
powernil way 
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look to 

Call us today 
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bedrooms, I baths, living 
room with Rrqilace, din- 
Im room, and den, fully 

carpeted. 4ai-<17S4. 486 - 

UBERTY RIDGE - 2 bed- 
room, 1 1/2 teth town - 
home, carpet, central air, 
appliances, storage, $^00 
firm and assume. Contact 
owner 486-7061. 

Virginia Beach? Ke^ up 
with the homefanrn news 
with a sttbscriptiMi to the 
Virginia B^ch SUN. De- 
livered to your mail box 
fbr an ertire year (52 
weeks) Ibr only $7.00. CaU 

MAKE things work, advertise 
\'-vices" in the Want Ads. 
.a. 547-4571. 

Mrs. Ricardo 


Che8ap«ak« for 

1 1 yoars 

Congratullpms to our 
bardworkiqi crew. Ricar- 
do, Inc. ei^oyed the fab- 
ulous gross sales in May 
of $510,000! 

We cover Chesqwake. CaU 
one of our imdessional 
sales representatives fOr 
your buyUv and sales 

Realtor the. 

351 Johnstown Rd. 


m ml 




Over 1,400 Sq. Ft. of living space 
Your own land on 4 sides 
Carpeting, air-conditioning, & 
'^i^pliances included in price 
Private Bath & Tennis Club 
See furnished models 



Virginia B«tch/Chesapeake, Va. 

Take 1-64 to Indian River Rd. Interchange, go west 
1 mile to College Park ortrance at Providence Rd. 
A follow signs. 




POOL TABLE - Vall^ hidl 
raea ^at; slate to, tttel- 
leH Modttioe. WiU^dAm. 
Balls, (m$ landed. Sw- 
kws iaviriM eity. 8S3. 
MOO aft«> 12 p.«. 

BTU, Gttsoii airswe^.$150 
499-3820 afin- • p.m. 

tl^ekly! Advertise hi tte 
Clsnifled Semcm. CaU Sfi- 
4571 for ah Ml-vrRer bow. 

(HKiAN - UmbaU Swinger 
960. Oorite,!^ hoard, taot 
pedaU, rtq«» s«Moe. I 
n. OU. tvm- «?-ttM af- 

AOt (XM^nH«-21,000 
t^V, wMM wM( paid $4M, 
4crUlee at )ai5. 497-mS 

ncmc TABL@ • Band- 
it «idar bem CaMda. 
AttlMid hndwi, 6 ft. x 

gvery wscfe ^ertisers 
g^ resdts b^ clistf^ 
^ l^«ed in ^wfe^Mmm 
MW^ty neiv^M-. Re- 
adHiar w^ f^ taw 
^^^^mMm to hqr w s«U, 
tew ml^lac^^meWogM- 
hBM orwtrtv to Ml. M 
Ms B«WS- 
ympm. fiv,m .« aWUtyasa 
1^^, ^M^ MleSMB. 

You can trust a 




4413 Green Acres ftrkway 

3 bedrm, tamUy rm. wtth flrqdace, ^fir^dace in 
Uving rooM, foraal diidng nn., hot air heat, 1 
yearmraity SB honsttoid e(Hnp(»eBts. 
PadSod««idst 488-6U9 
&sser!U^ 484-6690 

The Re^nrs b^ew are pelMstaals to red estate 
irt» ffi^arfte to a iirlet eode Hta^» aa BMahws 
sllocalMistBtehoafitoaadarflMllBttnHd Assoetatka 

Profct yow Invmmmitl S^ Ofw of ilf^ tiding ai-aa Realtors! 


AMOdatM, htc 


3i«f-A Tyre Meek U. 
(HSce: 4M-^ 


MINTS rmi: 


A §m, mc. 

Taylor Brothers 
%alty Co. 

P«nSfc»i/IH. VIRCWiA 




miiCH wommn -ahs 

fseuMmim area, (AC-1) 3 
beAttoni, residential with 
^od «ia«ereial pgtn - 
tial. Now rented, ^le by 
omMT. Asking $17,000, 

sovn hmt^ wcmmues 

How to fee^ solve mia- 
ey wrrles! Lrt clasjtin«l 
ads in yoip-tonw>town news- 



or, 2 story 4 bedroom, 2 
1/2 bath. 2000 ^us sq. ft. 
of Iivii% area. By owner. 
$56,000 No agents please. 

bedroMi, 2 tatb, central 
air, iimUy room, large 
wooded tot - 1/3 acre, $4^, 
IdO. «2-3703, No ageirti. 

^ttuanapi ol^ncE loh 

Ca«ir Ibi.|iAlbenBsrlefo. 
7 SaMmt sIBm s4m 1/2 
•ere 9Uk. WaM>, sewer, 
ewh A pter iKiaded. 
AdSMS MeCrte A Lester 


INDIAN RIVER - 3 bed- 
room brick ranch, den with 
fireplace, carpeted, ga- 
rage, storage tnra, fenced 
yard, central air. 420- 



Pecfde iflsm^ Homes 
333 Providence Rd. 

CaH 464-03 17 

•S- For Sale -Real 



Billy i^ruiU was salesman 
of the year Ibr GCS Realty 
Inc., which has now been 
changed to ^ruiU Realty 
Co., owned and operated by 
Minnie ^ruiU of Chesa - 
peake. Her otHce is loca- 
ted in Va. Beach. 
For professi(»aI service in 
any real estate needs caU 
BiUy at 482-2274. 

Spruill Raalty 

tUi Pardoe Ct 


LOT for sale at Massa- 
nutten in Virginia's Shen- 
andoah Valley. Enjoy a 
beautifttUy«green summer 
and a spectacular fall. Best 
of all, get ready for win- 
ter and the best skiing 
between Vail and Vermont. 
Special price. CaU Nor- 
ris Bly, 627-5020. 






Finance Co. 




Sales Vidaaie Leader in 

Febraary, March 4 April 

^Mr TnlMsiowil 

There's a great selection 
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you're in the market for a 
house. Or, if you're think- 
ing of seUing, we have a 
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arriving through the Gall- 
ery of Homes. 

Call Michele for any real 
estate service needed. 

We're members of botti 

Multiple Listing Services 





Greenbrier Square 

1318 BalOeflM Blvd. 








.Air CeaiprMsmi 
J#aee Heaters 







Home Improvements 
Gange Builders 
Room iMdltions 
Aluminum Siding 
Roob - Carports 
Kitchen Remodeling 


H^ E. Black, Sr. 
1800 Part Avenue 
Chesapeake, Va. 

*An sises of garages aad 
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Ceramic TUe. Brick, * 

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Home Improvenaeata! 


Home Improvement Co. 
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General cleaning, steam 
extraeUon carpet clean- 
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stripping, window cleaning, 
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SPECIAL R0(»( 12 I K', 
$3990.00 Corafflete. WUl 
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also garage conv. and proch 
also garage conv. and porch 
NKlosures. Taytor Con - 
struction. S47-?^5 

ALL types remodeling, 
idumbing, electrical, ma- 
sonary, no ]<^ too smsll. 
CaU 587-1301 anyUme,day 
or night. 

interior, exterior, acoustic 
blown ceUings. FREE es- 
timates, 588-8319. 

Carpentry, rooting, siding, 
room additions, storm win- 
dows and doors, plaster- 
ing, electric, concrete 
work, plumlting, guttering, 
remodeling kitchens and 
bathrooms, brick and block 
work, aluminum siding, 
fireplaces, carpeting and 
paintine. Senrtng aU Tide- 
water. 622-1370 

Why go to 

Now located In Great 
Bridge. Keys dnpUcated. 
Locks repaired. 

iUOTH, 338 R. BATTLE- 


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-"^L^rrSb^OOOO oft.r 6 f »* 

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, . . 1. -^^r=- ,- , -i -.^ ;.. 



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• • • 

SME TMV MME n, t«77 


We Welcome Food 
Stamp Redemptions 

172 Soutk n«« Tny V«. &!ach 
200 Grelt Neck toad 
2961 Sb{^ Drive 
3@tk Md Af^c 
SWjSwl MMthamptoa BM- 

— tliW Green Blvd. 



Roast LB $1.29 Steak « $1.39 



Steak LB.$L39 


Steak LB. $1.49 


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Ground Beef lb 79c. 








Poloto Solad 


14 OL CW 


Cole Slow 


12 OL cur 




12 01 ne. 



^27 Bainbridge Blvd. 

2% Battldidd Blvd. 

271S Cttmpo^dk Road 

11 10 GcMfe WadunghHi Hwy. 

2(M0 Battlefield BbnL 

4M)0E8st fauyw ttver load 

Juicy Calif 

10 FOR $!• 

Crisp Green 

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Ripe Firm 


Fresh Green 







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Chuck Steak 





Shoulder Steak 
LB. 89c 


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32 OZ. 


Toilet Tissue 2 ^^^ 89c 

Te)a Mix 

tiOZ. JAR 

Vanilla Wafets-ScG"^ 49c FREE^ 




Diet Drinks 





32 OZ. 





125 Cr. BOX 



Crackers ^pack 39c 


32 OZ. 

S iMMt I pet csMamet whb tfih 
coapM and other pmdmtt.' 
Gopdthni June 11. 1977. 




12 OZ. 


32 OL 


M&M Candy ^^^^^^ $tl9 

lUXlMHW ^ 

32 OZ. 





16 OZ. BOX 


Potted Meat 

6 cans $1.00 




I4 0Z1 


French Fries 



2 LB. PKG. 

8 02:. PKG. 


lemonade i2oz.can 3^ 



NOT,nAIN in. 






42 OZ. BOX 




M OZ. m. 



14 OZ-CAN 



Orange Juice 

64 OZ. 

m.m ITl. 


Fruit Drinks gallon 79c 


Cottage Cheese 'luf 59c 


l(^ Milk Bars »2 cr box ^c 






intm jUiH^ i « % i i 





re) , .. — omer with this 
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Goo d thru June II, |V77. 



Limh 1 i^r oiMi^sr with ; 
co«|im and ^«r ^r^MM 

am^ Md ^«;^^«^i. 
flBMtt^JuBell. M7. 


. iii i-i M^m^^m^^^ri^mmmmmmmmmm^^mmmmmmmm^i^^&^it^^^iftf^^ilf 



^1 reverses itself 

More farm land falls to 


SU«f Public Affairs Writer 

Advocates of preservii^ 
Virginia Beach's a«ricul - 
tural lands lost another 
round as 188.6 acres of land 
in the southern end of the 
city were reeoned to per- 
mit housing development. 

The action taken by City 
Cottitcil Monday afternoon 
brings to 469.4 acres the 
total amount of land down- 
graded since April 13,down- 
gradjBd from aKrlcttltural and 
relnied uses to higher den- 
sity residential classifica - 

Monday's apprwal of 
three pilltfoBs of tt» Bay- 
shOr^ DeMloftmeatCoi^r- 
ation involVlog 188.6 acres 
in Princess Anne B«tNigh 
represented a reversal <A 
Couttcil action on Jan. 10 
whet th6 petiti<»s were a- 
oanimously denied. 

Ttte Princess AmteDevel- 
opmftBt P]Mn recommends 
agricultural use for the 
preperty and the denial was 
taned on the inteMion of 
the CooMsil te keq> tltts por- 
UOB «f tlw city agriealtunil. 

Approrad were petitions to 
moee from Mricultural to 
R'S a9pro9#wtely 31.3 
acNf ht^ted east of Oc^uia 
M^nrd, f^lh ^ Lwdw 
BrMfi; froth R-3 ^sktea- 
ttal tiFR^SRCjMaitliaaBap- 
pt«dmntely 1.8 aereii oA the 
mk sMe of OcMaa Boqle- 
nrd north Q|L<wdon Biridge 
JRpad; and Inem qprit^taj^ 
to ,6^ n^BidMtiftl on ap- 
pn^Untt^ir 10 «»res locat- 
ed east of CN:Hna Boulevard 
south of Cttlyer Lane. 

niUoylog Couiicil's denial 
on liii. 10, Bey $hore pleaded 
its ease in Circuit Court 
Moch ordered a rehearing of 
the matter. While the due 

of land in JPrlncess Anne 
Coun^from ngrtmttujtti to 
reddeotial ttae. They in - 
cloded 123 acre parcel at 
Uie intersection of H(Mland 
Road and North Landstown 
^Md) which will be develop- 
ed by The Christopher Com- 
pany, and four tracts total- 
ia0 07.8 acres' owned by 
ttie msboa family and the 
A. T: Taylor Estate. 

Mrs. Barbnra M. Henley, 
jr^resenting the Back Bay 
^Ivic League, said the city 
had a good case in court 
before it aiq)roved th Mal- 
bon-Taylor ^titioos A^tril 
11. The laml involved is 3000 
:to 4000 feet from the Bay- 
shore property. 

Mrs. Benley saU that 
Coucil ncted property bf 

iVteldii^^ Princes Anne 
t>eyelo^M Plan in making 
its first denial, and points 
Wit that the teyers of the 
Bayshore- pn^ity pur- 
chased the land one year 
(on Jan. 11, 1978) after the 
plan w^ a^roved. The land 
was iwrchased with the in- 
tent to have it renwed, but 
Mrs. Henley said, it is not 
Council's responsibility to 
see that such land specula- 
tion is profitiyble. 

Mrs. Httley quesUoned 
wbettier the city could afford 
a new growth corridor, cit- 
ii% the intuieqaacy of the 
schools. Agriculture, Mrs. 
Henley nid, "is a clean, 
nc»-con8um^, highly bene- 
Hckl industriaL Why force 
it out?" 

She said that at a time 
whim tiie worM and the na- 
tion needs UxA, one nUlion 
acres of a U^ l$nd is lost 
in this cotuitry each year to 
derelqHnent. Preserving the 
Bcsat^'s agructtltural land 
"in worth a court cm- 
finn^tiM if that's what it 
takes to accomplish it," she 

CoupcUmaa John A. Baum 
agreM t^ ''we are wastii^ 
our natural resources, hut 
that without solid public sup- 
port the Council Is power- 
less to act eQectively. 

Councilman J. Henry Mc- 
C<^ said that people are 
usually worried aabut their 
own ar^ and remarked, "I 
didn't see you here when the 
Navy housing which is being 
built on former &rm land, 
was b^pre Council." The 
Nftvy Jpusing is in the 
Kempsville Bonwgh which 
has lyuf.tM Uon's shai% of 
readfli^ oonstmctiea at 
ttw BeaiiAV 

UcCaj said, "I can't see 
wtiy you siioaldn't opena new 
Ik mniiht.,. ta§ 'gti^X 
"growth" "in thf"Mirminr ~ 
of the city." 

Bauffi said the Pria(;$;^s .. 
Ajihe Plin uses f&e idni 9^ 
drawing a line i^viding the 
agricultural firom the de - 
veloped land . Hesoggitet- 
ed drai^ a l^ behind the 
utility Ibies and preserving 
the rest (tf it. 

Attoraey Thomas S. Broy- 
lef , r^p(re8«ittac MyiHiore, 
said llie C^nut took intoteon- 
sideration the fact that pid»- 
llc utilities were ava&ble 
in the arett Also C(»isi(tered 
were future road proj^ts 

Mrs. Reba McClanan, 
presided of the Council of 
Civic Organizations, said 
that tteC.C.O. msdisnnyed 
toUowUc the first daUnl of 
&iyshore to learn of the ap- 
intml <a two subsequent re- 

ing dourn Mi« tiwrict tlite* at Vir- 
BMch'f coiiMMMity ^Hct is afuvorHt 
n-^ ' B««ch y^mfstera tntf visitors 

EMlng requests for tto area. 
S»mM mt the Myitoesa't 
tack a {Aan Iwt doesn't loi- 
Uw tta plans it has. 

CottwiLmaa Floyd E. Wa- 
teriteU mU ttet he would 
like to see a committee 
formed with citizens i»rtici- 
pHting so that a line can be 

OMuilman J. Cvtis 
H^m Mid ti»t "we wUl 
9iW have a good d«U of 
^i^coMnral land left, M 
«i teve to face the sitoa- 
Wm ttatiw aeeiiDtaigtoew- 
ttHe to grow tor wr own 

Bnqrles agn«d that a good 
l^n was n^dM, m "in t^ 

tamm^': or after Coim:il 
appromd the petition (rf his 

Ceuncilwoman Mc^jwra 
Oberutorf toU Bn^les, 
"Yw are not h^ derived 
ttf A» use of yooT land." 
Tie existing eooing, she 
p^^d oiA, wwM allow ap- 
pmnnKely lOS Mngle fam- 

ily homes and a vaH^ of 
agrlciiltMnt^ aeUvities. Tte 
ppeposed ztming w<»ld nllow 
iwpi1»^ntefy 6S1 ^ngle 
family Impi^ 

Vben ^r^le» sdd«^ "In 
toeftrture," |M. QMndorf 
»**# "jw new-^et thetaMi^ . 
dry dean iff 
wash in dirty 

The petitions were ap- 
proved by a vote e4 8-2. 
iUyoT Clar«M» A. IMaod 
was absent and WiterfieU 
and Mrs. (Aemdorf voted 
sgatt^ toe petittons 

0ft the dra«ai« board are 
|li»Bs tor a 2000-acre (ivct 
TCkednled for develi«ment 
iBl» Tari<Ni8 types <rf howtng. 

«>matercial e^bliihtBBty-. 
and rMre^es. Locate^l 
apMeist W imc^urttioasei %- 
tie bract oeiMns IST.tscres ;: 
mmndy resooed for residm-< ? 
ttal ose, and the A. T, fay- < 
tor istato, iMchisdeTeUv- v 
ing the pipspet^. espcicts tot 
ask tor reso^lr of tte re- 1 
maii4««crengje in October, r^ 

Serving me warld's largest resort cit^ 

51st Year. No 24 

Wednesday June 15,1977 

Virginia Beach.Va. 

Two Sections 1 Scents 

3,467 SB/limp 

dit Virginia Beaeb Itj^' 
- schools will graduate an es- 
ttnated 3,467 seniors in 
Ceretaiotties Thursday. 

Worti^'of m^e this year, 
is the <act Mt Oesix 
sdwols have a tobl ^ thir- 
teen nUedictorUns. tteluded 
in ^tatmmber are:<^wiville 
Clay Warner, valedidorian 
at Bayside High Schoolj I^ul 
Stephen Bourdon, Itobert 
Bi7an Uttmer, William 
Floyd Propst, Jr.,^Fmidc 
Taylor Wootton, m, vale- 
dictorians at F.W. Cox High 

' 8lil|oI#l|MiHS/Py^, M- ^ 
sy Mo«ri^niary and ^Susan 
anith, valedletorlans at 
First Colonial ffii^ Sc|iool; 
iKathe^toe lOnner and Kaith 
Larfcin, imtodletiHlans 4 at 
KeOam High Sdiool; Rd^rt 
West Berry, Bt, valedictor- 
ian at KempsviUe High 
School; and^ Robert ^l|p- 
SM and Lisa W«stfiall, vtte- 
dictorinns^4||E^ice^s Anne 
High Sclutol. K 

The OtfTTargest high 
school, KempsviUe, eqiects 
to graduate 719 seniors. The 


fttMated figures at the 
ether five schools are: Bay- 
side, 535; F.W. Coc^ 459; 
tirst Colonial, 569; idllam, 
Sp; and Princess An», 599. 
f411 schools lave i^vey- 
etf their graduating e 
regarding future i^os. Fi- 
gures from the surveys, 
which go to flteschofdUboard, 
are mrt yrt avaiUiUic. At 
Princess Ame Higkil^hool, 
however, the Guidutis De- 
partment, estimates that as 
many as 66% of their gra- 
duates will be gotag m to 
further schooling or train- 

Boardwalk shaw to 

future works by 
550 artists 

The Twenty-second An - 
nsal Boardwalk Art Show, 
sponsored by the VirgiiUa 
Beach Arts Coiter, wUl be 
Md in Virginia Bench firom 
Thnrscfaiy, June 23, tttewigfa 
Mooby, June 27. 

Tte Mow, i^ch win fea- 
ture tte wort of 550 artists 
in six catei^ries, wlU be 
teld finm 10 a.m. to 8 p.01. 
daily m the ocea^r^ 
boardwtlk from 10th to 20th 
stmeto. This 3^'s edd- 
I^ were Mlected ttam 
mm ttatt 800 entriw and 
wUi inclode tte irarts (rf 
artists from over ttdrty 
statip and Canada. &a«ithis 
yMr are M^e^ t» tq) 
1976 sales (tf ibore ttan 
^9,000 ut visitors tn »- 
PmM to ttumbw more ten 

^Mr amnto wUl be^e- 
swtod wSatwtey, Jua»43tti 
«t 3 luflu ^ IMistr^^tnd 
vUl iaclade dver^,M0 in 

cash i»1zes. Hie Best-in- 
Show iriiUMr will receive a 
|1,S0O pnrdtBM prise. 

Among this ynr's exhi- 
bitors wUl be sevw return- 
ing best-in-itow wiimers. 
They ar« Glen Hwton from 
Baltimore Ifaryland (win- 
ner in 1960); A;B. Afdcsw 
from Nortott(wiiMm-inl966) 
Ed Rorijudc firim IbswDBimt, " 
Pennsylvania (wiuwr in 
1970); Lalmons EgUtto from 
CatcmsviUe, Marylud (win- 
ner in 1971 and 1973); Carl- 
tm AtribcM mm WaUnms- 
burg (wiMer in 1972); Da- 
vid ttchka«n<^ from New 
Yoilc, New York (winner in 
1^; and Richard Roth from 
^Ittnmv, Maryland (win- 
ner in 1976). 

TUs yi^r's Judges will in- 
cite: DianiK Vanderlip, 
ittrector of the Museum of 
Moore Cdl^ of Ait in 
raiMk^^ Michael Gold- 
berg, an intematitmally 

known painter from New 
Yoit; and, Michael W. Mon- 
roe, a well known Graphic 
Designer, currently curra- 
tor of RMwick Gallery of 
the Natimal Collection of 
Fine Arts at Smithscmian 
Institutton in WaShii«ton. 

Tb^ wfll be Judgii« works 
in the fcdtowing categories: 
pnittims, watercotors, gra- 
phics Mrd drawings, sculp- 
ture, crafts and photography. 

Ttere is no admissi(» 
dttrge for the Boardiralk 
Art Stom sM art lovers 
can sp^l teurs mcb day 
admiring the eriiiUts and 
iMtisg mv, the artists. 

A time to look forward 
a time to look back 

Pam Pyls, one of l=irst Colonial High 
School's ihras valedictorians and ona of thir- 
toan top graduates in the city, looks through 
her year book in a moment of reflection 
before grachiation ceremonies Thursday. 
Pam, the dau^ter of Ccmfimander and Mrs. 
Roger G. Pyfe of Queen Elizabeth Drive, 
was named "Most intofligent" in First Colo- 
nial's Senior Skiperlatives and piMS to enter 
the University of Vir^ia in the Mi. with 
har efi on a possible tcak'eer in thi tiafd 
oi medicine. 


Students receive GOP awards 

llM V giuU BMCh Re- 
poUican Women's Clri> pre- 
sMed Outstanding Leader- 

ship Awards to tte six oot- 
stuxU^ ^verament stu - 
dents who are graduating 






tioa 11 




seniors in m<A (rf our Vhr- 
ginia Beech high s^ods. 
Rec^«to received a ^• 
ted SiaUm savings bwd pre- 
swted to Aenl^Hn. ktory 
Barra«>, utd wlU be itte 
l^iesto Hi Qwgf^i^ G. 
mmmt immmA »er 
tUs m0b far a diner g}v- 
en in their honor and a tpuf- 
of thi ttttott*s enpiUl. 

ftadMts were recom - 
m«MM ^ thetf govelwient 

tM^n^ and stfe<^ed I9 ^ 
&eu^ coamMtee at aKiff 

Tbey are €Mf« M. L^ 
Blanc, Co« ; ftney ^fiwM 
.AttaMr. L«» au. 



y4^>h'^^v•FV■ H'tfii^d 

|W. iuaW!J*«Mr*l»S.*«-i'll**'''' **- 

.•IP,', -fi-il 

eiing smith a horse owner's friend 

"Uixier the spr»tftl% 
chestnut tre«" has chaoged 
(] una«r lh« truck awning and 
now the farrier goes to the 
hori* iwt««} of the horse 
1^^ to tte anith|. it stili 
takis tte nne sUU to fit 
a stock hor» sImm to all 
ttcwf ^fereat slse fieet. 
Mm Moere is a traveli^ 
sai^y wto visits a nAiber 
tf stiMes in Vitf iaia teach 
tendiiv to the steeing ot 

Ihiore lwiw<iters^l»e- 
i^ «t tte kMe of bis ginid- 
&^r whose home>iNised 
s^ .twned out everythiig 
fimi terwshoes to w^m 

"He coBld nake anythiiig 
Old ^ a |Mm« of ir<»," 
sajrs MiBBjr. 

"i was raised wiin Dorses 
and always .liked them, but 
I didorH figure to do horse- 
slioeing MH time," lie ex- 
Idains "I help«d A. J. Troy 
who had bem a Uatftsaith 
for the old V.S. Cavalry. 
F^tfteen years ^o I branched 
o«t 00 my own. iMj^work- 
im for myself anl nwing 
imuM frm bam to bam. 
tt's a ^md tnde to ioow, 
but t WMldn't waftt ny own 
son to do ft. It's too hard." 

J(ABi Moore doei Us 
korseshoelig Mm tbebaift 
m r ^<^l^ trade which car- 
ries kis anvil, a Mast ter- 
Mce or Anrge, a loie heiter 
for winter use aad a si^y 
ot stock horseslnes aodnaUs 
in various sizes. Hcwum' 
feet come in <ttffereirt sixes 

Just like peqde'sto^.JdH' «nd stnin, teit a fracUon 
tty selects trtoeete0illte» too h^ can "^ck" tte 
the slse tm^^ uA ili^ horse, rewdti^ in lame- 
it with u irM hammer <» mss. 
the anvU to eacOr m the 
ho(tf. A wroag fit eu re- 
sult in a eatt AM ea» mm* 
bim«m», m> good , fit is 
impenttve and takes a tot 
si «9ert«M» and taleA le 
eu alw miie t iKMratMee 
trtm aenm vm ids Mfe 
if tte ^TMi^eds a ^leeial 
^ee to correet lameness or 
to i>^ir its Movement. 

ne aat enieial step Is 
vMlftm en the sboc. A horse's 
boetf^li Bke a human finger- 
aatt *- M fetUag util tfet 
grwrtig area or quick. Tte 
H^ tas to go Ugh aad deep 
tm^ to bi^d the skoe oa 
t^^^ ttroo^ mud, stren 

Easy to see why a horst 
omer's best frl^ is Uk 


for Beaci 

Story and photos by JOAN ASHLEY 

John Moore selects a shoe 

Since 1915 the City of Vir- 
glpia Brachhasreoeivedinll- 
Mons in Federal funds for 
employment which, City 
Manner <feoi^e L. Haobury 
MUd, has helped keep the un- 
employment rate of the city 
at a relatively low 5.3 per- 

liootiay afternoon, City 
Council accei^ed arother 
$584,335 in CETA funds from 
the Southeastern Tidewater 
Area Maapover Authority 
brii^lng the total received 
to date to |2,g8«,000. 

Hanbury said that with the 
CETA money the city during 
the last 18 months has been 
able to employ £40 youths 
in summer jobs and more 
than 100 others in various 
Jobs in the city including 
additional police officers, 
fire fighters, clerks and 
laborers. "*' 

Ms. Gail Kascho, testing 
and selection supervisor, 
said that the new grant will 
be used to retain 105 
employees alrrady in the 
CETA program while the rest 
(tf the m(»ey wUi be used 
to fund new positions . 

The CETA program is de- 
signed to provide jobs for the 
unemployed and training 

which will h#lp them ev^t- 
imlly to competo in the J^ 

A 1976 ntteukn Of tte 
Act ^ces emp^slft mmo- 
mnnity pnqects wWch can 
be caMed oat by the loi^;- 
term unemployed. 

The dty or a niM-prd^ 
public service idiocy ii 
eligible to ai^ly so kn^ as 
the project in <la«^iOn pro- 
vides a p^U^ s4r^ce and 
can be roml^ed within l| 
mMths or less. 

Ms. Kascto safd that sii 
averagr |&W « Wmfib Is for 
^ch jartictpuit id the pro- 

ihe said timt several pri^ 
vate^gMCies have iiltt>mtfte)l 
aMieatioBs for biMs. 

Hati»ry said that flK full-i 
time employees is tlie pro- 
gram reedve tieMlfltstc 
corded to i^fidar tOtdofBes 
at the expMse of CETA, but 
that temporary emidoye^s, 
while they are covered imier 
workmen's compeasUiQn In- 
surahee, te mfi. t%ceiieJMai0- 
fits such as hospitalization 
and life tosann<». 

All of ^ enploire^ ttttbr 
the program are iltomfkl 
that their pcnittons will end 
with Uie Federal fimding. ^ 


Nailing the shoe on requires skiV 

Pack 64 meet 

Pack 64 held a combination 
Pack meeting and Pin^wood 
Derby at Red Wing Park on 
Saturday, May 28. 

Before the race, awanls 
were presented to: John 0' 
Rowe, and David Edwards of 
Den 3 and Timmy Hanberry 
of Den 4, Bobcat; Shawn 
Bro<^hire of Den 4 aad 
Chris Brace of Den 2, Wolf. 

Webelos to receive awards 
included: Ed Pbgson, Trav- 
elor and Webelo award; Keith 
Safewrigbt, Outdoorsnum; 



^'"^ Ceftft^ *.'^^reciaUon 
' were presented to Bill Mil- 

ler and Ed Pog^ li^lelD- 
ing in the. Vesica cM^pon: 
A special thudc yoa wa^ 
said to Hank Rodgers ^ 
Troc^ 64 for Us s^^iOTt 
on tUs campoitit also< 

Letters of Appredatf^ 
were also givea to Sue Pog-' 
son, I^iUeity Chairman, asd 
Linda Baker, Awards Chair- 

Two Webelos finMi Pack 
64 were welctnned into Boy 
Scout Tnap 435. The new 
Boy Scouts are Billy Miller 
wbA £d Pogson. 

Derbjr Race and |flnsneld 

Proper fit is imperative 

the Beach 

with Eric Stevens 

You nooot joeverit Jhe 
Urds 0f ^ondiir from fl^^g 
over your head, but you can 
prevent them from building 
iicsts In voiir hair. - Chinese 

It is one of tte most 
beuttifiil (»mp[kisiitiMs of 
life that no maa can siueereSy" 
try to help sMther wdtfiout 
helping btmself. - R«i|^ 
Waldo Emerson. 


Last time I had that feelii« 
was in 1161 in Kew ¥«-k, 
I'd sung in a floor shfnr wtth 
a skinny idack oMto at 
"Cafe Wha?" pad recall 
thiakiag I was Incky I 
m»'t baiw to F(».LOW the 
gny. aad Oat I'd have to 
remember Us name: Bill 
C(»by. Last eight it hap- 
pen] a(^. except this tiiM 
I mz% an awtteot. Go to the 
Buccaneer at 22nd and At- 
lantic. Yoo'U remember ttis 
aame: MaddlfaMnv « 

Daring Us MUS^ set h* 
cmdttd me q>rq>eatodiy 
with brief asld^ and facial 
oiM^ssioBs, »viag the 
actoal routian for Us 
"1960's" show wUch hemo- 
dMtly ierms a "set. " Ma- 
sioJly he has a castiroo 
voice, a heai^ r^m^re. 
and a commaad of Usrooad- 
hadt gattar...Moai^ to be 

It's Us eomedy ttet has 
to make Um a star. To me, 
m eoa^ rtooU LOOC ta- 


Ki^ of KMBtt«rctels BUI 
McCatchew, irtnse eeoate- 
Matt is «i«ady fanUItar to 
ai^me wto las ever fl^iped 
acrt»s tte vfctoo dial (kaova 
in the trade as "flM i«ar 
wiOout a auae"}. f» ver- 
sattUty aad tor fMial fua 
VMA is fUte possBdy na- 
svrpassed, a aataral tor tte 

to testes ia tte MttMce are 
^•crial^ flubiCeoBS... aad 
ttey tofe it< A few jreart 
ago th^ Ates woaU'vt fed 
Ua tte ■^erqpboM. Aad 
doB't dare waUt to tte r«8t- 

plaa to try for a break in 
Mew York, flgoriag he'll 
en^aally be dfi^overed 

The Bsecaaeer has sev- 
eral small rooms; I sat biA 

e^U feet from kbdd, but 
«Mld tura sad watch the 
swf. m powdCT roMu are 
labeled Buoys and Galls. 

% se« him...yoa wm't 


k.Vmmm Leuvitt- 
MtloD-eortedy eoMd laMit 
arorad Um. He'd be perfect 
Jor "lee Haw" or Mddy 
a^i^. Bit doB't ^^ the 
kMdin to the BMxaaMr, 
tor Ifadd eo«M make Le«ir 

Bran UaA; Us Mw Vm» 
GB>M mate Fnd fturiord 
tera "Sedd";tliejrarettMble 
XX as to foa. His(|w^i(m 

Five yearsago JamMAtf* 
liBd arrived fkxm Hase- 
iMod to w<at tte str^ m- 
UA as "Tons O* Fa." Re 
covhtil afford a haircot so 
he doMed a tet toll of graf- 
itt^t^e UrttoM aad be - 
earn* Mad! WOim. Lata- be 
had a reriaanot (rf tteMne 
■kme ia the RaM am, aad 


A ba^et of 
Munchkins $ 4 00 
for only ■ 

Limit 2 per customer 

A VKtod Cumr, 
he ftu a WMB face aad a 
love di hosM; be doesB't 

era. Be alM tes tte ll^t- 
Um toiKW, accurate im- 
poiwMttMk, M^l ^eets 
IrMi MfahaMtth mkWmt- 
^^mmk, A M^MMmeaad 
mm^m ^m%A mm his 

mg Mtartal; b# tt* real 
UdMT is te ^Waadeau* 

ART Uphobte^ig Co^ Im, 

7527 B Avenue J. Norfolk 583-8487 


139CTlWtoiiSt. 547-1221 



• FTCE Estintttes 

WorfcimH^^ QuarwitMNd 

RmmhotetWftd furnitur* for Mto 

•0 M«a. thra Fri, , Satf^totf 

Day In and dc^ out you 
fW you need ticft ®*acMnk. To 
hekp you Ihpough ftKrf rrwrtlr^. To 
hekp you face the fcMrtly. /WkI 
eveiyday thctf ®^ drM< be<X)n^ 
anc^ier^dra drink. And tf ht^. 
WIte or <^ In ocWWence 
ftjf fCK^ on t^e pK^am tot 
*»*«rtmenf of atoohoton, In a 
oomfc»labte, caiing c^mo^cme, 
doi wW«uf mat «#o (*lnk. tei'f 
Ihof a wbering moug^t? 



Limit 2 dozen per customer 




dozen f 


bwmA' -~^'r ^•\*m 

vm 'tmomm Wv. vi^to Seaa m smm 




[iHQ MiUUi-y Higbwa ' 

-r ^-r w 

P W Wi W W w • f>"p- 


VlrtiBta B«acb Son, Jow 15/ mi - A-3 

To inctiKte your gmip'g ictivltlet in a^JOIAL. 
mail to ^N, m ftosomortt IRomJ, Va B«aeh234$2. 
Notification ^ ovmte takri^ placa aftar Wadnas^, 
^ SUN'S piAlishing day, tnust ba recaivad by 
5 p>nf). thapravimrt Friday. 

Wmltz pot'luck CarrHval 

^ The USS Nimitz EnUsted Wives clid> 
fill \u0 m Interitttloiiil Pot-luck 
Anner party on Tharsday, June 23rd, 
^ 6:3Qjt.n. 

! Those attending are asked to brii« 
ttieir bus^uids, an international dish, 
ami wear an internatioiml costume, 
(^lest^ of ^Qor will be Chaplain apA 
^rs. Beiinffttid. 

The diOMr will be held at the SUp- 
^-Sbore Wives club at Norfolk Naval 
itatioD. Babysitting is provided. Call 
Cindy McBrideforinformatumaodresr 

tec course 

The Virginia Beach Campus of Tide' 
vater Community College will again 
offer a six- week course in the Fun- 
damentals of Parliamentary Law be- 
ginning Thursday, June 23rd at 7:30 
p.m. Mrs. John R. Andersra, Pro- 
fessional Registered Parliamentarian, 
will l>e the instructor. 

This course will provide basic koow-^ 
ledge of the rules of parliamentary 
law wfaieh is necessary in order to 
participate effectively eiUier as an of- 
ficer or inember of an organisation. 
Topics to be covered include: history, 
principles, how to conduct a meeting, 
minutes, treasurer's report, how to ob- 
tain tlie floor, and debate restrictions. 

This course is not supported by 
Iftate aM>ropriated funds. 

For further information call the of- 
fice of Continuing Education at 427- 
3070, Ext. 114. 

The Virginia BeMh Jayce^ invite 
all intere^ed young men between the 
%es of 18 and 35, to a cookout on 
iilDe 21, at 7:30 p.m. 

'^Hw co(*oat wiU be held at the 
hycee BuildiiK in the Pembroke area 
of Vb^inia Beach. 

Bob Staotoo, First Cttixen of ^r- 
|)alt B^ch, wUl be ttK guest speaker. 
f Call Clint MldkUf at 461-1251 for 



^lasp tour 



»^;CLASP (Citizens Loving All Special 
le) is sponsori^ a tour at Sea- 
9re State Park, Saturday, June 18. 
game will meet at the Jajrcees 
Jdlng, Hlndsdale Street and Bmnett 
and proceed to the park, as a 
jpwp, at 10:3)0 a.m. The toiur will 
pKlude the Nature Center and one of the 
deenic iuitnre trails. 


. All members and prospective 
lli^bers of CLASP and their fiunUies 
^re ^rdtaUy Invited to attend: CLASP 

as formerly known as the Virginia 
ch Chapter of the IC-HI (I Can't 

dp It) Clubs. 

^. Following the tour tte itoap will 
^|iave picnic lunch at the park. Each 
icipant must furnish his own "bag" 
ch. CLASP will furnish the cold soft- 


~ The tour will be cancelled in case 
' of rain. 

; ContraH^ Mr. Harry E. Baird, 
'iii further intonnaiini is desired. 

^TAA installs 

" The futewater Artists' 

Assoc latbM has instaUedits 

^ew officers lor the ywr 

• 1»77-1978 at aa installation 
Ijwrty rt the time of !^. 
»lud Mrs. WlUlam Fink <m 

* June 4th. 'n» new offteers 
tjue: presi^ot, Lasxio Ar- 
tWli Isi vte® prM^Hit, 
^JEmma Jean WertMt; 2nd 
^ vice pres^^, Judy Perse; 
'recordiv SMrtta^rLyim 
t Sward; ew Mt^ Md teg se- 
; cretaryi KittieMrMt,trM- 
^We^, Jaae Fri»te; tmme- 
^^te put ^«sMM, WU- 


A Summer Fun Carnival sponsored 
Iqr tte Fort Story D^endent Ywth Ac- 
tiviti^ will be held June 17 from 3 
p.m. to 10 p.m. ahd on June 18 from 
11 ft.m. to 10 p.m. 

The canival site is Thomas Nelscm 
Field located between 17th Street ami 
19th Street immediately adjacent to 
Atlantic AvMue at Fort ^ory. 

SehedulMl events incliide rldes^mthe 
merry-go-round, moon walk, big swing 
aM trackless train; a midway with 
booths and a numtwr of games; aiH) 

In additimi, the Carnival will feature 
on FrMay (June 17) from ZM p.m. 
to 4 p.m. a demonstration by the Vir- 
giaii Beach Police K-9 team; 7 p.m.- 
drill tHm demonstration by the Fort 
Story Honor Guard; and at 7:30 p.m. 
to 9 p.m. the Virginia Beach Folk 
Dancers and Heritage Demonstration 
Dancers will perform. 

On Saturday (June 18) from 2 p.m. 
to 6 p.m. there will be a motorcycle 
exhibit witii tn^y awards; from 4 
p.m. to 8 p.m. an antique car display; 
7 p.m. - Drill Team Demonstration by 
tiie Fort Story Honor Guard; and from 
7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., - square dancing 
demonstration, featuring the Mini 

Prizes include a 400 CC motorcycle 
and a 10-speed bicycle and many sur- 

All Carnival events are open to the 

Art contest 

The Vinginia Beach Public Informa- 
tioQ (Mce and the Virginia Beach 
Department of Librartes are co-spon- 
sortng an art contest for young people 
-,fm^ 5, to 14. TJifl contest is designed 
to select ,Uia$^i;^ons for the City's 
yearly caleoikr which is produced by 
the Public Information Office and dis- 
trtbttted to city officials, employees 
and the public. 

The contest will begin Friday, July 
1, and entries must be submitted to a 
Virginia Beach Library no later than 
Wednesday, ;uly 27th. 

The drawing submitted must portray 
a suiriMirst. The drawings must be 
done free-hand and in black and white 
only. Drawings must be no larger tl^n 
8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. C<dlage 
may be used as long as the product 
is in black and white only. Only one 
entry per person is allowed. 

Eighteen winning ratries will be se- 
lected and winners notified by mail 
after August 10th. The top winning de- 
sign will be used on the cover of the 
1978 CalMdar of Events for the City 
of Virginia Beach, with the artist re- 
ceiving full credit for tte design. The 
other winning entries will be used with 
the 17 monthly calendars found inside 
the tu>ochure. 

Story times 

The Kenpsville Branch of the Vir- 
ginia Beach Ptd)lic Litoary wUl be 
changing its story times for children 
beginning Jme 20. 

Children ages 3 to 5 years old will 
have story times on Fridays at 10 ami 
11 a.m. Children aged 5 years and 
^ throqih the third grade will have 
story times oa Saturdays at 10 a.m. 

lliere is m> charge or registration 
for these programs. Parents are re- 
qwsted to remain within the library 
(tetag ttie program. 

Tte library is located at832Kemps- 
ville Itoad ta the Kempsville area 
tf Viif inis BMCb. 


During the week of June 20-25, 
the Vli^inia Beach Public Library 
BocAmobUe will be Initiating several 
changes in its schedule. The new sche- 
dule is as follows: 

Monday - Lymhaven, 1:45 - 2:30, 
BeLo's on Slwre Drive; LitUe Creek 
Navy Housing, 2:45 - 4:45, Self Help 
Building on Joslin Street; Diamond 
Springs Christian Church, 6:15 r 7:15, 
H^n Road ft Diamond Springs Road; 
West Lake Edward, 7:30 - 8:30, Lake 
Edward Drive in front of the pool. 

Tuesday - Derby Run, 2:00 - 2:30, 
Derby Run ft Iron Leige; Oceana Mo- 
bile Homes, 2.4S - 3:45, Off Harper's 
Road in front of Laundry Buildii^; 
Atlantis Apartments, 4:00 - 5:00, At- 
lantis Drive (Off Birdneck Road); Las- 
kin Vill^e, 6:15 - 7:15, At the pool; 
Saint Nicholas Catholic Church, 7:30 - 
8:45, Off Little Neck Road. 

Wednesday - Indian Lakes, 3:15 - 
4:15, Indian Lakes Drive at the Wel- 
come Center; Brigadoon, 4:30 - 5:15, 
Albright Drive ft Waft Road; Brandon 
Woods, 6:30 - 7:25, Albright Drive 
ft Hader Street; Charlestown, 7:30 - 
8:30, Beaufair Boulevard ft Society 

Thursday - Sandbridge, 2:30 - 3:30, 
Sandbridge Road at Dave's Market; 
Oceana Housing, 4:00 - 5:00, Housing 
Office off Harper's R(»d; Han)er's 
Square, 5:05 - 6:00, Phantom Boide- 
vard ft E. Intruder Road; Wadsworth 
Homes (1), 7:15 - 8:45, Middle Section 
of Housing office. 

Friday - South Lynn Estates, 10:00 - 
10:45, Dante Place ft Magic Hollow 
Boulevard; Scarborough Sqaure, 11:00 - 
11:30, Old Clubhouse Road ft Saxon 
Place; Municipal Center, 12:45 ^ 1:15, 
Courthouse Drive; Wadsworth Homes 
(2), 1:45 - 4:45, Middle section of 
Housing office. 

Saturday - Hope Haven Children's 
Home, 9:30 - 10:00, Off North Landing 
Road; Brinkley's Store, 10:45 - 11:30, 
Charity Neck Road ft Gum Bridge 
Road; Aaseli's Market, U:4S^|;^;3p, 
Mills Landing Road ft Princen^%ll^ 
Road; Creed's Ltd., 1:45 - 2:30, Black- 
water Road; Kellam ft Eaton's Store, 
4:00 - 4:45, Princess Anne Road. 

Give blood 

"Be neighborly —give blood at your 
neighborhood blood donor center. ' ' Thatt 
is the slogan for the Momlay morning^' 
bloodmobiles at the new United Way 
Family Service Center, Virginia Beach. 

Every Monday morning the Tidewater 
Regional Red Cross Blood Program 
(TRRCBP) is in urgent need of plate- 
lets for area leukemia patients. Plate- 
lets, with a sheU life of ai^roximate- 
ly 72 hours, must be processed from 
fresh whole blood within four hours of 
its (foutiOB. Because of their relative- 
ly short shelf life, they cannot be stock- 
piled and are processed daily. 

Processii« is done in the TRRCBP 
laboratory, 415 W. York Street, Nor- 
folk. Any local organization or bus- 
iness which would like to sponsor 
one of these vitally needed Monday 
morning bloodmcAiles is asked to call 
the Red Cross Donor Consultant Of- 
fice, 625-6791. Information is also 
available for sponsoring mini-blood- 
mobiles at places of business, or reg- 
ular bloodmobiles which accomodate 100 
or more donors. 

Area residents in good health, be- 
tween the ages of 18 and 65, can stop 
day morning between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. 
and give the gift of life. 

Film series 

Camp Info 

Student sponsors 

The Virginia Beach Arts Center will 
be fetturii^ a Sunday evening film 
series, "The Ascent t^ Ifan", for 13^ 
weeks this summer. 

Based upon the book by the same 
title bf Dr. Jacob Bronowski, each 
film in the series explains an aspect 
on man's gradual development from his 
origin as a species to the present. 

The series will offer one film every 
Sunday evening at 8 p.m. at the Arts 
Center, 18th Street and Arctic Avenue. 

The public is invited. 

TCC astrology 

The Vii^inia Beach Campus of Tide- 
water Community College will offer a 
ten- week course in Beginning Astrology 
starting Wednesday,, June 22nd at 7 
p.m. Joanna Graziano and Sandra Mc- 
Dow of Celestial Dynamics Corporation 
will be the instructors. 

This course will provide an in-depth 
study of the mechanics involved in 
accurately setting tip a natal chart 
from the birthdate, birih time and birth- 
place of an individual. History, sym- 
bology and interpretation of the 12 
signs, 12 houses and 10 planets from 
l)oth an astronomical and astrological 
viewpoint will be covered. 

This course is not supported by State 
appropriated funds. 

For further information call the Of- 
fice of Continuing Education at 427- 
3070., Ext. 114. 

Dam Neck wives 

A program entitled Hints on Purchas- 
ing and Selling Your Home will be 
presented by a speaker from Century 
21 Realty at the social meeting of 
NWCA Dam Neck 207 on Thursday, 
June 16, at 10 a.m. in the Special Ser- 
vices Building aboard the Dam Neck 
Station. Wives of all enlisted Navy, 
Marine and Coast Guard personnel 
welcome. For additional information 
call 424-2430. 

The Information Center of Hampton 
Roads, a division of the Planning Coun- 
cil, Inc. is pleased to announce that 
their up-to-date lisUQg of camps is 
available free of charge to anyone wish- 
ing to (Attain a copy. Fifty-eight separ- 
ate camps are listed with dates of 
operation and cost to the public. 

The list, drawing on information 
contained within thp dntn bank of the 
Inforraation Center's computer con- 
tains camps dealing with a wide variety 
of subjects ranging from training in 
sports (basketball, ' horseback riding, 
tennis, etc.), to helping those with 
leamir^ or physical disabilities. 

The camps, ^themselves are located 
anywhere from Norfolk and vicinity, 
through Williamsburg and Charlottes- 
ville, with some out-of-state facilities 
also included. They are operated by 
a wide diversity of organizations (Boy 
and Girl Scouting groups, the Norfolk 
City School System, Old Dominion Uni- 
versity, Virginia Beach Parks and Re- 
creation Department, and the Easter 
Seal Society, among others.) 

Anyone desiring a Summer Camp 
1977 list can obtain one free of charge 
by calling 625-4543 in Norfolk, or 245- 
7322 on the Peninsula, or by writing 
Information Center of Hampton Roads, 
1100 First Virginia Bank Tower, Nor- 
ji^, Virginia 23510. 

Civic league 

■ First Colonial Civic League will 
hold their meeting on Monday, June 
27, 7:30 p.m., at the (new) Oceana 
Fire Station 1201 Bayne Drive (off 
First Colonial Road). The newly elec- 
ted Officers will be installed by Mrs. 
Mary Barraco at a candlelight cere- 
mony. New officers include: Mrs. Keith 
S. Bonney, president; Mrs. Elsworth 
Whitehurst, first vice president; Mrs. 
Daniel I. Dixon, second vice president; 
Louis McGill, secretary; and Mrs. 
Paul Taylor, treasurer. 

Miss Lee Ann Bryant, Outstanding 
Government Student of First Colonial 
High School will be recognized at the 
meeting. Future plans for the com- 
munity will be discussed. Refresh- 
ments will be served. 

The Ft. Eustis Foreign Liaicoa Of- 
fice is currently seeking families wtw 
would be mlliag to qmisor foreign 
military students atteiKii^; courses of 
instruction at the Army Transporta- 
tion School. 

At present there are 42 stutie&ts 
from 15 different countries including 
Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, 
Korea, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Re- 
public of China, Saudi Arabia, Spain, 
Thailand, Yemen Arab Republic and 
Zaire enrolled at the Transportatton 

Anyone wishing to sponsor a fori>ign 
student or desiring more iiiforma''fr>n 
should contact Lieutenant Mike Mac^ Jox 
or Mrs. Donna Leonard at the Foreign 
Liaison Office, Building 705, pi one 
number 878-4300/5826. 


Members of the Virginia Asscistion 
of Astronomical Societies will gather 
this weekend at Virginia Wesleyan 
College in Virginia Beach for the 
Middle East Regional Convention of 
the Astronomical League. 

On Friday, those attending will tour 
the NASA facility at Langley Air r orce 
base and will view a special slide 
presentation of Southeastern Virginia 
and its astronomical facilities. 

Meetii^s and special sessions will 
take place on Saturday. A banquet 
Saturday evening will feature guest 
speaker Dr. George Sands of NASA 

Each evening after convention activi- 
ties have been completed, a night sky- 
watch will he held. 

Blind to meet 

The monthly meeting of the T' le- 
water chapter of the National F-y\ 
ation of the Blind will be held ^.. 
Saturday, June 18, at 2 p.m., at ]W 
Spring Meadow Boulevard in Nc: ,i 

For transportaticm or inforif^tiofi 
call 625-6791 during the day, or 161- 
3571, evenings. 

c<^ < i> < g '< ffl > g> ' ^^^ ' ^»<;> < a » ^>^>^> ' ^xxg^i» <p^ 



Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ca- 
son Gregory, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. V. Paul 
Contrado, Jr., daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard 
Lynn Clevinger, son; 

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy 
K. Ayers, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. George 
K. Wheelous, Jr., son; 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank 
Warriax, son; 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
Junior Ruffin, daughter. 

Mr. and Mrs. James 
H. HoweU, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. John 
Samuel Benson, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Ran- 
daU G. Lewis, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe 
Stuart Durham, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael 
Scott Haymes, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 

E. Morris, dai«;hter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard 
Heath McQueen, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
Russell Camis, son; 

Mr. and Mrs. Bennell 
Willard Powers, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 
M. Silva, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Kermit 
L. Tucker, Jr. son; 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 
Walter Storm, son; 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles 

F. Logan, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Carey 
Wayne Dammann, son; 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald 
Lee Grimstead, Jr., son; 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter 
Joseph Moore, HI, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. John I. 
Kitchen, daughter; 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
David Thomas, son; 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. 
Hertzler, son; 

Mr. and Mi-s. John 
William Ribblett, son; 

Mr. and Mrs. William 
Emmett Paland, son; 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald 
Joseph Lee, son. 



At ThQ New 

Chez Odette 




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Oily Skia •Oekydrated Skin •Problem 
Blemish SUb •Aging Skin. SaKi<« S^^ 
and many more problem skin coKUtieriS. 

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Onlx Phone 461-9540 1 



^et us BUG 

yDur wedding! 

That's right in addition to our fine 
photographic services at Studio One we 
will conceal a $id}miniature radio trans- 
mitter on the groonrt that will transmit 
every .precious moment to a nearby tape 
recorder. All at no extra charge. You 
can now remember ttiat great occasion 
witti i^iotos and tape. 

Call now for a personal showing of 
(Hir swnpias and demonstration of the 



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First QwOity Knee Hi Hosiery Reg. IM valoe 


Mellow beige-toMS-saa^ toot 

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Across from i^ch Ford 
Opan 10-6 Dally Nkm trFrt till 9:00 



icit iisuii, iiian 

Unseating the chalrpersen 


At lone last! 

RtfMUiC the Vlrslnia Scliocri Botrds Association mvs- 
letter p*cently I was d«liflit^ to learn ttet someone 
somewhere liad finally trtod to l^islate ^inst the cur- 
reatly popular destruction of the English lanKiMi^ to tivor 
the tMdcr feelidf s of sui^osedly liberated women. 

Th« article, eotitlf<l, "Chairman... Refardless of Sex," 
relayed the following 

"TIM tOth convanttoo ^ the National AssociaUoh of th^ 
PirliariiMUrlaBs in Saa Francisco passed the tollowi^ 

"WlMtreas, Parliaoientary Law has a lango^e all its 

"Wliereas, in oMen times the (me presidii* was the only 
perwo provided with a eiair, while otters sat mi bmehes, 
IMM* he was called the Chairmaji; and / 

"Wbtreas, no ptrUsmeirtary lav authority or dictioiarir 
recoghlses the word Chainierstm; a^ 

"Wmtt, since time immemorial the term 'Mister 
CktirMian' or 'Madam Chairman' has always been employed 
to (fifterentlate between sexes; and 

"Wkereas, furthet- effort toward sex differeatlation is 
re^Wi^iit ind contrived} DOW therefore be it 

"ttUKdvcd that ai^nixaatioas and parliamentarians of 
tte ifatflMttl AsMcistiM of ParliamttMarians must use 
the tern Chairmu iasteMl of "Chairperstm" and be it 

We feel guilty 

For certnries manki^ felt guilty (MUy abort or^fiaal 

"Resolve that all N.A.P. members shmid taHttuAUy 
stress the principle that tlie word rtatrman bftw^ to 
the title of the oWw the ttme as tl» title of Present 
or Secretary." 

Despite the perfect form and wording which tlw Parlia- 
meiiUrlans force us to wide through, their content is 

We've become so sensitive to offending the females in 
'**'^^y •'•o claim to have freed themselves from the 
chaitt'itf t sexist society that we've contrived several 
absrintely preposterous words... chairperson, is one, as is 
mailpersoa and a host of others. 

lliere is a contiiifient propoil^ that we no longer use 
a masculine pt^NMu^ (he, his etc.) when referrii^ to no 
perticular sex, as ih "each cUld will bring his own 
lunch." This group advocates the use of a neuter word 
"em" in such cases. 

Many trf these people would have a much wider war to 
wage if their native tongue were other than ^llsh since 
most other languages assign geiKlef to all their nouns. 
In Spanish, for example, table is feminine (la mesa) 
while road is masculine (el camino). 

The entire batUe is absurd. Truly liberated womw really 
d(«i't care what tiUe is given to th* positk» they Iwld 
(so long as their responsibility and pay are equal). 

Cheers tor the National Association of Parliamentarians 
(and all their whereas' and resolveds) for strildng a blow 
against nitpicicing! 


However, thuks to mouern tedlqslogy, all sorts <rf new 
taat-iq» have bcM (tevelc^ed in the past 10 years. 

F<H' ettoide, evcryeae even remotely couiected with the 
car iaAuArf now realises he is contributing to the dmise 
of oi^pfamet. 

Besides jdoidertag the earth of its energy resources, 
the Mtomitive en^loiree knows (teep inside he's respon- 
siUe §Bt polbitiBg the air we breathe and fUlimttfae 
cowtrj^ide wtth infif roads and motel signs. 

That's a heavy load tor any conscience. 

Shop clerks were once able to whistle on the Job -- but 
ttat was befmv inflatioa. 

Tis the 

TiMSfi w«terin«lons at BtMdy't on Shoip 
Drivt art as much a tifn of sumffiar ab 
tamiing oil ami bikini ctad girta. Water- 
malons are coming in regularly from Soutt 
Carolina and Oeorgia now. In a f^ ahoH 
waakt, local stiyb will befilied with meiofis 
from Tidewater fields. 

Smokers, your days are 

» Uw i ' — p >,iil i aM i aH l M ratM^M at the nipermar'. ' 
ket triM to dnefc when he se^ a customer coming. 

ifo's embamssed by the iHice teg on meat, too. 

R's the ssme everywhere. 

Can a person middag tin cans or bottles feel proud 
when he kaoM Us {woduet will shortly Uttn- a parte, 
beach or city dreet? 

Wm seue of i^coaidishmefll can the doctor In the 
matwitt; wttd feti when he delivers another balqr in a 
wmM tlreaify wwried sldi about over-population? 

IMnre is tt» Jdi of growing, curing, or peddling tobacco 
a9v thitf nMtfeti sei«ce has ojodemned smoUag as 
hasardoas to Uw health? 

ft^nr cooks §Hi gnl^ about cholesterol. Motorcycles 
teders fetiiaU^JhOiit noise. 

Whidcjr salemoa feel guilty about aldAoUsm, land 
dei^opers feel gi^ ahert urban sprawl. Fur store owners 
feel girity about emiaagM'wd qtedes. 

Eves «• leer i«tl^ - abOHt the number of trees it will 
talt to tartaf yo" ttds message about guilt. 

di, tor ttMe good old teys when you ^chrtlttveto 
tpakiifiu tor nikiag a livi^;. 


This may b4 the year of the non-smoker. 

„ \ ■ ' , 

Like so many othe^s, non-smokers are banding togetter 
to demand an end to the ".sm(Ae-filled rooms" of yester- 

And they're getting a surprising response. That great 
mass of silent sufferers has risen up gainst the smoke- 
puffer, telling him that they want their air free of con- 
tamination, that they want clean-smelling hair and clothes, 
that they jdwi't want ash% and curette buttes strewn 
all over their henea nd^Bees. «. 


Strange thing, too-there are more non-smoking adults 
than there are smokers. It doesh't seeiib that way, but it's 
a fact. 

Remember wh«i everyone suffered in silence if someone 
Ut up in a no-smoking arw (th^ still do it in some Tide- 
w^er movie theatres)? It doesn't happen quite so often 

Just the other day someone-a friend-went through the 
old mock-courtesy bit. "Do you miftl If i sm(Ae?" Suffer- 
ii« from allergies that day, I said, "Ves, I do mimi." 
Cigarette already in hand, the sm(*er was stimned. He put 
it away. 

This year, more and more states-and more and more 
private institotiims-will ban smoking in tteir public places. 
In 1973,. Arisona became the first state to pass a law 
shaririy curkiliog smcfting in public buUdii^s, and there 
is similar ^^lattn pending in at least a doxen states 
A tw years ago, Sm<dcers Relief Act was reintrodiKed 
in Congress, aiKi the Civil Aeronautics Boanl has ruled 
that airliMs which fail to s^regate snif&ers iud non- 
smcAers will be subject to fines. (Desegregation in re- 
verse, I gu»s.) 

Why all the fuss tor a little discomtort, you ask? WeU, 
to be honest, no one should have to mlure any 4y$comtort 
caused ^ others, whether aOiwr or major. But the truth 
is that non-sm<*ers can sutter greatly Tjecause oflheir 
huffing and puffing friends. 

Oddly enou^, even long-time smokers have started to 
realize their smoUi^ is unpleasant and even harmful for 
those they live and work with, eat with at lunch counters, 
or sit next to on Iwses or in car pools. Smokers are 
beginning to care how non-smokers react. 

The national and state lung associatims reports that 
studies in smoke-filled rooms indicate the level of carbon 
monoxide may be in excess of the legal limits for air 
pollution. Exposure to such concentrations of carb<Himon<a- 
ide can be a hazard to people snfferii^ from allei^ies, 
heart and lung (^mdltions. (As an ^ei^ victim and a non- 
smoker. I can vouch for that!) 

jBere are some ilti^ startling bits of infc^atioli: 

-Smoke-filled air contains visible smoke particles aiKl 
invisible gases that may irritate the eyes and nasal 
passages. (These are the substances that may te-igger 
allergic reactions). 

-Inhaled carbcm mcmoxide, in smokers and non-smokers 
alike, enters Uie bloodstream through the inner surface 
of the lungs, Carb(m monoxide robs the body of needed 
oxygen and commonly leads to headaches, dizziness and 

-Acceptable maximum in most industrial situations is 
50 parts of carbon moimxide to a million parts of air. A 
roomful of cigarette smokers, investigators have found, 
raise the CO content to between 2^ and W parts per mil- 
lion. " 

-T|wms of 'researchers at the University of Cincinnati 
Medical p«ter resorted that souAe drifting from the burning 

ends of cigarettes, pipes and cigars contains cMmitiin 
which could definitely be harmtol when inhaled by mm- 

-The presence of totaco) smoke in the air can trigger 
an attack in a person piqued with chronic littg disease^ 
Results can be a mild discomfort, such as a cotaghing spell 
and running eyes and nose, and more serious, with great 
difficulty in breathing. 

-Smoke from an idling cigarette contains almost twice 
the tar and nicotine of an inhaled cigarette and thus may 
be twice as toxic as sm^ lidaUMii^ the vmofcer. 

Had enough? We non-smokers have. So-heis tinle you 
%« up - ant it's your right todo so-give . a little consi- 
deratloft to the guy or gal n^ to you. Chances are he's 
a non-sm(Aer, and he might appreciate a "cigarette break". 
Cough, Cough, 

% < 

Letters to the editor 

A poHthalofithlon 

Editor, Virgiaia Beaeh SUN: 

While I adniro the persistency of tormer Lt. Govern- 
or Henry E, Hamm, Jr. who is forever chasing the rwra- 
sUp <tf Virginia, I am cartotti and skqrtical of his f^re 
Nuvior. I am (tt^asted with his past betavior and am 
<»nvinecd his future pattern wiU resurface if he loses 
ttt DemmsnUc Primary eleetioa to former Attorney 
Gaena Aadrra Miller. 

ii#. Howril k»t to William Battle in the 1969 DemocraUe 
Friaiary and committed the MM Wtf d o n a Me and antor- 
git^e sin by refusi^ to smvwt Mttle in the November 
gifteral election. Howell urged Ms SOa^WO or more s^- 
pa^w in tte primaiy rtee to beoeme "fr^ st^rits" 
Ot^^cted Llnwood iMton as a R^pnUtean governor. 
^^^rt M Mr. Bowtil loses to Mr. MiUer in the Democra- 
w iriaary erf June 14, wiU he apin declare Us sup- 
gort^ "ftw ^rits" to help elect Ted Diltoe, sKitter 
ffflMMiaa gwww? 

1 4ia* ^tt Mr. Howell deserves uuOm chiMe at tte 
»wrM^ and with aU bis popyist idea voters should 
w^ct te feM fM- tlw rmnah^ in the Demderattc arl- 
■aty. ^^ "^ 

A fm to^ Mritm Miller to m proper deterrrtrtto 
rmM9 Mr. ttomm ttom the Otaoentlc party and en^e 
tto mttf to oMe i^in be(SHw a viMuM iwce in Vir- 

^ ^^4b m iMd MMMr R^iMtasfOvenw in VirftnU 
^BWl t» ll^tom ^tm m Carter AdmiMstnttM wImu 
yt^^mt^m* tte pu bli em eanfl^ tor PresMiirt. 

^nte imAs t turn de^ratic goverwr and An- 

Jm«^H. ^Me 

Residents frightened 

Editor, YirginU Beach SUN: 

My husband and my four \x^b and I just moved to 
Virgijria Beach about two weeks vgo and last ni^ttt, I 
gness we got our welcoming salute. The man next door ani 
«» «rf his friends were drinkinf and our neighbor was 
sfcfowl^ off one of his rifles. Ifew everybo^ knows tte 
rules about pJayi% with leaded taito...tet i^ipareiaiy te 
doesn't because we k>w have a neat rwmd hole in our wall 
and in the hudinade mg that ba^s there. Tfo shot mm- 
9 at an ai«le and lo^ed In ^ ceiUi^, just imder wtere 
three of our bofs were {day^. Thaafc dod we werwi't 
hurt" just badly shakrt V. 

The pcHes were very pn»i|rt anf did all thelawftil 
things but end«l up givliv te AMI ftacfc lit* gon and i^^g 
much could be done beeiitoe M Ms ONLY an accident. 

Do we teve to sit here uAwut for <^ rt us to be shot 
in another "accM«t" befon ^yty^ can te (taM? n» 
•^*hw clatBM experttse in Mwfll« guns, towever, 
the pcAieei^ lad to littMd it ftr tin. I» We need ttj^ 
wte aa tnto wa^l^ «fety iwurses to protect every- 
<^? I've hMTd pes^ who teve m^f m "« we tigien 
V tte gun laws ^^t'U take away w ^hts." But wtet 
^ to^^ i^ht to lire and «< live in f«kr of being sh^ by 
a ttottt a^fibtff? I'm afrattf tn go on ttet si(i» "f ^^- 

mf ifc't know wmt can m mKm,JM,Mm^^ stottU 
be <Mm somt. This makes m AfttrgMW^Msl 

At the Virginia Beacti SUN, we want 
to know what ourmaper-s are 
concerned about. Wewelcmie 
fetters to the editor We request tha t 
alUetters be sigiied. 

Let us hear from you! 


News EMw 


CMeral Manyrer 


S^rti Uttor 

CireaiaiiM Ifta^er , 



ted at 131 Rosemont Rd., Vb|tRlaa«eh, 

:3«c<md class postage paid at Lynahaven 

rflnia Beach. S2-week subsertpMe* by nM 

ates poblisbed on legal page 


O.K. VirgiiMn Beaeh SUN, maU ne a copy every 
HAMi .... . ..._„., 



ViifinU BM:b Mi, iMt IS, um • A-S 


u iiun 

«• '^eej^S* studPii*; from the 



■!l of the 

mcMi, IN Ad Oceana, 

I forces with Sis- 

kVeronica to help 

ilfood, money, furn» 

and clothing for dis- 

HbuMon to the many needy 

jho ■ constantly plead for 


Chaplain Eugene 
pfAS Oceana Cath- 
M, aiKlMrs.Toni 
. Leader, Ms. E- 
____-jon, 9th Grade tea- 
|h«lvlnMlM!r energetic class 
lave HAdertaken the task of 
ipeartWMUiig a drive to help. 
p«y recently presented Sis- 
|er Rita with a $75 check 

wKl same .„ , 
itore The ent: .p of 

CCD teens contiibuitti iMd 
and m«ey . 

Sister Rita Veronica, of 
the Notre Dattie DeNamur 
onier, works from the par- 
ish of the Blessed SacVa- 
roent on 37th Street in Nor- 
folk. Petite, only 4 feet 8 
inches tall, she spends her 
days aiding homeless, im- 
poverished, elderly and 
bursed-out famUles in the 
Tidewater area. She hadl)een 
hart at work for eight years 
in Tidewater and hopes to 
continue (or 30 more. Sis- 
ter Rita Veronica is 70 years 
old! ffle provides tMddi^, 
fuel, food, furniture, cloth- 
ing and anything she can get 
to help these needy individ- 
uals and families. 

Thomas Robb and Christine Wiggin, Con- 
fraternity of Christian Doctrine students 
of ilaine Jackson (shown right) at the NAS 
Oceana Chapel of the Qeod Shepard, pre- 
sent « $75 check to Sister Rita Veronica 
to help her provide aid for the needy. 

Brums on the Beach' 
slated at Cox, July 6th 

Mo*ped drivers 
create problems 

aM Biad Reporter 

^JQntfi Corps Iiitemational 
|bCI) 11 coming to the Beach. 

TIM event will be called 
"DramB on the Beach," a 
nliW^ champioaship Drum 
and Bofle Cori» Show. It 
wlU be held at 7:30 p.m. 
on Wednesday, July 6th, at 
CdK Rifh School Stadium. 
Thu sliow will be sponsor- 
ed by the Cox High School 
Band Boosters and Prin- 
ce*8 Anne Hlgb School's 
Mtrchjnt Cavaliers Par - 
ents. This will he a nation- 
al chuipion drum and bu- 
gle e^nps the show will fea- 
g^ ture sii of the finest corps 
* in tlie United States and Ca- 
uda. 0?er 700 perticipants, 

ages 12 through age 21, will 
compete in this, the first 
major drqm and bugle corps 
show ever held in the state 
Off Virginia. Corps that have 
entered the competition in- 
clude: the Madison Scouts 
Madison, Wisconsin; the 27th 
Lancers, Revere, Massa - 
chusetts; the Oakland Cru- 
saders, Tonmto, Ontario; 
the Kingsman, Anaheim, 
CaUfomia; the Crossmen, 
Delaware County, Pennsyl- 
vania; the Ventures, Kitch- 
ener, Ontario. Tickets to 
this event will be five and 
six dollars for reserved 
seats and four dollars for 
reserved section. All seats 
are on the concert side or 
home side of the field. To 
purchase tickets for this 
show call Mrs. Wirt at 497- 
1978, or Mrs. Weiner at 
340-3703. Tickets can also 

U '■- - I ! ■\<i. 

be purchased by mail at the 
ftiloiirlng ad(lress-49S7 Er- 
skme Stre^, Virginia BMch, 

"Drums on t&e BeMh" is 
one of nine shows m the 
1977 Drum Corps Interna- 
tional Southeni Tour. The 
tour opens tf eutty, June 27th 
in Ii^Uanapolis, Indian, and 
continues in Louisville, Ken- 
tucky; then to SevierblUe, 
Tennessee, Gadsden, Ala- 
bama, Atlanta, Gepr^, Col- 
umbia, South Carblifi^ Win- 
ston-Salem, North Cirolina, 
and then to Viiflnla Beach. 
From Virginia Beaeh, 1X1 
will travel to Washtegton, 
D.C. where the tour will end 
(or the summer. 

This is an excellent op- 
portunity to see what a pro- 
fessional marching unit 
looks like, and to hear a 
fine musical prajtram* 

Mo-peds, tbose motorized 
bicycles, will travel 300 
miles on a^tnk of gas which 
should nuQpe them ideal in an 
enerfy-short time. But the 
drivers (Kf mo-peds, at least 
on the resort strip in Vir- 
ginia Beach, leave much to 
be desired. 

CouncilniAiet A. L. Riggs 
told City . Cduncil recently 
that the blkeii are a problem. 
They go ill and out of traffic 
on sidewalks and ignore traf- 
fic signs. 

CooAcilman Floyd E. Wat- 
erfield Jr. agreed, "They're 

Dallas tohill, who rents 
Oie bikei at a beach con- 
cession, said that the cul- 
prits are mostly tourists. 

He said he rents the bikes 
to tourists who average 25- 
26 years of age and have 
driver's licenses which are 
required as collateral. 

The General Assembly 
failed to pass legislation 
which would place the bikes 
under the purview of the Di- 
vision of Motor Vehicles, but 
Tohill believes the establish- 
ed traffic laws (or bikes 
should be enforced against 
the mo-ped drivers. 

Another solution, he be- 
lieves, would be to extend 
the bike trail which now ends 
at Laskin Road to Redwind 

In the meantime, Tohill 
is in favor of giving the 
drivers tickets. 

Uterine cancer beat by test 

^,. i^ito fornb of cancer niost - 
^mmonly develc^i in the 
SgfMit and (ortoOately there 
^ much ttak women can do 
F« saf^nid Uielr health, 
g; ,AecO!4in( to tile Virginia 
'~' u^ of the American 
eer yooi^, ouicers (A 
vomb, otherwise k«>wn 
uterine cancer, account 
14 per^ o( all cuicer 
I jKHDM. lladfai tothedis- 
Hp teit, massive 
e^imtioi programs, 
lo^^ftrved treatments, 
^romoMitf the forms 
alariae caneidri cervical 
have stMdily de - 
'The P^ test, a (pildt, 
less office |Ht)cedttre 
ireby a small saimdingot 

vaginal fluid is collected (or 
laboratory analysis, enaUes 
physicians to detect cancer 
o( the cervic (the neck of the 
womb) with amazing accur- 
acy — before the develcq>- 
ment o{ symptons, " Dr. 
Francis G. Griffin, Virginia 
Beach t^trtridan and gyn- 
ecologist, ^plained. "Cer- 
vical cancer is extremely 
curable whoi detected in 
an early stage, and it is 
important (or every women 
over 20 in Virginia Beach 
to have a Pap test on a 
regular basis. Women un- 
der 20 who have begun sex- 
ual activity should also have 
regular Pap tests." 

He pointed out that since 
the discovery and in|iss use 

o( the Pap test, the^ cefvi^ 
cal cancer death rate has 
droHied to one-third o( what 
it was 40 years ago. At that 
time, uterine cancer waithe 
gr^test cancer killer o( 
American women. 

Cervical cancer occurs 
most fre<piently in the 45- 
69 age group, and there is 
another (orm of uterine can- 
cer that strikes wtnsen, 
usually inthepostmenoupau- 
sal age groq>, 40-64. 

"This disease is called 
eodoiB^rial' cancer, add it 
occurs within the body <tf tte 
womb,^' he said. Noting that 
the Pap test» witfle sttfl In- 
portant tot older woiaen, is 
not as actuate in di«iso^- 
ing endometrial Cancer, 

Gri(fin said, however, "any 
unusual or heavy bleeding 
can be an early warning sig- 
nal of endometrial cancer.'^ 
He added that it Is essential 
for a Va. Beach woman to 
check with a t^ysician even 
if she is ineluned to dis- 
ffliss uneJqieeted bleeding as 
part of "tl^ change o( IKe." 
The Viif^Ma Beach Amer- 
ican Caac^ society is now 
conduetlBt iti annual educa- 
tional and fund-raising cru- 
sade in this city and as part 
o( Its edOrt to save more 

lives from cancer with what 
we know today, American 
Cancer society volunteers 
urge women to (I) have reg- 
ular Pap tests, and (2) be 
aware of cancer's warning 

"There is plenty of (ree 
in(orfflation at the Virginia 
Beach Unit's o(fice at 958- 
B Laskin Road, he said, "a(- 
ter all. the main business q( 
American Cancer society is 
cafMiOled in this wish ~ we 
want to wipe out cancer in 
your lifetime. 

Mosquito control 

iStodenf and teacher 
i<of the year named 

r:North Landii« 
!. hundred 


It ms graduation day o( a 
June 3, at the Viitinia 
icb Vocational-Teehni - 
1 Education Center on 
Road. Two 
sixty seniors re - 
^;«eived their certificates <d 
w'^Kdmpletion, and the school 
o^.and students reec^eed the 
V vocational studtat and teg- 
cber of the year. 
The stud^s. Who spend 
1( of each ^ alsMie oi 
city's six senior hi^ 
schools, had completed tbdr 
two-year vocational traiai!% 
courses and were r^dy to 
start putting tl^r newly^ 
learned skills to work upw 
graduation (ran their regu- 
lar high schools. 

f^teven Jackson, a Kemps- 
> iiie High S(MA senior, re- 
ceived honors as Vo-Tech's 
"Student of tteY«tr." Steve, 
aep of Mr. and tti%. Garlaftl 
Jackson of Ultf SoUi^wood 
Arch, ma]oredttorMmeliUi 
horticulture He Ix^s to 
start college tUs teU at 
Vtriii^ Tech flu^i^ in 
w,!),.m p Moore, Vo- 
ics instruc- 
was hoao.'ed as "Tea- 
' pf ni<? Year" by the 
jdents He has 
irM<.iiiiig electronics at 
Tech since July. 1972. 
,f to that, he serve<1 !0 

years in the Navy, retirii« 
as a Chief Tradesman and 
chie( engineer o( the base's 
closed circuit TV station at 
Dam Neck. 

The awards i^y also rec- 
ognized student winmrs 
from Vo-Tech's Vocational 
Industrial Clubs of America 
(VICA), Future Farmers of 
America (FFA), Future Bus- 
iness Leaders o( America 
(FBLA), Home Economies 
Related Oec^itions (HE^) 
chapter, Commercial Art 
atti Prlntii^. 

JackMn also was amnted 

the "Green Hind" pin and 
FFA chai^er (armer pin. He 
has put his horticultural tal- 
ents to work after class. 
Young Jackson and class- 
mate Jattm Siairs formed 
the S A J Landseapini C<Nn- 
pany a month and a MU ago, 
and alr^idy they have ewtngh 
neighborhood Undieaping 
business to keep them busy 
eveni^s and weekends. For 
some, Steve offers (reetor- 
ticttltural consultation: his 
father Garlaod, a scIkkA ad- 
ministrator, has relived 
Steve's ^vice on pttoig in 
a rose bed in their yard. 

Helen Love of Pungo lis 
opposed to sprays which kill 
birds and }M$i as well a^ 
moSquitfMM. i^e also t^d^ 
people i^cnddnt be taxM 
for ^Wic^ ttey don't re- 
iCeive. So litinday afternoon 
she oniosed the ordinance 
to bring acMfituito control 
to rural PWigo as Virgliiia 
Beach City dooiicil muscon- 
sideriiv the item on second 

Her (tars were allayed, 
however, ittta Councilman 
J. Curtis IHiyne told her 
that fbggte (1^ the offen- 

sive sprays) ms not a pri- 
mary Ainction of the Mos- 
quito Control Commissions, 
that they depended more on 
otbtf control methods which 
Ms. Love had suggested like 
attacktog the ditches which 
breed mosquitoes. She also 
learned that while the entire 
property <rf a land owner 
would be taxed, be would re- 
ceive service in kind. The 
mosquito fighters would try 
to control mosquito breeding 
over the entire property. 
Council passed the ordl- 
nace on second reading. 

In Windsor Woods- - -^ 
Plsia - - - Qrson Run 

TiMCatteoric Parish 

7 pjiw ^rt4 9*30 All tM, Swi. 

T<^h«^ 340-7122 


Learn ttm answers to the questions 
you have wondered about all your Iff el 

How naar is ths anil? 
Th« mark of tha bMlst? 

Wti^a ara tiia mWl^s daad? 
to ttiara raally a »yi? 

TMI occult, E.S.P., aptrittom - 

tma BMe provi^tt elMr mtorstendable answers to 
jQW ttMy questions. 

Please s«Bd ne wltt Sit cMt or <AUgatlon foa free 
HMe ste^F ^«rse. 





P.O. Btti ISOZS 


Freak storm costly 
in Virginia Beach 

The KcmpsvlUe and Gr^t 
Neck areas in Virginia 
Beach were the hardest hit 
by the freak storm in Tide- 
water on June 6. 

pity Manager George L. 
Hanbury told City Council 
Monday afternoon that the 
public library in Kemps - 
ville sustained |7,800 to 
11,000 in damages to one 
end of the building while es- 
timates on damages to the 
new Recreation Center in 
KempsviUe have yet to be 

The storm tore the roof 

off of the swimmii^ pool 
in the new recreation build- 
ing as well as the roof on 
the opposite side. It was 
ironic, Hanbury said, that 
the damage was dme within 
hours after he told Coun- 
cil about the success of the 
new center. 

The c«iter is back in op- 
eration except for the pool. 
The director of the facility, 
John Giles, cleared the en- 
dangered areas of the cen- 
ter just seconds be{ore the 
storm lifted the roof, so 
that no injuries were are- 

ported anoog ^ SO to IS 
persons in Uw bulkUng. 

Hanbury said Uttt there 
seem to be ik> inadc^cies 
in the design orcrastrodloo 
of the boildii«. but jN^ a 
stMy is being ttade bf en- 
gineers, architects, tte 
roofing contractor ai^ u 
indep«idettt engineering 

Private citizens also suf- 
fered damages to lesser de- 
grees with most o( the de- 
struction centered on the 
KempsviUe and Great Neck 
areas, Hanbury said. 


When cooking double and 
(reezing remember cloves, 
green pewwrs, garlic, and 
pimiento become stronger. 
Onions lose their flavor. 


Don't throw away hard brown 
sugar. Wrap it in wet pa- 
per towels and leave over- 


Soak pecans in cold salt 
water 6-8 hours, then shell. 
Nut meats will come out 
whole. Use 1/2 cup salt to 
Squarts water. 

"God is our 

refuge and strength, 

a very present 

help In trouble." 

— Psalms 46:1 

Go where he will, the wise 
man is at home. 
His hearth the earth, his 
hall the asure dome. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

i?f**w^i'*"?l ^ problems so numerous that you cannot even decide the omiim- 
VS^S!iS^rl^X^^^,l^ guide ^urfootstepsrS^S^^^Sr 

f/irriy^""*^ .ii,«*j°y *•»« tru^peace of^Kas yS^ESSeJf 1^3' Se 
S^h^Sri^^s'lSSy"^" "•* ''''''''' '' ''"^^' ^^ ^ ^-^^ 

Charlie's Seafood Restauram 

3139 Shore Dr. 491-9863 

Mary E. Rehpelx & Employees 

Price's Incorporated 

4580 Pmbnrice Mall 622-3706 

Haynes Furniture Company 

5324 Va. Beach Blvd. 

Bayside Motors 

474? Shore Dr. 464-4563 
Charles C. Hale, Sr. & Staff 

KempsviUe Pharmacy 

5266 Princess Anne Rd. 497-3516 
Robert W. Clybum-Lynn Leavitt 

Lindsey Bros' Inc. 

Plumbing-Heating-Fuel Oil Del. 
865 Newtown Rd. 497-4633 

Contractors Paving Co., Inc. 

3779 Bonney Rd. 347-1161 
Clinton Teets k Sta(( 

Kellam& Eaton' Inc. BIdg. Supplies 

Princes Ann Station 427-3200 
Frank ft David Kellam 

Andy's Plumbing & Heating 

1003 Canal Dr. 485-5000 
State-Registered-New ft Old Work 

Kellam-Eaton Insurance Co. 

an Pacific Ave. 42S-9161 

Furniture Showrooms 

828 E. Little Creek Rd. 
2M1 S. Military Hwy 
Sandy Bolin ft Emi^oyees 

Chesapeake Savings & Loan 

Frank N. Wood and Associates 

Engineering Media Inc. 

606 R Liberty Street 
CharUe HackworUi ft Staff 

Rosewood Memorial Park 

631 Witch Duck Rd. 
C. C. Kiricpatrtck 


Willis Furniture at Hilltop 

1712 Laskin Rd. 428-5951 
L. H. Bums ft Sta(( 

All Star Electric, Inc. 

1425 Air Rail Ave. 464-6231 
Commercial ft Industrial 

Home Federal Saving. 
& Loan Assoc. 

1635 Laskto Rd. 426-0327 
Church Accounts Welcome 

Smith Sales & Service 

460 Battlefield Blvd. N. 547-2929 
Elwood Smith ft Employees 

Mill-End Carpet Shop 

4740 Va. Beach Blvd. 497-4854 
Taylor B. Carr ft Emidoy^s 

Townsend Fuel, Inc. 

James Van Srfix and Employws 

Preston's Pharmacy 

1401 Polndexter St. 545-7337 
James L. Marshall and Employees 

Todd Electric Company 

Hairy ft Moses Todd ft Staff 

Higgins Realty. Inc. 

6620 Mian River Rd. a0-31tt 
Cecil M. Bterrison ft AssodHes 

Brentwood Restaurant & Lounge Linda's Hair Boutique 

.•i-ft-„ «,.„fc „. . 846 Provident 424-1975 

Tom ft Linda Raider ft Co. 

Overton's Market 

1419 Pl^nderter SI. 545-9496 
The Overtone ft Emidoyees 

Plasser American Corporation 

MaMgMBOit and Per^wnel 

J.D. Mtes & Sons, Inc. 

J.a lyies, Jr. and AMOdata* 

Soutfiam States 
Diesapeake Asai., fcic. 

17MS. i^to^Bvy. 
L. BMiMNit «lUla«s ft 

This feature Is made possible throu^i the cooperatfcii 
of our mWsters. It Is paid for by these area frms wlw te^M 
our churches are a vital part of our commirtty Ife. 


EncatnpnfMnt a '77 

Bich Scou 

More ttM 300 Girl Scouts 
Irom Viifinia Beach i^rti- 
cipsted ia tte First Aiunal 
Area IV Bncampneat at 
Northwest MUlio Station in 
Ctesi^Mk* recently. 

The weejieirt was termed 
a hufe suMAMjortte Scouts 
from Back Bay, Great Neck, 
UnUorn and Kings Grant 
migMorhoods with weather 
remaining clear and sunny 
for ti^ three-(tey event. 

A Junior Olympic program 
conducted by Girl Scouts 
from Back Bay Neighborhood 
<m Saturday afternoon in - 
eluded somersault races, 
three-legged races, crab 
races, tug-o-war and other 
contests of coordination and 

A eampfire hostessed by 
Kings Grant Neighborhood 
was keM Saturday night and 
fntured songs and sliits 
frott various troops. Mrs. 
Barbara Mettler, Director of 
Field Services for the Girl 
'" Hit Council of Greater 
Tidewater, attemied Satur- 
day evenii^'s eampfire and 
assisted with song leadii^. 

pB SoBcby morning. Scouts 
from Linkhom Neighborhood 
conducted a Morning Watch. 
Tie watch is a Girl Scout 
tradition wUch allows Scouts 
(rf all religtons to reflect on 
their belief in God. 



(uete vKfTe6 i^ 

inaiwi a •favcmte witK 
Ucah i y'l4iTtiT6; tte 

aoi€ prices i aTcntive 
^^rs)a rnaliirit a-neal 
vfllue •?i3raT»iol',l o% 

Nteuj io iKe beacK i6 
a d^aTfnvt^^ FrexvcK 
c»4e' on 2Ji^ 5t s^ 
IHjsn-tic ai -the iaiii^y 
rhe ^6.?5imfeTC«fS 

potat£)a:i^a iieaK 

(ijith a cSoice eV d?- 

oiai '4 a treat, 45 fi 
the 60up ilot^rvcffx-. 
Caiua I attire ^ m mk^ 
bj etuov #«"cat€" 
•feel dmt«r 15 Irom 

5 ?O-H:00xx<9KHy | 
t^ir ads 5di^"f\o'8ut 

1^ i^oKj can ^2S (mx 

3T^ aiK -for Tir#, gt Aw 

The iNfe'*) tr)6wi" at 
-fer ani^orr* oyer IS 

d^<i\Tvgt0 mk^ic 
thftt doeaxi fetta*c. 
fankuTTvs .T»€ 

ha^ ftacTv a prwate 
■ *£tKe 

Scouts from Great Neck 
Neighborhwd performed 
flag ceremonies norniags 
and eveoiags thrwfhout the 

On SttiKlay^ before the Girl 
Scouts broke camp, awards 
were iH^seoted to four 
troops in various cat^ories. 

Cadette Tnxv Ul from 
Linkhorn NeMfhborbood re- 
ceived an award for its most 
original campsite. Tro(* 287 
is led by Mrs. Jenifer 
Scaddtag, a Brittsb Girl 
Guide who has been serving 
as a Girl Scout l^uler in 
Virginia Beach while her 
husband serves exchange 
duty with the U. S. Navy. 

Troi^tS?, under Mrs. Scad- 
Mi^ directiod, b^t a Brit* 
ijft Girl Guiders' camp la- 
tirifte «Uch reipiires no dig- 
g)% (d^iXt Is foitldclM 
at the KoHftifwt camips^) 
and features a toilet, ham- 
washing stand aw) sMiwer. 
The facility was ratirely 
walled and roofed with bur- 
lap for privace. * 

Back ^ C^dpyfroqffi 
fp6 ^nd %%% iMK^ m 
awarWfor the best Use of 
natural resources. The com- 
bined troop lashed a kitchen 
within their campsite using 
logs and limbs found lying 
(m the ground. 

Junior Troop 276^from 
Great Neck Neigbbortaood 
received an' award tor the 
most original troop flag. 
Their flag featured tA out- 
line of the hand of aaeh girl 
in the troop embroidered 
with her name. The flag 
was inscribed "The Helpihg 
Hands of Junior Troop 276." 

Kings Grant Junior Troop 
426 was awarded a mock 
first aid tiward tbr having 
visited the camp ovrse more 
ttaa any fiUxt troop at ^ 

All participants arrived 
home tired but hai^y with 
patches embroidered with 
Oie words "Make it a 
memory. Area IV Encamp- 
ment, WT?." 

rm -WTW'. ■»»W5 

r 1- 





Diim Ghmns (left) and Kim Henry rehearse 
ttieir tkit for the Saturday night eampfire. 

Ovar and over, summersfulta all the way 

^OtO* Oj 

*^ V ,:#*,■* ^i- 


Scout Cindy Probart in the tin can race 

MSiirQi&ntrldfli^ It 
Slwppini Cantar " ^ 


Citrus DaHghtl 

Lemons aad limes lavished 
on a b^uUfuUy cut jump- 
suit, drrated by Serbin. 
Lonig sleeves. Drawstring 
waist tied with matching 
a}rd. Ziin>ered fnwt op«is 
into pr^y collar and V- 
neck... or Eq» into a tur- 
tleneck, Washable poly- 
e^er taut with a sill^leel. 
Yellow am green tones 
printed 00 white. 

Sizes 6-16, 


Everybody pulll 

216 London Bridjge 

Sliopping C0fit«r 


10 a.m. to 5:30 )>.nn. Mon. thru Sat. 

ne eae BU9 A<^ for ail 
pmt entttve sttt^ery im^. 
We feitar* Medle pefaA, crvNl, 
Ufa^ hortdna, l^>tidag, piUow 
makii^E, speelia (to^ctai, framlag 
aad mmek aort!! 


TM9-e<iMr wm a ^^ of 


WM. F. ''Wiiyer 



Lite • Health • Aato« Boat 

It^^Baac 140-8060 

Virginte Beaeb tea, Jn« 15, mi - A-1 

asmesG of the Week 

Gf^t Neck Realty 



^ItPetal -praPot - 

Let BJ/s Show Him 

ra .^oiilov© mHaLotl 

father's Day Specials 
of course 
Phone 340-4422 

.3oa toiicfcMi ai-A^ o^tff 

^Ifgfnta Beach, \fa, 23454 

B.J. scswmir 


.ftiii%«r Siamp$ 


agnatic Sidns 

Engraving Done On Prmilse 

Na6h Engraving Service 
124 London Bridge Center 




t0 ADAMS ^ 

TV and Radio 
Siries and Service 

308 London Bridge Shopping CenW 



lont cwtpmms to the kst or our AmuTT amd 
mrrt smut our Bwai^ on otm meusf that a 
i|fisnED cusTOiasR is the best advertisdig 


"tee ut last for the best buy* 



232'4l-C Virginia Beacii Blvd. 


340-9551 340-3ipi 

Fresh Ocean Fish - Dressed FI)£E 

Complete Line of Seafood 
Retail -Wholesale 

Sod. tkni nmr. U to C 
tti. ami Sat 10 to 9 

MMDbtr B«ttar itailBtaa Boma 

London Bridge 
Hardware, Inc. 

244 London Btldg* Shopping Ctnlar 


HTH Pool Ctwmlcals 
Granular - tablets 

Sockit - Stabilizer 


^rvice to buyer and 
seHBr realtor's specialty 

"Bigger does not nean 
better," ^js Sam Morris, 
real fstate brok«r and pre- 
sident ol Great Neck R^- 

Morris «]q)lalD^ Mt a 
smaller realty company Is 
more nsiL to give its clients, 
both i>uf en ind sellers, 
more personal interest and 
is more accessible to boUi. 

Perhaps no transaction 
looms as large to the aver- 
age family as tlie tmying and 
selling fll^fi»i estate. Wlten 
you're tmying, you .wonder 
if you shoiM, you w^der 
if the location is good and 
you wcmder if you'E be dble 
to resell. According^ to Mor- 
ris, the time to start thinlc- 
ing. about reselling is when 
you buy. 

A well-maintained home 
with a well-established lawn 
and attractive trees and 
shridis will sell more eas- 
ily than home someone has 
just lived in without invest- 
ing time and care along the 

Moft pruipectlve buyers 
di^e Oiioagh neighborhoods 
in their search for a home 
that suits thdr needs. The 
one with the sign in front 
OiH Is. eye ajn>Hlti« is the 
(me a buyer wants to stop 
and lool[ at. 

Another Important fact in 
selling a home is keeping 
it available lor showii^ at 
any time. 

"A good salesman will' 
have at least three ap - 
pototments lined up when 
he leavra the office with a 
client," says Morris. "But, 
when those Oiree have been 
shown and the client wants 
to see another house, or 
perhaps drives past a house 
he'd Ulce to see, if the owner 
will agree to have the house 
shown on the spot, there's 
a donee for a sale." 

Morris relates that the 
seller who won't allow his 
house to be shown on short 
notice will wait for his sale. 

BIggar is not afways batter 

Sua Morris, a raal 
12 yoars a)q>ari«nca. 

astate broicar 

Pricing is an important 
factor in quicic and easy^ 
sales of homes^ ^gg^lijf 
to M(»-ris, "1^1 
properly and well 
ed wUl generally sell hi 30 
days barring finamiial dif- 

Financing is another im- 
portant plus for buyers and 
sellers who deal with a bro- 
ker. And, according to Mor- 
ris, financing is the most 
important idiase of a bro- 
kers Job. blowing where and 
tew to arrange financi^ for 
, a proiqiective buyer is the 
key to Oie whole sale. 

While the cost of homes 
kas risen sharply in the 
past few years, &aa Morris 
feels that the cost ct real 
estilte is not out of line 

iflth the general economy. 
The figures are hi^r, but 
so are wages and food pri- 

^1^ and, according to, the 
Great Neck Realty president, 
tte old rule of thumb which 
stat^ that a buyer should 
conskler a home ttiat costs 
approdmately two add a half 
times his annual salary still 

Morris advises young peo- 
ple to purchase tbdr first 


Marilyn J, Wet>er, Editor 
Tom S/iigco, Ad¥t Mgr. 

Beach's best-dressed 
start with usi 

dw Um^ Ua% polyestor dwMelalfc 
Is tfM start lu- «^ sMurt wsntoibe-.' 
kW^ fiBli^ New IMe ^ries at low, 
'^ prImr-ttMm's ahnqn a«i^d^ m 




r^^I) Malcing » 


k TV\*0 Call 


1 1 a London Bridge ^loppkig Ce 
Vteglnia Bmm^ mr^^tke 



We wM give you a f^ estkM^e of 
Mrtcet ¥skmmjMut pneenitmme. 


Salcs ' rwMMCiMa 



2256 Vs. Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23454 

PHONE S40-0740 

RES. 481-e975 



Wed thru Sat. 9-1 

8 oz. Hunk of Steak 
Baked Potato S Salad 



The flack Room 

RcstaufaiH f Cocktail toungo 
2356B Va. Beach Bhrd. 

(KiAft Shopping Cmler at Londoa irMgc) 
MON.SAT. Calll40*ll3S 


home as soon as possible, 
using all the financial re- 
sources they have available. 
'i'A home is ttM best pos- 
sible investment anyone can 
make," he says. 

And, if you {dan to live in 
an area for two years or 
more, you should buy rather 
than rent. 

"Even if you walk away 
'even-steven,' you've made 
money through tax savings 
when you own a home," Mor- 
ris indicates. 

And, he says the danger 
of real estate leveling off 
is practically iu»-exlstent. 
The only time that happens, 
according to Morris, is when 
the owner falls to maintain 
his pr(q)erty in order to keep 
it saleable. 

In addition to Sam Mor- 
ris, the broker, nine licen- 
cees work from Uie Great 
Neck Realty office on Vir- 
ginia Beach Boulevard. All 
of them have a keen interest 
in serving both buyers and 
sellers and as a member 
a multiple listing service. 
Great Neck Realty can tiSnt 
clients who wish to buy or 
sell the buying and selling 
services of more than two 
thousands agents. 


No matter what make, model or year machine yon 
have, we can usually make it work as well as some- 
thint^<T |||I^|hnT new. So forj^nates er prevt 
ivamfKm/l your sewing macMiOTtleiritai^cU 
esme qr and Introduce us to your old'frlend. 

• Factory trained technicians 

•Experts repairs and.maintenance of^al 
makes and models sewing machines 
and vacuum cleaners. 


S5( London Bridge Shopping Center 
Phone 486-2111 Open M Dally 



1061 London Bridge Rd. 

Formely Landry's Egg Farm 
Distributor off Joy Dog Food 

HOURS: Mon. thru Sat. 8 to 8 Sun. 10 to 6 

JPJscount Grocaries 

Kool-Ald 31 OS.' $1.M 
Coffee-Mate 16 os. .99 
Pillsbury Self Rising Four 5 lb .69 

Pillsury Frosting Supreme .74 

Gallon Pet milk 11.59 

Fresh country eggs & feed 

Check our backroom for special 
bargins phone 427-2954 



208 London Bridge Shopping Center 


•Under new managment 

Specializing in fine luncheons] 
& dinners: 

For pizza to go call 340-952( 
Hours: 1 1 ajn. to 1 a.m. 


■ * — ■ 111 *»»^^— i* »— ^ — - - .^ i ^ ^ ^^j^j.^ 


Specialzing in unique and finely crafted 
hand wrought Jev.> j , Creations. We ateo 
carry chains, gold items, scrimshaw. NfaW 
vJeweh*y and much mere. hkDW f eaturrig 
t>eautiful penal igs by Clark Ashtan. 

Con^ in and 10^ wound 

IMLoKtaBri^ C«Mw 



iS4SwK ^^PH^^H ~ SlUl. VlU^ <9a 4vfl 

Enjoy the extra touches of artistry 
in dining. J^n,us for a beautiful lunch 
or dinner where choice cuisfeie 
is offered and served. . . 
cfuietly, expertly, bvingly. For the 
exacting patron of the art of dining. 

Can for reservations! 

JPhilHqrt invites you 


Virginia's First 

Smorgasbord House 



Little Cmek Yacht Basin 
B180 Shore Drive 
in Shore Drive Marina. 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Phme 583-3311 
^pen 5 P.M. to 10PM. 

Ta vern 

Formerly Gremi Bin hm 

From *10OfQ sfss 

Friftay Special ' 6 to Qpjn. 

All the fish you can eat *3^^ 

Saturday Special -6 to 9 pjn. 

All you can eat steamed shrimp *5ss 

3733 Bwmey Road • 340S447 

Seafood ft^ef Rest aunant 


^ed^tdiK in fresk sMrfood, boOi stetoicd 
and frlMl, ^iB« riri» of bM^ iUdk Jvlci 
steaks, fovraict platter ud delidous eock- 
ttils. JHwri i! iuiUy prteM «wi ddldrea's 
a«M MiifaAte jtsr 'iimkI. 







Locally (Nmed A iterated by 
JR. "Jim" (korge 


t raimtasft^diitteOecufroat 
Amtf e Free Ruid^ 

At Golden Galley 


Seafood prepared 
to order a specialty 

A cUldreo's menu fra- 
hires meals tor youngsters, i 

toiJfoT'*^ '^ **'* ^fory and photo by 

The Goldeo Gallejr is lo- 
cated Just el|^ minutes from 
the oceaneroDt on Sliore 
Drive. DurlMg the rush of 
summer, reservations are 

Marilyn J. Weber 
SUN News Bdltor 

The Golden GaUey on 
^re IMve at Lymihaveu 
Inlet is another of a grow- 
ii« auAber at locally ovned 
and (derated iamtty restau- 
rants in Virginia BeaiHi. 

J.R. "Jim" George is a 
well-lmott Virginia B«ich 
husiJMissmin and resiAnt of 
tte city for many years. Hte 
family came to the area in 
Ihe '40's Md operated a 
motel and restaurant busi- 
ness at the beachfront. 

The Golden Galley fea - 
tures fi^nsh s^lood cotAed 
to order, as f 4t as s^k 
aid jnime rib. "Qitee oott- 
focWftly sised dU^ rooms 

U 1^ customers dpilaidili'' 
iB| man, 5 p.m.SiS^iiUl- 
Though the Golden C^ley 

has (derated since January 
under Oiat name, it has be^ 
in iwslnessat'its Shore Drive 
location for tiirae years, un- 
der another name. Tto re- 
staurairt was previously a 
partnership, and when 
George became sole owner, 
the name was changed. 

Among'tfae dining treats 
featured on the menu are 
fresh Maine lobster. The 
lobsters, apfnuiimately two 
pounds each, are priced at 

II joa're a twosome, the 
stejumed platter for two may 
t^pt fon. It f|a|tpre$ a H/4 
ptmad 16tffiter„ King crab 
|af ii i^np^s^rinp, # ^ 
oytten, (Bight clams, two 
«iN ^ctmt$M two tossed 
salads for |1#;50. 

Ifony stMdy customers 

take adrantage of Jim 
George's "All you d» eat" 
specials which feaMt« aU 
you want of shrimpot crab 
from 4 to « p.m., sewn 
nights a week, as weU as a 
third weekly fi«jecialeftr«it, 
flounder or scaUqts. 

Most diners ask fbr 
steamed s^ood, something 
that's hard to get in niaay 
local seafood restaurants, 
but the Golden Galley also' 
features fHed seafood and 
seafood served in butter. 

TIm Gold«n Gallty f«aiur«s frtsh Mafood 
K»p«r«d to ©rtftr 

Now that ycMi'va trM tha Jolly 
mt it JoMy tliat and vMtad M 
tha lUMroad Statlona hi tcnvn- 

See S Taate the moalDellc^tu 

PriiM Rib & Steaks 

In Tidewater, rrm ^5^^* « 

(also s«eeiriM M^OQ 

L«ch Strred Daily 
B:Se - 3 p.m. 


Ciola^s '••"•5^'^ 

"Remember lt'» The Sauce 
That CounU" 


•^rlmp ilarlaaara or Scampi style 
•CfemS C»st» or Or^iwta 

• Caiamara .(Bai9 apid) B«d or urute 

• Learner TaiS 8r««tf or Pra ttavolo 

• Ctmken Mawala or Fi^mm* 

• 0lteken Trtri«iAi or C*c«totore 

• * ' ' ^*^W, Ma^la, PraMMe » v«I 






U jmn 
St*. M-lIM Va. 


ttf A MtW MaM^n 


99^9 Shora Drfva 

%»M^taiiig In Saafo^ 

ummt^t^mmm pat» k beach 
itMm^lakm-Ctmlm Stm^m 
Opan 1 1-^ ajN to ,.ay mm, 




S40-M7I for can? oitf wnrlea 


. C.B. CofN* break t to 4 Saturdqrs 

4 p.m. to t am. MoBday thru Friday 

1 p.m. to 2 a.m. Satuntoy and Suday 


fflr* Sf l!!f^F^ "TACO DOGS 

jacos frijoles chiu dogs 



guacamolesalad^bw:l^o quesadillas 

l^^ill^JiK.^^'^ RGi^BEEF 




CocktoiU • Wine A Beer 


v A <ir a riC 



,^ ^ JWa Si«i^x:«itor 
Va. Beti*. Va, nWi 4M.?rti 

Bnm a Cocktail frwrt 'The Other ftooW 

Prima Wb 

Choice of potato 






Serving the world's largest resort city^ 


Section B, Page 1 

Wednesday June 8, 1977 

Dining goes mternational at Windsor Oaks 

^tecial to the SUN 

In S^Min, it's called a 
"fiesta." In France, it's a 
"fete." In Italy, it's a 
"festa." In ttiwali, it's a 
"luau." In Germany, it's a 
"test." : 

Any W9y iaki, for the 
second graders of Wimlsor 
Oaks Elementary School last 
Friday it was a "festival" 
mark^ the end of their 
studies about foreign lands 
and their peqple. 

The fejttival featured a 
variety of rMlpes from Eu- 
rope, the Far East, the Mid- 
dle East, Scuidaoavia, and 
air over tiie world, pr^red 
'and served by the mothers 
and tethers o^the second 

CaUing it their "Inter - 
national Foods Festival," 
the delightful second graders 
tasted such intriguing con- 
coctions as matzos and bUnt- 
Eesfrom Israel, pansitfrom 
the Philippines, sauerkraut, 
potatoes and wieners from 
Germany, spaghetti i^eza 
from Italy, crepes from 
France, tacos and enchiladas 
from Mexico, fried rice from 
China, plus many other in- 
temattcmal delicacies. 

The idea originated last 
September among Windsor 
Oaks second rrade teachers 
Mrs. Nancy Franklin, Miss 

Deborah Goble, Mrs. Carol 
Jbhnson, Miss Virginia Jor- 
don. Miss Ivy Lawrence, and 
Mrs. Kathryn Ruesch. They 
decided it would be a fitting 
climax to the children's 

study about people and 
societies from other lands. 

After gettii^ permission 
from principal Charles Kel- 
ton, the teachers asked the 
parents of Ute second grad- 
e's to prepare a specialty 
food from the country of their 
choice. In all six second 
grade classes, a different 
menu was featured. 

Each class prepared place 
Settings and menus for the 
special lunch, and in each 
classroom the food was 
served differently: some in 
courses, some in buffet style 
and some a la carte. 

To some, it wasn't the hot 
dogs and hamburgers they 
were familiar with, Imt most 
of the food disappeared just 
as fast as fare from Mc- 

One mother, in her ef- 
fort to fix tacos, found sud- 
denly that morning she was 
running out of taco shells. 
Frantic calls to neighbors 
and a quick trip to the super- 
market soon remedied the 
shortage, but she said, "I 
could just see myself walking 
into Taco Bell and ordering 
30 tacos to go." 

The teachers were enthu- 
siastic about the festival and 
plan to do it again next eyear . 
Mrs. Franklin said she be- 
lieved it was the only time 
in recent years such an event 
has been held and it worked 
"beautifully" thanks to the 
help of the parents. 


■„. Mrs. Arthur Drennan demonstrates the 
,' i'Gorrecjt; way to use chopsticks. Second 
'^.^raders. of Mrs. Nancy Franklin: (I to r) 

Laura Cowell, Steve Davis and Timmy 
Gray valiantly give it a try. 

Windsor Oaks Elementary second grade 
tei^or Miss Ivy Lawrence serves uppine- 
appile chunks to Patty Maloney. 

Story and photos by 
Gary Fullerton 




A tasty meattsali is just one of many 

foods <rf ottitr lands quickly siHVipled by 

^incfeor Oiks second grader Angela Smith. 

The second grade class of Mrs. (Cathryn 
Rwsch makes short work of various in- 
toriMti^al foods. 

It's not ttie right way to use chopsticks 
but visitor Jason Kline at Windsor Oaks 
Elementary School gets the noodles where 
tti«y are su{^K>sed to go. 

L_ ^ ^ 

._„„ I 

- .. ^ ■ -J —I T 1 1, ifcj«M^Mia« 

— *- 





icich lands nln 

; ,!?«,, 



S||.||f »s 

ports Editoi 

inning the V ite charnjiionslup in baseball 

^«k, Kempsviiiv mgn Scbooi tecant the first Vir- 
iMeb school to claim a team stite title dorii^ the 
lemlc year. 

not sound uveny impressive, biit vAmi Me 
')« sports that can tew inUvidiMa etem^s, 
stling and track, thMihe BMch District reaUy 


■ . . Jufi seven Virginia BMch high school stwtents 
won individual state champhMtfitttw is their respective 
■ports thia fear, and sine* Ray IffcDuiels of Cox wm 
two, ei^t iodividaal champiODS^s were won in addition 

For upcoming year 

Each schMl ii earn Beach District eic^Kell^ 

won at lM»t oi.^ ,„«i^- title, and Cox, on the stre^lh of 
McDaniels' double win, copped three state crowns. 

Mc^Biela won his two tiUes in track, ttkiig t^ hwors 
» the Mt airt the mito. Tte other 1M6.7? sMe cha^^ 
froB Cox is Timmy Wtgn^-, who won his title io wrest- 

AMther wrestling etaimpion is Chris Tajrior «f First 
Colonial, a re^ater from last year. In track, Harriet 
Co* ami Iten Kru^er, b(^ of Baystste, ^A won sUte 
cteaptcnshiw <1A the dlscot awl shot ^t rMjiictlvely), 
Jirfy Wiuhi^jtoA of KemiKwHe ww the lW-ya«d tesh 
tiUe, aod Princess Anne's Jesse Williams took tt in the 
100 as well. 

'<l>«><i.l>ti ij'ifs Jit- (.(I 

^mpioQship title, the total 
to bQ uaded at the Be 

To put theM «tatis.,i.o •>. i^ia* 
the neighboring Southeastern Dist; 
IS eomprtnd of the ten high schools in 
Portsraonth. Yet the only state champions 
tte two cities this year were Bobo Ricks 
JR^rle Burte of (^car Smith High (both 
and Steve U«Aler of Charchlajrf In golf, 
team ehanpions. 

TtM nHks 10 sctoola produced three champions lo the 
Sonthta^m Distriet, wMlt nine ctempioosMps were wm 
in tte six mml Bmch Wstrict. 

An OftPrtelming dlArMce can l» seen in the track 

.1 ^empsvult.■ 
' hompionsHii 

>'.>K a! fi 

.at distri 

Chesapeake and 

to emerge from 

of Cburchland, 

In wrestli^). 

There were no 

: periormances oi ine two atstncts. t5L>icn tracii- 
limed nix state titles, and had enough kids finish 

«ssified as 
•^ >.'..., v>ne athlete 
at was a fifth place 
ugA jumper. 

All of Ms means fery iitti« acwaiiy, ttcepi that Vir- 
ginia |«ieb atU«tes sMd 1m |n^ ^ wtet ^y aceom- 
pllstoii this year, iM that evea if a, winaiflg smmb dU not 
materiallEe, gettiiif beat by the best is fo dli^race. 

The ^Mtes. iH-ioei^s and the city scbooi system too, 
tare k^ toMft extremely ingtrummtal&i the atUetie suc- 
cess of VlTftaia BMch High «etools. for the mostinrt, 
mmf, bcflities ani time teve mi been wantiiw. 

It was a goo4 year, evei^body, cownitulatiODS. 

22 high school students 
earn athletic scholarships 

There are several reasMs for (^t^wting in high scbooi 

Of .course jMrtlel^iltig In atUeties is taoi nereise. 
It's fiin, and it {HfOvMes a reere«A«al ontl^ for youths 
in tlie aftermoa. 

But aaotber reason for Uie sweat and dlsaiSlae, is the 
pOSfibUity ^ beftg aiwr^d an atUetic sehidarsUp to a 
coUege or imtversity. Wi^ng a full or partial grant-in- 
aid, is often the difference between tartiier^ «w's edu- 
ettiott sad n^. And thnv is almjrs tte pMsibiUty af ez- 
CMttg ia the (Miosen ^nrt tot degree that warraais en- 
t«riag the lueratiy* |H-<rfessl(nal raidcs. 

One thing is certain however. Bting awanM an athletic 
scholarship is Ott h^Hnt ^aise a 1^ school atUete can 
ratiatve, tor it imcllm eoMkmat ia ainUty aad^eharaeter, 
a» 4tMtikytA OB ^.aeU. 

hfcir HZL^^^ **■ <»^e«»*«». 22 Virgiaia Beach 
BUh school atUrtes haw be«l amnted full or partial 
»tM«Uc 8cholai^hli» for next year. Here they are. listed 

hf »:hooi. ' ~« 


ftiyshte: Paul Tyaur wai attead the CoU^e irf William 

Mtf lUsy oa a foetttf frwM; Wilbert Whta wiU attaid 

V ^j^ g^ w a'foottafl giMt; Aten Bufton will i^ead 

^vIMMIHlny ^ffiute oe a track grjurt; ^ ^aes 

wfll a^pr fiMt CanttM .„ „ ' _ 

traaii Ouibi mmKm iMUittead Oxford C(£m oaafo^ 



rur ICTAB snvicE 

tftBDENTIAL ElMf^aey la#air Work HEMODELIIfG 

eal 421-3427 


Plun*ing & Hteating Go, 

';^ STO/» 










Aj you? LOCAL m/casT 

»M»!rmi£ CO. p.o.m$ sm smmmAH. ga. 3i^a 

teer«»n yi^«r every wwi^ to« 5;» 


Cox: Basel Conkwrlght will attend the Unlvwsity of 
Norto Carolina on a gynaastlcs grant; Randy Gd%an will 
attead Delaware State College on a fboO^ grairt; Eddie 
Mat will attend East Carolina W^eralty oa a foottall 
grant; Ray McDaniels will attend East Cardina Utiversity 
M a track grant- Brian Riendean wiU att^ri the University 
of Maryland on a fo^hall grant; Thoauus Wapwr wiU 
attend the University ^ Virgiiga on a wr«stl^ gnni. 

First CoionW 

First Colonial: Ron ZoUiccrfier wiU attead Vii^lnla Tech 
on a football grant; Todd fumiss will attend Old Doj&inion 
university on a tennis grant. \ 


Kellam: Monttt^ Banies will attend Vir^hia l^te (» 
a foottnll grant; Johnny WUliams will attend Moifaa St^e 
CoU^e on a wrestMng grant; Ronald For^utn iHU attmd 
North CaroUna State College cm a traek graat 


KempsvUle:Chris Worst wUl attend Elon College on a 
ibothall grant; Ricky Beasley wiU attend Anpalachiaa State 
on a football grant. 

PriiKiess Aniie 

iiy M 
tte University of IttiuBOfld on i foiMjaU graat; JiniBy 
Di Nardo will attend William and Mary on a fbothaU'grant. 


Great Neck Library offers 
free baseball clinic soon 

■file Great Neck Branch of 
tte Virginia Beach Public 
Lfi>nry will present a very 
aiKcial bastiliall clinic for 
yonag people ages eight and 
«q> 00 Friday, June 17, at 
2 p.m. at tiie library. 

coach for 

Townsend, the 

for tte Boston Red Sox, wUl 
te haadliog the clinic. Also 
working nth hiraoi tte cUn- 

ic will te J(rtm Oaanemaan, 
Iritcter, tormerlyaplAyerfer 
tte University <rfNorthCait>- 
liaa and now with tte Mcmtr^ 
Expos; and memters of tte 
AllrCk»fer«ice Team aod tte 
tern of Virgil Wesle^tn 
College, Kevin Tternton, 
c«terfielder, Gr^ Curtis, 

top, TM 

All of these idayers wUl 
te coming dress«l - out 

in tteir team uniforms. Each 
pla^r wai work with the 
i^Mig pe^le in tte arw of 
Uieplaiwr's special aidliUw. 
AU participants wiUtestewn 
how to pitch, Mi and play 
»ich position. 

TK^ is no dative or re- 


must vnur ^nnis shoes aod 
brii« i(baU glove. 
For forfttft' informati<» 00 

this {Mtigrani, ii^restod per- 
sons sbCRM QW^ct DtibUe 
Carter at tte Gr^t Kedc 
Bran^ Ubrary by oOling 


2 p.m. 


d^c WUl bet^ at 


library is tocafed at 
_ — MUHiN^ the 
Hillfop Im^M Virgiaia 
Beach, Mir ttei]^«rseeUon 
of First Coltmial Hoad aod 
Old Doaatian Parkmy. 

Tte Sea»d Jf ^ane Fea> 
tival Amateur Boxiq; Match- 
es WiU te teld Tlnrsday, 
June 16 at tte Vii^i^ Beach 
Civic Center. 

Health A P.E. 

Mflie Wm has put to - 
geth«- a car* ieaturing 
mentiSttra of tte Mew Yoit 
State GoUai Gloves Boxing 
Team vs. tte Virginia A. A.U. 

Teaat, inciuoing BiUy DtW}' 
van, Ra^rd CoIliB», Billy 
Jordan and Ttomas Elston. 
Eleven bouts are schedul- 
ed with tte action to start 

a 8:00 P.M 

Tte Nashville Under- 
gnnind, a country <and wes- 
tera gnxQ) will eMertain 

from >.30 to fl.OO PM aod 
spin at taitermisslon. 

Tickets are <» sale at 
tte Dbme tex office, tte 

N^tene Festival CmfH - 
Chambor d .t CoBim«rce 
BnUdia^ Ptaahrofce MaU, 
aad Wartiag's Gynai at Vir- 
ginia Beadl. 

Extramilral winners announced 

Tte Heatth and Physical Education Sectfon of tte Vir- 
ginia BiMdl NtOic Scho^ announces tte wiuiers of tte 
Track aad FieW Ertramw^s. Tte Uwrnamait was held 
at Kdlana High Scteol on May 20, 1977 witt tte intramural 
w^rs trom tte seotnbi^ scteols competiiv. 

aaading Long Jump, &»ia Lattem, Lynnhaven Jr., 7' 
5 1/2"; Low Hnnfles, Cindy Cyr, Princes Ame Jr., 18.3 
(record); 50, Betty Parker, Virginia Beach Jr.. 6.55; 
220, Duma Aatfflwcci, Plaza Jr., 29.7; 100 , Jkmi An- 
toiucci. Plasa Jr., 12.1; 440 Relay, Doaaa Antoaacci, 
Cindy Howard, D^ra Cwmelly, Beverly CelMtial, Plasa 
Jr., 57.1; Schools: 1st - Plasa Jr.; 2nd - Virginia BeacA 
Jr.; SnI - Princess Anne Jr.; 

Standi^ Loig Jmnp, Tito Hi«tes, Lymftavra Jr., 8'7 m" 
(r«»rd); Low Hurdles, Millip HaU, Lynnhavra Jr., 161 
(record); 100, Darryl Brown, Lymihavai Jr., 11.7 (re<ird); 
*40, Perry Art«iio, Lyu^ven Jr., 62.1 (record); 2JW, 
Darryl Brown, Lyntfttven Jr., 26.55; MO Relay, PhilU^ 
toU, Tim Hughes. Ben|y Fortes, Barryl Brown, Lymi- 
teven Jr., 1:50.4 (record). Schools: M - Lyvteven Jr.; 
2nd - Virginia Beach Jr.; 3rd - PriiM:»s Ame Jr. 

H^ Jan^, Katie Hess, Ind^>end^ce Jr., 4'6"; Lom> 
Jump, Amy GUsson, Bayside Jr., 1311 1/t"; Low Hurdles, 
Lisa Verqjrille, Bayside Jr., 13.1; 50, Kathleen bBrooks, 
Princess Anne Jr., 6.4; 440, Katlqr HolUday. KempsyUte 
Jr., 1:07.7; KO, Uura Davies, KMpsville Jr., 21.6; UqI 
D^r^ Parker, Virginia B^iA Jr., 12.4; 4«) Relay, 
Deborah Parttr.Cindy Lamb, Gtoria Watsea. DebUe M«- 
pa« Vir^aia Bm<A Jr., 55.9. SdMols: 1st - KempaviUe 
Jr.; 2Bd - Biydde Jr. ; 3rd - LynahavM Jr. 

Urn JWV. I^^ J<Ansi», Plasa Jr., l?'6-3/4"; K^ 
Jnmp, L0Ma«> Cox, PriM^s Ave Jr., 5'; Low lerdlMr, 
Michael Kaliht, Plaza Jr., 15.3; m, VttcMt HoUy.PUm 
Jr., LysMI Gr^, Prto»ss Ame Jr., UM; 4tt, 1^ 
Ml Ito^aitt, ntsa Jr., 58.1;M0, TyroM i^^dlnaa. Plan' 
Jr., 2:1».«; 220, Vttce HoUy, Plaza Jr., 25.2; AM Reky, 
Viaee H<Nly, Tynn ^ellmaa, Rt^rt M^Main, Uwin 


. . TRY in rem ncmoous 
SAvmis ...nvtmmi 


. Special This Wsok Oa 
Storm Wiadovs and Doors 


Can AnytlRW 547-3939 or 3533 

Call TtlMM Haa For Ptrseaal Service 

BILL ,K>LLEY 588-0232 

Dm CRANK 547-5589 

HOWAJtt) KINGSLANO 484-6633 

Nangle, Plasa Jr., 1:45. Schools: 1st - Plaza Jr 
PriacMs Aaiw Jr.; 3rd - Lyn^v«i Jr 
High Jump, Tracey Hudtalqr, KemiBviUe Jr., 4'6"; Loi« 
Jumii, Naacy Johason, Bayside Jr., 15'3 1/2"; Low Hurdles, 
Karen BaHqr, Bayside Jr., U.95 (record); 50, Christi 
Barnes, KempsviUe Jr., 6.8; Felina Rawls, Plaza Jr., 6.8- 
DeaaSalop^, tadependoice Jr,,6.8;440,JaBdonConkwright, 
inS^ JP^ *^*'^' Daphat (Wrtn, Kanpsvfile Jr., 
z«:T5; MO, 0d(»sa Amphries, Princess Anne Jr.. 12.5; 
JW Relay, Mietelle Espejo. Dean Sak^>ek, tteresa Van 
Pettai. Joamie Young, IwtepeodeKe Jr., 56.0.; 440 ReUy, 
Jaudon Co*wiight,lngMdWaaioBi, RuaelaGallagher.Lau- 
JJl.S^' Lynahavea Jr., 56.0; 4W Relay, a^ Stable, 
Chi^ Jtomes , Sherry Whtte, Uara Lamtert, KempsviUe 
Jr., 56.0. Schools: 1st - Ljfflhavra Jr.; 2nd - Princess Anne 
^r; 3rd - a^rside Jr. 

^m ^vmp, Jf^^ta MsMo, Kei^psville Jr., 17'5 - 5/8"- 
High Jan^ John Itaffley, Princess Anne Jr., 5'4*';aot Put' 
LinwoodKoarn^, Viri^aia BMch Jr.,48-ll/2(reconl);Low 
flardlM, »meU Sroin, teysMe Jr., 14.7; IM, Percell 
Brown. Ba^iite Jr.. IIM; Mile. Jeff Vielock, Lyoahaven 
Jr., 5:11.5; 440, Km Bowrai, Independence Jr., 58.5; 880 
peaais ZolUcrtfer, Lynnhaven Jr., 2:22.8; 220,KenCrafton. 
Lyn^vtt Jr., 5*4"; SMAelay. Marie Bourdon. Nick Boott, 
K«y Crafton, Malcois Froeman, Lyartaven Jr.. 1:43.05 
sawols: M - Lynaterai Jr.; 2irt - Princess Anne Jr. 

ffl* Jamil, Denise Fricke, Kellam, 4'6"; Long Jump 
Mwanae ^hewidi. Cot, 14'9"; Low Hurdlj^. W«dy toitt. 
K^, 12.75 (rw»rd); 50, Cheryl CteppeUe, Kellam. 
6.8; 4«1, Anita Aadenoa, Cox, 1:W.6; ^ Louise Compo, 
a>VM.3; 100. Chri^tee E»es, KeUam, 12.7; 4« Relay, 
wraya Mayo, tubto l^uiwr, KeUy ftiini, Tteresa Mc- 
KMite, KettpsviUe Jr. ,56.25. SdMx^: 1st - Ktflam; 2nd - 
C«; 3nl - Pito^ Ame. 
LMg Jui^ San DaUey, Cox, 19'11"; High Jump, Atera 

Br^ Princess Am»e. 5'8"; Sbot^ot, Ra»^ Williams, 
Cox, 41-8 1/4"; Low Hurdles. Ahorii Breaaea, Princess 
Anne. 14.3; WO, Ahern Breimen, Princess Aue 10 4 
(rfcord); MUe. Roy Equills, Kellam. 5:^.5; 440, William 
Corprew. Kellam. 53.7; 220, Michael Johnson, Princess 
A^e 24.75; 880, Scott TumbuU, FirM Colonial, 2:17; 
880 Relay, Stanley Dailey, Denise Garrison, Chris Martini, 
Kemiy Wright. First Colonial,l:S8.9. Schools: 1st -Princesi 
Anne; 2nd - Kellam; 3rd - Cox. 
^ Tte boys beginning softbaU tonraament was teld at- 
KempsyiUe Junior witt Princess Anne Junior tMm<tef«itli» 
*ysi# Junfor in tte finals. Memters of the team were- 

2!!7k i^J' ^"^ """*' ^^"^ ^«»*rt. Duan# Kessel! 
Keitt Woodhonse, Kelvin Cooper, Tim Ortiz, John Bryant 
Chuck ^rtU, aad Buddy Wade. » ™* j . 

^ The girls beginning softbaU toornaraent was teld at 
Baysl* Junior witt tte champions coning from PriMess 
Anne Juntor. Memters of tte girls winning team were- 

Siif^^rt,fl!2*f' S"*^^ ^'*' HoUey tW«^, Debbie 
WaU, J^U Epstein, Marste Morstad. Rhoat^ VaMker, Terry 

^rt** l^ Madison, aelly Nortoneo. Chris Craver 
and Jo Anne WibKtt. 

Tte boys advanced Softball tMrnament ws 1^ at Bay- 
side w>tt Cox d^i^tlng PriMess Ame In tte final game 
wiu. hSifS » **" Cox team were: Jim Cramer. Tim 
Woods,; PiU Mrtton. Tim OrieF, Jerry Ttemas, Vic Trum- 
P<^?f' J"to Sneed, Jeff Saundera, aad Marie Woodbouse 

Tte gtrtoadnMed K^baU twraam^ was heb at First 

Colonial wtth Kellam tte chamjrions by defMtlng C<a in tte 

final jaihe 13-2. Tte Kellam team was convosed rf- 

^ ^lw»s, Lorrie Griffin, ^aron Wilson, (Jieril Mit- 

'. ^11, jCar« Carver, Paula Whitrturst, Porta Harrington. 

tIS tT^' !^ ""^y* R«»<»B«i*«t. ClvtWaBright. 
TerriDiUte. and Liana &haa«<4mldt. 

«i^^,.^ touraamw* was teU at princess Awe 
Witt m tolfowttg wittwrs: RequiredSin^^, TawnyStrick- 

SSk^J'**^y *^!?*«*5*«W«' Cofta VenaWe. Luara 

Jj^J^^B^^^rtlv ttngl^, Lori Morri^. Cm; 

11;^^ SkHUm, §m Gm]im, Lora Ward. Princess Ame- 

TBOK wattotastwrtramurals tortteewT^rtwa jm/. 

2^jm«*«^% fi 


OHKrMe tntk. 

'.;.i\i J . J >JOiiuj[, :«ldiOg, 

and doors, plasteriog. el 
ptamhug gattariag. raoMdeUag 
brick aad bloek work, alnailMi ^tt«, flre^ev 
earpetiag aad painting. Serving aU T^mtw. 



2872 Vr^te Beach Batevard 

15% Off JWM BMt M^ 




■ 'UW 



^^^'^•^^^^rnm^'^^^^^^^^^^^ 9 piiip p^^pfp^^pi^ppipBpuPi^mf^-^i^w^^^ 


Viifittia Bwc& Su. June 15, 1977 - B-l 



iseball diamonds, that is 


uiamonds are America's best friends 

SUN S^rts Editor 

All rifht brothers and sisters, let me hear you! 

Do you believe? 


That's what I was afraid of In that case, It's time for 
Brotter Blair's Baseball Banalities, which are only banal- 
ities to you disbelievers. To the rest of you who have al- 
^dy seen the Light, they are i»arls of wisdom with which 
ft arm yourselves in the event you find yourself at a 
party dominated by those heathens who have yet to find 
the ^th to Right«)usness. 

That (tth, 1 should insert here, is called a tosepath. 

For you see, my brethren, there are those among you 
wlK> have not accepted the sport of Imseball into your 
hearts, into your lives and into your souls. Oh, I know 
there are many tem^tions, like football and lasketl»ll, 
M they are Just clever creations by thpse who, would lead 
hs down an<rtl*er, more unpleasant path. 





Don't you realise that baseball is the national game? 
^o^ n(A the aatiinal tnstiine, ^t in ihflttitely more ^ 
than even baseball. Bat let us not stray). Ahem, basebitU 
is the national game! A kid wltha dirty l»seball bi^ raUslt- 
ly pulled across bis face is by far more appealing ttan a 
Md with a hornet and oversized shoulder pads contorting 
his body. I mean, if that great Umpire who watches over 
us had meant fOr us to play football, he would have made 

t;vvt yone in the Image of Bttl*a Smith. N(rt too aK>eaIii«, 
is it? 

How 'teft Imrtetball you say? Ha! Who are the three 
greatest basketlMll players to ever shoot h«^? Wilt 
Chanberlais. BUI Russell and Lew Alcindor, aka Kareen 
Abdul Jalrtar. Thank you, but I'm glad I stand on the south 
side of seven feet. 

Comedian Geo^e Carlin has pointed out that in fdotball; 
games are played or a grid-iron. Ugh. iseball is played 
in a park. He has alsQ noted that to score in football, 
you must reach the end-zone. Hardly an enticii% thought. 
In l»seball, you, get to go home. Much, much iKtter. 

But Enough of these pointless platitudes, let's get down 
to the nitty-gritty. 

The real reason you stray sheep enjoy football more than 
tttseball, is its violence. Oh I reaUae there is a certain 
beauty in watching a Charley Taylor make a divii* catch 
of the pigskin, but it takes a Dick Butku& hitting a Leroy 
Kelly with the force of a freight train to elicit your shouts 

A few years back I watched the t^ PhUadel|diia Eagle 
Ua^cker Tim Rossovich say on tlkevision that his goal 
ta life wts to play in a Super Bowl ind have the game to go 
(town to;the final ^y. On this final play, the o^wslng team 
is on ofllense, lined up on the Eagle five-yard line, needing 
a toucbctown to win. As the quarterback drops back to 
jMiss, R(»sovich blitzes, and hits the QB with enough force 
to squirt his hMd through the little round holes on tiie 
side of the helmet. Rossovich too, dies on the play, but 
pot wittout the realization that Super Bow) victory is his. 

I ask jrou, brothers, wouldn't a desire to bit a grand- 
slam in the bottom of the ninth to win by one run in the 
seventh game of the World Series be an Infthitely gri^idtir 
goal? We )x>th know the answer is yes. Oon't we? 

Of coarse we do! But I fully understand your infatuation 
with violeot sports. The crux of the problem is that hyp- 
n(rtic box you ke^ in your living room that you turn to 
for guidance (on the average of six hours a day, I under- 
stand). Yes, the television set is responsible for that awful 

habit that has. you craving for the athletic equivalent of 
the Battle of Midway trery Shnday aftemm. Watching 
Baretta every week almost jad^ you to the vMence 
you are subjected to by pro football. Why, if Robert Blake 
were four feet taller, he'd fit right In with the Pittsbnrgh 
Steeler defensive line. 

Wouldn't you rather yoor mind be stimulated rather than 
your voracious and vicarious aivetite for viloemre? The 
essence of baseball lies in the tension ttet deveUqis in 
various situations. The constant duel between pitcher and 
batter as each tries to outsmart the other is a perfect 
example. Why, batting is such a difficult art, that the 
batter who gets three hits in ten tries has achieved tlie 
mark of excellence. 

There is another reason televised baseball ranks be- 
hind football, you wide-eyed wonders. Football is a geared 
for T. V. sport, while baseball is lost on the tube, except 
to those to love it anyway. The action in football is gener- 
ally centralized (exc^ for receivers beading down - 
field), ai^ T. V. cameras can pick up everything worth 
seeing. No sport is as suited to the instant replay and slow 
motion techniques as football. Every bpne-crunchii^ hit, 
can be savored at leisure. 

Not so baseball. A television camera simply cannot 
cover everything that is happening: A pitcher throws 
to tiie plafe while a baserunner takes a long lead; the out- 
field shifts and the infield moves in; coaches go through 
ridiculous gestures which are really signals, and are as 
intrinsic to the game as chewing tobacco; the batter hits 
the ball, the outfielders chase it, the runners steam around 
the Inses and so on. The camera just cannot pull it all 
together. If you are at the game, you see all this at one 
time, and each action is important to the scenario as a 
whole. But on T.V., the viewer sees only the pitcher- 
batter conflict. 

Ah, brothers and sisters, I grow weary for I am winded. 
And I fear that I have converted few, if any, to the Way. 
I have no'elixer. My last plea is that you question the sanity 
of football players and fans. Who is smarter, those who 
play their sport during the warm summer months, or those 
w[ho wait until it's cold enoi^h to freeze your eyeballs? 

Have ym ever seen those crazy pec^le in Minnesota at 
Vikii« games? They put on so many clothes that they have 
to buy two seats to sit in, and they get so drunk they would 
be impervious to nuclnr radiation. The wind chill factor 
was invented in Minnesota (I think), and nukes the temp- 
erature colder than a polar ice cap. I ask you, is sanity a 
trait found in football? Of course not. 

It doesn't bother me greatly that I sp^k only for those 
who have seen the Light. I am trying to build up good base- 
ball Karma, so that when I visit that great ballpark in 
the sky, maybe I'll be lucky enough to land box seats. 

Baseball names 
have no equal 


Not to belabour a point, 
but an(^ber beautiful part 
of baselnll is the unusual 
and colorful names that seem 
to be attracted to the sport. 

Recently, Roy Blount 
wrote in Esquire magazine, 
that sports in general at- 
tracted these out of the or- 
dinary names, but I contend 
that baseball has the lion's 
share. Oh sure, Fair Hooker 
is a great name for a wide 
receiver (Cleveland Browns,, 
last I heard), but (me need 
not look txr to have my theory 

Once while wandering 
through the gymnasium at 

Woodrow Wilson High 
School, I started reading the 
names of the players on the 
various baseball trams, 
whose pictures line the 

The names read like mus- 
ic. Picking one at random, 
I jotted down their names 
for posterity. Here is the 
U-man Wilson baseball team 
of 1915: Clarence Peed, Clar- 
ence Outten, Ulmot Cum- 
mings, Raleigh Whitehurst, 
C. McCoy, Vernon Herbert, 
"Yink" Turlington, Molly 
Crafi, Booty A|q)enzeller, 
Dean Murray and "Rusty" 

I'll take those names be- 
fore "Dr. J" anytime. 

Tournament teams being pickedl P'^oh, Hit & Run winners advance 


The l?th Annjial Class A 
and B Invitational Softball 
Tournament for Tidewater, 
will be held July 24-26 at 
the Northside ball field in 
Norfolk. The 16 top A and 


B teams, as picked by 
Ducky Davis, of the tourna- 
ment committee, will com- 
pete inthedonble'eliminatioH 
tournament. The defending 
chamiHons are the Fire 

House Inn. Tro|riiies will 
be awarded, with players on 
the winning team receiving 
individual trophies. 

Three former Most Val- 

uable Players in the tourn- 
ament, are now playing pro- 
fessional Softball in Balti- 
more. They are Johnny Dol- 
lar, Bert Smith and Nick 




^lecial to the SUN 

Letters, troj^es, and a 
huge buffet dinner were pre- 
sented, to Lynnhaven Jimior 
High ti'ack athletes at a re- 
cent award banquet held at 
the school. 

Girl's track coach Mary 
LOtt Schuler, wIk> to(dc the 
job to work with stwients 
birtside an English class- 
room environment, led her 
team (o second place in the 
sdiool meets and third plac» 
dty-wide. Her Most Valu- 
able Player award went to 
RcMuiie Mitehell who plac- 
ecl first in the 220 yard 
dash, second in the 100 jrard 
dash, and sec(Mid in the 440 
yard felay along with Bar- 
bara Greer, Geanne Giuffre, 
and Polly Mclndoe in the 
city meet. Assistant coack 
Sue Poe was praised tax 
her terrific help and super 
acti(n photography of the 
track m^ts. 

Boy's track awarded cup* 
to Darryl Olds for Most 
Dedicated Runner and Gur- 
us Riddick for Most Valu- 
aUe Player. Robert Spran- 
gers, undefeated all year 
the school meets, plac- 
ed Mst in the high jump bi 
the city meet. Easily clear- 
ii^ six feet, he narrowly 
mls&ed six feet, one inch 
which woidd have given him 
a city record, grangers, 
who returned to his native 
Sweden rarly this mcnth, 
will be missed by his t^m- 
mates who awantod him a 
special jersey toiake home 
with him. 

The Pitch, Hit and Run's 
local competition was held 
last week, and the four win- 
ners advance to the dis- 
trict championship. 

Steven Roenker, nine 
years old, Robbie Mitchell 
(10), William Dozier (11), and 
Michael Mungin, (12), all took 
first place in the competi- 

Runners-up were. Matt 
Marks (9), Trey McCoy (10), 
Kevin Blumenshine (II), and 
Patrick Cisarik (12). 

The local competition was 
keld OQ June 4tii iU Oceana 
HuSia. IXrSBa B&cli:r^ 

Pitch, Hit k Run is Major 
League baseball's official 
youth program sponsored by 
Thom McAn in association 
with the National Recreation 

and Park Association 
(NRPA) and the President's 
council on Physical Fit - 
ness and ^rts. NRPA of- 

Pro boxing 
in July 

Sports Promotions Ser- 
vices will present a seven- 
bout boxing card at the Vir- 
ginia Beach Civic Center 
(Dome), on Satnrdtey, M]^2 
at 8 p.m. % 

The main event will pit 
heavyweights Matt Robinscm 
and Donald Spellman against 
each other. 

ficials and personnel con- 
duct all the competition. 

District competition win- 
ners have their scores com- 
pared to other youngsters 
in other district champion- 
ships with the top two in 

each age group moving on 
to compete in twelve Major 
League parks and Hawaii. 
PH&R was open to all 
boys and girls between the 
ages of 9-12. Registration 
ended May 22. 


ui HOWH JMurAtv Hurt.. . ^. 



^pttM, P^ nil, JoMtte Wood- five an aiyredation award to track coach 
. SoMlt mtcNU. aMi LmUc ZaMtti llarj Loa SduOter (cwter). 



Since the Anboil embargoof 1973, Americahas i«crazsg</its use 
of foreignoiLInl976^over45% of thepetroleumprodudsusedinthe 
U.S.eame fromforeign sources. 






gaM^ 9MiM. tapir BMKX. Mm 

at MwM. nn ^ you vM poww 
that tun fMlh tk iMy; wti to sttrt 

Wf^^f^ ^^H^H iw#Qjr. 

iigin «M« W» anting tiny tabM. 
Vaul Ml kaa-ttim iMd iniD IwnMdHip 
(M^ iMiMi at axft wiMi at Mtt 

SqM Md iHfrtM, Om t^ 
MB OW PtaiM amMt you to 
tow foMidi ani MM wMmM (Mi^ 
naneM-ar nmy ta^. Start Mng 

KwuHvUto ManiMy 

▼ft* BCftCftf ¥&• 


Track coach, Jim Young presents first to Robert %>raagers. (SUM piwtos by Jioan 
^ce City Meet medal tor the h^h jump Ashley) 


wn im 1(74 197S isn mt 

1972 1973 1974 I97S IH« \Sm 


Sdd Throu^ JCPeflliey Product Service 
V^iom ^3-6}% or vistt our Tei^sk^ D^. 


• > • 



k t „^ ^ 

' i--^.-^ —^w. ^^^ 

1 ii It "JiiihaiaiiiBlllf 


First ^ .^ Ionia I musicians 
dynamic in concert 

SUN B»^ Reporter 

First ColonitlHifb 
Sch(K>l's Music I^|»rtnieDt, 
UBder the direction of Max 

A. G(»afio, eMsd the year 
with their ^int Cc^ert. 
Both the CMcert Audand 
the WM Ensemble did a 
heautifui jcA. Music flowed 
from the stage and filled 


ewi7 cwmr o{ ttie awUtor- 
iom vUh ^easli^ smmIs. 
Gwsl Coodueter lor the 
eveatag ms Mr. MaxvftU G. 
HahB. HakD was a 1973 grad- 
uate of First Colonial High 
School awl Is preswttly a 
senior music edneatiMima- 
Jor at Virginia ComiAon - 
wealth University. He is 
l^waiqg on being a stodott 
teacter at Ihdian River High 
School this &ill. So maybe 
we Mre in Tidewater will 
be seeing and hearing more 
from Rata in the IMdre. 

The concert band started 
the eveiung ott with five 
selections: "Chat^o Thier- 
ry" bf K. Ki^, "ITiree 
aort Pieces" by C. Car- 
dona, "ScarboroMgh Fair" 
by J. Maebeth, "PtdyiAoBiG 
Suite" by C. Carter, and 
-Japanese Fantasy" by 

F. Erickswi. 

Then the Wind Ensemble 
took the stage ana phyed 
live selections. Before each 
selection Max Qonano pre- 
sented a trnd^round <» each 
number. II a<Ms to audience 
enjoymmt of tl^ music when 
background of the piece and 

tli<» r^mtmifr i'iVhrtmin Th*> 
selections presented by the 
Wind Ehsemble were: 'The 
Earl of Oxford s Marche" 
by G. Jacob, -Caccia and 
Chorale" by C. WiUiams, 
•0 Cool is the Valley" by 
V. Persichetti, 'Poet wA 
Peasant" by F. Von Suw»e, 
and -Army of the Nile" by 
K. Alford. First Colonial's 
Wind Ensemble is SO mem- 
bers stnMg, with n mem- 
bers on the Senior Regional 
Band, thre« members were 
first chair onR^oml^ad, 
two members were AH State 

AuUtionees ami ooe member 
All State |iw]— LeM ImUh 
on Ei^Mium. First Coto- 
niars Wiad Ensemble is c(w- 
sidered by many to be me 
of the finest concert traits 
here at the Bwch. First 
Colonial i« puttii^ an 
L.P. albim) t{«ether featttr- 
ing the Wind Ensemble in 
Concert. Orders are being 
taken now and to receive one 
of the albums a persM may 
ccwtact any member of the 
First Col<migl mai and they 
will place an order for ytw. 
Virginia Brach music enthu- 
siasts lookup for some local 
culture will find It io the 

The SVN would Uketotalfe 
this qjportunity tp eo^rat- 
ulate Patrick Cotfey (w his 
selectiM as the ltW-78 
Field CwmmuOeK for tbe 
MartMig Pittntots of First 
ColoBidll^ SdiQQl. 


Furniture Co. 

3200 ClMsapMl(« Bfvd. 853-6 175 

At CofMo- ef OMs^eifct Oroawiril Hd. 
t^W^llt«.Thr«.Fri » |» 9 TaM.ire«.Skt f to S:30 



Nina Chaplain 

First Colonial's trumpet section, from the 

left: Eric Gibson, Ed Rack, Band Gom- 

mander Carma Lewallen^* Mattfiew Turk 

Ed Southern and Leissa Riggs. (Photo by 
BUD LOWE) »»• irnuiooy 


Nina Chajdain plans to be a true "Sunshine Girl" this 
summer, spending her days workii^ at the Virginia Beach 
oceanfront renting bicyclest to tourists. Nina, who's 20 
years old and. a graduate of First Colonial Higb School, 
enjoys dancing and has her eyes set on a slicing career. 

OJJ', irfli- ^. 

ins honDred Wjf 
business fraternity 

Beach wcmian asks 
for antiiiaiiekinq rule 

From the gang at 


Tire Co. 

MiNtary Highway - Norfolk 
Portamottth, Va. 

Where you (^mget 
a good deal on tires 




• 14«9 N. MUMV MWV. NOWeU 

the Alpiia Kappa P^ Pro- 
fessional Business^ Fra- 
ternity of Old EkHDiidw Uni- 
versity recently aoooolKe^ 
tbe selection of W. Itadcen- 
sie Jeiiiiis, Jr., a Virginia 
Beach reside, to receive 
their anaoal Bnsin«Bs-per- 
son of the Year Award for 
1977. Mr. Jenkins is tbe 
Prcsi(tet (rt Mxie lianu - 
factnriag Company ol Hor- 
tolk aid is a post Prni- 
deBt tf tbe IforMk Oismber 
of Commerce. 

Alpha Kappa Psi anmally 
awards that basiaessperMe 

who they feel has amtribnt- 
ed significaiitly to commqK< 
ity / business service mi" 
has instilled in studeBts*9l> 
interest in the free otter- 
prise system. 

Additional civic commit- 
ments Jenkins has to his 
credit include: past presi- 
dent of the Junior AcJiieve- 
m^ of f^water; 1972 Gen- 
eral Chalrmaa of the Azalea 
Fe^»l; past president of 
the Nattoul Carpet Cushi(» 
Cooacil; curmt thiid vice 
president and member of 
the Executive Committee and 
Board of Directors of the 

United Communities Fund ; 
(Optau and life member of 
Qw ViifiBia B^di BM<»e 
Squad; mefliiber (tf theBaard 
of TnsteiM of Nortoik Aca- 
<|emy; member of tbe Ad- 
visory Committee ol the 
ChiMrtt's Hospital oi tbe 
Kings Daughters and mem- 
ber of the boards of direc- 
tors oi Virginia Beadt Gen- 
eral Hositftal, the Balentine 
Home, the Norfolk Chambet 
of Commerce, Um NationaJ 
Carp^ and Ri« Institute and 

the Norfolk Board of the Vir- 
ginia Natitmal &mk. 

Mrs. Gw» Wood of 3004 
Pinewood Drive is l0(riui« 
to Virginia Beach City Coun- 
cil tor some help for her 
fellow noo-smokers. 

She's all for segregating 
the smoters from the non- 
smokers and wants City 
Council to consider ordi- 
WBces which would accom- 
plish this obJecUve. 

Mrs. Wood, «rt» is allergic; 
to smoke, started with the' 
Ccnmcil Chamber. Half should 

>e smokers and half 
tor t|ie; Km-smokers, she 
said. ; 

City should have an 
^ setting aside rest- 
public buildings and 
its for non-smok- 
fers, fofthat if they became 
ill foraly reason, they would 
have 'a. ] refuge where they 
would; m)t get more ill -- 
£rom jibe smoke. 

^e Imrnd objectionalbe 
seeifig a clerk smoking at 
the em^ency desk (4 the 

Virginia Beach Qenaral H(»- 
pital. Smoking cistomers in 
departm«rts ^res ind 
smoking iawyerlb the courts 
records ro(»a also diould 
be tabu, she said. * 

Councilman George R. 
Ferrell said tb? CiMKll 
would take her svg^stion 
under consl^i^tkn whUe 
Mayor Claroieec A. Holland 
retrained from lifting his 

Beach girl picked at VPI 

Mary Jane Cross of Vir- 
ginia Beach and a ^{Aomore 
at Virginia Polytechnic In- 
stitute and State University 
has been chosen as an as- 

soidate justice for the 
school's honor system. 
Cro^s, a political science 

major, was one of nine stu - 
d«is chQsen by ^e Hoirar 


System Review BoaM to 
work with the facstty and 
administratl(Mi to decMe and 
maintain their owa<nide- 
lines for aead«ii« fondoct 
at Tech. m 

Remember DAD tbis 

Fathars Day 

Give him something ht- can 
really use winter and 
summer to cut those fuel 


SPART4 BMprtecd M» ISO M.P.C. 
Real Hydraalic Shocks Matehless QwUityJ 

F« those COM days ^ead doa't forget last 
winter! L'st ai Echo power mw to eat your 

' ^ '^*^ *iif^y ot trntae* mooi. 
.Smoott Easy Start 
■iNwerfol Culti^ Actitm 
M-Bar ^ „„.„ 


totroAKtory OMer 

Carrying cm«, file gude. ^lare ehalB(M.fS) 
for $14M 

BK sn» Mtwq^f teles A Service 

$»tO. VA.MMftntf. 

1/^ Mito i^t ef l^tttfy Circte 


tf M^SMler-leeB^M 


YorMown CoflMMrca Center 

(18) 8x1 0's in Leather Album 

(1) 11x1 4 Bridal Portrait ( 
(1) 5x7 B&W for Newspaper 
(1) Wedding Memory Boolt 
60-70 proofs to clioose from... 

228 N. Lynnhaven Roatf, Suite 124 *"" •*»""** ^"""^ * cassette tape 

Piione: 486-4 100 
Virginia Beaclt, Virgii^ 23462 


PtmU^mAms fw Brktel Pages 


*- "^ ■ — -^-"^ 


r r w -w r W-- 

II u J- f I ^^^^^pup^^i 











.. . a New Restaurant 

Backed by 24 years of experience 

Weddhg Receptms ar)d 

Rehearsal Dmers our specialty 

-in the Church - in the Home - in our Restaurant 

Remember, this the most important event in your daughter's lite, 

lets make it just right for her. 

We take care of the small details 

8 1 80 Shore Drive Banquet & Patio Facilities 

Norfollc 2nd Floor of Sliore Drive . Marina 583-33 1 1 

Teresa Bellamy and Wayne Hicks 

Teresa Anne Bellamy and Kenneth Wayne 
Hicks will live in the Deep Creek siction 
of Chesapeake after their June 18 wadding. 

Teresa, 18, is attending Kee's Business 
College, in preparation for work as a 
legal secretary. She is a 1976 graduate 
of Deep Creek High School. Her paJrents 
are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bellamy of 
Deep Creek. 

Wayne, 21, is a dental technician stationed 
at Norfolk Naval Air Station. He is a grad- 
uate of ParkersburgHij^ School i n Parkers-? 
burg. West Virginia. He is the son of Sybil la 
Josef^ of Deep Creek. 

In preparation for their wedding, T0resa 
and Wayne, like' all soon-to-be-married 
^Hjples, are involved in considerations of 
ttMse things that are necessary to begin 
a new life. Come along with us as we 
follow them on a pre -wedding shopping 

We at Byerly Pidilications and ^e ad- 
vertisers in this year's POST Bridal Sec- 
tion wi^ Teresa and Wayne the best of 
luck and much happiness. Both are busy 
¥«>rking and planning for their wedding, bqt 
full of cheer and patience In "sh<^ping1' 
for this sectlOT. We extend our sincere 
tttanks for sharing their busy hours with 
our staff. 

Zaies RfiuKing Chargr • Zjles Custom Chjrge 

BinkAm«i-JrJ • Mislrr Owrge • Aoicricin Exprns 

Diner' CJub • Ctrtf B inchr • L«v«wiV 


The Piamond Store 

Cliariie Stukes of Zaies Military 

Circle Shows Teresa A Wayne one of the many ring selections availab!^ 

B.J.'s House of Flowers 

Personal service...when it's needed most! 
That's the mottoatB. J. 's House of Flowers. 
The people at B. J.'s know a wedding is 
most important time, but it's a hectic one. 
That's why B. J.'s steps In to relieve 
some of those "pre-nuptial pressures." 
They can take care of floral arrangements 
at the church, make certain the bridal 
bouquet is fresh and lovely and in its 
place in the bride's dressing room -- and 
with a guaranteed dependability! No more 
worrying about whether the flowers will 
look just ri^t! 

Selection? Our young couple, Wayne Hicks 
and Teresa Bellamy, agree that B. J.'s 
offers one of Tidewater's most complete 
floral plans for weddings. That's because 
Mrs. Bettie Jane Schwartz and her daughter 
Pam specialize in weddings, hospital gifts 
and funerals. They've been in business at 
London Bridge Shopping Center since 1972. 

B. J.'s Hou^e of Flowers is well -stocked 
with gift items, silk and dried flowers 
and potted plants, too. If you want the 
unique or unusual, Mrs. Schwartz can help. 
An accredited floral judge, she's designed 
arrangements in Japan, %)ain, ^ Canal 
Zone, Washington, D.C., Maryland and the 
Carol inas. Discuss your wedding plans 
with B. J.'s, and see why they've beconte 
one of the region's leading florists. 

ioncion Bridge Shopping Center Virginia BMeh 




. J. ^.^.^ ^,^j...>^,A a.^.m.^L^M.,^^mm>. 




cft we've b*en deytj'' 
than sixty years, Oi 

kMWrledge have become legendary... we 
afv^s maintain a cpl lection of some of 
the finest most exquisite bridal fajlhions 
as well as complementary gowns for the 
©ntire wedding party- —Just to hear the 
flW»stS| say, "She's a Famous bride", is 
iie corinplimdnt supreme- -to you and t&us. 

May \we help i» make ywr wedding 
memoiti^le? * 

Military Circle, Norfolk 
High and Court, Downtown Fortsrhoutti 


Ilomy n woii, KMpaaiiniii'' in Jun*.. 
ar« ttw famiUir ttrafcis of an oM song^ 
and are riminisciiil ^ an old cuatom 
of briitol iMrira. 

tha Mim of Mcing a hanaymaon ia 
A niodarn WrialkMnr oh an old duatom of 
tio bridal coi^la drinking of a apacial 
iMvM-age oritad maad. a winamadafrom 
honty. fcir a pariod of ona monlh after 
tti^ iiMWf iaga. 

Haiiea iia tann Iwnay-fiiQeii," ttial ia 
drinking «ia honay dkri^va wina for 
'a cycla. In Frinch ttia «iN>rda 
for thia aorcallad "aimar ai^iiatmafrt 
piriad ara^^una da wM." 

A how a ymoon can ba m long or ahort 
aa «w oei^a dieMaa if afcoidd ba, 
according to tfiair paraonal f inancaa and 
iitm. (mmio halp out witi ttiafinancaa, 
ona of #ia ettiar, or both a^ of par- 
ante miy tofrtribult finaneially to tie 
wad«^ tr^ to malia i4 «» plMaantoat 
poaaibia bagaming tor a hopafully iong 
and hap^ ratotionaMp. 

Hahaymeana thould ba whatovar a 
eoupia waMto Hmn to ba. Often city 
dtotflara find ttiat a waakaiM in «ia 
tttw^, mrifh nana of fta huafla and 
bMtto ttia iltolhay yaually toad, makaa 
a rising bonaymoon aatling for tham. 

Convaraaly, a atoy in a larga, boeni- 
mg oily may provida Iha atimili for an 
jaasftifig bonaymoon tor paraona «^ liva 
in a rural araa mtmi of «ia time. 
i9ot^ to^t travaf aganto agree ttiat 
MsiMaa of the graal aga of mobility 
in wbtdi wa ara mm livi^ plao^ftot 
WM-a en^ conaidarad far a«My hava 
baeoma tfw moat popular hdtiaymoon 


Hilltop Plaza 425-1655 

Tower Man 488-5012 


for financial 

f Joirrt checking and savings accoufita arethe 
main topic of discussion by \^iyne ihd 
Teresa with Vice President Irvih J<*insai. 

Teresa and Wayne realize the importance* 
of dKKJsing and using our m»»y aarvicas 
that will provide to them a sound nonage- : 
ment of tti»ir early married years. 

We invite everyme to come in bi^ w 'M dettiff*^ «' nur many services offered. 

ALL im BAm y wu. kv» leso 



9- WW f fP 'P' pi'lpi^Bpi^l 





Mrs. La/tce Large 




An eveni^ ceremony 
mtrked tte marriage of Lois 
ileaa McDanlel and Lance 
Ckrlstiaa Larfe at Kemps- 
ville Preab]rt6rian Churcii 
recently with Reirerend Dav- 
id J. Anderscm officiating. 

The bride was given in 
narriagfi by her brother, 
Walter C. McDaniel in of 
Charlotte, North Carolina. 
Wilb-ed Large was the best 
man for his sea. 

Ho&or attendants were 
Jana Lait;e ami Charnell 
ttiomas, ,- sisters of the 
groom. Sonia Ward, Marie 
ArtiE, '^m Laihore and Val- 
erie jKaye were bridesmaids 
Groomsmen were Robert F. 
MclMuiicil, bother of the bride 

Brian C. Large, Donald Al- 
bert, Blake D. Manuel and 
Richard Ttomas. Jennifer 
Bruce and Erin Ttomas 
were flower girls and Na- 
than Thomas was fingbear- 

*'"•' -'■ I ' 

The bride is tie daugh- 
ter of Mrs. Walter C. Md- 
Daniel, Jr., of Virginia' 
Beach, and the late Mr. Mc- 
Daniel. The groom is the 
son Of Mr. and Mrs. WU^ 
fred Large, also of Vir - 
glnia Beach. * 

A rece|>tton fas held in 
the church social hall. 

Following their- weddidg 
trip to Florida, the couple 

'On t buy a refrigerator 
today that you can't 
afford to run tomorrow.... 


John Zirkle, Manager Price's Military 
Store explains how the new Amanaiplus 
2 1/2 refrigerator and Amana Radararige 
WiU actually pay for themselves in 
savings of costly electricity. 

The cost of electricity is an impor- 
tant concern of new families today... 
and Price's has. tiie full line of Amana 
Energy Saving Appliances. 


1900 Montifiiip Avt. 7020 MIKary Highway 
35$ Compolldbi RocnI mimf (Mt Moil 
603 friMcIc Mvd., j^orts. Ptmbrok* MM 

First Colonial Road at Entranca to Hilltop Wast 


For the bride... 

only the best 

trom Smith & Welton 


'' rim,/jfi^til 

Mrs. John Koppers 


Miss Donna Marie Ahles 
and John Francis Koppers 
were married Saturday, June 
Uth at Saint Nicholas Cath- 
olic church in Virginia 

' "^e brid^ is the daughter 
of Ifr.. and Mrs. Raymond 
W. Ahles. The bridegroom 
Is tte scAi of Mr. and Mrs. 
Joie^F. Koppers, St. 

The maid of honor was 
the bride's sister. Eve 

Ahles. The bridesmaids 
were: Angela Merritt, Joan 
Davis, Karen Backus and 
Kathie Kell^. 

Alvin Mayo was the best 
man, and ushers were: Dan- 
ny, Ronald and James K(H)-- 
pers, brothers of the groom, 
Kenny Ahles, brother of the 
bride, and Paul Ange. 

Mr. and Mrs. Koppers will 
reside in Virginia Beach. 

Teresa shopped for lingerie at Smith & 
Welton at Great Bridge. Here Mrs. Susan 
Lutz shows her a gown from out niany 
selections. Teresa pickedSmith& Welton 
because she knows that we have ttie 
fimst quality merchandise and friendly 
sales people to serve you. 

Mr^ Thoma<i Hf^ndrick^ 


Miss EUeabeth Anne Mob- 
W^4»u^r^ Mrs. Paul 
W. *W^, St., and the Ute 
Paul W. NoWett, was wed 
receallr toTl^as LeeHtn- 
dittto, II, mm of Mr. art 
Mrt, Ttomas L. Hewlrtdcs, 

The w«Mi^ took place at 

Suburban Christian ^urch 
in Bellamy Mawjr c^ Fri- 
day, Jane 10. 

Follmriiv their i«(ldm 
trip, the OMQile wlU l«i^ 
in Grmn^le, a^iith Caro- 
llM, w^K both are seniors 
at B^ JoMs University. 

Newly weds like Wayne and Teresa or 
goldenweds, Haynes has the answer when 
it come to furniture! And no matter whether 
you're looking for a roomful of furniture 
or a houseful, Haynes has something dis- 
tinctive for the young couple's first home. 
There are groupings to fit every budget, 
too -- young and carefree styles that won't 
strain a paycheck, or more traditional 
pieces to "grow with." And If you're Pok- 
ing for a gift for a wedding or shower, 
you can find the perfect decorator item or 
accessory at Haynes. With Virginia's 
largest selection, and TideWater's friend- 
liest sales and service staff. Hayneis i« 
the place to begin your home -- it's your 
furniture store! 

Inntf naimlVi ApplaneM al toiMfl I 

S324 Vliginto laodi IM. 4f7«96l1 

Slora Heun 10 a.m.*9i30 p.m. Oedi pido^ 10 «ja.*740 pM* 

Convanlant Bu^^t Tarms Availabia Ptonty off Fraa l^t«d Pwklno 


_^^. .. : ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ mjL . _ _•& ^^ ^ M^A ^ m n ^ m AA^H 

*** .ifc ^ .» ... ■» J J. 

.^^^^^^^.^^^^^^m^^M. ^ A...^ ^jt^mt^^ 

-4 "^T^ ^fc 



f *Ji -.- 

_.»IT«.^ ^»- 

%h JwmJS 

Aftm a 


Beach family has a 
store of memories 

Tke BatamiB fiuttjr q»Mds BMy 
eallint tteir two ea^jrable years ob St^pu. 

by Tony R. De Marco 

It is almost a year'since 
Virginia Beach resident 
James H. Bateraan lelt the 
sle^qr little Pacific islan) 
of Saipan Irat it only seems 

like yesterday. 

Lieutenant Commander 
James H. Batemanwa8"Mr. 
Defmse Department" for the 
thousands of Ificronesians 
living and working in the 
atolls and iskods of the 
Trust Territory of the Pac- 

feoHPi rv- 
(noto by Tony 

ific Islands. 

Batemao, who was tern in 
Norfolk and lives on Qoirry 
i>a«e in Virginia Beteb, with 
bis wifei^Sate,aodfive-year- 
old>s^ Chmtojiber James, 
looksR^on his Navy duty 
on Sa4>B wl& loBd mem- 

lUMe^wlth j^cMH toes and 9mwfilKJV&ii^ 



Charly's ti<AUsh! U Jiriy Hasa «f Vlrfiiia B«m1i tiddes 
hw trusty steed, Charly, in just ite ri^t piaec, Im leU 
her kaom she's hit a seesitive spot, in no ancwtaiB terms. 
The trick gives both torse and riter a big laofli aad ^ec- 
tators are impressed wift Hie Uvcly duo. Judy was a partl- 
e^ttt ia the fo^Me Jurier Itomea's Clid) Charilty Bwse 
Stow at Princess Amie Park flds ^rlag. (I%ot«i by Joaa 


"As the Coamakdtr in 
Chltf H(Mc rmres eaitflve 
OB the staff of the H^ Con- 
miss^»er of the Trust Ter- 
rtto^ of the Paeifle Islands, 
I was the s&igle DepartaeiA 
of O^ose po^M of coated. 
At tlniM, it WIS extremely 
dMaanding, M iMjoyedit," 
aald tteSS-jmr^oU: nival 
ofBeer with a tmlie. 

C«MieBtiif (»Ms wife's 
rele, he contlomd, "Siewas 
the only nlUtary wtfe on 
^lipaa and reiHr«EMted the 
Navy aad D^tartmeii^ of De- 
fease as much as I did. She 
was literally half of the lob, 
hosting Impromptu lunch- 
eons and touring visitors aU 
over saipan." 

For his meritorious ser- 
vice wUle Uie Saipan Liai- 
son Ofttewr for the C(»n- 
numder in CUef Hdfte Re- 
|H-es«dative Guam and the 
Trust Terrttory of the Pac- 
ific Islands, Lcdr. Btteman 
was receadly' prtseatad the 
Joi^ Service Commeodatimi 
Medal by CiwUiB Joseph G. ' 
Kamrad, Commttder Am- 
phMous Sciaadn^ Four cm 
board tte amplibioQS trans- 
port dock U8S Coronado in 

Hie citation inpartVead... 
"LieiAenaBt Commander 
Bateman dlqdayed the ut- 
most dipl(»ia(9 and sens- 
itivity in dealii* with people 
of varied cuttnres and nat- 
ionaltties in a wide rai«e 
of rituatioos and locales." 

Reealliag some qiecifie 
dvtlM, Bateman said he 
fonctifloed as theslni^poiiit 
of coatact for such diverse 
matters as Search and Res- 
cue, medical evacnstiOBs, 
eiQdoalve orttomced top o s al, 
rawrgeney air dn^soflood, 
' eloth^ and provlsiohs to 
typiioon-devastated islands 
and the repa;triatioii U World 
War n remains. 

Puriag^his two ]w«r stint 
(m Saipan, BatnBan traveled 
JOdt^t^itMHIIinit M ic- 

;<'di|nqMcat islaals ttd coral 
atolls strctckiiitf aoaw S.SOO 
Biles across tte Western 
Jtai &tcaiaB,'wto studied 
at the Naval far College 
before tdda| tte &4m» as- 
sigament, noted ttat until 
World War B, very imie 
had been wrtttan io tiw 
world's his^H7 books oon- 
oemli« the Sjlll islands and 
two miUiMi mtm* mftes ol 
ocean knofwn as Micna^^. 
But then names like Tnk, 
Kwaialein, ^liwetok, Pele- 
loi. TiBiaa and Siipan be- 
came memonMel^pidesas 
miUioas oi Amerioutf 
waMMd with audons aati- 
cipitioa as Uieir sons aad 
loved ones wr^ed c(Hrtnd 
of the islands from the Ji4>- 

A(&n|tting ttat Ml pre^it 
Job as the staff op^ratiiNis, 
oBlair for Anphlbions' 
SiinadroB Four is eouider- 
^y diffemt from Us liai- 
son iob on Sa^, the 11- 
year Navy veteran v^ ttH, 
"My wlfa and I mi«s the 
warm island atmosphere, but 
it's gnat to be bad home 
la Qie StatM...eq^aclalfy 
here In Virgii^ Baatili where 
we can still get sand briwcen 
our toes. 

"SMieday I'd like to re- 
vi^ the islands, bid for 
now, we really enjoy life 
in these United aates." 


Don W. Ki^, a ^tJfMior 
of English at Montreat-An- 
terson College, iaMortrod, 
N.C., tes bees awanM a 
grail from the N^tonal 1^ 
dowmnt for the Hnmanttles 
to ^tewi (MM of their sian- 
WK^Mf sMniurt. One «f 
uffittH such awards in tte 
c«^i7, the grairt is compe- 
titive and ofm to huaRitf- 
Um faeitty in tiro-ndlMr- 
yMT RiUtgM across tte 

K^ wiU att«Ki ttee^- 
week SMiiaar atthe Vaiver- ' 
sity of VtrgittU i^re Iw 
wtU Hmtf 'The Rwsianlto- 
t9\ kum PuMia to ^' 

ronwrly a Virftoto 

itdeni, King Md 

Mfi. JemMne, live tt 

Mmfaabi wtti ttetr 

Virgmfa BeP'^n 
Public Noiices 


VIRGINIA: h tte Clerk's 
om^ ot tte Ctreutt Court 
d tte Cl^ of Viqinla 
BMdi, OB tte ^ day oi 
Ham, 197?. 

IB re: AAiptton of Wanda 
LaVene Swatley 


dM cune U 
I. PettKMers. 

of tus pro^ndtti is to d- 
teet the ndoptlsn of the 
above umed Mat (s), 
Wtada UVnne l^tley, 
by LAof CiOl and been 
made and fSnd that Fred 
Hinat, a aattnl parent of 
nld child (re^. if nnon- 
resldant ot tht Slite of 
VirglnU, the lait taown 
post ofAee addresn btiag: 

It is tterelore Ordered . 
that the saM Fred Bines 
appear bdtere ttis Ccnri 
Within tiB ^ydajrs afler 
puUleattai «f ttU Order 
and indlokn W^her at- 
imMe I0WU1I OH propMea 
adopUon, or otterwine do 
wind is aecMsary to pro- 
tect Us int«reirt in ttis 
nuMer. ' 

A Gonr teete: JcAn V. 
FeqtrtM, Clot 
By: Patti A. KeenahanD.C. 
218P«nbltdce Foto- Bldg. 
Virtlaia Beach, VA. 

VBS-S/1$, %/U, S/29, 7/6 

VmonOA: In the Clerk's 
Qlllct oftfee CIrcUt Coifft 
«f the City of Vtrglaia 
Beach, on the Itt (by ctf 
J^ue 1977 

HusbandMd Wife, 

To: Hobwl Wayne Brooks 
Gloi^t«>, Viifiaia 
NO. C-77-«3 

TUs day came Karl 
WDUfeaag Wmsd^ and 
Ghariene Moser W^seler, 
Petfttoners, maA r^n^sea- 
ted tUd the obfeet df this 
luticeidtng is to e^iect tte 
ndMtioB (tf tte above nam- 
ed In^, Vivian Roberta 
BrwAs. if Karl Wtdfpuc 
Wesseler and Charlene 
Moser WMseler, b^hand 
and wile, and affidavit tev- 
iag been made awl filed 
that Robert Wayne Brooks, 
a natural parent oi s^ 
cUld idwreabouts is ua- 
known, that doe diligence 
has been used by or in be- 
half of tte petitioners to 
ascertain in wUdi county 
or eoproration tte nataral 
pami i«^ without effect, 
tte last Umwd post office 
address beii«: c/o WilUe 
Brooks, Gloucester, Vir- 

It is. tterefOre, ORDER- 
ED that tte said Botert 
Wayne Bnxflts appear te- 
fae« tUs Cowt wM^ ten 
(10) days after publication 
of tUs Order and indicate 
his attltHli toward tte pro- 
posed adaption, or otter- 
wise do what is necessary 
to protect Us interest in 

A 0019 te^e: John V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By: Patti A«KeenehanD.C. 
A. Andrew Ei^, Jr. 
Attorney for P^tlooers 
1369 Laskin Road 
VIrginU Bsachi Virginia 

VBS-6/15, 6/M, 6/29, 7/6 

tit.!'!" , ilf 

i Tte Virrtda Beack Board ot Zi»ing Anieals will con- 
duct a nUle Hearing on Wednesday, July 6, 1977, at 
7:30 P.M. in tte Circuit Court Room #6. City Hall, 
Virgttia Beach, VIrf Ua. Ite following g^jfOications 
WiU ^mear on tte agttda. 

1 fDeforred June 1, 1977). Warren A. (M requests a 
variance of 25 ftet to a 10 foot settadc from Haven 
Road instead of 35 fleet as required on Part of Wade 
Site, Ew^ Parte, Bavn Itoad. Lyi^aven Boroi^h. 
2. (Deferred JnM 1, 1977). C. Ranik^ Zehmer re- 
qpests a vartace of 20 fert to a 30 foot front yard 
sei^Mk instead ef SO feet as reqidred of Lcrt 13, Block 
1, tract A, Sandbrldge Beach, 2428 Sandfiddler Road. 
Pungo BorouKh. 

3. nDeteired Jaw 1, 1977 for readvertisement of cor- 
rect M numters). Edvnrd P. Brogan reipests a var- 
iance of 3 feet to a 7 foot side yard setback instead of 
10 feet as required on Lote 5, 8, 9, and 11, Block 16, 
Peeu Gardete, Washington Avenue and Roosevelt Ave- 
nue Princess Ante Boroi«b. 


1, Frank E. Waller reqneste a variance of 10 fe^ to 
a 10 foot side yard ad^cenl to a street- (Ocean Shore 
Amm) instead of n feet as reqBiiredtm Lot 6, Blocks, 
Seatott G, Caps Bsnry indicate, 2320 Calvert Street. 
Lysaittvan BihMi^. 

2. Sun Oil Cmpany requests a variance of 21.5 feet 
to a 13.5 focdJNU jwd settat^ tested (rf 35 feet as 
required (m0 mad tmvfl <» Site «6, SidxttvisioD 
of J<Ab p. ttd Geme J. Parker, Lwdoo Brt(tee, 
||72 Virginia Bmtb Boulevard. Lynnteven Borough. 

3. Gerald R. and Sandra L. McDevitt ret^st a mriance 
of 2 feet tt fMice btitfit to a 6 foot fence in^»d of 4 
fact te h^ild as allowed in a required i^Otktk from a 
street OiOmte Men Road) on Lot 1, Btock 9, Seetton 1. 
Pwnbw fce Moor, 4601 Crown Pdnt Une. Bayside 

4. Aidrew J. Tates req^^ a variance of 7.8 feet to 
a 2.2 foot side yard setback («ut property Uoe) in- 
stead of 10 test as i«9ib^ on Lot 21, Block IS. Ub- 
«meer, 219 Mad itevet. L^itfiavea Boren^. 

5. Oeen Park Bi^tlst Ourch bf Grover C. Wr^ht, 
Attorney, iwomM a vaitenee <A 2.45 acres to O.SS 
aerM inroad (d 3 KfM as rfqUred kx a drardi on 
Lote 5.6,7. and I, M)Ck IS. 1^ of Section A. Ocean 
Put, Itottveal C^ser (tf DqioU Circte and OimMddie 
load. Bajvlde Bonii^ 

6. C. Raadoteb tds^ rwiteSts a variaw^ oS tOte^ 
to a 30 foot frtad yai^ tettnUi twtaid olSOfeetas 
reqUred of tot 32. Trai^ C. Se^on S. Tract D, See- 
tton 1, SandbrMie Baaiift, m4 SandMdler Road. Pimgo 
Boroep. ^ 

7. G. Qni «Ml Itargar^ 0. GMMd r«MMt a t«r- 
ianet af tO feet to a 30 foot front mrt sMttiii mtead 
«f S0 iMt M nqUred ol Lel^ Btodit.Tn(« A, 

SaaiMMflj^ RMd. Prfn^ss Ame 

WfllMBS and AMhte T. WUUams wftM a 

of tBfoette« M loot front jrard setback ia- 

«l W ftet tt r^irad af Lot 27, Blodi 1, Tract 

BaM»» SaadttdAtt- 9mA. Prioeess Aue 

t. r, Baal wmm ^ IWUaa C. M^ar^u, Jr.. At- 
tend, wipiiti n w^mg» ot tm site puttag m^ss 
to n puwtg Bfum MM vtm paiMc «acMis 
ramttad uf to ^kw |«r^ tt tte mftaai 10 fort 
aattaA Mwa eoiMweW Mrilg wimm nMmm 
■aiWV (aotii.WMMi'^ Um) and to i^ve nm tmi^^ 
immt^mm ^ Mbta li hm ix anris, Pte 

tf MMr tf J. R. Ftea^iu, SiUfop, 1750 Ladda 

■stminister-Canterbury of Hampton Roods, Inc. 
..J ..x.a Houston, Attorney requests a variance o( 75 
te«t in building height to 150 feet in height instead of 
75 feet as allowed and of 343 on site parking spaces 
to 343 parking spaces instead of 686 parking spaces 
as required of Tract A, All of Blocks A and B and 
Closed Portions of Ocean Avenue and 7tb Street (13 
acres), Lynnhaven Beach, Shore Drive. Lynnhaven Bor- 

11. Dr. Jenime E. Adamson remiests a variance of 20 
feet to a '30 foot front yard senack instead of SO feet 
as required of Lot 8, Block 1, Sandbridge Beach, 
2448 Sandfiddler Road. Princess Anne Borough. 

12. E. A. Smith requests a variance of 10 feet to a 5 
foot side yard accent to a street (5Btt Street) instead 
of 15 fert as required of Lots 1 aad 2, Block 7. Uber- 
meer, SItt Sfreet and 0^mfr<»t. Lyiwhaven BortMgh. 
Ileuses £.1^sey reqoiste a variaiM:e^ S Je^ to 
a 15 foot side yard adja(^ to a tfr^jJowe: Avenue) 
ii»t«Hi of 20 fe^ as required of Lot 25^ Mylake Beach, 
Lqgknd Road. Bajniide Borodgh, 

14. Citottwwraltt Asi»>eiates by Joseph J. Law)er, 
^oreey, requests a variance of 15 ^t to a 50 foot 
iride curb oj^Ung instead of 35 feet wide as allowed 
for an access driveway to bott LyndMtven Parkway and 
Soutt Lynntevm Road <» a farcer (155' by IW), at 
tte northotsteriy intersection of Lyudnven I^rkwayand 
Soutt Ljm^ven Etoad. Princess Ante Borough.: . 

15. TAP, tte. by Paul L. llckle reqpests a va^unce 
oi 20 ppuiUag spaces to "0" parking q^ei9 instnd of 
20 parkttK spaces as re<piired of tte Soutt 40 feetttf 
Lot 22, BkMdc 31, Vireinia Beach, 1709 Pacific Avenue. 
Virgbiia BMCh Borough. 

16. Dominion Building CorporatiCHi by Donald Russell 
requests a variance of 2.5 feet to a 7.5 foot Side yard 
s^badc instead of 10 feet as required (soutt jAtHierty 
line-firqdace) on Lot 20, Block G, Phase 1-B, Part 
I, l%e Lakes, 3209 Barrington Drive. Princess Anne 

17. J(dm H. Malbon and H. Ernest Brown r^uesta 
variance of 14 on site parking spaces to 20|nrktog 
i^ces; instead of 34 paridag spaces as require on 
I^rcel "C, West Oceana Gardens, 1763-1769 Vjfrginla 
Beach B(Nilevard. Lynnhaven Borough. 

W. L. Towmrs, Secretary , 

VBS^6/15 - 6/22 - 2t 



Sealed UAs ia, dedicate for tte Physical |(0ye of 

tte Board Room of tte Sf^ioolAimiiil^rttlM^nildiag 
Muaicteal Center, Virginia Beach, Viifbia on lltmiiay 
June 20, 1977, at 2:00 p.m. D.S.T. AU UdswiUte 
pid>licly (^ned and read aloud. 

Bidding documents consisting (d Drawing and ^tacifica- 
tions may te otrtained by teliftone request (Wk) 623- 
6621 from tte office of Williaffls and TaseweU A As- 
sociates, Inc., ArcUtecte, or by requrat to. tte De- 
partntent of Purchasing, School Admiai^rattpn build- 
tog, MuDiclpal Center, Virginia Beach, VirgUiia. 
Mr. H.S. Atematty 
Assistant Siqierintendent of Sdiools 
ftisinras AttUrs 
City of Virginia Beach 
School ^)ard 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23456 

VBS-6/15 -IT 

Virginia Beach City PubUc Schools 

Office of tte Sqiierintendent 
1977-78 Initial AppUcation Deadline 
July 15, 1977 

^tecare Application at tte fecial > 

EducatiMi Office, Stadium Annex) 
217 N. Witcbduck Road 
Teleidione: 499-2326 

Rules and regulations for Tuitton Assistance for tte Edu- 
cation of Handicapped Childroi in Virgiaia attending 
Approved Private Nonsectorian Schools tor tte Andi- 
c^M 1977-78. (In Compliance witt Secticms 22-K1.55 
and 22-10.8, Code of Virgtoia, 1974. Acts of tte General 

A. DEFinTlON: Haadicspped children indude ttMc vriio 
uw neUally r^arttod, learalif disaUed, pb)itfatlly 
tendlaipped, «notbwaUy dlstrubed, beai^ ittfifred. 
ml^le teaaain«d atf vi^Oly impaired as 4M^ 

to tte publications Administrative Reqnirem^ts and 
GjHi^Unes for ^>ecial Educatton Programs. 1972. and 
Servites for Ez(^;itl(»ial ChHdnn. A Guj^ W Pro- 
P»to^^vement, 1970, Virgiaia Statelepartment 

5L ^^E^^. °^ ^^^^' ^ <*^^ to ttetermine 
tte^dlgildU^ of a haadic^yed cUM for iidti^ as- 
siitaace, tte following nqnfremeitf must te MfiUed 

1. For tte school yw 1977-78, tte handicaMed child 
mu^ teve r^ched his/her secwid trtrttcby teD«e«n-l 
ha- 31, 1977, and shaU not teve reiched Ms/bfer t^eUv- 
ttm UrtM^ by Decemter 31. 1977. 

2. Tte «tld vttst te ki«mttftad m handicappi^ to ac- 
^rtawe Witt State Board of filiation (li^N» and 
procedMwi, after cai^U review itf umiMate nro- 
J^^^iJl^ Aipoayiy, itn^^^swi^ 
that tte i^flol division is unaUe to provide ac^owlate 
special edncation for tUs hanUcapped chUdT^t^ to- 
MUy or ttnwgh arraagraieUs wtth anotter school 
Avisioo, ami such edwatficMi to uA anili^bte to tte 
^te M^ools or instituttoBs. ^ evaluatkms AaU 
te enflle and avaitaUe for review by destaiated mate 
DepartawitcdEdaeatMipersaHirt. "^ "'««"«"««» 

3. tte paraat w gMnHaa tf Ite^AlMforittMitattiott 
mt^nca U^nfum mast ^v^mmM Malaa- 
tive iMMvUton (metfi^, social, piqrchrici^ed apsn^a- 
SLH.^g*^e!^> •^ «liicati«ial), to tt» ybAh^l 
ttiMai aad. trinn reqauted, mut give written termis- 
tfn t» at^kaal WMlnattoas as needed ftv^^. 
tvmtatftan M^Mtty. »» ^ 
C^pte^y on tte^^l imn acconvaUit ^ tte 
mm itm te iifl i nrt n i d ^ tte m^^»^^^ 
tte loal jriMl dftrteton l^ My 15, wn to^t^^e 
IV iUM CMMerttton for tte Mhod y«u>^^^8 

VW . 6/15 IT 


# f w^r-w rp^P?P^*J 

J, pup ^ i .i i-,pLi|ii I- y fL ij- y-p y p y w y »-■ * - f - » » i > » p p yr'y y p » » I ^ :-P ^ 1 1 I p I t-i-f 1 * y ^ y y 


FF^Jf » f f » P Wl 


Virfiaia Bsftck Sun, Aioe 15, 1977 • B-9 

VirginU: fa thi Cleft's Of- 
fice of the Circuit C«irt of 
Jte City of Virglidft Bnch, 
"Sb the l|t day of 3me, 1977 
tn re; Adoption of DtnLel Har- 
rison Bradley, afe twQ^to tw 
knovB i» Daniel BraiM^y 

By: Rodney Jos<^ Ducc^e 
>^ and BMtara Elaine Diic(rte 
To: David Michel Blair 
tSa Subarban IMve 
KnoivlUe, Tennessee 

b Chancery 

This <tey came Rodney 
Jcseph DneMe lAd Bartian 
mUt Doente, PetitiobeH, 
aM n^THwited ttat tte ob- 

J^jOf ;ttS prwaHMi^ is to 

4m»; tte IMcvMob <a the 
a#ir wiaed incy^s); Daniel 
ItoMsee Bn^, by Rod- 
iMf ^tiMph nm^tm Bar- 
Ian Elaine DncoKe, Hwrtitnd 
utt «tf», and amitavtt hav^ 
inr bcniiMHia and fUed Oat 
Okvid Midlael Blair, a na- 
#11 parent of aaid ciii» 
ft%a), Is a non-resident of 
the Seite a Virs^da, the 
llM lBxnnipost<^^address 
bei%: 200 SutMitan Drive, 

Aai ui^OMkvtttevi^beeD 
mitie awf filed Itatt^tHid^- 
dant is I mM^stddant of tm 
tete at mt^m, Ihe Ittt 
Imown ffo^ crf^M a<Mress 
b^^ uknown to ComplalB- 
uk, said Cwi^lKBtJivij^ 
u»d ^ #li|^4ft toiMer- 
ftin in vhitf City tf corpora- 
tton tli dmanbnt is located 
vithwt su^ess. it is order- 
ed that he do appear here 
within ten (10) dayar after 
due publieattM) Mr«(rf. aqd do 
lAat may be mteeswry to 
protect his interest tn this 

A e(^- Teste: John V. fm- 
tress, Cleit ; 

By: ]. Curtis Fruit, Deputy, 

Clarlt, HiAdmer & Slant 
211 Pembroke Three Build- 

Bininbt Beach, Virginia 

' .J 

VBS-6/», 6/15, 6^2, 8/29-4t 

Virgiiiia Beach Public Notices 

Khoxville, Tenn. Itisthere- 

, fore omered that tiie said 

' DftTld Midiael Blair ant^r 

before this Court within ten 

(tO) days after publtcation 

oC this Order and indicate 

his/her attltade toward the 

' pr^pwed aidojpitioD, or other- 

«lie J|o what la necessary to 

prol^ his interest in this 


A copy teste: John V. Fen- 

tress,^ Cleric 

By: J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 

Bruce'fi. Mills p.q. 
4145 VirginU Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 

VBS-8/1, «/15, 6/22,6/29-41 


ta tbe Cleric's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City <rf 

Virgiida Beach, on tbe 1st 

day a Jitte, 1977. 

Nancy Cand Fincher Strouth 



Cf^jAlayette Strouth, 

Hr grounds 
lit DIMS fear's sqmntloB. 

Ant an affidavit having been 
lUde aad fUed that the de- 
feodiurt is a non-residoit of 
UK^^bf VirginU, (he last 
taiowtt tost (^Kteeaddressbe- 
ii«: 6tf East Alsllt Street, 
M^B. Kii«ville, Terns it is 
entered that he do appear 
here within ten (10) days 
after <tae puIdlcatioD hereof, 
and do wlnit may be neces- 
sary to pnAect bis interest 
In this suit. 

A Gopy-Teste: John V. 
Fentress, Cleric 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, D&pKAy 

miliam L. TaUaferro, Jr. 

104 Board at Trade Build- 


Norfolk. Virgiaia 

CBS-i/t, 6/15, 6/22,6/29-41 


Virginia: In the Circuit Court 

of the City of Viririnia Beach 

on the 28th day «^ May, 1977 

LX, Underwood, Jr., 




Artimr D. Peterson 


Sivia C. Peterson 

In Chancery 

The object of this suit is 
to <ri>tain CmtI ajgiroval of 
the diqiositioo of certain 
ftmds held by tbe «>mplain- 
airt for the account and bene- 
fit of Arthur D. Peterson 
and Sivia C. Peterson; and 

An affidavit having been 
made and filed that the where- 
abouts of Arthur D. Peterson 
are uUcnowa and fiiat Sivia 
C. Peterson resides outside 
tbe Commonwealth of Vir- 

It is herAy Ordered that 
tbey appear herein wiMn ten 
(10) days of the piAlication 
of this Order, which order is 
to be published in tbe Vir- 
ginia Beach Sun, anewsp^r 
baving general circulation in 
the City of Virginia Beach 
once a wedc tor two suc- 
cessive weeks. 
A oopy Teste: John V. Fen- 
tress, Cleric 
By J. Curtis Frutt, D.C. 

John B. IHnsmore, p,q. 
Byrd.. Diasmorct Evans and 
^r^iit, Ltd. 
^3455^- '^■■^' •^r''--- 

VBS-6/8, 6/15-2t 

U Ok Clerk's CWice <a tbe 
Circuit Court of tbe City 
of Virginia Beach, on tbe 
tstdaynf June, 1977. 
D&vtd Howard Weast, 

Genuine Blakla Weast, 

Tie obiect of this suit is 
to dbteta a divorce a vin- 
culo matrimonii fnun the wid 
d^eadairt qon tl» grounds 
d one year's separatiott. 

And anafllitevitbatingbeen 
made aad filed ttiat tte de- 
tadurt is a non-resiitent of 
flK State of Virginia, the last 
kaowa post office i4dress be- 
ing: 4010 Hessmer Street *1, 
MetaJUla, La. 70002 It is or- 
dm^ that she doi^vearbere 
wltbia tM (10) days after dne 
pHlUcattoi hereof, and do 
1^ may be aecesary to 
pfMect her interest in tUs 

A «DW-Teste: Jota V. 
FealiMss, Cleric 

Sr: J. Curtis Fruit, Dqwty 

iraiftti L. Taliaferro, Jr. 
7M Boaitl of Trade BuiU- 

nomt, Virginia 

VBS-6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29 4t 

Virginia: to the Cleric's Of- 
fice of the Circoit Court of 
the City (rf Virginia Beach, 
on tbe 27tb day of May, 1977 
In re: Adoption of Daiis 
Hughes Clary a white male 
bon September 29, 1%9 in 
Greenville. North Carolina 
By: Michael Wayne Drye k 
Elizabeth C(nipt(m, Drye 

To: Earl Douglas Clary 
5632-A West Maricet Street 
Greensboro, North Carolina 

fa Chancery 

This day came Michael 
Wayne Drye and Elizabeth 
Compton Drye, Petitioners, 
and represented that the ob- 
ject of this lottceeding is to 
effect the adqpUni of tbe 
above named iitfaat, Denis 
Hi^bes Clary, by Michael 
Wayne Drye and Elizabeth 
Compton Drye, husband uid 
wife, andaffidavitbavingbe«i 
mMie and #led that Earl Dou-^ 
glas Clary, a natural parent 
of said cbiU, is a non-re- 
sMent of tbe State (d Virgiida 
file last known oosi c^ce 
a4ldress beii«: 56l2-A. West 
Maric^ Street, Gre«isbM«, 
North Carolina. 

It is therefore Ordered fiiat 
ttie said Earl Douglas Cfary 
appMr b^ere this Coul 
withfa ten (10) days after 
pitficatioD of tiUa Order and 
indicate bls/attitiide toward 
tte iHtiposed adoptioo, or 
otherwise do what is ttec«- 
sary to protect his interest 
fa this matter. 

A Wff tMte: J<rim V. Fen- 
tress, Cl«t 

By: J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
A. Andrew E^, Jr. p.q. 
1M9 Laiftiaioad 
Virgil Beach, Virginia 

VBS-6/8, 6/15, 6/22,6/29-41 

In tte Clerk's Office of tte 
CtrciM Coert «^ tbe City of 
Vli^da Beach, on ttie Srd 
Agr flf Jnae, 1777. 
mmtk Aalwma Cllmore 



Ate Oliver GUssme, Jr., 

nt ebjert ri tUs Kit is to 
m^ • tf»«^ • Mwa^ 
m»» !• be Mk mum 
Me a dlmee a flwdo mtf- 

«M qn flH gfoMte tf de- 



fa the C3«t's (Mflee of the 

Cir^t Cdart « tfee City of 

Vligt^ Bea^ on the 31 

^y d May 1 1977. 

Di RE: Adoptton ef Chris- 


^ Ketnetb MMnr Gdas- 

wsmm Md Itaitn 1^1^ 


Te: ltt4*f^ BSMiMZidkoski 

Itegaatowa, W«rt Viirfala 

fa Chancery 

THIS lUV came Kenn^b 
Iftkthew GiAafyMwski aad Su- 
4Mb DarleneGoUszewskl, and 
npr^nted that the dsject 
of this praceediag is to ef- 
fect the adaption (v tbe above 
named ttfanl. Chri^na Sue 
Zultefiki, bjr Kmmtt Mathew 
Gcdaszewdri and Susan Dar- 
Iwe GfOastemski, husband 
and wife, and affidavit hav- 
ing been macte and filed that 
Miebael B«u^ Zulta»ki, the 
aMutd fatter ai s^ c&hl, 
is a baQ-r«rid«it of t|w State 
<fll Virginia, bis fast known 
post i^ee address being 1^4 
f University Avnuie, Morgan- 
town, West Virginfa 26505. 

It is tterefore ORDERED 
that the said Midmel Ben- 
nett ZulkoskL appear before 
this Court withfa ten (10) 
dafs after publication of this 
Order and indicate bis at- 
Ufade toward the pr(qx>sed 
uiopUoo, or (Mberwise do 
vrtiat is nece!»ary to. pro- 
tect tis interest in this mat- 

A copy-Teste: John V. 
Pmitress, Cleric 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
iteodon A. Boyce, p.q. 
105 N. Pfaxa Trail 
Virginia Beach, Virginfa 


A c(^-teste-Jobn V. Fen- 
tress, Clerk 
W^m E^ Burgess, 
537 Sdttthslde Rmd 
Vir^a Beacb, Virgfafa 


Virginia: fa the Clerk's 
Office of tbe Circuit Court 
of tte City of Viiffafa 
Beach, on tbe lOtb thy of 
June, 1977. 

fa re: AdoiAion of Ttmothy 
Darrfa Countryman 
By: Ftorencie Ellen 
Robert G^ri Weeks 

TO: Susan Countryman 
419 1/2 South Washington 
Street, Greenfield, Ohio. 
#C77-714 " 

And an affidavit having 
been made awl filed that the 
defendant is a oM-resid^ 
of the Stott «f Vft^nia, the 
fast known post oAee aikl- 
ress being: Bayvie* Car 
Shop, Baltimore, Maryfami. 
it is ordered that he do ap- 
pear here within ten (10 
4iys after due i^blication 
hereof, and do what may be 
necessary to protect his fa- 
terest in this suit. 
A cdpy-Teste: John V. 

By: Patti A. KeeiKhan, De- 
puty Clerk 
William F. Bumside 
P.O. Box 1062 
Vii^iua Beach, VA 

VBS-6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22 

Virginfa: fa the Cterk's 
(Mfice of the Circuit Court 
of the City of Virgfafa 
Beach, on the lOtb day of 
June, 1977. 

fa re: Adc^rtion of Scott 
Daniel Detong i 
Morence liiuen Chapman 

By: Robert Gehn Weeks 


TO: Roy L. Castor 

Route #2 

McArthur, Ohio 

In Chancery 


This day came Florence 
EUen Chapman Weeks and 
Robert Gtiirt Weeks, Vm^i^ 
tiooers, and represented 
Hmt fae object of this pro- 
ceeding is to effect fae 
adc^on of the above nam- 
ed infant Scott Dantel De- 
Long, by Florence Ellen 
Chapman Weeks and Robert 
Gebri Weeks, husband and 
wife, and affidavit bavii% 
been mwte and filed tlat 
Boif L. C^^or, a nafaral 
parent of said diild (ren), 
fa a non-resident on fae 
Sfate of Vir^. the fast 
known prat office address 
being: Route #2 McArthur. 
(Mo It is therefore Order- 
ed that the said ttof L. 
Castor appear before this 
Court wifafa ten (10) days 
after puMication of fafa 
Order and Indicate bfa/her 
attitude toward fae propos- 
ed adc^ion. or otherwfae 
do what is i^cessary to 
jovtect his interest fa fafa 

Fentress, Clerk 
By: Pattt A. KeendianD.C. 
MlUam Drinkwater p.q. 
Ansell and Drinkmter 
4336 Virginfa Beach Blvd. 
Virgiida Beach, Va. 23452 

VBS-6/15. 6/22, 6/29, 7/6 

This day came Florence 
Ellen Chapman Weeks aad 
Robert Gi^ri Weeks, Pe- 
tttiniers, and representa- 
tttlQoen, and r^resen- 
ted that the object of fais 
proceeding fa to effect fae 
adc^tion of fae above nam- 
ed Infant (s),Timofay 
Darrin Countryman, by 
Florence EUen Chapman 
WetiUi and Robert Gefari 
Weeks, hutihand and wife, 
and affidavit having been 
made and filed that Susan 
Countryman, a natural par- 
ent of said child, is a non- 
resident of fae Sfate of 
Vii^infa, the fast known 
post (^ice address being: 
419 1/2 Soufa Washington 
Street, Greenfield, Ohio it 
fa therefore Ordered faat 
fae said Susan Countryman 
appear before thfa Court 
withfa ten (10) days after 
publication of thfa Order 
and indicate his/her atti- 
tude toward fae proposed 
adoption, or ofaerwfae do 
what is necessary to pro- 
tect, his faterest fa fais 

A Cq;>y-Teste: John V 
alleiitEits;i(3eriB urToti' 
By: PattiA.Keendian.D.C. 
William Drinkwater p.q. 
Ansell and Drinkwater 
4336 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Virginfa 

VBS-6/15, 6/22, 6/29, 7/6 
41 ; 


Virgfafa: fa fae Circuit 

Court of fae city of Virginfa 

Beach Jun 9. 1977. 



C.P. #4527 

It appearing that a re- 
fcni of the aecountsof Vir- 
gfafa Natiimal Bank, Exe- 
oior <d fae est^e of Mil- 
dred ^>ragae, deceased, 
aad of tbe debts and de- 
mand agalnrt her esfate 
has beenffled fa fae Cterk's 
(^ce, and that sfa monfas 
bas dapsed since fae quall- 
ficatioB, OB mcHfm <A fae 

IT IS ORDERED that fae 
creditors ^ and aU<Mers 
istensted fa. tbe e^te do 

Virginia: fa fae Circuit 
Court of the City of Vir- 
ginia Beach on fae 8fa day 
of June, 1977 

Re: Esfate of Dorofay W. 
Maddrey decMsed 
C.P. #4523 

It twearing that a report 
of the accounts of Ufated 
Viif infa Bank/Seaboard 
National, Norfofa. Virginfa 
Pers(»al Representative of 
tbe Esfate of Dorofay W 
Maddrey, deceased, and of 
the dms, and demands 
against her Esfate has been 
filed in tbe Clerk's Office 
of this Court, and that su 
months have efapsed since 
tbe qualification, on mo- 
tion of the personal re- 
presenfative: IT IS OR- 
DERED that fae creditors 
of, and all others fater- 
rested in, fae Esfate do 
show cause, ifanyfaeycan, 
on the 15tb (fay of July, 
1977, before this Court at 
ifa Cnirtroom, agafast fae 
payauirt kbA delivery of fae 
Estate of Dorothy W, Mad- 
drey, deceased, to fae Le- 
gatees wifaout requiring 
r^fanding bonds. 

ENTER: Thfa 8fa day of 

June, 1977 

Aurtfae £. Owens, Judge 

Frank E. B«fUer, Jr. 


V. F«tress« Clerk 

By: J. Curas Fruist, D.C. 

VBS: 6/11, 6/22 » 


In fae Circuit Court 
Of the City of Vlririnfa Beach 
oil the 24th day of May, 1977 
In re: Ad(^on of Michael 
Dean Trafl, and clfange of 
name to Michael Dean Neili 
by: St^en Wright Neill, and 
Ann Christfae San Agustfa 
NeUl. his wife. 

Chancery No. 
'The object of tbe above 
styled suit is to secure the 
adoption of Michael Dean 
Trail, fafant, by StejAen 
Wr^ht Neill and Ann Chris- 
tfae San Agustfa Neill, the 
natural mother of tbe said 
child, Ann Christine San Ag- 
ustin Neill, having consented 
to said adoption and also to 
' : effect the change of surname 
*'^6f fae said infant from Mich- 
'ael Dean Trail to Michael 
Dean Neill; and 

It appearing by affidavit 
filed a^ording to faw that 
fae last known address of 
the natural fafaer, Carroll 
Francfa Trail, Jr., was 320 
■ Nile Street, San Diegd, Cali- 
fornia, it is faerefore OR- 
DERED that fae said Carroll 
" P*«KCfa Trail, ,»•-., do 4- 
! in tenOaySafleritee^ablicl- 
tion 0^ this Order and do 
what ia necessary toprotef^t 
his interest in this proceed- 
ing; and 

IT IS Further or- 
dered that this order be 
pttblfahed once a week for 
four successive weeks in the 
Virginia Beach Sun, a news- 
paper having general circu- 
. /; gfation in the City of Virginia 
^ Beach, Virginfa. 
A Copy Teste - JcAn V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By Patti A. Keeneban, D.C. 
Alexander P. Smith 
Attokiiey for petitioners 
Smifa, Power and Owens 
1412 Maritime Tower 
Norfofa, Virginia 23510 

VBS-6/1, 6/8. 6/15,6/22-41 

Show ca&e, if any fa^ can, 
at 10:00 a.m. on tbe 8fa 
day 4tf July, 1977, b^ore 
tbfa Court at ifa courtroom 
^Eainst fae paym^aiMl de- 
livery of fae wfate fa te 
lentew AfaoiA requiring 

IT IS nflEttR^ ORDER- 
B) faat tte ftn^er>fag per- 
tfaa of tUs wter be piA- 
niM OKe a w^c tor two 
n6c^^n mMs fa tte 
VIrgfada Be^b Sm, a 
new wpM' puUisb^i fa tte 
Ctty tf Virgtada B^eb, 

fa fae Clerk's Office of tbe 
Circuit Cwirt of fae City of 
Vlifinfa BM(fa, VA. on the 
25fa <fay of May, 1977. 
Bouifa Taytor, 

BenJamfa T^io^, . 
Defendant. . 

llfa Qlb^ of thfa Mil fa 
to d^fa A (Uvor^ a vin- 
eufa iiafalmMtt tnm the 
said drtmfaM. 190a the 
groute <4f (faserttai. 

fa the Clerk's office of fae 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginfa Beach, on. fae 24 
day of May, 1977. 
in re: Adoption of Orlando 
Jay Smith 

By: Woodrow Wilson Smifa 
Dorofay Mae Smifa and Er- 
neStfae Smifa Hairston 
To: Willie Shorter 
Last known address: 
4945 Erskine Street 
Virginfa Beach, Va. 

In Chancery 

This day came Woodrow 
Wilson Smitb. Dorc^y Mae 
Smtth and Ernestine Smith 
Hairston, Petitioners, and 
represeirted that tbe object 
of this proceeding fa to ef- 
fect the adopti(n(rf tbe above 
named infant. Orlando Jay 
Smifa, by Woodrow Wilson 
Smith and Dorofay Mae 
Smifa. husband and wife, and 
affidavit having been made 
and filed that Willie Shor- 
ter, a natural parent of said 
child, fa a non-resident of 
fae Sfate of Virginfa, fae 
fast kimrn post office add- 
ress being: 4945 Ersktae 
areet, Virginfa Beach, Vir- 

R is therrfore Ordered 
faat the said Willie Shorter 
appear before this Court 
withfa ten (10) days after 
pifalicaUon of tUs Order and 
indicate bis/her attitucte 
toward tbe i»iq»sed a(fap- 
tion, or otherwise do what fa 
i^:M»ury to protect bis fa- 
terest fa thfa matter. 
A &m teste: J<rt»n V. 
P«Mress, Cterk 
tAarl» S. Itefagna 

7g) AttenUc National Bartc 


ItoribDc, Va. SS510 

VBS-6/1, 6/1, 6/15, 6/22 4t 


fa the Clerk's Office of tbe 

Circuit Court of fae City of 

Vln^a fi^ch, on the 19tb 

day of May, 1977. 

Ernest C. Levfate-, Jr., 



Sandra Phelps Levister, 


The object of this suit is 
to (Afafa a divorce a vin- 
eufa matjrimcmii from fae said 
defMMfaat qpm fae grounds of 
one jrear no Um. 

And an affidavit fat ving been 
made umI filed that the de^ 
fend^ Is a mm-resideitt of 
fae Sfate oi Vii^fafa. the fast 
known post office address be- 
im: 13305 Tamworfa Lane, 
£^ver Sprfag, Maryland it is 
ortfared that she do an>ear 
here withfa ten (10) days af- 
ter due publication hereof, 
and do what may be n<^ces- 
sary to protect ber faterest 
fa this suit. 

A copy-Teste: John V. 

F^tress, Clerk 

Bs: J. Curtis Fruit, Deputy 


Cooper t Cooper 

1200 United Virgfafa Bank 


Norfofa, Virginia 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15-4t 

Virgfafa: fa fae Clerk's 
Office of fae Juvenile and 
Domestic Refations Court of 
fae City of Virgfafa Beach, 
on fae 17th day of May, 1977 
Commonwealth of Virginia 
In re: Scott David Linebert 
aka Billy Fincher 

The object of this proceed- 
ing is to separate the above 
named infant, child of Linda 
L. Lfaeberg & Henry Caba- 
loa permanently from its par- 
ent, parents, or guardfan and 
to commit said infant to the 
<^re and custody of fae Vir- 
gfaia Beach Dei»rtment of 
Social Services with the right 
of said agency to consent to 
the fafail' s «adflnti ft nr-» ■ ■ . ■, 

made and filed that Linda L. 
Lfaeberg ft Henry Cabaloa 
are a proper party to this 
proceeding; but due diligoice 
has been used to ascertafa 
fa what county or corpora- 
tfan he fa, without effect, it 
fa ORDERED that Linda L. 
Lfaebert ft Henry Cabaloa 
do an>ear here withfa 10 days 
after due imblication hereof, 
and do what may be neces- 
sary to protect their interest 
fa this suit. 

VHKIINIA: fa the Clerk's 
Office of the circuit court 
of the city of Virginfa Beach 
on fae 17th day of May, 1977 
fa re: Adoption of Stephen 
John Setzer, 

By: Robert 0. Bowman and 
Mary E. Bowman 

To: Mr. Howard E. Setzer 
Route 1 

Moscow, Pennsylvania 

In Chancery 

This day came Robert 0. 
Bowman and Mary E. 
Bowman, P^itioners, and 
represe^ed that the (Aject 
of thfa proceeding is to ef- 
fect the adoption of tbe above 
named (s), Stephen John 
Sefaer, ncA a minor, by Ro- 
bert 0. Bowman and Mary 
E. Bowman, husl>and and 
wife, and aifidavit having 
been made and filed that 
Howard E. Setzer, a nat- 
ural parent of said child, 
fa a nm-residnit ot the 
^te of Virginfa, tbe fast 
known po^ (tffice address 
being: Route 1, M(kcow, 
Pensylvanfa 18444 Ufa 
faerefore Ordered that the 
said Howard E. Setzer ap- 
pear before this Court wifa- 
fa ten (10) days after pub- 
licat^ of this Order and 
indicate his attitude toward 
fae pn^sed »iopti(m, or 
otterwise do what is nec- 
egjary to protect his ia^ 
te|t^ fa fafa matter. 

At aoiqr teste: J(«m Y. 

F^ress, Clerk 

By: J, Curtte Fruit, D.C. 

miUam H. Colaiia. Jr. 

im Laskttt Road 

Vft^ma BMch, Virgfafa 


VBS-5/15. 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 4t 

In the Clerk's Office of fae 
Circuit Court of fae City 
of Virginfa BMCb, Va., oa 
tte lOfa day <rfJuie, 1977. 
Barbara Roseanne McCor- 
mick Beckham, Plafatiff, 
agafast John Beverly Beck- 

The object of this suit is 
to obfafa a divorce a vfa- 
culo matrimonii from fae 
said defendant, upon the 
grounds of one year 

And an affidavit baving 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is a non-re- 
sident of fae sfate of Vir- 
gfafa, the fast known pOst 
office address being: U.S. 
FPO New York, New York, 
it is ordered that he do 
appear here withfa ten (10) 
days after due publication 
hereof, and do what maybe 
necessary to protect his fa- 
terest in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: John V. 

By: Patti A. Keeneban, De- 
puty, Clerk 
Tidewater Legal Aid 

147 Granby Street 
Norfofa. VA. 

VBS-6/15, 6/22, 6/29, 7/6 

A copy Teste: Elizabefa E. 


Kathy S. Brofaers. Deputy 


^eila Bish. Dept. of 

Social Services Va. Beach 


VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 4t 

fa fae Clerk's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City 
of Virginia Beach, on the 
17th day of May, 1977. 
Martha C. Davis, 

^ Plaintiff, 

' against 
Samuel Ray Davis, 

The object of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a vin- 
culo matrimonii from the 
said defendant upon the 
grounds of having lived sep- 
arate and a^art for more 
than one year, to-wit: since 
January 30, 1974. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that fae 

, d^endaot is a qpnT resident 

w^ei tbe Sfat»Q{'VirgiiBii^tb| 
last known post office add- 
ress being: P.O. Box 151, 
Oklahoma City, Okfahoma it 
is ordered that be doai^ear 
within ten (10) days after 
due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary 
protect hfa interest in this 

A copy-Teste: John V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, De- 
puty Cleric 

Willfam H. Cdona, Jr. k - 
1397 Laskin Road 
Virginfa Beach, Virginia 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 4t 


In the Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City of 

Virginia Beach, on the 17th 

day of May, 1977. 

Sierrie Carol Kincy 




James Alfred Robinson, 


The (Aject of this suit is 
to obfain a divorce a vin- 
culo matrimonii from the 
said defendant upon the 
grounds of one year separa- 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendant is a non-re- 
sident of fae State of Vir- 
ginfa, the last known post 
office address being: 704 
MacArthur Avenue, Porta- 
geville, Missouri it is or- 
dered that he doai9)earhere 
within ten (10) days after 
due publication hereof, and 
do what may be necessary 
to protect his interest fa 
this suit. 

A o^-teste: John V. Fen- 
tress, Cleric 

By: J. Curtis Fruit, De- 
puty, Clerk 

Tidewater Legal Aid Society 
147 Granby Street 
Norfolk, Virginfa 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 4t 


fa the Cleric's Office of tbe 

Cirailt Cwirt of the City 

of Vir^nfa Beach, cm tbe 

17tb dky of May, 1977. 

Evelyn J. Wilson, 



Alton E. WIfaon, 


1^ (rt^ect of this suit is 
to (Mafa a <ttTOrce a vin- 
culo nurtrimnii from tbe 
aid d^eodairt von fae 
gr^Mfa of 1 year eertfa- 
unes s^ntioo. 

And an attfafavlt taving 
been made and ftlal that the 
defendaot is a K>n-resident 

of tbe Sfate of Virginfa, the 
last known post office add- 
ress being: 527 East Park 
Avenue, Savanah, Geoitfa 
31401 it is ordered tittt he 
do appear here wifa ten 
(10) days after due publica- 
tion hereof, and do what may 
be necessary to protect his 
inters in this suit. 
A copy-Teste: JcM V. 
Fentress, Cleric 
By: J. Curtfa Fruit, De- 
puty, Clerk 
Moss ft Moss 

1505 First Virginfa Bank 
Norfolk, Virginfa 

VBS-5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 « 


fa the Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City 

of Virginfa Beach, Va. on 

fae 10th day of June, 1977. 

Michael A. Scutro, 



Phyllis Ann Scutro, 


The object of this suit 
is to obtain a divorce a 
mensa et thoro from the 
said defendant, upon fae 
grounds of desertion as of 
May 20, 1977. 

And an affidavit having 
been made an^ filed that 
the defendant due diligence 
has beea used l)y or fa 
behalf of the Complainant 
to ascertain fa wliidi coun- 
ty or corporation the defen- 
dant is, wibout effect, fae 
last known post office add- 
ress being: 571 De Laura 
Lane, Virginfa Beach,' Va. 
the home of fae comidafa- 
ant. it is ordered tlttt she 
do an>ear here withfa ten 
(10) days after due publica- 
tion hereof, and do what 
may be necessary to proect 
her faterest in this suit. 
A ccqiy-Teste: John V. 

By: Patti A. Keeneban, De- 
puty, Clerk 
Frank E. Butler, m 
2420 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
P.O. Box 4177 
Virginia Beach, Va. 

VBS-6/15, 6/22, 6/29, 7/6 

In the Clerk's Office of 
fae Circuit Court of fae 
CUy of Virginia Beach, on 
the 8th day of June, 1977 
Edna Kathleen Rieger, ; 
Plaintiff, ^ 

against , 
Norman Rieger, 

The object of tbis suit fa 
for the said plaintfff to ob- 
tain garnishment of funds 
due def«Kfant from U.S.A. 
from said defendant iqxm 
grounds of judgment ren- 
dered October 3, 1975 for 
arrears of child support.. 

And an affidavit having 
been made and filed that fae 
def«idant is not a resident 
of tbe sfate of Virginia, 
the last known post office 
address being Route 3 Box 
54 Pocomoke, Maryland, it 
is ordered that Norman 
Riege do aiqiear here wifa- 
fa ten (iU) days after due 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his interest fa thfa 

A copy-Teste: John V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By: Mifarid Weigand, D.C. 
Alexander P. Smifa 
1412 Maritime Tower 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 

VBS-6/15, 6/22, 6/29, 7/6 

fa fae Clerk's Office of tbe 
Circuit Court of tte City of 
Virginfa Beach, on fae 6fa 
day of June, 1977. 
Michael Lee Troop, 
Plaintfff, f 


&uidra LynneHowdl Troop 

The object of tbis suit is 
to (Main a divorce a m«i- 
sa et thoro from the said 
defendant upon tte grouKte 
of desertion. 

And an affidavit baving 
been mate and ffied that 
doe diligence has been used 
by or fa behalf of the (»m- 
plainant to ascertafa in 
which county or corpora- 
tion tte d^endant fa wifa- 
ottt ^fect, the fast known 
post office atHress t>e4ng 
840 HoUey Heuge Aveoae, 
Virginfa Beach, Virgiida. 
it is ordered that sbe do 
vppeAT tere wifafa ten HO) 
(fays after dm ptfdicanon 
hereof, and do itet mayte 
nec4^ry to protect ter 
i^erest fa fais salt. 

A mpf-tem-. idu V. 

Fentress, Cleric 

By: J. Curtfa Fruit, De- 

fiky, Cfaric 

AusmT. &ker 

im PfazaOK 

RwiBtt. Viri^ito 

VK 6/15. 6/St, $/U, f/l 


•^^"^^^ ^^^. 


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'free at tbe Msadquarters' 
Chesapeake Public Li- 
brary: original palnUiigs by 
local artists, Hollywood 
movies, aod sculpture to 
decorate your home. We 
also have loads of Mi to- 
formatioD to decorate yoor 

ATTENTION!!!! Industrial 
aad coBstniction firms, 
fne hauling ol all scrap 
plywood and lonber to be 
used for tbe purpose of 
boUdi&g birdbouses. 424- 

detector for your bone, 
send tor a study rsport 
(ivlag critical usess- 
fflOBte of Uie dUfereot 
makes and modeU. Free 
fram PabUc CltixeB Re - 
search Group, 2000 P St. 
N.W., Wasbi^ttoo, D.C. 


FREE STORY BOlttl-ibr 
cbildrM to b^ work-> 
Ing pareitts, for i^iUdreo 
ages 3 to 6, on Wedaes- <* 
days it 7 p.m. andlkter- 
Aiys at 11a.m. Chesapeake 
Head(iu«rters Library in 
Great Bridge. 

FREE LIST of home «p- ~ , 
piiaoees witeiowllfe-cy(^ 
costs :ft wrehasejrtee {Am 
snrgy cost), fot your 
eopjr to '«LA Litt^Cyele 
Coirtoai of AppUahees," 
write CoBsamer ^ News, 
Office of Dmsvanr Af- 
tein. WaskingtoB, D.C. 

FREE Film progiraBU tor 
Uds A Gnat IML Wte- - 
ds(w Wooite airi VIrgUda 
Beaek bfaadi Ubraites ev- 
ery JSatnrdav mondng. 
Conttet 340-2987 fOr te- 
formattoa ob film tUles, 
timss bad dates. 

MAKE aiOKEY a word 
teat mcBBB a friead near- 
by. INP drive crooks 
erasyl For tne maaber- 
ship ii^Bnaatiaa write: 
aaokey 9fu I, CB Posse 
HeadqurtS^, UOO ME 
a8ttai..Mlamt.Fla. 33161 

Know te advance yoaremo- 
tiooal - Ipbysical • moital- 
tai^ p^ods-lowp»tods 
and jour acciden proae 
dajni. TREE moc^URES 
ttil yM bow to get com- 
pirtmtxed - perseoalixed 

-Bioriqrtfcm toi^ecaste. A- 
masingly accurate. Wrtte 

Vi« .mtf -iFKHlii 
CWWSi ia : Robert 
Ripter, Inc. P.O. Box 138, 
GeteHUe, NT 14068. 

CaU Wayae 


autos, frucko, i,u„c., ^..i, 


indivldiial over ^5 with free 
weektads, adventuresoote 
and gainful proi(«'-i cm 

twin engines, registere<S 
with Coast Guard 499 


baven Optimte Club. Sat. 
and S«m. June II and 12, 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Haygood 
Sbuppiiig Center , Indepeo- 

Vsn de Riet Coostroctioo 
Company lacor. wiU re - 
ceive sealed bids for sub 
cootract work involved to 
tbe sewage pumping ste- 
Uoo for tbe Seateck Area 
Phase U. City of VirginU 
Beach on 
daylight savings time. 
Trades involved include 
masonry, rooting, electri- 
cal, grading, and seeding. 
Bids sbeold be deUvered 
to 5884 Poplar Hall Drive. 
Norfolk. Va. 

ADD another income-man- 
aging your own distribu- 
Uat^. Aiqrone witt am- 
bftloB cu do it. We traia- 

Va, A N.C, upright pia- 
nos 1375-575. We biiy A 
MM, tune, A rtimUd. CaU 
804-4SI-9323, Box 9571- 
NoribUc. Va., 28505 {few 
keyboards A benches. 


peake Memoilti Gardens. 
2 grave lot. lfxie» |345. 


C^l^j^-Cordoba, iyi6 
10,000 mflM, gokl, load- 
ed, aegotiahle. WUI con- 
sider sniaU car. »7^4«04 

1979 - DA^ER - 16,000 * 
mUes, Ukenew.aotomatic 
factcKty air.' 2 doorcoape, 
red wfth white Meitor, 
sacrifice at $3,800^ CaU 

door. Detta 88, radio, air - 
pomr steertog andteakes. 
Neeas body woit 1600. C»U 

OL06MOMLE - 1973 Cus- 
t«n eraiser vogoa, factory 
air, AM-FM radto. Clean. 
$2600. 428.2400, 425>-8179. 

14FT. Outboard motor bttat, 
30 HP Mercury - engine, 
trailer, water skis A life 
Jackets. Many eztias. Re- 
•mote steeriog and engine 
control 1435. 62)-1737 af- 
ter 5:00 Wk. Days, Week- 
eods anytime. 

How to help solve mon- 
ey worries! Let classified 
ads inyourhoinetownnews-' 

thousand. Earn immediately, 
Send (tamped, addressed en- 
velope, (£.L. Sanders, P.O. 
Box 0S262, Cleveland, Ohio 

$180.00 WEEKLY address- 
ing eavetopes at bome- 
stort ImmsdUtely, com • 
plete uslstance, guarant- 
eed earning. Pree<IeUU8: 
Parker, Box $004, Cbesa- 
pefdn, Va^28SH. 

I f 3dak WMtlnghouM 

if#«dy K«y«ton« 

laroid Holson Albums 

Individotls, male or female, wanted by I.P.S. tor thj 
sale of ume bnnd photo products a^ proceui^ 
PurclttiM M merchandise only. Hlnimum ^r<«lMte % 
35227. 8» a ^rt of the test-growlnE biDion dolW 
ptaoto Imltuitry! J 

Call Mr. Grera (ToU Free) l-BOO-848-llOO ' 

lntoro«tk>fMil Photo S^jply 


<^«n«M»i Ohio 432 l$y 

reading. Part-time, Mon - 
dajr TuMday, Friday. Ex- 
perience B(A Mcessary but 
tni^, spelling Aills a 
mostT Gmt Bridge area. 
Can Ms. McDaniel-547 - 

Sales. Pleasant telqdKme 
work fhtm our office. 
WZAM Promotions. No ex- 
perience needed. $2.50 - 
3.50. plitt Bonus. Woft 9- 
2:30 or 4-9 p.m. A|ip4y — 
10-2:00, 4:30-7:00. Con - 
sumer Sampler Adve^s- 
im 3707 Va. Beach ^Ivd. 
^te 201-C*463-(»S0. 

ATTENTKJM-Party Plan - 
naaager A Demonstrators 
-aeeded to tiite am! Best- 
Hortas&Awardsl! OvnrdOO 
fkst-sdUng items! Ifo te- 
vestmaift! CaU TOLL 
FREE: 1-800-243-7606, <»• 
write: Saata's Toy Par - 
ttos, Avoa, Com. O6OOI. 
Also bookiiv parties. 

It YottrstiT' JiA Security 
to ttwse uacertato times? 
Local Atoway, dlstribirt»r 
wUl ^w yoii bow tit ^t 
it wtth jprofitabte part - 
'tiHt business of yonr own. - 
I^ooe am Golden, 483^ 
1887, or cfHOe for presen- 
tetion-Hoaday nigtate,7:45, 
Sheraton IBB, MiUtary Cir- 
cle TemaeaRm. U.. ' 


Rderuiter wUl be in NorioUc Sheraton Inn, tfllitery 
Circle, June W, 17 only. , 

Volmteer Prograitf 
2 years, Peace Corps 
1 year Vtete 

Begin this dimmer 
k- >■' 

Cnrroit Peac6 Coip. assignmeBts range fi-omrarsing; 
dvU engineering, Ilitt/Scieoce- Latto America. 

Wta^ flpodngs eaU fin- c«nmuflity, social backgroimd 
irite panoB, faavteg cidlege decree to uqr major and or 
camnnntty ^leri^e. ProgHJns to tbe SMAXasteni 
Styes to Uie United SUtes. 



at stop by from 10-4:30 p.m. only on 

to inaflage and direct low abd 
flioderito bousiag fiaince and 
'develO|tt«at program aeti- 
Ttttes. Exe^ve muage - 
ntetf «qi«d(^M:s Iro^red. 
Salarf eqaDmensunte with 
experiwce and eaptiiUity. 
Send detaUed resumeto: Per- 
sonnel Committee^. HOBS- 
tog Devek^ment AuUwrity 
111 S. 6tbSt..RiidUKMri.Va. 
23219.£«$Ui^pp(»timity Em- 

CHILD CARE^to my home, 
s^ert^ced. Any . ace. 
Limnwood shore»,T-543- 

BABYSrrroiG: MfHome, 
EjqMiriaieed, teivs imaU 
child'of owB.lteals, ^y- 
gronnd. Regency apis. ti8- 

BABYSlTTfllG: Priacess 

rArea. Expn-tonced, 
tews, fflaced jnrd, 

(XJSMETICS* - a MardaU 
Fltdd temUy omed com- 

te eitandteg to Va. 


pavr i 

FREE GAMES • to ^KuSk. 
oBt. Ptt, Probe, MoBQpote, 
Sean, Btdtgaain, (Aaflie 
BrowB, Baggety Abb, 
Cbess, Robber pMslw aad 
iqaay atwe at Chesspoake 
naulqaartnv Library, 
GnA Brifdga CbUdrers 
Bqobi. - 

FALO nMifCM-aB Eskimo 
<»mattoa? Or aiaybe a 
Btosting (tf Uie'Iowawadc- 
terdFedentfto«?nBdoal ;. 
itet's happodag to 
America by ctUing thte 
toU free numb«r(IO^«31- 
I2M. It's the tonrist's mw 
toad friend. , 

NEED A comamntty mladM 
qteaker for your civic 
group? CUl «N>-9S71 be- 
tweea 9 a.m. nd U apaa.^ 
MMday through Frid^. 

REE-Vtelte to tee tir- 
^<p Beadi Idfif rt i riT^ 
evwy TooKtaqr aadlaBi^r 
during lUy.. TOiFro*^ 
gram Is^As tee Earth 
7^* wUidi bagtes A 7 
p.m. ea<A id^. QOl 486- 
1971 for resonritloai. 


; FREE* T«0€^ OMte 
• a kMH^ iHHAe.^M. 
ed, mm te a m^ vMe 
1^^ na^red . mm ml» 
an tei^ iMite. f^rtm a* 
v«V becMsertftapN. 
*•*» »t*y l^hig * 

Wii^yTWO, Ftm to a 'oaerita;rtalBtttt.iM«te 


2 fMBlot sad 2 nates. 


STM ikaeiat 

aol colars. Fttt to a^ed 



~ FREE-F<» ^peop^wST 
want to beeodM mora ti»le. 
Lean bow to imroveyoar 
Ute kaadle preblens aad 
achieve yoor poteotialsac- 
cess te Ute. AvaUabte ao« 
to'Virtlste Boaek. Iswoa 
bovra packadteUafosetftte 
date oe eonmailcatioa, 
pwpoaas aad goalsaadkow 
toaekiave Umb. takesd- 
vaatiga of tkte flapartulty 
wnted eoa(fittoB8 ta 
tavtfo— eat. Fro*, 
as jBkUiatiaa, to latroduee 
scteotolflgy, tee pUloscpky 
yoB caa sgaly to Ute. Re- 
gister at IN-IM ttrest 

.p(-cwi masm. 

«p wttb «* taMMS. Fbss 

the ^awM to Starting 
yom- own batt. Ostyte 
FREE! Write: Tke Baak- 
er, Box'686fr, Su JSOse 

m nttmmMte toeoate tax 
dedw^oas ttatliftMaato- 
fon^toe oa st^fMSiiae 

Americaa ABtopcUki As- 
sodatioB, 8111 Gatdhoose 
Rd., FaUs Church, V«. 
^22042. -, 

Ite tmnMt Ckipter, 
AmerfeM Rod Cross, bu 
a variety of films, pam^ 
lAIete aad sttdi prsMB- 
tsitoas oaafanWaglrMi 
«s«^«r M< tattal^to 
tbe ^vteg of Mtodi. tiMse 
itoas are free aad irall- 
sUe-to tke H^to4iff Me 
A fU» msahagi. tat ia- 
toraatloh wke% to eM^ . 
Ms mrtKte^ eomMt tte 

6 KITTBIS— 6 ira^ Mi. 
aU bei^ or y^ow, Ittter 
trateed, nd tovaUe. «4- 


KlTTEas - BlM eyes, tos- 
sy, snow white, real ear- 
neeoBS catteal 499-9998. 

FOUR part Aafora fctttdas 
6 weeks old. Walood. WUI 
deUvtr tor yoar approval 
if witete reasoiiaUs dte- 
taact. CaU 547-2175 after 




MARKET - 8S48 Atatea 

•GardM Rd. Rbrtolk - Haca 

1870 863.9847 Op sa 7 days. 

AUTO CRUgHnt'-A.l jMk 
or ramovlag. AU mn 

y^. 159-401 1. 

and toakes, AM^ 

or be^rftef. 424-5757. 

FOBD: Vm EooudiM. V- 
8 staBdardsiilft|2500. 485- 

VEGA: m4GT-Hateh:, air 
ooadifiaB, 4-4eod,Ali^ 
Fif cassette dMk, egtlae 
Just ovarfiailed, ecm^ete 
oew paiat Job, good ttres. 
I1750 <xr best offw. Most 
sell. tt8-4S86. 

OODGE-ltaxi Van, 1971, 
turtle top. fbUy tesnkted, 
roof top camper air-coe- 
dltiOBer. 3/8 automatic 
transmission, power ^- 
ering am toakes. |2,0(». 

PLYlfCXJTH - m&, Re- 
boUt eBgine, rewired, new 
ctotck assemUy, rebuilt 

{eaerator. Safe for driving, 
3,900, W3-1003. 

CADIU.AC-i976 Eldorado. 
Suaroof. Snteoa inquiriea 

MERCURY <- vm statiOB- 

aioa, ndial tires. 59,000 
M. 497'5300 after 5 
P.m. ^ 

CAPRICE 1970: Good eon- 
ditkn. Power works, toad- 
ed Witt power. $1000. 484- 

1^»JJSWAGEN: 1972 White 
ietiK Bsatte. rtitaUt mo- 

BUICK LTD, 1978, U|^ 
alr-eoedtttoaed, aU poww, 
titt wbsrt, cndse eoatrol, 
eaMctte deck, Uke aev, o- 
rfglmdoMwr. ^,875. CaU 

LW^LN - 1952~Coem<H 

POUtea, 4 dOtO' MdM. B8W 

ttm, motor aad noolag 
Mar te good MedWoa. 
Ne«te body aad nkid^iT 
wait. BsMaliHr,tt».MW, 
betwea 6 aad 9 pin. 

CAMI1974: V-6,4-%Md, 
-Perfect. A steal tstWSQ - 

CAIMLL^ 19»r Wbite 

- 00190 DeVfito, red velvrt 

tetertor. ImmacBlate , 

HoiAid. OM owaer fHOO. 

587-3050, 583-5m. 

EUX»AOO-i972, MW-bmP 
bile home, exceUest coodi- 
Uoa, $9800. 857-(tt42. 

CRUBBR, harttp. AM-FM 
stsrM . eassotto. roU bar, 
-Wan kriba, Baja vbMte, 
XT Conmudo tlrM, 8000 
lb. WahWiack, 'MOOD. 
46O-0290 after 5:00. 

n-fcate. llartM 

CHRIS CRAFT - 1968^ 36' 
Cnteer, twta Chris Craft 
. ttS Ip, OlH dt« 
maad gtaerator, 5 kw, ily 
bfMp, mav extras. Mm* 

•M toanrsciate. CaU4M- 

■, Needs HteHGkiJi^s. Part 
or iUl time. No^dUo^tiM. 
BO packing, noddtverr. 497- 
^W. ask IM- Limte 'HiorCT. 

AppUcritou are BOW bdbig 
tataa for our registratton 
desk and sbare. App^ be- 
tt«n 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. 
Monday through Tbunidu. 
Bidldsy tan Trav-L-Pait, 
1075 Gennal Boott Bhrd., 
Va. Beaidi. Va. 

DQiCmslltATORS Friend- 
ly naiae Toy PartiM has 
opealags for managers and * 
daalers ta yonr area. Toy 
Par^ Plaa e^brieBcebelp- 
tel. «r aad ttiepkow Be«- 
essary, etil ooUeet toCarol 
Dar«l|.4M-«399(a- write 
Fneamy uome JCarUfa, m 
RaUroad Ave.. Albany, N.Y. 

BOLH)AY MACaC Cosmet- 
ice - Tiitewater area. Man- 
mn and Riffiday girU. 
Lfiwr^ C(Namiasions,pro- 
fuvtanal kto anilable. 
Putjr ^ or door todoor. 
Otr kelpfid-Sldc BMir^, 
m-VU6, D(Baa Tate/, 360- . 
7600. . ^ 

RUBBER MAU) Party Plan 
needs (tomoBrtntors. Part 
«r FdU TWe. NocoUeettng. 
No pa<iing. No deUTCrii*. 
T(9 Commtesions. CaUfiO^ 
18«i. . ^ 

TMCAX. FnU time work. 
CaU4M-0S47 - 8:30 to 5 

?•■♦-■. . . : _ 

HKSIETARY - preterridy 
w^ ssso d a tt oa mmer* 
. ftorlhand dastred. 
be nceUaat trpM, 
Kamrted^ of coaviaUoB 
desb«trie. «2- 

is, upisiC aadl 
telepbooe natober'ib: Bex" 
mih CM , Chesi^ieafce 
Post, Chestteake, Va., 
29320. "Small tovestme^ 

W(»K AT HOME ta spare 
Ume. Earn $250.00 per 
lOM staffing MmK^jies. 
S^tod l&t plus stamped. 
self - addressed ravelope- 
toi Teit7 Una Eiterpris- 
es, P.O. Box 289, Robart, 
Indiana 46342. 

Li^ deUvenr woric. FuU 
or Part time. WZAM Pro- 
metioBs. Top Pay. Must 
have car. I^y 10-2:00, 
4:30-7:00^ Consumer 8am- 
Ider Adv«nrti8ii«, 3707 Va. 
BeaA Uvd.,.Si)Ue iWl-C. 



BCn^EKSEPER - Uve ta, 
Crted Brfain area. R^er- 
cnees t«(|uired. CaU 482- 
4691 before 9 a.m. or after 
7 p.m. 

Cten nefc e , Va. Itttl 




ladivfdBal, MUe m F«aale, aaeded faU or part-Um 
to distaiterte world temou Koda fltaiimd olM^ikob ' 
IHXMktote ttrbort e<»ipai9 esMUidied loeattoM. Iteke 
ttte yoor yaur for iadqpMdeaee f49M.00 Invwteeat. 
GaaitHtesd II Btoatt m«timaittse rqmrcbais ^t%e- 

^ Mr. MtfMa ntSk Prw) 1-800-848- IMO er i^Uect 
^1^111.1181 aliter to 'Friday, 9 *.te. to 87m 
jUL 9 a.m. to lj|4k IJ.T. 

***'**• nn^tONE PHOTO CO.. 


mN. aid St, CetHNbiM, oi« aasis 


FULL m PART time-MM- 
aal c^piortwii^ for man (a- 
]muB, MwtmA ta j^ra 

' itoae «l-5906. 

WORK AT K»1E ta qpare 
tiatl. Cara|^OOperMX» 
i^llag mn^^tM. SMd 
25$ pMl M^iad s«f-«d- 
droMd iBfAiM to: R.P. 
UlM»,tjSnSia. 8m . 
MwriiiWtev IWihaa «4M. 

WAWED — part time. 
$3.00 kour to tei(^M<tae 
b uftaMi firiBs. Bsedteat 
tor botee makers wttkK*- 
sefcsol age ekUdm, Write 
Ateddte Color, 3rd ABroad 
Strast, Ftoreaee, NewJer- 

BBca sales, w difttt, aasd 
sales peopit toofcteglMra 
rewardtag earMrwWioH 
of tbe largsr inM«a^ 
compoaiei ta America. 
Cap >W-T061. 

WORK AT HOME ta sfu% 
tteM. Can|IM,00psrM10 
HfifHag aaviimws. tead 
|B< piM stamped, adf- 
addracaad aavfleoe to: 
R. P. Sties P. O. Bob 
907 Tarpoa Springs. Fla. 




•ad Otter Orieatelltacs 




SAT. ravi 18 i pii 

^^^^|fe: KraifAIS, SAROUK, KAfflAN AFGHAll 
^M*',ffi^CB. TURK^Mmlf^' 
f«aML, TAimi. AteotectodedareaS^pMf 
Ptais Md other crtlector's ^^ *^™ ■ 


tarns: f^AM-OMck 


p m r w ^w rw-W-WW I If pi » f'^FT^^ 


T * 7^« f* « iRH ft BfUH, 



piffTRiBtrrciiaiP mattbl, 

FAUDl GAMtt, Finill PRICE 

S* JSHi^L®*" «n»erieiice ii«c«s«ai7, you wiU ^estocJ^ 
bMiitlM dtaidajri with tte eowttry's tUteBt uUi^( 
MUoMUy uivtrtlsed toys in bifb traffic compby u- 
tiUisM aecoiiBto tittt will be tamed over to you. 
Your reenton will be cominter procesMd by one of tte 
(Mcst tad lanest bnmd OBine toy wholuelers in tte 
U.S. Tto oCfor is teine made avtUnble enUrely by 
IJUojri ibAMtig Servicet, iwt is BotdtneUy or th- 
wrecUy utfUated with any nuuHhctttrermeatloaed above. 
AppUoaata must te respoastble, able to make dMisions, 
■?L5f-*'fiSi* ** ™«klnr niatmam cash InvestmMt 
of $5250 - 100% fflerchaadise buy ba«k. 

Call Mr. Bell: ToU Free any ttme. 
Eit. AlSl. Soday caHs accepted. 


Morfolk's moat eoaplete, 
buy, sell trade, taaytai •!)- 
ver coins, 42 Snitem 
Shopfiiiig Ceiter, Nortolk, 

; VC MONEY maiUac our 
sales Mters. GetmlMgiia- 

> raatee free supplies. Rash 

<i sdl addnased stamped en- 

I mope to MSSY. im 

I Oouglaa Kd., Ches^ieake, 

9 Va. 2im. 

21-Privato bMtrwtte 

-nANO liE^OMS-tcv W^A 
I iPsbnicttoB ta- everyone by 
: coBCert HiBtst, S4»-7Mt. 

9Af(W T«irlii«, mrdi-- 
.k« and Atmm- Small, 
daasn and iMlnile les- 
son. Forf^lhH-idlbrma- 
Um, «»U 4M-4908 alter 
7:89. - 

timm LfSSONS-by apptm- 
mert, invc^nent in drum set 
not nteesaanr for sevenl 
oquBis, eidl 583-lMl- 
a hoar recording. 

It's soeasy...advertiseae 
tMnfs you no loafer need in 
tte dastffled Mhimns ol 
your hooMtowB n««q«per. 
b pnettcally no ttme at all, 
'poqile in yoar neighbortiood 
1411 know what yot have to 
iMlL You're on th«gr«ad to 
extra cash...»iHnrtKidy will 
read jHonr «d and hovi 

il-Oe^ CWa. m6t»m Ma 

BEAUTIFW., health Si- 
amese Sm Point kitt«i, 9 
uKnths old. Slots. Cost $125 
120. 467-6990 - 490-0S91. 

^^:AKC registered. 427- 

SCflRAUZER - Giant (large 
bla<A Terrier) obedience 
trained, 1 1/2 yrs. 423 - 

aqd white* 

.,. ig^t^llleai tempera- 
at. $75 4S1-1027. 


nlstiaifiig lltter- 
chaapion stoek, 140- 

POODLES - rare blade 
standard, 9 wmitMU, AKC 

^-, rteia/wwm- 


ymr hnater a teaOng dog. 
Bay retriever 
iSe. 547-2650. 

DachshuBd-male, flree to 
good fame. «6-6365. 


r' STUD fflXVICE - Gennaa 
8heplM»d, AKC rei^ered, 
• Mack, irtiite and tan. 625- 
! 54ir " 





30" WNRLPOOL electric 
ralfe, floor-type »o<W - 
i^m 23 Cu. Ft. Del- 
BQ^a dMst-^rpe fireexer 
: ^.Oft.4l6-'WM. 

ABt C(ainrrK»fER- s>,ooo 

BTU, Gihwm air sMep.«lSO 


.(Prteklfl AdMitUe to the 
CtaaMed Sec^loB. CaU M?- 
4571 lor an ad-wrtlw now. 

24 CU. FT. ivrtght Free- 
ser. Enelleot a»ditteB, 
^ owner, |258. 4«i-2M6. 

Wmc TABLI^-ben^es 
s#ante or attained, 6 ft. 
mm 145, 6 ft. model 
IM, (MUvered. Pine Coo- 
Mw^ta, PMtatreatedfor 
long life. 485-3166. 

solid wood, ^. Lovcseat, 
broeade |50. ISS-6761. 

AIR onamoifnt-strOoo 

BTV, iiMMri^,paid|«0, 
ttcr^^ at ^75. 497-385 

fmm TABL^ - Rand- 
mate «te- IroR Cumda. 
AttaMMd hM^es, 6 A. X 
i ft. |«. 8K-8965. 

Every we^ advertlNM 
gtt rwdts ttsm ehsa l fle d 
I ate ^ae<^ to )NMr hMCttnn 
^mmarity Mw^^er. Re- 
ntarter lAn ^w teve 
ajMCaig to bqr Mr adl, 
turn ^taMaiMd^a^Miaaer 
tew |«^ei^ ttt MM, M 
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LanYHioii \B 

^ ,k»Mch VWngei. CctegiBPaik 

Ho^»^ Cout off Poiontvjnt Or: k>4 to indon 
Rtvef Ra intefchongk^wt 1 mi. to Colege Rork 
entioni».FolowiigntPtior»: Wi-6U9 S 

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SALE THRU JUNE 18. 1977 




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30th and Arctic 

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C^ll^ JttWLltt. J477 


M ^ ipipil 




IV •« 








VA'mA'f" L^^^ ^ 

Too late for one residmii 



Oceana neighbors 

association aimed at stopping crime 

SUN Nets Editor, ** 

NtigUwn in « small area^ 
of Vlrgiiria B«tdi near m 
Ooatm UvnUkirSMm are 
ar^^ a brand ww cMc 

One of Qie lirft programs 
to be retiMMd vttli in ttie 
am will be a ptnrliig pro- 
blem of nine and WKlaUsm 
aoioniiag to tbe organizing 
preaMent at tbe ateoeUtioo, 
IMMrt aoMffwd, a 23 year- 
oM Nat9 MCODd daas yeo-^ 
nun, «ho M^ea aboard tbe 
Clinte t. Sltitette. 

There's more.teaa a bit 
(rf troiqr in Oie situation. 
Sandford and a faaodlol ol 
otber orpniaers bave been 
workini on die lonBatioii at 
tb* civic association and a 
poUce sanctioned Bfock 
Vat^ progrun for about sii 
weeks. Jttst recently, a tbir- 
teen jaur old resid«it of tbe 
raudl nti^boitood was bm- 
taily mndered as sbe walked 
trom her borne od Air Sta- 
tion Road to meet a MomI. 

fluMlford, a sincere and 
conemnd yom« man, dted 
his feelings about the im- 
portuKt of tbe civic as - 
soeiatloe uid its accom - 
pairing Block Watch pro • 

"Tbe mMt important thing 
will be for everyone to start 
RiQkbig out for each oOier. 
Tbia IttUe girl 4|he mvrder 
fletta) ltoedjvstif|^tbe8tre«tx 
aat I Mtt't evm taMw her 
lamily," he said. 

Sanford hopes that tbrov^ 
tiie efitorta of t)w Mioeia 

gmn^ tlinii^^^i^Ke in 
his nelghbOTliood. He stroog- 

ly advocates tbat peojpie get 
to know their neii^rs and 
tte^ lelii^ibois' habits so 
tfc tt JM gt dous stm^nrsand 
nn|idiOttS utivlties win be 
iMie Qbvioos and wiU be 

He cited another sitaatlon 
where a £unily in the J»igh- 
borlwod 1^ on ^catkm with- 
out telling ne^l^rs. Amov- 
ing van stenied at tte hmise 
and neatly taxied evetTtbing 
into the truck and drove off. 
Neigldwrs assumed tte 
fUbily was moving. Pe<q>le 
(kn't get to imw eadi otber 
well in tbe sn^ ne^hbor- 
hood and famili^ movii^ in 
or oat is a common occur- 
awe. The family returned 
frosii iacatiota and was shock- 
ed to find Oieir home strip- 
ped to ttte walls. 

AcoKittag to Sandford, lots 
of ni«g^ little things have 
been going (w in the neigh- 
borixwd. Things like van- 
(Uism. Ucycle ttefts, and 
specking cars that pe<4>le 
teve almost resigned them - 
selves to. SamUordbqiesthat 
with assistanee from the Vir- 
ginia Beach Police and 
throiq^ Uie Block Watch Pro- 
gram, tbe neigidM^hood will 
become safe ^ga secure. 
Strugely, the«aail area has 
been considered relatively 
crime fimi according to po' 
ttce rei»rds because most of 
tt9>lMMyiag litfle things" 
have p»e mr^orted. 


The D^li^rs in tbearot 
bcnmded 1^ Virgbib Beach 
Boulevard, ^^^ers Road, Air 
Station RortMl and Pint Colon- 
ial Road ttet Ms we^ for 
their first graenU meeting 
at Llnkhorn MrkEtenMntary 

Lt. IfeltoQ £. BeaaeJErf tbe 
Virginia Beach Poliee De- 
partment's Crime Preventioii 
(rffice was on band to explain 
tbe conc^ a "Block Watch" 
to the close to 1(H) adults 
present from the small neigh- 

"I don't have any hard and 
fast answers to your pro- 
blems," said Beane, eij^bUn- 

ing to the citizens t|aU tbe 
police department co«ld as- 
sist in Block Watchprograms 
only with UK total cooperation 
«f residents in the watch 

According to Beane, Vir- 
ginia Beach Police respond- 
ed to more than 112,000 calls 
for services last year. 

"We want you to call us 
when anything Is wrong. With- 
out your support, we 
couldn't do our job." he said. 
He told residents that a per- 
son calling the police need 
not reveal his name when 
giving information. 

Talking about the recent 
tragic murder in the Oceana 

neighborhood, police trfficers 
preseiri at the civic associa- 
tion meeting told rejsidents 
they (^en depend on phone 
calls from residents in the 
area regarding a crime of 
this nature and magnitude. 

"Call us it you have heard 
smnetbiog or if you think you 
isaw something. Sometimes 
a caller provides the vital 
link we need for a break 
In a case," the police of- 
ficers indicated. 

Several residents said they 
had called tbe police regard- 
ing activity after dark in a 
nearby sand idt. They in- 
dicat^ that tbe police would 
come tj|^ ride Iqr, but by not 

going out into tiie pit, they 
tiottld not really see what was 

When this happens Lt. 
B^ane urged tiiat residents 
eaU again and failk wiUi the 
precinct supervisor. 

Lt. Beane suggested that 
resid«ids do two things to 
help tfaemiselves in crime 

"Be alert," Beane urged 
and "React," be continued. 
"Whenever you are in doidit 
about a situation or a per- 
son, call the police." 

Beane tatfeated that the 
Block Watcb program that is 
twlng started tfi the Qceana 
neighborhood is available to 

tt#4nttre city and is, inlact, 
a fiirt of a crime prevottion 
prcgram wUch nine Tide- 
w^r cities areparticipatii« 

The program was first iitf- 
tlated in Virginia Beach two 
months ago and neighbor- 
hoods anywhere in the city 
can receive assistance in 
sbirting such a program in 
their area by callii« Lt. 
B^ne at 427-4146. 

Block Watch is an exten- 
sion of the Neighborhood Wat- 
clii Program which was in- 
troduced in lt72. The neigh- 
borhood Watch has been ef- 
fective in a number of areas 
throi«bout tbe city in stem- 


ing a rising tide oi vandal- 

m^mgim wiUi aU ttft 
'^tch* programs, aeottrttn 
to Lt. B«nne is that tiM^ 
t«>d to be temporary. TlM 
only efteettve way todenlwMi 
proUems tlroi^ a Block m- 
Neigbboriaod Watchimiffraab 
is to set o^Mongotag Safe- 
ty Comni|tte»|to perpetuate 
thejntigiUii. ^ 

iWien a "watch" program 
helps to reduce crime 
and vandalism, neii^riMrs 
toid to think ti» Job is done, 
Lt. Beane indicated. B«t, ac- 
cording to Beane, tiie pro- 
blems will reoccur as soon 
as tiie program wanes. 

E(hicatiQn will be the big- 
ger wei^xm pot to use in the 
n^gldxntood. Sandford hopes 
the civic association can, 
Uurough its Safety Committee, 
teach peq>le to avoid plac^ 
themselves in a victim sitoa- 
tion. The sug^^gttons.are 
standard— lock yoiHreaj^,iock 
your borne, don't walk alpne, 
let a neigldMr Imow Hien 
you'll be away over nigtt— 
but many peqi>le tend to fiar- 
or ^ 

r rs •« wtny 

"If I leave nyr jpar unlock- 
ed and iKme kid icomes along 
and steals sometUngVlTOB 
tiie car or Uie car itsel| not 
OBiy have I lost som«£it«, 
but I've helped a kM rufai 
bU life/ says Sand^rd who 
has talked at Ieng|%%ith po- 
Uee reganttog olmepreven- 

Serving the world's largest resort city 


51st Year, No 25 

\^ednesday, June 22, 1977 

Virginia Beach.Va. 

Two Sections 15cents 

€»l^jbi# iiiiiijii 4q^^ 

-.'>*W„ *»•»..-;. 

•^»rW'^.^*<b^:*>^v.t-*i^»>itf'iyW»''^w*»;,i.'s5^ . ',.<-,._..,. ir 

-.n-J -4 

Up $27.3 million 


PubUc Affttrs Writer 

Virginia Beach's pro- 

posed 1212 million Capita^ 
Anin-ovement Program bwl- 
fet for the next five years 
reflects an increase of|27.3 

Residents c^ an Oceana area.fieighborhood c^cuss neighborhood problem areas 
with their civto association qr|antz(ng president, Robert Sandford 

million over last year's five- 
year program estimate. 

City Manager George L. 
Hanbnry, llaiday afternoon 
at an informal session of 
Cttj C^nincil, j^tilboted the 
main pari of tbe increase to 
inrc^ected scfaogi con - 

City Council will have a 
I«Uic henrtng on tbe bud- 
get June 2i, before its con- 
sideration fttr adoption ear- 
ly in July. The CIP, liow- 
ever , serves as a guide 
and Council will not be 
asked to acc^ the program 
as a whole. 

Huibury delayed comple- 
tion of the budg^ untft after 
last Tuesday's referafMum 
when citizens voted for a 
139.9 million doiriUe-bar- 
rel bond issue. Tbe bcmd 
m(mey will be used for the 
city's utiltties program a- 
loi« with |9.1 mUUcm in 
revenue bmids inreviously 
authorized by City CounciL 

The 122.7 milllra scho(fl 
aUocation in tiie 1977-81 CIP 
bas been increased to|43.S 
in the 1978-82 budget, main- 
ly to comply with the State's 
Standards (tf Quality for Ed- 
ucation, Hai^ry said. 

Engbieering and highways 
will take another $49 mil- 
limi; buildings, $43.6 mil- 
Ucm; paries and recreation, 
111.7 nmUob; water utiUty, 
132.5 iliillion, and sewer u- 
tility, |31.4 million. 

The expenditures for Oe 
first year call for a 1977 
charter bond issue of $15, 
900,000 to finance school 
projects ($7.7 million), en- 
gineering and highway pro- 
jects ($2.7 mUlicm}; baikUng 
projects ($3.3 millim), and 
paries and recreation ($2.3 

Pr(9osed 1978 Revmue 
sharing aiq>ropriations will 
finance engineering and 
h^hways ( $4.1 million); 
buildings ($3.6 millioB) and 
paries and recreation ($543, 

A prc^osed $14.1 million 
revenue bond issue for 1977 
is earmarked for water and 
sewer itfilities. 

School construction phas- 
ed over the five year period 
includes six new elementary 
schools, two senior high 
schools and (me junior high 
school as well as numerous 

additions, renovations and 

MbM fi«Mr seAoc^f 

Hew schools in tbe bud- 
get Iwlade four in tiieGreai 
Ron Area, a sentor bl^ 
school (IW.I mmm) ex - 
pected to be conideted in 
M79-IO, and three elemen- 
tary sdKRds. tbe first of 
iriiicb, ttie HtollamlRowl me- 


on A3 


9 ^.^ 


Rac Center theater 

Viigli^ Beach Paries and 
RderMtton Department per^ 
fWming arts unit wi^fipNi 
ttMf new Reo^aUoii^^iHKf' 
ttiMter irtUt a pres^tfMion 
# #'Jans^nLiviqcstdiw8ea- 
gdl* OB Thvtday evening, 

ite oulaU Ml rtae at 

$m pm. a^im m 0^ 

prakMtiet 0^ "Baaderi 
nestw iteppuqr", vM^ 
ilHiii frM ttw 

|i umjf €i ^tm iHMwMo- 
gm^us e^Bs fill wpKed 
ms^f tain iigiirHi faalBn 

Is a 

native Ttrginian, whose 
drama experilMMs have in- 
doded a rOl^ it, *The Com- 
mon Glory* "Us ttmt^tM)- 
feasional role — Broad- f 
way and off-Broadway pro- 
ductions, fUn and puppetry. 

Chore<^(ii^iy for "Jona- 
than" is imm nder tte 
(ttredlQo at PIU t^. piHa. 
bom and talsed in ^da, 
bepa dnatfng at i^^ttNi, 
has perfoMMd^irfMMetty 
since ttc i«t <tf Mz ud 
started to do ^oreoin|i^ 
U m Indn- «e «l 11.^ 
Um^l9 Is long aad im- 
fiMMlilv flb vns M 1^- 
tog ballei^t is S^iala for 17 
years, ta^M MMer batfet 
rtii iit at ier mn stodto 

in Segovia, ^in for five 
years and lad her own week- 
if t^HstOB sirow in her 
native ^wvrtry for tiiree 
ftkts. 1 
Micbni ttcBlairwiUper- 

iorm Isifte role d Jonathan. 
Iin|n U a well-tnveUed 
3^Rii| iMn who has mute Vir- 
ginia Beach his tomeior tbe 
pa^ ttree yMrs. TWewater 
tma tuf recognise M^ 
tern m television credits 
wMMi toclnded commercials 
tar MacDcmalds, Goodman- 
M«w-H<«an and Mo^»- 

Marfitws fM* tte prodne- 
tton ttetade: Barbara Aw 
lialMAy, Jma Aim Lovell, 
JM Viilee aid Rita Omrch- 

Tracy Smith will perform 
in tbe dancing role of 
"Jonathan Livingstone Sea- 
gttU*. Otter players include: 
Nancy Coneeaey as IK^er: 
Elder; Allw Page as Father: 
Chaisg; Berry Scott as Sul- 
lirat; Orndt Lestw as tM- 
(A» Lynd Se^iU; Patti 
Rn^es as KiritMaynardSM- 
guU; Gary C. Clarie la the 
rdes of ^arligirt GuU and 
Heanr Calvin Chill (he's also 
assistad stage manager); 
JUb Berry as ^arl%tt Gtt 
and Charies Roland Gdl; C. 
A. ftn^ as Martin ^t^M; 
Jnlle Lovell as Jwfy Lee 
S^gull; and KeUie Ifarie 
LanMn as LoweU teN(dl. 
The Carp Htmmwmk^ 
tire T«ti Earley, &mUm 

Francis and Lindy Sullivan. 
Designer ets and lights 
are under h^ direction of 
TbMias Magee and cos- 
ttOM by Doiti Holtz. Ixda 
Man^ will serve as As* 
siatut Dire .n and Stage 
ter -r »r.s pro(hlctt( 

"JoMtiHua LivtogstonSea- 
gril" is s^edttled to rw 
tbNHgh Sinday, J«e 26. with 
a lunUy i^teee set for tti« 
«tey at 3 p.m. AU ttckete 
lor ttM ^v^nion are tnt 
and mW^Mtaai may be ma/Ae 
by caUIng ^-IMl. 

"tiemsiui llNtre Com - 
pa^r" may stood tte pro- 
dndien mm^ Mf iM If 
adi«nce leser i a tteas iMrit. 

Readers' Theatre ©rot^ reverses fOi As first prodiJction at th^ 
Rec Center theater. Jorwtt^ LJ\wH3Sf^ Sea^ wl b« I 

(iNresented by the connpaAy. 

m liia^i 

- -^^ ^ -^^^^^■^^'^-^ 



Put 'em back on! 

Letters to the editor 


Yo«^ mtm^ yiff into BjMcfc^t y«ir fcras l»ek oa! 

Ycwr mlBds «n alrea^ raciqi, aren't tiey? Is there 
a Mie, ctettvtatst larking b^nd tbat typwrlter at the 
Hc-Jimes, Of perlia]^ ^t a garten-yari^ dirty old 


Hy m^vtt ar« t^ |Mre^ I assure you-I simply want 
to «m Qm flm <rf ^^waterrron^I^oyt «rf their minds. 

It is nrt fflrtlrtiy prudery ttat brtags me to my request, 
ffl's Just ttat siMt women Ubtraled ttenscAves by "bura- 
m ^ bi»* (if my symtadlodly), there have been ittre 
coMWfli^iMs tor Vtiginla men. 

Take the m^ day out at «te MiUtary Circle llaU... 
r« a great p«l^«.iutdier, anl <» iits partiadar occa- 
■^ J iua mtcitai an old duffer who was in turn wateh- 
iOK ttw gyratiois <a srnie well-eactowed sweet youag thing 
«*o was dSiviousSy "unbound". The man's atteati(H| was 
riTirted on the girt's fttntal aratomy-and he walkied smack 

llwre is a story circulating ttrt (m well-known Virginia 
Beach bisiatssiBiA is wearing a neck brace these (kys 
not becaute be suffered whiplash in u auto accident, but 
kacdiise b^m «- double-take vUlt oat girl^yatchii« and 
PuUed his Mdt muscles. (WcniM I lie to you?) 

It is embarrassing, (or instutea, to be served by a bra- 
less waitress: Ka-BOCHll, Ka-B0(^-B00M-BO(»f! "May 
H«lp you sir?" 

Your're seated, and what is eye-level to you is quite 
anotter level on the waitress. She's looking down at her 
Bote pad, pettcU in hawi, but anther part of her anatomy 
^ startag r^ at yon. All you era do is look down at the 
tal^ and ask ftff ice water, UAs of ice water. (It was in 
that sanM restaurant tbat I stabiied my tongue with my 

Not only is this goi^ without underclothes distract^ 
aiirt time'Consumii%, Iwt it can't Mp iwt have ne^tive 
&tie effects for the unclad you^womm. 

Think of all the extra chest colds that will be genented! 

nfl in tht not-too-distant future tor some of these ample 
iilhtrs lies the pn^lm of ^oi^l droqi. Goii% wltbMta 
l» s will definitely cause s^lng for the heavier-chested 
gi''' and ste may <ne day r«gret having foUowid fashion 
1 atner than comnm sense. 

The deterndning factor ior the'lMrbra look used to be 
the "pencIKtest". Accordtaig to the ^ue^ daring Cosmo- 
politan magazlBe, if « w«hiub {wt a pencil unHfeaJigr bosma 
and it stayed, then bnlessness was definitely not toM.hat 
gal. Sue was too busty. 

^hee then, tliou^, I've se&i braless girls whose chesta 
could not only accomodate a pencil, but probably a coiqde 
of ball-point pens, a iKitebook and a back-to-school dic- 

What it all boils down to. I guess, is that a lot of wtnnW 
just don't make it on the braless scene. For some it's 
slfVight, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, for example. But otters 
leoK ludicrous, to put it as sim^y as possible. 

Maybe we'll aU get a r^>rteve as these young womra 
wriggle bade into ^tbeir sweaters this fall, but my guess 
is that t^ will also be tlgM and the girls braless. Again. 

But ccmsfater the eyestrain Tfaiei»ter men are suffering, 
ladies, and cover iy» a little ihore. There are some of us 
«ho would love yMi for it-cntfs our hearts! 

A view from Blue 

Editor: Viittnta Bea<A SUN: 

My name is Victor Blue and I have come from the NW 
i^n I have paint^l aad written poetry for IS ywrs. 
Why 1 S|dit is simide. The oM fussy , wuszy story aad tore 
M tte (riter side a the montain It's just fine. Love your 
vtectrical storms. And wimt ttere's a hurricaw I mnt to 
tied to Oe bac^ porch ct the Amlm awl experieMe. That's 
bow I p^sA. Through e^ieriMBce. A creative i^mosls. 
&me way the oM Chinese painted tteir landseapra. I 
would like to share this poem I wn^e the other day. 

Va Beach - first lovresslons 

Va Beach is a riot of vans 

motor tikes 


flytog frlBtees 

Mrttm drawls 

Ua^ stoics 

empty beer cans 

rcdliig a^ry tones in the windy streets 

A urrow strip of sand like flypaper holds the sun hungry 


tlie gays between 22nd and 27th 

The monied in the iqjper SO's 

The Idacks aad skimiy kids with freckles, roa9b clj|>s 

stwdc in their Jeaat 


and tite territories are enforced 

with subtle vlol^ee aad only a doud g^ bf. 

Va Bfla<^ is a riot of t-shirts, gift sh^, hud art, bi- 

cydM with headless riders, sunny skies, salt water, 

taffy giris and, best of all, strange Bi|^, Sundays 


that laxily rise from the hot sand 

tov«rd roonis, i^, efficiencies, mdels, hotels, attics. 

hgnies, cami^rs, tents, hovels, tncks^ls of cars, unier 
trees, wherever-close eiwngh to return to the human sea 
the next day. 

Victor Blue 

Bravo Blair! 

mtor, Virginia Beach SUN: 

Just a note to tell you Iww much I mjcnri^ firotl^r 
Blair's blather on basebaU. Br%ht»ned up my b^red brmr. 
Best on you, Blair! You too, SIW! 

Joan Ashley 

Your opinioh 

At the Virginia Beach SUN, we want 
, toknow what our reader's are 
concerned about We welcome 
letters to the editor. We request that 
all letters be signed. 

Let us hear from you! 

Staff of life: old papers? 




"I don't know what I'm p»aa do," tte voice blurted 
out as I picked q» the pboae. 

'"^ey i^e them! ^rglars Ixroke into my bouse aad 
stole «v«ry ttt^-iuue of the aewspaper I h«l!" 

I tried to • laim the man. aUowiag that while it was 
aatcMrta^to his papers had be«i stolen, ttrii^ eo^ 
certaialr b« vt^set > 

"Ha! A ea tot yog kiK>w!" he screamed. "MyUfei^ 
,baeB h^ ev»r aiiM those aewspapers were stolea." 

rf eoaiM hear him saifling bade the tears as be related 
1^ tr^^ story. 

It's «»t me ttousands of dollars already, and the c»d is 
Jwwbere to sight." he bltdbbered. "Take tte other ni^t. 
I'd tnttsd my dog to do his duty on a used aewqiaper, 
r^ht? Siaee tte papers were stolea, the poor dog has Ittd 
ctoortc eraa^B- Well, be lifted his leg oa the televisioa 
act - the stqrid thing shorted out and blew tte tube, and 
■y dog is at the vet's ri^ aow being treated for shock?" 

I was beginning to see iriiere my friend did, indeed, have 

"Aad files," he said, the |dt<^ ot his voice risii« as be 
becane owre stated. "You kaow what flies are like in 
> tte ta^meet I always used to um tte newspaper. You ever 
;■ try to swat flies witt a raitio, Curley? ! got deate all over 
'my walls, aad I've had to boy fourteen new radica. And I 
;:stiU got flies!" 

' I tried to lAange the subject by asking if he'd r^rted 
the tb^ to the police station. 

"Oho, they kaow me at the poU(» static^! I'm a criminal 
no*, ever since my papers were stolen - they hauled me 

Hauled yoB in? Because your old newspapers^ wwe 
siaimr' I asked him. I oouMa't qnite believe him. ^ 

"Yeah, ttey ubusted me. Y'see, I always wrapned W 
prter» ta aewspapers. y'uadei^aod? Fish inniaaiiitw 
like that. WeU. siace I got aothia' IB f^^^pf^ 
dHBtpad tt iato the can. The neii^riMitood cats and dog^ 
got Iflto it an' ^read it all over the block. When the gar- 
bage nuu told me to pick it 19 or Td get a flne,I^ld hUn 
wtere to go - and faango! Ne^d Udng I knew I was ia the 

wanted to make sure I got everything right.) 

"Yeih, weU, I was tryii^ to get bade on the good side 
of ay wife - get her talkin'ito me again, you know? - so 
I IViTsd I'd, get a nice fire gidng in the fireplace and sort 
of rmaanoeber." 

"Weo I ^ 

"Lite has been unkind to you," I admitted. 

Yeah, and aow I gotta sead my kid to a spectal tutor - 
he flunked outa currMt evoite class because he didn't 
have any newspaper to read, and he didn't have any clip- 
piags in bis booMworfc bookie. My wffe says I'm respoo- 
slWe for 'retardin' the progress <rf our child' because I 
shoolA taken better care of those papers. Ndwdy in the 
house will talk to me." 

"ftrt it's not tte end of your Ufe," I sahi, '•Keep a stiff 
iwper % - ymi can make it," (I race studied to be a gui- 
dance j»>unsetor. so I'm tooi at ttese thii«s.) 

"Yon sbooM be ia my ^oes," he said, starting to sdb 
quietly. "Because some stinkin' thief stole ttose news- 
papers, my bone bunted down. " 

"Watt jBrt a mlaate - do you mean to say th^ your 
boose boned down because somebody took a stack of old 
aew^apera?" (This oae was goij« to be a doosy, aod I 

- «. 

TiM^ay Ml^ ^mi^ ^^7* Ms tot- 

m^ m^^ mmi sMm^rm 

•vw tro iMi Ndtoss sti^Aed. 

Can you 
solve it? 

Due to strict studio reg- 
utati(»s, tte Vii^lata 
Beach I^rits aad Becrea- 
tioB D^Mrtmeirt is aotable 
to publicise tte movie tttles 
if aewspaper. T.V. or 
ii»lio. Tber^re, tte de- 
partment has prorided a 
little (10% that may git« 
yon Kwie ias^tt to ttat 
tte films wlU be each Wed- 
aesday evnlag. 

•taae U: iMB proiessor left 
Us grey matter at home. 
Jaae 2t: IWs Itollae cow- 
tf ri has It ia l»r a maa 
Witt a silver aose. Joly 
6: Itort of Um Ug <ats 

are bwa— .July U: 

A Budl pMkised a^ma 
mmif beeomes a triead 
to a yMag boy. Mf m 
tm ^amrmA b^ is 
really "^ - Uvtmd at 
- n^wMtteAntaovte 
s^sMtad la^ yMr aad tt 
MS ntesdndcMbottlNd- 
■MdiY aatTtaraitay wm- 

U fsm'n stamped, ^^ 
ittb tto Mrto ud iMre- 
•tlM O^arttMrt, 497- 

liny knees to start tte doggone thWv 
I saw I dIAi't h^e any newspaper. I always use newsps^rs 
to start tte fire. So I figured I could do tt witt Ugbter 
fluid, right? Two squirts and - whoosh! - tte whole bouse 
started q> Uke a bonfire. It was four days before tte rubble 
stopped smoldering!" 

He sniffed again, and there was a l<x^ pause. 

, ''So that's why I'm caUing you," toe man said softly. 
'My wtfe has told me to leave and never come back. I 
have to pack my few rraiainii^possessitHis, andl don't lave 
any wwspaper to crumple into tte paddK boxes. You got 
any extra?" 

Dog days a comin' 

The Virginta Beacb Hetltt 
Department hastavestigated 
over 1,200 animal quaran- 
tine cases during tte past 
calendar year. The majority 
of these cases are usually 
the result of dogs btting 
small children Witt the high- 
est incidence (over 200 com- 
plaints per month) occujTing 
during the summer vacitfion 
period. It is dttrii«ttisper- 
iod that children are most 
active aod animals inclined 
to be most Irritable. Par- 
eids should take spectal care 
to warn tteir children from 

IMetting or aiqiroachlnf 
sti^e dogs. Unnecessary 
handling or teasing their 
own home pets should also 
be dtsconniged. Not only are 
animal bttespalnjhiland dan- 
gerous, iNtftteantmalbwner 
will be required to properly 
quarantine tte animal for 
ten days. Also, in cases 
where ttie animal cannot be 
located, tte victim may have 
to nndeigo medical treat- 
ment Witt painAil rabies in> 
jectitms. For safety's sake, 
keep away from strange ani- 



Hem Bdlliv 


GMeral Manger 


ClryrtsHfli Mtaagtr 

I said I^^^ my best to find him sonie. 

all be<^ose some rat stole ky newspapers," be 
^ kid, his vtdce trailiag off. "ABd...ob fmb.,. -have yon 
got -any classified ad fistings fmr single apartaieate?" ml 

I I ■ 

No question is so difficult 
to answer as that to which 
the answer is obvious. - 
George Bernard Shaw. 

— -rn 

The world exp^s result. 
Don't ten ott«s about, fbe 
labor pains. Show them the 
baby. • Arnold GliH^w. 

Advwttotag Itea^r 

NiMa M flr^da 1«M. «*^ sMeri^tan M mall: 
^. ^m* raMi poMAad aa tepi pi^. 

I mm Iw^ ant faar (tt taMM). My^ 

I |1 ta Meteed. 

RiME ..^ ..„«„«..„ 

AUMMS -. '-_ " .,.,.. 

wtry I 

Mall to: 


I Vlrg^tai^«l 




-< ■ tr 1 » n — -^ — 



CIP budget up $27.3 million 

in«i^ry School is ejected 
to be completed^ during the 
curnMl year at a cost of 
|1,780,W». Sites have yet to 
be aopired fcr the rthier 
tWGreoi Run schools which 
are expected to cost $2.5 
miUiofl and %Z.l million re- 

Fairfield Elementary (|L7 
miiUon) is expected to be 
completed during the current 
budget year, and the ele- 
mentary school for the Navy 
Area Housing at Gallop's 
Corner in Kempsville ($2.9 
million) should be comidet- 
ed by the 1978-79 bu^et 
y^r. Hanbory told City 
CouncU Monday afternoon 
that the school wlU house 
all Navy children iHit that 
no Federal funds have been 

The sixth new elementary 
t school will be Indian Lakes 
i (12.5. million) to be com- 
■ plet^ by 1979-80. 
* Tne new Brandon Junior 
I High School in Kempsville 
» will cost |6.9 million and 
t should be completed $3.2 
i; million. 

l Among other school pro- 
^ jects are the Virginia Beach 
» Junior High School modem- 
> ization which will cost close 
t to a $1 million heat and air 
:; conditioning repair for the 
! Center for Effective Leam- 

' •A^v.•^•.^^v.v/A•.•.■.■,•.■.■.....,...■.■.■.•.■.■.■.■.■.•.•.•.■.■.■.■/.;.: 

lag; F. W, Cox High School 
electrical r^air; D^y Ele- 
mentary School addition; 
Shelton Park Elementary 
ScIk}o1 addition; Arrowh^d 
Elementary School air con- 
ditioning; Cox High School 
renovation, Princess Anne 
High SciKwl renovation; B.F. 
Williams Elementary School 
modernization; Bayside, 
Cox and First Colonial High 
School reiwvation; Indepen- 
dence, Lynnhaven and Prin- 
cess Anne Junior High reno- 
vations; Windsor Woods 
Elementary School roofing; 
Malibu Elementary School 
site renovations; College 
Park addition; C.E.L. Ca- 
reer Development Annex; W.- 
T. Cooke Elementary School 
renovation; Kellam High 
School reiravation; Bayside 
Junior High School reland- 
scaping; Center for Effec- 
tive Learning renovation; 
Kemps Landing Elementary 
School renovation; Creeds 
Elementary School renova- 
tion; Kempsville Meadows 
Elementary School lighting; 
Linkbom Park Elementary 
School modernization; Lux- 
ford Elementary School 
drainage, Seatack Elemen- 
tary school renovation; Shel- 
ton Park Elementary School 
renovation and Thorough- 
good Elementary School ren- 

Continued from At 

&t)m Palace Green Boule- 
Fightlng congestion vard to Rosemont Road on 

Southern Boulevard. 

The highway program, 
Hanbury said, represents an 
attempt to get rid of the con- 
gestion on the Bach's 900 
miles of roads of which 60 
percent are still rural two- 
lane roads with open ditches. 
One of the most congested 
areas, iie said, is Witch- 
duck Road because of the de- 
velopment to the south. This 
road will soon be widened 
to a four-lane divided high* 
way with 90 percent Federal 
and State funds and 10 per- 
cent city money. 

Three new projects are 
among the engineering and 
highways plans. - construc- 
tion of two southbound lanes 
to upgrade general Booth 
Boulevard to a four-lane di- 
vided highway from Croatan 
Road to Oceana Boulevard 
($50,000); construction of a 
four-lane divided arterial 
street from Indian River 
Road to Centerville Turn- 
pike on Kempsville Road, and 
construction of a four-lane 
undivided collector street 

First time protects 

Four building projects in 
the CIP for the first time 
this year, .include the Ben- 
dix Road^^^TefBse facilities 
addition, and addition to the 
Animal' Control Shelter, a 
Mental Health Center Build- 
ing to house the primary 
divisions fo the Department 
of Mental Health and satel- 
lite units; and Farmers' 
Market expansion. 

Hanbury said that every- 
thing in the master plan 
for the civic center has been 
built with the exception of 
the Operations Building, 
which is scheduled for com- 
pletion in 1980, and one wing 
on the Administration Build- 
ing which is expected to be 
completed in the 1977-78 
budget year. 

The purchase of a major 
park area at Munden Point 
in the southern end of the 


He leads a double 
life In the skies 

Special to the SUN 

A Virginia Beach "crop 
Hr\f duster" is flying with the 
U.S. Naval Reserve as a beli- 
c(q)ter pilot. William S. Bon- 
ner, who lives at 923 Caro- 
lina Avenue Ifr- Virginia 
Beach, say$ that he thorough- 
ly enjoys both jobs. 

After servii^ the active 
duty Navy for five an a half 
years, the veteran comt>at 
aviator who earned 20 Air 
: Mectais while flyii« a heli- 
c(q>ter in Vietnam, retum- 
':■ ed to civilian life. 
; Lieutenant Bonner then at- 
: tended the Carlisle Sc|!Sol of .^ 
; Agriculture in Gr#e'y,Colo. '" 
^ where he learned the special 

skills required of a "crop 

As a partner in Spraying 
Specialists, the 1969 grad- 
uate of North Carolina Wes- 
leyan College flies especially 
equipped sii«le - engine 
planes dusting the crops of 
Virginia farmers. 

In 1976 the Navy formed 
Helicopter Attack Squadron 
Light Four in Norfolk, to 
utilize the skills and man- 
power of the pilots and crew- 
men of the Vietnam era. Bon- 
ner, who wanted to keep his 
helicopter qualifications in- 
tact, joined the squadron. 

The 31-year - old offi- 
cer explained that the mis- 
sion of his squadron is to 

provide fast reaction close 
air suiqrart to riverine and 
amphibious forces in case of 
mobilization and national em- 

"We reserves work along- 
side the active duty aviators 
during weekend drills and 
duriiig tte annual two week 
active duty for training." 

In addition to his role as 
a pilot, Bonner said, "I su- 
pervise 12 men who perform 
daily inspections, fuel air- 
craft and direct the squa- 
dron aircraft to and from 
the runway.* 

Each pilot has to learn a 
variety of new skiUs and 

Free Day! 


Elaine Fovuers 
Best Summer of \biir Life 


It's a Free Daj?! A free chance to try out the 
salon equipment. Meet the members and 

It*s a Party! Free entfrtainment, refresh- 
ments, and prizes. All day. All free. Bring 

It's a^argain! If you d^idc to join, there's a 
special ft^ Week price! Now thni Thursday 
— you save 25%! . 

Party WeekPrke 







Call today Jor Party Ctay rescrvatkxis! 

< CWm l^wwi Nun town* Itn 

Bain»Powen Jk 
RgueSolons W 


8trit*303 BSD Fhrtt Colonial 422-3133 



city, new in the proposed 
budget, should complete the 
city's program of major 
{Hirks, Hanbury said. 

Other new parks and rec- 
r^tion projects in the pro- 
posed CIP include: 

The 5.5 acre Scarborough 
Square Park, Sandbridge 
restrooms. Red Wing Golf 
Course asphalt cart path; 

3.2 acre Redwood Farms v 
Park; portable senior cen- 
ter at Seatack; 5.8 acre Co- 
lonial Oaks Park; purchase 
of property for Woodstock 
Cove Park; Princess Anne 
Park restrooms; 3.7 acre 
Fairfield Forest Park; 2.9 
acre Wishart Cove Park; 
1.9 acre Huntington East 
Park; two acre Linkhom Bay 

Park; 2.2 acre W.W. Oliver 
Farm Park; 4.7 acre Trant- 
Berkshire Boat Ramp; five 
acre Windemere Park and 
20-acre Brandon Park. 

Prtparing herbicides for transfer to his 
specially-designed crop dusting aircraft is 
William S. Bonner. The Virginia Beach re- 
si(tent plays an important role in helping 
Virginia farmers produce better harvests. 
(Photo by DAVE CASEY) 

this year was no exception. 
Bonner explained, "Learning 
to fly at night over the ocean 
in a pitch black sky while 
you search for a ship at sea 
to land on is an experience 
I won't forget. The point is... 
once you find it, you have to 
land on it— it isn't easy, no 
horizon, no nothing!" He and 
his fellow pilots, some with 
less experience in a heli- 
copter than himself, did^- 
cate and land on the am- 
phibious transport dock USS 
Nashville, out in the Atlan- 
tic. "They all qualified as 

aircraft carrier pilots and 
gunnery officers during this 

past two weeks." He said 
with obvious^ pride, "Those 
guys did great!" 

Bonner not only serves the 
Navy, but his firm helps im- 
prove the quality of foods 
grown in Virginia by spread- 
ing pesticides and herbici- 
des over the farmlands. He 
said, "We work in strict com- 
pliance with the Environmen- 
tal Protection Agency to do 
our job. Contrary to popular 
opinion, agriculture, not 
tourism, is the main indus- 
try in Virginia Beach." 

Bonner, who says he is 
busy from dawn to dusk dust- 
ing crops, plans to maintain 
his Naval reserve career. 

Longwood grads 

Two Virginia Beach wo- 
men were among 449 degree 
recipients at recent gradua- 
tion exercises at Longwood 
College in Farmville, Vir- 


Ellen Butler Reed and De- 
borah Ann Schubart, each 
received a bachelor's degree 
in Speech Pthology. 


yvur wedding! 

That's right in addition to our fine 
photographic services at Studio One we 
will conceal a subminiature radio trans- 
mitter on the groom that will transmit 
every precious moment to a nearby tape 
recorder. All at no extra charge. You 
can now remember that great occasion 
with i^otos and tape. 

Call now for a personal showing of 
our samples and demonstration* of the 



Virginia B^ch Sim, June tZ, M77 - A-3 


by Lui Wdng 

Glenn Uhlar 

Our Sunshine Girl this week is Glenn Uhlar. Glenn is 
a cheerleader at Norfolk Catholic High School and was also 
a member of the Homecoming Court at the school this year. 
Like most young girls, Glenn enjoys dancing and spending 
her summer days on the sand at Virginia Beach. She has 
a strong interest in art and is considering further studies 
and a possible career in art. « n^ -^ - - 


Recycling for cash and prizes 

Aluminum beverage cans 
wiU be "mined" for silver 
June 25 vbea Reynolds Al- 
uminum Recycling Company 
in Virginia Beach holds a 
special "Silver Dollar Satur- 

Recyclers bringing their 
aluminum to the Reynolds 
center located in the Airport 
Industrial Park at 1435 Air 
Rail Avenue will be eligible 
for extra cash prizes total- 
ing $10q to be paid in sil- 
ver dollars. This is in addi- 
tion to 17 cents a pound— 
$340 a ton- -for aluminum 
beverage containers and 
other clean household alumi- 


fit*:-- '-1C** "-:*■'■•.• ■'•■"•" - 

Bob Arnett, Reynolds local 
center manager, said that 
two contests will be held 
throughout the day. The per- 
son bringing in the largest 
amount of aluminum between 
9 a.m. and 12 noon will re- 
ceive the first prize of 25 
silver dollars. Second prize 
will be 15 silver dollars and 
the third prize will be $10 
in silver. 

Fourth through tenth pri- 
zes will be Reynolds Recycl- 
ing T-shirts. The contest will 
be repeated between 12 noon 
and 4:30 p.m. with the same 
prizes being awarded. 

Reynolds pays 17 cents a 
pound for all-aluminum bev- 

erage cans and other clean 
household alaminum .'^ucb as 
pie plates, foil, fiiozen food 
and dinner trays, dip, pudding 
and meat containers. Certain 
other items, including alumi- 
num siding, gutters, alumi- 

num storm doors and j^indow 
frames, and lawn furniture 
tubing, are also worth 17 
cents a pound if properly pre- 
pared. This alumifiUE' mmi 
be free of all foreip n-ater 
ials, cut to lengths not er 
ceeding three feet and shot i 
not be mixed with aluriinuai 

Are you looking for a bargain??? 
Every day is a bargain at 

Ample Samples 

Featuring famous maker samples 
cbseout and factory oven^uns 

Save 20% to 50% 

Grand Opening Special 


to first 300 
1 pair 

Painter's Cloth Pants 

waist sizes 27 to 32 


YorktowB Commerce Center 

228 N. Lynnhaven Road, Suite 124 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 234S2 

Select Group Nylon 
Tank Tops 



Nylon Print Shorts 

sizes up 8 to 16 
60 pair only, while they last 



2736 Vs. ffsac^Wvtf. 463-0672 

Across from BMch Pord 
(H>en 10-6 Dally Mon & W^ tNtMO 






To iiK:tud» yeur grmp's «:tivHtet in SLMOIAL, 
mail to ^N. 131 Roswi^ RcmkI, V«. Beach 23462. 
Notifieatitti <rf a^^nte taktna placa aft«r Wadnasday, 
ttia SUN'S pubHshfng (toy. must ba recaivad by 
5 p.m. tha pravious Friday. 

ri *— n 

AduH swimming Re¥l¥al 

Summer art 

Fellowship series TM lecture 

The YMCA viU te crf^laf a begtt- 
Mr swinntaf ctats tiuf mI^i^uI- 
m JMe rnk. TIm cUss «IU be qpw 
to m«i and wbm. faMtnetim irill 
stress all taste sUUl. Kc ettss vUl 
tattim tea lesaons. For re^itafatkm 
aai mtmmdk trimaatiM, cfMrimet ttM 

'Ascent' film 

Ite ttdvd fUm ia the thirtea - 

part serto "Ascnt of Mao" wlU be 

vteved U • pum., Jvae ^, at the 

^ Viiilaia Bndr Arts eeater. Utk and 



•aa spim 

'The GraiaiBtte 
a ste»e aod re- 
tii fiNw to MdM a mU, 
a nttNral, A i^.Fnm the Gretic 
t&atim (d H^MB avt tte catte(b«ls 
at me^eral Praace toaMd^ai^ 
i^^les, tMs ttln aqnvssMOaa's 
fidth aad tatef a* areMtet nd 

The LoatoB Bridge Baptist Church, 
*»l^ Potters aoad. tasvschedttled one 
•f tibe BBMt unique revivals in America 
to&y. This Suoday School Revival will 
be0M Sunday, Jime 26 aod contioue 
ttro^ the week, b^noi^ 7:30 

LaoB Killo'M of Greeosboro, North 
Caroltaa, will be the Evangelist. Mr. 
KUbrett is koown as "Mr. Suoday 
SdKol 11.$ A." He is America's ooly 
fqU-timt&mday School EvugeUst. He 
is «»slitered to be one of the most 
sobcessfai ftmday School Builders in 
oar geMratioo. He is beiog wUely 
used hy all dmmniMti(»s across 
Anola to be^ revftw and simulate 
a new ifaiy of growth, outreach, Bible 
StaAj, evangelism aad pers(»al soul- 

The public, all pastors, church lead- 
ers, and visitors are invited to bear 
him. Tlds is a rare c^iportunity to 
hear oae of America's foremost aod 
BiiqpM avaiielisb. 

Some oi Mr. Kflbreth's messages 
adU be on: How to doiriile your at- 
teadai^ aod ellmioate abs»te^m; 
bow to build a soul-wionfi^ ctan^; 
a visitatioD program ttiat works; and 
how to eorcdl all church members 
in suday school aod get them active. 

The Viifinia B^ch Arts Center 
(^ers tm Mps to Eun^— ^nin in 
July and Italy m August- which are 
opM to all iwi iocluite college credtt 
for ttose wbo wish it. 

bi cooperation with Old Dominion 
Uidvei^ty etril^e enM classes in 
watercolor pairing teught by Rti>art 
Bumell andT«y Cacalanoamialecture 
coorse in Art Histoid by MldttelFlins 
are being c^red ^ong wiUi a number 
of courses ia«ricN» media from photo- 
graphy to fU)U». 

A total ot Bine collie credit hours 
in the arts iriU beottBredthis^ununer. 

Further imtwrmattcm is available 
thiovch the Arts Center. 

Oral history 

The Friends of the Villoma Beach 
Library have'provided fimdstortfaepur- 
chase of re<»rding e<piiiMnwt ttiat will 
allow studrats to record interviews with 
long time residents of Vit^taia Beach. 
The dimation ims v(^ed by members at 
their aimittl si^lynieeting held recently 
at tiie W^iodsor Wodds Branch Library. 

Elegant chrome-firamed 

art ]^pi*(Nluetioiifi. 

Free for savers* 


*li^ aMOHHt widi US feri» Uttle as $100 

Oi Ar • aeiaiml unomiyvu cm pudwse one of 
<iK tn^ ocqitioiial vafaies oftoger works (Qfart by 

"**^£^. y«Mf art win be coltorOiig Intatrt to your 

EKdipfintbasbeoidioaeafiirdealga, vlbraacy, and 

dtatovtt; as we dW, that the same oonceni for quaUty 
lM(bMtt«tfHbatttoa^t»tiieaiiiBBHtd^ ^ 

; Your iKtatJs saiTOiaided to dBtMne «id tto 00^^ 
not with ofdlii«ry^ta88,butackar sheet of ooflftr.tee^- 
nOstant stjteat. Every pciirt Is cooq»letdy flnlshed and 

^Talie o«<rfthe maatera home today. Tihe moDCT you 
gave irill br^faien asrtqr day-and your new-fijund art 
win brl^iten your evoyday. 

WittTwr V^nr 49(Mtt te a Mw er eSMU^AoooMt, yon v»^ ^aS^ #ft 



















I SilO 































P^ta riiowa w« si^leet to aitemMtai M MT^WNUty fkMMMM 



IfffSS y wiVt. Nwt'' • *>>^«i*»— il« VlTBiote Be»Ji Boi 

Vlfgtnia BcKh Bon)«vwd M RgamoK bad 

Foundry Uoltod Methodist Church 
at 2101 Virgtnia Beach Boulevard be- 
gins its WedMS(tey evering Fellowship 
wttiu on Wednesday, Jme 22nd. The 
iatvrams.,will be hekl Mch Wednes- 
di^ eveoiif tbrough Jtdy 27th. . 

On June 22nd, a fish fry will be 
featured at 6:M p.m., f(dlowed by a 
service at 1:30 pjs., with music by the 
Thrastor Memorial umtad Methodist 
Church YoaUi Choir of Virtoo, Vir- 
ginia. A (U»M«tt(m of local mission 
projects wiU coixslude tte evening's 

Ctai Wednesday, June 29th, the even- 
ing fellowship will be^ at 7:^ p.m., 
with an Old Time Songlest. Majmr 
Hipps, director ef Uw Sdvatlon Army 
will present a .pn^ram on their local 
uUsston woilc. The Chan^ Choir will 
IH-esent a musical program for the 
evening and refreshments wUl be 

On Wednesday, July 6th, Chaplain 
CliffiNrd 01«m (^ the InterBatimal Sea- 
men's House will live a slide presen- 
tati(» and talk about the work of the 
Seaman's House in a idfafg^ and pro- 
viding recraational ^flMhties for 
tbreip sallora. ^ program begins 
at 7:30 and ni^c by the Chancel 
Choir a«l reftre^Aients will conclude 
the evening'a program. 

At 7:30 p.m., on Wednesday, July 
IStti, "The Ctown", a play about local 
mission woit will be j»resrate^y the 
yo^ groiv) from WUte Oak tiited 
MeUudist Church of Cha^oga, Toi- 
Bewee. A short filmstrip on theUidtod 
MettKxUst Committee on Relitf will be 
^bowB. A hymn sing and refreshments 
will conclude tiie {urogram. 

Rever«id Arae KristQ, Director of 
tt» CteKh Social Ministries Resource 
Center in Norfolk, will be f^tured on 
Wediwsday^ July 20th, at 7:30 p.m. 
The C«i^r is (^erated by sii de- 
nominatioos in an effort to assist local 
peqde with food, cltrthing, rent and 
utUity bill paymmrt. Songtest and re- 
fireshmoits will fol^ t^i)|emin. 

The final program m Wedfnesny, 
My 27th, at 7:30 p.m., will feature 
Reverend Ted Bashford of the Union 
Mlssioo. Rever«nd Bashford wiU sp^k 
of the woik tin UniOD Mission does 
in the Tidewater area. The cMldren's 
cboir of H(9e Haven, a Union Mission 
sponsored home, will present a musical 
I»t)gram. Refreshm«)ts and fellowship 
will OHwlude the evening's program. 

Tte Inteniatioittl Meditatiw Society 
invites the public to a free intnxlue- 
tory lecture oo tte transcendw- 
tal m^tatioi prt^nm. 

Tte TM program practiced by over 
8M,000 pe^le in the United States. 
Alone, has b»n tte subject of two test 
saUtag books and a host (rf articles 
in every s^orpublicatiw in the coun- 

Tte lecture wiU te teld on Wednesday 
Jime 22, at 7:30 at the Center for the 
TM Program, 224 Groveland Road,, 
nmemA to Princess Anoe Plaaa (te- 
idil Muter Auto) in Virginia Beach. 

For furtter information, call 340- 

Shrine circus 

The 14th Annual Hamid-M(»ten 
Shrine Circus spoisored tqr Ktedive 
'temirte of Norfolk will te preserted 
at tte Uni(m KempsvlUe Stadium, Vir- 
ginia Beadi Boulevard and Witchduck 
Road, Tters(by, June 23rd through 
Sunday, June 26th. Performances dally 
at 2:30 and 8:30 p.m. Sumlay June 26th 
at 12:30-4:00 and 8:30. 

Throui^ tte generosity of local mer- 
chants and Shriters, over 30,100 tree 
tickets Ittve been made available for 
distrtbutioo by local Police aod Fire 
Diqiartments, aod civic organizati<»s 
to diserving children who might not 
otterwise te treated to a free day at 
tte circus. 

lUs three- ring circus, which is pre- 
sented in front (rf tte grandstands at 
the stadium is uniiiue in tte fact that 
ttere are no side-stiows o]>«ttra at-, 
tactlow. It la.thr^ hours of clUm*' 
famuy entertainment.^ 

Mr. Joseph B. HuUiard, General 
Chairman, will te at tte stadium at all' 
tim^, or additional information may 
te (Malned frm Khedive Temple (622- 

Guardsmen and 

reservis to train 
at Ft. Story 

More than MO Army Re- 
serve and NattoBal Guards- 
men arrii^ Sondtaiy at Ft. 
Eustia from aer<»ss the Uni- 
ted SUtes; 

Members ci eli^t differ- 
ent units, tte a^diers vdU 
participate in "Operation 
Jaws,*' a logttti£*-over- 
tte-stere eiei%lse, which 
will teke place at Ft. Stonr. 
Ite cpen^oD |rlU involve 
tte Reserve c^ptmenta and 
utivf Army terminal ser- 
ylcf pers<mnd. 

This is m first of 
several "Operation Jaws" 
to te conducted during the 
summer at Ft. Story. The 
exercise is int^ded to pro- 
vide 28-lKwrs itf rustic 
. missiOB-miented traii^ in 
a fi^d Mvirownent tor Re- 
serve and Guardsmen on act- 
ive duty trairing. 

Tte Utial pbaseMWeoti- 
eratioi wHl b^ Jute 28 
when units are trucked to 
Ft. Story from Ft. Eostis. 
IMi» to- tte «by irtU ia- 
dade: Mtttag qp t«rts. a- 
taUltfagMrane «M park- 
tag tfau, and ass^blii« 
and deeding e^pipnoA to 
te ^ed diMigtte«|mtttion. 

Traltt««ttl^ari Tues- 
day mmttag and wiU eoo- 

sist oi off-loading cargo 
from tte Motor Vessel Sut- 
too, anchored off RedBMcb, 
Ft. Story, Tte,«nitS will 
use landing craft from Ft. 
Eustis as well as lighter, 
amphibious, resupidy, car- 
go vessels (LARC's) from 
Ft. Story. Ttese willb||pB«l 
In traraportlng cargo icn»s 
tte beaeh from tte MV SW- 
toD and will ^y a maior 
nde in telping the luits ac- 
»mpU^ tteir missicm. The 
qpenti(m will end wten all 
cargo has reacted its des- 
titetlon OB tte beach. 

Tte units particiittting in 
JAWS are; Headquarters and 
Headquarters Company, 
348th Transportati<» Batta- 
U(m, Houston, Tex.; 4%tb 
Transportation Cominny, 
Mobile Ala.; 58Ttt Trans- 
portetioa Ckmipany, N.Y.; 
650tb Transportaticm Com- 
pnqr, Wilmlagton, N. C; 
84€tt TransportatioB Com- 
paqr, GreMwood, S.C.; ami 
tte 76tfa f ranportation De- 
tachm^t, Mlddletown, 

IB additim, tte 184th Judge 
iUlvocate IMactawt, Har- 
rii^rg. Pa.; and tte 3286tb 
USAR School, Ralegh, N.C. 
idU taka Mmmw traiid^ 
duriflg ttda pertod. r 

M(»% than ISO per^N^ 
fttNB tte 177th TraMq»rta- 

Uea Compaiv, San Uego, 
Cal. will conduct their sum- 
mer traiidng at Ft. Story. 

C3-ve cm #.; 





Potato A^& iteaH. 

otat n a. trcAt.asfs 

CMUA I ailjT€ ft m mkf 
tf) eT\Jov ihe caVe' 
-feel c^nNT^eT ". Vnm. 

iheir ads idy'no'soi 
■|< i^ou call 426 moX 
©^ ai»<- for Tw\ or Ann 

The t^.w'TDfiwi at 
the. OC£flNS .^ a tm>4r 
•for an^cTfvE over 25 

^ ^it^ ajl4>T€ ^ 

that dc^^i't b-neaK 

nr^^,th6 ooen it) the 
public Vas Je^-te^fi 

16 oefiTutely up- 

tmm i #« r«Txu is 
a very T^\ce mk or 
fnesK ^a4^£^ ^^3 

THe ferivi plj^\ 5iv i 

I the cocKia^l (0UT9C 


PhU Hqrt invites you 


Virginia's First 



Little Creek Yacht Basin 

8180 Shore Drive 

in Shore Drive Marina. 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Phone 583-331 1 

J)pen 5P M, to 10 P., M, 

OMrtlmge for THIS 

A rmmak article in tte SUM ^mc^nii^ ^ fiMtelal 
^ti^tti a T.RJ J. iran^d tte Stvorton Civic League to 

mm MMc mmgf J^mti j^ t.r.i.s ^^nutive as 

Sued M aa ^^Miattap te ^ ben rvices 

fuiK^^if m» ^mej, ^ mMttenikip ufuitm lu donate 
^t^i^ T.S.IJ. ta an^^Mt to ^rtaia itsoperatton. 

Tte n^MM Cl^ Ij^m ^t^mi^$ otter commnalty 
lii6cflTioBl to aqnl or att^ Mm amAHnn for tb^ rood 
of ^M TidiwaM' oomnuMUi 

^mvhKni Inn-ltUMar^ (1k%« 

tai^ Dluer etwi^ «reid^ inm 

Live ^ertalBnMt Mflli.-At. liarti^ M f :00 

. * • 






ip|»p p m^v^wwr • f 

yiif inia Beach Sun, June 22, 1917 - A -5 


Kemi»vUle PUia aiqn>ii« Cntcr 
Now mder MwnuagtmMt 

MKMWIi American 

Dally Luncheon Specials 

1 1:00 aMto 2:U0 p.m. 

Tuesday Only 

4 oz. Deimonico steak ^ 1 .75 
trench fries, salad coffee or tea 

Evening Mexican Dinners 

Buy one nos. 1 thru 9 on menu get 
one of equal value FREE. One free 
meal per family. IDC does not apply. 

^TAR Don Rose 

Disco & Oldies Wed. i Fri. nights 


No cover -Cocktails-No minmum. 

OPEN Moo. - Sat U:00 ,to S:00 a.iii 

^&aday UiOO nooo to 12:00 midnights 
ICsll 4t«-in7 for rexcnrations 

A small friendly place 


^"^^ Neighborhood 

^ , Fomwiy Gmm BmJnn r . «, 

D9Uy Lunch Special - 

From f 100 to $i9s 

Friday Special - 6 f o 9 p.m. 

All the fish you can eat *3^^ 

Saturday Special -6 to 9 p.m. 

All you can eat steamed shrimp *5«5 

3733 Bontiey Road • 340-B447 


The Round Table 

ribs will bring you three big 
thick beef ribs baitevied to 
perfection for |2.50. If ribs 
aren't your bait, von Qiight 
try a Roundburger— that'f 
a good old American hambtflii 
ger complemented with ham 
and melted'xheese. It's ser- 
ved with freneh fries for 
$1.75. The menu also fea- 
tures a Super Special Chef 
Salad for |1.50. An Italian 
Sub orConfederateSub(that's 
turkey, ham , lettuce, toma- 
to and cheese) lis served for 
$1.75. Featured steaks in- 
clude the top sirloin for $7.95 
and a marinated skirt steak 
for ^.30 and several other 
varieties to suit your taste. 
All dinners are served with 
a salad, vegetable and freneh 

A Round Table customer plays a relaxing 
rtig[anw pfpool in the jgr^i^roorrv ;^^ ; , ; ; ; 


The Round Table at 2834 
Virginia Beach Boulevard in 
the Lynnhaven Sh(VPi>% ^^- 
ter is a small restaurant- 
lounge with a warm friendly 

Open from 11:30 a.m. to 
2 a.m., Monday through Sat- 

urday and 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. 
on Sunday, The Round Table 
features disco nightly with 
Doug Walker. 

The menu features steaks 
and sandwiches, but the spe- 
cialty of the house is bar- 
bequed ribs. An order of, 

Lui^ is served at The 
Round Table from 11:30 a. 
m. to 2 p.m. iiyd dinner from 
5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Wednes- 
day ^ht is "OUUes but Good- 
ies" 4isco nigUt and special 
prices from tt» bar prevail 
thro)«hout the evening. 

The Round Tkble also fea- 
tures a game room with pool 
tables and pin ball machines. 

Bob Theobald is the owner 
of The Round Table. He en- 
tered the business abiout a 
month and a half ago, buying 
out a previous owner. 

Bob's a Navy man station- 
ed at SIMA in Norfolk. 

"I've wanted to get into this 

business for a long time," 

. he explains, "when I got the 

opportunity to buy this place 

1 grabbed it." 

Bob's enjoying the business 
and his cutomers. It's his 
casual friwHy.m»mier that 
establishes Uk atmosphere at 
The Round Table. He is ably 
assisted by Katiiy Jfxass 
who'll be in complete charge 
when Bob's not on the scene. 
Kathy has worked on the re- 
staurant-lounge scrae pre - 
viously. She enjoys the con- 
tact with people and relates 
that the regulars at The Round 
Table are "just like family." 

S»afoob & Beef Reataunant 


&wcialixinc in fresh seafood, botti steamed 
and tried, prime nA of beef, thick Juicy 
siMks, rwnB«t platter and deUcious cock- 
tails. I^peeial temily prices and children's 
men available year 'round. 



FROM 4 to I PM 



Locally owned t operated by 
j.R. "Jim" George 

PBONE 4aS-1itt 

8 muntes from tte Oce^flrtmt 

Amide Free Paridaj 

Now that ybu'v« trM the Jolly 
this & Jolly that, and vlsltad all 
tha IMroad Statlona In town- 
See S Taste the most Delicious 

.Prime Rib « steaks 

'In Tidewater. r«-»o***» 

(alM m»enlMt MA>od) 

SerMdDally J|^ ob^ 
) - i p.m. sLi^H^ 



Ma^ Credit 

Stoaic HoMM 


Am BwatMisaMrt Gu^, 

Kathy Jones and Bob Theobald Chat 
atmosphere which Is the mainstay of 

i^*^^^^ Italian Anerieaa 

*'Remtmher U'» The Sauce 
That Counts" 


•Shrfmp Mariaihra or Scampi ayle 

• QamS CaslBO rt^OreganU 

• Calamara (b«^ squM) Red or wwte 

• Leister Tails tooUaJ or fh duvoio 

• Chicken Marsda or Fraacese 

• CNcken Tetra«^ or Cacciatore 

• Veal Scalopini, Marsala, Francese or V»l 

FHW MadltamaiaB 
ptas a variety irf »l|isal rac^w 

18 ^s Mine chtf * Mne mtfHU^«rt 

RIe. M-ittt n. IM* «fd. (New^ OwaM) 
imst. Est. 428-MOl, ttl-IlM CtosMHoadai* 

n 1 ^ ari aaf^»*^t^^^-^^-s.^ 

with a customer— part of the friendly 
The Round Table. 

aeili Shora Driva 

SpaetoNiing In Saaf ood 


Italimn Culslne-Cholce Steaks 

OpMi 1 1:00 ejn to 1:30 a/n. 

Dan^m Fri A Sat. 

AM w * Ml - Cocktalia 





4S20 Pembroke 
Meadows Sb^i^ Center 
Va..8«acik Va. 21415 4S9-9M1 

Injoy a CBSfefar fr'^m "The QtimrRodm 
A Bewitching Extravaganza 

2 Complata Friad Chickan DInnara 
for tha prica of ona 

jSteaks *3^^ Seafood 

Serving Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 


tiib vnifflmA beach b lw. 

840-9478 tor carry eirt awriea. 


C.B. Colfee break 8 ts 4 Sattfd^s 

4 p.B. to 8 a.a. liBiday ttn Friday 

1 p.B. to 8 a.m. Satarday uA Saad^ 

wuce todd live entertainment 
dining a dancing 1^0 





gScamolesalad^c^re|X^ QUESADILLAS 



wiamnsi HOTDOca 

^^ Coektatta-WtoaABaer . 



A~C "'> -^ inia Beach Sua, Jtmr 

Painting the Bead) 

H^tii Eric Stevens 

Trombone section for Bayslde Jr., Greg 
Ebmeier (left] and Alan Mayo. 

Musical splendor 

Sony Morgan and Je^ 
Benaett F^itng oo tte sana 
stage ted to result in a 
HAPPENING. Eacb l» a vir- 
tuoso. Eachastowman. Eaeh 
a catalyst. Each a Leo. &ck 
totally imbued wltk MUnC. 
(Hnriously intheirglory^tliey 
were all over the stage, so- 
loing on varied boms, pUvff 
ing bad^rounds, and in - 
dttciag many $toniiii^"ri£r- 
pat^ns" from flieiir col- 

LigMa were low, and the 
ODU TMhBOlogical Theater 
was sardined. Local res- 
taunoteurs should note how 
many Jaxz fans are in the 
area. So should OUR city; 
I can see a reiday at Mt. 
Trashmore or the ocean or 

Where are these crowds 
and the frenetic aK>Iause 

whea the nightclubs need 
them? <«» ttd truth is that 
Un |NM|de even listen in 
^ttt^Mi Md evenfmer 
boMier to ^p. If they Just 
knrnr that a litUe aiqdaase 
vonid get ttem a 50% bet- 
ter performaace! 

But ott Jwe 13 they claHwd 
hMrtUy after each SOLO. 
And for good reason. With 
15 people, InclodiDg two 
(teui^tiN*s> I aq>eeted taste- 
less 6ha(», Imt got a 
pleasing sur^se. Just being 
en tint stage with 14 other 
"mcnsters" must lave in- 
sfdred each sidq>ers(». 

The festival was organ- 
ised and narnied Iff N^nist 
Bob ^wfer, who used a 
clever gimnidc thirt in MES- 
ser hands could have re- 
salted inaiM-climaxes: each 
peraon drew a number. aiKi 

as Bcto called that number, 
that plH«' etose a 80%, 
After (¥eiii« with "Satin 
Doll" the group did a blues 
which "rocl(ed the joiitf." 
Then came the solo vehicles, 

interspersed with two Dixie- 
land druthers, "Muskrat 
BamUe" and "Wolverine 
Blues"; if you think Dixle- 
laad is grmX with three horns 
iougtae hem seven southed! 
ta(^eirtijaiy, Smp's Dixie- 
land group plays Sundays 
at S at the new Ichabod's 
(« Laskin Rd. Morgan 
(Kempsville) and Bennett 
(Sandbridge) each chose 
Beny Goodman tunes, 
"Lisa" and "Avaloo" re- 
q)ectfally, with tiie amazio^ 
Sawyer playing a vibes solo 
at a tempo o|ly Jeep was 
used to. Sanger later play- 

SUN Band Reporter 

Concerts are still the big 
thtig at ouf local schools and 
tte sounds coming from many 
an uditorlura indicate lote 
(rf pn^utUoa has gone into 
these perl(»nances. 

This evidence was strong 
with Bayside Junior High 
Sehofd where tte ttree 
iotermc^te, st^e, 
advanced, are directed 
by Mrs. Evelyn $perry. The 
show that th^e youag ma- 
sidaiu pot OB this tepritt 
was truly magnificent. Many 
at the vrm high school di- 
rectors are watching witt 
Merest tor tteae stvtente 
go to three of our Beach 
Ugh sdKwU. Most of the 
Bayside Jimtor Hifh youngs- 
ters irill go to Joe U- 
gard at BaysidrSeaior or to 
Roo Collins at Princess Anne 

The juKH- high band ate- 
d«U are the Mtsn nich- 
ing and rancert bante for 
these adMxto. Tk| 

program lor musicians at 
the Beach is rated as one of 
the beat programs in the 
stete. And from tiw perfor- 
mances of all (tf our high 
school biKte it is 4asy to 
understeBd idiy this program 
is so irapralaat. 

The Sjprihg Concert at Bay- 
side opened witt the inter- 
mediate band doing an out- 
stuiding Job OB the following 
numben: "Fu&re and 
March", "Sabre Dance, ""Ro- 
meo and Juliet Themes," and 
Theme from "Bogan's Her- 
oes March." Next came the 
highlight of tte program, the 
Bayside Joolor High School 
S&ge Band. This unit is a 
selert groq) of young pecyle 
that Itie pot tte extra time 
ud pnetlce In to' nmke iq) 
this atit. They «ouDdandlo(A 
as i^«CMsioDal as any wit I 
have h»l the pleasure of lis- 
tMtng to in any (tf the area 
sdnols. I highly recommend 
ttet vnrfOK try to see and 
hear this wit when tte op- 

not be (tisappointed. 

For this concert ttey play- 
ed: "ProudMary," "Nadla's 
Theme," "Tte Hustle," 
"Hey Jude," and "RockA- 
round tte Clock." 

Following tiffi stage band 
came tte heavy traffic as 
tte utvanced bajid moved on 
to the stage. They were im- 
pressive to say tte least. 
There is one young man that 
can play his horn like no 
ether — Rusty Rotriason 
'%n trumpet. Rusty could have 
made this concert a me man 
show Witt little effort. The 
advanced band played: "Cor- 
onation March," "Ballad," 
"A Trumpeter's Lullaby" 
(Rusty Robinson on trumpet) 
"IxAengrin Excerpts," and 
"Theme Basses." 

Evelyn ^rry and her 
yooBg mu^eians deserve a 
1^ hand for another out- 
standing performance at 
^ring Concert again this 
j^r. Evelyn's uaits have al- 
ways beai a tdg crowd plea- 
ser and this ctMicert was no 

Drum and bugle - 

snappy blend of 
ancient Instruments 

SUN Baml Reporter 

What is a Drum and Bugle 

Where did ttey start? 

Wtth tte comii^ of Drum 
Corps International's 
"Drams (to the feeach" 
marching competion to 
tte Beach, we thoi^ht we 
would give you a little back- 
ground on this type unit. 

Tte ttsfruments usedby 
tte competitive drum and 
bugle corps of today are so- 
phfsticated instruihents 
whosb Itte^e leattte inced 

back to inimitive drums and 
terns used centurlN be - 
fore tte birtb <a Christ. 

Tte dnmi is said to te 
tte oldMt of Instruments 
Witt a history nearly as old 
as man. Arelaecdoglcal ev- 
idence clearly indicates ttet 
early highly develqM oiv- 
lilzatlobs in tte Western 
HemlqAere, Africa, and tte 
Far East were ttsli« drams 
for ceremonial, religtous, 
and military purposes. The 
Mrllest form of drum, tte 
tollowed-out log, was used 
tor communication and this 
basic use has cmtiaued to 
modern times, wterei,,tiie 
drum remained as a stifle 
tool in millttry units tte 
world over. 

Tte basic form of ttedrum 
as it is found in marching 
organlzatloos consisting of 
a 8<^aA diamber and a vi- 
Inating surface Is centuries 
old. By tte ttirteentt cen- 

tury early forms of tte bass, iJave historically been linted 
kettle, and tte snare drums to mlUta^ life. xi,« ^g^g 
were in evidence. Tte ket- used fbrcommunicatlnpur- 
Ue drum or timpani ^rigi- poses, announciiv com- 
teted in tte Middle East and mands and rallylM forcw 
.awge spread to Europe after Bott tastruments7ere used 
tte crusades. Usage of tt^ armies in America as 
tettte drums in those (lifP%arly as tte Revolutionary 
wasbastaUy tte anie as War. ' 

tte bajn ftiwi^ tt^ fn>vld- 

Bayside Jr: trumpets, from the left: Coriss Porc^ Jeff Alen and Rusty Rotwisoa 


Mrt. CharlM Nixon of Iho Princoot Anno 
CoMify Chopttr. NirtioMl Society of ttit 
PMighttrt of tho Amorican Rtvolirtion ro- 
eoiMy pftonlod airard cMiificates to two 
^■rfM^ from Moi^MMri Childron's Mouso 
m SouM Lyn^MNM Jm4. Tht two ymmf- 
•tort wororocotttteMfoniMiiiigthoteliool's 
km RMTlf fernMd chtpiort of J<imor Aiiwr- 
hm Citizoftt. On tN M^ 1 ytor-oM BriM 

-tkroMfb ff^amo mia^ toAmorieonliori- 
tago, contarvation, gOYOrnmant tfcidias and 
^har r^i^d t<^ies. J.A.C, chaptors may 
ba starts witfi «ia asaisteM;a of a D.A.R. 
okaptar for groups of yottKg poof^ up to 
tha a^ of if. Unlika ttia D.A.R. filiated 
Childran of the Amaricwi Ravoluiion which 

, it opon to young p^^ 1^ can trace their 
haritafe to patri^ in Ibe War for Inde- 

ed basic riqrthm f«- tte miA 
Tte bass drum (tem^ped 
from a Tnttlsb long drum 
and was made pc^mlar by 
m StxU. Tte sfflidler; mM-e 
maneuveral^ bass dram 
used by mai^ musical 
marching orgaitfzatioos is 
known as tte Scotch drum— 
tte drvm Is known as tte 
Batlonal Instrumest in Sort- 

Tte sure and taKxrdrums 
were (tevebfwd In tte l»h 
ooitary in Fi%iM:e and Ger- 
aany, aNboii^ earlier 
forms of ttese drams were 
in evldnM la Eimq>e and 
tte MMdIe East wveral een- 
torles earlier. Hm Enrop^n 
field droBs are easily rec- 
opliable fnrttrtypes of to- 
day's marddng pen»sstoii. 
RecMt achwuies such as 
Idastie drum h«ids and metal 
snare teve matte drams les« 
^iseq^tttde to outdoor wea- 
tter ttBdltioas ttan tte skin 
dram heads and gut snares 
used for eeflturies. 

WUle tte bogle can phU- 
osopUnUy te trac^ to tte 
wooda memAooe and conch 
stell of aiudent civilisations; 
Its modern forerunen »p- 
peared la Ean^ in te late 
IStt centtry. Tte early ftU- 
Itary ta^le U ancestorally 
Udcad to tte tadOiv ters. 

Tte popularity <rf tte 
dram and bugle corps re- 
mained clwely associated 
witt military organization 
ttrtMgh tte semod World 
War. Polto^lngttof period, 
tte nature of drum corps 
endved into a more youth- 
Drteoted, entertainment ac- 

Today's competitive dram 
and bugle «n>ps present dy- 
namic Aams vUch feature 
a wide speetr^ ot sound 
trwa percassioHJastru - 
meets and i^stlcated 
bugles. Audiences enjoy the 
rock sounds of Chicago, the 
symptenic phrases of W^- 
ner. or tte tradlttoi ol Sou- 
se, along Witt a visual pres- 
eitotlOQ (tf color and eicite- 

Tte c(»ipetitlTe dram ukI 
bugle <»>n» in tte United 
SUtes today Is tte ^tome 
of marching musical organ- 
IxattoB, br^fag mparallel- 
ed predslOB to thousands of 
people frrai Maine to Cal- 
ifornia each summer. And, 
I r«fnind yott ttat ttls type 
of competition Is comity to 
Virgin Beach at 8 p.m. 
on Wednesday, July 6. The 
place is C<» High School. 
Fw advance tiefcets call 497 - 
1978 or 340-3703. Make it 
an i^r«rt not to miss. 


^Mae, r^eives hit eertif^te for Mming pMdoMe, Junior Americtfi Citizent it open 

pa G99rt0 WaahMi^n CMar ^ J.A.C. to all youngttort. At Montottori Children't 

ind on ^ ri§i% Lymto ivMd, mo 5, Itoise, two <4i^rt ware tormed by young- 

Hmh^ m mm-i for nm^m$m§ LWerfy lAtrt in ttie ni^Mng Mid afternoM elatt- 

iell Ki^ ClM^ar^ J.A.C. JM^ Amer- m. The ^ ungiiai't in ea^ elatt reMivad 

^M CittsaM it^ aphf^lliilMOTdaavor menr^erthip e«rdt, J.A.C. plM, a certi- 

M ^ NatJMtl^ i^ly ^i^ tevii^rt ficato of nmH^rMp and a booklet on ttie 

•f the Awarteiii W¥aNMo0 t^^mtm to ^led^ of Atli^Mioe. 
fottor pi^ielitni 



for jfoiir mm or ^ugfiitw 
U«ni to typ« MiMor Impr^t 

20 DAYS 

Two Convenfent S«s»ons 
vMy5-29 Aug. 1-2$ 

ed vltes standing on the 
mmi side, with Us teck to 
the awllwce! Ziggy Bar - 
reli's ^•Poor Witterfly" 
fairly talked. Thoroi^h - 
good's VernoD Piland fea- 
tured "^aghettl Rag". In 
addlU<n to playli^ vite^,^ 
lovely Dottie Dunn sai« 
"Here's Ttet Rainy Day," 

and "Myj^ning Hour," but 
her shining hmr was y^ 
to come. When tte "pick 
a numter" routine was down 
to two, only the bassist and 
one drammer remained, and 
I feared an anticlimax. How- 
ever, bassist George WU- 
sm, of Blackwatch Court, 
chose "Flyl^ Hpme"; Mor- 
gan zeroxed thc^Arnett Cobb 
solo from tte jbionel Ham- 
t(m disc; te aiid ie^hypoed 
tte ensemble to a roaring 
finish. How can ttls be 
topped? Drammer Gene 
Brown called for "Lester 
Leaps In" at a breakneck 
speed; Sonny became Lester 
Young; Brown took a long 
crowd pleasii^ ride; now 
Sonny and Jeep jump on tte 
riser to flank Brown with 

brl^ iwnctuations. The sg^^ 
light man took g£»d advwM^ 
tage of such mommts. 

OK, fiiwyer, low can you 
top THAT for ywr finale? 

Sawyer selected a medley of 
"Ow O'clock Junp" and 
"Penttcto", Witt Dunn out- 
shi^ng terself, scatUn^in 
a roanmr that would hal 
elicited a]v>lause from 

There was nothing far*(pt 
or "^^ up-to-date. But |s 
old bad, and new necessat- 
ily good? I'll take a Deasel- 
berg over a 'Vette; a ¥dk- 
ker tri-plaoe over a jrf;} 
Ghent Victorian over 
a cmt^nporary; and a Pitt 
burgh Pirates basetell 

So once a year 15 music 
ans can te THEMSELV^: 
This night ttey were 20 yeai;s 
younger. Tomorrow, back ij^ 
repairing washii^ machine^, 
or selling insurance. i' 

But tte glow of this nlgt^ 
will linger for several days^l- 
Sometet those day^jc^ 
won't seem so mundate. 

It was dHslnaUy semi-cir- 
cular tastepe, had a nar- 
row rimmed mou^ece, and 
*«« a plain t^ wltoout 
means to 'flMr tte pitch. 
Tte trumpet shaped bugle 
•»«wd In England in 1800 
and featured a one-loop tute. 
Tte tw>-looped tube and fa- 
miliar tell anieared in Eng- 
land ahd tte United States 
in the late 1850's. A keyed 
bi«le Witt keys similar to 
ttese used on a saxophone 
was Invented idsiaiO by an 
Irish bandsman, Joseph Hal- 
liday. This instrument te- 
came a standard solo horn , 
in mUitery bands and atoai^ I 
Witt French and Geftnan ' 
versions did much to bring 
tte sound of tte bugle to 
wider appeal. Tte bugles 
of today are equipped witt 
a slide and are made in 
varying sises to produce so- 
phisticate and t^ried sound. 
Bott tte dram and bugle 

June 27 thru July 2 

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bro ond bow by S«o 
fotiuofti of Califof 
ma V% nylon, 13°'" 
lycro tpand«K. Sizes 


WjNfem-^odly do 
(e0pn thows yet 
•Mhrtth ih* Motfeff: 





^^^^"^ ^«p r' 4 # PJP'P p p^jp^fP.p-^^ F P P « 1^ ^' r V I' ^' ' V '^ *■■'»' ^ • * P -f;' 1^' W^'9_'wmm>mwwmi^^^'^^r> ," ^pJ^^^^i*JF^^'^«.*%»|w^*>J.r^#'*"'^P-*i-J m 

Virelaw Btwli Sub. Jaw 22, 1977 ^ A-^ 

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TU «M stop ^^ for all 
ynur ttnttu imdNnr aetds. 
t* fMtiirt iMdto poiat. ermwl. 
;)st«b lMwklac,:bleeld^^j|ilUo« 
BuHiii^. special dti^i^i framiof 
pMrnKkBortn \ 

^RmI Star Bala 20% Off 

Business thrives for Paine 

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and flowers are too. 

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Sales aind Service 

308 London Bridge Shopping Center 



*Saa us last for tha bast buy" 

WilUam Paine is the own- 
er and sole qpM^ri^ Of 
Brach Engraving Service in 
London Bridge Sh(^l% 

What began 21 months ago 
as a small business to sup<- 
plemrat the retirement he 
receives for serving 24 
years and 3 months in the 
United States Army has be- 
come a full time, thriving 

His first shop, also at 
LcHidon Bridge, was about 
half the size of the shc^ 
he's WW bccnpied for two 
mcHiths. He doesn't feel he's 
yet fully set up aid organ- 
ized in the new shc^ and 
he's already talking about 
the time he will have to 
move again into even lai^er 

"I thought I could just 
take in as much work as I 
wanted to do, but when you're 
in business you can't do 
that," says Paine whose ac- 
comodating, personal ser - 
vice manner seems to be 
attracting customers in 
drpves.,.^ , ■:.,.■ .; .1,: ■ . 



Orignally he had planned 
to do ei^raving only but 
customer requests led him 
into the tn^hy and awards 
field. He keeps a stock of 
some trophies and awards 
in his shop which can be made 
up quickly for customers. 
Others can hft ordered from 
catalogs and t>e readied from 
t«i days to two or three 
weeks depending on Paine' s 
work load. He explains that 
he's presptly in the midst 
of a ver](f busy period when 
Schools are awarding tro- 
phies and placques to stu- 
dents who have quelled dur- 
ing Um year, baseball 
l^igues are ordering tro- 
phies for outstanding teams 
and individual players and 
in general^ many activities 
are'windii^ down and con- 
(!QCting their annual award 
programs. All these ac- 
tivities spell business for 

Paine alsodoes name tags, 
badges, door and desks sips 
in plastic for individuals and 
business firms. And, his is 
a shop that will engrave 
items not specifically pur- 
chased from him. He will 
engrave any type of metal 
and often does bowls, trays, 
mugs, watches and^ other 
jewelry that people bring 
.to him.--"- '^' -.-■■■' .. .--■... 

Trophies to mark excellence in every 
sport and activity are on display,— 

One customer— a young 
lady— asked Paine to en - 
grave a sports car bumper 
for her. Seems her beau 
had been driving her ear 
and had an accident. A new 
bumper for her sports car 
cost him $100 out of his 
pocket. She wanted the old 
one engraved as a gift to 
hUm to remind him of the 
accident. Paine suggested 
that the tmmper be mounted 
as a wall placqueandasmall 
engraved placque be used for 
her "message". She agreed 
and Paine mounted the bump- 
er and did the engraving for 

Paine does engraving on 
items purchased in his shop 
at a seven cents per lietter 

rate. Items not purchased in 
the shop are engraved for a 
|3 miidmum charge which 
includes fifteen letters with 
an additional charge of ten 
cents per letter beyond that 

He has a variety of en- 
graving faces available in- 
cluding block, triple line Ro- 
man, Old English, monogram 
and script. 

Trophies are available at 
many prices and Taine sells 
them at a 40 % discount 
off catalog prices for orders 
under |50 and 50% discount 
for orders over $50. He al- 
so extends a 40% discount 
to Virginia Beach school tea- 
chers for personal en- 


2324-C Virginia Baach Blvd. 


340-9551 340-3081 

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hnr ia1CM"ihert's almjn soBcthing oa 



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thliig you'd buy new. So tor repairs or preventive 
inainteiiaBeeof your sewing niiffM9« ^ yacuiuii deaoep) i 
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carry chains, ^)ld items, scrimshaw, Indtoi 
Jewelry and murh more. Now featuring 
beau* 'iJl penc. .gs uy Uiark Ashtofi; 

Coma In ai.u ,00k arounA 

ftes. flvtigh ML 

■ ^'^ ^^ '^►^ ^ ^^^■^^^■^■^^■^^ i 

»>^^*^-^<m<^^ m i ^ ^ * ^m 




A-8 - VirfinitBtich San, Jan* », 1977 

Dr^ssier'Esson wed 
in candlelight ceremony 

Walket'Cistola nuptials 

A military candleligtit 
cerwnaony was the setting 
f«r the marrUfe of Cyn- 
tUa Lynn Dressier and Lieu- 
teunt Timotby Dempsey 
EasMi, United States Marine 
C0i^, at Thalia Lynn Bap- 
tist Church, with the groom's 
brother Reverend Ronald L. 
Eascm tffidati^. 

The br^ wa& gmn in 
marrfai|e by ter father, Ma- 
jor Fqr^t Grant Dressier, 
Jr., IfAA.F., (rf Uniwrsal 
City, Texas. Ensign J«^^ 
P. Mar^ttes, U.S,N., was^ 
groom's best man. 

The m«M atmw, Tairiy 
Susan Kidwefi. wore an 
apricot gown. Brenda Eason, 
sister of the grocnn, Lisa 
Grant, Catherine McCer - 
{ mott, Karen WUkins Ulsh, 
and Kathleen Krete Law - 
toe were bridesmaids. They 
WW* mint green gowns. 
Swordsmen were Ensign Da- 
vid Ziemba,USN,Ens^nLo- 
ren Plisco, USN, Lieutenant 
Keitb Lo^ett, USMC, En- 

sign Thomas Aldern, vm,, 
and Ensign Michael Da^le, 
USN. The flower girl, dreo- 
ed in white eyelet, was Ainy 
Lee Eason, niece of the 

The bride is th« daughter 
of Mrs. Betty N. Dressier 
of Virginia Beach and Ma- 
jor Forrest Dressier <rf U- 
niversal City Texas. The 
bride's flMtiier wore adress 
of nm nUt chltfra. 

The groom is the son of 
Mr. and Mrs. KeUyL- Eason 
(4 Yirginia Beach. The 
gro(m's mother wore a pale 
tdue dress. 

The bride's gown was 
white crepe de chine and 
lace accented by a white lace 
Un^ier and floor length 
train. Her bouquet was at 
white daisies and white roses 
set ofi Willi engUsh ivy. 

Hw nufii (tf honor and 
bric^ffiaids carried mint 
great and mie^A daisy co- 
lonial biwqncts. 

Music wps played by Mrs. 

Marie Elnore. Mrs. Rw 
aid L. i^jfon racaliied a 
Mleeted |^^ durUg the 

Tte rece^on was held 
in the chUrch social hall. 
Punch servers were Ca- 
therine Creedott an! Chris- 
tine S^movich. Cake cut- 
ters wei« Mrs. William E. 
Davidsw and Mrs. Mary 
Ib^piRl. Guest book at ^ 
taitents «ei« Ytshtav and 
Yt^te Davidson. Chiistioe 
Maggard attended the bride's 
gift table. The master of 
ceremonies w^ James 
Sttrtts and the mistress (rf ' 
ceremonies was Mrs. Mary 

Fcdlowing their weddUng 
trip to Walnirt Island, North 
Carolina and Bttstoo, Mass- 
achusetts, the couple will 
reside in (^aaitfico, Viifinia. 

Ratwcca Marie Walker o. 
Atlaat*, Georgia, became th* 
bride of Thomas Michael Cis - 
tola ol Virginia Beach, at the 
Shrine of the hniAacuUte 
Coocitptfoa in Atlanta, Geor 
gia, recently. 

.: MIUIU, i.U. H. 

;olk, Virginia. 
FoUowiflg the, wedding, a 
reception was held in Omni 
International in Atlanta. 

Tlw bride is the daughter 
tf Mr and Mrs. lauc L. 
Walker (rf TMoia, Georgt^, 
and tte groom is the son of 
Mr. and Mrs. Horace A. Cia- 
tola <^ LitUeNeck Point, Vlr- 
liate Beaeh. 

At the cer«ia(uiy, the bri^ 
was ttMorted and givtB amy 
in marriaie by htr tatter. 
Offlciatiog was Fatter Boaa- 

The bride will receive her 
Secretarial Science degree 
at Dekalb CommuBity Col - 
lege, AtUnta* this summer. 
Hm groon, a civil eflgineer 
major will gratuate from 
Georgia Institute of Techno- 
logy in Anguit, 4nd wtU coo- 
timie his post gratuate stud- 
ies in structnnl eBgiiwer> 
log far his aa;rtws ^^. 

Maid of Bomr ms Pat- 
ricia Walker of Stea», sis- 
ter of dM iuride. Best mao 
was ABred A. Cistcda <rf Xt- 
luita, brother of the grown. 

Boweo of Toecoa; Carolyn M. 
Cistola, Mary Jo Fanuw and 
Gwen B. Green of Virginia 
Beach. Ushers were; Daniel 
A. Cistola of AtlaiiUa; Wal- 
ter of Toecoa; Edward J. Cis- 
tola of Virginia Beach and 
Leo Furlong of Miaf"* ri-.i .. 

CandlelJihter was Randy' 
Walker and soloist was Pam- 
ela Rickman, both of Toc^ 

For her nuptial vows, the 
bride was wetriog a south- 
ern telle design gown with 
chutilly lace, long sleeves 
trinn^ vith timr laoe with 
a ctnpel train. Ste carried a 
white o'^UA and bible. 

Tte CMiple vm reside in 
▲tltt^ ft^owiog tteir wed- 
dtag ta^ to Aci^co. 

Mrs. T, M. Olstola 

Mrs. Timothy Easor) 


DO NOf use iodissd salt 
in niaking ptcl^» — it 
dariMos ttem. 

Miss Earley, M.B. Rohrer 
exchange vows 

Virginia B^ch United 
M^hodist C^rch was the 
setting on June 18, for Qie 
weddii^ of Susan Norfleet 
Earley and Mark Brooks 
Rohrer. Mrs. Roto'er is tiie 
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. 
Charles Marion Earley, Jr., 
of Virgiraa Beach. Mr. Rohr- 
er is tte st» of Mr. and Mrs. 
Robert Howard Rohrer of 
Hagerstown, Maryland. 

hdb Mr. and Mrs. Rohr- 
er were graduated from 
Madison Collie in Har - 

The bride wore a wedding 
gown of candlelight chif- 
fonella. The empre bodice 
was lavishly appliqued in 
re-embroidered Alencon 
lace and pearls. The gown 
featured a Juliette neck - 
line and bishop sleeves. The 
Watteau chapel lengtt tiraia 
fell sotny to the temliae 
which was enhanced with a 
scallcf)ed border of match- 
ing Alencon lace. Herctepel 
l«^h mantilla, edged in 
lace, matched the gown. 

She carried a small Bible 
covered in candlelight satin 
and lace with flowers. The 
Bible was a gift from the 

bride's grandmotter in cele- 
bration of ter gnuM^rrats 
S4th wedding aniversary on 
tte same date, June 18. 

Mrs. Rdirer's sisters 
were her honor attendants. 
Mrs. Laura Earley Ezell 
was ter matron of honor and 
Mi^ Sara Jane Earley, 1^* 
maid of hontH-. Other attra- 
dants were Miss Lynda 
Schmidt and Miss Sarah 
Deetoo S^y of Virginia 
Beach, Miss Georgtenna 
Tnii> of New Jersey and 
Miss Amy Glick of Broad- 
way, Virginia. Honorary 
bridesmaids were Mrs. 
Wendy Wykle, Miss Cter- 
lene Nash of Virginia Beach 
Miss Carol Lee Newton of 
Norfolk* add Miss Andrea 
Midgett of Moi^tead City, 
North Carolina. . 

Tte test man was Clif- 
ford Peter Carroll of Vienna, 
Virginia. Groonsmm were: 
Cterles M. Earley, m, Ri- 
chard 0. Ecell, Roderick 
Liverman, all oi Vii^nk 
Beach; William Rohrer of 
Grisham. Charles Ricterd 

New laws for 
motorists s6t 
for July 1 

Mrs. Mark B. Rohrer 

mil of WUliamsbarg, Vir- 
ginia; and Dave Elliott of 
Aloandria, Virginia. 

Milfress <A Ceremontes 
was Mrs. Roger 0. Visser 
of Virginia Beach. 

After a veddii% trip to 
Bermuda tte couple will re- 
side in Fort Worth, Texas, 
where Mr. Rterer will te 
lending Southwestern 
Teblegieal Seminary. 

Council chambers filled 

A numter of new laws 
affecting Virginia motorists 
vill te effective July 1, Wll. 

New legislaticm passed by 
flie 1977 General Assm^y 
of statewide interest accord- 
ing to John T. Hanaa, di- 
rector, Highway SgMf Df- 
vision of Vii^ittia includes: 

-All persons altering the 
Virginia Alcdiol Safety Ac- 
tim Program (VASAP) may 
now te required by tte court 
to pay all court costs which 
would have been payable qpra 
a conviction^ driving uwter 
tte Influence (rfalcotel. This 
te in addition to the VASAP 

-As soon as reasonably 
possible after nn acchleiirt 
an injured driver nwstnudce 
a F^iort to tte polii^iii- 
tteri^; locate the person 
struck or tte CQ^s|od|i|jD of 
tte damage pn^lg in- 
v(dved and provide sac^per- 
soB(s) with his name, 
address, q>eri^'s' or 
cteuffeur's license number 
and the r^istration numter 
of his vehicle. TUs law clar- 
ifies that injured as well as 
noDinJnred drivers must re- 
port an accident as soon as 
possible. ' 

-Tte maximum speed lim- 
it finr triMks and passenger 
cars te 55 m.p.h. on tee 
Interstete system, other 
limited access highwayis with 
divided roadmys, nitfilim- 
Ited aec»s higbmys teviilg 
toar or more lanes and on 
all stete inlmary higmayf. 
Itte Uw brings tee Code 
Mo conformance wite tee 
Governor's order on tte 55 
m^h. ap^A limit and re- 
numi tee diflbrential be- 
tween trucks andpisMwer 
cars, exo^ on seoOMdary 

-Except v^re ,a sign te 
placed prdhUHtteg tiu|is on 
red. vehiculiar fraittc 1^- 


Ir eoBii« to a eaipte 
stcf) and yieU^ te«i^ght- 
^•way to iMtfestriaii and 
oteer vetides, make a left 
tan on a red traffic sipal 
fn»i a one-way strei^ m.- 
to a ooe-wy afreet. 

-Boat, utUIty or ItitoI 
trailers acA »ce«dlng 3,0i9O 
Ito. gross wei^ aad not 
required to te eqidpfeil wite 
teakes must no ha^ te 


Residents blocic zoning changes 

Residente oi five areas 
blocked efforts to change 
tte cteracteristics (tf tteir 
neighterhoods M(mday af- 
ternoon wh«i ttey stewed 
up at Virginia Beach City 
Council meeting te groqe 
of 20 or more. 

Alttongh tte petitions te- 
fore Council tevolved relat- 
ively small parcels of land, 
feeling was strong encwgh 
to attract enoiq[;h persons 
te (q^sition to overflow tte 
Comcil Charoters. 

As a result Cornell: 

—DENIED tee request for 
a subdivisioo variance to 
Thnnas W. and IMrtte W. 
Mustte for pr(4)erty at tte 
southeast comer (d Stell 
Road and CuUen Road te 
Lakeview ^wres Tte var- 
iance was denied by tte plan- 
nil^ j:;eoimissi(»i on May 10. 

Councilman Jote R. 
Crmnwdl said ttet "Ttese 
pe<q>le teve jealously guard- 
ed tteir large lots (te) one 
of the oldest sections of 
tte city." Every seven or 
eight y^rs, someone tries 
to do teis and tes never 
succeeded, te said. Tte rar- 

iaace woold teve altowedtee 
Mustins to divide one lot 
teto two. 

-DENIED tte petition of 
Allan BrodE for a change 
of sonteg from AG-1 Agri- 
cattnral District to R-2 Ite- 
sideitfial IXstrict on a 7.851 
acre parcel on tte north side 
of Malbcrn Road, east of Prin- 
cess Aime Ro«i, PungoBio-- 

Judy MeifiES, at tte Back 
Bay Civic JLeagoe, saM tee 
rexoning would encourage 
oteers to sedt Mgter den- 
sity nd poteted out ttet tee 
area Ms outeide the Umits 
of iHMtf service. 

Tte requested zoning 
would have permitied tte pe- 
titionee* to build residwces 
on tote wite 100 foot frontage 
ratter than 150 feet reared 
te AG-1 zones. Tte Planning 
CMimlssion reoimmended 

-DENIED tee peUtten of 
Ratoefi B. and KMteryn Hill 
Vener, coneai7ii« wite tte 
change <tf xonb^ from o-l 
office District to R-» Resi- 
dential Towttovso Ustrtct 
on a L42 acre parcel loca- 

ted immedtetely north of tte 
intersection of Holly Road 
and Holly Cresceirt, Virgte- 
ia Beach Borough. 

Tte currmit zoidng allows 
offices while tee pn^sed 
zoning wouU aUow towfl- 
houses. Dr. Venner, (me of 
tee p^ttoners, formerly had 
his medical (dUce located on 
tee site where his son-in- 
law, Mite Yoder hop«l to 
constrwst ntee residential 

Attorney DonaM Rhodes, 
representing tte petitioners, 
said ttet tee present zonii^ 
allows uses tecluding mirs- 
ing temes, day care c«ters 
and funeral temes which may 
te more objectionable. On 
teis teste, three votes were 
cast a^dnst denial by May- 
OT Clarence A. Htdland and 
Coimcilmen J. Curtte Payne 
and Fli^ E. Waterield, Jr. 

Attonwy Grover Wr^ 
represeriteg tte Linktern 
Park Civic League, mate- 
tateed tee single-temily re- 
sidence te tte higtest UM (rf 
tee land which was originally 
zoi^ Rs-2. 

—DENIED by a Wteof 7-4 

tee petition of tee Estafe of 
W.W. Oliver for a change 
of zcming from R-5 Resi- 
dettial Disti-ict to B-iCim- 
mmii^-Busteess District on 
a 2.1 acre parcel m tee 
north sMe of Raygood Road, 
east of Ferry Plantetion Rd. 
te tte ^yslde AuxNti^ Tte 
R-5 designation will te chan- 
ged to R-9 as soon as tte 
omers make a <tallcati(Hi 
to tee city. 

BuHder George Powell, 
wte tes an ofUaa on tee 
property had idanned to con- 
struct a Colontel-style low 
c«ivenirace center along 
wite a towiteouse develop • 
ment <» property to tte 
norte. Tte Haygood Civic 
League had fcmaaUysiqi- 

ported tte ^itflidB, Moteer 
reaifftMte ofiisoMd bteaose 
th^ wanted tte ar^ to stey 
tee way tt was, aeeudtef 
to tt^ att^v^ iMOtett 
Coltete^ An cAer iqr tte 
petitimer toaceift 04 aon- 
ing ma^o toniadtet. Vot- 
ii« »§^m tee 4«id «^ 
CoonctliMii Join A, Baoir 
Jdm R. Grtttte, J. Curtta 
Payne and W .L, Sias^ 

"-OfiiniD, a e(te(tttiQttl 
use penoft to Wver K. Od- 
oo for.a aiateboard park 
and in'o sh(^ and steck bar 
aa a 2.3 acre parcel on tee 
north side of HOUy Soad, 
norteeast of tee^fim^bn 
of Holly Road and 28te 
Stireet, Viiflnte Beach Bor- 


Ijost Water Moat vvM 

Ta. 9tm^ Va. 

in Windsor Woods- - - 
Plaza — Green Rim 

TiM CattioNe Parf^ 

fmn. Scti 9130 Ail Mjm. Sun. 

T«taiiiioM 340-7122 

Learn the answers to the questions 
you have wondered about all your life! 

How iMar !• tiM md? 
The mark of tho b«Mt? 
Wlitro ara tiM mMont dtad? 
fo ttioro roaHy a Hall? 

Tlw occult, E*S#. 
fact or faiKlf? 

Y(w Bftte ^ov^to etaar 
few may qatetteas. 

T^amSMf teswerf te 

Pleaae Mnd me trite fot oetl or ei^^ton yov free 
Hblc ste^ «wrie. 


I uam^... 

I OTT ........irATi........^ 

I flOID Tt^ n K WUTTDt; 

I ' P.O. B«r IMtt 





Partially defrosted, s^a- 

rated vef eteblM can te 

eo<4ced te tee ovem wite 
|ith^ dishes to Mve es- 
«^. ^»<ead te a greased 
casserole, add desired sea- 

sffliings, cover ai^ bake 'ttl 
justtmter. Mo^ ireff^Ues 
reqoira approatimat^y iS 
mteutes ai 350 degrees F. 

Wte rteM) from prayara 
bettar aaia, m prayer te 

-Gaorte Meredite 


"Aad It afeall eona topasa, 
ttet bMara teay ttU, I »U1 
aowar; ttd wUla liay are 
yet apaaidai, I wttl hear." 
-laateh tS:!! 

A pram te iateided to te a bnuitif^ ccHnmuaioa wite tee Almighty, but we sometimes ' 
turn it testeid into a request for tanie mMerial pdn: (tten of ctottfrtfU teneflt. To ' 
do so te to diiAonor God by. assuteiag ttet J^te Wt alrea^ aware of your needs, - 
So go to you* Omrdi ttte Sunday andpray for Bis guidance to bslp you become a tetter ' 
parson. AUd, teaAead vS attomptteg to fhre dod information, Just Qiank Him for whiU 
ftei already tMifo and reaffirm your frvst teRtei^teitewtedomte knowing what la^^ 
riiaUy bast for yon. : 

Charle's Seafoopl Restaurant 

SlHStereDr. 49^M63 ' 
Mary E. Relqwte ii Employees 


Bayside Motors 

4747StereOr. 464^63 
Charles C. Rale, Sr. k Staff 

Kempsvle Pharmacy 

5286 Princess AnMjSd. 491-3516 
RobcBrt W. Clybum-Lyte Leavttt 

Lindsey Bros' Inc. 

PlumMng-HMtteg-Fuel Oil Del. 
665 Newtown Rd. 497-4633 

Contractors Pavina Co., Inc. 

37^ ftinney Rd. 347-1161 
(SlaAm Teste & Staff 

Kellam& Eaton' ho BIdg. Supplies 

Primes Ann station 427-3200 
Frank ft David Kellam 

Andy's Plumbing & Heating 

1Q03 Canl Or. 485-5000 
%te-Ragtetered-New ii OU Worii 

Kelam-Eaton Insurance Co. 

3Ui Pacific Ave. «I-91<1 

Furniture ^K)wrooms 

886 E.UtUe Creek Rd. 
Sandy Bolte A Emp^eea 

Chesapeake Savings & Loan 

Frank N. Wood and Associates 

Engineering Mecfe Inc. 

606 R Uberty Sfreet 
Charlie Hackworth * Staff 

Price's Incorporated * 

4580 Pembroke Mall 622-3706 X 
Brand Name Appliances-TV-Stero 

' fVQlPB^rai|l)d ^flltfnO!Sf|^fNMi^ 

631 Witch Dock Rd. 497-8925 
{ C. C. Kirkpatrick . 

Wins Furniture at H«top 

m2LaskteRd. 428-5951 
L. H. Burns A Staff 

All Star Eleictrte, Ino. 

1425 Air Rail Ave. 464-6231 
Commercial A tedustrial 

Home Federal Savings 
• & L<^n Assoc. 

163S Laskte Rd. 426-0327 
Chttrch Accoante Welcome 

Smith Sales & Service 

460 Battlefield Blvd. N. 547-8929 
Elwood Smttb A Employees 

MiH-End Carpet Shop 

4740 Va. B^cb Blvd. 497-48S4 
Taylor B. Carr b Esaidqreea?. 

Townsend Fuetlnc. 

James Vm J>yk« and EmidoyeM 

Preston's Pharmacy 

1401 Poinderter a. 545-7337 
JamM L. Marshall and Employeoi 

Todd Electric Company 

HenryAMos^T^)dU4SSaff ' 

logins Realty. Inc. 

6620 Indian RivwHd/' 420-3ill' 
Cecil M.Harrlsor« Assodat^' 

Brentwood Restaurant .& toure» Linda's HaB* Boutique 

UISGm «B>h in.rfM». 846ProTtt«ce 424-1975 

"^S-i n: %2Wo6ll LtedaadeomeAStelf 


Overton's Market 

lill^cMitezMa' St. 44S'9496 
Tte Ofmtsu A ftt p teyes 

PteMW American Corporaton 

JttM^Mit Md Wtno^i 

J.ft fttes & Sons, Inc. 

J.D. MUes, Jr. and Asftociateft' 

Southern States ; 

Chesapeake Assn, Inc. -J 
vm s. ufmtf Hwy. m-tm 

L. BelmiM WlUtems A P 

TNs Iwiture is made possible ttvough the coc^eration 
ol m^ mn^m. rt te paW for by these area ^ns wNj beleve 
oir ctvches are a vital part of ptr commur^ty fife. 



pp ■ a p ■ # 





m 1" »♦- m w 

■^^^IPWiSHpi I I I I I 


Serving the world's largest resort city 



Section B, Page 1 Wednesday, June 22, 1977 

Rdtiring principal cites differences 

UrlKkDizatuNi uid the mass 
mteia iave had a sipifflcant 
effect on teachers and stu- 
dfDts in U» public schools, 
ays a reUrii^ educator who 
has spent more than 40 years 
ia pablic education. 

James Helmer, who #111 
retire as principal of Lou- 
ise Lu^tford Elementary 
School July 1, says modem 
cmnmanications, the in - 
crease in fomily travel, and 
the emergence of suburban 
coanaunities such as Vir- 
ginia Beach have widened the 
gaps between students, tea- 
chers, and parents. 

"Today's students are 
much more sqitilsticated 
than those of 10 to IS years 
ago," said Helmer. 

"But today's kids also lack 
tl» Iwalthy respect forauth- 
orlftfritftich yoiu^sters had 
a itecadeor so^^," he said. 

Kids have has life 

Helmer says that the birth 
of sprawling urban-subttrban 
areas such as the Tidewater 
area has contributed to the 
^t tiat most administra- 
tors and teachers don't know 
their students outside the 

Many educators don't 
live in their school com- 
munities and don't get a 
chance to see their students 
at the grocery store, the 
library, or the movie 
theater," said Helmer. 

This just has to be detri- 
mental to the relationship 
am<ng teachers, students, 
taa parMtsr that is neces- 
sary in today's schools," he 

Helmer, whose curledmu- 
steGhe and chin^ whiskers 
give him the aM>earance of 
a thin Colonel Sanders, 

feels that today's young peo- 
ple do not autoaatleally re- 
spect authori;^. 

He said, "You can gain 
their respect, if youlnvethe 
ability, but yon didn't used 
tp have to do that. Respect 
came with your positiwi." 

The 85 year old Helmer, 
who has a penchant for wes- 
tern clothes and seems to 
wwr a permanentsroile, be- 
gan his educaional career in 
Norwich Township in Pen- 
nsylvania in 1936. 

'\fter graduating from 
Mansfield State College in 
Mansfield, Pennsylvania, ke 
taught the fifth, sixth, 
seventh, and eighth grades 
in one large room in a Nor- 
wich school. 

Since that time he spent 
some time as a naval officer 
during W. W. II, t^tumed 

to teaching in 1946, earned 
a Master's degree at the 
College of William and Mary 
in 1950, became the prin- 
cipal of Suffolk High School 
in 1957, and came to Vir- 
ginia Beach in 1961 as the 
principal of the old Virginia 
Beach High School. 

He has served as the prin- 
cipal of Luxford Elementary 
for six years and was the 
principal of Windsor Woods 
Elementary Schoolfor the 
six years prior to that. 

According to the tanned 
educator who is an avid g(^- 
er, part of the reason that 
children have less respect 
for authority today is the 
structure of the modern fam- 

"In many of today's fami- 
lies both parents work, and 
that often means that older 

children leave for school 
and arrive home with no one 
in the house," raid Helmer. 
"This meaifcs^there are no 
goodbyes in <te*moming and 
no hellos in the afternoon, 
the kids are expected to act 
grownup," he said. 

Helmer says, "They grow 
up so fast, they don't have 
time to believe in fairytales 
anymore or to day dream, 
or just plain goof-off. We 
eqwct too much too soon 
from them." 

Asked what he planned to 
do after retiring at the start 
of next month, the greying 
administrator said be wants 
to do alot of "sleeping - in" 
and "playing golf." 

Show ends art 
year at KJHS 

An art show and awards 
program climaxed this 
year's art program at 
Kempsville Junior High 
School recently. 

Worics produced by stu- 
'dents in art classes dur- 
ing the school year were 
on display for students and 
their guests and were jw^ed 
t9 A team ai pntfessipoal 
arttfib, crifl^flict, anl lo-* 
cal art world pf^rsottiltles: 

Julianna DelCarmen, who 
exhibited ten pieces iaiAai- 
a creative mooodiromatic 
painting, received the Best 
in Show award for overall 
work and Michael Norship, 
who displayed- a dynamic 
weaving entitled "African 
Sunset", was awarded Best 
in Show for crafts. 

Plurles Flynn, supervisor 
of art education for Virgin- 
ia Beach Ptdtilic schools and 
a Ju^e at the Kempsville 
Junior High show, commend- 
ed the school's art depart- 
ment and termed the show 
"really high quality." 

Other ju(^es included Pam 

Boes he have any advice 
he would like to pass on 
to new teachers and ed- 
ucational administrators? 

"1 wish everyone would 
just remember that every- 
body needs love, and the best 
time to give it is when the 
redpient deserves it least." 

Helmer says he regrets 
the fact that h^will be leav- 
ing his present faculty at 
Louise Luxford Elementary 
at the end of the month. 

"I guess I'm just a little 
sentimental," he said, "But 
I'll get over it. I've always 
thought that every faculty 
I've ever had was the great- 
est in the world and this 
one is no different." 

Dean's list 

Eugene C. Adams of Vir- 
ginia Beach has been named 
to the Dean's List at Central 
Florida Community College, 
Ocala, Florida, for Term U 
of the 1976-77 academic year. 

James Helmer, retiring principal at 

Evans, Leslie Siegal, Rick 
Fuscoe, George Spears and 
Inez Wilson. All members 
of the Judging team had high 
praise for the work on dis- 
Pl«y. h. 

Nine categories of woiic 
were included in the show. 
Awards in each category in- 
cluded: tempera -- Tommy 
TiKmtp999^^)rilfi>^ liKr- 
Mall M, aM Connie Wal- 
ker (Jrd); watercolor — 
George Kartis (1st), Joyce 
Medlin {206), and Michelle 
Asselin (3rd); mixed media 
—Steve Hollus (1st), Eric 
ChadweU (2nd), and Jeff MU- 
ler (3rd); pottery-Keith Ha- 
milton (1st), Tri Huynh (2nd) 
and PhilUp Mott(3rd); weav- 
ing — Crystal Primra (1st), 
Anita Bunch (2nd), and Jamie 
Schumacher (3rd); collage- 
Laura Woods (1st), Karen 
Welzant (2nd), and Eric 
ChadweU (3rd); pencil draw- 
ing — Page Herbert (1st), 
Crystal Primm (2nd), and 
Marenda Peterman; drawing 
in oter media— Pam Harris 
(1st), Crystal Primm (2nd), 
and Jamie Schumacher (3rd). 

Vlj/ll Beach grads honored 


Six Virginia Military In- 
stitute cadets from Virgmia 
Beach have received year- 
end awards at VMI, five for 
excellence in ROTC activi- 
ties and the sixth recogni- 
zed for (Mstaadlng con- 
tribution in the area ot pub- 

Recipients of awards dur- 
ing ceremoniw of the recent 
graduation weekend were: 

Michael H. Conaway, gra- 
duating first classman, 6377 
Chestnut Hill Road, and 
Harry E. Semler, HI, third 

class, 4241 Country Club 
Circle, the Military Order 
of the World Wars Awards 
for excellence in scholas- 
tic and miliatry studies, both 
awards in Navy ROTC. 

SaAdaM E. ifow%iBs, third 
class, 1504 Lake Chris- 
topher Drive, the Reserve 
Officers Association-Bronze 
Medal for leadership in Na- 
val ROTC. 

Stephen T. Mishkofski, 
graduating first classman, 
349 Malibu Drive, the Su- 
perintendent's Award for 

outstanding contribution to 
the Cadet Publications 

Robert J. Rockefller, se- 
cond class, :16 GaiTteoir 
Place, the Reserve Officers 
Association Silver Medal for 
leadership in Army ROTC, 
and Jamie L. Smith, third 
class, 604 Kingston Drive, 
the National Sojourners A- 
ward in NaVy ROTC for de- 
monstrated Americanism 
within the Corps of Cadets. 

Michael Norship, Best in Show - Crafts 

Two cited In 

T»o Virginia Beach resi- 
dents were among Virginia 
Teck College of Architec- 
ture and Urtetn Studies stu- 
dents, wjho received awards 
and ^(^larshtps for out - 
standii^ academic work or 
design competihcm recent- 

Stephen W. Koenig, a fif- 
th year student, was award- 
ed a certtficate for academic 
exc^ience in architecture 
from the American Institute 
of Architects, and George 
L. Compo was awarded an 
AsK>ciated Geiwral Con- 
tractors Scholarship. 









. : 1.111" * 

Juianna DelCarmen, Best in Show - Overall 

<NMll0|l.-t«l. ^^^^ 

Committee seeking 

The Virginia Brach May- 
or's Coihmittee onHaad- 
IcaKied is currently accept- 
^ MmiMtUKis foranawtfd 
inr Mt^anding acconplish- 
ne^ in improving the Ute- 
style (tf the handicaK>e<l. 

The MmiMe can beaper- 
w», corponti<» or club or 
Md^ ta tM City of Vir- 
ginia BMCh. NoffiinaUoBs 

can be made for aecmnpUsh- 
moits tet have teken place 
wititf n the prevtows eighteen 
noMhs or ttet are in 
{N^ress at the tim« of the 
Dominatioo. There is no lim- 
it tw the umber <rf nomi- 
nees tittt can be named by 
iffly oae mHuaator. 

Forms for nomiutions 
can be obtained by contact- 
ing the office rrf the Mayor, 
Mittcipal CMter, pteMe427- 

Award imnimticms are to 

be screened Ly liie Mayor, 
the Award '"ominittee, the 
ehaiiperson of the Mayor's 
Committee on Handican)ed, 
tl» secretary of the Mayor 's^ 
Committee go Randicanied, 
and one person at large, mrt 
a nenber of ^ ojmmlttee. 
The flml selectitms are to 
be ^proved Iqr ttie entire 

NoniaatioD forms are to 
be r^irMd to tte Mayor's 
cirice no later ttan August 
». M77. 

Now during our Dime Day Celebration you o»n buy any of 
our delicious regular "just cooked for you" donuts for only 
1W each. They're all delicious. And right now they're a 
Suqer Value. So hurry to Dunkin' Donuts today. 
Vaid thru June 25 (6 p.mj - Limit 2 dozen 



Ma Virf Ma BMch Blvd 



IIW Military H^my 


Mt9 Wealirw UmA Mi«J 





1 .000 mile Hobie Cat race 

Problems didn't stOD second win 


SUN Sports Editor 

On Memorial Day a (tw we«ks ago, Mike Worrell, who 
with hjs brother Chris owns the popilar Worrell Bros. 
disco and restaurant in Vibtfinia Beach, won tlie ^ Ajwual 
Coiistwisp Race, for tlie^econd time. 

It 15 a 1,000 mite race from Ft Laudenkle to Viff iBla 

}' , 'h ill 16-foot Hobie Cats, utiliaii^ a three-jiMniiCrew 

:» boat at all tiirtis) that tested not only the sailing 

iMii'u!, 0} the partieijpants, tni their mental disciikUne 

aiKl tlicir Hbility to plan ahead as well. 

Although he eventually won the race by about 17 hwrs, 
there were tiro^ when it ai^ared that to even finsh the 
race would bea vifetory of sorts. 







Wh^ sailii« against some top Hobie Cat sailors, to 
assume that everything has to fall into place if one is to 
win, would not be out ol line. But Worrell and his crew. 
Gene Landers and Tom Wickoiliauser, both of Florfaia, 
seemed ill-prepared at the outset of the race. 

For one thiig, Worrell i»d wrenched Us back while 
.practicing, just rae we^ b^re, and it hurt euniglito 
(delay him from going to Ft. Lauderdale wten he had in- 
tended, and the soreness throughout the race was noUcible 
to these who watched him. 

Wicbenhauser too had an ailment, and was on me^ca- 
ticm the whole time. 

{ The ctrobination of Worrell and Wickeohauser was the 
crew set to leave Ft. Lauderdale, and as such, by the 

rules oi the race, had to finish together in Virginia Beach. 
However, the first time they ever evw gtri en a b(at 
t(«ether was when the boat, touched the water at the out- 
set of the nice. • 

And they were fortunate to be able to do it th^. As 
Worrell later narrated: "I had boi^ht a new bffiitforthe 
race, and we hadn't finished assemblii^ it by ra$etime, 
Init the nee was delayed ten minutes because the mayor 
was presenting me tbe key to tl» city." So while that was 
being done. Landers and WUiaftauser pat ^ fi^Ung 
touches on the boat. 

And they were finally off. 

But as me would suspect, since ther rules diplte|l that 
there be no two-way radios in the race, there were often 
disconcerting mix-iq>s when boats and shore crew at- 
tempted to make their vital beach contacts. 

One time, Worrell, weary and retdy to rest, pulled rato 
a beach, designated earlier as a Sjpot to change crew nem- 
bers. Bat Landers, vhcse turn it was to spell Worrell, 
was nowhere to be »en. Having no idMt why hie wasn't 
there, or where , e was, Worrell and Wickenhauser shoved 
off, after leav •-, a message with race coirti^l where 
their next destii .ion was. 

As they hit Jacksraville Brach, they spied Landers' 
Datsun racing alaog the beach (y(w can drive on many 
Florida beaches). Bleary-eyed Worrell inquired as to Lan- 
der's absence at the previous rendezvous, and Landers 
replied that he had been present, he had Just fallen asleep 
in his car on the other side ot the sand dmes. 

As they jawed, Wickenhauser and Lamlers prepared 
to go out apin, and Worrell rested in the Datsim, giving 
little attrition to the risii^ tide which was slowly but 
steadily ' covering the small car's tires. Wbra the craft 
was underway, Worrell tried to drive off, but to his horror, 
it stud[ in the sand and nJght was setting in. 

"I had to close tte doors," said Worrell, "because 
the waves were starting to beat <m the side of the car. 
I started to panic. I fbund a policeman, but he told me he 
didn't know where I could find a fOur-wbeel drive caqpable 
(tf pulling out the car. I asked him how higjt the water would 
go, and he said, just about the top of the car would be 

rovered. It was dark by now, but I found some<m^ with four- 
wheel drive wto imll«l me out." 

Landers later said that his new car would never be 
the same. HiA much dami^e was ime to it in that epi- 
sode, but the wet gear stored in the back tM»led to mil- 
dew, iaod the smell is there to stay. 

A day and a half into the race, while still off the coast 
oi Florida, the Worrell twat i«iled into the l«Mi anl never 
relinqulsl«l it. Tt« key was to keep pushing airf not to 
Uxk buA. The «^|>Di^wlty to open an iiisurmoantable 
gap preseirted itself once, testing the sportsmanship and 
fortitude of Worrell and his mate. "A Boston Whaler jwlled 
vp sifxg side of us," said Worrell, "and guys on the boat 
asked us if we waited a couple beers. We said sure, and 
started talking. When they beard what we were doii% out 
there, they offered to tow us." It was temptlng.said Wor- 
rell, but they declined. 

While oit the North Carolina coast, Worrellj^i^ Landers 
were prepared to come ashore at C^p Lejeiiite, the Ma- 
rine base, because of an anifoaching thunderstorm. But 
as ttey neared the beach. Landers observed charges ex > 
ploding in Uie sand as marines practiced invasion tactics. 
Having no desire to sfe how (wr country defends against 
invasi(» by H(Aie Cat, Landers and Worrell ^^ded to brave 
the storm. 

Of the nine boats that started the race, four finished, and 

all nine have expressed at least a! passing interest in 
compet|i% again next year. Which is surprising, consMer- 
1% tte jdight of skin»er Peter Dilling. 

Dilling's boat overturn^ while he was off a AO Aile 
stretch <rf desolate b€«ch, and all Us provisions were 
lost. Race rules stijwlated that wch crew ptone race 
control in Viifinia Beach every 24 iMPurs, but after 2< 
hou^, nothing had been hMrd from Dicing. Tim Hickman, 
the chief of race contrcri wto spent the week in a heli- 
copter watching the race, finally spotted a dried up Oil- 
ling aiMl crew on the beach, and sbai^ their last Dr. 
Pe^er with them. They eventually made it back to safety, 
with their boat. 

Hickman reports that their is no stertage of nude tethers 
aloBg the East Coast. "Many times, as we flew low to the 
grwmd, naked people in the dunes would wave at us," 
said Hickman after the race. 

Worrell and Wickenhauser pulled their boat 19 in fnmt 
of; the Wladjammer Hotel in Virginia Beach »t about 
4:30 <m Memorial Day afternoon, nine days after em- 
barking on the journey. Landers was waiti^ for bis crew 

The nett day, Ron Anthony of Virginia Beach and his 
crew, and Peter Froome of Hawaii, a world champion 
Hobie Cat sailor, finished two-three. 

srun /perl/ 


80 youths show u|^ 
for baseball seminar 

The Great Neck Branch 
of the Virginia Beadi Pub:- ,. 
Uc Library presented a 
baseball clinic for boys and 
girls ages eight and od tq) 
last Friday, which was con- 
ducted Iqr Virginia Wesleyan 
College's assistant base- 
ball coach Towny towioend, 
and several area players. 

Towiaend plared minor 
l^igue ball for the Boston . , 

Red Sox. jl 

Also at the clinic was 
Jdm E^umemann, a former 
player for the University 
of North Carolina and a 
minor leaguer tor the Mon- 
treal Exp(», Steve Graeff, 
a recent graduate of Norfolk 
State and, a pro prospect, 
Kevin Thonitcm an outfield- 
er for Wesleyan and Tim 
albert, also of VWC. 

. About 80 eager kids 
showed up for the clinic, 
and were instructed 00 any 
I^se of the game they 
thoi^ht they needed. 

Chris Herman came dressed 
in iTis Farrah Fawcett shirt 

Towny Townsend instructs the youths 

Brian Strangways, Peter Schoenhoff and 
Mike Lamb learn th^'bsisics 

SUN photos 

Blair Thurman 


Plumbing Repairs 


CLEcnm: « cas vAfES ii4tB» 
wAiVR niMy suM umnxtm 


^M 421-9427 

Mp^ View, tim* Marts A Mds ii| 

J4 » rt w m ¥ - 


ig & Heatrifl^ 


}m y£4/?s m:Nm mm of 



Softball tourney 
for girls in July 

The 1977 Open Youth 
Girl's Amateur Softball As- 
wciatKn ScHHiall Touma - 
mest, the first girl's yoi^ 
toarmmeot in ttie Tide - 
wter. area, will be held 
July 9-10 at the Chlttum 
Fields on Dock LaiKling Rd. 
in Chesapeake. 

The slOK ii^b t^roa - 

mrat is for junior girls (s^s 
13-15) and senior girls (ages 

The r^stratim ^i^line 
is JwM 27, and ttie entry 
fee is $25 for each t^m. 

For further information, 
caU Don Olson at 488-3103, 
Ray C^msea at 488-4711 or 
Marii Do«mi« at 464-3S47. 

Applications being 
taken for hocliy 
summer camp 

AppUcati(»s are now l>ei« 
taken ftn-tte Tidewater Axft- 
ey Camp, to be held August 
1-5 at Virgink Wesleyan Col- 
lie from 9 a.m. to 12:30 

The registratiM fee (the 

camp is qien to junior Ugh 
and senior high scbocri girls) 
is 125. 

For further infmrmatiMi, 
caU IMit^ Matna at 4<0- 

Home lmpro¥0meni 

CarpMtry, noOaf, g^g, room ^dtttan, storm win-' 
dowa aid doora, iMMnlag, electric, eoacrtte wwt, 
tkmMm fiMHliig, remodeUog I^NM aad Wttrooms, 
briek aidfMod vwk, atamiMOi si<tti«, fireidaces 
earpMag and paiatiag. teving all TiitaTCler. 

For FfM EttkMit* CtM 

tkMnrn kivM'OVMmit Co. 
of Vl^ria 



iNdal lUa Watt Ob 
S|H« Wiaimm wd Ooa« 

ALtnoiHiii man & rERcnc 



CaR AnytinM847-3SSi orflSS 

BttJ. ,KM4.iY iiNI2S2 


HOWAI^ Ki^M.AI» 484-8633 







Vinbua Bctck M, ivM U, WTl B-l 


Three more scholarships 


Three Virginia Beach H^jh Schocrt 
athletes acc^ted college scholar - 
ships last week, raisli* the nttint>er 
of local yootiis to receive grants to 

Mike Sage of Kempsville High, Ron- 
ald Foreman of Kellam High and Jer- 
ry JLarson of Cox High, were the re- 
ciiuents of the scholarships. 

Larson is heading to Virginia Mill-* 
tary Iiutitore to play football. He 
played fullback last stAsm for the Fal- 
con's, but may be playing on the 
defensive line for the Keydets. 

Foreman is North CaroUna State 
Cdlege bound, his track prowess the 
reason for the scholarslup. Fore - 
man holds five Kellam indoor and out.- 
door track records, and will be ex- 
pected to run the intermediate hurdles 
at N, C. State^ although he has ex- 
celled in the long Jump, the 440, 
high hurdle and various relay teams. 

He won the Eastern Regicm in the 440 
this year with a time of 48.2 seconds, 
a school record. It was just the third 
time he had run that race competi- 

^ge, who as a pitcher and a first 
baseman led Ms Kempsville iMseteiU 
tMm to tl» state championship two 
weeks ago, accented a scholarship 
to play Ml for East Carolina Univer- 
sity in Greenville, N.C. 

Although bmsting of sparkling pitch- 
ing credentials, in this his first sea- 
. ison ci pitching high school ball, Sage 
has no doubt that his future as a Pi- 
rate is at first. "I'm sure I won't 
pitch," said Sage, "I just pitched 
this season to help the team." Helping 
. the team incli»led amassing an 11-0 
record with a 0.75 ERA. 

His stidc is what ECU is interested 

in though. After a junior year that 

saw him bat .360. Sage this season 

batted a torrid. .500. 

Sage hopes he can play right away 

for ECU. "The coach.(Monte Little) 
told me that their first baseman grad- 
uated, and that I am the only prospect 
he really looked at, "said Sage. 

In addition to the scholarship. Sage 
this wedc was honored as the Norfolk 
Sort's Club's Metropolitan Baseball 
Player of the Year. After winnrtg the 
state championships. Sage said the 
grant and the award were "icii« on 
the cake." 

Mike Sage 


Beach basketball camp 
attracts college stars 

William Hicks slams a right to the head of James by the Neptune Festival. In team competition, the Vir- 

Raeford en route to* a win by decision in last Thurs- ginia AAU team defeated a New Yoric City team, 3-1. 

day's AAU boxing match in the Virginia leach Dome. (SUN photo by Lui Wong). 
The Hicks-Raeford fight was one of 13 bouts sponsored 

The Virginia Beach Bas- 
ketball Camp has once again 
drawn some top roundball 
talent to assist in the teach- 
ing of youngsters l^ow to play 
the sport. 

The ninth such camp, to 
be held August 1-5 at the 
Star of the S^ gymnasium, 
will feature last year's bril- 
liant fr^hman from Old Do- 
minion University, Ronnie 


Steve Roenker of Virginia 
Beach came in seccnnd in 
last week's Pitch, Hit ami 
Run distrid competition in 
the nine-year old class. 

Valentine, Jerry Schellen- 
berg, lately of Wake Forest 
and now heading to the Wash- 
ington Capitals, Rod Griffith 
of Wake and Clyde Austin of 
N.C. state. Other college 
players will also be on the 
staff, which is headed by 
Leo Anthony, head basketball 
coach at Princess Anne High, 
and Alton HUl, head coach 
at First Colonial. Anthony 
himself was a star of such 

pn^rtions at O.D.u!, that 
iUs jersey has been retired 
in the field house. 

Three sessions will be held 
daily - elementary (grades 
three 3-6), junior high (7-9), 
and senior high (10-12). 

Basketball fundamentals 
and actual team play are 
stressed in the cajnp, and 
trophies will be awarded to 
the outstanding camper, free 
throw champion, one on one 

champion and tournament 
.team champions, of each ses- 

The cost for a boy attend- 
ing the camp for the session 
is $30, and enrollment is 
limited, so if interested, act 
quickly. All campejrs will be 

For further information, 
call Anthony at 486-4260 or 
422-3284, or Hill at 486 - 

National karate championships 
this week at Va,W0sieyan 


The Amateur Athletic Un- 
ion's National Karate Cham- 
pionships Open this week at 
Virginia Wesleyan Uni- 
versity. The tournament will 
■^e place June 24-26| with 
thfe lop 16 performers ip the 
senior men's events qulufy- 
ing for a t^^m selection pool 
that will 4ecide the United 
States Ajiuad^c^his year's 
World iu^te Championships 
irTokyo. ^ " 

V W/Jrii4»,s»v*'l 

Competition wih take place 

in open, intermediate and no- 
vice levels for men and wo- 
men. There are several dif- 
ferent types of competition 
in the tournament. The best 
known is the sparring^ or 
combat events. Less familiar 
to the general pubUc is the 
'kata', or forms competition. 
In this highly stylized com- 
petition, contestants score 
points for style and techni- 
que, similar to the system 
of scoring for gymnastics or 
diving. Another form of sty- 

lized karate is weapons kata, 
|p which performers use 

Dan Montgomery of Vir- 
ginia Beach, karate chairman 
for the Virginia AAU As- 
sociation, is the meet direc- 

To enter the competition, 
each of the contestants has 
had to qualify through ear- 
lier competitions. 

The top four contestants 
at an AAU district associa- 
tion championship (there are 

58 AAU district associations, 
which run roughly along stn^ 
lines) are eligible for t.i 
nati(Xials. In assc.: ti^s 
with over 500 registered '■ r- 
ate performers, the top s.' 
performers are eligi'' j. 

For athletes who live l: 
areas where there -re no 
state - wide champioaships, 
there are regional qualifiers 
for the national meet, rhetop 
six finishers at each of the 
regional meets can -nvance 
to the nationals. 


William Dozier placed 
third in the 11 -y^r old group 
and RcAbie MitcRiell came in 
third in the lO-year old group. 

Michael Mungin, the local 

winner in the 12-year old 
class, broke his leg before 
the event, and his replace- 
ment, Patrick Cisarik came 
in fourth. 

The competition, held in 
Richmond, is sponsored by 
Tom McAn along with the 
National Department of Re- 
creation and Parks. 

Football, girl's basketball / 

Registration times announced 

Boys Intermediate 
Baseball Standings 

Area* chairmen 
to meet 

The 1977 reorganization 
meeting for Area Chairmen 
will be held July 6 at 7:30 
p.m. at 4700 Recreation Dr. 

The meeting will be for 
Community football and Com- 
munity girls basketball. 
Please try and be present 
or send a representative. 

Opening day is tentatively 
set for September 9. 

The deadline for entering 
teams is August 12. 

Each boy must have a phy^-^ 
sical for football. 

Each boy MUST have his 
contract in hand (FILLED 


The following areas will hold registratipn for community 
football an(^gi£l£' gasketball. Proof of age must be pre- 
setted ^^d fees will be collected at this time. League 
play is\tenta^ely set for September 9, 1977. 


ARAGONA/PEMBROKE: Pembroke Recreation Center, 

Hinsdale Street. Registration July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 

ARROWHEAD: Arrowhead Elementary, 5549 Susquehanna 

Drive (concession ^tand) - R^istration July 9 and 16 - 

.12 to 2 p.m. 

COOKE: Cooke Elementary, 524 15th Street - Registration 

July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. " 

COURTHOUSE: Princess Anne Elementary, 1098 Seaboard 

Rowl - Registration July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 

DIAMOND SPIUNGS: Baysiite Elementary, 5649 Bayside 

Road - Registraticm July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 

caiEA? NECK: Alanton Elementary, 1441 Stephens Road - 

Registration July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 

CSEEN RUN: Green Run Clubhouse, 1248 Oreen Garden 

Circle - R^istraticm July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 

1CEMPSVILLE: Kempsville Elementary, 570 KempsvUle 

fUttd - Reglstrati(»i July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 

KOTG'S GRANT: King's Grant Elementary, 612 Little 

Nfck Road - Registration July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 

LARKSPUR: Kempsville M^utows, 736 Edwin Drive - 

Registration July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 

UNKHORN: LinlAorn Park Elemmtary, 1413 LaskinRoad- 

Reglstration July 9 and K - 12 to 2 p.m. 

PLAZA; Plaza Fire SUti6ilfJ^8 S. Plaza TraU - Regis- 

tratiMi July 9, 16 and 23, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

THALU: Malibu ElemenUry, 3632 Edinburgh Drive - 

Registration July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 
THOROUGHGOOD: Thoroughgood Elementary, 1444 Duns- 
tan Lane - Registration July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 
WOODSTOCK: Woodstock Elementary, 6016 Providence 
Road - Registration July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 
SHELTON PARK: Shelton Park Elementary, 170C^Shelton 
Road - Registration July 9 and 16 - 12 to 2 p.m. 
Football: Midget - 95 lbs.: Age 10-U; cannot be 12 years 
old on or before December 1 of the current season. 
Midget - 115 lbs.: Age 12-13; cannot be 14 years old on or 
before December I of the current season. 
Intermediate - 135 lbs. - Age 13-15; cannot be 16 years 
old on or before December 1 of the current season. 
Girls' Basketball: 

Pre-Teen Girls: Age 10-12; cannot be 13 on or before 
December 1 of the current season. 
Jtnior Girls: Age 13-14; cannot be 15 on or before De- 
cember 1 of the current season. 

Teen Girls: Age 15 and can play as long as she is at- 
tending high school. 

Any girl who will be retumii^ to their respective junior 
high or senior high school and was a member of that 
junior or senior high school basketball team last year is 
not eligible to participate in the Community League Basket- 
ball program for the current season. 

Any member of a junior high school basketball team 
last y^r but will be attending a new senior high school 
for the first time this year will be eligible to partici- 
pate in our Community League Basketball program for 
ttie CTrrant season. 

Woodstock Spurs 
Larkspur Spans 
Woodstock A's 
Great Neck Merchants 
Arrowhead Mets 
Courthouse Cobras 
Kempsville Cardinals 
Thalia-Malibu Giants 
Creeds Yankees 
A/P Giants 



5i ACKMS MOM MUUTARV OKU 441.27$? ^ 





a. a:^^'. 

Woodstock Rangers 
Arrowhead Renegades 
A/P Indians 
Arrowhead Tides 
Great Neck Orioles 
Woodstock Cardinals 
Kempsville Tigers 
Woodstock Mets 
Great Neck Blue Jays 
Larkspur Larks . 


SmoM Wat«r 



Where Aaerln 

For Reservations & Information 

Plaasurt Craft Tours 




2872 Virginia B^ch Boulevard 340-2894 



Employers who give people on public 
assistance a chance to v^ork again get a lot 
more than willing workers. They get Federal 
tax credits of 20% of those employees' wages. 

Check into the Work Incentive (WIN) program 
at your nearby WIN office. 
Call us at 463-1401 


Virginia Eii^loynMfM ONmiMsuon 

Save 50(|^ on each 50 pouncto or 
$20^^ per toil purchased 
Fri., Jun.-24 thru Mon., Jun. 27. 

Now's the time to stock up and save on the horse 
feeds that promote superior fitness and perfor- 
mance. There's a Southern States Feed for every 
horse and every feeding program. 

e Brood More Speciinl 

Helps insure conception, good condition and healthy foals 

• Colt Maker 

Feed during the first year for outsUnding growth and vi|pr 

• Performance Champion 

Unsurpassed in promoting stamina and perform^ce 

e Trophy Winner 

This special formula helps prevent respiratory problons 

e Silver Stirrup 

A good, well-balanced feed for pleasure horses 

e Bonanza 

The all-in-rtnc onnplcte feed Iha) lets y«Hi place less 
emphasis un forage 

e Vim-N-Vlgor 

High-po#ered premium supplement iot foals vaA show 

Come In anil sove money en 
ony of file above feeds now 

O^SAi^AKE A^O., MC. 

PMNE 42«-SI41 

Your Southern States Coopera 





annual sch 

VirfMl BWM ^1 A Mw* 
ell Pr«sl*«t Mft, M*^lt 
I^imlMB wptmmi ^m- 
SW9 over tt«^^^ ^Mar- 
s^ aoi MMcl flwt ste feopes 
tke avanlini <tf tke fc^r- 
ship vUi s^ck WeHaK In 
tte PTAscMarsUpjpn^Ermn 

t^teOiMm ttrtMgtaM ^ 
city so tint ttat VirtMi B«eb 
Cooneil n^ «m bt lAkto 
award qm' «!liolMN# ^ t 
sai(K la mA d ^ city's 
six b^ ^te«is. , 

to these day 
tten cosU,scbv«>i jw)/^ >v>« 
wortby youncsters bound for 
^Im^ are not (wljr aa hcuior 
M avelenmefimiicial boost. 

A brand new schoiarsMp 
vas awarded by the Virgin^ 
Beaa CoHi^ of PTA's tbl» 
y^r. He redi^ oi tbe 
i^KAarsklp tua y«r ins 
MUs I^nda Irwia, a gni- 
«!•(• tf KemisvUte B^ 
jijjgltf^ K^ labnndlvltodl- 

Chairman nmn^d 

Mrs. BMy Sve James, a 
JmIm- S@M l^der tor tbe 
pa^ four ^rs, «1U serve 
as MeigMiorhood CbalrnaB 
«rf tbe Carrow Gir» Scowl 
Mgbborbood for Wll-U. 

Her Service tmm will ia- 
clade: Tnx^ Caaq^ Co^iilt- 
aat, Mrs. Pete"taris;(^- 
dette Orgaalier aad Con - 
sultaat. If rs. Oorodqr Lane; 

Juawr Otf^ser and CoD- 
salbAt, Un. Mny Coaoor; 
BrowDie Orgaittifr, Mrs. 
Lori Lyaea; Brownie Coo- 
snltMt, Un. Starron Maui; 
C«Aie and CalMdar Sales 
Ckiirmaa, Mrs. Fay Stew- 
art; Training Coordinator, 
Mrs. Mel McKee; and Pub- 
lic ftetetioBS Chairman. 
Mn. Jett WeUce. 

Beach man named to post 

Rlebard McGlnais,olBe8- 
ton, Virginia, has bees pro- 
m^ed to assistnt^^e {Res- 
ident at FirsrViriMiBirit- 
^nres C^fcmioB^Se^ 
Services Dqiartmoit, Ralph 
A. BeetoB. FVBC dtairman 
aad president, unoaaced to- 
day. He will bftres^oMibte 
fiM* supporting the cowA- 
uti<M and implemeBtatSaof 
maiiEeting- prognms for 
First Vln^aia Banks in the 
eastern portton (rf tbe state. 
His responsftilities vttl in- 
volve iH-oduet developnaet 
and Improvement, bitemal 
sales traintag, service pro- 
notioo, iffiirfcet research and 
advertising st^ort. 

McGinais bis served as 
assista;;|t vif^e presMMt and 
raarfcetbg ol^r for\ tte 


CorporattoB's ffortolkaffiU- 
ate. First Vtrginla Bank of 
Tidewater. He also served 
that bank *a a cumereial 
foan analyst, and manager 
of the E^ Brambl^on Ave- 
nue office, Joining the baiyc 
is S^tester, 1973. Prior 
to his presHrt position, lie- 
Gisais served as a pricing 
analyst for a major com- 
puter ttmlnOkio. 

A 19M graAiate of Prin- 
cess Anne High School in 
Virginia Bench, be earned a 
B. S. degree in Burliness 
Administr^itm froraOldDo- 
mittion University in Ror- 
iaak in 1972, and a Mas- 
ters Degree In Bnsimss Ad- 
ministrathia titom tint Uni- 
veratty in 197«. McKiinnis is 
nurried to the former lUr- 
gie Ann ISiodes of Iforfolk. 

Beach Scout earns 
coiiservatton award 

Kalan L. Kahler, a SewA 
in Troop 489, of Virginia 
Beach, dttrtered to tbe 
Virginte Beach Mosse Lod- 
ge #1998 has earned tbe new 
World QmKrvatioa Award 
anoimied JadtTervtUigtf , 
Scort Executive of tbe Tide- 
voter Couaeil. 

Tbe a«ttd is made by the 
WwM WiMlifB Fwd Of 
Wasbingtaa, D.C. flireagh 
the Boy Scnuts pi AnMrt- 
ea aod reco g a i n e s aehieve- 
mflrt ta eBVteOMicatil in - 
prweaent, aatwral resoar- 
ee ^Mcrv^km, and an on- 
derrtMdtag of world <»d- 

Tke purple ^ tte award 

is to point out to young 
peofde that (knaitrtes of tte 
world are closely interre- 
l^ed ttrough natural re- 
sources and that ve in ttis 
bountry are iirterd^iendeDft 
wttb oar worldenvtronment. 

To win ttis award, S<»ut 
Kahler «umed Conservation 
and EavirouneDtal skill a- 
wardte. merit baches in En- 
virona^al ScieKe, Soil 
and WatM- Conservation, 
Fish and VlUlile Maaafe - 
meat, aad Citiscaship in tte 

li^ is ^ son of Mr. aad 
Mrs. WlUian W. Kabler, 
Cta^at Court, Virginia 
Beach, Virginia. 


Oat of 4ake floar? Use 7/t 
av tfl ^wiNMte regaUr fhwr 
aad itrtte^naBseenstardi 
to equal L cop cake floar. 


DO IK}T use iodited salt 

ia inaking pidtlM - it 



la tbe Clerk's Office of 

tbe Ciratft Cont at tbe 

City of Vlrgiiria Beach, VA. 

oa the IStt day of Jaae. 


Jaitttt Lee Mbbi, 


The ob|ect of this suit 
is to sMi^ atttvwceivta- 
ealo aalriMiiii frea tte 
gM JWiBilial, ipM tte 
groaaii of tte partteahave 
Uvad tfMte aad ^iut 
wMaal a^ratabltatlo■lD^ 

Aad aa aOdavtt haMit 
bewaade ttdllMttettte 
dilgBdawi iaaaPa^reildnt 

Drtv*, taral mn, tatt 
Carvlfaa «Mi It iaotder- 
ed Oat te da ap|aarbM« 

OTa^H^nMf N 

to protedhU latofHt ta 



la tte Clerk's Oftlee Of the 
Cirorit Coart of tte City 
of Vtigi^ Beach, oa tbe 
ISttdayoftaM. 1977. 
IteRte Lyaae fatnian 

Uti Uadsey Jaekauui. 

The obHwt of this suit ia 
for the said platotiff to ob- 
tatt a Wn»e9 a viae^ 
mmm m fnn t^«M 
deCndaht, spoatte grounds 
of Mparattoa fu-m)rcttaa 
one year. 

Aat tt tfUsvtt hav- 
b« baa Mrie aad flM 
ttrt ttedrtMdaat isaota 
fMidait of tte Sb^ of 
VijVM^IteJ^ kaowa 

U» Qmt^ Drive, Sat 
Oiagv, C^Mite 1^. i 
is ortmfttaihMaappear 
here vMllB'l^ ^M days 
aftw dan piiittMfoa bM%- 
•f, aal do nMaMf be ae^ 
ee^uT topnto^ Ms^ 
A muf^mm xm V. 

A, Keenehaa, Da- 

H. Oajr, Jr. 


Bay*, VA ^m 

1^. ^ 

*n^t D». 

1, Cum 

p^. Ctorti 

n*. Mnm mmmhAOf 

IM t. yp tii iaat ted 


to tte Ctek's Office (tf the 
Clrcidt Court M tbe City 
tf Vlrglida Beach, VA., 
M tlw 14th (toy oi June, 

Den McEntire £taitt, 

Ma^ Itooft Sfl^, 

Tbe object of this suit 
is to oNain a divorce a 
vinculo matrimonii from 
tte said ^(HKtont, upon 
tbe grounds tS barring lived 
s^iarete and apart tor a 
period to«Bassot(»e3^a' 

And an IflUavit having 
been nute and filed ttttt 
the detwiuit Is a aea-re- 
sldod (rf the Stole <tf Vir- 
gil^, tbe last kmram pest 
office address being: 408 
B«d(to Av«nie, Viloida, 
CalifwnU it to ordered 
that she do appear luen 
within tea (10) dqrr after 
due pubUcatian tereof , and 
do mint may be Mc^airy 
to ptote^ her interest to 
this suit. 

A oopy-Teste: John V. 

By: Patti A. Keenehan, De- 
puty. Clertc 
H. LecAiidtoon,ni 
P.O. Bot 12027 
Norfolk, VA., 23502 

VBS - 6m - 6/29 - 7/6 

And an ainoavu having 
been made and filed that 
the defOKbtot is anon-re- 
sident of tbe Stote of Vir> 
glnia, tbe last kndwn post 
office address being: c/0 
Marci Uday, 227 Euclid 
Ptoce, Birmingham, Mi- 
dh^ 48009 it is ordered 
that he do appear here 
withto ten (10) days after 
due priUlcation hereof, and 
<to itet may be necessary 
to protect bis interest in 

A «|!y-T^e: Jita V, 

BytJ^ A. Keen^a»,Oe- 
guty^ Clerk 
Kennrth R. JcAnsM 

Pwnttttriw <^ Bldg. 
Virginia B«u:b. Va. 

VBS - 6/22 
7/13 - 4t 




to tbe Clerk's Office of 

tte Circuit Court (rf the 

City of Vtrginto Beach, VA. 

on tbe 14tt day of June, 


Cand Riley, 



Thomas F. Riley, 


Tbe object of thto suit 
to to obtato a divorce a 
vincido natrimooii from 
tbe said defendant, qjion 
the grounds of adultery. 

to tte Clerk's Office of 
tbe Circuit Court of the 
City of Virginia Beach, on 
tbe 14ttday of June, 1977 
Aditoa fi. Pulley 

George H. Smltt, 

The object of thto suit 
is to obtain jodgment 
against said def endaM 

And an affidavit havtog 
been made and filed that 
the defendants tost knpwn 
post office address bettg: 
737 - 21st Street Yirgtoto 
ed ttet Geoige H. Smith 
do appear here withto ten 
(10) days after due publi(»- 
tioo hereof, and do what 
may l>e necessary to pro- 
tect bto interest to thto 

• A c(f)y-TeBte: • 
John V. Fntress, Clerk 
By: Kar«i A. Kq^tart D.C. 
John D. Booker Jr. 
P.O. Box 6363 
Vlrginto Beach, VA 23416 

VBS 6/2r-6/29-7/6-1/13 



Viri^nin: ^J^ 

Tte rofalar meetiag of tte City of Vlrginto Beach will 
te teld to tte CouneU Chamtera of tte Admtototratira 
BuUdtog. City HaU, Prtooess Anne St^on, VlrgUda 
Bead^ Viigtoto. on Monday/. My 11, 1977, at 1.00 P.M., 
at wUdi time tte followtog aivik^tions will te heard: 

L Petittoa of M A M Investors In* a Change of Zoaiu 
vmntt caassifiestion Mm MXmf^^^^m to A-4 
Apartmeat District on certato j^ropeii^ touted on tte 
Itortt sbtoof Vlrginto Beadr Bonfowd begindiv at a 
potot no feet WmI oS Hirtton Lane, runnii^ a distance 
of 200 leet along tte Nmlh sMe of VirgiiUa Beach Bou- 
levard, noning a dlstoMe of «4.1 feet aloi« tte Wes- 
tern property line, muing a distance a 212.5 foet al<»g 
tte Norttera property line and nmning a <Ui^tance of 
415.1 fiat jtfiac tte Ea^mjntperty line. Said parcel 
cei^is 2.2S aer».(Eundcanzk-LondonBrUgeArets). 
LYHlfflAYBl BOROUGH. ~» / 

2. Petittoe of Trant-Beikdiire Devtii^aieirt Corp(»ra- 
tt» lor a Ctenge a Zasiat msMiA Gtosslftoattwi 
tnm R.l Residenttol Distriet to B4 Residenttol Dto- 
triet on cotato property tocatod at tte 8<nttea8t ii^r- 
seetion of Uynnview Road aad %dgel Drive, mutos 
adtstaace of 1242.3$ foot atoOK,tte: East side #Spigel 
IMve. ramdng a distance td 234.48 feet to rfoiMi- 
eastorly (BrecUoi, numiag a ^Aoce of 212^53 feet u 
a Northeasterly directtoa, ro^ a distateeei 11^.53 
leet aloeg tte Eastern pw y erty Has and runntag a dto- 
tonce of 415.04 ftet along tte Snitt side ofJUjom^ew 
Road. Said ImroU eontnfia 14.36 aer^ (RObtohood 
Forest-Souttem Pointo Areas). LVNOTAVHrltoirouGH. 

3. Petttton of Traat-BericAlre D««k]|Mrait Corpcm- 

tton for a Change of Zoning Dtotrt<^ OasttEtoation 

frmn R>1 Residential mstrict to fi-3 Iteskteatial IMs- 

trict oa certato property loeiaed^ tte HorUreast to- 

tersectieo of Inlynnview Road and Sontt m^l Drive. 

naming a distance (rf 3W.32 le^ ak»ig m Nortt side 

of tolnnvtow Road, nu^ng a ffiMuee ctt 1721.95 feet 

to a Nortterly directfon, rus^ a distoiwe of 550.62 

feet to a Westerly directkB, twntog arond a curve 

to a Northwesterly diree^» a dtotane^ of 1444.33 feet 

naming a dtotance of 122.« feet- to rNortteflfdirec- 

ttm. ruBBlng a distance of 57.30 feet to a Northwesterly 

direetton. ma^ a distanee of «» feet to a Nertt- 

east«-ly dlreeti(», naming a distuce (d 94.63 fo^ to 

a NorttH'ly ittreetlon, rnnteg a (Bstaaee of 623 fe^ 

to a We^«-ly directioa, nmning a dtotance of 318 

toet to a Souttwraterly ^ft^aa rwniag a distonce of 

290 feet to a South^s^y direction, mnnlK a dto- 

tonce of 157 fo^ to'k Sduttawenterty direetton. m^ag 

a tfrtince o086 f^ to a Soolterly dlrecUoa, tm^H 

a dtotaaee of 151 leet to a Sontbewterly directioa, nm- 

dng »4Utatm (tf 359 feet to a Soatfawesterty directtoa, 

nnning a tfstance of 693 foot to a Soutbeastffl-ty diree- 

tion, raa^v a ittstoBM of m fort to a WMerty diree- 

tloB, mntag a dtotance (tf 340 foot to a SovtterMdlree- 

ttm. natfig n dtoteee ol 4« foat to aSoattHMteriy 

dtrectfoa, rwattg f <fl^aace of mfT.SOfeettoan &tt- 

terly direetion, raniig a ittstance of ^0 feet toa 

8oatbeut«^ (ttrectlaa, mnlag • 4tt^M^ <rf iss feet 

to an Eoto^ dtrK^ioa and rlM^ « dtotuoe rt Si^.87 

ftet to a Soiittwiy itfraetion. SaMpweri eo^tos 67.22 

mn. ptttateod Fwe« Arw). LTRIBAV^ BOR- 

OIKin. • 

4. Prtitlon of Traid-Berkshire Davelopaient Corpora- 
tloa for a Cteagc of Zoning Dtotriat Ctosnffieattoa from 
S-1 INaidHttol Ototrlet to R-3 Keridentlal Dtotrlct on 
evtetopnpirty located at tte northwest iateneetioo of 
Uynvto* Hand and Five Pointo Road, nmnii^ a dto- 
tonee of UOO fiet Bore or lees aki« tte Nortt side of 
toljMMFtov Bond, rwatog a dtstanee of 1572 J9 feet to 
a NofttereateriT dlrtedoa, nattog a distanee of 208 
foet to a ll<Milwasteriy dtreetton, ronnl^r a dtotaaiee 
of tt^ feet ta an Eaaterly dtreetton, naaii* a distance 
of iai.U foet to a Sontbeasterty dirdetioa, nnttii« a 
dtotaee of 1048.04 foet to an Easterly direction, run- 
mag a distance of 528.37 feet to a Soutterty dir<w^ti "< 
running arood a cane to a Westerly dlrecttor 
tonee of 499.40 foet. ninai^t « 
to a Soatterty direcUoa, #«Hklag '%n 
feet to an Easterly directioa aad ^ 
601.01 feet to a Southerty diMetfaa 
43.213 seren. (TrantwODdnofee-Tmnt BerMi 


Public Notices 

.>. rvuuvu w ci ic V diid Patri^ F. taMA hii a CtMi^e 
Of Zoning District Classification froto R-S Residenttol 
Distrijct to 0-1 Office District on certain pi^perty loca- 
ted at tte Southeast comer of Newtown RwA and Larry 
Avenue, running a distance of 80 feet itoy toeSftirtn 
side of Larry Avenue, running a distottel ot 133.24 
feet along the Eastern property line, noini^ a dtotoMe 
of 90.01 feet along the Southern prc^rty line and runnlif 
a distance of 134.59 feet along the East side of Newtown 
Road, Said parcel contains .24 acre. (Fair Meaitows 

6. Petition of Donald R. Winslow and Dorotty M. Wto- 
slow for a Change of Zoning District Classifieatioii 
from R-3 Residential District to B-2 CMimunity- 
Business District on certain pn^rty located m tte 
Soutt side of London Bridge Road l^nidi^ at a point 
2950 feet more or less west fd Oceana Boulerard, 
running a dtotonce of 38111 feet alnig tte BcMk side of 
London Bridge Road, running a distonce of 310 feet 
along tte Western pnqterty line, runnitf a distonce 
of 380 feet along tte Souttem prc^rty Itoe and running 
a distance of 350 feet along tte Eastern pnqierty Itoe. 
Said parcel contains 2.5 acres more or less. PRIN- 

7. Petitiim d Dwald R. Winslow and D<«n^y M. Wto- 
Mow f(v a Ctenge <tf Z(»iing District Ciassiftoatton 
fa«m AG-1 Agrfa»ltural District to B-2* Comoindty- 
Bttsiness Dtotriet on certato property located 3U) feet 
&s^ jtf Londoi Bridge Road bei^Uming at a potot 2950 
iM WWe or less Wert of Oeeana BwAenu^, ruimtog 
a distonce ot 381 fert alo^ tte Eartern pn^rty line, 
rum^ a Astonto of 231.49 fert along tte N(»1hem 
property line, rumdng a distuce of 330 feet along tte 
WeitempRqierty line and nmiyng a dtotonce of 50 
fort atoi« tte Souttem ptofe^ Um, Said iftrcel con- 
ttiss 1.1 aer^. PffiNCESS ANNE B(»OlXiH. 

8. X^t^ of James C. Nodto for a Cbai^ of Zoniu 
Distrirt Ctossfficafion from AG-1 Ag ricultoral Distriol; 
to B-1 Bostoess-Residertial District on certato pro- 
perty located OB tte Wert side erf Priwess Anne RmuI 
b^inning at a pt^t 340.20 feet Ncnrtt (tf Glrt)e Road 
^rmeriy Conrttouse Drive), ruuiing a distanee of 
386.67 teti along tte Wert stoe of Priuess Anne Road, 
running a (ttstance of 629.43 fert along tte Northern 
fropej^ Une, running a dtotonce of 393.80 fort along 
tte Wttterp inroperty line and running a distonce of 
672.40 fert alraig tte Souttern property Itoe. Said par- 
ed omtains 5.567 acres. PIQNCE^ ANNE BOROUGH. 

9. Pcditton of S$m& C. Nodto for a Change of Z(»ing 
Distrirt Ctossfficatton from R-8 Residential District to 
0-1 Office District on certain prt^rty located at tte 
Nwtheart comer of Bomej Road and &)uth Corwood 
Av«nie, naming a distance >>of 1^.78 fert atoog tte 

' North rtde of Knney Road, rtanniag a distonce at 109.05 
fert atong tte Earten pitipeirty itoe, nmning a distonce 
of 120 fort aloi« tte Norttem property Itoe and ruimii« 
a (ttrtuice of 122.M fert along tte Eart side irf Soutt 
Corwood Aveue. Saki parcel contains .3acnnioreor 
less. (Thalto Village Area). KEM»SVILLE BOm}UGR. 

10. Petition of, Rob«l G, and Nellie B. Butler for a 
ChangeTof M«' Di^c^-Clasai^Midii «^)n R-4 ^ 
ResldM^ -^^^ Jl!Bmk^SSSimimiA>iAW' 
certrtn 'j^roper^ tfidisd 500 fert toor^ier tessaVaMto- 
rt Salem Road b^ilnaing |t a potot 1730fert more or l«s«' 
&)rtb ol EttiQW Road,, nimiiog a distance of 1700 fert 
more (v a Scrathitesterly direction, rmuilng a 
distonce of WSA fort aiiore or less to a North^usteily 
^ rsqtiton aai nantag a dtotonce of 840 feet more or 
le«i to a N<nttimsteriy ^Hrectitm. Said parcel to tri- 
an^ar to stepe and contains 10.5 acres. KEMPS- 

11. Prtttira of Dr. Fred H. RtsenbluB^ Ctornce B. 
and Gertrude S. Russell, Lee W. Smltt and Vivian 
Person for a Change «f Zontog I»rtrirt Classfficatton 
from R-8 Residwtial Ustrirt to O-Tt^ce Dtotriet on 
eettoto property toeated at tte Soottwert intersecttm of 
toiUan River R(»d aid Ferry Poirt koad, nmidng a 
distonce of 144.23 foet aloi« tte South side of Indian 
Rivor Road runntog a distance of 378.13 f^ aloi« tiie 
Western property line, runntog a dtotonce of 144^ 
fert along tte Southern prt^erty Ute a«i rundng a 
dtotaiM^ of 373 fert atoog ^ Eartern p^ptorty Une of 
which 158 fert to tte Wert side of Ferry IH^ Road. 
Slid parcel w^ttins 0.89 acre. (New Light Area). 


12. AfpUcatlon of PresteterianLeagueofNorfoUE Presby- 
ter, lu;., for a CondiiiMtal u^e Permit for a church on 
certoto property located at tte Soutteart irtersecUon 
of Providence Road and WtoMiurst Uuling Rmil, run- 
nii« a dirtance of 412.65 fert aloi« tte Eart side of White- 
ln»t Laadli« Itoad, running a dtotance ol 295.20 feet 
itoe tte Nortt side of Old Provittaice R(Md, run^ 
a dirtatee of 304.33 fert along tte Eastern prqpwrty 
line and runntog a dlstoMe of 392.20 fert akH^tte 
Soutt side of Providence Roui. Said parcel contains 
3.009 acres. KEMI^VILLE K)ROUGH. 


13. B^Kduticm of tte Cwncil of tte^City of Vlrginto 
BMCb to ameid and reordato Article 1, Section 102 
<d tte Cofflfiretaaisive Zc^ng Ordinate by estobltoh- 
ing Articte^ 15, Arte k Caei&eBet IMstrtet Thto dto- 
triet is ^(^osed to te looted withto towMtortos ap- 
ffiactouiMy as follows: b^^nrtng at tte i]M»>seetiM of 
Pacific Avewe aad 21rt S^eet, rmiag Wert al«g 2tot 
Strert to Cyprus Avenw, rwrning Nonh along Cypress 
AvMue a dtotance rt 550 fert mom or less, nmning 
Westerly parallel to 2&id Strert a dtotance of 550 feet 
more or l»s to Parks Av^ae, manii^ Soutt along 
Parts Avene to ito interse<^)B *m tte Smttera 
tooidary (tf tte Norfolk- VIrgtida Beach Toll Road, 
runring WmI aloig tte Nmfirik-Vlii^nto Bnt^ ToU 
Itoad right-of-tny line to ito to^seetton witt Bird- 
mA Aad, nmu^ Som ^am Untaeck Itoad to ito 
ii^rsertton witt Vlrginto Bearti &«l«ud,raudi«East 
along Vtai^ato Bea^ Bodevard more or 1ms to Jeftor- 
KM AvMue Md from ttet point runaiie Eart alc^ tte 
Itoe panllel to Vliitoto B«ieh Boulevard and a» fert 
more or toss Soutt. of Vir^nto B^ch &Ndevard to 
VvMe AviMe, indrtnniflg Nortt along Pacific Avmue 
to ito irtenectiM wUh JOrt %ert. Mora detoiled iitfor- 
n^on to anilabte to ^ D^artoiwt of PlanidM. 

Mrtaud #. W^Mn. City aerl^ 

VBS 6/22, 6/29 2t 

y Inferred JuM 1, 1977 for rMdvertisemeat of cor- 
lot ottfliters). Edward P. Brqpn reqqesto a nr- 
iance of $ fert to a 7 f^ shto fard ^^Hi«k inrtMd of 
10 fert as re^ed on LotSnl, 8, 9, an) 11, Bto^ 16, 
I^eaa GardMs, WasU^^ AveoM aMI RoMevrtt Aw- 
mie Priteess Awe Borw^h. 


1. Frank E. Weller re<^»ste a wriance <rf 10^ to 
a 10 foot side yard ad^ceat td a strert ^)ciM|tmMia 
Avwue) torteadof^ feet as re<pired on Lrt 6, Btock S, 
Section G, Cape Henry Syndicate, 2320 Calvert »re#t.^ 
Lynnba^ Boro^hr 

2. Sun Oil Company mMteto a variarce 9i 21.1 twt 
to a 13.5 foot front yard settack instead 4rf 35 fort as 
required ftnltap totoad catti^) on Stte M, mUM^n 
of John P. and George J. Tarker, London BMdi^. 
||72 Vii^nto B^cb Boulevard. Lynnteven MrtMgb. 

3. GeraM R. rad ^ndra L. McDevitt request a variaiA^ 
of 2 fert to leneebe^ toa8fortfeaeettiMi«t(rf4 
fert to MgU as allowed to a re^dred rtNteeft ftsAa 
strert ^^e Men Ro«i) on Lrt 1. Blortc 9, Seettoa 1, 
Peahofce Manor, 4M1 Crown Poirt Late. &iysule 

4. Andrew J. Yates re^^esto a rartonce of 7.8 ftet to 
a 2.2 fort side yard settadc (eart |Kt)perty Ute) to- 
rtead of 10 fert as mqUlrcd on Lrt. 21, Btortc 13, Ub- 
«weer, ^1% S2nd S^rmt. Ljntflnvfla Boreu^. 

5. Ocean Parte Bapttrt Cimrch b^r Grover C. WrtsU, 
Attorney, reipesto a vartonee rt ZM acres to 0,59 
ures tttteadnf 3 aei«s as 4««rtred Inr a^^(^Hfrti<te 
Loto 5,6,7, and 8. Block 15, Ptot of Section A. Oce^ 
Park, NorttvNBrt Comer of Di^ort Circle and Unwiddie 
Road, ^yslde Bon^jh. 

6. C. Rando^rii Zehmer re<pieEto a variance of 20 fort 
to a 30 foot frMt yard setteck tortead oi SOiert ns 
requir^l (rf Lot 32, Tract C, SertiM 8, Tract D, Sec- 
tion 1, ^tatRnridge Bach, 3224 SutdfiMctter Road. Prttgo 

7. G. Gray and Mari^tfrt 0. Garland reqwrt anr- 
iance of 20 fert to a 30 took tfoai yard srttedc tosttad 
Of SO foet as reqnlred of Lrt 26, Btocfc 1, "Trtirt A, 
Sandbridge Beach, Sandfiddler fto«l. PrincMS Ante 

8. Itolf Willtoms and Sbnshine T. Williams requert a 
variance of 20 fert to a 30 fort front yardartteck In-^ 
rtead of 50 feet as required rt Lrt 27, Block 1, Tnirt 
A, Sandbridge. Bwch, ikniffiddler R(ttd. Princess Anm 

9. F. Beal WUhoit by William E. McCardeU, Jr.^ At^: 
tomey, requests a variance of 8 on site partoiag ^Meed 
to 37 parking spaces tortMd rt 45 parking ^Jeei as 
required wad to aUow paiicing to tte reqrtred lO.fOrt 
setback where commercial sming adjoins reaiiaitial 
srtiing (nortt property Une) ud to waive tte Haj^^A 
bndsciq^ to ttto srtted: on Loto 12 and IS, Ptot 
of Pn^rty of J. R. Flanai^, Hilltop, 1750 Lartdn 
Road. Lynnhavoi Borough. 

10. Westmtototer-Carterbury of Hampttm Roads, be. 
by Sam Htniston. Attonwy requesto a vartotee of 75 
fert in brtlding. height to ISOItet to teigbt Instead of 

ss reqitfred of Trart A, All of Blockc>4aabd B ind 
Closed. Portions of Ocean Avenue and 7tt IRrert (13 
acres), Lynnteven Beach, Store Drive. LymdiavMi Bor- 

11. Dr. Jerome E. Adamson reqtesto a varirticeof 2d 
feet to a 30 fort frort yard setter tostewi of 50 fert 
as required of Lrt 8« Block 1, SUA^klge Beacbt 
2448 SawHiddler Road. Princess Anne Borough. 

12. E. A. Smitt requesto a variance of 10 fort to a 9 
fort side yard adjaeod to a sta'crt (»tt Ste«rt) tortead 
(rf 15 fert as reared of Loto 1 and 2, Blortt 1, Uter< 
meer, S8tt Strert and Oc^mfTont. LjnntevMi Borough. 

13. Jam^ E. Ramsey irequeste a variance <d 5 fert to 
a 15 fort rtde yard Ki^e«it to a sti^t (Joyce Aimge) 
instead of 20 fert as required of Lot 25, Baylrtc^ Bearti, 
LoolRwt Road. &iyside Borou^. 

14. Commonwealtt Assoctotes 1^ JosejA J. Lawtor, 
Attorney, requesto a variance of 15 fert to a 50 foot 
vdde curb opening inrtead of 35 ftet wide ualtoved 
for an aoe»»4rivei^ to bott Ljnudavoi ^twity and 
Soutt Lynnteven Road on a Parcel (155* l|y 1*^'), at 
tte northearterly toterseettin rt Lynnteven Parinniy and 
Soi^ LymAaven Rrad. Princess Auw Boro«|^ 

15. T & P, toe. by Paul L. TieUe re^esto a rariance 
of 20 parldiiv spaces to "0" parktog ^m* iartend<^ 
20 partdng spaces as re<piired of tt Sortb ^fort of 
Lrt 22, Block 31, Vlrginto Beach, 17 9 Pacific Avanue. 
Vlrginto Bea^ Bonm^. 

16. Dominion Buildiqg Corporation by Donald SuiteU 
requesto a variaiKe of 2J fert to a 7.5 fort side yard 
tettack inrtead of 10 fert as required (aratt bronrty 
Itoe-fireptoce) on Lrt 20, Block G, Phase I -B, Part 
1, Hie, Lakes, 3209 Bairingtaft Drive. Princess Ante 

11 Jrtm H. Malbon and H. Ernest Brown requfrt a 

variance of 14 on site pai^flg eptees toSJuyrl^ 

q>aces inrtead of 34 partdng spaces as required on 

Parcel "C, Wert Oteau Gardois, 1763-1769 Vii^Hnto 

Bearti Boulevard. Ljnnteven Borwigh. 



W. L. Towers, Secretary 

VBS-6/15 - 6/22 - 2t . 




;' 5tTt 
1" ftOJi 

mm s 

• » iO 


IT el^i 

or :Xi 


Tte City CouncU of tte City of Vtrginto BteOh will 
hold a pnWe teartog Monday. Jum^, M77, rt 240 
p.m., to tteOauMU CiuA^s. iUtaairtstrattdn M^flt. 
Muntoipal Carter, Yir^rta Beach, Vlrginto » the j^- 
Pte4»i use of Ravine Stering Fuds totoltoc ipprtai- 
matety $8.2 nillion Am- ttie^[idb and nirth eM^Md 
periods (Janwry 1, wn - S^temter M, till) aad tte 
lu^pteed UM of gweral rt^tion boa& te te inted 
as arttortoed to tte CMr Qarter for catetet- yenr 
1977 to tie ttnuit lit wJ^ aUMon, as rtKNrn to tte 
1978-1962 Capital toii^ovii^ Progrtn. 

Ite amowrts and catsfsri^i inropMed are as tol- 



mrrcs of pubuc lOARnG 

n» Virgtada Bwdl fiwrd iA Zm^ i^VMOs wiU cm- 
te4 a PuUle faring m WaAiMdty, Juli,6, 19T7, rt 
7:30 P.M. to M Circuit CMrt turn m; CltyHrtl, 
Vlit^rta SmiA, Vtrgtoto. Tte fotlwi^ an^Uatt^ 
will aipear on tte agenda. 

1 (Deforred June 1, 1977). Warrw A. (M ^iwrtsa 

variaace of 25 fert to a 10 fort^ ^^bMk fiwn &im 

Road inrtead of 3$ fert as r^nlrad oa MrtetW^ 

9Hp.. Eureka Park, Haven Rotf. I^^terai Bomgl. 

rred June 1, 1977). C. Raaft^ ZMner ^. 

., a variance of 20 fert to a ttforttexrfyy^ 

setteck instead of 50 fert as mpdiwl of Lrt II, Bltftk 
1, Trad A, Sar"^-^- Beach, tM tead^cr X«^. 





I - 


. mm 


f 7,8lt,0M 


. .4** 





Pe^M wtoMng to a»ear before City Crtmrtt rtttrt',^>, 
£.5^i«L<Wie^ to tte mmM Me rtRe^toef^ 

RWard J. l^teB, Cit^Oert 

VW6^ B -«^ 







VlrgioU Beach Son, Jine 22, Wn B-S 


Office of 

rt of the 

Betch, Va. 

day of June. 

JuiMMait Joaei, ni, 

.The ouett (d this ndt 
itt^ 4tWi » tt«n%6 from 
Hb itfnAs d i^riAony 
pM th^ said defendast, 
4m the grouMs of s^- 
ntton: fw nore than one 

And an affidavit having 
bow aude and filed that 
the defendant is a noo-re- 
ddent of the State of Vir- 
0iiia. the last knovn post 
office address twiog: 520S 
Btvsehe Road, Orlamto, 
Fltnldi %tWI It is order- 
ad that be <to app^r here 
irtthlB tw (10) <&ys after 
dat pabUcatkn hereof, and 
do vlNtt may he necMsary 
to protect his interest in 
ma tnlt. 

A eopy-Teste: John V. 

By: ^Patti A. Keene- 
haji, Clerk 

Fnnk E. Bitfler, 01 
2420 VirtlaU Beach Blvd. 
P.O. Box 4m 
Viiilnia Beach, VA 23454 

VB8,6/22, 6/29, 7/6, 7/13 

VlRGnaA: In the Clerk's 
Office of the Circuit Court 
ol the City of Vittlnia 
Betch, on the 14 day of 

, Ifarch, 1»77. 

' In re: Adoption oi Tamra 
Susanae Acken and Paul 
Daniel Acken 

By: Dconls G. Shoffiier and 
Lorttti Evonne Shoflher, 
To: Paul Gary Acken 
848 PIttsbuiTh Street 
Sprlngdale, PA 15144 

This day came Dennis 
G. Shoffher and Loretta 
ffoane Shoffher, Petition- 
en, and represented that 
the object of this proceed- 
ing is to effect the «l^- 
tio| of 4k« abOMbifiRfm^ 
iafitt (sj^ofamriRSMiicaMB; 
Acbn attlJaitl Daniel. ^ >. 
Acken, bjr Derails G. Shot* 
teer and Loretta Ew»ne 
Shonner, husband and wife, 
ud afUdai^t having been 
mttie and filed that Paul 
G»tf Adcen, a natural par- 
eet of said child(ren), is 
« BOB* resident of the State 
of Vtitinia, the last known 
post wnee address being: 
848 PlttdMrgh Street, 
Storingdale, Pennsylvania 
15144 It is therefore Or- 
da<ed that the said Paul 
Gai^ Acken tppezr be- 
ttxrt this Court within ten 
(lOVdays after publication 
of ttis Order and indicate 
Us attltiide towardlhe pro- 
posed adoption, orother- 
wlMK do what is necessary 
to protect his interest in 

A fgpf teste: John V. 
Fairesi, Cleric 
By: Patti A. Keenehan, D.C. 

'M6«t G. Jones p.q. 

^ISI taw BttlMliv 
Norfcdk. VA 23510 

VBS-6/22, 6/29, 7/6, 7/13 

ViiflBia: In the Cleric's Of- 
I ol ttte Circuit Court of 
^_. City .of Virginia Beach, 
po tte 1st day of Jue, 1977 
' I m: AdqpttaKtf Danld Har- 
t Bradlsy, aM two, to be 
I as Daaid Bradley 
Sfiit^itoef Joseph I^ote 
ud Ba^twra Elaine Docote 
ir9:DMidlllcfeael Blair 
llle, T«Biessee 

k ChaKery 

TW* (Hy came Rodney 
Joseph Pwote and Butara 
Elalae Dnoote, PetitlM^is, 
Ud tepreiaated that the ob- 
iect of tVs praeeodiiig Is to 
tOtsi the adivtioo of the 
U^ named IniHd^). tk^M 
'^Witea Brdl^, by Bod- 
Hiy itlpwph DHOMt aad Bar- 
9^<Aft ^WiDilsto. tti^Mad 
Ml wlt^ Md l^Uaitt hM- 
% t|M«adt and fited that 
imm I^Qhael Blair, a na- 
tvia ptreat (tf said chfld 

SUl is t am-T^Ma/t vt 
^mt of Vtrgtaia, the 
Hit Ua ^ ayoi i Mm ea a dd ress 
tiMjr: MO mnrtm Drive, 

KnoxvUle, Tenn. It is ttere- 
fore Onlered that the Mid 
DtvM Mlehatl BWr mt^ 
utm m» cout wiwt M 
(10) days after yMtaittee 
<d this Order and taMote 
tils/ktr attlM8e Mward the 
proposed vfaitioa, or other- 
wlsa do wl*t is BMMSsary to 
pnteet his inttrwM ta ttis 

A copy teste: J<Ab V. Fm- 

tress, Clerk 

By: J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 

Bruce B. um p.q. 

4141 Vifima Bw^ Blvd. 

Viiflala B«ch, Virginia 


VBS-6/8. 6/15. 6/22. 8/2t-4t 

Virginia Beacli Public 


In ti» ClNk's Cttce ol m 

Circuit^ C^vrt cd tte City of 

VlrginttC' Beach, on tte M 

dayofJuM, 1^. 

Nancy CanA Fincher Stn^ 



Cecil Lafay^e Strouth. 


The O^ect of this suit IS 
to oMalB a divorce a vin- 
culo hwtrtmoBii from the said 
dtf «itettt upon the greunds 
(rf om y^r's sniantioB, 

And an attklaidt having bMi 
ma^ and filed that the de- 
tmiaM is a iKm-nsiitent of 
the SUte <tf VUgMa, the lairt 
known jx^ (^ce address be- 
ing: 611 East AlsUe »reet, 
«8-B. KlngT^e. Texas ills 
ordered that he do appear 
here within t«i (10) days 
after (tee publicatloo oereof, 
and do what may be neces- 
sary to protect his interest 
in this suit. 

A cORT-Teste: J(ftn V. 
Feqtress, Cleric 
Br: J. Curtis Froit. Dqwty 
< Clerk 

William L. Taliaferro, Jr. 
704 Board of Trade uy .d- 
Norfolk, VIxginU 

CBS-6/8, 6/15, 6/22,6/29-41 


In the Cleric's Office of the 

CinnUt Court of the City 

of VIrgiBia Beach, on the 

1st day of June, 1977. 

David Howard Weast, 



Geraldine Blakla Weast. 


The object of this suit is 
to obtain a divorce a vin- 
culo matrimonii from the said 
defendant vpaa the grounds 
of one year's separation. 

And an affidavit having l>een 
made and filed that the de- 
fendant Is a non-resident of 
the State of Viiglnia, Oie last 
known post ottlcesddr^s be- 
ing: MIO Hessmer Street #1. 
Metairia, U. 70002 it Is or- 
dered that she do appear here 
i^ttiin t^ (jl(Q,it»ys,|fter duff 
p«W^:attaBr Jieifof^. iind, do 
>«1at^tmay he.jMc^ssary to 
pnrtoct her intierest in this 

A copy-Teste: John V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By: J. Curtis Fruit. Deputy 

William L. Taliaferro. Jr. 
704 Board of Trade Build- 
Norfolk, VirginU 

VBS-6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29 4t 


In the Cleric's Office of the 

Circuit Court of the City of 

Virginia Beach, on the 3rd 

day of June, 1977. 

Gloria Amtox)sla Gilmore 



John Oliver Gilmore, Jr., 


The (^Ject of this suit lis to 
oMain a divorce a omnia et 
Oioro to be later merged 
into a divwce a finculo mat- 
rimoBii from the said defen- 
dant upon the grounds of de- 

And an affidavit having been 
made and filed that the def m- 
duit Is a non-residoit ol the 
State of Virginia, the last 
known post tOtioe address 
bdng udcnown to C«»nplain- 
ant. said Ccmplainant having 
used due d|lif»ce to ascer- 
tain in what City or c(Hi»ra- 
tloQ the defendant is located 
wittMWt 8«iccess. it Is order- 
ed that he «k> appear here 
within ten (10) days after 
dw publicaticm hereof, and do 
irtiat may be necessary to 
Iffotect his interest in this 

A cfqqr-TMte: John V. Fep- 
b«ss, Cleric 

By: J. Curtis Fruit, Dqwty. 

daric, Hofhelmer 4 Slant 
211 PMibroke Three Build- 


Virginia Beach, VirginU 

VBS-6/8, 6/15, 6/22.6/29-41 

vject (d this pro^eding Is to 
effMt tte rikftloB M the 
above nam«l I^uC u«tfs 
Hai^s Clary, by llldttd 
Waim Drye and ElU>b^ 
OHBptoo Ate. husband ud 
wife, aadattUavltlaviagbeMi 
made and fitod ttiat EaiT Don- 
gas CUury, a natural parent 
of said chUd, Is a nM-re- 
sident of Ihe State of VirgMa 
Vb» tost known post ottee 
address btihg: 56S2-A. Wert 
Maricet mreet, Greensbcure; 
North Candina. 

It is thereforeOrderedtlMt 
the. said Earl Douglas Clary 
appear b^bre this Court 
witUa ten (10) days after 
pddlcatloii of this Order and 
indicate his/attttnde toward 
the proposed ad(^on. or 
oUierwise do what Is neces- 
sary to protect his interest 
in Oils matter. 

A copy teste: Jdm V. Fen- 
tress, Clerk 

By: J. Curtis Fruit. D.C. 
A. Andrew Em, Jr. p.q.' 
1369 LasklnRoad 
VliginU Beach. Virginia 

VBS- 6/8, 6/15, 6/22,6/ 29-41 


In the Cleric's Office of the 
Circuit Court of the City of 
Virginia Beach, on »» 31 
day (d May, 1977. 
IN RE: AdopUon of Chris- 
tina Sue Zultoski, 
By: Kometh Mathew Golas- 
sewdd and Susan Darlene 

To: lUchael Bennett ZulkosU 
2944 University Avenue 
Mori^own, West Virginia 

In Chancery 

THIS DAY came Kennrth 
Mathew Golassewski and Su- 
san lterI«K GoiasxewskI, and 
rqn^sented that the object 
of this proceeding is to ef- 
fect the adoption of the above 
named Infant, Christina Sue 
Znlkoski, by Kometh Matiiew 
Golassewski and Susan Dar- 
lene Golassewski. husband 
IPd wife, and affidavit hav- 
iag becii mad« aadfU^d that 
Wchael BenBettZiilkeaki.the . 
naturaliiatfier ol said dilld. ^ 
is a noB-resldeBt ol the State 
of Virginia, Us last known 
post office addresffbeing 2944 
University Avoine, Morgan- 
town, W^ VirginU 26505. 

It is therefbire ORDBtED 
that the said Michael Ben- 
nett ZulkoskI appear belore 
this Court wittin ten (lO) 
days after putdicatlon of ois 
Order and indicate his at- 
titude toward the inrtqiosed 
adoption, or otherwise do 
what is necessary to {uro- 
teet his interest In this mat- 

A copy-Teste; ioba V. 
Fentress, Cleric 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
Theodore A. Boyce, p.q. 
106 N. Plaxa Trail 
Virginia Beach, VirginU 


VlrgiaU: In the Cleric's Of- 
fice (rf the Circuit Court ot 
tiie City of VirgU^ B«a<A, 
00 the 27th day ol May. 1977 
ta rs: A^Ub ol DmM 
Ihifim (Msf 4 white male 
bora ^ptombM- tt, 1961 U 
GretavUle^ Xwtt CanAlM 
1^: Michael W^ne Drye k 
BiHMh ComptOB, Drye 

To: Aurl Douglas CUry 
Snt-A W«st Ma^et Strert 
GresBabor^ M«tt CandUa 



THs tey OUM MMasl 
1l^yB» Drye^ttf B^sM 
Qm^m ^79, PettttoMrs. 
ui rwwMMtttrftteob- 


VirginU: In the Ciri:tttt 

Court of thedtyof Viribu 

Beach Jun 9, 1977. 



C.P. #4527 

It app«krii« that a re- 
port of ttws^DHBrts of Vir- 
gil^ ViOkml Bank. Exe- 
<Mt(Mr M tte estate of Mil- 
dred .league* decMBid, 
and of Uw d^>ts and de^ 
sunds against her esUte 
has beeoffledU the Clerk's 
olfiM, ud that six nui^s 
has tiai»ed since the qudl- 
fieatkB, 00 motion of ttie 

IT IS ORDERED that the 
creditors at, and alloUiers 
intorested in, the esUte do 

diow cause, if any they can, 
at 10:00 a.m. on the 8tb 
day of July, 1977, before 
thU Court at its courtroom 
•olBst the payment and de- 
livery <rf the estajte to the 
linteM without re<p|lrlng 
reninding bonds. 

ED that the foi'egoing por- 
tion of this order be pub- 
lished once a week for two 
successive weeks in the 
VirginU Beach SuA. a 
newspaper published in the 
City of VirginU Beach. . 

A cqqr-teste-John V. Fen- 
tress, Clerk 
WllUm E. Burgess, 
537 Southside Road 
^rglnU Beach, VirginU 

VBS-6/15, 6/22 - 2T ; 

VirginU: In the Clerk's 
(XUce of the Circuit Court 
of the City of VirginU 
Beach, on the 10th day of 
June, 1977. 

In re: Adoption ^M Scott 
Daniel Delxmg i 
riorence tuen Chapman 

By: Robert Gehri Weeks 


TO: H<qp L. Castor 

Route #2 

McArthur, Ohio 

In Chancery 


This day came Ftorenee 
Ellen Ghapnaa Weda and 
Robert Gehri Weeks, Peti- 
tioners, and r^jwvsented 
ttat flie (ribject of ttU pro- 
ceeding U to effect ttie 
adoiMion of iix above nam- 
ed iafaat Scott DanUl De- 
Long,. Igr Fka-uee Ellen 
OiapBian We«saadR(d>ert 
G^l Weela. hubBBd sad 
wile, and affidavit havii« 
been wrie and filed that 
Bof L. Castor, a natnnl 
parent (tf said ^Dd (ren). 
U a lUB-ruMHt of tte 
Sti^e of TlrgUU, the last 
kaownpMt tM^ Bd^rus 
b^: no^ #2 MeArttur. 
OUo RUtherMnre Order- 
ed that the said Roy L. 
Cartw appear before thU 
(^m wUUn tM (10) (Uys 
iMn prtrtleatioB of thU 
Ot^t iBd IMttnte hU/bo- 
iMItadB toward mpmia- 
ed iMkyttm, w ^erwlM 
do trtNA U Bsewni7 to 
protert Ms latorert U tiiU 

A t^On-nstK- John V. 




AwriL Mdft^kMter 


l^r^M ^^, Va. m52 

yM-%/U, %/n, «/», 7/6 


VirginU: In tiie Circuit 
Court of tite City of Vir- 
^nU Beach on the 8Ui day 
of June, 1977 

te: EsUte of Dorothy W. 
Maddr^ (Uctased 
C.P. «45» 

n appearing thatiri^rt 
d the accoMs (rf Utf ted 
VifglaU Bank/Seaboard 
lUOoaal, Nor«(flk. VlrgUU 
^Rsonal Refn'MenUtiveof 
m Ertatf of Dorotiiy W. 
Maddr^, (Meeased, ud of 
tte deMs sad deoMds 
m^ai her Sitete^hau 
ffltd U tiw Clerk's OfBee 
of ttU Court, and fliat six 
Bovlhs hira lapsed siiKe 
tti HMHflcatlflB. (» mo- 
tai ol (he p«rsMial k- 
K^eiM^w: rr IS OR- 
DERED tiMt Um craters 
(tf, and aU othei^ iito>- 
f^ed U, tte Ertate do 
Aow »utte, Uaqpfl^ian, 

OB the »th «^ 4 My, 
wn, Mere^U (ism at 
tts Co«1r«(*i.^aid^aw 
payaent aas i^lnnrif tte 

dt«y, ^eeaud. to MIa- 
i^tees wtVhOnt rf<pcUlng 
refwding bMds. 

ENTER: TUs 8Ui day of 


AustU* E. Owus, Joi%e 

Fiulk E. BMer. Jr. - 

A C^PY - TESTE- John 

V. Fentress, Cli»ic 

By: J. Curtis Fruist, D.C. 

VBS: 6/15. 6/22 2t 

IJ- ' ■ 

VirginU: In tiie Clerk's 
Office (A Uie Circuit Court 
of ttie City of VirginU 
Beach, cm the.lOthday of 
June, 1977. 

In re: AdoptiOD of Timcdhy 
Darrin Coontrymu 
By: Florence Ellen 
Chapmu We^s 
Robert Gehri Weeks 
TO: Susu Cmntrymu 


This day came Ftorence 
Ellen ChaiHnu Wedcs and 
Robert Gtiul Weeks. Pe- 
titioners, and rejpresenU- 
titioners, and reprMoi- 
ted Uiat Uie object of tiiU 
proceeding is to ^ect the 
adoption of the above nam- 
ed Intut (s). TimoUiy 
Darrin Coutrymu. by 
Florence EUen Chapman 
We^ and Robert Gehri 
Weeks, hhsband and wife, 
and affidavit having been 
made and filed tlUt Susu 
Countrymu, a natural par- 
ent of said child, is a non- 
resident of the SUte of 
VirginU, the Ust Uown 
post office address being: 
419 1/2 Soutii Wuhington 
Sti«^, Gr«enfield, Ohio it 
U therefore Ordered that 
the said Susu Countrynun 
miear before this C(Mirt 
within ten (10) days after 
pubUcation of thu Order 
and indicate his/her atti- 
tude toward the proposed 
adoption, or otherwUe do 
wlnt U necessary to pro- 
tect his interest U thU 

A Cc^-Teste: J(An V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By: PattiA.Keuehu.D.C. 
wmuin Drildcwater p.q. 
i^^ and Drinkwater 
4SS6 VligInU Beach Blvd. 
ViiflBU Boach. VirginU 

VBS-6/15, 6/22, 6/29, 7/6 

In the Clerk's (Hfice of the. 
Circuit Court of Uie City of 
ViiginU Beach, VA. on the 
25UidiyofMay, 1977. 
Bonnte Taylor, 

Benjsmln Taylor, 

The Object of this suit is 
to otrtaU a divorce a vin- 
culo matrimonii from the 
said d^endaitf, upon the 
grounds of desertion. 

And, u affidavit having 
been made and filed thtt the 
defendUt is a aoo-resident 
of tiw SUte of VlrgUU, tiie 
last known post office add- 
ress being; Bayview Car 
Shop. Baltimore, MaryUnd. 
it is ordered that he do ap- 
pear hire witiiin ten (10 
days idler dns pliblicstion 
heredr, and do what nuy be 
necessary to protect his U- 
terest U this suit. 
A copy-Teste: Jcdm V. 

By: Patii A. Keenehu, De- 
puty Clerk 
WUlUffi F. Bumside 
P.O. Box mz 
VirginU Beach, VA 

VBS-6/1, 6/8. 6/15. 6/22 


to the Circuit Court 
of Uie City of VirginU Beach 
on the 24tii day of May, 1977 
In re: AdopUon of Michael 
Dean Trail, and change of 
name to Michael Dean NeiU 
by: SteiriienWri^NeUl.and 
Ann ChristUe Su Agustto 
NeiU. his wif6. 

Chancery No. 
.,: C77-744 

The object of the above 
styled suit is to secure the 
ad<qition of Michael Deu 
TraU, infant, by Stephen 
Wright NeUl and AnnOiris- 
ttoe Su Agustin NeUl, the 
natural mother of the said 
chUd, Ann ChristtoeSanAg- 
ustto NeUl, having consented 
to uid adoption and also to 
effect the change of suraame 
of toe said inUnt from Mich- 
ael Deu TraU to Michael 
Deu NeiU; and 

It appealing by affidavit 
fUed according to law tiiat 
toe Ust known address of 
toe natural Utoer. CarroU 
Francis Trail, Jr.. wu 320 
NUe Street. Su Diego, CaU- 
fomU, it is therefore OR- 
DERED toat the said CarroU 
Frueis TraU, Jr., do ap- 
pear before this Court with- 
in ten days after doe publica- 
tion of this Order and do 
what is necessary to protect 
his interest to tols proceed- 
ings and 

DERED that this order be 
published once a week for 
four successive weeks to toe 
VirginU Beach Sun, anelrs- 
paper having general circu- 
UtiM to toe City of VirginU 
Beach. Virginia. 
A Copy Teste - John V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By Patii A. Keenehu, D.C. 
Alexander P. Smito 
Atiomey for petitioners 
Smito, power and Owens 
1412 Maritime Tower 
NorfoUc, VirginU 23510 

VBS-6/1, 6/8. 6/15.6/22-41 


to toe Clerk's office of the 
Circuit Court of Om City (rf 
VirginU Beach, on toe 24 
day of May. 1977. 
to re: Adkiption (rf Orlando 
Jay Sjnito 

By: Woodrow Wilson Smito 
DorgtiQr Mae Smith and Er- 
nestlM Smito HaintcHi 
To: WUlie aiorter 
Last taowa addrus; 
494$ Erskine Street 
VirginU Beach, Vs. 


"^ day came Woodrow 
WUmo ^ito, DoroMiy Mae 
SffllQi and EnwtiM SnWi 
Hairsto, Pethioners, a«i 
i^fMented Oat iha <*J«ct 
of Ms pro^Mag u to U- 
toct the a<k^rtlM<4tteitooi% 
named itfut. Or^dsAy 
SmM. tqr Woodrow WUM 
&bMi and Oor^ Iftie 
Smtth, hwRiaBd iBdiHM.«Ba 
affiiUvlt havii^ biu WMe 
and fUed toat WUUe mot- 
ter, a natural |xreM (tf said 
child. Is a MM- resident ol 
ma tete fA Yis^m, the 
lart ta»wB post ansa aM- 
ress h^Bf. 4945 Br^toe 
Str^i VirginU BmiA, Vlr- 

It is toerefore Ordered 
that the said WiUie Siorter 
a|q;>Mr b^ore thU Court 
withto tMl (10) days after 
pubUcatim of tnisOrdM'and 
indicate his/her attitude 
toward the pr(^sed adc^- 
tl(». or otherwise do what is 
necessary to prefect hU to- 
terest to this matter. ^ 
A copy teste: John vf 
Fentress, Clerk 
Charles S. MonU«na 

720 Atlantic National Bank 


Norfolk, Va. 23510 

VBS-6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22 4t 

VIRGINIA: to toe Circuit 
Court (rfthe City d VirginU 
Beach June 10. 1977 
VirginU National Bank, 
Executor of toe EsUte of 
DOW S. GRONES, Deceased 
. ?■ 



It upoaring to toe Court 
a report of the accounto of 
VirginU National Bank.Ex- 
ecutor of the Estote of Dow 
S. Grtmes, deceased, and of 
the deists and demands 
against his EsUte, has been 
fUed to toe Clerk's Office 
of this Court, and toat sU 
months have elapsed since 
toe qualification, on motion 
of tiie said VirginU Nation- 
al Bank, Executor of toe 
EsUte of Dow S. Grones. 
deceased, U is ORDERED 
that the creditors of, and ^ 
all other interested to toe 
Estote, do show cause, if 
any they can at 10:00 a.m., 
on toe 8th day of July, 
1977, before this Court, 
in its Courtroom, againstv 
the payment and delivery 
of the Estote of Dow S. 
Groves, deceased, to toe 
devisees and legatees wlto- 
out requiring refunding 

tt is further ORDERED 
that this Show Cause Order 
be published once a week 
for two successive weeks 
In the Virginia Beach Sun, 
a ttiewspaper Mriti ^&al 
circuUtion in the City of 
Virginia Beach, VirginU. 
A Ciqiy Teste: John V. 
Fentress, Clerk 
By: J. Curtis Fruit, D.C. 
WiUcox, Savage, Lawrence ^ 
Dickson & ^indle, P.C. 
1800 Virginia National 
Bank Building 
NorfoUc, Virginia 23510 f: 

to toe Clerk's Office of tiw 
Circuit Court of toe City 
at VirginU Beach, Va., m 
the KMiday of June. 1977. 
Barbara Roseanne McCor- 
mick Beckham, PUintUf, 
against John Beverly Bedc- 

The (^ject of thU suit is 
to obtato a divorce a vto- 
culo matrimonU from toe 
said defudant, upon toe 
grounds of ooe year 

And u affidavtt having 
been made and filed that 
toe defudut is a non-re- 
sident of toe state of Vir- 
ginU. toe last known post 
office address being: U.S. 
FPO New York, New York, 
it is ordered that be do 
app^i^r here withto ten (10) 
days after due<publication 
hereof, Ud do what maybe 
necessary to protect his to- 
terest to this suit. 
A copy-Teste: John V. 

By: Patti A. Keenehan, De- 
puty. Clerk 

Tidewater Legal Aid - 

147 Granby Street 
Norfolk, VA. 

VBS-6/15, 6/22, 6/29,7/6 

It U tiierefore Order«d 
Uiat ttw saM FndHiaae 
«pear b^mre Ms CoM 
witiiU tea (M) days aJMy 
pnbUcatiOB of tUs Ordor 
and indicate hts/her at- 
tttude toward toe pnposBd 
adc^lloo. w otiMTwise do 
what is MCMsary to pro- 
tect his interest la tids 

A copy teste: Joto V. 
Fe^ress, Clot 
By: Patti A. KeeaahuD.C. 
218Pembr(^ Four 1^. 
VirginU Beach, VA. 

VBS-6/15. 6/22, 6/29, 7/f 

VIRGmiA: In the Clerk's 
Office of the Circuit Court 
of the City of VUginU 
Beach, on toe 8to day of 
June 1977 



Husband and Wife. 


To: Robert Wayne Brooks 

c/o wmie Bro(*s -^ -^^ 

Gloucester, ViiginU 

-■ NO. C-77-813 


to toe Clerk's Office Of the 

Circuit Court of tin City 

of VirginU Beach, Va. on 

toe lOtoday of June, 1977. 

Michael A. Scutro, 



PhylUs Ann Scutro, 


The object of toU sutt 
is to obtato a divorce a 
mensa et thoro from the 
said defendant, iq;»B the 
grounds of desertion u of 
May 20, 1977. 

And u affidavit having 
been made and filed that 
the defendUt due dlligenee 
has been used by or to 
behalf of the CcHaplaUaat 
to ascertato to wtiich coua- 
ty or corporatioo the def ea- 
daat is, wlhout effect, the 
last known post <^ce add- 
ress being: 571 De Laura 
Lane. VirginU Beach. Va. 
toe home of the eomplaia- 
ant, U is ordered that she 
do appear here witoto tea 
(10) days after duepiddica- 
tion hereof, aad do what 
may be necessary to jKoect 
her toterest to thto suit. 
A c(^)y-Teste: John V. 

By: Patti A. Keendiu. De- 
puty, Cleric 
Frank fi. Butler. HI 
2420 VirginU Beach Blvd. 
P.O. Box 4177 
Vii^inU Beach, Va. 

VBS-6/15, 6/22, 6/29, 7/6 

VBS 6/22, 6/29 - 2t 

VIRGINIA: In toe Clerk's 
Office of the Circuit Court 
of toe City of VirginU 
Beach, on toe 13to day 
June, 1977. 

IN RE: Affirmation of Ml 
riage by Raymond I 
Tremethick and Nellie Ml 
Tremethidc, Petition 
TO: Judi Ruth Sn: 
c/o BTT Birch ^yder 
PORT Housing 
Portsmouth, VirginU and 
C/O BTT Birch Snyder 
F.P.O., New York, New 
York 09501 

NO. C-77-712 
THIS DAY came Ray- 
mond D. Tremethick and 
NelUe May Tremetoick, 
Petitioners, and represen- 
ted that toe tibjact of this 
proceedii^ is to affirm toe 
marriage of petitioners, 
and affidavit having been 
made and fUed that due 
diligence has been used by 
or to behalf of said peti- 
tioners to ascertain toe 
exact wherealxrats of Judi 
Ruto Snyder, toe former 
wife of the petiUooer, Ray- 
mond D. Tremethicic, wlto- 
out ^ect, the last known 
post (Moa acUresses being 
c/o BBT Birch &yder, U. 
Housing, Portsmouto, .Vir- 
ginU; ami in care of BTT 
Birch Snyder, U.S. AMERI- 
CA, F.P.O., New York, New 
York. 09501. U is there- 
fore, ORDERED that said 
Judi Ruto ^yder a^iear 
b^ore tMs Court witoto 
ten (10) (Uys after pubUea- 
tioa of tUs Order and to- 
<tt<»te hto/ter attitude to- 
mrd the iHtip(»ed mar- 
riage i^rmatioB, or 
otherwise (to wimt U nec- 
esMry to pnrieet her to- 
tWMt to this matter. 
A can t^te: 

J(Ab V. Putress, Cleit 
By: Patti A.KeeBehan.D.C. 
Jota D. Moker. Jr. 
2625 Princess hxm Road 
P(»t (»(» BOk 6363 
VtrgtMa B^cch, VlrgtoU 
Co^el tor Petitkmers 

VBS-6/22. 6/29, 7/6. 7/13 

This day came Karl 
Wolfgang Wesseler and 
Charlene Moser Wesseler, 
Petitioners, and represen- 
ted toat Uie object of UUs 
proceedtog is to effect toe 
adoptioi of toe above nam- 
ed infant. Vivlu Roberta 
Bnxdcs. by Karl Wolfgang 
Wesseler and Charlene 
Moser Wesseler, husband 
and wife, and affidavit hav- 
ing been made and fUed 
that Robert Wayne Brooks, 
a Mtural parent of said 
child wherealwuto is u- 
known, that due diligence 
has been used by or to be- 
half of the petitioners to 
ascertain to which county 
or coproratioo toe nStoral 
X Vanat is, witoout effect, 
toe Ust known post office 
address being: c/o WiUie 
Brooks, Gloucester, Vir- 

It is, toerefore, ORDER- 
ED toat toe said RobaH 
Wayne Brooks appear be- 
fore this Court witoto ten 
(10) days after publication 
of this Order ud indicate 
his attitude toward toe pro- 
posed adoption, orotoer- 
wise do what is necessary 
to protect his interest to 
this matter. 

A copy teste: John V. 
Fentress, Cleric 
By: Patti A. KeenefaanD.C. 
A. Andrew Ege, Jr. 
Attorney for Petitioners 
1369 Laskto Road 
VirginU Beach, VirgtoU 

In the Clerk's Office JOt 

.flie Circuit Court ol tiie .* 
City of VirginU Beach, on r-^ 
toe 8th day of Juae. 1977 *^ 
Edna Kathleu RIeger, 

Normu RIeger, 

The object of tills suit to 
for the said pUintlff to ob- 
tato garaishmeirf of fhnds 
due defendUt from U.S.A. 
from said defendant qioa 
grounds of Judgment ren- 
dered October 3, 1975 tor 
arrears of child suHNVt. 
And u affidavit having 
been made and ffied toat Uie 
defendant to not a resident 
of tiie stoft-tif^wigfaiBr"*^ 
the last known post office 
address being Route 3 Box 
54 Pocom(dce, Maryland. It 
to ordered that Iformaa 
Riege do anMsr here wtto- . 
to ten (lU) days after dM 
publication hereof, and do 
what may be necessary to 
protect his interest to thto 
suit. •s' 

A copy-Teste: John V. 
Fentress, Cleric 
Bv: MUarid Weigand, D.C. 
Alexander P. Smith 
1412 Maritime Tower 
NorfoUc, Virginia 23510 

VBS-6/15, 6/22. 6/29, 7/6 

VBS-6^5, 6/22, 6/29, 7/6 

vmGDflA: to toe Geit's 
Office ta tiie Circuit Court 
of Uie City of VirgtoU 
Beach, on tiie 7to day of 
Jue, 1977. 

to re: Adcqitioo ol WaaiU 
LaVerne S^iraUey 
By: LeRoy Call, 


Thto <Uy came LeRoy 
CaU aad. Petitioaers, aad 
r^reauted thi^ tiw AJect 
of thU ia>o(»edtog U to ef- 
fect the BdapUoa of the 
Uon wmed IMaot (s), 
Waada UVerae SpraUey. 
by L«^ Call aad Imm 
made aad filed ttiat Fred 
ftam, a aataal pareift ol 
laid GhlM (rea), to a bcm- 
r^^tart of the SMa of 
Vli^ria. m U^ kaowB 
PM« amea adtews b^: 


to toe Clerk's Office of the 

Circuit Court of tiie Cltyol 

VirginU Beach, oaUieOUi 

day of June, 1977. 

Michael Lee Troop, 



Sandra LynneHowtil Troop 


The object of tUs salt fa 
to (Maia a divorce a mea- 
sa et thoro from the saM 
def eadant Bpu the grouds 
oi desertion. 

And u affi(Uvit faariag 
beu made aad fUei ttet 
due dIUgeaee hubeeauMd 
pUinant to ascerUia la 
which cowty (M-ct^fiiHa- 
ttoa tiw defaadnat Uwnfe- 
out tffoet, the UM kaMm 
post office attx^ iata$ 
840 H(dl«r Hedge 

VirginU Beach, Yli^a: 
It to ordwadtimt liB* 
appear here witMa tea M)» 
teyi alta- dne aoUleraM 
hereof, aad da tnat mu^ 
ae^uary to protect iw 

A 09y-T^: J<te V. 
FeatTMs. Ctet 
By: J. Cwtis Fruit, De- 
puty, Clwfc 
Jam« T. Bit» 
Norfolk. VtigUa 

VM 6/15, 6/a. t/tt, 1/1 


I jiqip^Ji m' ^t[9Uitw\ 





U jm liwi I dm or nt or uqrO^ ^u 

imM alMkiMf FRES. Ym. £?s rigM, 
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^jI^ T^^^ bee »« *111 rMtii JwttlM 
Tim pwple who wUI pnnl* t riet Meat tor 

KMtiM. And if it's soin«tiitat ttot yon 

tes «4B api>r«(ye your nMnMlty: So eaU 
517.45'n to i^taec »ow FRb: BEE ad to*iy. 


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ing parents, for chiMren 
ages 3 to 6„ on Wednes- 
days at 7 p.m. and Satur- 
days it 11 a.m. Chesapeake 
HemJ^iarters Library in 
Great Bridge. 


Podiatrist -^cialist 

Aanounees thequMlBg of his office. 
for tN practice of Podiatry, 

«ll9E.Intian River Road 
CImsuake, Virg into 

Vmi da Riet ConstructltH) 
Qnpi^ In«>r, wiU re - 
edve sailed Uds for sub 
coiKraet wwk involved ta^: 
the sovnce pomidng ste- 
tiflB fot flm Seateck Area 
Mass I^ City <d Virgiida 
Bnadi oa Jaiel4that2p.m. 
daylight saviogs Ume. 
Tmdas inndved Inclwto 
masoary, nx^, electri- 
cal, grmUng, and seeding. 
Bi<te-sh«dd be deUvered 
to 5M4 P(^r Hall Drive. 
Nnfott, Va. 

ViGAi WdGT^atiA .alr** 
MndlUcm, 4-^eed, AM- 
FM cassette itock, ei«iQe 
J«Bt overruled, eooKdete 
new palitf Jrt), ^ood Ires. 
I17S0 or best offer. Must 
sell. 428-4586. 

Olfl^MOBILE - 1973 Cus- 
tom craiser Mgon, fectory 
air, AM-FM mdio. Clean. 
12600. 426-2400. 425'8179. 

BWCK LTD, 1975, light 
blue -with white landau top, 
air-«mdltioned, aU power, 
tilt-wheel, cruise control. 
Caitsette deck, Uke new, 
Original owner. $5,875. 
CaU 543-9374 after 5 p.m. 

- FRCai CHROME. Tit 
daa^med abunlmum fOU. 
Rdi Hie qiote natU Oe rust 
dte^ipeam. Tbenwipedry 
with a sofi dotti. Need 
a crytsmantorsmaUJi^? 
Lod( in toibiy's Classified 
Ad columns. 

FREE USt of home ap- 
pUuees wtth tow llte-cyde 
ooste (pnrehnae price lAus 
eaergy eoM). For your 
tm to 'GSA Life-Cyde 
Costong of i^ipUancM," 
write CoBSuner '< News, 
(Mice of Consumer Af- 
faln, Washington, D.C.> 
60201. • 

FREE FUm programs for 
Uds at Great Neck. Wto- 
dsor Woods aad Virginia 
Beadi bruieh Uluvries ev- 
ery Satnntey morning. 
Contact S40-I987 tor in- 
foraiatioa oo film tiUes, 
Umes aad dates. 

dud mamis a friend near- 
by. 'Help drive crooks 
erasy! For free member- 
sUp iafwaation write: 
Smo^ Bear I, CB Jqaaa 
i Swv t mx^Kn i f mi iVE 


24 Hour Mirvlct for all 

RN, LPN, Ak^ ft Cortifiod 

U02 Freedom Avenue 
' 48?-3276 487-9185 


ADD another income-man- 
aging your own distribu- 
torship. Anyone wiUi am- 
bition can do it. We traih- 

WHAT'S miMii« in mU-~ 
gioa? ptve diurches and 
Christnn^ left you cold? 
Read oar free article. 
Write to ' 'Word" 901 Wash- 
ii«toa St., WOiBtt«ton, DE 
10801. Stamp an>recteted. 

_i . — i 

' haven OptimiS Club. Sat.' 
and Sun. Jime U and 12, 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Haygood 
Shjpidag Center , Indepen- 
dence Blvd. 

LntCOLN - 1952 Cosmo- 
politan, 4 door se(tan, new 
tires, motor and running 
gear, in good condiUon. 
Needs body and imholstery 
aorfc. Bestotter, 489-3806, 
between 6 -• -• <>> 

1974 MUSTANG U: 2 plus 

'£• Y::*. 4-»Peed, AM-FM, 

tmted glass, exceUentcon- 

T^'^k.f^^^ negotiable. 

1976 HONDA-550-4 Super 
SiJort - exceUent condition 
garage kept-laggage rack 
and helmet. $1,500. CaU 


FOim mind bmedpQpiM 
-^- ■ (dd. ■ 



ha saaai'" 

RAi«r-Whlte doe. CaU mqi 
«9-9IMI. _ 

dog . Caa ha 

anytime at 1204 ffsmiiai lite. 

DOG - Mate, part mm- 
chaster. Lovaa dtflAw, 
ftrae to a gaadl 

CAn r tw> Vbnk - fixed.' 
«ndd tte to ^ as pair. 

OAT mTEN -Free to 
fBOd hMM, 3 moal^ ^d. 
fid*. «n>mt. 


hw*. MMda - I 

m. CaU ktu 6 p.m. $»- 

KITTEHS - 4 gny Uger 
^ri^pad, 1 UadE, AviU - 
abte. Jaw f? afler wemi- 

, (^n Gary Frilwtoa, 

'-««, Dayttm. 


tt«r te retfalwad Man 

eidUe, UBmr aa- 

^ , INys teoklfteaMe 
^ to tMd home. 941' 

CUTE, wdli 
ptes. LaiffBdar - Coi«l 
aund. Vwy Smart. 6 vdu. 
dd. 397-2969. 

PHEE to pnd, toviaghona 
OHLY. tot Besta^ ante, 
aoatared, I yrnra. cld^ Mu 
bad aU shote. Raaambtea 
LevaUe, tratosd, v«7 ta- 
MUnat. WouM prefer 
«"^ vidmd d^idma. 
CaU M2-4197. 

FRK: 3 hlt^, mate, 
vhte, grey nd hlu^ 6 
afca., to good iarnlk- 
Otn idtw 3:00 waakdajm. 

^rouamj^Gm-mi, ho* 
viftnl Aaads, ima to 
•Md hoM, dmrcttad, 
eril U^ s p^a. " 

ftwa to food hMBa. __. 
late of room, li&Btt yn^ 

BEAGLE-3 mos., wormed, 
mate, 1st shot, M2-I503. 

eeasamws: Am Fob going 
to have Aniaebqiiiivemnt 
wat doac? Bny Acar, ap- 
pUmMO or T.V.? Cdl yon- 
Better BastoaMRwaMftn- 
report oi fbia yoa am 
*Mk. FUS paiqitoU oa 
•npte^uat ageBdaa, ap- 
pUaneas, freacar beef, 
BOBM wiMt sdMMs and 
maar other amaa of eoa- 
suar prodaete and nr- 
view. CaU yoar Better 
B a i fa aa a Baraaa at M7- 
S6fi. Talapiwiiii hoiffs 9:00 
- 4:00 Moaday - Frifcy. 

Know te advaaeeyoaremo- 
ttonal - physleal - mental 
high periods -low periods 
and your accident ntne 
days. FREE BROCmntES 
teU yon how to get com- 
puterised - personalised 
Biorhytbm fmwsste. A- 
mastogly accnmte. Write 
for your ntEE BRO- 
CHURES to : Robert R. 
Rildey, Inc. P.O. Bm 136, 
GetsvUle, NY I40M. 

out. Pit, Probe, Moaqwly, 
Scan, Badmamen, Charlie 
Brown, Ragifety Ann, 
Chess, Rridw passlas and 
Buugr BKve at Chesapeake^ 
Headiinartem Library/ 
Great Bridge CbUdren's 

FALO roast?OraBE8fciBO 
convention? Or maybe a 
meeting of toe lowaUadc- 
btrd FedeBitioB?FiBdoat 
what's ta^peniiy te 
America by caUiw thte 
toU free immber(S0^)631- 
1256. It's toe tonrist^s new 
found frieinl. 

FREE GALS, of parities 
w^er. Coate 60^ te atom. 
For ittforiBatiOB. CaU Aqua 
IHstrifaaton. 422-9435. 
Free Widw evateatiaB m- 
port. We WiU anlyie yonr 
imfer ud teU yoa hov 
water pdlatioo efteeto yoor 
tamUy. 422-S«5. 

rehvB for sawing off Idg 
Umb and^banUflg away. . 
CaU 462Tn«/ 

MIXED B6SBD female 
paries. totbaalwy.Sbot 
aad wormed. CaU 421-6703 

MARKET - 3348 Asalea 



AUTO JUNK-We buy Junk 
aotos, tradu, buses .CaU 

VINDK: PIANO Service- 
Va. A N.C, fright pia- 
nos I375-S75. We buy A 
seU, time. A rdsiUd. Call 
804-428-9323, Box 9571- 
NorfoUc. Va., 23505 New 
^tfUSirds* benches. 

H pate year name into the 
hands ih 1,000 firms eager 
to sold jnm saamles and 
onwrtrndties. Sou to: 
WAYNE, Dqd. CP, Box 
56, Oawboro, N.C. 27973 

Clanified Ads deUver m- 
sults. Try one jnnimelf and 
see... you'U Uke the low 
cost too. 

ONE WAY to make a free 
long distamse telqdione 
caU: ^1 800-555-1212 to 
fiad Old if the party you're 
caUiag has at(dl-free(600) 

J9S&SL - : 

C14> Uds ad aad bring to 
Uofotk FlM Marii^ and 
roMive free fond raising 

CAPRICE 1970: Good con- 
dition- Powr w«*s, load- 
ed wiUt power. |1000. 484- 

UTS - nugaifft't ^Doo • 
AUes, wmmmi^mc 
iadory tJ^Xmor coupe, 
red )rtth' white interior, 
sacrifice at |3,800, CaU 

1970 GTO - Air cond. - 
AM^FM - radio. Power 
steering and brakes-auto- 
maUc. Fair Ccpdition. 
3700.00. CaU 482-1498. 

1966. Fidly eqn^iped, very 
good conditio In and out 
and mechanically. $550 
Firm! Ml-3073^ 


CRUISER. Iiardtp. AM-FM 
stereo ossette, roU bar, 
Warn babe, Baja wheels, 
XT Commando tires, 8000 
lb Warn Winch, $4000. 
4M-0290 after 5:00. 




MAUS. Lost ChfeapUn Col 
any area, Va. Beach, 1p.m. 
Wad., Am*M. No collar, 
Hack, wMtei, tan te color. ^ 
AMwwa toaaate: NIPPER. - 
Rawyd- Ha-MM. 

14FT. Oidboardmotorboat, 
30 HP Mercury engine,, 
traUer, mtm- dds A life 
^ckete. Many extras. Re- 
mAie steerii^ and ragine 
control $435. 623-1737 af- 
tw 5:00 Wk. Days, Weet- 
ends anytime. 

LUHRS - 28' ftehiog boat, 
twte englnn, registered 
with Coast Guard. 499- 


riLEPHONE workers! 
Sales Pleasant teleptiooe 
*oik from our office. 
WZAM Promotton.s No ex- 
perience needed 3250 • 
3.50 plus Bonus. Work 9- 
2 30 or 4-9 p.m. Apply 
10 2 00, 4:30-7:00, Con - 
sumer Sampler Advei'tis- 
liW 3707 Va. Beach 'fiM. 
Suite 201-C-463.0S50. 

iit» Z( 

wmM, st«d«lts. Now- 
perince necesnry: ttuf- 
fiif Aadmsstif {1^0^. 
( CmnmlssKtt aodtars). 
Earn sptretime moa^ at 
heme. $100.00 weddypoa<» 
sible. SEND $1.25 fr^ad'- 
atde) A a long, stamps^ 
aiMressed ^velc^ tortte- 
taUi: PI^347,216JackS0B 
#612. Chicag o 60606" _^^^ 

n)LIDAY MAGIC Cosmet- 
ics - Tidewater area. Maa- 
i^rs aad HoUday i^rls, 
fessioDal kits avalUble. 
Party jdan or door toctoor. 
Car tolpful-Dick Hendren, 
«4-9740, Donna Tate, 340- 



I couldn*^ , 
live without I 





■<arML<^ p.m 

TRICAN. FuU time work. 
CaU 486-0317 - 8:30 to 5 

P«dca Mmorial Gardens. 
I frava lot Price $345 

FUE To A GOO) aiME. 
Tao dogs-pari dalaiatioa 
aad dobnmaa - imder 1 
yiarold. 464-5445. 

GOTTA tattPET? The 
Tldew^r Batter D a ata sss 
Bnaaa te aqa4>pMtoas- 
aM yea with yoar eea - 
MH (9:M • 4KI0} MoBday 
- Fiidqr. TM m yoar 
proHeeu. tt ween'thka 
yea, wa wfll aMar m 
9« why or miir yva to 
proper a^Bi9 who MB h^ 


FREE -Two Me. 


ad, M«r te a' 

•Ml*. mHMNd. laa lato 

M* vvy ^Mte, ^Mga- 

mff Iwo^ « aUwi^s. 

tftm wy^ Ffcy Joma, 

#%it «4*-«ftt tntr i p.B. 

sm MUl M. rhieapaais 

fxrfsm ' iNty 

C^wM Mdp ana. 

6« • 

OM . Ml ta^. 
tetter. Adaiiiili « 


MMr MHil^M to 

D aid 
a fM 

^eap! Free 

itH'a teUs yoa Am va- 
^tett« ta am &m 
Mddes. te Sftim «• 
•i^ae. WrM AMvflte 
-<aaMer of CmMaraa, 
g^ Ashevffla, R. C. 

' WEE-Specol 2 year <dd 
■Mm? koar rt OMMMa 
*;*»ftm Ubr^ to 

iV M 1 1a.m. 


ATTBmoinf!! Martitel 
Md eeaAiKUaa SrwH, 
im hm^ af d nri^ 
piywoBd aad hmibn Us be 
■Md te- the pasweMflf 
WtegbMhoaaM. «4- , 
df»- " 

WKmt PAY for tt. Gat it 
ima M ttt 

FREE eate, btacfc aadiWte. 
&BaU. Free togoodhcne 
wiUi no ddldren. 426-4061 

FHKK-pqidea, iitlk4d MM 
^iterd. Both nmlM and 
tomalM. 9 wtiks old. CaU 

DOG - ftrt terrter-part 
pooOa.. aaaU . 6 ym. 
old. Fraa to aKeUmtt 
Imae. 340-9460. 

FREE- Utomtor mtri- 
vm, S faam old. Good 
M^ Beads a r>ed hema. 

ifSL.QUi MEDTOM atea 
dsf a*nd toaad. Famate, 
M«Ml All Mete. Lam 

^ledi 3MHP& LA- 

DODQE-lttxi Vaa, 1971, 
tartte Um, fldly JiMdatad^ 
roMlepMBvar air-eoji- 
^teaw. s/s a^mtto 
traaasysAm, power ate- 

eriagnd.brate, $2,000. 

16 DODGE DART; Swis- 


frJ?**,* •"* ««W ^'• 
^g^fem. ai.AJ>,A. Uirt 
$3,100). M2.ttM. 

Sawaef. tarie i ii Maidriw 

wHSB, nim tirea. 19,000 
lAi. Mt-itOO aftm- I 



$150.00 WEEKLY stuffii« 
leavdopM sparetime poss- 
llde. Eip^Mce Unneces- 
sary. DetaUs, $1.00 and 
stamped, addressed en • 
vetope to : K. C. MAtt. 
SALES-S. 6023 Leaven - 
MrUiRd.. KansaCity. m 

$1M.00 WEEKLY addmss- 
iqi Mvtfopes at tome- 
Mart immedtately, com - 
pMe asatetaw^, gnamm- 
aadeandng. FmiiMaiU: 
Pa^tt, Boa S004, Cb«a- 
paske, Va. S3324. 

FULL OR PART Ume-nnis^ 
aal Of^ortanity for man or 
mma, teterested te extra 
fod*e. To arnage appcdnt- 

RUBBER MAU) Party Plan 
needs demonstrators. Part 
or Full Time. NocoUectteg. 
No packii^. No deUverfng. 
Top Commissions. CaU 420- 

yyoKim for some "Do 

It Yourself ■ J<* Security 
te Uiese uncertain times? 
Local Amway distributor 
WiU show you tow to get 
it with profitable pari - 
-Ume busteess of yrar own. 
Phone BUI Golden, 483- 
1887, or come (or pt-esen- 
teUon-Monday nights, 7:45, 
saieraton ten. Military Cif- 
<;le Terrace Rm. U. 

Needs demonstrators, rari 
or full time. No coUecting, 
no packing, no delivery. 4f 
2589, ask for Linda Ttorj 

Ajvlicattons are now being 
taken for our registration 
desk and store. Apidy be- 
tween 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. 
Monday toroi^h Thursday. 
HoUday Inn Tmv-L-Park, 
1075 General Booth Blvd., 
Va. Beach, Va. 

BAByaTTlNG-2 children, 
3-4 (toys a week. Military' 
Highway and Battlefield 
Blvd. area. Call after 5 
p.m. References please. 

managing your own distri- 
butorship. Anyone with am- 
bition an do it. We trate- 

COSMETICS* - a Marshall 
Fteld famUy owned com- 
pany i^ emandi% in VaJ 
Field C%^t^^i%^art- 
time consQltanti' 
Possible to earn IIOO-, 
$175. Commtesimi sales.' 
Send name, »ldress, and 
telepbooe number to: Box 
1327, C/0 Chesapeake 
Post, Chesapeake, Va., 
23320. "SmaU investment 
needed." ^ 

WORK AT HOME in spare 
Ume. Earn $250.00 per 
1000 stuffily envelopes. 
Send 25( plus stamped, 
self - addressed envelope 
to: Terry Lane Enterpris- 
es. P.O. Box 289, Hobart, 
Indiana 46342. 

Light delivery work.' Full 
or Part time. WZAM Pro- 
motions. Top, Pay. Must 
have ear. Apply 10-2:00, 
4.-30-7:00. Consumer Sam- 
pler Advertising. 3707 Va. 
Beach Blvd., Suite 201-C. 

DeUvery: Part Ume Per- 
menent pe<^le wanted to 
deliver stock and merchan- 
dise. Use ^r own vehicle 
No wedc-mds. Paid On per 
atop baste. Ideal tot re- 
tirees and those wite school 
children. CaU for an ap- 
pcdidment: 627*3631 or ap- 
ply te person: U08 Tide- 
water Dr. Eqal (^iporton- 
ity Employer. 

school girl (Wildwood Sec- 
tioB). 3 days a wetit, own 
traasportaUon reqidred. 
462-3293. _ _ _ 


Great Bridge area. Rider- 
oiees required. CaU 482- 
4697 before 9 a.m. or after 
7 p.m. 

CHU.D CARE-ln my tome, 
experienced. Any age. 
Lynnwood. stores, 543- 


<^ifUtm» , ta. trai 




No seiiug or mmanaae^i 
necas^, yod^iriB r«^di<' 
beaiitifU disidaas with %; 
conntiT's faat^ sdUtf ■ 
natioaaUy advertised t(qr§; , 
te high tra^ company es- 
tabUMed aeeonati teatwUl 
be turned ovn* to yon. Tom^" 
reordem wiU be ^mpoteK 
processed bf cm of tlw 
oldest and largest briB^' 
name to^ wtolesal«rs ^> > 
tte U.S. This offer te. 
being msde avaiteble mi'-..- 
tiraly by NaUimal Mai1c«tr . 
ing Services, and te not^' 
directty or iBdireeUy tf->' 
fiUated wtth aiqr manutec-. 
turer meattooed above. Ap^^ 
icante mast be respob-^'- 
Me, able to make di--' 
pistons, and be capabte of'' 
making minimam (»tbte'-^' 
vratmotid ^,250.00 100% 
merchandise buy baok. '^. 
Call Mr. BeU: ToU.Fi^' 
any time. l-80O-Ml-7?ir^ 
Ext. A121. Sunday calte ai£*;> 
cqded. ;" '^- 

Bia MONEY nmUiM o^ 
sales tetten. Gfli^aegaft'% 
rahtaa tree sqfUas. R^, 
seU addressed stampedM-, 
velope to PERRY, 3108;- 
Douglas Rd., Ctosapeake,' .) 
Va. 23322. * 

Putting your 
where the 
readers are 
is the 
way toget 

if you'ra 
looking for 
an effoetiva 
way to sell 
look to 


Call us today 
to place your 
tow-cost ad. 

Eqierient^, have smaU 
ddld of own. Meate,^y- 
grouid. Regency aite. «6- 

Aam Ar«. Eqiariaiced, 
ny home, tem^ yard, 
meals. 3«>-161S. 


b^KT: oplgtelpiMtteato 

Aa kwa Si ef >aa te- 
Rva^flM to dieerati yov 
■tal . 


nmi umt,. MattM 

t yr. aid, aid a amil 
year old. Mn eae « taM 


tW» CK4»^IL£ - 4 



mm WMt, mMiBM- 

tor.^l. «4<-^t. 

KMRpart taHMm^taM 

M40 bow to tel^OM 
buMMis firms. E^eUent 
to- tale mtim* wmtre- 
«MA Ma ^Udre. Write 
AtedteOdor, 3idABroad 
*«^, rmm:6, Hew Jer- 
sey OHU. 

HttP WANTtoD - tesar^ 
am ^M^ w^M. aeed 

— •^^p ^^^^iw j^^Hiflg ]wr a 
ma, ,^ 


WURK AT WMiCi la sm.n 
M^^nH^MpM- MOO 

•10,000 P^ YEAR 

•dlwW. ^, 

tt "m rwinniafi inr 
Mki. Call Mf -Um ifl«r 

^ Hf^Qffi l« YEAR 


PAmC0lQAME^^«mCE, - 

No stmag » mq/ttmm mmmty, yon irtu reato«^ 

aMcwlM Mnwrtteed b^i ta 1«| toyte ee^i^tS^ 
taWi^id aeemads ttd will be tMM ^u^* 
Yimr moMm win ter eeaMdw ^smm^ ly Mf^ '^ 
the ddeit wd mmtlu^i^^m ^^S^ 
tea W J ^^^ mm W (MtaAr Mto te mt^ 
dedstou, nd4a w$i»t <a tmm mUlM eaA to. 
vMtmMt of P,IM. 100| mnrctaattM bv bMdi 

^« »r BateMrr Bdk TWI Ftwiv «»« * «^- 




'f ■" a-iar 

• mmwu 



wrawiwuaBp MArtn,, 


•f*.t *-l|•^ «?*rie«:e necessary, tm wm r^tock 
iUft displ^rs with the cttuBt^'s tos^^S 

rf^«f ^1fL!S ?* T»Wter processirt ^ one of the 
H? -h? '!2P'*.''"** "*«• toy •toestlers in the 
Ni5io«ilM.,^^L'e **i* nMMte llWtoWe entirely b, 
SSifffffl^u^'^'^*'' V^ is Mt directly or in' 

♦ iff ^ Si* 1 '•«sP»»lWe. able to make (teclsiSs. 

ffisSo^ml^?* ""*"*""«" <=«'» investment 
« »32ao 100% merchawlise Imy hack. 

3:qaU Mr. 
Eit. AlZl. 

BeU: Tirtl Free uy time. 1-100-621-7725, 
Sumtay calls acc^ed. 

Every week advertisers 
get results from classified 
ads placed in yoor hometown 
community flews;»pec. Be- 
meraiwr when yon have 
:<Miii«tUt« to boy or sell, 
^RaVe misplaced sometMng or 
^fe property to rent, let 
a classified ad in this news- 
paper prove its ability as a 
sw^t' *ff><^>^Dt salesman. 

iSnnTT PiUS you by! Be 
st^ to checlthebnslness- 
eii lor sale is today 'sClas- 

iP/^rivft* iBstmcttoB 


BATOI^ Twirling, march- 
ing and strutting, ^nall 
classes and private les- 
so»s. For further informa- 
t&n, call 486-4908 after 

IMt, •9eri«aced. wilh AA 
(]e^«e ia music. Simo&s- 
dal^ area of P(Hismottth. 
I^y or eVMing. 488-5535 

. Cato, aaa Ottwr P>to 

POPPIES - BliA. AKC re- 
|iiter«d, outstanding Utter 
Srepi clMiW>toa stock, 340- 

p6oDt.ES - rare, black 
stiMard, 9 weeks old, AKC 
Registered, shots/ 
worffled/clipped. $100 
Call 857-4080.23 

1-male, free to 
t^ Dome. 486-6365. 


tytl blue, |150.t 

frana |75. 499 


|ckly! Advertise in the 
issified SectlOD. Call' 
17-4571 for an ad-writer 

CU. FT. upright free- 

Eicellent ccmdition, 

; owner, $250. 481-2346. 


T, window imit, paid $450, 

Ice at $275. 497-3825 

wood, $75, Love seat, 
ide $50. 855-8761. 

TABLES - Hand^ 
cedkr from Canada? 
icfeed benches, 6 ft. x 
SI, $49. 397-;96S. 

iC TABLES-ben(Aes 

te or attached, 8 ft. 

1 $45, 6 ft. model 

delivered. Pine Con- 

iCtioo, Penta treated for 

life. 485-3166. 

WHIRLPOOL electric 
;e, floor-type model - 
5.00. 23 Cu. Ft. Del- 
lica chest-type freezer 

00. 486-7820. 


»B daily. 3204 High St. 

tsmouth. All types of 

ques, cut gla^s. china 

O^en daily. 3204 High St., 

llllsmouth. All types of 

'dbfies, cut glass, china, 

future. Bankamericard 

Master Charge. CaU 



in Mortolk water- 
$25 each. 856 W. 


JTOLUNG ro(»B 01- 
mliot and green 
rw-.-ira, 125 wch. As- 
siirtad articles. B&W TV. 

M tf-m«tod1»BiqF 

riofto, any bcmstfn^ U- 
tffy. Also int»«rted in 
tartng wttre tatttM. Itay- 

fpAtED - CLEiW used 
ta^ixn, glass, tods.An- 
^m 9i aU ktatt. Fast 
iu vf uA eiA paU m 
«i «ol - oB day or 

I cAffl iM 1 vam 

rmibw, sliver, ^- 




s mM o^^ete, 

Mil, b^^. Av^ 

sBim. tfS^Aem 

CeMer, N^Uk. 

Rl%- kdiet diamow! sol- 
itaire. Plaftoum setting. 
Center stone 3.85. Side 
stones, .20 wch. Ap- 
praised in W5 for 
$U,IS0.Q0. Price-$7,200. 
Cril 189-1748 or 423-7113. 

33-<k»d Tftjf s to Eat 

VSDA iasptctmi, 


*Sal>tla«tial saviags oa 
halvfi, ^lartws. 
*CHt, wrapped to jva 
*|tM toBt delivery. 
*w . ptrtaaal, Boaey- 
back fuaraatat wUk every 

l¥oodmofft Fwms 

Great Bridite 


?5lima BeaAj Keep up 
with the hometov* nffss 
with a subscriptt« to tte 

Viralnla Beach SUN. see 
Om the yen*, n^uting of all the stores. mco*»n6 

?;?»^*«r^?£rr^u can Pirf!^-^ «»» «^' 
Adtl Youli ba •*" H„f or havie a iub-KW a*^" 
reach out ind Ml|t»« ^», °l.^ tO your*^ »* • • ■ 
and do it fa«l lS«rtption «»"««, ™ »^ ,ofna artidt 
around iht hou.. home, pn^f $700 a year. ^ ^^^^ ^^ 
place a Want Ad .Call 486i-3430.,^, mm all over townl 

Byerly Publications 
486-3430 547-4571 

CRABS - Live, by bushel 
or dosen, (f^Knite Hurds 
Seafood Restaurant. Earl 
S mith, 340-5171. 

SS-Lawi and GardM 

EASTERN Lawn & Tree 
Service for your lawn- 
hedge-tree needs-Call Ur. 
HoUoway 420-5979. Free 
written estimate. 

TOP SOIL - dark, rich, 
loose, loamy sand and fill. 
Call 587-9077. 

$Mlad^ wy-'f«ils i 

sells fast Witt Classified 
Ads. Call 547-4571. 

The classified seeUm. of - 
your hometown Bevapqieris 
essentially the bulletin board 
and marfc^ placeottheeom- 
mraity. It locates the in- 
terested customer as no 
other advertising can do. 
This is because the cus- 
tomers ill your neighborhood 
turn to the classified pages 
and search outthe advertise- 
ment fbr what he or she 
wants to buy. 


Waterfront, 2 bedroom, 
sleeps 8, no pets, $125 
June, $150 July and Au- 
gust per week. 487*5457. 




Over 1,400 Sq. Ft. of living space 
Your own land on 4 sides 
Carpeting, a jr-conditioning, & 
appliances included in price 
Private Bath & Tennis Cltd) 
See furnished models 


Virginia Beach/Chesapeake. Va. 

fake 1-64 to Indian River Rd. bitercbange, go west 
1 mile to College Pait entramse at Providmce Rd. 
k follow Signs. 




of '510.000 

We cover Chesapeake. Call 
one of our professional 
sales representatives for 
your buying and sellii« 

Ricardo Inc. 

$51 JiAnstown Rd. 



- Your hometown n^hpa- 
per, with its reporting on 
tbe news and events con- 
cerning fomtty, friends and 
neighbors. Is as integral 
part of the lives of the peo- 
ple it serves. 

How to help solve mon- 
ey worries! Let classified 
ads in your hometown ittws- 




LATE 5 bdrm,, 2 1/2 
bate Colantol on cul-de- 
*M!. Fire^n, OTT, re - 
frlfRstor, 41q|N»al, storm 
windovs aal doors, large 
ykrt. fresMy piiated. 420- 

eofiv^toa area, tAC-1) ? 
betboMi, restd«Hiai with 
good aMunerdal 'poten - 
tial. Now rentod. Sale by 
own^. Asking $17,000, 

m-mt. ' 

Toftfise. 3 bdrm., 1 1/2; 
biy^, fenced j^rd, all ap- 
rilasces. VAaMuraised.$28, 
m. By owner. 499-9431. 

f(0INT-O-W00IK, 3 bed- 
room, 2 baths, c/h-a, with 
carp^, $42,500. 433 E. 
Planation Road. 486-6757. 

By owner. Large 2 story, 
4 bedrm. home on lovely 
I acre lot. Swimming pool 
golf green, situated on fin- 
ger of Lake Smith. 460- 

non-style townhse. 3 Bdrm., 
2 1/2 baths, fully carpet- 
ed, screened porch, stove, 
DW, disposal. Utility-room 
with sitra shelves. By own- 
er. 4»9-6520. 

H-Pw Sato Clanysakt 

Cedar Rd. A Albemarle 
Dr. 7 finished office sites 
1/2 acre each. Water, sew- 
er, curb & gutter included. 
A(tams McCave t Lester. . 

or. 2 story 4 bedroom, i 
1/2 bath. 2000 plus sq. fi 
of living area. By owner 
$56,000 No agents please 

W-TOTSale^RealEsSw I 

LOT for sale at Massa- 
nutten in Virginia's awn-, 
andoah Valley. Enjoy a 
beautifully-green summer 
and a spectacular fall. Best 
of all, get ready for win- 
ter and the }mt skiing 
between Vail and Vermont. 
Special price. Call Nor- 
ris Bly, 627-5020. 

It's soea8y...advertisethe 
things you no Icmger need in 
the classified columns of 
your hometown newspaper. 
In i»«cttcally no time at all, 
people in yimr nelgMwrhood 
my kami what ^o^iMif^ilto 
si^'li. You're Ml the TOM to 
extra cash...someboify will 
read vour ad uid hiiv! 





Finance Co. 






You can trusf ap^ 




Brothers 484-4642 HOUSE QF THE WEEK 


^F Cuiii « STAMP 

tat ^ M BUI 
ttM Thr 

OM TMwi^jniod 
^er at Mb- 
M^ ^iraer, Va. ^m^ 

2623 River Oaks Drlve-Taylorwood, Chesapeake, Vs. 

Newly constructed L-Sbi4)ed rancher. 3 bedrooms, 
2 baths, family room with cathederal ceiling aa 
ftrqdaee, (Untog rocHn and eat-in kitchm, pc^ti^, 
^ey carpeted and central air heat pionp. Largt 
and utility room. Set in a bniAilU wooded 


TiM RcaMers fedsw are p^tassiouls la rssl wtatt 
Ute ss li K rib e to a strict eede^ sOtfes as B^Atrs 
stts^aaistettteardsandeftheltattoul AssoeUUsa 

Profet four In^^ntmmM S—9^ of iho^B loading or— RoaltotsI 

Taylor ft*c^ers 
teafty Co. 

3104 TYRE N£aC MAO 



AMWBiataa, Inc. 


iN7-A Tyre Neck Rd. 


rm: 4tt-frn 


ciARLis D. mmsm 
A sm. Die. 

Raal^ COi 




Mnmnmnch k 2-#oiy 
liomMtom $#7JS0. 

3 be(^po(m 2 M ibatt caunhy Mteheh f dmiv rcxxTi 

0\«fia»gorapft MhftOOOsg. ft. loti 

Pri*QteB«h 8i Tenrit CU} 


I0IMC») Vioge, CoiSQe Pork 
HcwIi^Cogrt alt Poramont, Or. 1.64 to mdkjn 
raver m We»«^ionOs.*e$f l mi toColege Park 
ontnonce folow.Slani Phone: 420-6489 S 

Why do I 
need a big 
when I have 
only one 
Item to sell? 




iAND AIR >, 



.iUr Co^^resswt 
Space HssMrs ; 

.Chsta Ssws 

.Vdtfen - 



If you knew someone who wanted to buy the item 
you have for sale, you wouldn't need to run an ad at 
all. But since ^u do not know who is in the marl(et 
for any particular ittm on any given day, the greater 
exposure your ad gets, the greater your chances for 
a quick sale. Our circulation works in your advantage 
in putting your advertising message into the hands of 
over 000,000 families. 

You'll find it is easy and inexpensive to advertise with 
us. Jiist call the numt)er shown below. We will 
help ydu word your ad for maximum response. 

Byerly Publications 





Ptfofd^planning Homes 
& Costom BuUders 
333 Providence Rd. 

Can 464-9317 


You're sure to get a bite 
if you drop a line in the 
dassUled columns of jour 
community new^per. Your 
classified ad is part of the 
newqiaper that everybody 
wants to read as well as 
the news of ttie communis. 



Home Improvements 
Garage Builders 
Room Additions 
Alumimum Siding 
Roofs - Carports 
Kitchen Remodeling 


Hugh E. Black, Sr. 
1800 Park Avenue 
Chesapeake, Va. 

RO(ni AraHTioini 

*A11 slses of garages sad 

attached garages. 
*Coavart garage to s dan 
or family room 
Ceramic Tile, Brick, k 

We specialise te 
Home Improvements! 


Home Improvement Co. 
8M-84S9 397-7178 


General cleaning, steam 
extraction carpet clean- 
ing, floor waxing and 
stripping, window claming, 
carpet and qriiolstery 
shampooing. Bonded and 

DOMESnCARE at 485- 
1971 or home caU 487- 

Kitchens, remodeling and 
home repairs, General Build 
ing and Repairs, 399-2219. 

Demolition, Acreag4 
clearing. Small or large 
jobs. By the hour or job. 
FREE estimate - call 547- 

13990.00 Complete. Will 
build shell for 10 sq. ft. 
also garage conv. and proch 
also garage conv. and porch 
enclosures. Taylor Con - 

ALL TYPES remodeling, 
plumbing, electrical, ma- 
sonary, no job too small. 
Call 587-1301 anytime, day 
or night. < 

interior, exterior, acoustic 
blown ceilings. FREE es- 
Umates, 588-83i9. 

Carpentry, roofing, siding, 
room additions, storm win- 
dows and doors, plaster- 
ing, electric, concrete 
work, plumbing, guttering, 
remodeling kitchens and 
bathrooms, brick and block 
work, aluminum sMing, 
fireplaces, carpeting and 
paintinf. Serving all Tide- 
water. 622-4519 

^JSItNG and 


hauling of all kinds 



CAHFE'fSJ-cieaned , your 
carpet will never be clean- 
er, or look better until 
you try us. The best rates. 

PAINTING—lnterior, ex - 
terior, very neat, reler^. 
6hdiBS, " reasonfitle.' "/CSl-* 

Ceramic A floor tile. Old 
t new work. Bathrooms, 
kitchens and porches. 
FREE estimates. Call 485- 

MAKE things work, advertise 
•Services" in the Want Ads. 
Call 547-4571. 

HOW to Write a/Peison-to-Pegon 
Classifiefl Ad that Sells! 


Tell your readers sxacHy what you're 
swlling right away. Don't bother with 
fancy featvm yet. They don't want 
to know it's "Wilton K28" until after 
they know It's o set of golf cluba. 


An od that's too short becomes expensive if it 
doesn't sell your item. "Golf Oubs. 000-0000" 
loaves the reader with too many questions. What 
kind? What model? Condition? State 
the price or toy "Moke an offer " 


^^^^^^T i^-^a tuH set, v/itt 
GOLF CLU.BS/W'»s°" '^^"^ ^ ^^gec 
Se end whUe A o^- ^^,_ ^,, se« 


Don't omit obvioui fkrors or ex- 
aggerat* tho «|uality. "I4avw 
uted" might get lots of cdls 
but "damaged numlior thi«« 
'iron" mby get moM offers. Your 
reo^rs wont H> bvy from sofflOf. 
en* that they con Imal. 


Just a phono numbor i* enough If you 
will bo henM all lh« limo the od it 
funnhig. If not, your collor may get 
cNsemw^ed and dtoddo nttf to coll 
bock, ty adding "After 6 P.M." your 
GUiloMMr knovn oxactly when he 
oon iwocn yiHfc 


Avoid long-winded longuago when 
short phrases will do. "Supor de- 
luxe, ottracffre blue ofid whife 
Ationlic bog" con be shortom^ to 
"blue and white Atlantic bag." 
That way you can convey a let of 
information while taking advantage 
of our low Porson-lo-Perten rertei. 

Awell'Written dawfied «il will sell jvst abtrat any Hob «r aorvke yWre sdliog. 
Die example Aote v^gcaU ■ few ways to nuke your ad effective. Bat even 
dw best ad woa^ do the }d> aalas you put it in die rif^t plMe. In our Clasd- 
fieib. In the Classified, yoor ad will reach your beat prmpects at the lowest price. It 
win be read by.ready buyers in yMir area, the ont» dmM! likdy to eomt ovtx and 
(WB^plete tlie sale. So wh^ y«m*re pladi^ aa i^ for anything, wuhe it ommt By writ- 
ii^ it the r^lit way and pattii^ it in the r^it place. In our Chotiiedi. 



Your Oi^Mtd All wM b* 










wf lEuivi nit iWNi 





Fryer Parts 





• ^ ^ 


li| "S^Fronks 




Sneked Ntcks 





I OZ. PK0. 

12 0Z.fKe. 


Sptr ii^ifc 

(resli Scittop „*2*- 

f^ CMMOflYWe 


i liMfttfWNl 


Gr^nil Ittf 





loit SMnp 





Am^ iiMTCh CNKKiN necks 








eriit ''A" MtiliM Eg|s 


Cflla Mixes ^^^"» 


Maiaarii Draiigu 
HtliNrgw Dill Chips 
T«iiilbr DiaNrs 




31101 $lii?: 
aN$ lfp:> 




Ctrl O EARS) 


TMNltttS Ll.< 



3 LI. IA6 











32 OZ. 

22 01 


^ci'^ E 






1 p^ custoraer widi ikis. 
coupon aad otiier pnduues. 
Jood dare Jam 2S. 1977., 


lix Urn 

Mtrttiklt 2 %i^ 39f 

CtMlliiSifar S S^ 89< 

Jacks AaimI Craliws 




AiRosoLJUr f roshtaars 

7 OZ. CAN 



g0 'ft.f vwr»« ffiircii9, invmaiiBiiv >i«wnii», 9 4 OZ. SI 

vaaklaS coconut cremx crimes, nut. itr. cremes q h§$. I 


laar o ans 

210 FT. ROLL 


^61^ mi 




mmri niuto 


TWIN na 







24 OL 

f ? 







.Umit i per customer with tbU. 
coupon and crther piifiAues. 
jGood thru Jwi^ : 


Dag Faa4 

14 OZ. 


Am^ 1 per eatamm «M ttte. 
eouptm »ai attest pmhtifii. 
mJGo9i d^ Jaac W. 1977., 


Ice Crean 

JiiCt 32 OZ. JAR 


III Mlk tars 9Y< 


Craiai Cliaasa 


V2 6ALL0N 


Drffdis i 



3 0LCUP 










12 OZ. an 

49c j 

'W llllMt 

2 U. lOX 



9 0Z.K6. 


^Ad^ 03 

iW 21 








Caaltia Mix 



Jin* I pir.«MMm iriili th 


a 1977. I^^li*^ 

"^.1 S^ 


Aati Parspiraat 


iif 71 c 

Ximk I ^cuwomer with thii 
ooupoA Mi «her purchasST 
.<te6d thr» Imc 2S. )977 





"coupon tmi <^« ^A^e*.*" 
nond thru JuM a. 1977. 



Umit i per customer with this. 



« » w w^mmmm^ 






ore than fish brings people to Riidee 

silN News Editor 

Not tuT from tbe crowds 
ud liustle of VUtlQiA 
Beach's Atlantic Avmue 
"strip" is a p^eeftd spot 
where people come to cast 
a line Into the waters of 
Rudee Inlet ami relax 


To most, wbetlMr they 
catch flsb or wM Is Ua- 
materkl. The regulars mt 
Bwtee latet Ftsblog Site m- 
}(^ tbe laaee aad reiaxatioB 
and the ccmpaay of fellow 
fishemMi win bail trim 
right here is VirgiBla Beach 
and as &r away as Paris, 

Lilly Map^m and her 
husband. Bob, have lived 
year roiuKi in Virginta Beach 
lor 19 years. They're both 
to tteir 60's awi rvtired 
afld mOx winter ^ey pirt a- 
side uvings tM taok for- 
ward to summer mbm tbey 
can fish daily at the Rudee 
Inlet Fishiag Stte. 

Lilly sad Bdb come early 

«uA nomiag wfOi tteirdog, 
wtsy, and a picnic l»sket 
•filled w^ sandwiches, tea 
aod somrtood for the d(%. 
They fish until mid-after- 
noa before (p>iiv tone to 
rtiA. Then Qiey return in 
the evwtaig what the fish 
are letting (»ce again. 

Lilly, petite and tanned 
from her long hours at the 

firtiiV stte, knows aU of the 
re^lar fishermen at the site 
and has a good word for 
each of them as they arrive 
or iMve as well as a 
greettog for the transients. 
Lilly is a geiUle, frienl- 
ly S(wl with, I siuqwct, a 
permanwt twinkle in her 
hazel eyes. Irish through 
and throu^, she was actual- 

ly born near Ayrdiire, Scot- 
land, where, she eq)lainsher 
family em^rated ftvm tke 
Erin isles in Galway Bay 
during the potato famine. 
Sie is acclaimed t>y the 
others to be the best fish- 
erman at the site, alirays 
managing to pull in a lair 
sized catch amklst herch^ 
CoMinued on A-3 

Mts. Lily Maostone, a Rudee inlet regular 

Serving the world's largest resort^ 

51st Year, ivio 26 

Wednesday, June 29, 1977 

Virginia Beach.Va. 

Two Sections 1 Scents 


Citizens air views at CIP hearing Art show sales 

top $125,000 

Sim P«bUe Aflalrs Writer 


Vtr^iia Bti^ Cftr Cooa- 
^ «^ vote iWda^, My 
S en tiM pnyosed use of 
rMMp» sharing fimds total- 
lB| 9l.^«iUMB Cm- the Jan. 
1, 1977 ' gqit. M, m% ea- 
tttteneit periods, and for 
iMil «irii|atioa bonds. 

oty 00 the Northwest Land- 
ing RiTer, said.he opposed 
the eqtenditure of !^2,000 
for the fOEChase ol land for 
I. major park tit Muoden 
I^ die So^ra End 
off the dty. It would event- 
uiB^ have ptorie fiuslUtles, 
tenia ^ courts, ballfields, 
multi-use areas, trails, 
water-related activities and 

president of the Assodition 
of Civic Leagues, said she 
was "disturbad" to seethe 
size d the im^iropriation for 
the MuDden Point Park al- 
though she was dell(^Ued to 
see the provision for asi^' 
borbdod parks. 

litis. McClanan also 

$ix dtis«i8:U>okadvinfage 
d tte pooilr i^tewied pub- 
Ik^ beartog Monday aftenooB 
to eiimss their opinions on 
tte prgpoeed C^rital expen- 

9n^tdt» to N fiMveBd by 
flie revMoe iriulng finds 
fMlSt^smpBrna Mdbt «» 
em^Msrtaii and h^ways 
am IttUia^ ; buildings 
(13.6 miliioo), and paries and 
r«a«itiOB (1543,936). 

fki fenenU (rt>ljgation 
Mil «mM be vpUt smtKig 
schocds (|7.7 miUioB). eng- 
iiw^plii m Mi^Mqrs m.1 

4a^ aid pari» aad rMa>M> 
^ (fl;l million). 

M. ^Bright, who said 
N» Jim 00 adjoining prop- 

Bright said that the Back 
Bay Civic League iqiposed 
the purdiase and that he 
lad a petifloo Witt 200 9»ines 
at persona o^posingthepark. 
He said, "I <fo not'^ant to 
be crowded iy outsiders; 
1 want to be let aHne, The 
city owns Creeds (Ci^eds 
Airfidd) and can use it (for 
a park)." He saki t^ people 
who will use beats at the 
park wiU come from otber 
areas and Norfolk and that 
the boat ramp will compete 
H^tb privately owned ramps 

Comcilflun R^ E. wat- 
erfield told Mm ttat a meet- 
fag would be held at Creeds 
Fire DqiartmeBt 90 July 6 
at 7:30 p.iB. to di^russ the 

Mrs. Reba McClanan, 

9iflbvnr that mach of the 
school projects were man- 
dated by the State's stand- 
ards ol Quality in E^hioi- 
tl(n."No one mandated the 
sdxwl admbd^ration build- 
ing ($2.4 million) she said, 
adding that no one mandate 
the number of supervisors 
employed or the rezoning 
by City Council whlck 
created higher density bous- 
ing and the need for more 

Lemoin B. Creef, repre- 
senting Chickasaw Farms 
and the Virginia Beach Far- 
mers, recommended that the 
Farmers Maricet be winter- 
ized so that it could be used 
all year. The cost of en- 
closing tt» facilities by us- 
ing overiittd garage-type 
doors would be $20,000 to 
$25,000, he Slid. 

Creef said later tun ne 
was disai^inted ttutt l^oun- 

cil seemed to show no in- 
terest in his suggestion. Al- 
tbow0 the maritet was orig- 
inally designed to give local 
farmers a place to sell their 
juroduce, it has become a 
recveatioMl aadcuturaltype 
ot iacil^ probaUy attract- 
ing more people than say 
other city fIciUty. People 
come to th^ market because 
■of the ntsticsetttn^iwit^. 
a leiMifsy uuwem w»jr ■ 
to shop. Creel said. 

employees who have to oper- 
ate in an area of less than 
3500 square feet. 

M^ip presented similar 
statistics indicating ^tbe 
cnnnted conditions in his 


^*^^. *^& i^f^ 

Edwin J. Conway, of 2222 
R Avraue, asked that more 
money be spent for "social 
security for the aged and 

City Treasurer V.A. Eili- 
eri(%e^and Commissioner of 
the Revenue Ivan D. Man>, 
both urged Council to go 
ahead with the Operations 
Building which would create 
more space for their over- 
crowded departments. r 

During the past IS years, 
^eridge said, there have 
beoi five different plans for 
intnriding for space for cons - 
tituUonal offices, but "it 
seems like we get deleted," 
he said. 

He said that his depart- 
mait has 44 full-time 

Horse show another 
Beach spectacular 

PrtWficts are that The 
Inr^Ma Beach Very Best 
Xmv Sbmr, a CteM A or 
il^l«rt ratfciflg i^ovr wiU 
be MU in PriM^ss Anne 
Park i|ffil6, 7 , 8 and 9. 

Aitf t|» l^luiie Festival, 
wUci hu^ IMP fftruRling 
^nee its fne^ttta in 1974 
^ QHMrate in m tttdt with- 
ipt wmtm. Bay teve fmnd 
Ifi the stMW «• Mfel. AU 
|tt>flts freta the 1971 show 
will jM t« the Festival, ac- 
oordag to a presentatloa 
mdt at an informal session 
<^ «f City CawKU MoMlay af- 

Coueil'i part ia the show 

wwW be an advance ot $20, 
000 for "seed moMy"wU(^ 
is to be returned Arom tte 
first $20,000 in receipts. 

Ci^ Mamwe* George L. 
&BM7 wlU idara tUe mat> 
t«r «■ tte fon^ifeodais 
« wmk or two, but ap|»o- 
«it fltf the iMDject seems as- 

CflvMsUmaa Rt^Mrt R. 
, Cromwell Mid he di^'t see 
mrtte 4^ could not get 
its mmf back, iridte Cmi- 
eUua Flqrd E. fUmtia$ 
Jr. aoted tt» imncn» Hi- 
^«Bt dlsfrfayed in wm tte 
snOter hwse sbam in the 

^ dty imklreartveaa- 

tkNMl pidblicity, tax iKome 
from 4l» over 2000 hmrse 
owners ^lecttd fran oat ctf 
state, aid a Imoo to tourism 
during an ofr-stts<n> oi tbe 

The skow is scheduled to 
follow tte VirKinia Beach 
Temrfs Claniri, a natlonl- 
ly advertlsi^ attractloo 
wtaieb made its (Mut CUs 
year, and tte AnMaa horse 
sate at H»i)eri CaAvaa 
«M^ iMTo^ilM horse idl- 
ers from aU over tte wm- 
toy to ^ \m^. 

S^aa S. Zoiqr, who wiU 
be dir«^cN> of tte ^ow, saM 

it has be«> sanctioned l>y 
Ite American Horse Sbam 
AssociaUoD, the Virginia 
Hcn-se aww Assoctetioo, the 
American Quarter Horse 
Assoelatioa, tte Virginia 
Quarter Btorse Association 
aad the Greater EasteraAp- 
pal0(»a R^cMsU. 

Hta^NUT said tte Nqtone 
Festival may realize trom 
$MO,<»0 to $170,000 in bea- 

Tiw idiew win teve nine 
dlvisi«a, fltfike any show 
in VtrfiMa, and wiU in - 
elude Arabtas, iparier tor- 
Ms, ^ipaloMas, ttoroui^- 
t»^ ha^rs, jumpers aad 








The search is on for tte 
lucky girl who will be ttis 
year's "Little Miss Nep- 

The contest is open to 
girls who will be age 4 
ttrough 7 years as of Sep- 
tember 1st and who reside 
in Virginia Beach. Entry in- 
to the contest must be made 
by July 30tt and a photo- 
graiA and $5 entry fee must 
accompany each entry form. 

"Little Miss Neptune" and 
tte four finalists will ap- 
pear in tte Youtt tUty Pa- 
rade, at tte Coronati(m of 
King Neptune and in tte Cor- 
onation Parade. 

"LttUe Miss Neptune" 
will receive a $100 savings 
bond, a gift certificate from 
Sears and her gown from 
Rices/Nachman's. Each of 
tte four runners up will re- 
ceive a $25 savings bond. 

Further information may 
be obtained from Trudy Rog- 
ers at 483-3254, or Owen 
Elmore at 424-1853. 



The City of Virginia Beach 
will have to put its adver- 
tising some place otter than 
00 tte new water tanks is 
Witchduck, Bayside and 

Mrs. Lorratte Giutertold 
City Council ttat tte letter- 
ing "Virginia Beach" only 
accentuates tte water tanks 
irtiich should be as unob- 
trusive as possible. 

Councilman .Robert R. 
Cromwell agived and asked 
that that letterit^ be left 
off the tank in Bavside where 
he lives. Croin^-l said the 
lettering draws anentiM to 
wittt ytni're nut supposed to 
eaU attention to. 

Mrs. Guirter saidsomecme 
^ ttTMtwed to dimb the 
task aad remove tte letter- 


City Manager George L. 
Ha^iury, who said tluit tte 
leilbrtac irtll not be placed 
M tte Bayside tM Witch- 
duck tai^ and will be re- 
BMved trom the KempsvUle 
task which alertedtte Witch- 
(teek residMts. 

I Witt sales tcq^ing more 

Ithan $125,000 and crowds 

tt excess, of 150,000 for tte 

tour days, tte 22nd annual 

Boardwalk Art Show came to 

[a^close Moaday evening at 6 

., Richard Mayberry, a New 
^|York City artist, won tte 
1^,500 Best in Show Award — 
|at Saturday's juc^ing of tte 
|art show that brought more 
Ithan 550 artists to Virginia 

Winners in various cate- 
gories included: , 

Oils and acrylics - first, 
David Cochran for "Wei - 
etmeKome niast'^;'se<i6n3, 
W. W. Portsi', "Base Mas- 
ter"; third, Virginia Brown, 
"The Chair". 

on the Wall"; second, Gary 
Adams, "Oriental Lantern 
and Sunlight" ; third, EdRoe- 
tnck, "Our Relics". 

ker, "Ka'H VaSe'^ second, 
Mike McMakon. "Quilt No. 
1"; ttird, Pamela Allman, 


I Mayberry's winning entry 
|iras a drawing of a grove 
:|(rf Oak trees in Florida which 
|he titled "Hyper-realism". 

Watercoltx's - fir^ Skip- 
py Andei^on, "Senior Cit- 
izms"; second, Ellm Ev- 
jM, "Clouds"; third, Tsing 
Yaad Pang, "Fan"; 

Graphics and drawi^ - 
first, MIdiaelTwery, "Light 

Photography - first, Biu! 
Turner, "lotmsion"; see-] 
ond, Paul D^igae, "Thef 
Fern Falls"; third, H. A. 
Giles, "Art Show". 

In each catepiry, a $200 1 
inrize was awarded for first, I 
$150 for second and $100 1 
for third. I 


Oe^tt teoqieratares tt the Wt Mr. PMMt strtiM m 
hoardwaft test jveek. As he passed .^^^tar a 
witttt IhllMtf ^, -I'm ^oastil«^ 

- ^* * " '•^^ — ■ 

-~ ~- -' * ■■ 

tCmM \ 






-^ "^ — " — ■ •" -^ - •' — • ■ 


r versus child 

... I lose again 


Children bavt a niystietl, m^teal link witb Ha Bell, 
i Gorapletely compjaced ttait It's true. 
iiow elsg, I mk you. could tbey "borne in" m me the 
mute I attempt to ose tke telepi)m*to iink myself witb 
le otttside world? 

If You're tbinkiq^ tttat peita{» ttey pst have m^r 

1(4 eDttblfs tkem to tour tbe rii^ of our ^ne 

a anywhere witbiii a haU mUe r^yos, forget it. Their 

wer works wtetter the item rtags or I quietly dial 

anj^.l«ra a,^^ to weei 

The hMse can be <^et tor hoars. 
Cm't,At(^ 3,)^ to weei the gardens, sort the dozens of 
^^^ffs of socks that sit in n^lauadry t»sket or set the table, 
but j just let me hold the reiver to my ^r and there they 
are- -my fou^ blatf, Uve-^yed darlii^s, usually witb ao 
issortn^t erfriends MO^ On. i 

C»l make lem^m^ "I'm goii% to wash the dog in 
use swimming pool." ''IM^s lunch gcwma be ready?" "Tie 
my shoe, pleeeapW'*'* 

ThWe ja^ dangling at the ead of a ten foot teleiteme 
cori, ^jfifi^ valiantly to listen to the voice onthephoM 
aul attempting to intelligently Iwid iq> my end of tbe coi- 
versatieo while making an ettosi to sort out the myriad 
of requests from my four fiendish flet^lii^s. 

Fiendish? Yes, definitely fiendish, standi!^ there, Just 
out of my reach as I speak smilingly into the receitwr 
while brandistalng a threateaii« fist at them tryii% hai^ to 

strflw terror into tt^r h«iFts. If ym'n ae»w vttMMed 
such t scfM, I (m (wly likra it to btttl^ at m«^- 
toes at aa etrMtag gantea party. 

Thank bctvM "]riKW-a-vii^B" tas not j^ te«i mdt 
avaitahle to tbe masses. Ttet «oald ptpmA my tM piere- 
ial glare ttMt vwdessly c«inat«M ,iAftybeni «&^s^ as 
tt« pte^ (»»Tersati(m «ds. / 

As sxw as the ^mversatim rads.y il^, yes, th^'s 
the cmr m of magle. Th^'rt i^. sidclealy. a»iriB 
a paff ^ swfte. Aod, wm agata^ ttwre's MiMtoweed 
the gardMs, sort the Md[S or s^ ttMr UNe. 

There may mit be any faSH^ lor m^ers, but, ah me. 
there is aMsolati<». 

We doo't sotfer alme. I've yet to bring op tbe "child 
versw mott«r telqteM coisplracy" that aacdher iMtfaer 
doesB't cUne in on my third phrase aod recite in ndsoo 
the same iMtAIe' I 

^id, part (tf own person! c(»»>]ati(», vhich t offer 
to aqrclu fa nee a, Is a plan I ke^ secret^ in my bnio. 
1^ my children are frown and lave left ^ nest to nur- 
tun Utile darUogs of their own. I idaa to telepliaie aad mit 
for m l^alestralB tft Ami w^» that tolls me m^ g^iad- 
cUUra taive "bomed Jto" or ttmt give away g^ ttat teys 
my chlM m the t^er mi has nearly dKAed oa tbe receiver 
cord wUle swi^pUig wikUy at uU gnyid^ldreB. l^miru 

Up a tree 

Under arrest 

Whisper, a handsome young Siam^e, has 
found ttie perfect resting place. Weeded 
in ttie branches of a tree, he's high encNjgh 
to be safe from bo^rsome canines and to 
get a good view of things. Who tcnows, 
if he rests quietly enoug^i maybe a bird 
will fly his way. (Photo by JOAN ASH- 

If this yeaik runs true to form, the Virg^ Bpacb 
Police Department will be called in on nearly 400ases 
of shoplifting. Tbe majority of these will involve offenses 
by teens. For the teens who are cat^ht by store detec- 
tives or salespers(M», the chances oi gating prs^e • 
cated are -great. Store oianagers are cracking down oe 
increasing lossei from juvenUe offenters. Foun years 
ago losses frMi larceny and randalism almie acfiowted 
for over $313,000. This figure is increasing ea^ year. 

It IS not ..only tbe criminal "types" that artfgetting 
caught eacb year. Across the couiitry thousands of middle 
and upper income families are ocperiracing beartai^ and 
embarrassment from shoplifting teens. Is your diild a 

pfrteotial shoplifter? What caa yof Wa parmt dotohelp 
avtfld Toor c^d becomtog one? 

Bi^re an offease occurs be sare all of your children 
aader^and the serioas nature d shoplifitog. Ilaqr teras 
do not aetoally think of it as staOi^. It is more than Uiat, 
it is a crime toat carries serioas conseqaiMiees. Point 
oat the penalties in a two sided (Usevssioo with jraor 
child and ask him if it is wbrto getting caught Ibr a few 
dcdlars worth of merchandise. Also ^ess the schools to 
<^er fHtigrams esplaining the nature and c(»se<iuences 
of boa juvenile and atolt crime. Little is being said about 
JuvraUe crime. WhUe it is trae that neither parents. 
m>r the schools cu teach values, they can provide the 
i^cts te«DS need to devebHH tiie|r own values. 

A fish story 


Pens ready? It's quiz time! 


i mt 

It IS time, once^alii, forTOe Virginia Beach SUN, First 
and Last Annual Cerent Events Survey and Salmon Bake. 

Readers a^>e^vit|^ to tUl in tli; ^wers with pea, p«Mil, 
cM^ d-pyiiit^NM^. lieatnlssioea nirt mH^iJi^, 
answers are not pMalized, whl|h means everyoie can 
score 100, no mean feat in these days oi polarisation and 
general all-around bitchiness. 

1. What was the auin issue in the 197Z general elections? 
(circle onie) 

(a) law and order (b) law and order (c) law and order 

2. What is the most popular poUttcal slogan on the 
American scrae today? (circle one) 

(a) Free the Watergate 5O0 (b) Politics is a Btomer 
(c) Law and Onter is for Schno<rics (d) Law and Order?! 
(e) Free BiUy Carter 

S. WUch of tbe following candidates would you choose 
if they were huming tor President this year? (drele one) 
(a) Richard Nixon (b) Al CaioneS(c) Juan Peron 

4. What is a radiclib? (circle two or more) 
(a) a vegeUble (b) a (Hsctte (c) a fraternal organiza- 


5. What is the most |nt}foad statemort lutde if toe 
Virginia B^tch City Commis^oo in recent mQa^?(circie 

(a) Huh? (b) (c) 

6. Why dkl tlm chid(W crws the road? (circle one) 
(a) to get to tbe rther sMe (b) to Mcape fran C(d. 

SudM-s (c) to vote against Bill Whit^urst 

1. Wlmt is miemplcTmeat? (circle (me) 

(a) re-orderiag of iHrlnrltiM (b) tool against inflation 
(c) a ^pnent of ttm inu^iimtion (d) a means oi balancing 
any Tidewater city budg^. 

8. How many iaeutfieflfts were re-etoded to the 19^8 
general elecUtm? (dnte one) 
(a) too many ' 

One of the pleasantest fringe benefits which accompanies 
the job of yte SUN News Editor is the OMwrtuntty to meet 
the pe(q)le 'of Virginia Beach. I've met many memorable 
indtviduals and several viio top the list were a<Med tots 

Murphy Brothers Seafood shop dicto't sound promising 
from a feature writer's potat of view, tuA it was on my 
assignmeitt sheet for the week. It wastft many mtoutes 
^er I arrived at tbe bhop to King's Shopping Center near 
London Bridge that 1 was <K>mpletely under toe speU of 
Dewey and Ri^ Mulilby as tbey relayed the story of toetr 
buslnns wht^ had it real beginnings back in 1930. (See 

mf'mml.u I :,;;• .v-^ ■• - 

the following day my travefe tobji me to the Kudee Met 
Fishtog Site where 1 talked wito a tho,rm«hiy delightful 
lady, Mrs. Lilly Mapstone, who refused to consider 
herself toe only '•sioryj' at toe fishing site. Lilly acted 
as a sort of "mistreiss'bf ceremonies" introducing many 
of toe regulars who fish often at toe site. Everyone, ac- 
cordiiv to Lilly, to very special; everyone has a special 
story. (See story on page A-O 

Lilly and her husband Bob fish everyday. Tiwy generally 
have a fine catch, but toey seldom Mt toe ftsh toemselves. 
They give it away. After vtottlng wito the Mapstones and 
their friends at toe fishing site, Bob offered me a beauti- 
tol trout he'd landed that momii^. 

"(a, no," I said, "1 can't take your fish." 
But -he was tosistent and the troirt was hauled to, wrapped 
and put into a bag lor me before I could protest further. 

A problem nagged at toe back of my brato as I storied 
to saf a final goodbye to Lttly, but I ignored it. How much 
trouble could (me fish be. 

Lilly was adamant tiat one fish could not feed my 
family aiul qpiickly hauled to her catch of six croakers 
and a spot and added to«n to my l»g. 

I bid fuewell and headed for my car. The ftsh flopped 
about to toe brown grocery bag and toe problem which 

nagged slightly at my brato earlier ^rted sending a mes- 
sage, loud and clear: 

"You, Maurlyn Weber, have never cleaned a ftsh! You 
have eight fish, still flopping, what are you going to do?" 

1 Msed my car out of the parking space and proceeded 
up Atlairttc Avenue to Laskto Road on my way toward 
my Rosemont Road otftoe. 

The voice kept telling me, "you have eight fUh, what 
are you going to do." 

The fts 

,^^ •»« .,».,«v»»Jm b'llop flrlKI^^H^Bdp&c^^ 
gingerly on toe floor of the car'wfflPHnHlerffSttt: 
I occasionally peered over the seat aSsiiiB^ forvertly 
that my/'catch" would stoy caught in toe bag. 

SuddBdly I thought of Dewey and Ruto Muiidiy and tteir 
shop it London Bridge. I smiled to myself. Maybe toto was 
a soliqion. 

I tomed toto toe parking M and headed for the ^bop 
with my bag full of fish— still fkqiping. 

1 i^yed my tale about the Rudee Inlet Site and Lilly 
Map^ne. It drew a chuckle and a kimlly, "I'll clean 'em 
for you," from Hyman Harrto. 

Bedqr Lebmann took toe hag smd peered toside. (tee 
of the croakers flopped and she excUimed, "They're still 
breatoing! You can't ftod fish any fresher than that!" 

I returned l^er to toe day to pick 19 my cleaned and 
dressM ffsfi to take home. #hen it ^me to prepare toem. 
toe croakers and spot were imn fried; but I chose toe troyt. 
which had been filleted, for broUii^. The day before RiAh 
MuiTliy gave me a recipe ami I deci^l to try it. First, 
as per Ri^'s tostructioos, I pot toe ttmt under the broU- 
er, skto sUe w. After a mtoute, I removed toe ftsh from 
the oven and easily peeled awav toe skto. 1 th«i Qi^ed 
it with salt ami p^^er ami a tabiespo(» ofdietttiUaa 
dressing per fillet. 

I r^umed toe fish to the broiler bei^s careful nai to 
overcook it. It was deligfatftd and a gift to me from two 
sets of special friends— toe M^istones and toe crew at 
Muiphy Brotoers. 



K. Vii^iila Beach Sin, null me 
vftk for te Met yMr (SI itmiet). 
17 is Mclosed. 

HkMl ._ 

^0nfjg5j^ ..._.„__„ 

^ir^U Beach 
I'ir^nia P 

a eofii evmry 
My d^fmr 





^pwts WMtBte 

Clradatifln MaHM^r 


Mtea to 1^1^ MaA W-w^ lutoc ilp Uon ^ MM: 
fl. (Mm niM prtflibad m ^ptf Vift, 

euv ffloil 

Citizen power 

Bdttor, Virginia Bnch SUN: 

I hope nuy SUN i^dei^ made a note M^v wtt^ 
toto part 1^ r^a»Ung tN t^xddi^ (d sonlgc <^a^es 

Ilm artiele rdatod ^t a number ot r^Msto fnr son- 
Ing itpwui ^jjMi iMlud by Ct^ ftwcU wito smaU groips 
etirtilAMi ^^^M frmn te ai^ wUeh wwM have beM 
afletfed ly toe ^mrtMl ^ages. to aU eases, te cMil^. 
vaiM tan ignited to a dow^?«itag ttf tte «^c la ach 

Very m&a, toeiA cttetoto wtU gfiM m^i^ iAm^m re- 
mritfni to "down mring" tf tome are no Aj^toH from 
toe allMtoi r^dMto. MBeiato omM tm t^sM not be 
CilMi^ for tta twMcy. Ttey dMd rM^Mbly feel 
ttat M> ^l#eN^« tfi^tn "!>o MS >4tiA<^#" 

;> himself informed on 
^ ^mgm m a growing co> City ofttelato can only 

do to UNi In trying to a^ : changes fairly. And, 

to a city ^t's growing at an explosive rate, changes will 
MM*, tvwy eltixen has a duty to stoy Informed sad to 

provide tepnt to toe officiato who must itoal wito ctange. 
1^ WN article reflects how much dtiaens (aa <to to 
ctmtrca imw^»l ctaages to Virginia Batch. 

G. Williams 

Your opinion 

Atttm Virginia ^ach SUN, we want 
to know what our reader's are 
concerrm^ about. Weymjcome 
letters to the editor. Wt 
alt tetters be signmi. 

Let us hear from you! 


I .- 

"P r ^r'T-F^"" *" 

VifflBU BMCk ^B. Iin* 28, Wl - A-9 

ore t/ian fish brings people toRudee 

Whenever Bob Mapstone is fishing, 
Betsy is nearby 

Rene Maigret fishes every summer 
at Rudee 



mimiiE.cuPET.BDDm I 

Open MoiMlay thru Saturday 
10 am to 9:30 pm 




















s ilM !• 


St Anniversary] 

8x 1 Family Portrait 



(With This Coupon) 

Lhnlt OiMi P«r Fan^y (No Rata) 
Qood Jima 29 ttwu July 2 

Wed&Fri. t1:(K)to6:00 
Thur.&Sat. 1100 to 8:00 

CoirtlBtted firoin A-1 
and visits with ^he others 
who come to the site. 

"You've got to think like 
a flsh," she says with a 
smile, e3qpl|iining that the 
best time to catch fish at 
the site is just after flood 
tide when the fish are look- 
inf tor a bit of food. 

As she pulled in a croak- 
er, which she judged too 
small to keep, she said con- 
fidently, "He's too small 
right now. I'll throw him 
back and catch him again 
next year when he's a bet- 
ter size!" 

Bob Mapstone shares his 
wife's love for fishing, 
though they both admit, they 
seldom eat the fish the^y 
catch. Their catch is gen- 
erally given to neighbors or 
others fishing at the site 
who haven't been so lucky. 

Betsy, a black and white 
"just {dain dog" stays quiet- 
ly by Lilly or Bob as they 
fish during the day. They 
adoi^ed ber eight years ago 
after she had just given birth 
to a litter of unwanted pups 
and was about to t>e destroy- 
ed. But, Lilly explains the 
relationship this way: 

"Oh, we live with her, 
she doesn't live with us. 
She's in diarge." 

A summer time regular 
who fishfc at the Rudee In- 
^1^ Site several times a week, 
is Rene Maigret from Paris, 
France. Rene visits with his 
sister Mrs. Marcelle Weeks 
for three months each year. 
Mrs. Weeks has lived in Vir- 
ginia Beach for 17 years. 
Rene, a tall slender man 
who speaks English with a 
heavy French accent, ex - 
plains that he loves to fish 
and enjoys the site. He does 
vary his fishing place, 
casting his line at the pier 
and from boats, as well. 

Rene and the Weeks' do 
eat the fish he catches and 
Marcelle relates,- "1 near- 
ly had to buy a new freez- 
er last year we had so many 

Bill Davis, a native of 
Charlottesville, has sprat 
his summers in Virginia 
Beach for the past five years. 
He's a regular ^t the fishing 
site'ahd he, iob, enjoys fits 
catch on the table. Bill lives 
at a small farm on North 
Landing Road durii% the 
summer where he gardens 
when he isn't fishing. The 
products from his garden al- 
so grace his table and the 
tables of his neighbors. 

"There's nothing better 
than a meal of fresh fish, 
rolled in meal and fried, 
fresh vegetables and fresh 
baked cornbread," Bill te- 

Jean Lee, a slender, at- 
tractive and serene regular 
at the Rudee Inlet Site, is 

a Vii^ia' Beach resident, 
aie is intarried a(id has two 
daughters -- on** married, 
both grown. Jean is a stu- 
dent at Tidewater Comipun- 
ity College and plans to work 
in rehabilitation when her 
studies are completed. 

She comes to the site at 
least three times a week 
and confesses that she 
doesn't catch much, but, 
"it's relaxing. I can think 
and drram. Sometimes I 
write poetry. That's why I 
come here." 

Dutch Blermann comes tb 
the site from his home \a 
Norfolk nearly everyday. 
Does he have a good catch 

' "It rMlly <k>esn't matter 
whether I catch anything of 
not. It's beautiful to be here 
and relax, I'm happy here, 
ttet's what cwBts." 

Others fish the site, too. 
The J. T. Burke family of 
Cleveland, Ohio, stopped by 
to fish one day during their 
Virginia Beach racatioB. 
Mom and Ited Burke en - 
joyed the peaceful surround- 
ings while Sean, 8, Kevin, 
6, and Brian, 4, dropped 
their lines into the water 
in hopes of catching some 

Walter Hutz and his sons, 
Andrew, 12, and Matthew, 
8, from Athens, Pennsylvan- 
ia, also enjoyed a day at 
the Rudee Inlet Fishing Site 

during their Virginia Beach 

The site is open for fish- 
ing from 1 a.m. until 10 
p.m., daily from May 1^ 
through Labor Day. After 
Labor Day, the site remains 
open on weekends. 

A fishing fee is charged 
which allows> the fisher - 
man to come and go from the 
site from 7 a.m. until 10 
p.m. and bait is sold at 
th^ neat white building at 
the entrance. 

Earl and Thelma Sim - 
mons each work a shift from 
5 p.m. till 10 p.m. and Earl 
is generally on hand to help 
her close up. The Simmons' 
have been working at the 
site since it opened for fish- 
ing three years ago. 

Mrs. Burke and Brian share a line 

In Windsor Woods* - - 
Plaza - - - Green Run 

Tha Catholic Parish 
of thaHlbly Spirit 

7 p.m. Sat.; 9:30 & 1 1 a.m. Sun. 
Talaphona 340-7122 


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you have wondered about all your life! 

How naar is tha and? 
Tha mark of tha baast? 

Whara ara tha millions daad? 
Is thararaally a Hail? 

Tha occult, E.S.P.,8pbW^ 
fact or fancy? 

ion «90t 


Your Bible provides clear understandable answers to 
your many questions, t 

Please send me with out cost or obligation your free 
Bible study course. 

"Blessad be Oie God- 
hath s«t his aagcl, 
delivtred his Mrvaots ttat 
trwted in him. and hate 
chaifed the ktaig's word... 
iiiat Ihty ml^t not serve aoy 
god, Mcept their own God " 





P.O. Box 1302S 



met ctnojt be used with m ^r s*les promotion. I 

yruDiooNE 1 

486-41W) I 

Yorktown DwBroeK* Center | 

228 N. Lynnhnven Road, Sylie 124 | 

Viipnia BttA, Virpnie t^ | 

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tte free exercise thereof... 
■ The Constitution of Oie 

United States. .^.««—i __>-— — 

Largely unheralded In the excitemenrS^^the awroaching holiday season is the Bill of 
Rights Day; an event set aside to commemorate the ten most vital provisions in ow 
insurance poUcy of freedom known as the Constitution. One of them contains among 
other things the guarantee of our right to express ourselves freely, without fear <rf 
reprisal; through speech, the press, in the company of others, and in **^*^^^^^^**^ 

choice (m Sunjay. 

iher things tne guarantee oi our ngui w ei|«eoouuiac.»co «v«7, ..^>.» — -. ^ 

sprisal; through speech, the press, in the company of others, and in accordance with | 

primary purpose of the founding of this great nation, in our right to worshy) God . 5 I 
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Charlie's Seafood Restaurant 

3139 Shore Dr. 491-9863 ~^ 
Mary E. Rehpelz & Employees 

..:Hii0Slurnitufe Company 

5324 Va. Beach Blvd. 
Fumiture-Bedding-Carpeting r 

Bayside Motors 

4147 Shore Dr. 464-4563 
Charles C. Hale, Sr. L Staff 

Kempsville. R#macy 

5266 Princess Anne Rd. 497-3516 
Robert W. Clyburn-Lynn Leavitt 

Price's Incorporated 

4586~Pc»ibr(*e Mall 622-3706 
Brand Name An)liaiM:es-TV-8terat 

Rosewood Memorial Po^M 

631 Witch Dude Rd. 
C. C; Klricpatridt 


Willis Furniture at Hilltop 

1712 Laskin Rd. 428-5951 
L. H. Bums & Staff 

JAH Star Electric. Inc. 

1425 Air Rail Ave. 464-6231 
Commercial & Industrial 

Lindsey Bros' Inc. 


^•^ Navy and l^tyal Blue 

Sizes M-L-xu; 

2736 Va. 1^1^ Wvii 463^672 

Allots from Baach Fcfd 
Op«n 10-6 Dalty Mon A W^ tm9K>0 

Plumbing-Heating- Fuel Oil Del. 
865 Newtown Rd. 497-4633 

Contractors Paving Co., Inc. 

3779 Bonney Rd. 347-1161 
Clinton Teets & Staff 

Kellam& Eaton' Inc. BIdg. Supplies 

Princess Arih Station 427-3200 

Frank & David Kellam , ^ .^ ;,„, 

Andy'^PIumbing & Heating - 

J003 Canal Dt. iSStSOOO 
State-Registered-New & Old Work 

Kellam-Eaton Insurance Co. 

3111 Pacific Ave. 418-9161 

Furniture Showrooms 

828 E. Little Creek Rd. ' 
2981 S. MiUtary Hwy 
Sandy Bolia k Emidoyees 

Chesapeake Savings & Loan 

Frank N. Wood and Associates 

Engineering Media Inc. 

606 R Liberty street 
CharUe Hackworth k ^aff- 

Brentwood Restaurant & Lounge 

1312 Geo. Wash. Highway 
Ches^>ey[e, Va. Phone 487-0611 
Tom k Linda Rairier 4 Co. 

Overton's Market 

1419 Poiad«tter St. 545-9496 
The Overtons 4 Emidoyees 

Plasser American Corporatton 

Management and Pers(»ael 


Home Federal Savings 
&Loan Assoc. 

1635 Laskin Rd. 426-0327 
Church Accounts Welcome 

Smith Sales & Service 

460 Battlefield Blvd. H. 547-2929 
Elwood Smith 4 Employees 

Mill-End Carpet Shop 

4740 Va. Beach Blvd. 497-4854 
Taylor B. Carr 4 Employees 

Townsend Fuel, Inc. 

James Van Dyke and Employees 

Preston's PNarmacy 

1401 Poindexter St. S45-73S7 
James L. Marshall and Employeefl 

Todd Electric Company 

Henry 4 Moses Todd 4 

Higgins Realty, Inc. 

6620 Indian River Rd. 420-3120' 
Cec^ M. Harrison 4 AsaodateB 

Linda's Hair Boutk?ue 

846 Providence 424-lt7S 
Linda Holcome 4 Staff 

JD. Mile^ & Sons, Inc. 

J.D. MUes, Jr. and lisociates 

Southern States 
Chesapeake Assa, Inc. 

1764 S. Mllttary Rwy. 420-tt41 
L. B«taaBtWflliuu4 

TNs feature Is made pc^sibte ttirough tfie (K»p©rttion 
of our ministers. It is pakj for by these area firms who Mtova 
our churches are a vital f^rt of our comiminlty Sfe. 


■^-^ '• ^ -" — — ~ ■ 


by tui Wong 

VIcki Tharms 

Twe^ year old Vteki Thtmas Us our Sunshine Girl 
this m^. A student at Lcagveod College, shewasgrad- 
n«ted from First Colonial Hlfh School. View has a strwig 
interest ia music andj^ans to troft as a musical therapist 
tssistiSK meMally relsrded you^sters through the use 
(tf ffliKle. 


ProiectlCE funded 

The Virfiato BelebSiAocA 
system tas hew amnMa 
^,714 feitena p^ tolhad 
tte ftr^ y&ar of a tkree- 
jtnr «i¥ir(mn(tttal seimce 
course for fmirth, sev«ith 
and t^h grade studeofts. 
Tbe funds awarded 
throogh the fe^ral office of 
the State D^rtmrat (tf Ed- 
ucation ■ throu^ Title JVC 
(Elementary and Secondary 
Edttciftioo Act), vtll flnaace 
tte first year of the pro- 
gram, called Project ICE 
(ladivktaal omeem for Er- 
yironmeot), sdieduled tcbe- ' 
gin next faU. 

During tte first year. S3 
teadters— one from each ta 
ViRiiria Beach's f jsitoen 

&istructi(»ial assistance 
during the first year will 
come from the CoU^e of 
William and Mary. 

In the course, special em - 
fdasis «wUl be giv« to tbe 
miique enviroun^tal fea- 
tures of Virginia Beach and 
its surrounding ar^ts. &me 
projects to be studied wiU 
include Seashore State Park, 
Lynntoven Inlet, Rudee Inlet, 
Back Bay, the marshlands, 
the Atlairtic Seaboard and the 
IHsmal Swamp. 

During the second and 
third ywirs of Project ICE, 
the Hnrinrnmoital onirse 
woald become part of the 
science curriculum for 
fourth and seventh grade stu 

gi^ of 164,518 which would 
teml^wut 60 %(rftiie {uro- 
gram with the remaining 
funded by the Virginia Beach 
school system. For the third 

year, the program would be 
eligible for |32,^8 la fed- 

eral grants, about 4^ 
the program's ftudtng. 


£y BUD LOVr^ 

I Does the youtt 

Th« answer Is yes, aix) 
whut a sbow the All City 
String Orcheatn ami All City 
Orvtoatra put on at Plaxa 
Jtalor High School this year. 
Thla was my first OHtlng with 
the AU City Orcbestn and 
it was truly an eiperience 
I wUl rMBMAer tor a iMf 
tint, nte pv^p <tf yo^r 
muielaBS was ^^y i^od. 

We art alwajw h^urtng oi 
the marcld^ baateaodtte 

is ewkr l^ud dKwt JM nr- 
che^n music ^y«I by the 
jraMC pei^e tero at tte 
Bm^. lltt<A more attenthNi 
sl^d be pM to ttfs pnp. 
llHgr play jMme of tbe more 
dUfitwlt ffloslc and Ittve much 
le» tint tofMier tkui our 

fte ^ngran lorfliii yttf 
was pot toi^htt- 1^ Dora 
Short, Cooductof,AndCynttila 
LinJBierg, Assistant Coodnc- 
tor. nitattwoladitadida 
marrelMt Job, and put to- 
gether a show for the audien- 
ce that will be long iwmtm- 

The program Included the 
following selections fbr the 
AU City Strii« Orehastn: 
"Brook Green Salte," rive 
Small Dances." "A Flddlln 
Tune." "Blusette." "El Choc- 
lo," -Tango," and "Plink, 
Plank." The All C^Orehes- 
te pia^ ttif i9t^^ s«^ 
leettons: "Jmu," "Joy of 
Han's DMiriag," '*^WplKtty 
No. 1" (AUapo Con Brio). 
"March from^erandthe 
Wolf," •^cHnSoii," Waves 

oi the Danube, "London Syu. 
phony" (First Movement), 
"Feelings,- and "Polka ft>r 

The menbera of the All 
City Orchestra and AU City 
String Orchestra are: 

First VloUna-James Si- 
mons, Seine Chiang, Larlsa 
Bottet, Mai7 C. Compton, 
Andrew IttrtHs, CecU 
WrlgM. Ttrea ^IgD, Mtf- 
issa UUk, toroa Ymug, 
Cheryl Nondahl, LyanftNn- 
•n, Aate Satt, Star &ip- 
way, Debgle Delaod, Joy Man- 
(liemot. Marilyn Slobl, John 
BelbuaU. KtUy Battm, Join 
Loughrey, Botch Teeson and 
Brenda Sifers. 

SeeoM Vl(riias— Dellte Ac- 
Ms, Ken Adeoek, Beth&r- 
Ij, aoth pwrntr SheUy 
ObU, Dong McDboald, Uara 
Hefty, Janie Hodlge, l^ 
Xihsig. J^ Unt, &ndn 
Caskejr, U«rt CaAegr , Eric 
Beyer. KeOy LewaUen, 
Chriirtlae mBfams, PhUl^ 
KostdUe, Dana VenaUei and 

Third Yli^laa.-> Mary V. 
Steffe, GdL JoiuinB, Cindy 
Raytoo, Ailm A|^, Daaiel 
Mlnmb* Shawnettt PhUUps, 
Erte Ibxjbwi, Can^ntr- 
ris, (aeodaJttley.GeeftOake, 
Una Gaittsa, Xia Freeman, 
John TacaaB,frn|wfiamaBM, 
aadStqriWi DuMs. 

Violaa ^-LisaAaderaoB, 

egant eliroiiie-firaiiied 
art rep^duetions. 
Free for savers 

I^ ^!S^**^**'***^ *«fi»ltlS«)l»t)«thr.«Wlp, 


ht^ sdoois— wUl receive 
imtrw^ion on imw to pre- 
pare wivironmental amre- 
ness courses which they wiU 
be teaching (taringtheseond 
aad third yean of the pro- 

a course in engFiroomental 
sciMce wiU be olfered. 

Hie federal funds wUl fi- 
nance 100% of the program's 
first year. Next year Pro- 
ject ICE wUl be eligible 
tor an additional Title IVC 

Stort m wwiwHi mmammk with uh <ot as Uttfc as glOO 
—or udd that much to vour pretteiit uccount - und vou crni 
take faomeaqr one ortbe'll"Xi4^' finmedfCfirodtictlanH 
bf the muatcrs isbtm-n belcm- AMMiMiM 

Oi; fin-a nonriiuil mnount; vou'can OIK of 
die tndy acicepdoiial x-aluesof fttq^er w'orksaf urt t^ 

Eldier«ray, vmir art nili be coilectiiig interest in jrour 
bcmte-, ^■Meyaur money is sufidy cdlecting InteieM in 

Each print has been cfaoNen fix- det^^ ^1b^lncy,.tlnd 

artistic \ulue by u 

rcMtetont I 


Yake one of the masters hon|e today. Hie monnr yon 
save Mil bridliten a ralar day-and your new'^bmidart 
u-Ul t»1gbten yom- everyday. 


Smooth Wato* 



Whwe America 

For Reservations & Information 

Pleasure Craft Tours 

^ ^l ^^ft ^ ^ , ^ ^^ ^ ^p^g fc^^ip . ^^ ^ ^ H^ 


At The New" 

(Chez Odette 




Seteattflc Faei TrsatBMt florOryl&ln 
• OUy sua •DUfintid Wa »ProHem 
BMk a* .Altai Site. SagUv SUB 
aad maqr aMre^«^mi«ttaefla^faMs. 
'^C^apttaMatary aia Amdysls aad liuke Up. By m 

*»»*« 4et-g540 

opEmKi BOOM Bi fwmmA beach 

fART L^totetei^ Co., bic. 
7527 B Avenue J. Nc^-folk 583-8487 
in Great 0rk^ 






^_ n'ttbronrFIRSTdq»ittoaaewar«aadagMcamt,yaaqnaltfyferi 
" DraH|W((lildl)fcaltmp|1»■ 


aas5es--Aiait TOiem, iira,t 
ce Ridge. Chris Brandt. WU^' 
Uam UcDonald, and Steve] 

Flutes- -Elena Brooks and 
Lon Walker. 

Bassoon -- HilarT .<;imoii| 
and John Thompson 

TrMBbOM -- Eugt>()«.m-| 

■n^iani-Robert KiteheU. 

(Wo^— AUn Saunder anij 
Kevin taitt. 

ClariMte— Susan Pool and 

trmpi^ ■- Jay Et^iH^ 
aad Carl Trost. 

"Tidewatm Only 

50.000 Watt 
AM Radio Station 






I H COMIIie. ^ 

nf IHOft (tttttlH 






Foimwiy Qr^n BIH Inn 

M^r if ew (Hmenhip 

Dully Lunch Sp9Cltil - 

FKld9y $pi0cUil' 6 to 9 p,m. 

All the -f/s^ you -can eat *3^^ 

Satur^ty Special '$ to 9 pjt^ 

AH you can eat steanmd shrimp ^ps 

3733 Bonnay Road • 340-^47 

m QiMrante^ 

Prints sfcowB are ealtfeet Is Mh^taM^ m aviriMtp^ UmMMm. 








* # # f ^P^B 

ipi jippipiipiip p p ^ I » I I I I f I I ^^p^^P^^^^^^H^p^^^^^^^p^^^^pppppppip^pppp 

ittiBt MacA Sua, J^ it, iffn • A«l 





^^ Featuring tfm best in 

Ml^ lunch^ or dlnnet eating 


Ichobod's... the place te be t 

RmioIio Yillo 

Ken^f Utt tiMS Skas^Bg CMter 
Now ifUuun aaaaagmMt 

& Amtrican 

}Blly LufH^imn Specials 

5 1:00 am to 2:00 p.m. 

^uesday Only 

4 oz. Delmonico steak ^ 1 .75 
trench fries, salad coffee or tea 

$¥enlng Mex/CM Dinners 

Buy one nos. 1 thru 9 on menu get 
one of equal value FREE One fr^ 
leal per family. IDC does not apply. 


Disco & Oldies Wed. & Fri. nights 

9:00-1:00 r 

No cover -Cocktails-No tninnnum. 

OPEN Mm). ^ SaL tt:00 a.n, to S:00 
SiftMiar U:00 Booa to 11:00 Bidnlfhts 
CaH 4f*-ia«7 1» r«s«mttoo8 

If your looking for an ev«i- 
ing out tbat s ioforinal, 
frioKUy and sparked with 
•xcitoBeot) tte place to be 
is lelttbod's l»e«k. House. 

Located at lOM Laskin 
Road, Idiabod's over looks 
tbe gardois at Seashire Inn 
and tbe lOtb hole of the Cav- 
alier Golf Course. Featur- 
ing three din^ rooms on 
differ«it levels and a brick 
porch which overtooks the 
courtyard and pool at Sea- 
shire, Ichabod's is decorated 
with a 'multitude of hang- 
ing plants including a large 
exqpiisite hanging fern in the 

But the decor isn't tbe 
exciting part. According to 
Donn Roberts, Ichabod's dta- 
ing room manager, the res- 
taurant is owned by Ernie 

Gray, well-known Tidewater 
trumpet player and vocalist, 
but ft "belongs" to the host 
of Tidewater personalities 
who stop by freqiMOtly. Ac- 
cording to Donn, several use 
the place as an extra office 
or a second home— pick- 
ing up messages from the 
bar or using the iriione. 

"That red phone is ring- 
ing constantly,'' Donn re - 
marks, "it's all part of the 

Many of the r^nilars are 
Tidewatermusicians , 
friends of Ernie Gray's. This 
crowd forms a contingent of 
guest stars who are spot- 
lighted during Ichabod's new 
Midnight to Dawn session 
which will feature the music 
of The Nicky Januf Trto 
until 4 a.m. every morning. 

six days a week, (Ichabod's 
is closed midnight Sunday 
to 6 a.m. Monday). 

On the menu for the Mid- 
ni^t to Dawn session is an 
8-ounce Delmonico steak 
served with three ens, hash 
browns and homemade bis- 
cuits. That will be served 
until 6 a.m. for |4.95. Other 
midnight to dawn menu spec- 
ialties are featuredfor|2.95 
and $3.95. 

"This pUcie is exciting 
after midnight," Donn say^ 
"we've got Dixieland, tlie 
whole bit, until 4 a.m." 

Reservations are deft - 
nitely recommended! 

Ichabod's also features the 
40's and 50'S music of Jeep 


Philtiqrt invites you 


Vir^nia's First 

Smorgasbtmi House 

in Shore Drive Marina. 

Norfotk, Virginia 

Phon^ 583^3311 
jOpen 5 P.M. to 10 P. M. 

Seofoc9d & Beep RestauRctnC 


S^teUiing iB fresh sMfobd^ both ateamed 

and tfiii, ^rlmt nA of betf, ihiek Jnlcy 

st^i» MMraet platlMr ud deUci<ras eodk- 

tallt. i^idal family inricM and diUdriB's 

aViUaUe year 'rodttd. 






Locally owned 4 operated by 
J.R. "Jim" George 


8 miMrtts from tte Oeeauafroot 
Ample free Partdog 

Now that you'v« triad tha J^ly 
thia A ,»Mly that, ihd vl^tad all 
tha Railroad Statlona In town- 

Sae 41 Tasra the most DeMclous 

Prima Rib & Steaks 
Tidewater, pi^ '^«ap 

(also sweylMt SMfMrf) 

Major Credit 
Cards H<^n^ 





1040 Laskin Rd. 4IMSIS 

..^ ^.M the Beaatlfta SetsUre (terdMs, 
ttJ Canltor C«M Cooraei 

Overlooldng the gardens of Se^sNre hn and the 10th 
hole of the Cavalier golf course, Ichabod's features a 
pleasant atmosphere coupled with electric 
excitement every evening. 

Bennett and dancing Friday 
and Saturday nights until 
midnight. Another special 
hanming fits in the Sun- 
day afternoon slot when a 
sev«i piece Dixieland band 
performs in concert from 5 
until 8 p.m. Monday through 
Friday eveninfs, Ichabod's 
futures Nicky James at the 

Ernie Gray personally 
supervises thihgs in the kit- 
chen where the steaks and 
prime rib are prepared. Ich- 
abod's is one of the few 
places in Vii^inia Beach that 
features aPorteitousesteak 
and, it's a onejpound Por> 
terhouse. Succulent seafood, 
broiled or fried, is also 

Ask if everything's fresh 
Donn Roberts will hit you 
with that oldie, but in this 
case true, "Everything's 
fresh in here including the 
waiters and waitresses . ' ' 

Prices range from $3.95 
to 112.95, with a special 
Chateau Briafid for two at 
$24.95. The wine list is not 
extensive but is very selec- 
tive. . 

Breakfast and lunch are 
also available at Ichabod's. 
Two businessmen's specials 
are featured daily. 

Ichabod's has been lo - 
cated at Seashire since ear- 
ly this yearv Keep in mind, 
it's not a motel dining room, 
but a separate and delight- 
ful restaurant. But Ernie 
Gray lias been in business 
longer with Ichabod's. He 
was formerly located at 
Rosemont and Bonney Roads 
until a fire forced reloca- 

And Donn Roberts, who's 
managing the dining room 
for Ernie, has been at the 
Beach since '68 and is well 
known in local diiiing circles . 

Ichabod's is ready to 
handle private parties in a 
separate dining hwm with 
a fire place. And, terrace 
dining overlookii^ the pool 
will be available soon. 


SUN News Editor 


*'Remember It's The Sauce 
Hat Countn'^ 


•Shrimp Marianara or Seampl style 

• Clams Casino or Or^uata 

• Calamara (Baby ^d) Red or White 

• Lobster TalS Broired or rta Wavolo 

• Chtoken Marsab ort^Mu 

• Cl^ken Tetraaatal or Ca£«latore 

• Veal ^al<^inl. Marsala, Prum^M or VmI 
aid Pqipcrs 



acMUf AM imua mm^ 

Itat amiri^ el atrt^minf^M 
28 yean aum ^ t cane Mm^enwt 

i Vt. B«Mk Rfl. <MMr OeeaM) 

Seiis Sliora Drlva 

SpaciaHzing In Saafood j^ 


Matoii Culslne-ClKil^ Sfaafrs 

Opan 1 1^0 ajn to 1:30 mjn. 

panclng FrI A Sat» 

AiC 01 A CW - Cocktails I 


^ Duck 

" INN 

4510 Peoabroke 
Meadows Shqqdng Center 
Va. Beach, Va. U4S$ 4M-101I 

Enjoy a Gookt6*ff^m 'The<>therRoom' 
A Bewitching Extravaganza 

2 Complatia Friad Chlckan OInnara 
f or tha prica of ona 



Serving Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 
7:00 A.M.- 10:00 P.M. 




2838 Va. 

Beach Blvd. V.B. 



723 Newtown Rdl 

Serving Luncheons <S Dinners 

Coektills, wine, and Beer 

llM VBtGnOA BEACa tt.m 

ta>- MW fUn- carry «rtMnF& 
l^k;(HI!!T MXaBIV ETBtTlOtaT 
C.B. Coffee toetft I to 4 Sitwdam 

4 p.». to 2 i.Bi MMny tin XlM^ 
1 p.11. to . a.o.. Satorday ad|aBAif 






los.Bt.afR»5!T|fAK KJASTBEEF 


FUMm^ft mnxm 




To Micli^ your ^rtmp'n activities in SUNDIAL, 
mail to SUN. 13t R<»afnon(^oad, Va. BaMi2^m. 
No^ifwMion irf ^tntt tekii^ place after WftdMsd^. 
iie SUN'S pybiyiiflg day, must l)e received by 
S p.m. Hw previous Friday. 

Ctiumhmhool Spaism firvMram Qymna$tlc§ 

FmmUy finale FmnUytkty 

nt KtaiittK EaUstad Vi\ws Club 
wUl spotttor 1 1^ Nlntti fmily Pic- 
Blc <n Mj %m ftron U MM «RtU 
S P.B., at tte FlMt Raertatkw Park, 
Ux^ted (M aa^pfaw Bo«tenr«» aeroas 
tr^m tte D^UNqrw/^iNBartia Piers 
Mate Gate. 

All crew aMriwrs and their turn- 
Ules are lattlM to attMd. The after- 
aooa wUl featuv inlets, IttMaifiMV 
aadibrtaks uA pmn ti nMmM, ftji- 
lejtell, horseitees urt otter ac- 

Mbiry Nf/ifes 

ii«V7 mves Club of iUiwiea, Nor- 
Mk Ctepter ». «iU hoiil tkeir Boalk- 
Ijr tatttoees aeattac oe TaMday, My 
S«. at 7 pM., at the Bib MorreU 
Ballgtow Edaeatioe MMtaf. AllHavy, 
Mute aat^Coaat Guard vtvw are 

For tether iulDnBatioa, catt M7- 

Hw Vicfiaia BMch D^iarlment k 
Pariu a RecrntioB auomees the 
Third AdBMl Faally Fu Day, &a- 
day, July 3rd, at Mf. Trashmore Park. 

For further iatormatiM concerBinc: 
the Third Aanaal Family Fun Day (in- 
tact the Viriiaia Beach Departmeirt 
of Parks uid KecreatioB at 4700 
RecreattoalMve or 461-48S4. 

Activities tar Ma festive occasion 
vUl bcfte at 1 p.n. mm the Virfiaia 
Beadi Watar Ski Clab pertorming on 
Lake Trashmore. A mrU»ty (rf eater* 
teiameirt and fanes wiU be gt^ on 
all alteraooB lachidiaf dotKors, pan- 
chnte ganes, aod greased pcde 
climbs to rock masic. The evening en- 
tertainneat will begte at 7 p.m. with 
the U. S. ArmedPoreesSetoolofMiisic 
Bamis, ladqwadttM Day Recognition 
Preseotatios and a faboUw^ firewnts 
display. Cone early! 


BeglHing July IStb, ttie Virginia 
BMCh RecrMtion Center Adnlt Pro- 
gram will be (dferlng free sessions 
ia iBteraatioMl Folk Dancing led by 
Janet and BUI Litchfleid. CUsses will 
also be htid m August 12th awl Mth; 
sU are free and opM to the puldle. 
Begiu^t afe wd^me to attend <Ms 
evening instruction and dancing fttn. 
The session will be held in Room 117 
of the Virginia Beach Recr^ticm 

The Litehfields have studied WKler 
famous dancers throughout the ooontry, 
includbig Dick Oakes ot California, 
Glenn Bannerman of Richmond, and 
Juan Lasooo oi Mexico. Formerly the 
Litehitields danced with Vtte Virginia 
Beach Folk Duicers and "SELO." 
They have also tai«U folk dancing at 
Tiitewater Community College and the 
Virginia Beach Folk Dance Club. 

For further ioformatini concerning 
this in^Dgram contact the Virginia Beach 
Reereati(m Center at 800 Monmouth 
Lane or 499-1281. 

A week filled with songs, ^tme 
telloiiv^^ mr^Upk erafts, refresh 
meats aind oM ftahicm Aio will be in 
store for you^Mers from 4 years of 
age through the 5th grade at the Foun- 
dry Mettodist Vacati«i Church Sc^»l, 
Saaday, July lOtb thrbigbFridi^, July 

Classes will meet on Sunday from 
9:45 to 10:45 a.m. and Mwday throi«h 
Friday, from 9 a.m. to boon. 

Re^ntloa may be mailed to Mrs. 
Douglas B<»ttey at 3712 Teakwood 
Drive, Vii^ma Beach, 23452, or m per- 
scm on Simday, Ju^ 3rd and lOtb at 
FiMudry Methodist Church, 2801 Vir- 
ginia Beach Boulevanl. 

A |i d(»itton Is revested for each 
chiki att«ading. 

Wives luncheon 

The Retired Officers Wives loncheon 
will be beU July 14th at the Littte 
Creek (^cefs Club. The Social Hour 
will begin at 11:30 a.m., - luncheon 
12:13 p.m. The gMst spei^r win 
be George H. Tucter, well known 
local writer of Tkiewater Landfalls, 
Norfolk HighUgtts, and his latest, Vir- 
ginia Siqiematural Tales, Ghosts, Wit- 
ches and Eerie Doings. For Kserva- 
tions, call Mrs. William Simmons, 
340-6377, tqr July 12th. 

gioia iieacii i'uiUiciic&oois PUuetarlum 
will be Space AccompUsiutteats. This 
program highlights some of ihe strides 
takw by man in his eqilontioo of «- 
vinmmMto beycmd Eai^. and scune of 
^ MofeleiM he ^Ivel to reach Us 


T^ program will inclwie some re- 
fle<Hi(»s on man since teviaglw«i |o 
the mooo-'-his changed perspedive. 

A resnnf of slqflab.^^pace Shut- 
tle, awl Mormatte tbant ftrtnre {tfo- 
Jeets win MnclMie ttie pn^nm, 

Plantetartum tears ai«:S«iday-7HX> 
p.m. on the Srd, 1(^, mh, &Mi and 
31st; Tuestey-7:00 p.m. M the Sth, 
12th, 19th, and 26th. 

IS ouerir, les qi iTogr^s- 

sive Gymo. ilcs this snmtter. 

The clinics and girls ; 

ages 6-18, uT^iiiuiri lUAuu^uitdvancedi <« 
Each session meets Monday through 
Friday mornings for Z weeks. Session 
starting dates are July 5, July 18 aiid<. 
Aogust I. ConUct the YMCA at 499^* 
2311 lor r^stratlw M)mi^M. 

Beauty pageant 

Miss Virginia-World Beauty Pag^^ 
1977 wiB be held in July. Aqr slngft: 
gtirl bt^hhm ages 17 %ui 24 wM hi^ 
never hem married or had childrei^ 

isti^ie. ::> 

The Planetarium seats 120 peqde and 
is easily accessUfle from flie 44 Ml 
road bf taking the Lya^va Exit (Ex- 
it 5} to the Lynnhavtii Atitway and 
tuning ri|^ at the first street- 
Sooth I^mnbavee Road— to Plaxa Jna- 
ior Bli^ School, irtierethe Planetarium 
is located. 

Telephmie the main t^ee at Plaza 
Jaolor High School, 486-1971, lor re- 
servatloas. Admission free. CUfalreD 
under age 12 may be reused ^alsaloii 
vnUss ac(»mpaBied by a mature per- 

The wioner will receive an a$ms€^ 
paid trip to Nartvme in August IM£*: 
the Miss World USA 1977 c<»test. FroA-^" 
there the winner will go to tte Miss 
World ^saitf ia London, on lfoveDdri9er> 
18, and compete for a $10,000 cash^ 
prise. 4. 

ki ' 



Anyone wishihg to ester the contest t 
should wrtte. Miss Virginia- World J 
Pageant, 866 LitUe Bay Avenue, Nor-| 
fblk, 23503, or caB 567^*404. » I 


nw iHVriMt pvt of iBriMMtaM iT 

10 ^^^^^Hlt ^^M pVW yWKK IMI ^MHi 

l oels t weH im why. 

^^1 MM nwwapoig my imm, 
•mnr ImtMd •! Mm Mi|tt Si ytH 


Jun9 27 thru My 2 

128 Limten Bridge Shopping Center 
Va. Beach 486-7190 

Wld9 SelBctlon Natural Food 

• Natural Vitamin, Minerajs and 
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m S5S0 

infe hoM these Truths to be self- evident that all men are ci^eated 
eqyai that they are endowed by their Creator w^h certain unalienable 
R^ts, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness... ^ 

Our f oundNig f atNirs had the f orMight and wMom to erMta a 
documant wMch daarly dafinaa our Amarican idaals.° For tha paat 201 years, 
wa'va uphold tliaaa vahiaa sat forth In tha DadaratkNi of kid^Nidanoa and In 
ao do^ have bocoma a strong nation of paopla».from aU backgrounds, racM 
and foNglona ... worlAig, growtoig and proaparli m tog atiw» wittt ona gpal_... a 
battir Amarica ». a battar world. TiA July 4th lat'a c^al>rata tha bhrth of our 
hiHtaga with ranawad spirit, unity and prida. 

This space sponsored in the hterest of Inctependence Day by the following firms: 




Fcmaerly Saaser's 

Drive Belo ShoppiiK Mall , 
yirgiaia Beach %, 

Chnmh4> ^e (Smith) fttyeox 




Uundarara A Dry Claanliig 

»S0 Wertan Mndi Blvd. Eta Im'. « Sostt ^. 
Ht-nt4 387-4MI 

Ice loU At All LoeatiOM 



^ittgs ia EfWy D^artmMM 


Un^^s A vto ialM 

mKEMPWILLEKD. ^am 461-0: J 


VkffM* BsmIi, V«. 2S4f4 







Ifaafood ftasUNirant 

'<^ia oLf/difiraftr's oMbsnmsf bMl A>yad 
AMNsfgnarfMS for MMmm MaAmd' 

Ake m. M to L^ K^K 
aadFcdtovJftftgnr 840-8MI ^ 


South Norfolk Furnituro Co. 


TV and Radio 
SalM and S^vice 

308 London Bridga Shopping Cantar 
Sales 340— 0551 Seryice 




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•auks • nNAMONO 



2250 Va^Baach Blvd. 
Virginia Boaoh, Va. 23454 




22S Undon BiMg* 
Shopp^ig CmMw 


2^i«c« Boyi»g suit 
with print bra; fabt 
d«nim boyl^glnff^. 
7-8 - 15-16 

» 1 800 


» * » " ♦ **J*sf * I i ^ I » # ■ J H*«cB^ 9 

Viiitolt ^ftcb SttB. Jme 2«. lOTI 

^# At, 


MHihy Irtfibrs SMlotd 



2324-C Virginia Beacli Blvd. 


340-9551 340-3981 

FrMh^Ocean Fish • Dressed FREE 

Complete Line of Seafood 
Retail -JWholesaie 

Sm. ibni Thur. 11 to 6 
Frt. tad Sat. 10 to 7 

Mtmlitr B«tt«r BufbiMs Bureau 

CarryiRf on a family trailititii 

WM. F. "Willie' 


life # Health • Auto • Boat 

laaeo Va. Beacli Blvd. 340-8060 

in Mif \ 

216 London Bridge 
Shopping Center 
486-8855 ^ 
.mr to 5:3g p.m. Mon. thru Sat 

i n* m» »m Mv^ A it, 

It IDD^ Bortii ~ 

Dewy Murpby art bis wife, 
Rtttb, are eafTjrtm w abns- 
toess tijat lie grew up tn. 

At Murpky Brothers Sea- 
ftiod at 2384*0 Virginia 
Bwch &wle»ard iinside 
k^'s Snp^i^ Center), 
Dewey proTides customers 
witb fresh s^Mtood. Id 1930, 
Dewey's t^it, John Robert 
Mui^ started a flsh bus- 
iness to subpart his ^mily 
of seven childrra during the 

Daring the years of the 
D^ression, John Robert 
lluit^y would travel from 
DanvUle, Vtrgicia, to Tide- 
water to pick up fish to be 
hauled back to I^viUe for 
sale. He was a good busi- 
nessman and knew just about 
how nnefa fish he could sell 
but he always loaded extra 
fish— as much as he could 
carry. Back in Danville he 
sold fish throughout the 
day and thm would drive to 
the poorer section of town 
and unload the rest of his 
fish in 100 pound boxes on 
the street comer. 

According to a family min- 
ister who related the story 
to Dewey many y<^rs later, 
peoplie would come with wash 
basins or any eoAtainer they 
had to carry home with flsh 
to prepare and eat. Joim 
R(^rt Muririiy was saving 
lives with his generosity ai^ 
all of his life he was re- 
garded with affection by the 
people of DonvtUe. 

The fomily grew up. One 
brother, Ray, died in 1941. 
4 secsmi, OdeU, lost his 
litt at tM «ittle^(tf 
3age. Deieyi' i^ land 
on the beaches at Norman 

dy on D-day, returned to 
Virginia after the war and 
joined with brothers, Loyd, 
Herman and Jack, to form 
llttj^y Brothers Seafood. 
Over the years, the other 
three have drifted away from 
the business and Dewey and 
Ruth have been the sole pro- 
prietors for the i»st seven 

Tueked away in King's 
l^oppii^ Center, customers 
str^rni tn aiKi out of Mur- 
phy Brothers tor fresh sea- 
food of aU tinds. You'll have 
to look for Uie store be- 
cause there's no fishy smell 
to direct your way. 

"Fresh fish doesn't smell 
bad," acconlii^ to Dewey 
who has nothing, but strict- 
ly fresh fish in his count- 
ers with the exception of 
frozm salmra and hidlbut 
steaks which he recently 
stalled stocking because of 
customer requests! 

Most of the fish is cai^t 
in the Atlantic. Dewey and 
Ruth buy from local fisher- 
men wIk) go out alter their' 
catch late in the afternoon. 
When th(^ come back in, late 
at night, they deliver their 
catch directly to Muri^y 
Brewers where it is stored 
in a refrigerator until morn- 
ing wh«D ^wey and Ruth 
aiKl their two employees, 
Becky Lehmann and Hyman 
Harris, arrive. -at the store 
to clean, dress and fillet 
all the fish sold over their 

Shrimp comes tn from the 
Gulf coast and Maine tob- 
stei^ arrive l^ air forMur- 

thSraei^'Vant llafi 
* ster and Floridiaas want 

want Florida lobster, but ac- 
(»tding to Dewey the lob- 
ster nOw being tak«i 150 
miles at sea off Virginia 
measures up in every way. 
Still, he carries the se- 
lection his customers ask 

Dewey and Ruth's reputa- 
tion for buying fresh fish 
from local fisherman is ap- 
parently widely known. They 
relayed this story as evi- 

A while back, three young 
boys came into the store 
with cane poles and a strii^ 
of small, rather muddy fish 
they'd cav^M in a nearby 

"We heard you buy fresh 
fish," the boys said. They 
ranged, in age from 7 to 
10 years, Dewey estimates. 

' 'Yes, we do, " said Dewey, 
eyeing the catch with slight 
disdain. He agreed to pur- 
chase the string of fish. 

"1 figured 1 might be able 
to And someone who needed 
some l»it," he said with a 

The boys beamed and 
quickly asked, "How so^ido 
you want us to come back 
with more?" 

"Oh," Dewey said, hewas 
thinking fast, "this is at 
least a year's suj^lyforme. 
Come t^tk next year." 

The tioys left hai^y with 
the cash^elr fishing trip 
had brougnMhem. 

Customers will find all 
types of local flsh, in sea- 
son, at Muri^y Brothers. 
Flounder fillets, trOut fil- 
lets, blue fish, spots, rock 

ftsh as i^iMditt?^. 

shrimp, ci 


The crabs, for example, 
are kept live in order to 
Insure freshness. But, to 
ke^ them "quiet", Dewey 
keeps them under a pan of 
ice. As the ice melts and 
dri|Mi cold water onto the 
crabs, they be<»>me very in- 

A customer purchasing 
crabs remarked he thought 
perhaps they were dead. 
Dewey put the crabs In a 
^x for the customer and 
carried them out to the car. 

"By the time we got them 
In the car .they had already 
warmed u^ enough to start 
moving around," Dewey re-, 

The customer expressed 
Surprise and Dewey advised 
him to cover the box ui|^ 
less he wanted them crawling 
all over the car by the time 
the customer got the crabs 

Ruth Mun^y is not only 
knowledgable about flsh at 
the store, but she knows how 
to properly prepare sea - 
food - for the table. 

"The biggest mistake peo- 
ple make is over cooking 
all types of seafood. Moff 
of it can be eaten raw so it 
really shouldn't be cooked 
for a long time," she re- 

One of her favorites Is a 
trout fillet, sprinkled with 
a little salt and pepper awl 
one tablespoon of Italian 
dressing (low calorie if 
you're dieting). Ruth says 
she broils the fillet for just 
a little whUe. 

Dewey likes trout, as well, 
but prefers his with Imtter 
or margarine an^^^^ttle 

London Bridge 
Hardware, Inc. 

244 London Bridge ShoppbioCMttr 


HTH Pool Chemicals 
Granular ■ tablats 
Sockit - StabiHzer 



The crew at Murphy Brothers, from the left: Dewey Murphy, 
Becky Lehmsnn, Ruth Murphy and Hyman Harris 


Marilyn J. W»ben Editor, 
TomSlngco, Ad¥t Mgr. 

Va, Beach's bast'dnssed 
atart with u$l 

(^ mm at m% ^imut d^iMmit 

ht m Mart fw aar M^ wrdMke- 

M0Mst qnll^ Raw Twk CiMes at lew, 

^iMi-tttrt'a ahnys K»ettlag m 



nt tMBim m. en. 

a. IwA MO-StW 


inovef H 


116 Lmidon Brli^ ^i^)plng Center 
Vli#tfiB#«i^,¥J^e , 


We wIR give you a freeestlmate of 
mwlcet v^M on ymir prte^t Hewe. 


,RuM>«r Stamps 


Magnetic Signs 

Engraving Done On Premise 

Beach Engraving Service 

124 London Bridge Center 




■Wed thru Sat. 9-1 

8 oz. Hunk of Steak 
Baked Potato A Salad 


The flack Room 

. fftftaiiniil f Codoall tounge 
3356B Va. Beach felvd. 

(Kings ShopiMnS Center at london iri^c) 
MON. -SAT. Call340-ll3S 


Ho aiatttr wint make, model or year machine joa 
have, «e can nsually make it work as well as some- 
ttiag you'd boy new. So for replirs or preventive 
mainteaaoee of your sewfaig machine or vacuum cleaner, 
came by and introduce us to yo«r old trind. 

Factory trained teijhniciattS^I^^^ rr^ 

•Experts repairs and.malntenance ofjiH 
makes and models sewing machines 
and vacuum cleaners. 


3S6 London Brldlge Sbcpplni CMtef 

Phone 4M-2in Open 9-S Di|ly 



IMl London Bridge Rd. ^ 

Formely Landry's Egg Farm 
Distributor of Joy Dog Food 

HOURS: Hon. thru Sat. 8 to 8 1^. 10 to 6 

.PIscount Groceries 

Kool-Aid S3 OS. 11-39 

Coflee-lfate 16 oz. .99 

Self Rising Four 5 lb .69 

Frosting Supreme .74 

Pet milk |1.59 

^esh country eggs & feed 

CiMck our baci(ropm for special 

PHONE «C?-29S4 



208 London Bridge Shopping Center 


•Under new managment 

Specializing iiyfine lunch^ons 
& dinners: 


For pizza to go call 340-9526 

Hours: 1 1 a.m. to 1 a.m. 

0*m^^f m^* 

Specialzing in unique and Ihely crafted 
handwrnjght Je \ • ' / Creatons. We also 
carry chains, goW items, scrknshaw, Indteri 
Je wefc'y and much more. Now f eatt^g 
.b9au»'*ul pencil - igs by Clark Ashton. 

ttpme ^ntl ^0^ M-oundl 





i«nt5 in 

!(« me guifv awM talented 
clowned it up forthelr class- 
mates and sp«ctal guest, di- 

and sauce^flF^fn 


;£Euuy unit 
the Thalia 


SusaT> Zanetti and Jannlfor Walter apply 
makeup in preparairon for "clo¥Wilng 
around" at Thalia Elementary 

With the encouragement or 
aclier Peggy Paganinl and 
ttfliig Brothers clown face 
■Arts, each student de - 
.i;nied his unique makeup, 
':ostume and act. Mrs. Pag> 
anim provided the wbite face 
and lipstick; the kids pro- 
vided tbe talent aod imagi- 
nation. As she said, "they 
were as good or better than 
th* Ringling Brothers Bar- 
nnm and Bailey clowns we 
a recent (area) cir- 
cus performance." 

Lisa Willoz in baggy car - 
penter overalls pantomined 

dy's dream 
wh«:U ihe stepped into the 

rr>lP r,f the lerficr in "Thn 

Ar "lech- 

Ing waniiup period, she 
Kave a credible performance 
uf flirting with Missy Was.s' 
yarn adorned but untouchablt> 

Other super clowns were 
Aone Holietnan, Jennifer 
Walton, Erik Walton, Tan- 
ya Cowan, J«nny Wiff and 
Michael WilkJiim. 

From Mary Lou Mendum's 
talented "no talented "danc- 
ing to Susan Zannetti's dif- 
ficult acrobatics, each stu- 
dent display.fd imagination 
and enthusiasm that de- 
lighted tJie tudimce and em- 
phasised the need for ways 
of displaying such talent. 

Lisa Willoz, Tanya Cowan and Anne Holle- 
man share pre -performance jitters while 
peeking at the audience before their acts. 

Liaa Willoz tosses hat- imaginary pizza 
(kw^ under itm borrovved parachute "big 

top'^ \ ' 


Susan Zanetti performs a difficult back flip 
in her "Ten -toed Dance". 

Missy Wass presents her "cool unattainable 
beauty" pose. 

Tanya Cowan prtct Ices f 
her lecherous wink for ^ 

'The Lecher and the Beauty 

it'nlnUii To Mi$U Oar 

Jane 30tk tkra July 4tli 


Auto Sales, Inc. 


H^\ H Un Pli« R«st««raiit 

OPEtl: 8 i.M/- to ^IR. l)iMy * CI»Mt^ 


mi Bwek tmutn -\>0$e 
mz CkevroM K«tt - ttae 
1972 I^rtlac Granville - grey 
1^3 Puftiac CattUtna - grew 
1912 Mercury ttar^ts - An^Mt. 
1909 Citftaae^Mpe - oMVt. 1^ 
1961 UNClto^lHlMtM - whtt* 

1972 OMsMobtte Ninety E%M - gny 

1973 OldsmoMte Ninetr E%#«Mi» i 

1974 OldsraoUle Crtlass ^rMw- bulti^ 
1971 Buick Skylark - white 

1973 Caeflllic CoK* IteviHe - r*I 

1971 Buiek Eleetr^ 225 - brew* 
1973 Ford L.T.D. br^m. -%nMse 
1973 Plymo^ Fury HI - brtfwa 

1972 OiAnoWe Ctllass gi|n«tte 4ty«tkn* 

ClMi UfifCirf 

mz CwfiUac Fle^wQod - blue 

1972 OldMMbUe O^a - tin 
1971 Ford Plrto - red 

1973 Lincota Mark IV - white 
ms Ford Eltte • wfette 

1974 Foi«ll«Ma( II - sUver (ghia) 

1M9 FMti F'ln - grm vMe 

1971 Fom CI* vu •^MM/wktte 
1973 Ci^Uic FlcMhMnd Brghn. 
19€3 VoOsiwa^w Bi« 

1909 Ford Hnstaiv 
1973 Pcntiac Firebini -grew 
1973 Pootiac Firebird * bli» 
1973 Poatlac Flr^m - goU 

1972 CkfevroM Imjiiajia - te«ira 

1972 Plynotitb 9ury 

1969 Pootiac Grin Prix 

1970 Cougar X-tll - gold 
1970 Bttlck Rivera 

1970 Pofltiac Bouttfvillc 
19M Cbeirrolet Ipqicla 

1973 Ford Galaxte 500 

1071 rh«»j*ntsf fainarri 


1971 Ford V 

i97" ■ - . ^ 

1970 Fo. 


ub Waft- 

iW«f: 41^1-0119 

{OB- whttt 


■#B vllTBl 

Ai4y Ui| 



I — l» 1 1 



Serving the world's largest resort city 


Sectton B, Page 1 Wednesday. June 29, 1977 

It's fast, 
it's fun, 
it's a 

Bjr 9LAm THimilAN 
^ S^rts Editor 

Jt Bugr lie srane sort of record, but 
4«si of Ttaj^alt Btacb's more popular 
J^iereMMi sites imed to garbage damps. 


. Of coDTse eroryoneis Smiliar with 

lit. Trashmore. bat now tbere Is tbe 

WW Flome^ Uie Beach's answer to 

slciddb«, which was rece^jr built on a 

*i«^^30th Street and Baltic Ave. 

B^^iwter Flume is actuaUy 

ftw^ flumes, 8ide-by-si(te, made slick 

by I eoastiiit mder flow.'WieD a body 

hops en tte special mats, a tfarillli« 

tJ^ is ^ hottoiB is iBsured. After 

IWlfeiilm ni eae#^rbttitthfflwtehbBr- 

^J^iM jm* ahd MstMVftM.^^ 

IS 4ar« Wit* hotr^ entectiO&Siieiil, 
JiJUr mats and begUi their 
MUt rtif to the bottom. The 
Mr fusam «Bpty out toto a shaUow 
fool wUch ii flnartsh^ jBllad wlhpeo- 
1^ laui^dag at tte pleasure xA the de- 

(M ^omaehs, knees or backs, boys, 
girls, im«g Mid old all And ways to 
malw the judBt Jouraey to the bottom 
mffire mMm thu Oie last. Bankii« 
eir ennws or rfttfog tandem, the pos- 
ittttities are seemto^y endless. 

^t'B not a cdtitr^M 

rld9,»you control 


'■Richard Quslar 

Ac^rAng 4o Richard Gusl«', 
tAo with Us fatter Noelowas die Water 
Fluaie,, said that "trains" are becom- 
ing i^nalai^j popular. "20 people 
foroMd a tfiUa in Oceask City, Md. 
Ote atte of a similar flume), and I 
mm^ ttat's tte mcord," said the 28- 
yevE dtt <k4er. "We've <h»e 18 here, 
taAimt tUMi trlM 11, but it fMl apart 
tta«Mpleihie«s. Stwietine, i^n we 
can g^ eertitteatin, m are pHng to 
tryteaGuMuess Record." 

na @u^r« dame to Vir^nia Beach 
freiK ^^^^^^ritngton, N.C., aItliM«h 
WehaN and his wife Doris had most 
remttly be«i living iaE^wtee, where 
ttqr ran a gK»9 home for retiirded 

Bri aj^, se^g a w^v sIMe in